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Friends Historical Library meetinghouse picture file


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Most Quakers use the term "meetinghouse" or "meeting house" to describe the building where they meet for worship. Most meetinghouses are plain, without steeples or adornment, and none are consecrated. Some 20th and 21st century Quakers, especially in the Evangelical Quaker tradition, prefer the term "church."

This collection consists of images of various Quaker meetinghouses across the world, collected at various times from various sources, by the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. The bulk of the collection is photographs of meetinghouses in the United States. There are also a large number of photographs of meetinghouses in Canada and Great Britain, and a small number of "foreign" meetinghouses outside these areas. The vast bulk of the collection is photographs but there are also some artworks on paper.

This collection is arranged in three groups. Within each group, the photographs are arranged by meeting name, alphabetically.

PA 110
North American meetinghouses (includes U.S. and Canada but not Mexico)
PA 131
Great Britain meeting houses (includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland)
PA 130
Foreign meetinghouses (outside U.S., Canada, and Great Britain)

Many of the items in this collection have been digitized and are available in our digital collections platform. Clicking the red box at the top of the page labeled "Friends Historical Library meetinghouse picture file (digitized selections)" will take you there.

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Collection Inventory

Physical Description

21.6 cubic ft.70 boxes and 1 oversized box

PA 110/A22. Abington Hicksite (Abington, PA).
PA 110/A221. Abington Little (Abington, PA).
PA 110/A25. Achilles (Achilles, VA).
PA 110/A26. Ackworth (Ackworth, IA).
PA 110/A3. Ada Chapel (Wilmington, OH).
PA 110/A32. Adelphi (Adelphi, MD).
PA 110/A33. Adirondack (South Glens Falls, NY).
PA 110/A35. Adrian (Raisin Valley, MI).
PA 110/A352. Adrian (Raisin Center, MI).
PA 110/A37. Agnew (Agnew, WA).
PA 110/A41. Alba (Alba, MO).
PA 110/A413. Albany (Albany, NY).
PA 110/A415. Albia (Albia, IA).
PA 110/A42. Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM).
PA 110/A44. Alexandria (Alexandria, IN).
PA 110/A446. Alfred (Alfred, NY).
PA 110/A448. Alhambra (Alhambra, CA).
PA 110/A452. Allen's Neck (Allen's Neck, MA).
PA 110/A454. Alliance (Alliance, OH).
PA 110/A456. Alloways Creek (Alloways Creek, NJ).
PA 110/A458. Alum Creek (Alum Creek, OH).
PA 110/A459. Alva (Alva, OK).
PA 110/A46. Almawalk (Almawalk, NY).
PA 110/A465. Amboy (Amboy, IN).
PA 110/A47. Amesbury (Amesbury, MA).
PA 110/A48. Amo (Amo, IN).
PA 110/A51. Anaheim (Anaheim, CA).
PA 110/A52. Anderson (Anderson, IN).
PA 110/A55. Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI).
PA 110/A58. Antioch (Antioch, KS).
PA 110/A582. Antioch Chapel (Antioch Chapel, OH).
PA 110/A59. Apple Pie Ridge (Apple Pie Ridge, VA).
PA 110/A6. Appoquinimink (Odessa, DE).
PA 110/A70. Ararat (Ararat, NC).
PA 110/A71. Arba (Arba, IN).
PA 110/A72. Arcadia (Arcadia, CA).
PA 110/A722. Arcadia (Arcadia, IN).
PA 110/A732. Archdale (Archdale, NC).
PA 110/A734. Archer (Archer, FL).
PA 110/A737. Argenta (Argenta, British Clumbia).
PA 110/A74. Argonia (Argonia, KS).
PA 110/A75. Arkansas City (Arkansas City, KS).
PA 110/A77. Arney's Mount (Arney's Mount, NJ).
PA 110/A774. Arnold's Park (Arnold's Park, IA).
PA 110/A841. Ashland (Ashland, OR).
PA 110/A843. Ashton (Ashton, MD).
PA 110/A845. Ashville (Ashville, PA).
PA 110/A85. Athens (Athens, NY).
PA 110/A855. Atlanta (Atlanta, GA).
PA 110/A86. Atlantic City (Atlantic City, NJ).
PA 110/A88. Attleboro (Langhorne, PA) –orthodox.
PA 110/A93. Augusta (Augusta, GA).
PA 110/A95. Aurora (Aurora, SD).
PA 110/A96. Austin (Austin, TX).
PA 110/A98. Azalia (Azalia, IN).
PA 110/A99. Azusa (Azusa, CA).
PA 110/B25. Back Creek (Back Creek, IN).
PA 110/B252. Back Creek (Back Creek, NC).
PA 110/B254. Back Creek (Back Creek, VA).
PA 110/B27. Bald Eagle (Bald Eagle, PA).
PA 110/B31. Asquith St. (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B312. Eutaw St. (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B314. Homewood (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B315. Lombard St. (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B317. Park Ave (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B318. Stony Run (Baltimore, MD).
PA 110/B322. Bandy (Bandy, OH).
PA 110/B328. Bangor (Bangor, IA).
PA 110/B33. Barberton (Barberton, OH).
PA 110/B332. Barclay (Barclay, KS).
PA 110/B34. The "Barn" M-H (Hampton Falls, NH).
PA 110/B342. Barnegat (Barnegat, NJ).
PA 110/B35. Bart - Hicksite (Bart, PA).
PA 110/B351. Bart - Orthodox (Bart, PA).
PA 110/B353. Bartlesville (Bartlesville, OK).
PA 110/B36. Batavia (Batavia, NY).
PA 110/B365. Battle Creek (Battle Creek, MI).
PA 110/B37. Bayshore (Bayshore, TX).
PA 110/B372. Bayside (Bayside, MD).
PA 110/B41. Beach Haven (Beach Haven, NJ).
PA 110/B42. Bear Creek (Bear Creek, IN).
PA 110/B421. Bear Creek (Bear Creek, IA).
PA 110/B423. Bear Gap - Hicksite (Bear Gap. PA).
PA 110/B424. Bear Garden (Bear Garden, VA).
PA 110/B43. Beaver (Beaver, KS).
PA 110/B432. Beaver Park (Beaver Park, CO).
PA 110/B434. Beaver Valley (Beaver Valley, NE).
PA 110/B436. Bedford (Bedford, NY).
PA 110/B44. Beech Grove (Beech Grove, IN).
PA 110/B441. Beech Grove (Beech Grove, OH).
PA 110/B45. Bell (Bell, CA).
PA 110/B452. Bellefontaine (Bellefontaine, OH).
PA 110/B453. Bellefonte (Bellefonte, PA).
PA 110/B455. Belleville (Belleville, KS).
PA 110/B457. Beloit (Beloit, OH).
PA 110/B46. Benjaminville (Benjaminville, IL).
PA 110/B462. Benkelman (Benkelman, NE).
PA 110/B464. Benson Chapel (Benson Chapel, IN).
PA 110/B47. Berkeley (Berkeley, CA).
PA 110/B471. Berkeley (Berkeley, VA).
PA 110/B473. Berlinville (Berlinville, OH).
PA 110/B475. Berwick (Berwick, PA).
PA 110/B477. Bethany (Bethany, NC).
PA 110/B479. Bethany (Bethany, OH).
PA 110/B48. Jonesboro (Bethel, IN).
PA 110/B481. Kokomo (Bethel, IN).
PA 110/B482. Mooresville (Bethel, IN).
PA 110/B483. Bethel (Bethel, KS).
PA 110/B484. Bethel (Bethel, NC).
PA 110/B485. Bethel (Bethel, OH).
PA 110/B486. Bethel (Bethel, VA).
PA 110/B488. Bethesda (Bethesda, NC).
PA 110/B495. Bethpage (Bethpage, NY, LI).
PA 110/B499. Betty's Cove (Betty's Cove, MD).
PA 110/B53. Birmingham-Hicksite (Birmingham, PA).
PA 110/B531. Birmingham-Orthodox (Birmingham, PA).
PA 110/B54. Black Creek (Black Creek, VA).
PA 110/B545. Blackstone (Blackstone, MA).
PA 110/B55. Blauvelt (Blauvelt, NY).
PA 110/B56. Gurneyite (Bloomfield, Canada).
PA 110/B563. Bloomingdale (Bloomingdale, IN).
PA 110/B566. Bloomingsport (Bloomingsport, IN).
PA 110/B57. Bloomington (Bloomington, IN).
PA 110/B571. Bloomington (Bloomington, IA).
PA 110/B58. Blue River (Blue River, IN).
PA 110/B585. Bluff Point (Bluff Point, IN).
PA 110/B6. Boise (Boise, ID).
PA 110/B61. Wilburite (Bloomfield, Canada).
PA 110/B63. Bolton (Bolton, KS).
PA 110/B64. Bolton (Bolton, MA).
PA 110/B65. Booker (Booker, TX).
PA 110/B66. Bordentown (Bordentown, NJ).
PA 110/B67. Boston (Boston, MA).
PA 110/B68. Boston Heights (Boston Heights, OH).
PA 110/B69. Boulder (Boulder, CO).
PA 110/B71. Bradford (Bradford,PA).
