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Littell family papers


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Overview and metadata sections

The Littell family represented in this collection traces its ancestry to some of the early eighteenth-century European settlers in the greater Delaware River Valley of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Quaker Littells originally came to New Jersey from New England in the early 1700s. Through marriage, the Littell family united with descendants of the Shippen, Willing, and Morris families of Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, and later with the Harrington family of Dover, Delaware. The following family history highlights individual members who appear in the Littell family papers. Names in bold indicate that personal papers are present for that individual.

"Eliakim Littell," in Malone, Dumas, ed. Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. VI. New York: Scribner, 1961.Littell, John. Family Records or Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley (and vicinity), above Chatham. Feltville, NJ: Stationers' Hall Press, 1852."Thomas Willing," retrieved March 18, 2002, and "Isaac Roberdeau," retrieved April 9, 2002, from American National Biography Online, http://www.anb.orgWilson, James Grant, and John Fiske. Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol. III. New York: Appleton, 1888.Additional biographical information is derived from the collection.

Margaretta Hare Morris (1791-1867), Elizabeth Carrington Morris (1795-1865), and Susan Sophia Morris (1800-1868) were the daughters of Ann Willing Morris (1767-1853) and Luke Morris (1760-1802) of Germantown, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth and Margaretta achieved recognition as scientists during their lifetime. The sisters used the back garden of their Germantown home to study insects and plants. Elizabeth corresponded with Dr. Asa Gray, a noted botanist and member of the American Academy of Natural Sciences. She maintained a collection of rare plants, and may have contributed articles to the

American Agriculturist. Margaretta is credited with discovering the seventeen-year-cicada. She was invited to become a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, which published the results of her work in their Proceedings. Her papers were read before the American Philosophical Society, and she published articles in the American Agriculturist under the name "M. H. Morris."

The Morris sisters had roots in the Delaware Valley that reached back to the colonial period. Their great-great-great-grandfather, Edward Shippen (1639-1712), was the first mayor of Philadelphia. Shippen's granddaughter, Anne, married Charles Willing (1710-1754), a merchant, who also became a mayor of Philadelphia. Wilmington, Delaware, is said to be named for the Willing family. Robert Morris, the financier and originator of the first Bank of the United States, was an apprentice in Charles Willing's firm. Morris later became a partner of Willing's son, Thomas (1731-1821), in the firm of Willing, Morris, and Company. Thomas Willing, banker, businessman, and Revolutionary-era political leader, was the Morris sisters' great-uncle.

Charles Willing (1738-1788), Thomas' younger brother, married Elizabeth Hannah Carrington, of Barbados, in 1760. Their daughter, Ann Willing Morris (1767-1853), married Luke Morris (1760-1802), whose great-grandfather, Anthony Morris II (1654-1721), had been the mayor of Philadelphia in 1703-4. Ann Willing Morris and Luke Morris had four children who survived to adulthood, the three sisters mentioned above and Thomas Willing Morris, who married Caroline M. Calvert of Maryland. Widowed at age 35, Ann did not remarry. Susan Sophia Morris (1800-1868), Ann's youngest daughter, married John Stockton Littell (1806-1875) in 1832. The three Morris sisters were part of a nineteenth-century social and cultural network of correspondents that included Dr. Asa Gray, the reformer Dorothea Dix, and Mary Roberdeau, who was a guest of President John Quincy Adams at the White House in 1827-1828.

Captain Eliakim Littell (d. 1805) was an officer during the American Revolution. He was descended from Quakers who had come to New Jersey from New England during the seventeenth century. Stephen Littell (1772-1818), Eliakim's third child, married Susan Gardiner (1777-1813) in 1796, and the couple had four children. Their daughter, Susan Elton, married into the Urmston family. Two of their sons went into publishing, while a third son, Squier Littell (1803-1886), became a physician.

Eliakim Littell (1797-1870), publisher, was the eldest son of Stephen and Susan Gardiner Littell. Eliakim and a partner by the name of Henry began publishing

Philadelphia Register and National Recorder, a sixteen-page weekly, in 1819. This publication was known as the National Recorder from 1819-1821, and Saturday Magazine from 1821-1822. By 1822, it had grown from a 16-page to a 96-page weekly, Museum of Foreign Literature and Science. Robert Walsh edited it from 1822-1823. Littell experimented with adding illustrations in 1826. Littell's two brothers, Squier Littell (1803-1886), and John Stockton Littell (I - 1806-1875), helped him in the publishing business at various times. For example, "E. Littell & Brother" published Literary Port Folio: A Weekly Journal of Literature, Science, Art, and the Times. By 1829, E. Littell was publishing books and magazines under his name only, including Remember Me: A Religious and Literary Miscellany Intended as a Christmas and New Year's Present (1829), and Philadelphia Mail and Universal Literary and General Advertiser. In 1844, Littell sold Museum and started Littell's Living Age, which continued in publication until 1897, when it became Living Age. Most of Littell's publications, except for the Philadelphia Mail, which was mostly advertising, contained original work and reprints of European and American literature and nonfiction. Eliakim Littell is credited by the editor of the Dictionary of American Biography as having been instrumental in making European intellectual movements accessible to "every cultivated American home" during the early national period.

John Stockton Littell (I), was the youngest son of Stephen and Susan Gardiner Littell. Orphaned at a young age, John worked in publishing with his older brother, Eliakim Littell (1797-1870), and as a partner in a Baltimore bookstore. In 1832, he married Susan Sophia Morris. Later, he studied law, became active in politics, and served as president of the Pennsylvania State Convention of the Constitutional Union Party in 1860. He wrote

The Clay Minstrel; or National Songster, to which is prefixed a sketch of the life, public services, and character of Henry Clay, a collection of political campaign songs published in 1842. In 1846, he edited a history of the American Revolution originally written by Alexander Graydon, titled Memoirs Of His Own Time, With Reminiscences Of The Men And Events Of The Revolution. John and Susan Morris Littell raised three children to adulthood in Germantown, Pennsylvania, where their youngest child, Margaretta Morris, died at the age of nine. Charles Willing Littell (1832-1895), John and Susan's eldest son, studied law, and married Susan Lemmon.

Thomas Gardiner Littell (I - 1837-1911), youngest son of Susan Morris Littell and John Stockton Littell (I), was the first of many subsequent Littells to become an Episcopal priest. Ordained in 1859, he served at Christ Church in Dover, Delaware, from 1865-1866, and St. John's Church in Wilmington from 1868 until 1894. He started a church in Keene, New Hampshire, where the family spent their summers. He worked for the New York City Mission for ten years while serving at St. John's Church in Yonkers, New York, until 1909, when he retired. Harriet Hare Littell (1835-1885), his sister, made him the executor of her will, which specified that her money be used "for missions, poor churches, or for himself." He invested this money in real estate and financial securities, records of which form the bulk of his papers in this collection. He was a member and chaplain of the Delaware Society Sons of the American Revolution.

In 1867, Thomas Gardiner Littell (I) married Helen Arcadia Harrington (1848-1924), who was the youngest daughter of prominent Delawareans Samuel Maxwell Harrington and Mary Lofland. Samuel Maxwell Harrington (1803-1865), Delaware lawyer, judge, and businessman, was the son of Richard Harrington (1772-1821), a Delaware sheriff. From 1832-1855, Samuel was Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Delaware, becoming Chief Justice in 1855, and Chancellor in 1857. In his capacity as Associate Justice, he also served as the first law reporter of Delaware, compiling three volumes of "Reports of the Supreme Court of Delaware," from 1837-1844. With John M. Clayton, he was a founder of the Delaware Railroad Company and became its first president in 1852. Politically, he was a Whig, and Unionist during the Civil War. In 1836, he married Mary Lofland (1813-1871), who was the daughter of Dr. Purnell Lofland (1793-1852) and Arcadia Milby. The couple had nine children.

Samuel Milby Harrington (1840-1878), eldest son of Samuel Maxwell Harrington and Mary Lofland, graduated from Delaware College in the late 1860s, and practiced law in the firm of Harrington and Hoffecker in Wilmington, Delaware. His brother, Purnell Frederick Harrington (1844-1937), attended the U.S. Naval Academy, made a career of naval service, and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. He served with Admiral Farragut during the Civil War in the Battle of Mobile Bay. He married Maria (Mia) Ruán, daughter of a prominent family of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Richard Harrington (1847-1884), also a son of Samuel Maxwell Harrington and Mary Lofland, practiced law and became U.S. District Attorney in 1865.

The Reverend T. Gardiner Littell (I) and Helen Arcadia Harrington had three sons, two of whom became Episcopal ministers and one a physician, and two daughters. The youngest son, Elton Gardiner Littell (II - 1879-1962), became a pediatrician, and was superintendent of health in the Yonkers, New York, public schools. The daughters, Helen Arcadia Littell (1880-1934) and Mary Morris Littell (1884-1984), were both active in the Women's Auxiliary of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware. Helen was chairwoman of the Church Periodical Club and also raised money for Chinese mission work. Mary was a charter member of the Alliance Francaise (Wilmington, Delaware), the Historical Society of Delaware, and the Colonial Dames of America.

Samuel Harrington Littell (1873-1967) graduated from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, in 1895, and from General Theological Seminary in 1898. He was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1899 in Shanghai, China. He worked as an Episcopal missionary in China for the next thirty-one years, witnessing the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, the 1911 revolution that established the Chinese Republic, and the 1927 uprising in Wuchang and Hankow. In 1929, Harrington Littell was appointed Bishop of Honolulu, where he served during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by Trinity College in 1937, Harrington retired from missionary work in 1942, and moved to New York City.

In 1902, Harrington Littell and Charlotte Moeller Mason married and had several children. Charlotte died in China in 1913. Needing help with the children, Harrington appealed to his sister, Helen Arcadia Littell (1880-1934), who traveled to China to help until, in 1915, Harrington married Evelyn Taber.

John Stockton Littell (II - 1870-1932), Episcopal priest, teacher, author, editor, and historian, was the eldest son of the Reverend Thomas Gardiner Littell (I) and Helen Arcadia Harrington. He attended Rugby Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1890, and from the General Theological Seminary in New York, 1893. He also studied at Oxford. In 1912, the University of the South awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree for his major work on church history,

The Historians and the English Reformation. He was the author of fifteen books and numerous published articles, sermons, and inspirational writings, including 500 Questions and Answers on Religion.

While serving the church in Buffalo, New York, he met and, in 1900, married Gertrude Wilson (1877-1919), daughter of Walter Townsend Wilson and Jeanie Morse. The couple had six children. From Buffalo, the family moved to Keene, New Hampshire, where John was minister at St. James Church from 1906-1918. In 1918, he accepted the position of pastor of St. James Church in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he served until 1929. Gertrude Wilson Littell died during the flu epidemic in the winter of 1918-1919. In 1923, John married Estelle Sherman (1889-1978). From 1929 until his death in 1932, he served the parishes of St. Peter's, in Lewes, and All Saints' Mission, in nearby Rehoboth, Delaware.

Thomas Gardiner Littell (II - 1903-1929), historian, writer, traveler, was the eldest son of the Reverend John Stockton Littell (II) and Gertrude Wilson. A faithful daily diarist from the age of thirteen, Gardiner recorded details of everyday life in the Littell family. He also recorded his academic and intellectual endeavors, personal struggles, and his travels in Europe and the United States. He attended Kent School, in Connecticut, and Harvard, where he initially entertained thoughts of studying chemistry in order to bridge what he perceived as a gap between science and religious ministry. He eventually settled on history, which he studied with Arthur M. Schlesinger. He died suddenly, at age twenty-six, just before receiving his Ph.D. in history from Harvard.

Margaret Littell (1903-1990) graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music. She studied piano with James Friskin at the Juilliard School, and with the French pianist, Emile Baume. She also studied at the Tobias Matthay Music School in London. She was a frequent recitalist at the Wilmington Music School, where she was a faculty member for many years.

Walter Wilson Littell (1910-1995) attended the Choir School of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, and graduated from Yale in 1932. He spent several years teaching in Hawaii before earning a master's degree in education from Harvard. After teaching mathematics and science for some years, he began working in the chemical industry. The family genealogist, Walter helped to organize the Littell Families of America, Inc., and edited the new

Littell's Living Age.

Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow, the youngest child of John Stockton and Gertrude Wilson Littell, attended the Hannah More Academy in Reisterstown, Maryland. Jeanie and Julian D. Winslow both graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1941, and married the following December. Julian Winslow became a Wilmington, Delaware, lawyer with an interest in local and family history. Julian and Jeanie Winslow have three children, Helen L. Winslow, J. Dallas Winslow, Jr., and Mary Peters Winslow Reddick.

Much of the following information is derived from genealogical notes in the collection by John Stockton Littell (1870-1932), and his son, Walter Wilson Littell.

Individuals whose papers are in the collection are shown in bold.

Anthony Morris II (1654-1721) m. (1676) Mary Jones (d. 1688)Anthony Morris III (1681/2-1763) m. (1704) Phoebe Guest (1685-1768)Anthony Morris IV (1705-1780) m. (1752) Elizabeth Hudson (1721/2-1783)Luke Morris (1760-1802) m. (1786) Ann Willing (1767-1853) (see Genealogical Chart 2)

Edward Shippen (1639-1712)Anne Shippen m. (1731) Charles Willing (1710-1754)Thomas Willing (1731-1821)Charles Willing (1738-1788) m. (1760) Elizabeth Hannah Carrington (1739/40-1795)Ann Willing (1767-1853) m. (1786) Luke Morris (1760-1802)Margaretta Hare Morris (1791-1867)Thomas Willing Morris (1792-1852)Elizabeth Carrington Morris (1795-1865)Susan Sophia Morris (1800-1868) m. (1832) John Stockton Littell (1806-1875) (see Genealogical Chart 3)

Stephen Littell (1772-1818) m. (1796) Susan Gardiner (1777-1813)**Eliakim Littell (1797-1870)Susan Elton Littell Urmston (1799-1837)Squier Littell (1803-1886), physicianJohn Stockton Littell (1806-1875) m. (1832) Susan Sophia Morris (1800-1868) (see Genealogical Chart 2)Charles Willing Littell (1832-1895) m. Susan LemmonHarriet Hare Littell (1835-1885)Thomas Gardiner Littell (1837-1911) m. (1867) Helen Arcadia Harrington (1848-1924)John Stockton Littell (1870-1932) m. Gertrude Wilson (d. 1919) (see Chart 5)Samuel Harrington Littell (1873-1967) m. Charlotte Mason (d. 1913); m. Evelyn Tabor (d. 1969)Elton Gardiner Littell (1877-1962) m. Anna WestcottHelen Arcadia Littell (1880-1934)Mary Morris Littell (1884-1984)Margaretta Morris Littell (Meta) (1839-1848)

**Stephen Littell was the third child of Capt. Eliakim Littell, Revolutionary War officer who died in 1805; Susan Gardiner was the daughter of Thomas Gardiner [or Gardner] and Susan Elton.

