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John Greenleaf Whittier Research Papers


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

C. Marshall (Caleb Marshall) Taylor (1884-1957) was a Quaker businessman and book collector, of Montclair, New Jersey. His particular interest was the Quaker poet and abolitionist, John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892).

This collection contains copies and transcripts of Whittier papers not held by Friends Historical Library, as well as printed Whittier writings, articles on Whittier, and other reference material.

Accession information

Donor: Estate of C. Marshall Taylor, 1958

The collection was given by the estate of C. Marshall Taylor who was a collector of Whittier books and related materials.

A large collection of Whittier letters and books were presented to FHL by Charles F. Jenkins before 1948. Gifts and purchases were added to this collection, 1940-1958. In 1958, C. Marshall Taylor left the remainder of his Whittier collection to FHL. All of these materials were integrated in 1957-1958 into one collection. In 1961, the Whittier correspondence and related manuscript material (10 boxes and 2 volumes), including items given by C. Marshall Taylor, were removed to become a separate manuscript collection, the Whittier Manuscripts. In 1963, the remainder of C. Marshall Taylor's collection (primarily photocopies and secondary materials) were removed to Record Group 5. This collection was previously cited as Whittier-Taylor Papers.

The collection was largely arranged and indexed by Taylor, a New Jersey businessman who became a Whittier collector and scholar.

In 2023, the collection was prepared to send off-site. As part of that process, several boxes were consolidated into larger cartons; as a result, the following boxes no longer exist: box 8, box 10, or box 12. The carbon copies of the typewritten copies of Whittier letters (the former boxes 5a and 5b) were deaccessioned. Duplicate copies of publications, including the National Era, where also deaccessioned at this time.

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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

Mainly letters.

A. Photostats from Harvard College Library, 1833-1892 and undated.
Box 1 (offsite box FHL-1509)
Scope and Contents

Photostats of Harvard College Library originals of Whittier letters and poems; letters by other authors; and article about Whittier. Authors other than Whittier include Elizabeth Whittier (sister of John Greenleaf Whittier), Lucy Larcom, Gertrude Cartland, Edward Everett Hale, Harriet Pitman, Samuel T. Pickard (husband of Whittier's niece Elizabeth - "Lizzie"). Of special interest is the letter by Harriet Pitman, 8-9-1892, giving first hand description of Whittier's person, character, family, and farm home.


Arranged alphabetically by location of originals

Scope and Contents

14 letters

1. B.6.64 (meaning of symbols unknown), 1878-10-13.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

1 letter

2. Boston Public Library, 1878-1882.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

2 letters, 2-19-1878 and 4-2-1882; and poem "The Poet and the Children"

3. Ch. B4, 1851-1868.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

3 letters; article "The Colored Patriots of the Revolution", undated

4. Library of Congress, 1869-1892, undated.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

4 letters, 1869-1882. Poems: "To W.L.G", 1883. Fragment, "Yet, in the maddening maze of things...," 2-13-1882. (Photostat of photograph attached); "Dr. Holmes" 8-26-1892. "The tree that bears it needs must fade..." undated

5. Connecticut Historical Society, 1831-10-24.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

New England Weekly Review page 2, columns 2-5.

7. Friends' Reference Library (London), 1879-1891.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

2 letters, 1-29-1879 and 10-7-1891.

Scope and Contents

Mostly editorials and articles.

Letter, 1837-10-10.
Macauley's Rejection at Edinburgh, 1847.
"The Mexican War – Massachusetts", 1847.
Scope and Contents

Attached poem "The Angel of Patience." (paraphrase of German)

"To Your Posts! The Elections of 1847", 1847.
"Sound Doctrine", 05-14-1847(?).
"Samuel Hopkins, The Anti-Slavery Theologian", 06-25-1847(?).
"The Sea Serpent", 07-01-1847.
Scope and Contents

See National Era

"New Hampshire Politics", 07-02-1847(?).
"The Presidency", 08-20-1847.
"The Clergy and Reform", 11-11-1847.
Scope and Contents

See National Era

"The Better Land", 10-07-1847.
Scope and Contents

See National Era

"Abolition in Ceylon, Mohammedan and Hindoo Slave-holders. Abolition in Tunis – Slavery in the United States", 19th century.
"Maine – The Wilmot Proviso", 19th century.
"Northern Candidates", 19th century.
Review, 19th century.
"Vermont Election – Liberty Vote", 19th century.
"The Whigs of Massachusetts", 19th century.
"Illinois in 1843 and 1847", 19th century.
"The Guerilla", 19th century.
Letter to editor of National Era by E.W.S., 19th century.
Scope and Contents

"Buffalo University – Funeral of O'Connell – New View of Niagara Falls."