PA 110/B73. Branon (Branon, NC).
PA 110/B735. Brewster (Brewster, OH).
PA 110/B74. "The Brick Meeting" (Sherwood, NY).
PA 110/B741. Bridgeport (Bridgeport, IN).
PA 110/B742. Bridgeport (Bridgeport, NJ).
PA 110/B752. Bristol - Hicksite (Bristol, PA).
PA 110/B753. Bristol - Orthodox (Bristol, PA).
PA 110/B754. Primitive Friends (Bristol, PA).
PA 110/B761. Broad Creek (Broad Creek, MD).
PA 110/B77. Brooklyn - Hicksite (Brooklyn, NY).
PA 110/B78. Brooklyn - Orthdox (Brooklyn, NY).
PA 110/B81. Buck Hills Falls (Buck Hills Falls, PA).
PA 110/B821. Orthodox (Buckingham, PA).
PA 110/B822. Buckingham - Hicksite (Buckingham, PA).
PA 110/B83. Buffalo (Buffalo, IA).
PA 110/B84. Buffalo (Buffalo, NY).
PA 110/B85. Bulls Head (Bulls Head, NY).
PA 110/B86. Burlington - Hicksite (Burlington, NJ).
PA 110/B861. Burlington - Orthodox (Burlington, NJ).
PA 110/B865. Burlington (Burlington, NY).
PA 110/B87. Burlington (Burlington, VT).
PA 110/B88. Burroak (Burroak, IA).
PA 110/B881. Burrillville (Burrillville, RI).
PA 110/B89. Bush Creek (Bush Creek, MD).
PA 110/B891. Bush River (Bush River, SC).
PA 110/B91. Byberry - Hicksite (Byberry, PA).
PA 110/B95. Byhalia (Byhalia, OH).
PA 110/C31. Cadiz (Cadiz, IN).
PA 110/C32. Caesar's Creek (Caesar's Creek, OH).
PA 110/C351. Caldwell (Caldwell, ID).
PA 110/C353. Calgary (Calgary, Canada).
PA 110/C354. Caln (Caln, PA).
PA 110/C36. Camas (Camas, WA).
PA 110/C361. Cambridge (Cambridge, MA).
PA 110/C362. Cambridge (Cambridge, PA).
PA 110/C363. Camden (Camden, DE).
PA 110/C364. Camden-Hicksite (Camden, NJ).
PA 110/C371. Canby Friends Ch. (Casey, IA).
PA 110/C373. Cane Creek (Cane Creek, NC).
PA 110/C374. Cane Creek (Cane Creek, SC).
PA 110/C377. Canoga Park (Canoga Park, CA).
PA 110/C379. Canton (Canton, OH).
PA 110/C381. Capay Rancho (Capay Rancho, CA).
PA 110/C383. Cape May (Cape May, NJ).
PA 110/C384. Cape May Point (Cape May Point, NJ).
PA 110/C387. Carmel (Carmel, IN).
PA 110/C388. Carmel (Carmel,OH).
PA 110/C392. Carthage (Carthage, IN).
PA 110/C395. Casco (Casco, ME).
PA 110/C397. Catawissa (Catawissa, PA).
PA 110/C407. Cherry Grove (Cherry Grove, WA).
PA 110/C41. Cecil (Cecil, MD).
PA 110/C42. Cedar (Cedar, IN).
PA 110/C421. Cedar Creek (Cedar Creek, IA).
PA 110/C422. Cedar Square (Cedar Square, NC).
PA 110/C43. Celina (Celina, OH).
PA 110/C435. Celo Monthly meeting (Celo, NC).
PA 110/C441. Center (Center, CO).
PA 110/C442. Center (Center, DE).
PA 110/C443. Center, Greensboro (Greensboro, N.C).
PA 110/C444. Center (Center, IN).
PA 110/C445. Center (Center, IA).
PA 110/C4451. Center (Center, OH).
PA 110/C446. Center Co. (Center, PA).
PA 110/C447. Centerfield (Centerfield, OH).
PA 110/C448. Centerville (Centerville, IN).
PA 110/C449. Central City (Central City, NE).
PA 110/C451. Chalk Mound (Chalk Mound, KS).
PA 110/C452. Chandler (Chandler, OK).
PA 110/C453. Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC).
PA 110/C454. Chappaqua Hicksite (Chappaqua, NY).
PA 110/C456. Chappaqua Orthodox (Chappaqua, NY).
PA 110/C457. Charleston (Charleston, SC).
PA 110/C458. Charlotte (Charlotte, NC).
PA 110/C461. Charlottesville (Charlottesville, IN).
PA 110/C462. Chatham (Chatham, NY).
PA 110/C463. Chatham (Chatham, NC).
PA 110/C464. Chehalem Center (Chehalem Center, OR).
PA 110/C465. Cheltenham (Cheltenham, PA).
PA 110/C466. Cherokee (Cherokee, OK).
PA 110/C471. Chester FDS Church-Union (Chester, IA).
PA 110/C472. Chester-Orthodox (Chester, PA).
PA 110/C473. Chester-Hicksite (Chester, PA).
PA 110/C474. Chester (Chester, OH).
PA 110/C475. Chester Neck (Chester, MD).
PA 110/C476. Chesterfield-Crosswicks-Hicksite (Chesterfield, NJ).
PA 110/C477. Chesterfield (Chesterfield, OH).
PA 110/C478. Chestnut Ridge (Chestnut Ridge, NJ).
PA 110/C479. Chestnut Valley (Chestnut Valley, TN).
PA 110/C481. Chicago (Chicago, IL).
PA 110/C482. Chicester-Orthodox (Chicester, PA).
PA 110/C483. Chicester-Hicksite (Chicester, PA).
PA 110/C487. China (China, ME).
PA 110/C491. Chivington (Chivington, CO).
PA 110/C492. Christiana-Hicksite (Christiana, PA).
PA 110/C493. Christiana Bridge (Christian Bridge, DE).
PA 110/C51. Eden and Donahue Sts and Others-Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH).
PA 110/C652. Citrus Heights (Citrus Heights, CA).
PA 110/C661. Claremont (Claremont, CA).
PA 110/C665. Clear Creek (Clear Creek, IL).
PA 110/C667. Clear Creek (Clear Creek, IN).
PA 110/C668. Clear Creek (Clear Creek, OH).
PA 110/C669. Clear Springs (Clear Springs, IN).
PA 110/C671. Cleveland (Cleveland, OH).
PA 110/C672. Clinton Corners (Clinton Corners, NY).
PA 110/C674. Clintondale-Orthodox (Clintondale, NY).
PA 110/C676. Coal Creek (Coal Creek, IA).
PA 110/C677. Coatesville (Coatesville, PA).
PA 110/C678. Coffeyville (Coffeyville, KS).
PA 110/C679. Cold Springs (Cold Springs, OK).
PA 110/C6791. Coldstream (Coldstream, Ontario).
PA 110/C681. Collins (Collins NY).
PA 110/C6811. Collinsville (Collinsville, OK).
PA 110/C682. Coloma (Coloma. IN).
PA 110/C683. Colora (Colora, MD).
PA 110/C684. Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO).
PA 110/C685. Columbia (Columbia, OK).
PA 110/C6851. Columbia (Columbia, PA).
PA 110/C6852. Columbus (Columbus, OH).
PA 110/C686. Community (Community, OK).
PA 110/C687. Conanicut (Conanicut, RI).
PA 110/C688. Concord-Hicksite (Concord, PA).
PA 110/C6881. Concord-Orthodox (Concord, PA).
PA 110/C6882. Concord-Greensboro (Greensboro, NC).
PA 110/C6883. Concord-Hicksite (Concord, OH).
PA 110/C6884. Concord-Wilburite (Concord, OH).
PA 110/C689. Conscience Bay (Conscience Bay, NY).
PA 110/C691. Convoy (Convoy, OH).
PA 110/C692. Cool Spring (Cool Spring, DE).
PA 110/C694. Core Sound (Core Sound, NC).
PA 110/C695. Corinth (Corinth, VA).
PA 110/C696. Cornwall (Cornwall, NY).
PA 110/C697. Corvallis (Corvallis, OR).
PA 110/C699. Cottonwood (Cottonwood, KS).
PA 110/C71. Crooked Run (Crooked Run, VA).
PA 110/C72. Cropwell-Marlton (Marlton, NJ).
PA 110/C73. Crosswicks Hicksite (Crosswicks, NJ).
PA 110/C74. Croton Valley (Croton Valley, NY).
PA 110/C75. Crum Elbow (Crum Elbow, NY).
PA 110/C76. Cuba (Cuba, OH).
PA 110/C77. Cumberland (Cumberland, RI).
PA 110/D32. Damascus-Conservative (Damascus, OH).
PA 110/D321. Damascus-Evangelical (Damascus, OH).
PA 110/D331. Danville (Danville, IL).
PA 110/D332. Danville (Danville, IN).
PA 110/D333. Danville (Danville, VA).
PA 110/D341. Darby (Darby, PA).
PA 110/D344. Darlington-Orthodox (Darlington, MD).
PA 110/D346. Dartmouth (Dartmouth, MA).