Richard Harrington (1772-1821)Samuel Maxwell Harrington (1803-1865) m. (1836) Mary Lofland (1813-1871)*Mary Elizabeth Harrington (1837-1928)Annie Lofland Harrington, 1838-1839Samuel Milby Harrington (1840-1878)Lydia Burton Harrington (1842-1927)Purnell Frederick Harrington (1844-1937) m. Maria (Mia) Ruán (d. 1926)Richard Harrington (1847-1884)Helen Arcadia Harrington (1848-1924) m. Thomas Gardiner Littell (see Genealogical Chart 3)Augustus Reybold Harrington (1850-1919)Austin Harrington (1852-1907)

* Mary Lofland was the daughter of Dr. Purnell Lofland (1793-1852) and Arcadia Milby

David Morse (1819-1908) m. Elizabeth MillerJeanie Morse (1851-1921) m. (1875) Walter Townsend Wilson (1847-1908)Margaret Wilson (1881-1953)Gertrude Wilson (1877-1919) m. (1900) John Stockton Littell (1870-1932) (see Genealogical Chart 3)*Thomas Gardiner Littell (1902-1929)Margaret Littell (1903-1990)Gertrude (Gretchen) Littell (1905-2003)Walter Wilson Littell (1910-1995)Helen Littell (b. 1914)Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow (b. 1918) m. 194? Julian D. WinslowDallas WinslowMary WinslowHelen Winslow

* John Stockton Littell m. (1923) Estelle Sherman (1889-1978)

The Littell family papers include correspondence, letters, scrapbooks, commonplace books, copybooks, published material, ephemera, realia, financial records, diaries, books, artwork, photographs, greeting cards, postcards, clippings, and research notes created or collected by members of the Morris, Harrington, Littell, and Winslow families of Pennsylvania and Delaware from circa 1808 to 2004. The papers were a gift of Jeanie L. and Julian D. Winslow, with an additional group of letters from Samuel M. Harrington. Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow's great-grandfather, John Stockton Littell (I - 1806-1875), married into the Morris family of Germantown, Pennsylvania, and her paternal grandmother, Helen Arcadia Littell, was a member of the Harrington family of Dover, Delaware. The bulk of the collection comes from Morris, Harrington, and Littell family members from about 1830 to 1930.

The collection is strong in nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century social and cultural history. It contains a variety of personal correspondence from male and female family members who were active in literary and scientific pursuits, politics, law, the ministry, and the military. It also contains significant examples of nineteenth- and twentieth-century copybooks, commonplace books, and diaries; early-nineteenth century literary publications; scientific manuscripts, illustrations, and published articles by two nineteenth-century female scientists; and materials on Episcopal Church history in the United States and China. The collection is a strong source of information on family history and genealogy for the Delaware Valley area, revealed through letters, clippings, family photographs, genealogical notes, and a unique lithographed family tree.

The collection is organized around generations of family groups into eight series. Series I. through III. contain the papers of the Morris, Harrington, and John Stockton Littell (I) families, respectively, and document how the families became interrelated. Series IV., V., and VI. contain the papers of several more generations of Littells, and of the Winslow family. Photographs and postcards have been left separate in Series VII. Series VIII. contains books and Series IX. includes realia.

Genealogical notes and clippings are scattered throughout the collection. Many family members seem to have been aware of their family history and of the importance of preserving historical materials for the next generation. For example, in 1839, Ann Willing Morris prepared a copybook as a Christmas present for her daughter, Susan Littell. She included biographical information about her ancestors and copied poems written by her grandmother, Anne Shippen Willing (see F6). Researchers of Delaware Valley family history will find genealogical notebooks on the Shippen, Morris, Littell, and Harrington families, as well as the Townsend, Morse, and Wilson families from New York State. The collection includes an extraordinary, oversized Morris Family Tree, lithographed on linen, which charts several hundred years of family genealogy (see F1 in oversize materials - mapcase). The Reverend John Stockton Littell (II) kept notebooks on family genealogy (see F91). In the 1970s, his son, Walter Wilson Littell, reincarnated

Littell's Living Age (see Biographical Note for Eliakim Littell, above) – the original had ceased publication in the 1940s – as a family heritage and genealogical resource (see F34).

Series I., Morris family papers, primarily comprises copybooks, manuscripts, and published articles written by Margaretta Hare Morris and her sister, Elizabeth Carrington Morris, nineteenth-century scientists. The Morris sisters worked in the back garden of their home, now known as the Morris-Littell House, in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Commonplace books in Series I contain botanical drawings by Margaretta and Elizabeth, as well as specimens of plants that Elizabeth collected. Elizabeth Carrington Morris filled an album, titled "Contributions to the American Agriculturist" (see F18), with copies of articles signed "E.S." The collection contains

Botany for Young People and Common Schools, by noted botanist Dr. Asa Gray, inscribed to "Miss Morris with the Author's best regards."

Margaretta H. Morris was one of only a few female members of the Philadelphia Academy of the Natural Sciences. Series I contains some of her notes in manuscript and fragments of the Academy's publication,

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, dating from 1847, which mention her name and work on the seventeen-year cicada. The American Agriculturist listed "M. H. Morris" in its "Index to Correspondents and Illustrations" for 1847 and printed articles under that byline. [American Agriculturist (New York: Harper & Bros.), Vol. VI, March, 1847.]

Series I includes three letters written to Elizabeth C. Morris by Mary Roberdeau, who may have been the daughter of Isaac Roberdeau, the assistant designer of the city of Washington, D. C.. Mary was staying at the White House during the administration of President John Quincy Adams. Stamped "free," and franked with Adams' signature, these letters offer a young woman's eyewitness account of the daily habits of the Adams family and of Washington social life in 1827-1828. The Morris sisters also corresponded with the social reformer and Civil War nurse Dorothea Dix, two of whose letters are in this collection (see Series I, F8, and Series III, F38).

The Morris family papers include two cross-stitch samplers, one with "S. Morris, 6" across the top; several early-nineteenth-century copies of the

Book of Common Prayer; a leather-bound volume, titled Letters from the Countess de Sancerre, published in 1767 and signed "Luke Morris, Junr., 1785"; and a wooden cross given to Margaretta H. Morris by the reformer Dorothea Dix. Most of these items are described in Series IX, Realia.

The Morris family materials apparently came into the Littell family through Elizabeth and Margaretta's younger sister, Susan Sophia, who married John Stockton Littell in 1832. Copybooks and commonplace books often reflect usage by multiple family members over several generations. For example, Elizabeth C. Morris' album, titled "Offerings of Friendship," (see F12), which was created between 1826 and 1864, was inscribed by T. Gardiner Littell in 1876. Many of the books contain popular poems, song lyrics, and original verse by various members of the Morris and Littell families.

Series II contains papers of the Harringtons, a prominent nineteenth-century Delaware family for whom the town of Harrington, Delaware, is named. The bulk of Series II contains correspondence, dated from 1862 to 1878, between Purnell Frederick (Fred) Harrington, who attended the United States Naval Academy and subsequently made a career of naval service, and various members of his family. These letters, arranged chronologically and preserved in binders by members of the Harrington and Littell families, include descriptions of training at the U. S. Naval Academy; navy life; the progress of the Civil War in Delaware and elsewhere; and the business and political activities of Fred's brothers, Richard and Samuel Milby Harrington. Fred fought on board the

U.S.S. Monongahela in the Battle of Mobile Bay under Admiral Farragut in August, 1864. One of his letters to his brother, Samuel Milby Harrington, dated July 17, 1864, contains a diagram of the battle plan (see F21). Also included are courtship and love letters saved by Fred's wife, Maria (Mia) Ruán.

Fred's father, Samuel Maxwell Harrington, who was Chancellor of Delaware in the late 1850s, is also well represented in this collection of letters. Personal correspondence with his wife, Mary Lofland, daughters Mary E. and Lydia Harrington, and sister, Mary Raybold, detail school and marriage arrangements, and reveal attitudes about social unrest and the political situation both before and during the Civil War. One letter is on Delaware Railroad stationery. Although most of his letters are personal, he kept some copies of business correspondence. One important item other than correspondence in Series II is a silver goblet presented by Delaware College to Samuel Milby Harrington in 1856 as an award for the "Best Essay on Our Nation's Greatness."

Series III contains papers of John Stockton Littell (I), his wife, Susan Morris Littell, and their children (except T. Gardiner Littell (I), whose family papers form a separate series, Series IV). Susan Littell's scrapbooks contain correspondence and original scientific drawings by her sisters, Elizabeth and Margaretta Morris. John Stockton Littell (I) contributed original poems and song lyrics. Some of these may have appeared in

The Clay Minstrel, a collection of Whig songs dedicated to Henry Clay, which John Stockton Littell (I) edited. Two copies of that book, one a first edition inscribed to Susan S. M. Littell, are included in the collection.

Also in Series III is a letter to Susan Littell from Dorothea Dix, dated 1867, containing a scrap of ribbon in the form of a tiny American flag. A scrapbook belonging to Harriet Hare Littell includes autographs of José Vargas, president of Venezuela in 1835-1836, and the author Washington Irving. Finally, Series III contains items published by E. (Eliakim) Littell, John's older brother, including

Literary Portfolio, the Philadelphia Mail, both from 1830, and Littell's Living Age, dated 1879-1881.

Series IV, the Reverend T. Gardiner Littell (I) family papers, reveals the beginning of the Littell family's active involvement in the Episcopal ministry. Littell men over several generations became leading Episcopal ministers, and Littell women were also active in the church. T. Gardiner Littell (I), Susan and John S. Littell's (I) younger son, was the first of this branch of the Littell family to be ordained, but Susan apparently was quite committed to the faith, as a letter to her other son, Charles Willing Littell, indicates. In it (see F 38), she explains why she feels he should complete his education at Episcopal Burlington College, and not at "sectarian" Yale.

Series IV contains several scrapbooks and old account books that Gardiner Littell (I) recycled as scrapbooks for religious clippings. His correspondence includes letters from A. Felix du Pont at St. John's Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Other items of interest in Series IV include record books of investments made by Gardiner Littell (I) for his family and for church work. He apparently held mortgages and made loans as a way of investing money left to him by his sister, Harriet Hare Littell. These financial records contain examples of early-twentieth-century stock certificates; receipts from businesses in the Wilmington, Delaware, area; and real estate information for properties in Wilmington. In 1885, Delaware College awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity to Gardiner Littell (I). The original certificate of this degree is included in the collection along with materials on the fiftieth commencement exercises of the college.

Several of Gardiner and Helen Littell's children became active in church ministry. Their second son, the Reverend Samuel Harrington Littell ("Harrington"), worked as a Chinese missionary during the early twentieth century, eventually becoming Bishop of Hawaii. Series IV contains clippings and letters describing missionary life in China, written by and about Harrington. When Harrington's first wife died, his sister, Helen Arcadia Littell, traveled to China to help Harrington with his children. Her letters from China to her sister, Mary, describe her impressions of Chinese life and culture in the early twentieth century. Clippings about Harrington's descendants reveal the continuity of their church involvement.

The papers of the eldest son of Gardiner and Helen Littell, the Reverend John Stockton Littell (II), comprise Series V. The collection contains several of his fifteen published books, one complete manuscript of

500 Questions and Answers on Religion, and numerous published sermons and articles. An autograph book and samples of his student work survive from his days at the Rugby Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, in the late 1880s. Correspondence between him and Gertrude Wilson (1877-1919), of Buffalo, whom he married in 1900, chronicle their ultimately successful efforts to overcome her family's resistance to their marriage, revealing elements of turn-of-the-century social tensions. A caption written by a family member on Gertrude's wedding photograph indicates that her gown has been preserved at a Buffalo museum. Social invitations, calling cards, clippings, and an elaborate commemorative book from the wedding illuminate the family's social status. Genealogical information on the Wilson family and their ancestors is included, as well as a letter circa 1870 to "Jennie [Jeanie] Morse."

Gertrude Wilson and John Stockton Littell (II) had six children. Some of their letters and artwork are preserved, as well as photographs depicting family activities. Their eldest daughter, Margaret Littell (1903-1990), became a concert pianist who taught at the Wilmington [Delaware] Music School. Series V includes some of her letters, recital programs, reviews, and news clippings.

Series V.1 contains diaries and papers belonging to John Stockton (II) and Gertrude Littell's eldest son, T. Gardiner Littell (II - 1902-1929). An avid diarist, Gardiner Littell (II) wrote almost daily from the age of thirteen until his premature death at the age of twenty-six. His twenty-three volumes of diaries, covering the years 1915 through 1929, present the world through the eyes of a young man whose wide-ranging concerns included religion, philosophy, nature, history, and international politics. The diarist was very concerned from a young age with the world situation, frequently commenting on World War I, the League of Nations, labor struggles, injustice, Bolshevism, and other subjects of international interest. He was also preoccupied with his own growth and development and the contribution he sought to make in the world. He recorded funny anecdotes, such as what happened when someone spilled popcorn in the pancake batter (see Vol. XX, p. 47, F136). Early diaries (see F116 through F121) reveal family life, religious involvement, and student life at the Kent School in New Milford, Connecticut. Later diaries reflect the maturing boy's intellectual and spiritual growth, which he expressed in music and art criticism, in his deepening understanding of international political economy, and in his increasingly sophisticated writing style. With Volume IX, Gardiner appears to have made a distinction between a "journal" for personal reflection and a "notebook," which records activities and studies during an overlapping time period. (See Vol. IX, F126 and Vol. X, F127.) In 1927, Gardiner and his younger brother Walter drove across the United States, a trip described in Volumes XIX and XX, and documented in a clipping from the Hartford Times (F135). Also included are papers from his student days at Harvard, and a letter of condolence from Arthur M. Schlesinger, Harvard professor of history, dated 1929, to John Stockton Littell (II), mourning the loss of a bright young mind in the early death of Gardiner Littell (II).

Walter Wilson Littell (1910-1995), the Littell's second son, preserved much of the family genealogical information and kept his own research notes. These have been kept separately, in the order received, in Subseries V.2, along with copies of

Littell's Living Age, Section 2, the genealogy publication of the organization Walter founded, Littell Families of America.

Series VI, Winslow family papers, contains two subseries. Series VI.1 contains papers belonging to Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow, including a scrapbook and photographs from her European trip in the 1930s; invitations, cards, programs; clippings about the couple's children, one of whom, Dallas Winslow, served as a state representative in Delaware. Also included are drafts toward Jeanie Winslow's book of poetry,

Finding Poetry in Every Day Life (2002).

Series VI.2 is composed of research notes on Delaware history compiled over a period of years by Julian D. Winslow, toward several books, including

Samuel Maxwell Harrington: a Pioneer Judge (Vantage, 1994) and Sussex Awakens to the Toot (Julian D. Winslow, 1999). The series also includes a small group of personal papers, with correspondence, a passport, and his work on the family genealogical records. The remaining subseries are family papers related to Julian and Jeanie Winslow's children, Dallas, Mary, and Helen.