9. Haverford College Library, 1841-1887.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

13 letters; 1 fragment, undated.

10. MS 1087, 19th century.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents


11. MSA, 1833-1889.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

30 letters; 2 receipts

12. MS.B.1, 02-06-1858.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

1 letter

13. MS.E9, 03-10-1872.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

1 letter; poem "After Election"

14. New Hampshire Historical Society, 1873-1876.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

12 Proctor letters

15. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1852-1884.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

16 letters, 1852-1883 and undated; Whittier autograph, 1869-12-03; poems: "My Playmate" 1863-09-20, "To J. R. P." 1884-08-05, "Stanzas for the Times" 1839-02-28

16. Leland Stanford University Libraries, 01-07-1889.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

1 letter

17. Swarthmore College, Friends Historical Library, 1842-1887.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

12 letters, 1842-1887 and undated; and poems: "In old Ravenna by the sea" 11-26-1879, and "The tissue of the Life to be" 07-29-1882

"As an English critic says...", 19th century.
"Little Billie" by W. M. Thackeray, 19th century.
2 pages from Pennsylvania Freeman, 04-11-1839 and 07-25-1839.
Scope and Contents

Editorials by Whittier?

2 manuscript leaves from "Margaret Smith's Journal", 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Preface, noted "no doubt [John Greenleaf Whittier] wrote this.."

Review by N. H.(?) of Whittier's The Supernaturalism of New England, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Preface, noted "no doubt [John Greenleaf Whittier] wrote this.."

"Unity" poem by Whittier, 1883.
"To the Memory of Daniel Wheeler" by Whittier, 19th century.
Whittier autorgraph, 19th century.
Whittier letters, 1843-1890.
Scope and Contents

6-12-1843, 8-31-1862, 6-28-1871, 3-30-1884, 2-18-1887, 6-6-1890.

10. "Whittier's Funeral" by Anonymous, 19th century.
C. Yale Collection of Whittier Letters, 1831-1890, undated.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

Handwritten copies of Whittier letters. 127 pieces.

D. "Dear Lizzie" letters, 1867-1890.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

Typewritten copies of 35 Letters from John Greenleaf Whittier to his niece Elizabeth Whittier Pickard

E. Whittier Editorials, 01-08-1829 to 07-30-1829.
Box 2 (offsite box FHL-1510)
Scope and Contents

Typewritten copies (and carbon copies) of Whittier editorials in American Manufacturer, Boston.

Scope and Contents

Chronologially arranged. Includes index by names mentioned.