PA 110/D349. Davis (Davis, CA).
PA 110/D351. Dayspring (Dayspring, IN).
PA 110/D352. Dayton (Dayton, OH).
PA 110/D41. Deep Creek (Deep Creek, NC).
PA 110/D421. Deep River (Deep River, IA).
PA 110/D422. Deep River-Old (Deep River-Old, NC).
PA 110/D431. Deer Creek-Hicksite (Deer Creek, MD).
PA 110/D432. Deer Trail (Deer Trail, CO).
PA 110/D433. Deerfield (Deerfield, MA).
PA 110/D434. Deerfield (Deerfield, OH).
PA 110/D441. Denair (Denair, CA).
PA 110/D442. Denison (Denison, TX).
PA 110/D451. Denver (Denver, CO).
PA 110/D461. Derby (Derby, KS).
PA 110/D466. DeRuyter (DeRuyter, NY).
PA 110/D471. Des Moines (Des Moines, IA).
PA 110/D481. Detroit (Detroit, MI).
PA 110/D491. Dewitt (Dewitt, AR).
PA 110/D51. Diamond Bar (Diamond Bar, CA).
PA 110/D52. Diamond Ridge (Diamond Ridge, MD).
PA 110/D61. Doe Run (Doe Run, PA).
PA 110/D65. Dover (Dover, NH).
PA 110/D66. Dover (Dover, OH).
PA 110/D71. Downers Grove (Downers Grove, IL).
PA 110/D72. Downingtown (Downingtown, PA).
PA 110/D81. Doylestown (Doylestown, PA).
PA 110/D83. Draper (Draper, NC).
PA 110/D84. Drumore (Drumore, PA).
PA 110/D85. Duanesburgh-Quaker St. (Duanesburgh, NY).
PA 110/D86. Dublin (Dublin, IN).
PA 110/D87. Duck Creek (Duck Creek, DE).
PA 110/D9. Dunkirk (Dunkirk, IN).
PA 110/D91. Dunning's Creek (Dunning's Creek, PA).
PA 110/D92. Dunreith (Dunreith, IN).
PA 110/D94. Durham (Durham, ME).
PA 110/D942. Durham (Durham, NC).
PA 110/E22. Eagle Creek (Eagle Creek, IN).
PA 110/E23. Earlham (Earlham, IA).
PA 110/E241. East Benton (East Benton, ME).
PA 110/E242. East Blend (East Blend, NC).
PA 110/E244. East Branch (East Branch, NJ).
PA 110/E245. East Caln (East Caln, PA).
PA 110/E246. East Goshen (East Goshen, OH).
PA 110/E248. East Hoosac (East Hoosac, MA).
PA 110/E249. East Jordan (East Jordan, IL).
PA 110/E25. East Lansing (East Lansing, MI).
PA 110/E3. East Milan (East Milan, OH).
PA 110/E32. East Nottingham (East Nottingham, MD).
PA 110/E33. East Parsonfield (East Parsonfield, ME).
PA 110/E34. East Richland (East Richland, OH).
PA 110/E35. East Sadsbury-Arch St. (East Sadsbury, PA).
PA 110/E36. East Sandwich (Cape Cod, MS).
PA 110/E37. East Vassalborough (East Vassalborough, ME).
PA 110/E38. Eastland (Eastland, PA).
PA 110/E382. Easton (Easton, NJ).
PA 110/E41. Easton-North and South Meeting House (Easton, NY).
PA 110/E45. Economy (Economy, IN).
PA 110/E52. Edward Hill (Edward Hill, NC).
PA 110/E54. El Modena (El Modena, CA).
PA 110/E541. Elba (Elba, NY).
PA 110/E542. Elk Ridge (Elk Ridge, MD).
PA 110/E55. Elk Run (Elk Run, OH).
PA 110/E56. Elklands (Elklands, PA).
PA 110/E57. Ellisdale (Ellisdale, NJ).
PA 110/E58. Elmira (Elmira, NY).
PA 110/E582. Elwood (Elwood, IL).
PA 110/E6. Emerson (Emerson, OH).
PA 110/E62. Empire (Empire, SD).
PA 110/E64. Emporia (Emporia, KS).
PA 110/E68. Enid (Enid, OK).
PA 110/E682. Entiat (Entiat, WA).
PA 110/E77. Estaline (Eastaline, VA).
PA 110/E86. Eugene (Eugene, OR).
PA 110/E9. Evanston (Evanston, IL).
PA 110/E92. Everett (Everett, WA).
PA 110/E93. Evesham (Evesham, NJ).
PA 110/E97. Exeter (Exeter, PA).
PA 110/F226. Fairfax (Fairfax, VA).
PA 110/F25. Fairbanks (Fairbanks, AK).
PA 110/F253. Fairborn (Fairborn, OH).
PA 110/F27. Fairfield (Fairfield, IN).
PA 110/F271. Fairfield (Fairfield, ME).
PA 110/F272. Fairfield (Fairfield, OH).
PA 110/F28. Fairhaven (Fairhaven, MA).
PA 110/F281. Fairhaven (Fairhaven, RI).
PA 110/F29. Fairhope (Fairhope, AL).
PA 110/F3. Fairmount (Fairmount, IN).
PA 110/F31. Fairview (Fairview, MO).
PA 110/F311. Fairview (New Haven, OH).
PA 110/F32. Fall Creek (Pendleton, IN).
PA 110/F321. Fall Creek (Hillsboro, OH).
PA 110/F33. Fall River (Fall River, MA).
PA 110/F34. Fallowfield-Hicksite (Ercildoun, PA).
PA 110/F341. Fallowfield-Orthodox (Fallowfield, PA).
PA 110/F35. Falls-Hicksite (Fallsington, PA).
PA 110/F351. Falls-Orthodox (Fallsington, PA).
PA 110/F37. Farmers Institute (Farmers Institute, IN).
PA 110/F374. Farmersburg (Farmersburg, IN).
PA 110/F38. Farmington (Farmington, NY).
PA 110/F385. Farmland (Farmland, IN).
PA 110/F387. Farnham (Farnham, Canada).
PA 110/F39. Farr's Chapel (Farr's Chapel, TN).
PA 110/F393. Fawn Grove (Fawn Grove, PA).
PA 110/F4. Ferrisburg (Ferrisburg, VT).
PA 110/F5. Fiat (Fiat, IN).
PA 110/F51. 15th and Rutherford Pl., New York City-Hicksite (New York City, NY).
PA 110/F52. Fishers (Fishers, IN).
PA 110/F53. Fishertown (Fishertown, PA).
PA 110/F54. Fishing Creek (Millville, PA).
PA 110/F56. Flagstaff (Flagstaff, AZ).
PA 110/F59. Flushing-L.I. (Flushing, NY).
PA 110/F591. Flushing (Flushing, OH).
PA 110/F63. Forbush (Forbush, NC).
PA 110/F64. Forest Hill (Forest Hill, MD).
PA 110/F65. Fort Collins (Fort Collins, CO).
PA 110/F658. Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN).
PA 110/F668. Fowler (Fowler, KS).
PA 110/F67. Fountain City (Fountain City, IN).
PA 110/F7. Framingham (Framingham, MA).
PA 110/F74. Fredonia (Fredonia, NY).
PA 110/F75. Fresno (Fresno, CA).
PA 110/F761. Friends Chapel (Friends Chapel, IL).
PA 110/F762. Friends Chapel (Friends Chapel, OK).
PA 110/F764. Friends Grove (Friends Grove, IL).
PA 110/F766. Friends Union (Pinnacle, NC).
PA 110/F767. Friendship (Friendship, KS).
PA 110/F768. Friendship (Friendship, NC).
PA 110/F771. Friendsville (Friendsville, PA).
PA 110/F772. Friendsville (Friendsville, TN).
PA 110/F78. Friendswood (Friendswood, TX).
PA 110/F8. Fulton Creek (Fulton Creek, OH).
PA 110/G33. Gainesville (Gainesville, FL).
PA 110/G34. Galax (Galax, VA).
PA 110/G341. Galloway (Galloway, NJ.
PA 110/G3415. Galen Preparative M-H (Galen Preparative, NY).
PA 110/G35. "Gap" ("Gap," VA).
PA 110/G36. Gardner (Gardner, KS).
PA 110/G38. Gate (Gate, OK).
PA 110/G44. Genoa (Genoa, NE).
PA 110/G45. George School (George School, PA).
PA 110/G46. Georgetown (Georgetown, IL).
PA 110/G462. Georgetown (Georgetown, OH).
PA 110/G49. Ghent (Ghent, NY).
PA 110/G53. Gilead (Gilead, OH).
PA 110/G58. Glen Elder (Glen Elder, KS).
PA 110/G582. Glen View (Glen View, KS).
PA 110/G584. Glen Falls (Glen Falls, NY).
PA 110/G586. Glidden (Glidden, IA).
PA 110/G63. Goldsboro (Goldsboro, NC).
PA 110/G635. Gonic (Gonic, NH).
PA 110/G64. Goose Creek-Loudoun Co. (Goose Creek, VA).
PA 110/G641. Goose Creek-Bedford Co. (Goose Creek, VA).