Series VII contains a collection of postcards, mostly unwritten, from Winslow family trips. Most depict vacation and historic sites within the United States, including a number of Delaware attractions. There are also some postcards from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. These have been arranged by locality in two boxes. A third box of postcards were collected by Margaret Littell and include a numbered series of images from a European tour, images of works of art, images of Keene, New Hampshire (including photograph post cards), as well as a few postcards sent by Mary Morris Littell and cards sent to sisters, Margaret and Mary Littell.

Series VII also contains family photographs from circa 1850-1975. They have been arranged according to family groupings similar to the arrangement of the papers. Members of the John Stockton Littell (I) family were photographed by Cummings in Wilmington, Broadbent in Philadelphia, and by D. Hinkle of Germantown. A portrait of Susan Sophia Morris Littell, taken by Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown, of Philadelphia, is preserved in a carved and painted veneer wooden frame labeled "Thornton's Picture Frame and Looking Glass Depot," Philadelphia. An outdoor Harrington family photograph depicts a man in uniform, possibly P. F. Harrington, and clothing characteristic of the early 1860s. Another is captioned, "P. F. Harrington at the World War Monument, 1935."

Photographs of the T. Gardiner Littell (I) family include professional portraits by J. Paul Brown of Wilmington, Delaware, circa 1860, and a rare portrait of a family nanny, by Bucher, of Wilmington, Delaware, circa 1880. Mementos from the family trip to Europe in 1894 include two pictures of dogs. One is a portrait, labeled "Jock," taken by W. Forshaw of Oxford, England. The other is a Swiss postcard photograph depicting St. Bernards. Snapshots depict automobile trips and hiking, leisure activities that were central to the family during coming generations. Samuel Harrington Littell, who became Bishop of Hawaii, is shown in an 1889 photograph of the graduating class of the George Fox Martin School in West Philadelphia. Also included are photographs of his family and their residence in Hawaii, circa 1930.

The John Stockton (II) family photographs include some portraits of the ancestors of Gertrude Wilson Littell, John's first wife. These include members of the Morse and Wilson families. Researchers of turn-of-the-century formal clothing may be interested in two photographs of Gertrude Wilson, one depicting her debutante dress, and the other of her elaborate wedding dress. The bulk of these photographs are snapshots depicting the family in leisure activities. There are photographic postcards with scenes of the Delaware resort towns, Rehoboth Beach, and Lewes, in the 1930s. Margaret Littell, Wilmington pianist and music instructor, is pictured at the piano in two photographs.

Series VIII consists of twenty-eight nineteenth and twentieth century books, most of which belonged to members of the Littell, with a few originally belonging to Morris family members. For a complete list of the books see the detailed contents list below.

Realia, found in Series IX, comprises over one hundred items originally belonging to the Morris, Morse, Littell, Harrington, and Winslow families. Subseries IX.A. through IX.E. lists the pieces of realia which have been identified as originally belonging to particular families. Items not identified as belonging to a particular branch of the family are listed in item number order in Subseries IX.F. Detailed descriptions of each item are provided in the contents list below.

The items of realia consist of a variety of family heirlooms, including artifacts of historical interest, such as a pendant fashioned from a piece of the first transatlantic cable, bullets fired during the revolutionary war, wainscoting from the house of William Penn, wood from the coffin of George Washington, a small beaded cross from Dorothea Dix, paper currency from the Revolutionary and Civil War time periods, and grains of barley from Pompeii. The realia also encompasses items which reflect family interests, for example antique eyeglasses, carved ivory, calling card cases, Chinese embroidered slippers, playing cards, cross stitch on linen samplers, and antique children's toys.

Boxes 1-9, 13, 17-18: Shelved in SPEC MSS record center cartons

Boxes 10-12: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (17 inches)

Boxes 14-16: Shelved in SPEC MSS shoeboxes

Boxes 19-25: Shelved in SPEC VAULT MSS oversize boxes (17 inches)

Box 26: Shelved in SPEC VAULT MSS record center cartons

Box 27: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (15 inches)

Box 28: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (18 inches)

Box 29: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Box 30: Shelved in SPEC VAULT MSS shoeboxes

F1: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize mapcases

Gift of Jeanie L. and Julian D. Winslow, 1998–2006 and Samuel Milby Harrington, 2000.

Processed by Karen E. Ryder, 2002. Additions processed by Anita Wellner, 2006. Encoded by Lora J. Davis, January 2010 and Jaime Margalotti, July 2021.


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Collection Inventory

Morris, Anthony. Morris Family Tree. Philadelphia: Bourquin and Company, 1861., 1861.
Box 1 Folder F1
Scope and Contents

"Contains more than 3,000 names and is said to be one of the most complete in existence." Negative also available

Physical Description

Linen, 72 x 59 in.

Physical Location

Removed to: SPEC MSS oversize mapcases

Thomas Willing genealogy, 1786, Transcript, 1985.
Box 1 Folder F2
Scope and Contents

Account of Thomas Willing's "family and stock from which I am descended," transcribed by Walter Wilson Littell, two typed copies.

Physical Description

2 copies

Willing marriages and births, undated.
Box 1 Folder F3
Scope and Contents

Photocopies of handwritten record of marriages and births pertaining to the Willing, Carrington, and Alleyne families.

Extract of letter from General Wayne, circa 1850.
Box 1 Folder F4
Scope and Contents

Handwritten copy of part of a letter from Gen. Wayne to Col. Johnston, originally dated 1730, by unidentified copyist.

Copybook, "Ann W Morris G'Town March 19 1813", 1813 March 19.
Box 1 Folder F5
Scope and Contents

Copies of poems, prayers, biblical passages, in a paper covered notebook; also includes recipes for lip salve, plasters, and ointment.

"Christmas Offering", 1839.
Box 1 Folder F6
Scope and Contents

A copybook presented from Ann to her daughter, containing poems written by Ann's mother, and information about her Shippen and Willing ancestors.

"Copies for Her by JSL, ECM, & By Herself", circa 1820s.
Box 1 Folder F7
Scope and Contents

Labeled "favorite poems, etc.," this marbled paper-covered copybook in poor condition contains many items laid in, including a short story by unidentified author.

Letters, circa 1830-1850.
Box 1 Folder F8
Scope and Contents

Includes a letter from Dorothea Dix, undated (see Box 26 in vault), and one circa 1830s, signed M. Hammer, that describes Henry Clay, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster speaking in the Senate.

Manuscripts on cicada, circa 1840s.
Box 1 Folder F9
Scope and Contents

Portions of Margaret's handwritten notes and articles

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1846-1849.
Box 1 Folder F10
Scope and Contents

Includes a portion of Number 6, December, 1846; Volume III, March and April, 1847; and a portion of Volume IV, Number 10, August 1849, which contain letters by Margaret about the cicada.

Letters from Mary Roberdeau, 1827-1828.
Box 1 Folder F11
Scope and Contents

Three items, dated May 26, 1827, July 5, 1827, January 3, 1828, and, stamped "Free" and franked with the signature of John Quincy Adams.

"Offerings of Friendship", 1826-1864.
Box 1 Folder F12
Scope and Contents

Includes calligraphy, watercolors, sketches, a poem handwritten by Dorothea Dix, and other original and copied writing.

Copybook, 1829-1831.
Box 1 Folder F13
Scope and Contents

Marbled cover, fragile condition, with hand-numbered pages, inscribed "Elizabeth C. Morris, Germantown, 1829, A thing of shreds and patches"; contains copies and original writing, in French and English; puzzles and acrostics; drawings; and observations on people the author admires, such as Dorothea Dix.

Copybook, 1832-1856.
Box 1 Folder F14
Scope and Contents

Inscribed "A Thing of Shreds and Patches," "Elizabeth C. Morris, January, 1832"; contains letters, a map, an index and hand-numbered pages.

Items removed from copybook, 1832-1856.
Box 1 Folder F15
Scope and Contents

Between Pages 188–189
Several verses meant to be copied into book, parlor games, magic tables, miniature verse booklet by John Stockton Littell (I).

Copybook, "Elizabeth C. Morris, January 1857", 1857-1864.
Box 1 Folder F16
Scope and Contents

Marble cover, fragile condition, many items laid in.

Notebook from Harriet C. Hare, 1835-1865.
Box 1 Folder F17
Scope and Contents

Includes original pencil, watercolor, botanical, and architectural drawings, copied and original poems (one handwritten by Dorothea Dix) and essays by members of the Morris and Littell families.

Contributions to the American Agriculturist, 1844-1847.
Box 1 Folder F18
Scope and Contents

Articles copied or written by Elizabeth C. Morris for submission to the magazine; various domestic subjects including "Making Butter," "The Garden," "Lard Lamps," and "Love Me, Love My Dog." Most are signed "E. S."

Letter from Eliza Powell, 1822.
Box 1 Folder F19

Scope and Contents

Primarily personal letters and correspondence of Samuel Maxell Harrington (1802–1865), Chancellor of Delaware, and of his son, Purnell Frederick (P. F.) Harrington (1844–1937). The letters were kept in the family of P.F. Harrington and organized in chronological order by his grandson, Samuel M. Harrington.

Harrington family letters, 1821-1863.
Box 1 Folder F20
Scope and Contents

Letters to and from Samuel Maxwell Harrington, and family members. Subjects include Civil War news; political violence in Delaware; a real estate sale, 1821, by Sheriff Richard Harrington, father of Samuel Maxwell Harrington.

Harrington family letters, 1864-1867.
Box 1 Folder F21
Scope and Contents

Correspondence between Samuel Maxwell Harrington and his sons, Samuel Milby Harrington (1840–1878) and Ensign P. F. Harrington, describing Ensign Harrington's life in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War; one includes descriptions of the battle of Mobile Bay.

Samuel Maxwell Harrington, 1865.
Box 1 Folder F22
Scope and Contents

Typed transcriptions of three letters written by Samuel M. Harrington to son, Fred, in 1865.

Harrington family letters, 1868.
Box 1 Folder F23
Scope and Contents

Primarily letters by P. F. Harrington to Maria N. Ruán during their courtship. Includes some of their correspondence with other family members.

Harrington family letters, 1869-1873.
Box 2 Folder F24
Scope and Contents

P. F. Harrington to Maria N. Ruán Harrington from onboard various U.S. Navy ships; letters written by Samuel Milby Harrington to P. F. and Maria Harrington, as well as two letters from George Nelthrupages

Harrington family letters, 1877-1878.
Box 2 Folder F25
Scope and Contents

Samuel Milby Harrington to his brother and sister-in-law, P. F. and Maria Ruán Harrington, plus P. F.'s letters to Maria and a letter from V. E. Ridgely.

Helen Arcadia Harrington, "Album of Love", 1861-1871.
Box 2 Folder F26
Scope and Contents

Autograph album with signatures of family members and friends.

Silver goblet presented for "Best Essay on Our Nation's Greatness", 1856.
Box 2 Folder F27
In Memoriam Samuel Milby Harrington. Philadelphia: Sherman and Co., 1878., 1878.
Box 2 Folder F28
Scope and Contents

With note laid in, "Uncle Fred's brother or my grandmother Helen Arcadia Harrington's brother," plus a photograph of Samuel Milby Harrington.

Genealogy materials, undated.
Box 2 Folder F29
Scope and Contents

Genealogical information on Harrington family members including clippings on "Forgotten Heroes," materials from the Harrington Historical Society and information on family tombs in old cemetery, Dover, Delaware, circa 1900.

Literary Port Folio, 1830.
Box 2 Folder F30
Scope and Contents

Published by "E. Littell & Brother" nos. 1 through 20, fragile condition. In a folder advertising "A New Annual for 1829. The Gem"

Philadelphia Mail and Universal Literary and General Advertiser, 1830.
Box 29 Folder F31
Scope and Contents

Advertising circular primarily for E. Littell publications, but containing advertisements solicited from other publishers and businesses. Published weekly, and distributed free to 25,000 people throughout four quarters of the U. S.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Le Courrier des Etats-Unis, New York, 1828.
Box 29 Folder F32A
Scope and Contents

Political and literary journal, in French, with "Miss S. S. Morris" handwritten at the top of front page. Perhaps saved by member of Morris family, but descended together with E. Littell material.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

To the Federalists, 1828 August 20.
Box 2 Folder F32B
Scope and Contents

Pamphlet, print no. 97 by the

Philadelphia Gazette which bears handwritten "J. S. Littell" (I) on the front page.
Newspapers and tear sheets, 1826-1935.
Box 29 Folder F32C
Scope and Contents


The Clay Bugle (1844 Jan 1 and Jan 18), The Village Record or Chester and Delaware Federalist ( 1826 Mar 29), National Gazette and Literary Register (1827 Nov 24), Portsmouth Evening News – Silver Jubilee Naval Register (1935), and tear sheets (1828–1859). Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

The Ulster County Gazette, 1800 January 4.
Box 29 Folder F32D
Scope and Contents

Reprint with clipping and information.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Public Ledger (Philadelphia), 1836 March 25.
Box 29 Folder F32E
Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

The Yankee; and Boston Literary Gazette, 22 January 1829.
Box 29 Folder F33
Scope and Contents

An arts and literature review (has a quote by Jeremy Bentham in the masthead), published by James Adams, Jr., Boston. This issue contains the second half of a review of

Remember Me, published by E. Littell in 1829. Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Littell's Living Age, 1879-1881.
Box 2 Folder F34
Scope and Contents

A weekly magazine published by Littell & Co., Boston, containing reprints of fiction and nonfiction articles from American and European publications such as

Nineteenth Century, Blackwood's, and Saturday Review, by such authors as Thomas Hardy and W. E. Gladstone. Five issues, nos. 1825, 1849, 1888, 1890, and 1907, in fragile condition, with address label on each front cover, "1130 Mrs. M W Dobbin, 158 W Biddle St."
Scrapbook, 1825-1860.
Box 2 Folder F35
Scope and Contents

Contains Shippen family genealogy; letters from sister Margaretta Morris about Harper's Ferry and slaves; certificate from Constitutional Union Party Convention, 1860, signed by John S. Littell (I), President of the Pennsylvania Convention; notebook belonging to Littell, circa 1830s. Many fragile items of copied and original writing and artwork or correspondence are laid in.

"Susan S. Morris's Album & Scrapbook", 1826-1860.
Box 2 Folder F36
Scope and Contents

Begun by Susan Morris in 1826, this book was continued by her after her marriage to John Stockton Littell (I) in 1832. Includes original poems, song lyrics, and some artwork by Littell and Morris family members

"The Genealogies Recorded in the Sacred Scriptures", 1837.
Box 2 Folder F37
Scope and Contents

Written by John Payne Morris, Esq., this book is inscribed "Mrs. Susan S. M. Littell, from her affectionate son, T. G. Littell (I), Christmas Day, 1853"

Letters, 1850, 1867.
Box 2 Folder F38
Scope and Contents

Letter (1867) from Dorothea Dix, contains a tiny American flag (removed to vault Box 26 item #47). The second letter is from Susan Sophia Morris Littell to her son, Charles Willing Littell, containing political news and advice about college.