1. To William S. Robinson, re. political convention and candidates, 07-14-1852.
2. "Ratification Meeting", 07-10-1856.
3. "Aid for Kansas", 10-23-1856.
4. "Report of the Committee on the Kansas Aid Fund", 12-09-1856.
5. To Dr. J. B. Gale, President of the A. and S. Agricultural and Horticultural Association, 10-07-1858 and 10-16-1858.
6. "The Lesson of the Day", 11-17-1859.
7. "The North and the South", 12-01-1859.
8. "Melancholy Death" (of William Carruthers), 03-08-1860.
9. To E. G Frothingham re. election celebration, 11-21-1860.
10. "The Great Question", 01-31-1861.
11. "Emancipation and Compensation", 02-07-1861.
12. "Whittier the Poet to John Bright", 03-12-1863.
13. "Grace's Salve", 03-19-1863.
14. Re. Formation of Union Club, 04-09-1863.
15. "Dear Friend -" (no title or name of recipient), 12-19-1863.
16. "Select School for Girls", 12-24-1863.
17. "The Freedom's Fund", 03-02-1865.
18. To the Chairman of the meeting in aid of Freedmen, 01-30-1865.
19. To William S. Robinson, Secretary, Republican State Committee, 08-24-1866.
20. On death of James Standrign, 01-13-1870.
21. To the Editor of the Villager, re. working conditions in mills, 03-09-1871.
22. "Hours of Labor", 03-16-1871.
23. "Aid for the Sufferers", 10-19-1871.
24. "Dear friend-" (no name) declining invitation to birthday tribute to Horace Greeley, 02-15-1872.
25. To Mrs. A. H. C. Phelps, secretary, 10-23-1872.
26. To Charles Sumner, 11-27-1873.
27. "The Beloved Physician" (Dr. Sparhawk), 05-28-1874.
28. Annual Report of Committee on Amesbury and Salisbury Library, re. monument to Edgar Poe, 1875-09-21.
29. Book Notice, re. Life and Education of Laura Bridgeman., 10-16-1879.
30. "Horace H. Currier", 10-23-1879.
31. To Honorable G. W Cate, Amesbury, re Formation of Republican Club for Amesbury, 07-05-1880.
32. To Dr. Purington, re. Sons of Maine, 06-23-1881.
33. "John Greenleaf Whittier's Contribution to the Haverhill Sufferers", 03-02-1882.
34. "My Dear Friend. Rhoda S. Graham-", 08-05-1882.
35. "Dear Friend-" re. Semi-centennial of anti-slavery meeting of 1834, 07-02-1884.
36. "Dear Friend-", re. Edwin Thompson, 07-19-1885.
37. To D. L. Withington, declining nomination as Presidential elector, 09-15-1884.
38. "My Dear Friend" (Mrs. Ripley),expressing support for Women's Suffrage Association, 10-10-1884.
39. Re. General Gordon, 04-23-1885.
40. Tribute to Elizur Wright, 12-10-1885.
41. Re. year of Whittier's birth, 06-17-1886.
42. Re. plans of Haverhill Board of Trade to celebrate 250th anniversary of the town, 03-21-1889.
43. To W. H. Colcord, 09-20-1889.
44. Re. flag raising on Whittier School, 12-07-1889.
Scope and Contents

In binder

1. "Thomas Wilson Dorr", 12-30-1842.
2. Whittier letter to Samuel E. Sewall Secretary of the New England Anti-Slavery Society with editorial comment, 10-01-1834 and 03-31-1843.
3. "The Child's Friend", 07-14-1843.
4. Whittier letter to the Liberty Convention at New Bedford, with editorial comment, 10-20-1843.
5. "The Great Slave Market", 11-03-1843.
6. "To the Liberty Voters of District No.3", 01-01-1844.
7. "Henry Clay", 05-20-1844.
8. "To the Friends of Freedom in Essex County", 05-23-1845.
9. "Washington Carter", 08-29-1845.
10. "Essex County Library Convention", 09-26-1845.
11. Whittier letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson for the Concord Convention., 10-03-1845.
12. "To the Liberty Men of Essex County", 10-17-1845.
13. "Samuel E. Sewall, The Liberty Candidate for Governor", 11-07-1845.
14. "Texas", 11-21-1845.
15. "Questions for the Clergy of the United States", 06-25-1846.
16. "Christianity in Politics", 07-02-1846.
17. "Whittier letter to the North-Western Liberty Convention, at Chicago", 07-23-1846.
18. "Liberty Convention" (Haverhill), 09-10-1846.
1. "Politics and Reform", 19th century.
2. "Barbara Frietchie", 19th century.
3. "St. Boniface", 19th century.
4. "Baltimore", 19th century.
5. "My Hymns", 19th century.
6. "John Woolman", 19th century.
7. "Brooklyn", 19th century.
8. "My Poetry", 19th century.
9. "Peace Testimony", 19th century.
10. "Why I Believe in the Society of Friends", 19th century.
11. "What Do I Believe", 19th century.
I. Typewriten copies of excerpts from letters by Whittier and statements about him., 19th century.
Box 3 (offsite box FHL-1511)
Scope and Contents

Topically arranged and sources noted.

Scope and Contents

Notes on his life and writings, and location of originals. Includes letter by Gertrude W. Cartland to Deborah Lowry, 1902-11-12, containing comments on Whittier's poems "Sea Dream" and "Memories." In 13 binders. Also on microfilm (Film MS-W)

Binders 1-5, 1831-1866.
Box 3 (offsite box FHL-1511)
Binders 6-10, 1867-1884.
Box 4 (offsite box FHL-1512)
4. Binders 11-13, 1885-1892.
Box 5 (offsite box FHL-1513)
Scope and Contents

Persons listed as author, recipient, or otherwise.