PA 110/G645. Goshen (Goshen, OH).
PA 110/G647. Goshen-Hicksite (Goshen, PA).
PA 110/G648. Goshen-Orthodox (Goshen, PA).
PA 110/G67. Graham (Graham, NC).
PA 110/G675. Grahamsville (Grahamsville, NY).
PA 110/G69. Granada Heights (Granada Heights, CA).
PA 110/G7. Grand Isle-Rutland (Rutland, VT).
PA 110/G71. Grand Junction (Grand Junction, CO).
PA 110/G712. Grant City (Grant City, IN).
PA 110/G713. Granville-Hicksite (Granville, NY).
PA 110/G714. Granville-Orthodox (Granville, NY).
PA 110/G715. Grassy Run (Grassy Run, OH).
PA 110/G716. Gravelly Run (Gravelly Run, IN).
PA 110/G717. Gray (Gray, IN).
PA 110/G72. Great Bend (Great Bend, KS).
PA 110/G721. Great Egg Harbor (Great Egg Harbor, NJ).
PA 110/G727. Green Plain (Green Plain, OH).
PA 110/G73. Greenfield (Greenfield, IN).
PA 110/G731. Greenfield (Greenfield, NE).
PA 110/G732. Greenfield (Greenfield, NY).
PA 110/G733. Greenleaf (Greenleaf, ID).
PA 110/G734. Greensboro (Greensboro, IN).
PA 110/G7351. Greensboro (Greensboro, NC).
PA 110/G7352. Greensboro-Asheboro St. (Greensboro, NC).
PA 110/G7353. Greensboro-First Friend Church (Greensboro, NC).
PA 110/G737. Greenville (Greenville, IA).
PA 110/G738. Greenwich-Hicksite (Greenwich, NJ).
PA 110/G739. Greenwich-Orthodox (Greenwich, NJ).
PA 110/G74. Greenwood (Greenwood, IA).
PA 110/G745. Greenwood (Greenwood, PA).
PA 110/G75. Grinnell (Grinnell, IA).
PA 110/G85. Gunpowder (Gunpowder, MD).
PA 110/G88. Gwynedd-Hicksite (Gwynedd, PA).
PA 110/G881. Gwynedd-Orthodox (Gwynedd, PA).
PA 110/H249. Hackensack (Hackensack, NJ).
PA 110/H25. Haddonfield-Hicksite (Haddonfield, NJ).
PA 110/H251. Haddonfield-Orthodox (Haddonfield, NJ).
PA 110/H252. Hadley (Hadley, IN).
PA 110/H28. Hanover (Hanover, NH).
PA 110/H3. Harding Creek (Harding Creek, OH).
PA 110/H32. Hardwick (Hardwick, NJ).
PA 110/H323. Harmony (Harmony, IL).
PA 110/H324. Harmony (Harmony, SD).
PA 110/H325. Harmony Grove (Harmony Grove, NC).
PA 110/H327. Harrisburg (Harrisburg, PA).
PA 110/H328. Harrisville (Harrisville, OH).
PA 110/H329. Hartford (Hartford, CN).
PA 110/H33. Hartland (Hartland, IA).
PA 110/H331. Hartland (Hartland, NY).
PA 110/H332. Hasty (Hasty, CO).
PA 110/H333. Haverford (Old)-Hicksite (Haverford, PA).
PA 110/H334. Haverford-Orthodox (Haverford, PA).
PA 110/H335. Haviland-Friends Church (Haviland, KS).
PA 110/H336. Haydon Lake (Haydon Lake, ID).
PA 110/H338. Hazel Dell (Hazel Dell, IN).
PA 110/H4. Head of Chester (Head of Chester, MD).
PA 110/H42. Hector (Hector, NY).
PA 110/H43. Hemlock (Hemlock, IN).
PA 110/H44. Henniker (Henniker, NH).
PA 110/H46. Hesper (Hesper, IA).
PA 110/H47. Hesper (Hesper, KS).
PA 110/H475. Hester Street-New York City (New York City, New York).
PA 110/H48. Hestonville-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/H5. Hickory Creek (Hickory Creek, NC).
PA 110/H51. Hickory Hill (Hickory Hill, PA).
PA 110/H511. Hickory Grove (Hickory Grove, IA).
PA 110/H52. Hickory Valley (Hickory Valley, TN).
PA 110/H54. High Falls (High Falls, NC).
PA 110/H55. High Point (High Point, NC).
PA 110/H57. Highland (Highland, IN).
PA 110/H571. Highland (Highland, OH).
PA 110/H58. Hillsboro (Hillsboro, OR).
PA 110/H59. Hinkle Creek (Hinkle Creek, IN).
PA 110/H62. Hockessin-Hicksite (Hockessin, DE).
PA 110/H63. Hockessin-Orthodox (Hockessin, DE).
PA 110/H64. Holly Spring (Holly Spring, NC).
PA 110/H65. Homedale (Homedale, ID).
PA 110/H651. Homestead (Homestead, KS).
PA 110/H653. Homeville (Homeville, PA).
PA 110/H656. Hominy (Hominy, OK).
PA 110/H658. Honey Creek (Honey Creek, IA).
PA 110/H659. Honolulu (Honolulu, HI).
PA 110/H66. Hood Swamp (Hood Swamp, NC).
PA 110/H67. Hopewell (Hopewell, NC).
PA 110/H671. Hopewell-Dana (Hopewell, IN).
PA 110/H672. Hopewell-Dublin (Hopewell, IN).
PA 110/H673. Hopewell (Hopewell, IA).
PA 110/H674. Hopewell (Hopewell, KS).
PA 110/H676. Hopewell (Hopewell, VA).
PA 110/H68. Horsham-Hicksite (Horsham, PA).
PA 110/H681. Horsham-Orthodox (Horsham, PA).
PA 110/H685. Hortonville (Hortonville, IN).
PA 110/H69. Houston (Houston, TX).
PA 110/H7. Howland (Howland, OH).
PA 110/H83. Hughesville (Hughesville, PA).
PA 110/H86. Humrick (Humrick, IL).
PA 110/H87. Hunting Creek (Hunting Creek, NC).
PA 110/H871. Huntington (Huntington, PA).
PA 110/H88. Hutchinson (Hutchinson, KS).
PA 110/I4. Illinois Grove (Illinois Grove, IA).
PA 110/I5. Independence (Independence, KS).
PA 110/I52. Indian Spring (Indian, MD).
PA 110/I54. Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN).
PA 110/I55. Indianola (Indianola, IA).
PA 110/I57. Inglewood (Inglewood, CA).
PA 110/I6. Iowa City (Iowa City, Iowa).
PA 110/J3. Jackson (Jackson, MI).
PA 110/J34. Jamestown (Old) (Jamestown, NC).
PA 110/J35. Jamestown (Jamestown, OH).
PA 110/J44. Jericho (Jericho, IN).
PA 110/J45. Jericho (Jericho, NY).
PA 110/J46. Jonesboro (Jonesboro, IN).
PA 110/J47. Jerusalem-L.I. (Jerusalem, NY).
PA 110/J7. Junius (Junius).
PA 110/K3. Kakiat (Kakiat, NY).
PA 110/K33. Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo, MI).
PA 110/K35. Kansas City (Kansas City, MO).
PA 110/K4. Kemma (Kemma, NE).
PA 110/K43. Kennard (Kennard, IN).
PA 110/K45. Kennett (New) (Kennett Square, PA).
PA 110/K451. Kenett (Old) (Kennett, PA).
PA 110/K46. Kennett Square-Hicksite (Kennett Square, PA).
PA 110/K461. Kennett Square-Orthodox (Kennett Square, PA).
PA 110/K47. Kenton (Kenton, OH).
PA 110/K49. Keystone (Keystone, IN).
PA 110/K5. Kickapoo (Kickapoo, OK).
PA 110/K55. King of Prussia-Hicksite (King of Prussia, PA).
PA 110/K551. Kingwood-Quakertown (Quakertown, NJ).
PA 110/K56. Knightstown (Knightstown, IN).
PA 110/K58. Knoxville (Knoxville, TN).
PA 110/K6. Kokomo (Kokomo, IN).
PA 110/K63. Kotzebue (Kotzebue, AK).
PA 110/K8. Kernersville (Kernersville, NC).
PA 110/L3. La Jolla (La Jolla, CA).
PA 110/L31. La Junta Heights (La Junta Heights, CO).
PA 110/L32. Lake Forest (Lake Forest, IL).
PA 110/L33. Lambertville (Lambertville, NJ).
PA 110/L332. Lamong (Lamong, IN).
PA 110/L34. Lampeter-Hicksite (Lampeter, PA).
PA 110/L341. Lampeter-Orthodox (Lampeter, PA).
PA 110/L35. Lancaster (Lancaster, PA).
PA 110/L35. Langhorne (Langhorne, PA).
PA 110/L36. Lanesville (Lanesville, CN).
PA 110/L362. Langley Hill (Langley Hill, VA).
PA 110/L37. Lansdowne-Hicksite (Lansdowne, PA).
PA 110/L371. Lansdowne-Orthodox (Lansdowne, PA).
PA 110/L38. Las Animas (Las Animas, CO).