U. S. President Millard Fillmore letter to John S. Littell (I), 1855 March 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 48B
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed

Physical Description

4 pages

Physical Location

SPEC MSS VAULT record center cartons

Miscellaneous papers, copies, circa 1850.
Box 2 Folder F39B
Scope and Contents

Contains clippings and copies of obituaries for Squier Littell, 1886, and Meta Morris Littell, John and Helen Littell's youngest daughter, who died in 1848, plus a document for a burial lot in St. Luke's Church, Germantown (1865)

Pennsylvania Inquirer and National Gazette, 1849 July 20.
Box 29 Folder F39C
Scope and Contents

Printed text of a 4th of July address by J. S. Littell (I).

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Burlington College commencement address, 1853.
Box 2 Folder F40
Scope and Contents

Contains printed copy of the address, "Portrait of Bishop Doane," published in 1859, and a clipping about the commencement.

Physical Location

Clipping removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

"Rhymes No.__ for Harriet", 1826-1875.
Box 2 Folder F41
Scope and Contents

Original poems by John Stockton Littell (I); letter dated 1875, clipping

John Stockton Littell (I) copybook, 1825-1826.
Box 2 Folder F42
Scope and Contents

Marbled leather binding, good condition, containing original and copied poetry

Littell/Morris wedding announcements and obituary, 1832, 1868.
Box 2 Folder F43
Scope and Contents

Clippings from the

National Gazette and Literary Register Physical Location

Oversized clippings removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Copies of letters and genealogy, 1824, 1847.
Box 2 Folder F44
"Early History of the Church in New York City", 1869.
Box 2 Folder F45
"Album of Gems", 1858-1868.
Box 2 Folder F46
Scope and Contents

Leather and mother-of-pearl album inscribed to "Harriet H. Littell, from her Mother, Christmas, 1858[?]." Many items laid in including scrap of blue beaded material (perhaps part of a vestment), cards with Chinese and English writing

Copybook/scrapbook, circa 1830-1876.
Box 3 Folder F47
Scope and Contents

Includes clippings of engravings, some published by E. Littell; original and copied poems, stories, quotations assembled and written by members of the Morris and Littell families, given to Harriet Hare Littell in 1876; some original artwork; many items laid in, including pages from "George Cruikshank's Omnibus: A Vehicle for Fun and Frolic," clippings from "Godey's Ladies Book," and clippings about actors and plays.

Scrapbook, circa 1830-1876.
Box 3 Folder F48
Scope and Contents

Contains autographs of Jose Vargas, President of Venezuela, Washington Irving, Sir Robert Ker Porter, and Oliver Hazard Perry; clippings of engravings published by E. Littell; original poetry by John S. Littell; clipping about Great Sanitary Fair in Philadelphia, 1864. Given to Harriet Hare Littell in 1876

Charles Willing Littell, 1855, 1895.
Box 3 Folder F49
Scope and Contents

Contains receipt for his law studies paid by John Stockton Littell (I)(1855) and an obituary (1895)

Biographical information on John Stockton Littell (I) family, 1887.
Box 3 Folder F50
Scope and Contents

Contains pages copied from

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Who's Who in America, and a typewritten biography of John Stockton Littell (I), probably compiled by Walter Wilson Littell.

"Burlington College Celebration", 1855.
Box 29 Folder F51
Scope and Contents

A complete copy of the

Pennsylvania Inquirer, February 26, 1855, containing a front-page article about the annual Washington's Birthday celebration at Burlington College, featuring a speech by student T. Gardiner Littell (I) Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Correspondence, 1858-1909.
Box 3 Folder F52
Scope and Contents

Includes a letter from A. Felix du Pont concerning St. John's Church, Wilmington, DE

Ordination to the Episcopal priesthood, 1859.
Box 3 Folder F53
"Scrap Book 1", circa 1854-1870.
Box 3 Folder F54
Scope and Contents

Given to T. Gardiner Littell (I) by Elizabeth Carrington Morris in 1856, this scrapbook contains clippings and copies of poems and quotations, mostly of a religious nature.

Physical Location

Oversized items removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

"Scrap Book 2", circa 1870-1900.
Box 3 Folder F55
Scope and Contents

Clippings on religious subjects pasted over an old account book.

St. John's Church, Wilmington, DE, 1866-1894.
Box 3 Folder F56
Scope and Contents

Clippings and ephemera, including a "List of Saloon Passengers" aboard Cunard Line's R.M.S.

Etruria, 1894
Delaware College Honorary Doctor of Divinity certificate, 1885.
Box 3 Folder F57
Scope and Contents

Includes clipping about 50th commencement exercises at Delaware College, which mentions President Purnell, and Victor B. Woolley, class of 1885, who later became a prominent Delaware judge.

Copies of letters to F. G. du Pont, 1884-1904.
Box 3 Folder F58
Scope and Contents

Originals are in the du Pont Papers, Hagley Museum and Library.

Printed sermons and publications, circa 1880-1908.
Box 3 Folder F59
Physical Location

Oversized article removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Real estate transactions, circa 1885-1911.
Box 3 Folder F60
Scope and Contents

Leather bound alphabetical notebook listing names, prices, interest rates, and descriptions of Wilmington properties on which T. Gardiner Littell (I) held mortgages. Handwritten notes show that some properties were foreclosed, some sold, and some paid off and money reinvested.

Record of securities deposited at Fidelity Bank, New York, NY, circa 1900-1909.
Box 3 Folder F61
Received income, 1902-1911.
Box 3 Folder F62
"1904 Income", 1904-1912.
Box 3 Folder F63
Scope and Contents

Records of real estate, stock and other financial transactions representing income for T. Gardiner Littell (I). Many items laid in including receipts from Cities Service, American Light & Traction, and two Wilmington, DE, companies (Cold Spring Ice and Coal, and Biddle Brothers Practical Plumbers); correspondence from Henry Hoopes Real Estate and Mortgages; rent statements for four Wilmington properties.

Financial notebook, "Book 4", 1910-1925.
Box 3 Folder F64
Scope and Contents

Includes records of rents, stocks, insurance, monthly family bills, and correspondence from and about T. Gardiner Littell's (I) children, Elton, Helen, and Mary, who continued the notebook after his death.

Letters from George Elliott, Attorney, 1906-1910.
Box 4 Folder F65
Fiftieth anniversary of ordination, 1909.
Box 4 Folder F66
Scope and Contents

Clippings and articles from

The Delaware Churchman
Obituaries, 1911.
Box 4 Folder F67
Physical Location

One obituary removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Indentures and deed, 1899, 1911, 1912.
Box 29 Folder F68
Scope and Contents

Papers on three properties owned by T. Gardiner Littell (I)

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Sons of American Revolution, 1934.
Box 4 Folder F69
Scope and Contents

Copy of officers' list of the Delaware Society, listing T. Gardiner Littell (I) as chaplain

Church of the Holy Trinity, Jefferson, NY, 1959-1960.
Box 4 Folder F70
Scope and Contents

Typewritten notes and copy of the booklet

History of Christ Church, Dover, DE, 1985.
Box 4 Folder F71
Scope and Contents

Paper bulletin with historical information on previous pastors, lists T. Gardiner Littell (I) for 1865–1866

Letters, 1866-1872.
Box 4 Folder F72
Papers and obituaries, circa 1860s-1924.
Box 4 Folder F73
Scope and Contents

Includes marriage certificate of Helen Arcadia Harrington and T. Gardiner Littell (I), 1867, wedding invitations, and one letter from her mother, Mary L. Harrington.

English cathedrals, 1898.
Box 4 Folder F74
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook containing photographs purchased on their European trip.

Art history, 1901.
Box 4 Folder F75
Scope and Contents

Notebook assembled by Mary on art history, mostly religious, beginning with ancient Egypt and continuing through nineteenth-century American painting, with notes on artists and pictures of their works.

Letters from China, from Helen to Mary, 1914-1915.
Box 4 Folder F76
Physical Location

One clipping removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

"China's Ancient Medical Practice", 1933.
Box 4 Folder F77
Scope and Contents

Typewritten manuscript in notebook, titled "China's Ancient Medical Practice. Current Events – New Century Club Nov. 14th, 1933."

Helen Arcadia Littell obituaries, 1934.
Box 4 Folder F78
Physical Location

Two obituaries removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Mary Morris Littell's application to Colonial Dames of America, 1929.
Box 4 Folder F79
Mary Morris Littell miscellaneous papers, circa 1897-1984.
Box 4 Folder F80
Scope and Contents

Nine items, including a letter from the Bishop of Delaware, 1945; an 1897 Christmas card; copy of

The Diocese of Delaware, Plans for Tomorrow with an article about Mary; obituaries.
Notebook of accounts, 1952-1958.
Box 4 Folder F81
Scope and Contents

Probably a household account book belonging to Mary.

Letters and stock certificates, 1912-1923.
Box 4 Folder F82
Obituaries, 1962.
Box 4 Folder F83
Ethel Harrington postcard, 1888.
Box 4 Folder F84
Scope and Contents

Postcard to Harrington Littell from his cousin, the daughter of Adm. P. F. Harrington.

Biographical information, 1934-1991.
Box 4 Folder F85
Scope and Contents

Clippings, typewritten notes, and printed items.

Physical Location

Obituary and biography removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Letters to Winslows, 1959-1963.
Box 4 Folder F86
Family letters and clippings, 1921-1998.
Box 4 Folder F87
Scope and Contents

Includes postcards from, printed items, and clippings about Harrington Littell and his family.

Physical Location

One article removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Rev. Edward M. Littell biography by J. D. Winslow, undated.
Box 4 Folder F88
Scope and Contents

Edward M. Littell is the son of S. Harrington Littell.

Autograph book, 1883-1886.
Box 4 Folder F89
Rugby Academy compositions, 1885-1886.
Box 4 Folder F90
Leather-bound notebook of family genealogy, circa 1910.
Box 4 Folder F91
Notebook of religious art, circa 1900.
Box 4 Folder F92
"500 Questions and Answers in Religion: Memory Gems," manuscript, undated.
Box 4 Folder F93
Published articles, 1911, 1931.
Box 4 Folder F94
Physical Location

One article removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Historical work, undated.
Box 4 Folder F95
Scope and Contents

Contains an advertisement, with review comments, for

The Historians and the English Reformation
Scrapbook of documents, programs, ephemera and clippings related to John S. Littell, 1840-1932.
Box 28 Folder F96
Scope and Contents

The inscription on the front page reads: "To Bea and family, Merry Christmas, 1976, from Dad [Walter Littell] – This scrapbook is one of three made up of material mostly from the scrapbook of my father, John Stockton Littell II. The first few pages contain items from an old trunk from the house of Elton Gardiner Littell, originally from the house of Thomas Gardiner Littell I of Yonkers, N. Y." Also includes notes about missing items. Documents include etymological papers by Margaretta Hare Morris and letters, school reports, a penmanship book (1878), clippings, and documents from the 1840s–1860s related to John S. Littell (I). The bulk of the scrapbook contains documents and clippings related to John S. Littell (II), including college and seminary programs and papers, a photograph, letters, travel ephemera, printed items about the churches he served, and documents from his consecration as bishop of Honolulu in 1930.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (18 inches); additional item removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Information related to Walter Littell scrapbook, undated.
Box 4 Folder F96A
Clippings and copies re: wedding, ordination, and career, circa 1893-1930.
Box 4 Folder F97
Obituaries, 1932.
Box 4 Folder F98
Physical Location

Three clippings removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Letters to and from family and friends, circa 1890-1931.
Box 4 Folder F99
John Stockton (II) and Gertrude Wilson Littell correspondence, 1899-1904.
Box 4 Folder F100
Letters to and from parents and family, circa 1889-1912.
Box 4 Folder F101
Scope and Contents

Contains a postcard about the 1893 Centennial Exposition in Chicago

Valentine for Gertrude, circa 1890s.
Box 4 Folder F102
Scope and Contents

An unusual combination of verse and clippings of advertisements for patent medicines, from Gertrude's sister, Margaret.

Wedding invitation and calling card, circa 1900.
Box 4 Folder F103
"Our Wedding Souvenir", 1900.
Box 4 Folder F104
Daughters of the American Revolution papers (copies), 1974.
Box 4 Folder F105
Obituary, 1919.
Box 4 Folder F106
Letter to Jennie [Jeanie] Morse, circa 1870.
Box 4 Folder F107
Wilson family, circa 1895-1900.
Box 4 Folder F108
Scope and Contents

Typewritten transcriptions of letters from Margaret Wilson; fragment of Gertrude's music book

Littell Children letters and art, circa 1910s.
Box 4 Folder F109
Scope and Contents

See also the postcards in Box 16

Letters from family, circa 1920-1932.
Box 4 Folder F110
Recital programs, clippings, letters, 1941-1990.
Box 4 Folder F111
Scope and Contents

Includes an appraisal of family heirlooms

Physical Location

One article removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Gertrude Littell and daughter, Christine Littell Adler, 1963-2003.
Box 4 Folder F112
Scope and Contents

Includes a copy of Elton G. Littell's will

John Stockton Littell (II) and Estelle Sherman Littell wedding invitation, 1924.
Box 4 Folder F113
Miscellaneous papers, clippings, and cards, 1895-1967.
Box 4 Folder F114
Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, cards, and a typewritten memoir by Helen Littell Derbyshire. Also includes genealogical research regarding the Littell, Morse, Stockton, and Thomas Willing families.

Unidentified ephemera, undated.
Box 4 Folder F115
Scope and Contents

Three items, including a small watercolor portrait of an unidentified man; a lace-trimmed, hand-colored card bearing the name, "Johnnie"; and an embossed card

Scope and Contents

This series includes Gardiner Littell's twenty-three volumes of diaries, which he began at age thirteen and kept daily until his death at age twenty-six, as well as some of his student papers from Harvard. In the diaries, Gardiner recorded detailed descriptions of his everyday life, with comments on family, the Church, his reading, games, sports, vacations, food, and more, all set in the context of national and international events.

Volume I, "Keene (Chesham, White Mts.), Kent (War)", 1915-1918.
Box 4 Folder F116
Scope and Contents

Brown paper covered "Students Note Book." Notation in front reads "Diary of Gardiner Littell. Copied from old miscellaneous diaries. January first, 1915, to September, 1918."

Volume I.A. "For the Winter and Spring terms, 1919", 1919.
Box 4 Folder F117
Scope and Contents

Red cloth covered "Memorandum" notebook describes how Gardiner, at age sixteen, coped with the death of his mother, Gertrude Wilson Littell, during the influenza epidemic of 1919.

Volume II, "Kent (Keene, New York, Great War)", 1917-1918.
Box 5 Folder F118
Volume III, Untitled, 1918-1920.
Box 5 Folder F119
Scope and Contents

Brown marbled paper covered notebook with numbered pages and a table of contents includes clippings of articles written for the Kent School News.

Volume III, "West Hartford, Indian Neck", 1919 June-1919 July.
Box 5 Folder F120
Scope and Contents

He describes seeing airplanes for the first time, "Bolshevists," and his summer work as a farm laborer and factory hand.

