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Eleanor Ayres Gensemer Collection of Quaker Family Papers


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

This small collection of papers contains legal and financial papers, deeds, marriages certificates, and memorabilia primarily concerning the Bartram family and other Delaware County (Pa.) Quaker families collected by Eleanor Ayres Gensemer.

The collection is divided into two series:

  1. Legal and financial papers
  2. Memorabilia

Donor: Eleanor Ayres Gensemer, 1973

Quaker Family Papers collected by Eleanor Ayres Gensemer

Collection contains family papers of Bartram family and other families. Includes deeds, marriage certificates, legal and financial papers, and memorabilia. Deeds and marriage certificates fully cataloged and interfiled with other FHL deeds and marriage certificates in the chart case. Remainder of collection placed in 1 small documents box and shelved in RG 5

Included in the gift of Eleanor Ayres Gensemer were a number of deeds and marriage certificates which have been interfiled with the other FHL deeds and marriage certificates, as follows.

Deeds. (listed in chronological order):

  1. 1729 1mo 26. Blunston, Samuel and Sarah Blunston to Josiah Fearn.
  2. 1743 1Omo 11. Kinsey Edward to Samuel Kinsey.
  3. 1764 n.d. Kinsey, Samuel and wife to Edmund Kinsey.
  4. 1794 Wood, Rebecca and Joseph Wood to Benjamin Bartram.
  5. 1797 1mo 31. Philips, Robert and wife to John Philips (son?).
  6. 1799 3mo 2. Haubt, Wenry to Jacob Haubt.
  7. 1799 4mo 1. Haubt, Samuel and wife to Jacob Haubt.
  8. 1803 12mo 12. Sinex, Thomas and wife to Seneca Sinex.
  9. 1811 6mo 1. Black, Mary to Joh Kinsey.
  10. 1812 6mo 9. Evans, James and wife to John R. Phillips.
  11. 1813 3mo 10. Wood, Joseph and wife to James Bonsall.
  12. 1816 5mo 17. Phillips, Robert and wife to John Phillips (son.)
  13. 1816 5mo 17. Sinex, Sineky to John R. Phillips.
  14. 1828 4mo 3. Schlater, Casper and Joseph Haupt, executors, to John Whitcomb.
  15. 1830 4mo 1. Whitcomb, John and wife to John Wolf.
  16. 1832 4mo 11. Roach, Isaac and wife to Joseph Money and Thomas Shaw.
  17. 1836 1Omo 18. Fisher, Coleman and others to Andrew D. Cash.
  18. 1836 11mo 20. Cash, Andrew D. and wife to Rhodes, William.
  19. 1837 1Omo 17. Rhodes, William A. to William Torr et al.
  20. 1848 4mo 24. Markoe, James and wife to Andrew Ferguson. 2 copies.
  21. 1850 4mo 17. Dawson, Josiah and Rebecca Dawson to Jacob C. Ridgeway.
  22. 1851 5mo 31. Ridgeway, Jacob and wife to Biddle Hancock.
  23. 1859 5mo 20. Taylor, David and wife to John M. Mitchell. 3 copies.
  24. 1859 12mo 31. Dawson, Mordecai L. et al. to Biddle Hancock.
  25. 1860 7mo 14. Kern, William H., Sheriff to John M. Mitchell and Lewis J. Coryell. 3 copies.
  26. 1862 10mo 18. Ewing, Robert, Sheriff, to John D. Vanhorn. 3 copies.
  27. 1863 5mo 1. Bonsall, George to Isaac L. Bartram.
  28. 1865 8mo 25. Glenwood Cemetery Company to Mary M. Schaut and Catharine C. Hauser.
  29. 1867 2mo 26. Hancock, Conrow et al. to Bartholomew J. Sutton.
  30. 1868 5mo 11. McCoy, John and wife to Bennet C. Wilson.
  31. 1870 10mo 2. Vanhorn, John D. and wife to David Furman.

Marriage certificates (listed in chronological order):

  1. 1765 4mo 25. DAVIS to Grifith.
  2. 1779 5mo 20. DAVIS to Hibbert.
  3. 1789 4mo 16. HIBBERT to Davis.
  4. 1803 5mo 5. DAVIS to Maris.
  5. 1810 10mo 17. GARRETT to Lewis.
  6. 1831 12mo 15. WILLIAMSON to Garrett.
  7. 1835 4mo 9. BARTRAM to Davis.
  8. 1865 9mo 28. HARLAN to Passmore.
  9. 1870 11mo 3. BARTRAM to Williamson.
  10. 1871 5mo 31. BARTRAM to Kinsey.
  11. 1889 11mo 26. BUNTING to Kinsey.
  12. 1930 2mo 15. MacWATTERS to Harlan.

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Collection Inventory

Bartram family: Legal and financial papers, 1844-5.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Mostly concerning the estate of Phebe B. Bartram (d. 1845).

Elizabeth Hibberd: Petition to the court for property from the estate of her late father, Josiah Hoarn, March 7, 1734-5.
Box 1
John Kinsey and John Phillips: Indentures, bonds, receipts and other legal papers, 1786-1826.
Box 1
Thomas West: Account of the estate of Thomas West, July 23, 1810.
Box 1

Bartram family: Memorials, invitations, 1891-1911.
Box 1

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