PA 110/L385. Las Cruces (Las Cruces, NM).
PA 110/L4. Laura (Laura, OH).
PA 110/L41. Laurens (Laurens, NY).
PA 110/L42. Lawrence-FDS.Ch. (Lawrence, KS).
PA 110/L421. Lawrence (Lawrence, MA).
PA 110/L43. Le Grand (Le Grand, IA).
PA 110/L432. Le Ray (Le Ray, NY).
PA 110/L44. League City (League City, TX).
PA 110/L45. Lee (Lee, NH).
PA 110/L455. Leesburg (Leesburg, OH).
PA 110/L46. Lehigh Valley (Lehigh Valley, PA).
PA 110/L48. Lewisville (Lewisville, IN).
PA 110/L5. Liberal (Liberal, KS).
PA 110/L51. Liberty Friends Church-New Providence (New Providence, IA).
PA 110/L512. Liberty (Liberty, NC).
PA 110/L514. Liberty Chapel (Liberty Chapel, OH).
PA 110/L52. Lick Creek (Lick Creek, IN).
PA 110/L53. Lincoln (Lincoln, NE).
PA 110/L532. Lincoln-5Yr (Lincoln, VA).
PA 110/L54. Linden (Linden, IA).
PA 110/L55. Lindsay (Lindsay, CA).
PA 110/L552. Lindsay Chapel (Lindsay Chapel, IN).
PA 110/L56. Little Blue River (Little Blue River, IN).
PA 110/L562. Little Britain-Balto Hicksite (Little Britain, PA).
PA 110/L563. Little Britain-Orthodox (Little Britain, PA).
PA 110/L567. Little Compton (Little Compton, RI).
PA 110/L57. Little Creek (Little Creek, DE).
PA 110/L574. Little Egg Harbor-Orthodox (Little Egg Harbor, NJ).
PA 110/L578. Little Elk (Little Elk, PA).
PA 110/L58. Little Falls (Little Falls, MD).
PA 110/L584. Little Ridge (Little Ridge, IN).
PA 110/L588. Livonia (Livonia, MI).
PA 110/L6. Lobo (Lobo, Canada).
PA 110/L61. London Britain (London Britain, PA).
PA 110/L612. London Grove-Hicksite (London Grove, PA).
PA 110/L613. London Grove-Orthodox (London Grove, PA).
PA 110/L616. Londonderry (Londonderry, OH).
PA 110/L62. Lone Star (Lone Star, KS).
PA 110/L63. Long Beach (Long Beach, CA).
PA 110/L632. Long Lake (Long Lake, MI).
PA 110/L634. Long Plain (Long Plain, MA).
PA 110/L636. Longview (Longview, VA).
PA 110/L638. Longwood (Longwood, PA).
PA 110/L64. Los Alamitos (Los Alamitos, CA).
PA 110/L642. Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA).
PA 110/L65. Lost Creek (Lost Creek, TN).
PA 110/L66. Louisville (Louisville, KY).
PA 110/L67. Lowell (Lowell, KS).
PA 110/L8. Ludlow Falls (Ludlow Falls, OH).
PA 110/L85. Lupton (Lupton, MI).
PA 110/L9. Lynn (Lynn, IN).
PA 110/L92. Lynn-Russiaville (Russiaville, IN).
PA 110/L94. Lynn (Lynn, MA).
PA 110/L96. Lynn Grove (Lynn Grove, IA).
PA 110/M3. Macedon Center (Macedon Center, NY).
PA 110/M31. Madison (Madison, WI).
PA 110/M312. Maiden Creek-Hicksite (Maiden Creek, PA).
PA 110/M313. Maiden Creek-Orthodox (Maiden Creek, PA).
PA 110/M315. Makefield (Makefield, PA).
PA 110/M316. Mamaroneck (Mamaroneck, NY).
PA 110/M317. Malahide (Malehide, Canada).
PA 110/M319. Manchester (Manchester, ME).
PA 110/M32. Manhasset-L.I. (Manhasset, NY).
PA 110/M322. Mansfield-Hicksite (Mansfield, NJ).
PA 110/M323. Mansfield-Orthodox (Mansfield, NJ).
PA 110/M325. Mansfield (Mansfield, OH).
PA 110/M327. Maple (Maple, KS).
PA 110/M329. Maple Grove (Maple Grove, IN).
PA 110/M33. Marietta (Marietta, IA).
PA 110/M334. Marion (Marion, OR).
PA 110/M336. Marlboro (Marlboro, NC).
PA 110/M338. Marlborough (Marlborough, PA).
PA 110/M34. Marshall (Marshall, IN).
PA 110/M342. Marshalltown-1st FDS. CH. (Marshalltown, IA).
PA 110/M344. Marshy Creek (Marshy Creek, MD).
PA 110/M346. Martha's Vineyard (Martha's Vineyard, MA).
PA 110/M35. Martindale (Martindale, IN).
PA 110/M352. Martindale (Martindale, OH).
PA 110/M354. Martinsville (Martinsville, OH).
PA 110/M36. Marysville (Marysville, OH).
PA 110/M365. Maryville (Maryville, TN).
PA 110/M37. Matinecock-L.I. (Matinecock, NY).
PA 110/M372. Mattapoisett (Mattapoisett, MA).
PA 110/M374. Maurice River (Maurice River, NJ).
PA 110/M376. Mayfield (Mayfield, OH).
PA 110/M38. McArthur (McArthur, AK).
PA 110/M385. McKees Creek, OH.
PA 110/M4. Meadersboro (Meadersboro, NH).
PA 110/M42. Medford-Hicksite (Medford, NJ).
PA 110/M423. Medford (Medford, OR).
PA 110/M43. Media-Orthodox (Media, PA).
PA 110/M435. Melba (Melba, ID).
PA 110/M44. Menallen (Menallen, PA).
PA 110/M442. Marion (Marion, IN).
PA 110/M443. Mendon (Mendon, NY).
PA 110/M445. Merchantville (Merchantville, NJ).
PA 110/M45. Meridian (Meridian, ID).
PA 110/M455. Merion-Hicksite (Merion, PA).
PA 110/M46. Metolius (Metolius, OR).
PA 110/M5. Miami (Miami, FL).
PA 110/M52. Miami-Hicksite (Miami, OH).
PA 110/M523. Miami-Harveysburg (Miami, OH).
PA 110/M525. Miami (Miami, OK).
PA 110/M53. Middle Creek (Middle Creek, VA).
PA 110/M535. Middle River (Middle River, IA).
PA 110/M54. Middleton (Middleton, OH).
PA 110/M542. Middletown, Langhorne, Bucks Co.-Hicksite (Middletown, PA).
PA 110/M545. Middletown, Del Co.-Hicksite (Middletown, PA).
PA 110/M546. Middletown, Del Co.-Orthodox (Middletown, PA).
PA 110/M55. Midway City (Midway City, CA).
PA 110/M56. Milan (Milan, OH).
PA 110/M565. Milford (Milford, DE).
PA 110/M57. Mill Creek (Mill Creek, DE).
PA 110/M572. Mill Creek (Mill Creek, KS).
PA 110/M574. Mill Creek (Mill Creek, OH).
PA 110/M58. Millville-Hicksite (Millville, PA).
PA 110/M582. Milton (Milton, IN).
PA 110/M584. Milton (Milton, NY).
PA 110/M586. Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN).
PA 110/M6145. Morris (Morris, NY).
PA 110/M621. Modoc (Modoc, OK).
PA 110/M622. Mohawk Valley (Mohawk Valley, NY).
PA 110/M623. Monadnock (Monadnock, NH).
PA 110/M624. Monkton Ridge (Monkton Ridge, VT).
PA 110/M626. Monroe (Monroe, IN).
PA 110/M628. Montclair (Montclair, NJ).
PA 110/M63. Montebello (Montebello, CA).
PA 110/M632. Monteray Peninsula (Monteray Peninsula, CA).
PA 110/M634. Montpellier (Montpellier, VT).
PA 110/M635. Montreal (Montreal, Canada).
PA 110/M636. Mooreland (Mooreland, IN).
PA 110/M638. Moorestown-Hicksite (Moorestown, NJ).
PA 110/M639. Moorestown-Orthodox (Moorestown, NJ).
PA 110/M64. Moreau (Moreau, MH).
PA 110/M641. Morgan Creek (Morgan Creek, IN).
PA 110/M642. Morningside Heights (Morningside Heights, NY).
PA 110/M643. Motherkill (Motherkill, DE).
PA 110/M645. Motor (Motor, IA).
PA 110/M647. Mt. Airy (Mt. Airy, NC).
PA 110/M649. Mount Ayr (Mount Ayr, KS).
PA 110/M651. Mount Carmel (Mount Carmel, NC).
PA 110/M653. Mount Carmel (Mount Carmel, OH).
PA 110/M655. Mt Holly-Hicksite (Mt Holly, NJ).
PA 110/M656. Mt Holly-Orthodox (Mt Holly, NJ).
PA 110/M658. Mount Lebanon (Mount Lebanon, IN).
PA 110/M66. Mt. Pleasant (Mt. Pleasant, OH).
PA 110/M662. Mt. Pleasant (Mt. Pleasant, VA).