Volume IV, "Kent", 1919 September-1919 December.
Box 5 Folder F121
Volume V, "Supplementary to five year Diary", 1920 August-1920 December.
Box 5 Folder F122
Scope and Contents

Describes his first days at Harvard, and his adviser's admiration of Littell's "Living Age"

Volume VI, "Harvard, West Hartford, Supplementary to Five Year Diary", 1922 January-1922 September.
Box 5 Folder F123
Scope and Contents

Decisions about a major at Harvard, feeling left out, religious convictions, loving

David Copperfield
Volume 7, "Note Book, 1921", 1921.
Box 5 Folder F124
Scope and Contents

Working and living at the Liberal Club, trouble with roommates

Volume VIII, "Journal, Harvard College, West Hartford, Choconut Camp", 1922 January-1922 October.
Box 5 Folder F125
Scope and Contents

Indian mysticism, feminism, music, writing for the

Crimson. See also F143, "Harvard Crimson Editorials."
Volume IX, "Journal, Vol. IX, Oct. 7, 1922 To Aug. 8, 1923", 1922 October 7-1923 August 8.
Box 5 Folder F126
Scope and Contents

Includes notes on hearing the pianist Paderewski play, and socialist Eugene Debs speak; comments on labor struggles, politics, and sky writing; father's engagement to Ethel Sherman; attending and working at the Episcopalian Conference at Silver Bay

Volume X, "Notebook, Silver Bay, on Lake George, Summer of 1923", 1923 Summer.
Box 5 Folder F127
Scope and Contents

Comments on President Harding's death, (August 3 entry); reconciling religious belief with scientific study (August 27)

Volume XI, "Harvard College Note Book, Senior Year, Miscellaneous", 1923-1924.
Box 5 Folder F128
Volume XII, "Journal, Silver Bay, 1924", 1924.
Box 5 Folder F129
Scope and Contents

Death of grandmother, Helen Arcadia Harrington Littell, September 9; working as waiter and dishwasher at the conference center; receives diploma from Harvard.

Volume XIII, "Harvard Graduate School", 1924 September-1925 February.
Box 5 Folder F130
Scope and Contents

Professor Arthur Schlesinger's course taught in the "German style"

Volume XV, "England, Paris, Séez", 1925 June-1925 September.
Box 5 Folder F131
Scope and Contents

Harvard finals exams; train trip to Montreal; boards the

Oxonian, bound for Liverpool, a tramp steamer on which students work for their passage by feeding and watering 800 steer; travels and study in Europe
Volume XVI, "Travels", 1925 September-1926 March.
Box 5 Folder F132
Scope and Contents

Bound, paper cover labeled "IRA déposé"; travel and study in Avignon, Marseilles, in Italy, and at the Sorbonne

Volume XVII, "Travels", 1926 March-1926 September.
Box 5 Folder F133
Scope and Contents

Table of contents identifies itinerary: Orvieto, Rome, Switzerland, Vosges, Strasbourg, Paris, New York, West Hartford, and Huntingdon, Long Island; pages numbered by hand; September 13 letter, pasted in, mentions the inventor of women's bicycles, Harold Brown; difficulty finding a teaching job; tutoring a nine-year-old

Volume XVIII, "Hoosac School", 1926 September-1927 April.
Box 5 Folder F134
Scope and Contents

Table of contents and hand-numbered pages; tutoring; lands job teaching at a private boys' school in Hoosick, New York; writing "Littell News."

Volume XIX, "Hoosac School, Western Trip", 1927 April-1927 August.
Box 5 Folder F135
Scope and Contents

Contains table of contents, numbered pages, many items laid in, such as musical programs, clippings from

The Hoosac Record; notes on trip detail miles driven, car problems, campsites, weather, and commentary on people; this volume ends in Los Angeles.
Volume XX, "Western Trip (cont'd), Hoosac, Christmas Vacation", 1927 August-1928 January.
Box 5 Folder F136
Scope and Contents

Includes table of contents, hand numbered pages, and headings; observations on Navajo people, work, and living conditions; comments on Sacco and Vanzetti trial; return to Hoosac, student discipline problems; death of a student; Gardiner is hospitalized for "regular attacks" of stomach pain and vomiting (page 69).

Volume XXI, "Hoosac School, Canadian Trip", 1928 January-1928 July.
Box 5 Folder F137
Scope and Contents

Hears Toscanini in Carnegie Hall (page 38); Vladimir Horowitz concert program

Volume XXII, "Summer Vacation, Harvard Graduate School", 1928 July-1929 January.
Box 5 Folder F138
Volume XXIII, "Harvard Graduate School", 1929.
Box 5 Folder F139
Letters of T. Gardiner Littell (II) to his father John S. Littell (II), 1925 December-1926 January.
Box 5 Folder F140
Scope and Contents

Fours letters written while traveling in France (see diary in F132)

Papers from English A, section 15, 1920-1921.
Box 5 Folder F141A
Work done for studies, 1921-1924.
Box 5 Folder F141B
A short story, undated.
Box 5 Folder F142
Harvard Crimson editorials, poetry, miscellaneous writing, 1922-1924.
Box 5 Folder F143
Clippings, obituaries, and letters of condolence, 1927-1929.
Box 5 Folder F144
Scope and Contents

Includes 1 autograph letter signed from Arthur M. Schlesinger, Widener Library, Harvard, to John Stockton Littell (II), W. Hartford, CT, June 25, 1929, 1 page

Letters and papers, 1922-1995.
Box 5 Folder F145
Scope and Contents

Includes early letters from Virginia (Walter's wife) to Jean Littell and a photograph of Walter Wilson Littell and Thomas Gardiner Littell (II) with a Model-T (1922).

Two signatures clipped from letters, circa 1850.
Box 5 Folder F146
Scope and Contents

One appears to be Major General John A. Dix

Genealogy notes I - Thomas Willing genealogy (1786), 1985.
Box 5 Folder F147
Scope and Contents

Typed transcript

"Entry of Expenses St. Martin's Church, Salisbury", 1906.
Box 5 Folder F148
Genealogy notes II – Walter Townsend Wilson, undated.
Box 5 Folder F149
Physical Location

One item removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Littell genealogy, notes, clippings, transcripts, letters, circa 1970s.
Box 5 Folder F150
Scope and Contents

Includes information regarding the Littell-Wilson marriage, Morse genealogical notes, a military certificate, a letter regarding the Purnells, Littell and Gardiner English notes, notes regarding Fitzler, and other items

Unidentified copybook, Rensselaer (?), circa 1830.
Box 5 Folder F151
"Our Historical Articles", undated.
Box 5 Folder F152
Scope and Contents

Typed transcripts

Articles about Germantown, undated.
Box 5 Folder F153

Scope and Contents

Includes letters from family and friends, particularly the camp letters written by her children, as well as photograph postcard of the Reverend T. Gardiner Littell's (I) home in Yonkers (circa 1900) and photographs of the Bishop's house in Honolulu. See also oversize box.

Box 6 Folder F154
Box 6 Folder F155
Camp letters, 1956-1962.
Box 6 Folder F156
Passports, 1936 and 1984.
Box 6 Folder F157
School letter and Baptism record, 1930-1933.
Box 6 Folder F158
Jeanie Littell's scrapbook of trip to England, circa 1936.
Box 27 Folder F159
Scope and Contents

Includes loose items removed from the scrapbook (removed to oversize Box 27).

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (17 inches)

European trip postcards.
Box 6 Folder F160
Photograph book "Memories of the Western Highlands", 1936.
Box 6 Folder F161
School project notebook on English history, 1930s.
Box 6 Folder F162
Scope and Contents

Includes a few photographs

Jean Morse Littell scrapbook on Hawaii, 1930s.
Box 27 Folder F163
Scope and Contents

Probably assembled as a school project, includes written descriptions of the island, pasted in clippings, articles, specimens of flowers, programs, etc.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (17 inches)

Delaware shoreline clippings, 1929-1932.
Box 29 Folder F164
Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Chi Omega Alumnae – program and directory, 1956-1957.
Box 6 Folder F165
Clippings, notes, memorabilia, 1881-2003.
Box 6 Folder F166
Scope and Contents

Includes programs, notes, information about Bishop Littell, a furniture list, and clippings

Physical Location

One clipping removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Genealogy notebooks I.
Box 6 Folder F167
Genealogy notebooks II.
Box 6 Folder F168
Genealogy notebooks III.
Box 6 Folder F169
Memoir of the Gardiner family, 1883.
Box 6 Folder F170
Information on family portraits at Winterthur, PA Museum of Art, and Yale, 1970-1992.
Box 6 Folder F171
Physical Location

One clipping removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Information about Littells at Trinity College, 2000.
Box 6 Folder F172
Littell's Living Age, Sec. 2, Vol. 1, Nos. 1–3, 5, 8, 1972-1976.
Box 6 Folder F173
Littell's Living Age, Sec. 2, Vol. 2, Nos. 3, 5–8, 1977-1980.
Box 6 Folder F174
Littell's Living Age, Sec. 2, Vol. 3, Nos. 1, 2, 5, 1980-1982.
Box 6 Folder F175
Littell's Living Age, Sec. 2, Vol. 4, Nos. 1, 3, 4, 1985-1988.
Box 6 Folder F176
Littell's Living Age, Sec. 2, Vol. 5–7, 1992-1999.
Box 6 Folder F177
Scope and Contents

Book of poetry written by Jean Morse Littell Winslow.

Notebook of handwritten poems, 1999-2001.
Box 6 Folder F178
Typescript (computer) draft, 2002 Jun 24.
Box 6 Folder F179
Typescript (computer) drafts, 2002 Sep 24.
Box 6 Folder F180
Typescript (computer) draft, 2002.
Box 6 Folder F181
Scope and Contents

Titled "A Potpourri of Poems"

Typescript (computer) draft, 2002 Nov 18.
Box 6 Folder F182
Typescript (computer) draft, 2002.
Box 6 Folder F183
Scope and Contents

Note of title page: "Last book before publication…"

Scope and Contents

Research files related to slavery, abolition, and political and business leaders in nineteenth-century Delaware. The series contains copies of the

Delaware Gazette and handwritten research notes, as well as drafts of his books, and a few personal papers.
Abolition and Notes from Delaware Gazette (1820s), circa 1980.
Box 6 Folder F184
Townsend, Samuel.
Box 6 Folder F185
Bayard, James A.
Box 6 Folder F186
Seward, William Henry.
Box 6 Folder F187
Popular Sovereignty.
Box 6 Folder F188
Box 6 Folder F189
Wilmot Provison.
Box 7 Folder F190
Hazzard, Clayton, Harrington Letters & Papers, copies.
Box 7 Folder F191
Compromise of 1850.
Box 7 Folder F192
Dred Scott Decision.
Box 7 Folder F193
Delaware Railroad.
Box 7 Folder F194
Delaware Gazette Notes on Succession.
Box 7 Folder F195
State of Delaware – Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs – microfilm, 1863-1866.
Box 7 Folder F196
Scope and Contents

RG#1300 Executive Papers, 1754–1900

Roll 50: 1863 Appointments & Commission to 1864 Lighthouse

Roll 51: 1864 Military folder #1 to 1866 Correspondence

Physical Description


"Murder at Delaware College: The Death of John Edward Roach, March 30, 1858", 1958.
Box 7 Folder F197
Scope and Contents

Material toward this book written by Julian D. Winslow

Box 7 Folder F198
"The Harrington Family," by P. F. Harrington, 1993.
Box 7 Folder F199
"Hosanna for Judge Harrington, His Associates, and Friends", undated.
Box 7 Folder F200
Part I.
Box 7 Folder F201
Part II.
Box 7 Folder F202
"Delaware Says 'Thank You, Judge Harrington'", 1990s.
Box 7 Folder F203
Typescript (copy).
Box 7 Folder F204
Typescript (copy).
Box 7 Folder F205
Original typescript/setting copy, 1993.
Box 7 Folder F206
Correspondence, reviews, publicity, 1992-2001.
Box 8 Folder F207
Computer diskettes, 1998-2000.
Box 8 Folder F208
Early version, undated.
Box 8 Folder F209
Typescript (computer), undated.
Box 8 Folder F210
Typescript (computer), undated.
Box 8 Folder F211
Scope and Contents

Missing pages 1–6 and title page.

Typescript (computer), undated.
Box 8 Folder F212
Scope and Contents

Possible setting copy with notes

Erratum sheets for book, undated.
Box 8 Folder F213
Correspondence and reviews, 2000-2002.
Box 8 Folder F214
"Thomas Harrison, Millenarian", 1986.
Box 8 Folder F215
"Journal of Thomas Nicholson", undated.
Box 8 Folder F216
Scope and Contents

Includes "Nicholson Family History," (1979)

Lofland genealogy, 1990-2001.
Box 8 Folder F217
John Stockton Littell (I) notes.
Box 8 Folder F218
"John Stockton Littell (I)", undated.
Box 8 Folder F219
Edward Littell, 1943 and 2001.
Box 8 Folder F220
"Ancestors of Julian D. Winslow", undated.
Box 8 Folder F221
Physical Location

Family tree laminated copy removed to: SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Correspondence and notes, 1957-1959.
Box 8 Folder F222
Correspondence and notes, 1960.
Box 8 Folder F223
Correspondence and notes, 1961-1962.
Box 8 Folder F224
Correspondence and notes, 1963-1965.
Box 8 Folder F225
Correspondence and notes, 1966.
Box 8 Folder F226
Index card, undated.
Box 8 Folder F227
Joseph Winslow (North Carolina), 1970s-1980s.
Box 8 Folder F228
The Origin Perquimans County, North Carolina Winslows", 1957-1969.
Box 9 Folder F229
Edward Winslow.
Box 9 Folder F230
Jamaica Vassalls.
Box 9 Folder F231
Governor's Register, 1962-1983.
Box 9 Folder F232
Arthur J. Winslow, 1965-1982.
Box 9 Folder F233
Francis E. Winslow, 1953-1964.
Box 9 Folder F234
Kenelm Winslow, 1959-1996.
Box 9 Folder F235
Samuel and Joseph Winslow (copies), 1674-1761.
Box 29 Folder F236
Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Correspondence with Mrs. A. Waldo Jones, 1959-1987.
Box 9 Folder F237
Notes, 1956-1999.
Box 9 Folder F238
Notes, 1960-1987.
Box 9 Folder F239
Notes, 1959-1994.
Box 9 Folder F240
Notes, 1955-1999.
Box 9 Folder F241
Resources, 1997-2000.
Box 9 Folder F242
Scope and Contents

Includes a copy of

The Archive Photographs Series: Winslows (1997)
Delaware Mayflower Society, 1957-1999.
Box 9 Folder F243
Sons of the American Revolution, 2003.
Box 9 Folder F244
Passport and certificates, 1984-1992.
Box 9 Folder F245
Correspondence, clippings, programs, 1931-1955.
Box 9 Folder F246
Correspondence, resumes, programs, notes, 1966-2004.
Box 9 Folder F247
Scope and Contents

Daughter of Julian D. and Jean Morse Littell Winslow

Correspondence, programs, 1970-2001.
Box 9 Folder F248
InRe: the Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association, 1998-2000.
Box 9 Folder F249
InRe: the Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association, 2001-2004.
Box 9 Folder F250
Scope and Contents

Son of Julian D. and Jean Morse Littell Winslow

Correspondence, clippings, campaign flyers, 1962-2003.
Box 9 Folder F251
Scope and Contents

Daughter of Julian D. and Jean Morse Littell Winslow

Correspondence and clippings, 1958-1999.
Box 9 Folder F252

John Stockton Littell (I) family portraits, circa 1850-1860.
Box 10 Folder F253
Scope and Contents

Includes portraits of Harriet Hare Littell and Susan S. M. Littell by Broadbent & Co., Philadelphia; a portrait of T. Gardiner Littell (I) at age 14, signed in pencil, "Cummings"; and a small portrait of John Stockton Littell (I) by D. Hinkle, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Physical Description

4 items

Susan Sophia Morris Littell (1800–1868), circa 1860.
Box 12 Folder F254
Scope and Contents

Framed in veneered wood frame, carved and painted. Removed to Box 12

Samuel Milby Harrington.
Box 10 Folder F255
Scope and Contents

Includes two portraits of Samuel Milby Harrington, one reproduction, and one engraved by H. S. Sadd and signed by the subject; Samuel Maxwell and Mary Lofland Harrington family and guests.