A-K, 19th century.
Box 3 (offsite box FHL-1511)
L-end, 19th century.
Box 4 (offsite box FHL-1512)

A. Books other than hymn books, 19th century.
Physical Location

On bookshelves in Whittier Alcove. Look up titles in library catalog.

Hymn books containing Whittier verses, 19th century.
Box 6 (offsite box FHL-1516)
Photostats of hymns containing Whittier verses, 19th century.
Box 7 (offsite box FHL-1517)
Scope and Contents

1 folder

Clippings of Whittier verses used as hymns, 19th century.
Box 7 (offsite box FHL-1517)
Scope and Contents

1 binder

Photstats of hymns taken from Whittier's poems (with musical scores), 19th century.
Box 7 (offsite box FHL-1517)
Scope and Contents

1 binder positive photostats; 1 binder negative photostats

Lists of hymns, manuscript and typewritten, 19th century.
Box 7 (offsite box FHL-1517)
Scope and Contents

Also contains "Report of Hymns by Whittier in Hymnals," a check made by Louise W. Bray, Congregational Library.

"Feast of the Kol Folk" score by Hugo Grimm, 19th century.
Box 9 (offsite box FHL-1518)
Scope and Contents

Full orchestra score (printed) and manuscript scores for individual instruments

Sheet music and Whittier verses set to music (binders 1-4), 19th century.
Box 9 (offsite box FHL-1518)
Sheet music and Whittier verses set to music (binders 5-7), 19th century.
Box 11 (offsite box FHL-1519)
Riverside Song Book, 19th century.
Box 11 (offsite box FHL-1519)
Scope and Contents

Includes Whittier verses set to standard music. Published by The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Houghton, Mifflin and Co, 1893 (copyright)

"Ear to God", 19th century.
Box 11 (offsite box FHL-1519)
Scope and Contents

Positive photostat of score and words. In binder. Also includes enclosed letter by C. Marshall Taylor to "Dear Fred." re: the piece

Manuscript musical score by Irving Dana Bartley, 19th century.
Box 11 (offsite box FHL-1519)
Scope and Contents

Also includes anthem "Worship" and music setting for Whittier's poem "O Brother man..." undated. Not part of C. Marshall Taylor's collection

Scope and Contents

Newspaper and periodicals containing, in most cases, Whittier articles, editorials, or poems. See card catalog (printed) for further information on newspapers. See information card under Whittier in SG1.

The Advocate poem "The Husbandman", 1877-07-02.
Boston Museum editorial "The Brokenhearted", 1851-06-07.
Supplement to the Courant poem "Agricutural Song", 1856-10-25.
Democratic Standard and Whig of '76 article "The Slave Pauline", 1846-06-23.
The Friend (Philadelphia) poem "The Merrimack", 1841-02-27.
The Friend (Philadelphia) poem "The Disenthralled", 1841-07-17.
Hingham Gazette story "Henry St. Clair", 1830-07-30.
The Jeffersonian article "The Wedding", 1834-11-07.
The Literary Museum editorial "Beauty", 1847-06-19.
National Era, 1847-1860.
Scope and Contents

Whittier was corresponding editor. See list in box (and at end of checklist) of issues originally included in C. Marshall Taylor's Whittier collection, which has been interfiled in Friends Historical Library file of National Era, sheets 21-27.

poem "Lines from the German of Lamitar", 1839-04-06.
Poem "The Motherless", 1859-05-07.
Poem "The Christian Poet," inscribed to John Greenleaf Whittier by "E. P. W.", 1859-10-15.
Poem "The Summons", 1860-09-20.
Poem "A Word for the Hour", 12-01-1860 to 01-26-1861.
Poem "At Port Royal", 1862-02-01.
Poem "The Battle Autumn of 1862", 1862-10-04.
Poem "Barbara Freitchie", 1863-10-03.
Scope and Contents

Accompanying correspondence, 5-6-1947, C. Marshall Taylor to Pauline F. Pulsifer, and 5-13-1947, Pauline F. Pulsifer to C. Marshall Taylor re: earliest publishing of "Barbara Frietchie."

Scientific American poem "The Angel of Patience", 1847-10-30.
The World fragments containing centennial poem "The Vow of Washington", 1889-04-30.
Scope and Contents

Noted "Criticism and review of Whittier, from Library of Congress). Negative p photostate. 2 binders.