PA 110/M664. Mount Toby (Mount Toby, MA).
PA 110/M67. Mountain View (Mountain View, VA).
PA 110/M8. Muncie (Muncie, IN).
PA 110/M84. Muncy (Muncy, PA).
PA 110/M88. Muscatine Friends Church (Muscatine, IA).
PA 110/N3. Nahunta (Nahunta, NC).
PA 110/N32. Nampa (Nampa, ID).
PA 110/N34. Nantmeal (Nantmeal, PA).
PA 110/N36. Nantucket (Nantucket, MA).
PA 110/N4. Nee-Kau-Nis, Camp (Nee-Kau-Nis, Ontario).
PA 110/N42. Netarts (Netarts, OR).
PA 110/N424. Nettle Creek (Nettle Creek, IN).
PA 110/N426. Neuse (Neuse, NC).
PA 110/N428. Neversink (Neversink, NY).
PA 110/N43. New Bedford (New Bedford, MA).
PA 110/N432. New Brunswick (New Brunswick, NJ).
PA 110/N434. New Burlington (New Burlington, OH).
PA 110/N436. New Castle (New Castle, IN).
PA 110/N437. New Centre (New Centre, NC).
PA 110/N438. New Garden-Gurneyite (New Garden, IN).
PA 110/N44. New Garden (New Garden, NC).
PA 110/N442. New Garden (New Garden, OH).
PA 110/N444. New Garden-Hicksite (New Garden, PA).
PA 110/N445. New Garden-Orthodox (New Garden, PA).
PA 110/N447. New Holland (New Holland, IN).
PA 110/N449. New Hope (New Hope, IN).
PA 110/N451. New Hope (New Hope, NE).
PA 110/N453. New Hope (New Hope, NC).
PA 110/N455. New Hope (New Hope, OK).
PA 110/N457. New London (New London, IN).
PA 110/N459. New Market (New Market, Canada).
PA 110/N461. New Martinsburg (New Martinsburg, OH).
PA 110/N463. New Meadows Valley (New Meadows Valley, ID).
PA 110/N465. New Milford (New Milford, CN).
PA 110/N466. New Paltz (New Paltz, NY).
PA 110/N467. New Point (New Point, VA).
PA 110/N469. New Salem (New Salem, IN).
PA 110/N471. New Sharon-Friends Ch. (New Sharon, IA).
PA 110/N473. New Vienna (New Vienna, OH).
PA 110/N475. New Westville (New Westville, OH).
PA 110/N477. Newark (Newark, DE).
PA 110/N479. Newberg (Newberg, OR).
PA 110/N48. Newark (Newark, NJ).
PA 110/N481. Newberry (Newberry, IN).
PA 110/N483. Newberry (Newberry, OH).
PA 110/N485. Newberry (Newberry, PA).
PA 110/N486. Newmarket (Newmarket, Ontario).
PA 110/N487. Newport (Newport, IN).
PA 110/N489. Newport (Newport, RI).
PA 110/N490. Newport-Middletown (Newport, RI).
PA 110/N491. Newport News (Newport News, VA).
PA 110/N492. Newtown (Newtown, CT).
PA 110/N493. Newtown-Camden (Camden, NJ).
PA 110/N494. Newton-(Old M-H) (Newton, NJ).
PA 110/N496. Newtown-Bucks Co. (Newtown, PA).
PA 110/N498. Newtown Square-Del Co. (Newtown, PA).
PA 110/N55. Nine Partners (Nine Partners, NY).
PA 110/N6. Noblesville (Noblesville, IN).
PA 110/N62. Norfolk (Norfolk, VA).
PA 110/N624. Norristown-Hicksite (Norristown, PA).
PA 110/N625. Norristown-Orthodox (Norristown, PA).
PA 110/N63. North Berwick (North Berwick, ME).
PA 110/N631. Northcastle (Northcastle, NY).
PA 110/N632. North Collins (North Collins, NY).
PA 110/N634. North Dartmouth (North Dartmouth, MA).
PA 110/N636. North Easton (North Easton, NY).
PA 110/N638. North Fairfield (North Fairfield, ME).
PA 110/N64. North Holtville (North Holtville, CA).
PA 110/N642. North Lewisburg (North Lewisburg, OH).
PA 110/N644. North Loup (North Loup, NE).
PA 110/N646. North Scituate (North Scituate, RI).
PA 110/N648. North Street (North Street, NY).
PA 110/N65. North Weare (North Weare, NH).
PA 110/N66. Northbranch (Northbranch, KS).
PA 110/N662. Northwest Fork (Northwest Fork, MD).
PA 110/N664. Norwalk (Norwalk, CA).
PA 110/N67. Norwich (Norwich, Ontario).
PA 110/O2. Oak Creek (Oak Creek, KS).
PA 110/O22. Oak Grove (Oak Grove, IA).
PA 110/O222. Oak Grove (Oak Grove, TN).
PA 110/O224. Oak Grove School (Oak Grove School, ME).
PA 110/O226. Oak Hill (Oak Hill, NC).
PA 110/O228. Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge, IN).
PA 110/O24. Oakland (Oakland, NC).
PA 110/O26. Octararo (Octararo, MD).
PA 110/O3. Ogden (Ogden, OH).
PA 110/O35. Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, OK).
PA 110/O4. (Old) Gunpowder (Gunpowder, MD).
PA 110/O42. Old Springfield-Copenny (Copenny, NJ).
PA 110/O45. Old Westbury-Long Island (Long Island, NY).
PA 110/O48. Omaha (Omaha, NE).
PA 110/O5. Ontario (Ontario, OR).
PA 110/O544. Orange St.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/O7. Orange (Orange, OH).
PA 110/O72. Orange Grove (Orange Grove, CA).
PA 110/O73. Orangeville (Orangeville, NY).
PA 110/O74. Orchard Park (Orchard Park, NY).
PA 110/O76. Ordway (Ordway, CO).
PA 110/O78. Orlando (Orlando, FL).
PA 110/O8. College Ave Ch.-Oskaloosa (Oskaloosa, IA).
PA 110/O85. Oswego (Oswego, NY).
PA 110/O9. Oxford (Oxford, PA).
PA 110/P3. Palm Beach (Palm Beach, FL).
PA 110/P31. 45 West School Lane-Germantown-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P32. Palmer Lake (Palmer Lake, FL).
PA 110/P325. Palo Alto (Palo Alto, CA).
PA 110/P33. Paoli (Paoli, IN).
PA 110/P335. Paonia (Paonia, CO).
PA 110/P34. Parker (Parker, IN).
PA 110/P345. Parkersville (Parkersville, PA).
PA 110/P35. First Friends' Church-Pasadena (Pasadena, CA).
PA 110/P355. Villa St. M-H–Pasadena (Pasadena, CA).
PA 110/P36. Paton (Paton, IA).
PA 110/P365. Patuxent (Patuxent, MD).
PA 110/P37. Paullina (Paullina, IA).
PA 110/P375. Pawling (Pawling, NY).
PA 110/P4. Peaceful Valley (Peaceful Valley, IN).
PA 110/P42. Peach Pond (Peach Pond, NY).
PA 110/P423. Peconic Bay (Peconic Bay, NY).
PA 110/P424. Peekskille Preparative Meeting (Peekskille, NY).
PA 110/P425. Pelham-Guyrneyite (Pelham, Canada).
PA 110/P43. Pelham-Hicksite (Pelham, Canada).
PA 110/P435. Pembroke (Pembroke, MA).
PA 110/P44. Penial (Penial, VA).
PA 110/P445. Penn (Penn, MI).
PA 110/P45. Pennsbury (Pennsbury, PA).
PA 110/P455. Pennsgrove (Pennsgrove, PA).
PA 110/P46. Pennsville (Pennsville, OH).
PA 110/P465. Pennville (Pennville, IN).
PA 110/P47. Peoria (Peoria, OH).
PA 110/P49. Perry City-Trumansburg (Trumansburg, NY).
PA 110/P5. 4th and Arch St.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P51. Front St. Above Arch St.-Bank-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P511. S-W Cor. Broad-Center-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P513. 5th and Cherry Sts.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P515. 1515 Cherry St-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P517. Chestnut Hill-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P519. Germantown Ave and Cambria-Fair Hill-Philadelphia-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P522. 4th St. South of Chestnut St.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P526. Frankford-Philadelphia-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P527. Frankford-Philadelphia-Orthodox (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P529. "Free Quaker" S.W. Cor. 5th and Arch Sts. (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P532. Coulter St. Near Germantown Ave-Orthodox (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P533. 17th and Girard Ave-Philadelphia-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P534. 4th and Green Sts.-Philadelphia-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P538. S-W Cor. 2nd and High (Market) Sts.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P542. 6th and Noble Sts-North Philadelphia-Orthodox (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P546. Pine St. East of 2nd St.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P547. Powelton-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P548. 15th and Race Sts.-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P549. 6th and Noble Streets-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P552. Spruce St. Near 9th-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P554. Stapely Hall-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P557. Twelth St.-20 So 12 St.-Orthodox (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P56. 35th and Lancaster Ave-West Philadelphia-Hicksite (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P561. 42nd and Powelton Ave-W Philadelphia-Orthodox (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P562. Washington Square-Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 110/P563. Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ).