Physical Description

3 items

Purnell Frederick Harrington, circa 1850-1935.
Box 10 Folder F256
Scope and Contents

Includes three reproductions of young Harrington; one portrait by Cutler of Keene, New Hampshire, 1916; one photograph, 1935, at World War Monument, Yonkers, New York; one photograph postcard captioned "Admiral Harrington presenting portraits of Delaware naval heroes to U.S.S.

Delaware," circa 1890. Physical Description

6 items

T. Gardiner Littell (I) portraits, circa 1865-1910.
Box 10 Folder F257
Scope and Contents

Including portraits by J. Paul Brown of Wilmington, Delaware, and Littell's calling card

Physical Description

8 items

Family portraits, 1896-1902.
Box 10 Folder F258
Scope and Contents

Including a photograph of T. Gardiner (I) and S. Harrington Littell with the Reverend William Welles Holley; and a photograph of Elton and Helen Arcadia Littell in front of the family home at 1805 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware

Physical Description

6 items

Lizzie Green, Littell family nanny, circa 1880.
Box 10 Folder F259
European trip, 1894.
Box 10 Folder F260
Scope and Contents

Including two photographs of dogs

Physical Description

5 items

Helen Arcadia Harrington Littell, circa 1890-1914.
Box 10 Folder F261
Scope and Contents

Including a portrait, circa 1865, by E. & M. Garrett, Wilmington, Delaware; three portraits by F. M. Zuller at the U.S. Naval Academy; and one signed in pencil, "Haywood, '14."

Physical Description

9 items

Family outings, circa 1894-1915.
Box 10 Folder F262
Scope and Contents

Snapshots and cyanotypes depict camping and hiking in the Presidential Range; the Reverend and Mrs. Littell with Bishop Hall, Jefferson, New Hampshire; a horse and buggy; Helen Arcadia with college roommates in front of a wooden boat; T. Gardiner Littell gravestone, St. John's Cemetery, Yonkers, New York; family cat.

Family home, "Delavan," Yonkers, New York, circa 1900.
Box 10 Folder F263
Helen A. Littell, 1882-1920.
Box 10 Folder F264
Scope and Contents

Including a baby portrait, signed on back, "M & W Garrett," Wilmington, Delaware; four portraits taken in New York City studios; three snapshots including a passport photograph

Physical Description

12 items

Mary M. Littell, circa 1895-1920.
Box 10 Folder F265
Scope and Contents

Including a childhood portrait by Cummins, Baltimore, Maryland, bearing a logo that reads "Manly Deeds, Womanly Words"; a full-length portrait of Mary seated in a carved chair, signed "Irwin, 1910"; two small portraits of Mary wearing an elaborate, flowered hat; and a German silhouette by Gustav Freund.

Physical Description

12 items

Helen and Mary, snapshots, circa 1914-1930.
Box 11 Folder F266
Scope and Contents

Subjects are shown gardening, reading, relaxing outside their home; two snapshots of children in Volendam and Marken; a full-length snapshot of Mary in front of a Venice hotel, 1914.

Elton Gardiner Littell, 1890 and 1929.
Box 11 Folder F267
Physical Description

2 portraits

George Fox Norton School Class of 1889, 1889.
Box 11 Folder F268
Scope and Contents

Item is broken in three places. Names of students and classmates are handwritten on the back of this photograph of a Philadelphia school graduating class, attended by S. Harrington Littell.

Physical Description

1 item

Samuel Harrington Littell portraits, 1878-circa 1929.
Box 11 Folder F269
Scope and Contents

Includes four portraits. One, dated 1878, depicts boy in Scottish costume, by Maybin, Wilmington, Delaware; two portraits depict Harrington in priestly garb; one, by a Honolulu studio, shows him in bishop's vestments.

Physical Description

4 items

Samuel Harrington Littell and family, circa 1930-1950.
Box 11 Folder F270
Scope and Contents

Including three outdoor group photos of family members, many wearing leis; two photos include children's Hawaiian nurse.

Physical Description

6 items

St. Andrew's Cathedral and Parish House, Honolulu, circa 1940.
Box 11 Folder F271
Scope and Contents

Four photographs depicting the interior and exterior of church, Chinese furnishings and rugs in the house.

Physical Description

4 items

Album, Silver Lake, New Hampshire, circa 1914.
Box 11 Folder F272
Scope and Contents

Snapshots pasted in paper album, cover missing, depicting family members involved in leisure activities at the lake where they spent summers.

Family photographs, circa 1915-1929.
Box 11 Folder F273
Scope and Contents

Includes group photographs of family boating, Christmas 1926, Silver Lake.

Physical Description

5 items

Family homes, circa 1918-1932.
Box 11 Folder F274
Scope and Contents

Including two photograph postcards depicting St. James Church in Keene, New Hampshire, and St. James Church and Parsonage, West Hartford, Connecticut; the rectory at Lewes, Delaware; and "Elton," on Manheim Street, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Physical Description

6 items

Rehoboth and Lewes, Delaware, circa 1930.
Box 11 Folder F275
Scope and Contents

Includes eleven photograph postcards depict Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware, buildings, churches, cars, and bridges in the 1930s; two snapshots portray the family in Gardiner's car in front of their cottage; several pictures of the dunes and Cape Henlopen lighthouse, clipped from books.

Physical Description

15 items

Morse ancestors, circa 1870-1895.
Box 11 Folder F276
Wilson family, circa 1860-1902.
Box 11 Folder F277
Scope and Contents

Includes family portraits, most made by Buffalo, New York, studios, of ancestors of Gertrude Wilson Littell

Physical Description

9 items

Gertrude Wilson debutante and wedding Dresses, 1897-1900.
Box 11 Folder F278
Scope and Contents

One full-length portrait of Gertrude, 1900, caption reads "Wedding dress is in Buffalo Museum."

Physical Description

2 items

Gertrude Wilson Littell and children, 1902-1904.
Box 11 Folder F279
Sherman, Estelle and Julia, 1893-circa 1930.
Box 11 Folder F280
Scope and Contents

One childhood snapshot, undated, by Scherer, New York, New York, "The Fotocrafter," advertises on back "Carbonette imperials $3.00 per doz."; 1893 full-length portrait of Julia Sherman, by Klary, Bruxelles

Physical Description

5 items

John Stockton and Estelle Sherman Littell, 1924.
Box 11 Folder F281
Gardiner (II) and Margaret Littell baby portraits, 1902-1905.
Box 11 Folder F282
Helen Littell Derbyshire, 1955.
Box 12 Folder F283
Physical Description

2 portraits

"My Trip Abroad – 1928-June – September-1928 – Helen Littell", 1928-1936.
Box 13 Folder F284
Scope and Contents

Photograph album containing circa 185 photographs of two trips taken by Helen Littell and family to Europe, the first in 1928 and a second in the summer of 1936.

Images include noted buildings, monuments and landscapes and occasional images with the family included. Countries visited include England, Scotland, Isle of Wight, Holland, France, and Ireland.

Margaret Littell, 1920-1959.
Box 12 Folder F285
Scope and Contents

Three photographs depicting the subject at the piano, and walking the beach and a group photograph at Dobbs Ferry School (Margaret is in second row, third from left).

Physical Description

3 items

"Photographs – Last of West Hartford to Spring 1937", 1924-1937.
Box 13 Folder F286
Scope and Contents

Photograph album containing over 300 photographs, most with captions, of Margaret Littell and her family, including her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles. Also includes extended family and friends. Taken between 1924 and 1937, the photographs record family outings or event in Nantucket, Lewes and Brandywine Park, Delaware, Honolulu, Hawaii, Washington D. C., Washington state and the University of Washington, Mills Adirondack Camp, Canada, and Vassar College. Highlights include the wedding of Walter and Virginia Littell, the graduation of Helen from Vassar, May Day celebrations, and the construction of the National Cathedral (1930).

"Old Photographs – Margaret Littell", 1878-1927.
Box 13 Folder F287
Scope and Contents

Photograph album containing 110 photographs, many with captions, of the Littell family, including many of Margaret, her parents and siblings. Also includes older photographs of great grandmother Miller, D. R. Morse (1907), Gertrude Wilson (1879–1904), John S. Littell (II) as boy (1878), Elton Gardiner Littell (1899), Jeanie Morse Wilson (1890?), Mrs. Charles Morse (1892), T. Gardiner Littell (II) as baby (1902 – with father and grandfather) and many others. Laid in is the confirmation certificate of Jean Morse Littell (1930 Mar 23).

Walter Wilson Littell, 1929-1940.
Box 12 Folder F288
Scope and Contents

Includes a portrait of Walter as a Yale freshman and with his wife, Virginia

Physical Description

2 items

Capt. Eliakim Littell Monument, Springfield, New Jersey, circa 1972.
Box 12 Folder F289
Physical Description

2 snapshots

Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow Childhood Snapshots, circa 1920s.
Box 12 Folder F290
"A Baby Book 1918-on – Jeanie Morse Littell (Winslow)", 1918-circa 1925.
Box 13 Folder F291
Scope and Contents

Photograph album containing 98 photographs, which bears the note on the inside front cover: "This book belonged to my sister Margaret Littell, Grandmother and Grandfather Wilson from Buffalo, Grandmother and Grandfather Littell from Delaware. Given to me 1986 in Margaret's 83rd year." Most of the images include Jean Littell and her family. Only a few captions are available in this album. Laid in is a childhood letter from Jean Littell to her parents.

"Jeanie Morse Littell – Her Book – Keene – Sept. 1918", 1918-1935.
Box 13 Folder F292
Scope and Contents

Photograph album (probably created by Jeanie's sister, Margaret Littell) containing over 235 photographs, most have captions and are of Jeanie Morse Littell Winslow from birth through age 17, but also includes parents, grandmother, aunts and siblings. Locations include Yonkers, West Hartford, Hawaii, Rehoboth, Atlantic City, Fort Trumbull Beach, and Indian Neck.

Winslow children - Helen, Mary, Dallas, 1949-1960s.
Box 12 Folder F293
Physical Description

2 items

Four unidentified photographs, circa 1870-1910.
Box 12 Folder F294
Scope and Contents

See Appendix A for a detailed list.

Box 14
Box 14
Grand Canyon.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Brandywine Park.
Box 14
Box 14
Delaware Memorial Bridge.
Box 14
Rodney Square.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Kent County.
Box 14
Dewey Beach.
Box 14
Box 14
Lewes -- Churches.
Box 14
Rehoboth Beach.
Box 14
Rehoboth Beach – Cape Henlopen.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Disney World.
Box 14
Kennedy Space Center/N.A.S.A.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Covered Bridges.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Cape Cod.
Box 14
Martha's Vineyard.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Las Vegas.
Box 14
Box 14
New Hampshire.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
New Mexico.
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Box 14
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Box 14
University of North Carolina.
Box 14
Wright Brothers.
Box 14
Box 14
Physical Location

Oversize postcards removed to Box 13

Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Longwood Gardens.
Box 15
Box 15
Rhode Island.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Myrtle Beach.
Box 15
Box 15
South Dakota.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Covered Bridges.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Washington, District of Columbia.
Box 15
West Virginia.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
New Zealand.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Puerto Rico.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Box 15
West Indies.
Box 15
Box 15
Box 15
Religious images.
Box 15
Miscellaneous images.
Box 15
Scope and Contents

Includes a numbered series of images from a European tour (England, France, Italy), images of works of art, images of Keene, New Hampshire (including photograph post cards), a few postcards set by Mary Morris Littell, cards sent to sister, Margaret and Mary Littell.

Physical Location

One folder of oversize postcards removed to Box 13.

Numbered cards (#3-707) of scenes from a Europe (England, France, Italy).
Box 16
Scope and Contents

Plus a few unnumbered card from Europe

Works of art (museum work).
Box 16
Keene, New Hampshire (including photograph post cards).
Box 16
University of Virginia, Virginia, Jefferson, and Monticello.
Box 16
Silver Lake.
Box 16
Postcards sent by Mary Morris Littell.
Box 16
Postcards sent to sisters, Margaret and Mary Littell.
Box 16

Hymns Ancient and Modern for Use in the Services of the Church. London: William Clowes and Sons, Limited., 1894 January 22.
Box 17 Folder Item 1
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Helen A. Littell. Oxford, Jan. 22, 1894"

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our Lord., 1876 July.
Box 17 Folder Item 2
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: T. G. Littell, Wilmington, July 1876

The Book of Common Prayer. New York: E. Bliss and E. White, 1823., 1823.
Box 17 Folder Item 3
Scope and Contents

Inscription: "To Elizabeth C. Morris, March, 11th, 1827, from her friend M. Stockton Littell" and "T. G. Littell, July 1876"

The Book of Common Prayer. London: Oxford University Press, 1840., 1840.
Box 17 Folder Item 4
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "T. G. Littell, July, 1876"

The Book of Common Prayer. New York: Stanford and Swords, 1855., 1855.
Box 17 Folder Item 5
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Elizabeth C. Morris 1855, to John S. Littell 1865, T. Gardiner Littell July, 1876"

Letters and Papers Relating Chiefly to the Provincial History of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Crissy and Markley, 1855., 1855.
Box 17 Folder Item 6
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "M. H. Morris"

Hymnal: According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Company, 1871., 1871.
Box 17 Folder Item 7
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: T. Gardiner Littell

Anderson, Hans, and Alice Havers (illustrator). The White Swans and Other Tales. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company., 1885.
Box 17 Folder Item 8
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Gertie from Uncle Clarence, Xmas 85"

Chapman, Frank M. What Bird Is That? A Pocket Museum of the Land Birds of the Eastern United States. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1920., 1920.
Box 17 Folder Item 9
Scope and Contents

Contains bookplate of Mary Morris Littell

Cooper, James Fenimore. The Works of J. Fenimore Cooper. New York: George P. Putnam, 1850., 1850.
Box 17 Folder Item 10
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Margaretta H. Morris from her aff. brother, J. S. Littell, Christmas 1850" "Susan S. M. Littell" "T. G. Littell, 1876"

Crane, Walter. The Baby's Opera. London: Frederick Warne & Company, Ltd., undated.
Box 17 Folder Item 11
Scope and Contents

Contains child's scribbles throughout

DeCou, George. Burlington: A Provincial Capital. New York: The Library Company of Burlington, 1945., 1845.
Box 17 Folder Item 12
Delaware, National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of. A Guide to Some Historic Points in Delaware. Delaware, 1916., 1916.
Box 17 Folder Item 13
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Rev. Littell"

Elliot, J.W. Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs Set to Music by J.W. Elliot. New York: McLoughlin Brothers., undated.
Box 17 Folder Item 14
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Mary M Littell, 1805 Market St., Wilmington, Del."

