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Ichabod Codding Papers


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Ichabod Codding (1810-1866), a Congregational minister, was active in the anti-slavery movement. He was born in New York, and attended Middlebury College. He moved to the Midwest in 1842 and was involved in politics in Illinois.

The collection contains biographical materials, manuscript sermons, speeches, and notes, correspondence received (1830-1866), publications, and reference materials of Ichabod Codding. Includes information on abolition, John Brown, Owen Lovejoy, Abraham Lincoln, and Republican politics in Illinois in the mid 19th century. Of particular interest is Codding's correspondence which includes letters from Owen Lovejoy, Salmon P. Chase, Francis Gillette, Charles Sumner, and William Cullen Bryant. There are also letters from R.G. Wells and A. Mahon on Williams College and Oberlin in 1835.

This collection is divided into six series:

  1. Biographical material
  2. Manuscripts
  3. Printed material by Ichabod Codding
  4. Printed material about Ichabod Codding's writings
  5. Correspondence
  6. Reference Material

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Donor: Mary Preston Codding Bourland

Date: 1939

Papers sorted and filed in document boxes and placed in Record Group 5

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Collection Inventory

Life sketches, obituaries, and memorials, 7-5-1866.

Concerning war against slavery, Baraboo, 5-12-1844.
John 5:30, "I can of mine own self do nothing...", 10-9-1847.
Prov. 22:6, "Train up a child...," Joliet, 12-6-1850.
Human Nature, Joliet, 12-11-1850.
Remarks on the 7th of Romans and kindred Scriptures, Lockport, 11-8-1851.
Eph. 6:4, "And ye fathers, provoke not your children,"Lockport, 1-9-1852.
2 Timothy 1:1O, "Immortality," Lockport, 2-14-1852.
Matt. 6:10, "Thy Kingdom Come," Lockport, 2-19-1853.
Matt. 25:31-46, parable of the judgment, Joliet, 4-?-1853.
On Slavery, Ft. Des Moines, 7-1-1856.
"Address before Young Men's Fremont Club," Ft. Des Moines, 9-6-1856.
"Test of Discipleship," Iowa City, 1857.
"Fruits of the False Prophet," Iowa City and Princeton, 3-27-185.
"The Inadequacy of Human Language to Express a Dogmatic Theology," Pleasant View, 5-19-1857.
"Fourth of July Discourse," Bluff Cabin, Lockport, 6-2-1858.
"Abstract of Taney's Report," Iowa City, 4-20-1859.
"The Law of Compensation," Iowa City and Baraboo, 2-16-1859.
"Brief Notice of the Popular View of Eternal Punishment," Earlville, 1-24-1860.
"Speech before the Young Men's Literary Association of Lockport," Lockport, 12-25-1860.
"Honor All Men," Baraboo, 11-22-1861.
"Christian Baptism," Baraboo, 3-28-1862.
"Immortality," Baraboo, 5-23-1862.
"self-reliance is Reliance on God," Baraboo, 7-4-1862.
"Remarks on Prayer," Fond du Lac, 9-15-1862.
"Lord, how is it?..," Fond du ac, 11-17-1862.
"Man Grows into the Likeness of the God He Worships," Baraboo, 12-6-1862.
Rev. 19:6, "The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth...," repeated at Lockport, 6-22-1865, Fond du Lac, 12-22-1862.
"Christianity, Reason, and Science Against the Orthodox assumptions in behalf of the Bible, and Its interpretations of the Same, or Principles against Notions," Baraboo, 2-14-1863.
Luke 23:34, "Father forgive them," Baraboo, 2-21-1863.
"Law of Retribution, Repentance, and Forgiveness Note: discourse given on the day of national fast, 4-30-1863," Baraboo, 4-28-1863.
"Success, Its False and True Meaning," Baraboo, 10-3-1863.
Acts 17:31, regarding day of judgment, Baraboo, 10-27-1863.
Regarding popular theology, Baraboo, 12-25-1863.
"The Sin Against the Holy Ghost,", 1-16-1864.
Matt. 11:28, "Come unto me...," Baraboo, 2-5-1864.
Luke 23:34, "Father forgive them...,", 2-6-1864.
"Inspiration," Baraboo, 2-26-1864.
"Some Remarks on the Life and Character of Owen Lovejoy.", 1864 Spring.
Matt. 22:40, "On these two commandments...,"Baraboo, 12-22-1864.
New Year Sermon, Baraboo, 1-1-1865.
"History of the Popular Doctrine of Future Punishment," Baraboo, 1-31-1865.
"Natural Revelation," Bloomington, 9-10-1865.
b. Mss. arranged alphabetically by subject.
c. Misc. mss. (incomplete).