PA 110/P565. Pico Rivera (Pico Rivera, CA).
PA 110/P567. Pikeland (Pikeland, PA).
PA 110/P569. Pilot Mountain (Pilot Mountain, NC).
PA 110/P572. Pilot View (Pilot View, NC).
PA 110/P574. Pine Grove (Pine Grove, NJ).
PA 110/P576. Pine Grove (Pine Grove, PA).
PA 110/P578. Pine Hill (Pine Hill, NC).
PA 110/P58. Pine Mountain (Pine Mountain, NC).
PA 110/P582. Piney Woods (Piney Woods-NC).
PA 110/P584. Pipe Creek (Pipe Creek, IN).
PA 110/P586. Pipe Creek (Pipe Creek, MD).
PA 110/P588. Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA).
PA 110/P59. Pittstown (Pittstown, NY).
PA 110/P6. Plainfield (Plainfield, IN).
PA 110/P61. Plainfield-Conservative (Plainfield, IN).
PA 110/P615. Plainfield-Hicksite (Plainfield, NJ).
PA 110/P616. Plainfield-Orthodox (Plainfield, NJ).
PA 110/P62. Plainfield (Plainfield, NC).
PA 110/P625. Plainview (Plainview, NE).
PA 110/P627. Plattekill (Plattekill, NY).
PA 110/P63. Pleasant Garden (Pleasant Garden, NC).
PA 110/P635. Pleasant Grove (Pleasant Grove, IL).
PA 110/P64. Pleasant Plain (Pleasant Plain, IA).
PA 110/P645. Pleasant Plain (Pleasant Plain, KS).
PA 110/P65. Pleasant Ridge (Pleasant Ridge, IA).
PA 110/P655. Pleasant Valley (Pleasant Valley, NE).
PA 110/P66. Pleasant Valley (Pleasant Valley, NY).
PA 110/P665. Pleasant View (Pleasant View, NC).
PA 110/P67. Plumstead-Hicksite (Plumstead, PA).
PA 110/P671. Plumstead-Orthodox (Plumstead, PA).
PA 110/P673. Plymouth-Hicksite (Plymouth, PA).
PA 110/P674. Plymouth-Orthodox (Plymouth, PA).
PA 110/P676. Pomona (Pomona, NC).
PA 110/P679. Poplar Ridge-Orthodox (Poplar Ridge, NY).
PA 110/P681. Poplar Ridge (Poplar Ridge, NC).
PA 110/P683. Poplar Run (Poplar Run, IN).
PA 110/P685. Portland (Portland, IN).
PA 110/P686. Forest Ave.-Portland (Portland, ME).
PA 110/P687. Portland (Portland, OR).
PA 110/P689. Portsmouth (Portsmouth, RI).
PA 110/P691. Portsmouth (Portsmouth, VA).
PA 110/P693. Potter's Hollow (Potter's Hollow, NY).
PA 110/P695. Pottstown (Pottstown, PA).
PA 110/P697. Poughkeepsie-Hicksite (Poughkeepsie, NY).
PA 110/P698. Poughkeepsie-Orthodox (Poughkeepsie, NY).
PA 110/P7. Prairie Center (Prairie Center, KS).
PA 110/P71. Prairie Grove (Prairie Grove, IA).
PA 110/P715. Prairie Vale (Prairie Vale, KS).
PA 110/P72. Pratt (Pratt, KS).
PA 110/P73. Preston (Preston, MD).
PA 110/P732. Stanton (Stanton, DE).
PA 110/P74. Presumpscott (Presumpscott, ME).
PA 110/P75. Prosperity-High Falls (High Falls, NC).
PA 110/P76. Providence (Providence, IN).
PA 110/P765. Providence (Providence, NC).
PA 110/P77. Providence-Del Co. (Providence, PA).
PA 110/P775. Providence-Fayette Co. (Providence, PA).
PA 110/P78. Providence-Montgomery Co.-1 (Providence, PA).
PA 110/P785. Providence (Providence, RI).
PA 110/P8. Pueblo (Pueblo, CO).
PA 110/P88. Putnam (Putnam, NC).
PA 110/QU3. Quaker City (Quaker City, OH).
PA 110/QU33. Quaker Hill-Richmond (Richmond, IN).
PA 110/QU36. Quaker Hill-Pawling (Pawling, NY).
PA 110/QU39. Quaker Hill (Quaker Hill, RI).
PA 110/QU5. Quilcene (Quilcene, WA).
PA 110/QU63. Purchase-Hicksite (Purchase, NY).
PA 110/QU631. Purchase-Orthodox (Purchase, NY).
PA 110/R3. Radley (Radley, IN).
PA 110/R31. Radnor (Radnor, PA).
PA 110/R315. Rafter Friends Chapel (Rafter, TN).
PA 110/R32. Rahway-Hicksite (Rahway, NJ).
PA 110/R321. Rahway-Orthodox (Rahway, NJ).
PA 110/R325. Raleigh (Raleigh, NC).
PA 110/R33. Ramona (Ramona, CA).
PA 110/R335. Ramona (Ramona, OK).
PA 110/R34. Rancocas-Hicksite (Rancocas, NJ).
PA 110/R341. Rancocas-Orthodox (Rancocas, NJ).
PA 110/R345. Randleman (Randleman, NC).
PA 110/R35. Randolph (Randolph, IN).
PA 110/R355. Randolph-Dover (Dover, NJ).
PA 110/R36. Randolph (Randolph, OH).
PA 110/R365. Raysville (Raysville, IN).
PA 110/R4. Reading (Reading, PA).
PA 110/R41. Reavis Town (Reavis Town, VA).
PA 110/R42. Redstone (Redstone, PA).
PA 110/R43. Reidsville (Reidsville, NC).
PA 110/R44. Rescue (Rescue, VA).
PA 110/R45. Reserve (Reserve, IN).
PA 110/R46. Rhodes (Rhodes, NC).
PA 110/R5. Rich Square (Rich Square, IN).
PA 110/R51. Richland (Richland, IA).
PA 110/R515. Richland (Richland, OH).
PA 110/R52. Richland-Quakertown (Quakertown, PA).
PA 110/R525. First Friends Church (Richmond, IN).
PA 110/R53. Richmond-Gurneyite (Richmond, IN).
PA 110/R535. Richmond (Richmond, VA).
PA 110/R54. Ridge (Ridge, OH).
PA 110/R545. Ridge (Ridge, VA).
PA 110/R55. Ridgefarm (Ridgefarm, IL).
PA 110/R555. Ridgewood (Ridgewood, NJ).
PA 110/R56. Ringwood (Ringwood, OK).
PA 110/R565. Riverside (Riverside, CA).
PA 110/R57. Riverside (Riverside, ID).
PA 110/R575. Riverside (Riverside, KS).
PA 110/R58. Riverton (Riverton, KS).
PA 110/R6. Roaring Creek (Roaring Creek, PA).
PA 110/R61. Robeson (Robeson, PA).
PA 110/R615. Rochester (Rochester, NH).
PA 110/R62. Rochester (Rochester, NY).
PA 110/R625. Rock Hill (Rock Hill, NC).
PA 110/R63. Rockford (Rockford, IN).
PA 110/R635. Rockingham (Rockingham, VT).
PA 110/R64. Rocky River (Rocky River, NC).
PA 110/R645. Rollin (Rollin, MI).
PA 110/R65. Romansville (Romansville, PA).
PA 110/R655. Rose Hill (Rose Hill, KS).
PA 110/R657. Rose Street Meeting House-New York City (New York City, NY).
PA 110/R66. Rose Valley (Rose Valley, WA).
PA 110/R665. Rough Rock (Rough Rock, AZ).
PA 110/R8. Rubio (Rubio, IA).
PA 110/R83. Rural (Rural, IN).
PA 110/R85. Rush Creek (Rush Creek, IN).
PA 110/R89. Russiaville (Russiaville, IN).
PA 110/R9. Rye (Rye, NY).
PA 110/S2. Sabina (Sabina, OH).
PA 110/S21. Sacramento (Sacramento, CA).
PA 110/S212. Sadsbury-Hicksite (Sadsbury, PA).
PA 110/S213. Sadsbury-Orthodox (Sadsbury, PA).
PA 110/S214. Sagata Weekee (Buck Hills Falls, PA).
PA 110/S215. St. Albans (St. Albans, ME).
PA 110/S217. Saint Louis (Saint Louis, MO).
PA 110/S219. Saint Marys (Saint Marys, OH).
PA 110/S221. St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, FL).
PA 110/S223. Salem (Salem, IN).
PA 110/S225. Salem (Salem, IA).
PA 110/S227. Salem (Salem, MA).
PA 110/S229. Salem-Hicksite (Salem, NJ).
PA 110/S23. Salem-Orthodox (Salem, NJ).
PA 110/S232. Salem-Conservative (Salem, OH).
PA 110/S233. Salem-Gurneyite (Salem, OH).
PA 110/S234. Salem-Hicksite (Salem, OH).
PA 110/S237. Salem (Salem, OR).
PA 110/S239. Samantha (Samantha, OH).