Finnemore, John. Peeps at Many Lands: Switzerland. London: A. & C. Black, Ltd., 1926., 1926.
Box 17 Folder Item 15
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Jean M. Littell, 15 South Main St., West Hartford. 1927" and "From Aunt Evelyn." Also includes Jean M. Littell's bookplate and child's scribbles throughout book.

Fox, Nancy Littell. How to Put Joy into Geriatric Care. Bend: Geriatric Press, Inc., 1979., 1979.
Box 17 Folder Item 16
Fox, Nancy Littell. You, Your Parent, and the Nursing Home. Bend: Geriatric Press, 1982., 1982.
Box 17 Folder Item 17
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "To Jean and the Winslows - Just Off the Press! Much Love, Nancy, Bend, OR, Dec, 1982."

Fox, Nancy Littell. Under Crossfire: Sticky Issues in Healthcare. Bend: Geriatric Press, Inc., 1985., 1985.
Box 18 Folder Item 18
Gray, Asa, M.D. How Plants Grow: A Simple Introduction to Structural Botany. New York: Ivison and Phinney, 1858., 1858.
Box 18 Folder Item 19
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Elizabeth C. Morris from the author, June 1858 - Susan S. M. Littell, T. G. Littell"

Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs of His Own Time. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1846., 1846.
Box 18 Folder Item 20
Scope and Contents

Contains a newspaper clipping regarding "The Bill of Knowledge" and is inscribed: "T. Gardiner Littell from his father"

Keith, Charles P. The Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: W.S. Sharp Printing Company, 1883., 1833.
Box 18 Folder Item 21
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "T. Gardiner Littell, Oct. 1883"

Littell, E. (Eliakim). Littell's Living Age. Boston: T.H. Carter and Company, 1844., 1844.
Box 18 Folder Item 22
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "John Stockton Littell, 15 October 1845"

Littell, E. (Eliakim). Littell's Living Age. Boston: E. Littell and Company, 1849., 1849.
Box 18 Folder Item 23
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "[first name indecipherable] Littell, 23 February 1850," Harriet H. Littell, July 29, 1876"

Littell, John Stockton. The Historians and the English Reformation. London, 1910., 1910.
Box 18 Folder Item 24
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "Gertrude Wilson Littell, from J. S. L., 22 September 1910"

Littell, John Stockton. The Kingdom in Pictures. Keene: Littell, John Stockton, 1914., 1914.
Box 18 Folder Item 25
Scope and Contents

Handwritten biographical information and Rev. Littell's obituary taped are found on the inside front cover and a note from Jean Littell is laid in.

Littell, John Stockton. 500 Questions and Answers in Religion. Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing Company, 1931., 1931.
Box 18 Folder Item 26
Scope and Contents

Inscribed: "H. A. Littell"

Scudamore, W. E. Steps to the Altar: A Manual of Devotions for the Blessed Eucharist. New York: E. and J. B. Young & Company, undated.
Box 18 Folder Item 27
Waterson, Elizabeth. Churches in Delaware During the Revolution. Delaware: Historical Society of Delaware, 1925., 1925.
Box 18 Folder Item 28
Scope and Contents

Contains bookplate that states: "Presented to St. Anne's Parish by Rev. Percy Lowry Donaghay, B.D., Rector, February 1908 to John S. Littell... [continued in handwriting] at clericus meeting 20 Oct 1931, at St. Andrew's School, Middletown."

Scope and Contents

Items housed in the vault.

H. C. Hare letter to Margaretta Morris referring to Miss Dix and her visits to examine penitentiaries, asylums, etc., circa 1845 November 19.
Box 26 Folder Item 2
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed, H. C. Hare, Philadelphia, November 19, [circa 1845] to Miss Margaretta Morris, Germantown. Folded letter with red wax seal; postmark Phil'a Nov 19 / 5 cts

Indian's breast pin, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 3
Scope and Contents

"E.C. Morris Indian Breast Pin and two notes"

"A silver brooch made by an Indian and worn by the young Oneida chief who studied at Nashota given to me by George Schetky."

See also items 12 and 14.

Small pine box, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 5-1
Scope and Contents

Small pine box with latch and hinge 1.25" x 2" with ink inscription inside lid: "This box was made of the wood of Washington's coffin" and ink inscription in bottom "John S. Littell from E. C. Morris."

Strands of hair under folded paper and cut signature of G. Washington., undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 5-2
Scope and Contents

Folded paper note "Part of the coffin in which General Washington was interred and from which he was taken to be placed in the marble sarcophagus in which he now lies. The three hairs enclosed in the little box were given to me by Mrs. Peters, one of Mr. Washington's step-granddaughters. The autograph was cut from a letter to General Leay (?) and given to me by his daughter, Mrs. William Darlington of West Chester Pennsylvania – the whole to be given, after death to my dear brother John S. Littell, a token of my sincere affection - E.C. Morris January 19th, 1854." Pencil addendum "The other hairs were given to me by Rosalie E. Morris. The wood was made into two little boxes, one of which accompanies this notice and is to be given to John S. Littell"

Two seals of the Committee of Safety, circa 1776.
Box 26 Folder Item 13
Scope and Contents

"Seal of the Committee of Safety, 1776"

1. Inscription on verso "Seal of the Committee of Safety, now in the possession of S. Milegan, descendant of Samuel Morris, Vice President of the Committee of Safety, 1776. Purchased at the Great Central Fair, June 1864. M. H. Morris, Germantown"

2. Inscription on verso: "Seal of the Council of Safety, now in the possession of S. Milegan, descendant of Samuel Morris, who was Vice President of the Council, 1776. Purchased at the Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864. M. H. Morris"

Physical Description

Two wax seals on paper cards.

Piece of metal from the exploded big gun of the U.S.S. Princeton commanded by Captain R. F. Stockton, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 14
Scope and Contents

Paper label "A piece of the 'Big Gun' which exploded on board a U.S. steam frigate Princeton, Captain R. F. Stockton. From yours respectfully George P. Schetky. To Miss M. H. Morris 9th & George St."

Physical Description

Metal fragment, 3.5cm

Washington's hair and notes, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 18
Scope and Contents

Paper labeled "Washington's hair" with enclosed hair

Envelope inscribed "The enclosed hair of Washington to be divided between my dear(?) children Susan E. Fallon and C. Willing Littell, M.H. Morris"

Autograph letter signed Lucy Harrison, Mill Wood PO, Clark County, Virginia to "My Dear Cousin," May 17th, n.y., 4 pages

Outer envelope inscribed "Washington's Hair & Letter explaining"

Excerpt from letter: "I send the piece of General Washington's hair which I promised to cousin Margaretta, it was presented to my Mother by Miss Nelly Custis, his adopted daughter, & the grand-daughter of his wife. Miss Custis told Momma she had given away so much of it, she could only give her a small piece. If it does not make my letter too bulky I will put in the piece of paper which now contains the hair, that she may see the old fashioned hand writing in which it is labeled."

Locks of hair (unidentified) in envelope, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 34
Scope and Contents

Envelope addressed to Mrs. Ann W. Morris, German Town, Penn.

Small cross stitch on linen sampler, 1806.
Box 21 Folder Item 42
Scope and Contents

Apparently by Susan Sophia Morris, done in 1806

Physical Description

circa 3 x 5-1/2 inches

Small cross stitch on linen sampler, 1808.
Box 21 Folder Item 43
Scope and Contents

Bears the name of Susanna E. Littell, and dated 1808

Physical Description

circa 6 x 7-1/4 inches

Small, wood-beaded cross from Dorothea Dix, undated.
Box 21 Folder Item 44
Scope and Contents

circa 1-1/2 x 2 inches, with gold cube center engraved "MHM" on one side and "from D. L. Dix" on the reverse.

Tortoiseshell veneered calling card case, circa 1850.
Box 21 Folder Item 45
Scope and Contents

About 2-1/4 x 3 3/4 inches, lined in velvet, containing calling card printed: "Miss M. H. Morris, Germantown" and penciled "Miss Johnson"

Framed Portrait of Elizabeth Carrington Morris, 1864.
Box 21 Folder Item 46
Scope and Contents

"Taken from photograph, 1864, given by me to M. H. Morris/ T.G. Littell/ [missing month] 20, 1879"

Dorthea Dix autograph letter signed to Margaretta Hare Morris, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 47
Physical Description

1 page

Mary Roberdeau letters to Miss Elizabeth C. Morris, 1827-1828.
Box 26 Folder Item 48A
Scope and Contents

Three autograph letters signed, dated May 26, 1827, July 5, 1827, January 3, 1828; each is stamped "Free" and franked with the signature of John Quincy Adams.

Physical Description

3 letters

Framed silhouette of Richard Willing by John Miers, undated.
Box 23 Folder Item 67
Scope and Contents

Black frame with oval gold trim which is typical of frames created by Miers. On the verso a note states: "Richard Willing, brother of Chas. [Charles] Willing and uncle to Ann Willing Morris." Printed on the back of the frame: "Miers – Profile Painter & Jeweller… London."

Physical Description

162 x 140 mm

Photograph of Jeanie Morse, circa 1855.
Box 21 Folder Item 49
Scope and Contents

[Tintype?] in ornate gilt frame with red velvet, inside hinged box with mother-of-pearl inlay, approximately 3-1/2 x 4 inches

Small mother-of-pearl French calendar & notebook, circa 1844.
Box 21 Folder Item 50
Scope and Contents

About 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, with note laid in, "Granny's ? 1844 – French calendar & notebook," which includes a few autograph notes

Two Egyptian figurines, circa 1775-1890, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 17
Scope and Contents

Two [cast plaster?] Egyptian figurines, 7.5cm and 5.5cm

Envelope addressed to "Rev. T. Gardiner Littell D. D., 1805 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware," postmarked "Hartford, Conn. Apr. 12, 1893"

Revolutionary bullets, circa 1775-1783.
Box 19 Folder Item 9-1
Scope and Contents

Two bullets, 1.5cm and 2cm

Newsprint wrapping with paper label "Battle of Germantown, 1777", 1890 April 5.
Box 26 Folder Item 9-2
Scope and Contents

Includes paper envelope addressed to Rev. Dr. Littell, St. John's Rectory, Wilmington, Delaware, postmarked Portland, Maine, Apr. 5 [18]90, labeled "American Revolution Bullet"

Early engravings by St. Memin, Philadelphia, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 28
Scope and Contents

Eight engravings "Drawn & engrav'd by St. Memin, Philad'a"

Includes six copies of an engraving of an unidentified male, one with note "I know not who this was but certainly he was the father of Miss Watts, the likeness is strong to her." Plus one engraving of a male identified as Mr. Laneuville and one engraving of a female identified as Mad. Soullier

Paper wrapper labeled: "Found among the papers of the late Miss Mary L. Watts. J.S.L." (John Stockton Littell)

Ellen G. Miles,

Saint-Mémin and the Neoclassical profile Portrait in America (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994). For Memin's portrait of Lewis: Physical Description

8 engravings

One square piece of mother of pearl, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 37
Scope and Contents

5.5cm square of etched mother of pearl with attached string, buttons, and ring

Note: Originally housed in a box labeled: T. Gardiner Littell envelope–Chinese items

Brass bracelet (embossed), undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 38
Scope and Contents

circa 16cm long malleable bracelet

Note: Originally housed in a box labeled: T. Gardiner Littell envelope–Chinese items

Pieces of mother of pearl, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 39
Scope and Contents

Includes two pieces from a card case and two carved buttons

Note: Originally housed in a box labeled: T. Gardiner Littell envelope–Chinese items

Red ribbon garters with attached mother-of-pearl fish, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 40
Scope and Contents

Two red ribbon garters with attached mother-of-pearl carved in the shape of fish. One ribbon is a faded red, the other deep red.

Note: Originally housed in a box labeled: T. Gardiner Littell envelope–Chinese items

Carved ivory, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 41
Scope and Contents

Includes one carved box and five carved pieces

Dorthea Dix autograph letter signed to Mr. Littell, 1867 Sep 4.
Box 26 Folder Item 47
Physical Description

3 pages

Millard Fillmore letter to John S. Littell, 1855 Mar 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 48B
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed, 4pages Written from Buffalo, NY to Littell of Germantown, PA. Removed from F39A.

Physical Description

4 pages

Baby slippers, undated.
Box 21 Folder Item 51
Scope and Contents

A small pair of handmade Chinese embroidered slippers, circa 4 inches long

Rev. T. Gardner Littell (1837–1911) portrait, undated.
Box 21 Folder Item 52
Scope and Contents

Oval portrait (painted?) of T. Gardner Littell signed by [G de Ajuria] with oval wooden case

Yellow and black triangle puzzle, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 55
Scope and Contents

88 mm square. With original wooden container, parts detached, marked on the verso: "C. Willing Littell from his dear sister Meta [Margaretta Morris Littell] Christmas Day 1843."

Seven carved ivory items, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 56
Scope and Contents

Includes a long armed cup and ball toy (140 mm long), an engraved stamp with "Littell" etched on the top of the handle, and five additional pieces of ivory

Dried flowers in decorative frame, 1867.
Box 22 Folder Item 59
Scope and Contents

Frame "patented Aug. 7, 1855." A note of the verso states: "T. G. & H. A. L.'s [Helen Harrington] wedding flowers – on back of flowers it says "St. John's Church June 11th 1867 Wilmington De. (Thomas Gardiner Littell and Helen Harrington) Rector of St. John's Church, Wilmington, De."

Physical Description

135 x 105 mm

Miniature brass telescope, 1845.
Box 22 Folder Item 60
Scope and Contents

Container 85 mm long. Housed in paper container, the telescope has a green exterior and is marked "T. [Thomas] Gardiner Littell. Christmas 1845. From his Mother."

"The Improved and Illustrated Game of Dr. Busby", 1843.
Box 23 Folder Item 62
Scope and Contents

W. & S. B. Ives. Salem: MA, [1843]

Incomplete set of 11 illustrated cards with directions of Miss Anne W. Abbott's game. An early edition housed in an envelope postmarked Mar 24 1909 addressed to Mr. T. Gardiner Littell and marked "Cards Game of Dr. Busby."