An Address Delivered Before A Mass Convention of Abolitionists, at Southport, 1/27/1847. Published by direction of the Executive Com. of the Wisconsin Liberty Assoc., Waukesha. Printed at office of The American Freeman, 1848., 1847.
Codding's Reply to Douglas, Joliet and Geneva, on the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, and Slavery Extension. Reported at the time for the Free West., 1854.
The Freeman's Manual; A Campaign Document For the People, and Especially Adapted to the Use of Republican Debaters and Orators. By Ichabod Codding. Printed by Wright, Medill, Day and Co., Tribune Office, 1856., 1856.
"Jefferon Against the Pierce and Douglas Democracy," to the editor of Monmouths Atlas, 4-7-1856., 1856.
A Republican Manual for the Campaign...By I. Codding. Printed at Princeton, Ill., at the "Republican" Book and Job Printing Office, 1860., 1860.
Fourth of July Speech, printed in Baraboo Republic, Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisc., 7-21-63., 1863.
Lovejoy Monument Meeting. Speech by I. Codding eulogizing Owen Lovejoy, printed in Bureau County Republican, Princeton, Ill., 6-9-1864., 1864.
"The Anti-Slavery Cause", No.1. Article printed in Tribune., n.d.
"Statistical Specimens of Free and Slave States". (leaflet), n.d.

a. Newspaper clippings,, 1854-1864 & n.d.
1. Announcing "Codding's Lectures on The Slavery Question.", n.d.
2. Announcing "Codding's Discourses on Liberal Christianity.", n.d.

Letters received,, 1830-1866.
Scrapbook of letters received while at Middlebury College, Vt., and at Canandaigua, N.Y., from college friends, and relatives,, 1830-1835.

Printed pamphlet,, 3-28-1864.
Box 2
1. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings reporting the last great Anti-Slavery Reunion, taken from Chicago, Ill. papers, ca. 1874.
2. Scrapbook of clippings from anti-slavery newspapers, and others,, 1834-1840.
Box 2
3. Scrapbook of clippings from anti-slavery newspapers,, 1839-1842.
Box 3
Folder of newspaper clippings,, 1859.
Box 3
"Some Account of Mrs. Beecher Stowe, and her Family,", 1852.
"Horace Greeley's speech on the dignity of Labor. N.Y. Daily Tribune,, 5-5-1854.
"Inauguration of the Republican Party in Middle Illinois", by I. Codding in Quincy ,, 7-30-1855.
List of members of new Congress,, 1859.
"R.W. Emerson in Parker's Pulpit", Principia,, 12-31-1859.
Sermon by Henry Ward Beecher, preached at Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, printed 12-25-1862,, 12-7-1862.
Account of an interview with Lincoln, description of him, and excerpts from his conversation,, n.d.
"Mr. Calhoun's opinion of the Missouri Compromise...,", n.d.
"First Lecture on English Poetry, by James Russell Lowell,", n.d.
"Mr. Greeley's Lecture on Woman,", n.d.
"McClellan's Career Summed Up,", n.d.
"The Nebraska Bill - Important Features,", n.d.
"Mr. Seward's speech in the Final Debate on the Kansas-Nebraska Bill,", n.d.
"Sketch of General Sherman,", n.d.
"Slavery described by an eye-witness,", n.d.
"The Southern Press on Nebraska,", n.d.
The President's message, unsigned draft of veto, transmitted by Lincoln to Congress, regarding bill to suppress insurrection, etc.,, n.d.
Baraboo Republic,, 7-22-1863.
Chicago Tribune,, 10-3-1864.
Daily Life,, 2-13-, 9-3-, 9-10-, 10-1-, 10-8-1864.
The Evening Post,, 12-13-1860, 5-23-1861, 3-4-1863, 9-7-1864.
The Free West,, 10-5-, 11-2-1854.
Hartford Evening Press,, 12-29-1860.
The National Era,, 8-17-1848.
National Anti-Slavery Standard,, 7-28-1866.
The New Covenant,, 5-15-1858.
New York Weekly Tribune,, 1-14-1843.
The Principia,, 10-12-1861.

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