Section 1: Before Civil War, 1807-1859.
Section 2: After Civil War, 1860-.
Boston Statesman, 1828.
Box 17 (offsite box FHL-1524)
Scope and Contents

Issues in which appear Whittier first printings

Box 13 (offsite box FHL-1520)
Box 14 (offsite box FHL-1521)
Box 15 (offsite box FHL-1522)
4. 1939-1957 and miscellaneous, including pictures, 1939-1957.
Box 16 (offsite box FHL-1523)
Manuscript notice to constable of Haverhill, 1790-02-08.
Scope and Contents

From Commonwealth of Massachusetts to warn John Whittier and Daniel Whittier "who have lately come into this town for the purpose of abiding therein, not having obtained the town's consent, therefor, that they...depart the limits thereof within fifteen [sic] days." signed by Select Men of Haverhill.

Manuscript copy of Whittier's letter telling of the influence of Robert Burns's poetry upon him, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Accompanied by photograph of Burns by Alexandra Nasmyth.

Photostat of appraisal of Whittier's estate and effects, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

With newspaper clippings giving full text of his will.

Proof sheets of article re. unpublished poem by Whittier, 19th century.
Photostat and typewritten copy of letter, 1893-04-12.
Scope and Contents

By G. W. to (Samuel?) Pickard containing reminiscences of his aquaintance with Whittier.

Pamphlet, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Whittier Speaks, from the Kenworthy "Speaks" series.

Review in The Nation of John Greenleaf Whittier, 1903.
Scope and Contents

By George Rice Carpenter. Boston, Houghton Mifflin and Co.

Printed copy of poem "Mr. Whittier" by Winfield Townley Scott, 19th century.
Letters by various authors referring to C. Marshall Taylor's interest in Whittier, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

References to Quakerism

Periodicals, 1890-1945.
Scope and Contents

Including: 3 May Flower, Published under the auspices of the Anna Jacques Hospital Association, Newburyport, 05-01-1890 to 05-02-1890; 2 Haverhill Shops Communicator, March 1945, containing full page of pictures and text on Whittier's birthplace; 1 The Amesbury Daily News, 17 December 1907, containing reports of Whittier centennial

Leaflets and brochures, 1950.
Scope and Contents

Includes advertisement for film "John Greenleaf Whittier," Encyclopedia Britannica Films, inc.

Micellaneous handwritten notes and quotations, 19th century.
Announcement of Whittier's death in Boston Weekly Journal, 1892-09-09.
Scope and Contents

Includes story of Whittier's life.

2. Other clippings, 19th and 20th centuries.
Scope and Contents

Main topics: Whittier letters and poems; Whittier anniversaries and meetings in his honor; Whittier birthplace and other of his residences with pictures of Whittier and his homes; C. Marshall Taylor's impersonation of Whittier in the program "Mr. Whittier Comes to Town"; Whittier anecdotes; Barbara Frietchie and her home with pictures

Pictures, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Whittier and his birthplace.

Proof sheet of "The Wind of March," Newburyport, Massachusetts, 1892-03-04.
Advance Printing - "Burning Driftwood", 1889.
Advance Printing - "Revelation", 1886.
Advance Printing - "The Last Eve of Summer", 1890-08-31.
Printed sheet - "The Yankee Girl", 19th century.
Printed Sheet - "Chalkley Hall", 19th century.
Advance Printing - "Between the Gates", 1891.
Printed program, Haverhill Public Library Dedication, 1875-11-11.
Printed Sketch of Whittier's life (1807-1887) by Reverend Anson Titus, 1887.
Scope and Contents

Included in commemorative booklet of Whittier' 80th birthday, as arranged by Public Schools of Amesbury.

Printed Sketch of Whittier's life (1807-1887) by Reverend Anson Titus, 1887.
Scope and Contents

Included in commemorative booklet of Whittier' 80th birthday, as arranged by Public Schools of Amesbury.

Printed copy (on cardboard) of "In School Days", 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Includes pictures of the initialed desk.

Invitation to dinner on 70th birthday of Whittier issued by publishers of Atlantic Monthly, 1877.
Scope and Contents

Includes chart of table seating arrangement of guests

Deed, signed Joseph Whittier, 1738-06-22.
Scope and Contents

Deeding Haverhill, Massahusetts property to Joseph Whittier, Jr.