Metal monogram block bearing the initials M.M.L., 1827.
Box 24 Folder Item 69
Scope and Contents

Block is housed in a box marked "1827," "MML" and "Littell."

Physical Description

26 mm square

Silver goblet, 1856.
Box 30 Folder Item 53
Scope and Contents

185 mm tall. Engraved inscription reads: "Presented by John C. Smith at Washington City to Samuel M. Harrington Jr. of Delaware College, Newark, 24 July 1856." See F27

Red case with playing cards, undated.
Box 23 Folder Item 64
Scope and Contents

The case originally housed two decks of cards but one deck is present. The deck of bridge cards is illustrated with an aerial view of the DuPont estate of Granogue. The deck is unopened and affixed is a stamp "playing cards 1 pack U.S. Int. Rev."

Physical Description

125 x 30 x 10 mm

Brown wallet-style buttoned case with playing cards, undated.
Box 23 Folder Item 65
Scope and Contents

The case has an illustration and words "Merry Christmas from Granogue" in gold on the cover. The case includes two decks of playing cards illustrated with an aerial view of Granogue on one side, plus a pencil and a partially used bridge score pad.

Physical Description

130 x 105 x 25 mm

Brown buttoned case with playing cards, undated.
Box 23 Folder Item 66
Scope and Contents

The top of the case has an illustration and "Merry Christmas from Granogue" in gold. The case includes two decks of cards, one with an aerial view of Granogue and a second deck with a view of an ocean-front estate.

Physical Description

100 x 70 x 55 mm

Edward E. Everett's hair, circa 1794-1865.
Box 26 Folder Item 1
Scope and Contents

Paper wrapper labeled "Edward E. Everett's hair" enclosing snip of hair

Lord Byron's hair, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 4
Scope and Contents

Lock of hair with paper label in small box.

Box label "Geo. W. Taylor, No. 94 Chestnut Street, Phil'a. Manufacturer of silver thimbles..."

Tiffany & Co. pendant made from a piece of the first trans Atlantic cable, circa 1858.
Box 19 Folder Item 6A
Scope and Contents

Cable fragment pendant in box 1.25" x 1.75"; original box label "Tiffany & Company ..." Tiffany & Company Atlantic Cable - 1858 Tiffany marketed souvenirs

"Atlantic Cable, from Papers of the Day" notebook of clippings, 1858.
Box 29 Folder Item 6B
Scope and Contents

Clippings from Philadelphia and New York newspapers. Some removed to oversize.

Physical Location

SPEC MSS oversize boxes (32 inches)

Revolutionary war bullets, circa 1777.
Box 19 Folder Item 7-1
Scope and Contents

Paper label, "Battle of (Germantown?) 1777"

Bullet embedded in sediment

Washington elm, circa 1864.
Box 19 Folder Item 7-2
Scope and Contents

Slice of elm wood mounted on paper card 1.5" x 1.5"

Inscription "Washington Elm Cambridge" and on verso: "Washington Elm – Central Fair, 1864"

United States Great Central Sanitary Fair, Philadelphia, June 1864

Penn wainscoting, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 8
Scope and Contents

Paper label: "Piece of Wainscote of Wm. Penn's house, Norris' Alley and 2d above Walnut St., Philadelphia"

Physical Description

Wood fragment 3.25" x 0.5"

Washington's coffin, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 10
Scope and Contents

Wood fragment mounted on paper card 1.75" x 1.75" with inscription "Washington's Coffin" and on verso: "Taken by Jn Struthers at the time he removed the body to the marble coffin in which it now lies." [1837]

Pompeii barley, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 11
Scope and Contents

Paper powder compact (small round box)

Inscribed "Five grains of barley, found in the ruins of Pompeii, G. H. Hare, 1837" and paper label inside reads "Barley found in Pompey G. H. Hare, 1836"

Indian arrowhead, Nashotah Lake, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 12
Scope and Contents

Indian arrowhead with paper label "Indian arrowhead, Nashotah Lake"

See note to item 3

Indian arrowheads, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 15
Scope and Contents

24 arrowheads (16 of which are quartz) and 1 geode, with paper label "Indian arrowheads found near the Potomac at Washington D.C."

Tooth of a [cayman], undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 16
Scope and Contents

Animal tooth, 5.5cm, attached to a paper label with inscription "Tooth of (cayman) from the Oronoka"

Lafayette's badge, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 19
Scope and Contents

Ribbon, 27cm x 5.5cm, commemorating Lafayette's visit to Pennsylvania (1824–1825)

Image with text in "A Greatful Nations Welcome Guest. Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, York Town V, LaFayette. Published & Sold at No. 41 N. Second St."

Pompeii pavement mosaic, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 20
Scope and Contents

Black and white tile mosaic, circa 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 2cm, with paper label "Fragment of a mosaic pavement in Pompeii – brought from the city by Harrison Hare"

Penn's house wainscoting, undated.
Box 19 Folder Item 21
Scope and Contents

Wood fragment, 12.5cm x 3cm x 2cm, with paper label "A piece of the original wainscoting of Penn's house, Phil."

Fragment of pavement, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 22
Scope and Contents

Embedded rock fragment, circa 3cm x 2.5cm x 2cm, attached to paper label "From the pavement of the Baths of Caracalla, D. L. Dix, 1856"

Fragments of the monument to Wolfe and Montcalm, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 23
Scope and Contents

Small rock fragment, 2.5cm x 1.5cm, attached to label "Plains of Abraham, Quebec, Montcalm & Wolfe, fragment of their monument"

Edgar Allan Poe stanza from The Bells, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 24
Scope and Contents

Autographed manuscript fragment from

The Bells "Keeping time, time, time, / In a sort of Runic rhyme, / To the throbbing of the bells _ / Of the bells, bells, bells : _ / To the sobbing of the bells." Written on verso (in another hand?) "Edgar A. Poe"
Oakum from the Constitution, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 25
Scope and Contents

Paper label "Some of the Oakum taken from Frigate

Constitution which was put in her seams in 1797 and taken out in 1847" Physical Description

Fiber specimen, 5cm x 1cm

Unidentified wood fragment from flagship [Reliance], undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 26
Scope and Contents

Fragment attached to paper label "Flagship [Reliance], at Richmond, [first taken] from the British [in] the Revolution"

Physical Description

Wood fragment, 6.5cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with his signed note, undated.
Box 26 Folder Item 27
Scope and Contents

Last page of undated incomplete autograph signed letter written by Longfellow to Miss Gilpin. On verso autographed poem in pencil "A Song of Hope inscribed very hopefully to its suggester." First line begins "Let us hope for the best, tho' the worst should..."

Paper currency issued by Assembly of the State of Delaware, May 1, 1777, 1777 May 1.
Box 26 Folder Item 29
Scope and Contents

Eight notes, signed and numbered

Includes seven nine pence notes, one in fragments, with print: "To counterfeit is death / Printed by James Adams, 1777" and on verso: "This indented bill shall pass current for Nine Pence, within the Delaware State ...1st Day of May, 1777. 9d" Signed R. Lockwood.

Numbers: 50695, 50699, 50855, 50899, 50903, 51051, 51069

Plus one four pence note, printed as above, number 50658(?)

[Maryland Currency], 1774 April 10.
Box 26 Folder Item 30
Scope and Contents

"Two dollars ... dated in Annapolis this Tenth Day of April ... 1774" Signed "J. Clapham" and "Wm. Eddis" numbered No. 10990. On verso "Printed by A. C. and F. Green"

Continental Currency, 1777 February 26.
Box 26 Folder Item 30
Scope and Contents

"Thirty Dollars ... Baltimore, February 26, 1777" Signed "W. Coale" and "Johnson(?)", Number No. 71891. On verso "Printed by

Hall and Sellers"
United States Postage Currency, Fifty Cents, 1862 July 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 30
Scope and Contents

Verso dated July 17, 1862

United States Fractional Currency, 25 Cents, 1863 March 3.
Box 26 Folder Item 30
United States Fractional Currency, 10 cents, 1874.
Box 26 Folder Item 30
Scope and Contents

Includes engraving of "Wm M. Meredith, Secretary Treasurer, 1849" Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Series of 1874

Florida. Bank of Florida, Tallahassee, Ten Dollars, 1836 January 15.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Pennsylvania. North Hampton Bank, Five Dollars, 1836 February 24.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Michigan. Farmers Bank of Genesee County, Ten Dollars, 1838 January.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Ohio. Bank of West Union, Ten Dollars, 1838 September 1.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Mississippi. The Bank of Port Gibson, Fifty Dollars, 1838 October 18.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Mississippi. Mississippi Rail Road Company, Ten Dollars, 1839 June 15.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Pennsylvania. Bank of Susquehanna County, Five Dollars, 1841 September 10.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
New York. Oswego County Bank, Five Dollars, 1849 October 1.
Box 26 Folder Item 31
Copy of the New York Morning Post of Friday, November 7, 1783, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 32
Scope and Contents

Volume III, No. 155, printed by Morton and Horner, 4 pages

Physical Description

4 pages

Physical Description

29 notes

Confederate States of America, 50 Cents, Richmond, 1864 February 1.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

2 notes

Confederate States of America, 10 Dollars, Richmond, 1864 February 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

9 notes

(10) Confederate States of America, 20 Dollars, Richmond, 1864 February 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

10 notes

Confederate States of America, 50 Dollars, Richmond, 1864 February 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

1 note

Confederate States of America, 100 Dollars, Richmond, 1864 February 17.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

5 notes

State of Florida, 50 Cents, Tallahassee, 2/2/1863, 1863 February 2.
Box 26 Folder Item 33
Physical Description

2 notes

Eyeglasses, undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 35
Scope and Contents

Three pair of metal eyeglasses

Physical Description

3 pair

Folding hand-held eyeglasses made by McAllister (Philadelphia), undated.
Box 20 Folder Item 36
Scope and Contents

Antique folding eyeglasses with handle, engraved on handle is "McAllister," noted Philadelphia spectacle maker

Physical Description

1 pair

Red wax seals, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 54
Scope and Contents

10 wax seals on paper cards, with Latin motto "Scando"; 1, without card, with Latin motto "Per aspera bclli."

One metal octagonal box, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 57
Scope and Contents

In pieces, with an illustration of a seated woman holding a lamb on the top of the box – possibly for jewelry

Physical Description

70 x 70 mm

Decorative frame, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 58
Scope and Contents

Wooden with gold trim frame holding a print of an illustrated version of the Lord's Prayer

Physical Description

120 x 105 mm

Garter with a detached wooden piece, undated.
Box 22 Folder Item 61
Two tapered wooden cylinders containing toy snakes, undated.
Box 23 Folder Item 63
Scope and Contents

Each circa 120 mm long. One marked "37 ½" on the outside.

Arrowhead, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 68
Set of paper dominoes in paper wrapper, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 70
Scope and Contents

The paper dominoes are hand painted and lacquered.

Small illustrated notebook/wallet/card case, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 71
Scope and Contents

Illustrated wooden boards, hinged and sealed with rod and marked "Souvenir de Spa" on the outer spine.

Physical Description

102 x 75 mm

Etched mother of pearl calling card case, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 72
Scope and Contents

Case is hinged and empty.

Physical Description

95 x 58 mm

Mother of pearl calling card case, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 73
Scope and Contents

Case is hinged and has a crumpled piece of paper inside.

Physical Description

92 x 62 mm

Diamond-patterned (blue/green) shell calling card case, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 74
Scope and Contents

Hinged case is empty.

Physical Description

90 x 63 mm

Brown/tan [tortoise shell] calling card case, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 75
Scope and Contents

Case has a broken hinge and is empty.

Physical Description

105 x 80 mm

Decorative coin purse/miniature wallet, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 76
Scope and Contents

The exterior of the purse is engraved with a hearth scene in gold and has shell/mother of-pearl inlay on the reverse side.

Physical Description

70 x 55 mm

Embroidered sewing cushion, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 77
Scope and Contents

Brown material with turquoise embroidery

Physical Description

58 x 45 mm

Green octagon board with numbers and wreath, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 78
Scope and Contents

Possible game piece, verso reads "The Race of Improvement"

Physical Description

circa 45 mm

Pair of Chinese embroidered slippers, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 79
Physical Description

circa 90 mm long

Small perfume container, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 80
Scope and Contents

Container is black with gold ornament, a hinged lid, and contains two miniature perfume vials and has a piece of the top detached.

Physical Description

65 x 30 mm

Three covered silk acorns, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 81
Physical Description

circa 25 mm each

Illustrated card of Napoleon, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 82
Scope and Contents

Card is embossed and hand-colored and has written at the top "Mr. Napoleon."

Physical Description

87 x 67 mm

Miniature shell-shaped ceramic or porcelain container, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 83
Scope and Contents

The white container bears floral decoration and gold colored trim, perhaps used for perfume.

Physical Description

35 x 30 mm

Miniature long-necked glass bottle, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 84
Physical Description

45 mm long

Miniature glass bottle with handles, undated.
Box 24 Folder Item 85
Physical Description

35 mm long

Portrait of two children in gilded frame, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 86
Scope and Contents

A young girl is seated and a boy is standing. Frame is ½ of a hinged case which bears an illustration of an eagle with pendant.

Physical Description

95 x 82 mm

Portrait of two children in gold metal frame, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 87
Physical Description

110 x 82 mm

Portrait of woman with hat in wooden, gilded frame with hanger, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 88
Physical Description

75 x 60 mm

Image of a doll on a glass plate in gold frame, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 89
Scope and Contents

The mat bears hand drawn decoration.

Physical Description

65 x 50 mm

Portrait of a man in hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 90
Scope and Contents

Portrait has gold oval mat and velvet padding with decoration on opposite side of case.

Physical Description

50 x 45 mm

Portrait of a woman in hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 91
Scope and Contents

Portrait has a gold mat and velvet padding with decoration on opposite side of case.

Physical Description

50 x 45 mm

Portrait of a woman in one-half of a hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 92
Scope and Contents

Portrait has a gold mat.

Physical Description

95 x 82 mm

Portrait of a seated man and woman in broken hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 93
Scope and Contents

Portrait has a gold mat and velvet padding with decoration on opposite side of case.

Physical Description

93 x 80 mm

Portrait of two young children, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 94
Physical Description

92 x 80 mm

Portrait of two young girls, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 95
Physical Description

92 x 80 mm

Two portraits of women in hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 96
Scope and Contents

Portraits have gold mats.

Physical Description

75 x 60 mm

Portrait of a woman in a miniature gold metal frame, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 97
Physical Description

42 x 35 mm

Portrait of a man in a wooden frame with gold mat, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 98
Physical Description

73 x 58 mm

Portrait of a young woman holding a book?, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 99
Scope and Contents

Photograph appears to be hand colored.

Physical Description

73 x 65 mm

Portrait of a young woman in hinged case, undated.
Box 25 Folder Item 100
Scope and Contents

Portrait has a gold mat.

Physical Description

73 x 61 mm

Print, Suggest