Quit claim deed to John Greenleaf Whittier signed by Eliezar Lake and John Page, 1818-07-27.
Announcements of meetings of Haverhill Whittier Club, 20th century.
Announcements of talks by C. Marshall Tayor on Whittier and also on Russia, 20th century.
Article from Swarthmore College Bulletin re: growth of Friends Historical Library's Whittier collection, March 1857.
Clippings of articles re: Whittier, 19th and 20th centuries.
Clippings and programs of celebration of the 150th anniversary of Whittier's birth, 1957.
Deed of land by James Whittier of Amesbury to Thomas Currier III,, 1813-12-31.

A. Letter by Sarah Orne Jewett to Mrs. Fields noted "written after a visit at Mr. Whittier's house at Amesbury", 19th century.
B. Sesquicentennial address "John Greenleaf Whittier" by Frederick E. Schortmeier, 1957-12-07.
Scope and Contents

Before the Indianapolis Poets' Corner. Positive photostat of typewritten address

American Poets and Their Theology, "John Greenleaf Whittier, I." by Augustus Hopkins Strong, Approximately 1916.
"Whittier's Creed," author unknown, 20th century.
"A Reminiscence of Whittier", Approximately 1914.
Scope and Contents

Recalls a visit made by a school boy to the famous poet by William Hale Beckford

"Whittier and the Little Quaker Girl" (a true story) by Rebecca Middleton Sampson, Approximately 1911.
A. John Greenleaf Whittier, The Quaker by C. Marshall Taylor, 1954.
Scope and Contents

Published by Friends' Historical Society, London, 1954, Supplement No. 25 to Journal of Friends' Historical Society. Delivered as an address to Friends Historical Society, London, by C. Marshall Taylor 09-04-1952.

B. Items from the Danvers Mirror, 1876-1892.
Scope and Contents

Positive photostats. See list in front of folder. Plus miscellaneous items Epistle (Manuscript) "A Watch Word In Love to Friends in This Land" by Hudson Langstrath.

The Academy: "Whittier and Curtis" by Walter Lewin, pp.237-238., 1892-09-17.
Andover Review: Editorial "Whittier's Eightieth Birthday.", January 1888.
The Arena: "Whittier and Tennyson" by William J. Fowler, pp.1-11., December 1892.
The Athenaeum: Review of The King's Missive, and Later Poems and The Whittier Birthday Book, pp. 215-216., 1882-02-18.
The Athenaeum: Review of John Greenleaf Whittier: A Biography by Underwood, pp.106-108., 1884-07-26.
The Athenaeum: Review of The Writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, pp. 479-480., 1889-10-12.
The Athenaeum: "John Greenleaf Whittier," pp. 354-355., 1892-09-10.
Atlantic Monthly: "Whittier" by David Atwood Wasson, pp. 331-337., March 1864.
Atlantic Monthly: Poem "On Whittier's Eightieth Birthday" by Frances L. Mace., January 1888.
Atlantic Monthly: Poem "In Memory of John Greenleaf Whittier" by Oliver Wendell Holmes., Approximately 1892.
Appleton's Journal: "John Greenleaf Whittier" by R. H. Stoddard pp.431-434., 1871-04-15.
Boston Quarterly Review: Review of Poems written during the progress of the Abolition Question in the United States, between the years 1830-1838, pp. 21-23., January 1838.
Canadian Monthly: Review of "The Vision of Echard" and other poems, pp. 629-631., 1878.
Catholic Presbyterian: "The Great Poets of America - Whittier," by A. MacLeod, pp. 42-46., July 1882.
The Catholic World: "John Greenleaf Whittier" (By John Lancaster?), pp. 433-444., January 1877.
Century Magazine: "Whittier" by Edmund C. Stedman, pp. 38-50., May 1885.
Century Magazine: "Whittier" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps., January 1893.
Chautauquan: "A Poet's Town" by Margaret B. Wright, pp. 741-746., September 1891.
Chautauquan: "The Work of Whittier," by Emma Jean Haney, pp. 79-81., April 1892.
Christian Examiner: Review of "Lays of My Home" and other poems, volume 35., 1843.
Church Quarterly Review: "Whittier and American Poetry," review of The Writings of John Greenleaf Whittier., April 1890.
The Critic: "John Greenleaf Whittier," pp. 307-308., 1887-12-17.
The Critic: "Mr. Whittier's Autobiograhy," pp. 59-60., 1888-02-04.
The Critic: "Authors at Home I. John Greenleaf Whittier at Amesbury" by Harriet Prescott Spofford, pp. 205-206., 1884-11-01.
Democratic Review: "Whittier in Prose," pp. 115-126., August 1845.
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North American Review: "John Greenleaf Whittier and His Writings," , pp. 31-53., January 1844.
Scope and Contents

Reviewing in particular Poems, published in 1849; Margaret Smith's Journal; Old Portraits and Modern Sketches; Songs of Labor; Chapel of the Hermit and Other Poems

Scribner's: "A Visit to the Birthplace of Whittier" (by Charlotte Grimke?), pp. 581-583., Approximately 1872.
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Westminster Review: "John Greenleaf Whittier" by Mary Negreponte, pp. 7-11., Approximately January 1896.
Centennial Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery...
Scope and Contents

Philadelphia. Grant, Faires and Rodgers (printers). Contains copies of two Whittier letters p. 10 and p. 78, and copy of poem "The Furnace Blast," p. 18.

"Companion Autographs" autograph album.
Scope and Contents

Autograph album given by Clarence H. Boomer to his mother containing facismiles of autographs of well-known persons, including Whittier.

Historical Society of Old Newbury - Whittier Centennial.
Scope and Contents

2 copies.

John Greenleaf Whittier, A Biography by Francis H. Underwood.
Scope and Contents

Boston, Osgood.

Some Personal Reminiscences of the Poet Whittier by Robert S. Rantoul.
Scope and Contents

From The Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, volume 37.

Whittier and His Schoolmates, 1827, 1885.
Scope and Contents

Reunion at Haverhill, with exercises at presentation of Whittier portrait to Haverhill Public Library. 2 copies.

5. Photographs, 19th century.
Box 18 (offsite box FHL-1525)
Scope and Contents

3 photographs of Whittier, Whittier homestead (3 copies), William Lloyd Garrison(?, negative copy), group of 3"x5" cards giving location of pictures of Whittier in books. See also SFHL-PA-015 Whittier Photograph Collection.

Scope and Contents

Alphabetical by correspondent. Chrononlogical within correspondence of an individual, with latest date on top. Grouping by folders, and retains C. Marshal Taylor's arrangement. Includes carbon copies of C. Marshall Taylor's letters

"A", 1942-1955.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"Anniversary," 150th, of Whittier's birth, 1957.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"B", 1946-1956.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"Books", 1955-1956.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"C", 1943-1956.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"Cate, Garth, and Lucille", 1955-1957.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"Christmas cards," correspondence re., 1955.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"College Libraries", 1940-1951.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"T. Franklin Currier", 1938-1949.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"D", 1944-1956.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"J. Francis Driscoll", 1943-1955.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"E", 1944-1955.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"English correspondence", 1949-1951.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"Joseph M. Ernst, Jr.", 1952-1957.
Box 19 (offsite box FHL-1526)
"F", 1943-1957.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Friends Historical Society, London", 1954-1956.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Friends Historical Library and Swarthmore College", 1940-1956.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Friends Historical Library and Frederick B. Tolles", 1946-1957.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
Biological sketch of Barbara Frietchie, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

(handwitten) "Barbara Frietchie" [sic], manuscript copy of letter by Anne Shriver Tompkins, from The Frederick Examiner.

Letter from Dorothy Mackay Quyn, Assistant Professor of History, Duke University to Carroll A. Wilson, 1943-04-10.
Letter from Dorothy Mackay Quyn to Taylor (C. Marshall?) with typed copy, 1943-08-22.
Letter from Dorothy Mackay Quyn to Taylor (C. Marshall?) with typed copy, 1943-08-22.
Typewritten carbon copy of Whittier letter to "My Dear Friend" copied from Munsey's Magazine, 1880-01-19.
Scope and Contents

Volume 26, No. 4, January 1902, "The Truth About Barbara Frietchie," by Marion West.

Typewritten carbon copy of Whittier letter to "My Dear Friend" copied from Munsey's Magazine, 1880-01-19.
Scope and Contents

Volume 26, No. 4, January 1902, "The Truth About Barbara Frietchie," by Marion West.

Photostat of typewritten copy of letter by Whittier to F. F. Browne, 1885-11-15.
Photostat of note by S. T. P., 19th century.
Photostat of letter, incomplete and unsigned to Whittier, 1876-07-15.
Scope and Contents

Contents would indicate that it was written by contender for the honor accorded to Barbara Frietchie.

Photostat of note by Emma D. E. N. Southworth, 1863-07-21.
Photostat account of Barbara Frietchie's heroic act, 19th century.
Scope and Contents

Handwriting resembles that of Mrs. Southworth.

Fragment from The Explicator, February 1944.
Scope and Contents

Volume 2, No. 4. Includes reference to Whittier's "Barbara Frietschie."

Flyer from Barbara Frietchie house and museum, 20th century.
Photograph of Barbara Frietchie house, 20th century.
Road Guide to Frederick, Maryland area, 20th century.
"G", 1943-1955.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"H", 1943-1955.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Haverford College", 1942-1951.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Homestead" (Whittier), 1955-1957.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Hymns", 1944-1951.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"Hymn Society of America", 1956-1957.
Box 20 (offsite box FHL-1527)
"I", 1949-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"J", 1938-1956.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"J", 1938-1956.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"K", 1954-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"L", 1943-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"M", 1943-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Walter McIntosh Merrill", 1951-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Milton Window", 1949-1952.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Miscellaneous Items", 1930-1951.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Clifton E. Moore", 1957.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Music", 19th and 20th centuries.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"N", 1944-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"National Society of Autograph Collectors", 1948-1951.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Jack Neiburg", 1943-1944.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"O", 1944-1952.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"P", 1945-1955.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"R", 1949-1952.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Jane Rushmore", 1955-1956.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Andrew Rykman", 1955-1956.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"S", 1947-1956.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"T", 1943-1954.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"Wilbur K. Thomas", 1943-1950.
Box 21 (offsite box FHL-1528)
"U", 1951-1953.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"V", 1951-1952.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"W", 1940-1957.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Mr. Whittier Comes To Town", 1950-1951.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"'Mr. Whittier' program agents", 1953.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"'Whittier vs. Garrison,' Haverhill, 11-7-1945", 1945-1946.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Whittier letters" (Correspondence re. and copies), 1943-1951.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Whittier Oak Tree, DeFuniak Springs", 1953.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Woodrow Wilson Foundation", 1955-1956.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Roland H. Woodwell", 1942-1957.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
"Y.M.C.A., Amesbury", 1952.
Box 22 (offsite box FHL-1529)
7. Manuscript research notes for Whittier vs. Garrison, 1946.
Box 23 (offsite box FHL-1530)
Scope and Contents

See Friends Historicall Library PS3283 .T23. Originally read by C. Marshall Taylor at a meeting of the Whittier Association at the Whittier Homestead in Haverhill. Reprinted from Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts Historical Collections, volume 82, 1946. Notes are accompanied by group of New York Public Library call slips.

A. Dealer's list of Whittier items, 20th century.
Memorandum from Dorothy G. Harris of Friends Historical Library, 1952-09-16.
Scope and Contents

Pertains to Whittier Home Association, Amesbury, listing manuscripts and pictures located in the Whittier home.

Program of Whittier 150th Anniversary, 1957.
Scope and Contents

At First Friends Church, Whittier, California.

Program of Dedication of the John Greenleaf Whittier Bridge, Newport-Amesbury, 1954-09-03.
Whittier College Bulletin, December 1954.
Scope and Contents

Contains address by Richard Nixon, "The Crisis in Asia;" and address by Jessamyn West, "Four Years - for What?"

Whittier College Bulletin, December 1955.
The Quaker Boy on the Farm and at School by Isaac Sharpless, 1908.
"The Emerson Society Quarterly", 1956-1957.
Scope and Contents

Nos. 2-9.

Harvard Theological Review, January 1956.
Scope and Contents

"Emerson Barzillai Frost and the Divinity School Address" by Conrad Wright.

The Melville Society Newsletter, Summer 1957.
"A Treasured Inheritance and its Service to the Future", 20th century.
Scope and Contents

Building Appeal Fund issued by Jordans Monthly Meeting

List of names of individuals on C. Marshall Taylor's stationery, 20th century.
Clippings, 20th century.
Scope and Contents

Includes items re. Whittier "romance;" Oak Knoll, Danvers; C. Marshall Taylor's impersonation of Whittier; etc.; items unrelated to Whittier.

9. Appraisal of the Whittier Collection, June 1956.
Box 23 (offsite box FHL-1530)

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