PA 110/S241. San Antonio (San Antonio, TX).
PA 110/S243. San Diego (San Diego, CA).
PA 110/S245. San Francisco (San Francisco, CA).
PA 110/S247. San Jose (San Jose, CA).
PA 110/S249. Sand Creek (Sand Creek, IN).
PA 110/S251. Sandwich (Sandwich, MA).
PA 110/S253. Sandwich (Sandwich, NH).
PA 110/S255. Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill, PA).
PA 110/S257. Sandy Spring (Sandy Spring, MD).
PA 110/S259. Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM).
PA 110/S261. Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA).
PA 110/S263. Saratoga (Saratoga, NY).
PA 110/S265. Saxapahaw (Saxapahaw, NC).
PA 110/S267. Saylesville (Saylesville, RI).
PA 110/S3. Scarsdale (Scarsdale, NY).
PA 110/S31. Schomberg (Schomberg, Ontario).
PA 110/S32. Schuylkill (Schuylkill, PA).
PA 110/S33. Science Hill (Science Hill, NC).
PA 110/S34. Scipio-Conservative (Scipio, NY).
PA 110/S35. Scipio-Hicksite (Scipio, NY).
PA 110/S36. Scott Mills (Scott Mills, OR).
PA 110/S37. Scranton (Scranton, IA).
PA 110/S4. Searsboro (Searsboro, IA).
PA 110/S41. Seattle (Seattle, WA).
PA 110/S43. Sebring (Sebring, OH).
PA 110/S45. Seiling (Seiling, OK).
PA 110/S47. Selkirk (Selkirk, MI).
PA 110/S49. Sewickly (Sewickly, PA).
PA 110/S5. Shannon (Shannon, KS).
PA 110/S51. Shawnee (Shawnee, OK).
PA 110/S513. Shelby (Shelby, MH).
PA 110/S515. Sheridan (Sheridan, IN).
PA 110/S52. Sherwood (Sherwood, OR).
PA 110/S525. Shiloh (Shiloh, IN).
PA 110/S53. Shirley (Shirley, IN).
PA 110/S535. Short Creek (Short Creek, OH).
PA 110/S55. Silcott Springs (Silcott Springs, VA).
PA 110/S551. Shrewsbury-Orthodox (Shrewsbury, NJ).
PA 110/S554. Shrewsbury-Hicksite (Shrewsbury, NJ).
PA 110/S555. Siloam (Siloam, NC).
PA 110/S559. Silver Bay (Silver Bay, NY).
PA 110/S56. Silverton (Silverton, OR).
PA 110/S565. Skaneateles (Skaneateles, NY).
PA 110/S6. Smithfield (Smithfield, OH).
PA 110/S61. Smith's Clove (Smith's Clove, NY).
PA 110/S612. Smith's Creek (Smith's Creek, VA).
PA 110/S614. Smith's Neck (Smith's Neck, MA).
PA 110/S616. Smyrna (Smyrna, IA).
PA 110/S618. Smyrna (Smyrna, NY).
PA 110/S62. Solebury-Hicksite (Solebury, PA).
PA 110/S621. Solebury-Orthodox (Solebury, PA).
PA 110/S623. Somerset (Somerset, OH).
PA 110/S625. Somerton (Somerton, VA).
PA 110/S627. South China (South China, ME).
PA 110/S629. South Durham (South Durham, ME).
PA 110/S631. South Fork (South Fork, KS).
PA 110/S633. South Fork (South Fork, NC).
PA 110/S635. South Pittsfield (South Pittsfield, NH).
PA 110/S637. South Plainfield (South Plainfield, NC).
PA 110/S639. South River-Lynchburg (Lynchburg, VA).
PA 110/S641. South Starksboro (South Starksboro, VT).
PA 110/S643. South Union (South Union, IN).
PA 110/S645. South Uxbridge (South Uxbridge, MA).
PA 110/S647. South Windham (South Windham, ME).
PA 110/S649. South Yarmouth (South Yarmouth, MA).
PA 110/S651. Southampton (Southampton, PA).
PA 110/S652. Southland (Southland, OH).
PA 110/S655. Southland (Southland, VA).
PA 110/S657. Southwood (Southwood, IN).
PA 110/S659. Sparta (Sparta, Ontario).
PA 110/S661. Spencer's (Spencer's, PA).
PA 110/S663. Spencerville (Spencerville, OH).
PA 110/S665. Spiceland (Spiceland, IN).
PA 110/S667. Spokane (Spokane, WA).
PA 110/S669. Sprague River (Sprague River, OR).
PA 110/S67. Springville-Whittier (Whittier, IA).
PA 110/S671. Spring (Spring, NC).
PA 110/S673. Spring Grove (Spring Gorve, KS).
PA 110/S675. Spring River (Spring River, KS).
PA 110/S677. Spring Valley (Spring River, CA).
PA 110/S679. Spring Valley (Spring Valley, OH).
PA 110/S681. Springbank (Springbank, NE).
PA 110/S683. Springbook (Springbook, OR).
PA 110/S685. Springdale (Springdale, IA).
PA 110/S687. Springdale-FDS Church (Springdale, KS).
PA 110/S689. Springdale (Springdale, OH).
PA 110/S691. Springfield (Springfield, CO).
PA 110/S693. Springfield (Springfield, NC).
PA 110/S695. Springfield (Springfield, OH).
PA 110/S696. Springfield-McCreight Ave (Springfield, OH).
PA 110/S698. Springfield-Bucks Co. (Springfield, PA).
PA 110/S699. Springfield-Marple-Del. CO. (Marple, PA).
PA 110/S71. Squan (Squan, NJ).
PA 110/S72. Stafford (Stafford, KS).
PA 110/S723. Stamford (Stamford, CN).
PA 110/S726. Standfordville (Stanfordville, NY).
PA 110/S729. Stanton (Stanton, CA).
PA 110/S735. Stanwood (Stanwood, KS).
PA 110/S738. Stanwood (Stanwood, NY).
PA 110/S741. Star (Star, IA).
PA 110/S744. Stark (Stark, KS).
PA 110/S747. State College (State College, PA).
PA 110/S75. Statesville (Statesville, NC).
PA 110/S753. Stavanger (Stavanger, IA).
PA 110/S756. Stillwater-Conservative (Stillwater, OH).
PA 110/S759. Stillwell (Stillwell, IN).
PA 110/S762. Stockport (Stockport, IA).
PA 110/S765. Stoneybrook-Princeton (Princeton, NJ).
PA 110/S768. Storrs (Storrs, CT).
PA 110/S771. Stroudsburg (Stroudsburg, PA).
PA 110/S774. Stuart (Stuart, IA).
PA 110/S777. Sturgeon Bay (Sturgeon Bay, WI).
PA 110/S8. Sugar Grove (Sugar Grove, IN).
PA 110/S81. Sugar Plain (Sugar Plain, IN).
PA 110/S82. Summersville (Summersville, OH).
PA 110/S83. Summit (Summit, NJ).
PA 110/S84. Sunnyside (Sunnyside, CA).
PA 110/S85. Svensen (Svensen, OR).
PA 110/S86. Swansea (Swansea, MA).
PA 110/S87. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA).
PA 110/S88. Swedesboro (Swedesboro, NJ).
PA 110/S89. Sycamore (Sycamore, IN).
PA 110/S9. Sycamore-Midland (Midland, OH).
PA 110/S91. Symonds Creek (Symonds Creek, NC).
PA 110/S93. Syracuse (Syracuse, NY).
PA 110/T3. Tacoma (Tacoma, WA).
PA 110/T33. Taghkanic (Taghkanic, NY).
PA 110/T36. Talent (Talent, OR).
PA 110/T4. Tecumseh (Tecumseh, MI).
PA 110/T42. Tennessee Prairie (Tennessee Prairie, KS).
PA 110/T44. Terre Haute (Terre Haute, IN).
PA 110/T46. Texas City (Texas City, TX).
PA 110/T47. Third Haven (Third Haven, MD).
PA 110/T48. Three Point (Three Point, TN).
PA 110/T5. Tigard (Tigard, OR).
PA 110/T53. Tillson (Tillson, NY).
PA 110/T56. Timber (Timber, OR).
PA 110/T59. Timber Creek (Timber Creek, KS).
PA 110/T6. Tonganoxie (Tonganoxie, KS).
PA 110/T63. Topanemus (Topanemus, NJ).
PA 110/T66. Topeka (Topeka, KS).
PA 110/T69. Toronto (Toronto, Ontario).
PA 110/T7. Traverse City (Traverse City, MI).
PA 110/T71. Trenton-Hicksite (Trenton, NJ).
PA 110/T73. Trenton-Orthodox (Trenton, NJ).
PA 110/T75. Trinity (Trinity, OH).
PA 110/T77. Trinity (Trinity, VA).
PA 110/T79. Troy (Troy, NY).
PA 110/T8. Tuckahoe (Tuckahoe, MD).
PA 110/T81. Tuckahoe (Tuckahoe, NY).
PA 110/T82. Tuckahoe Neck (Tuckahoe Neck, MD).
PA 110/T83. Tucson (Tucson, AZ).
PA 110/T84. Tulsa (Tulsa, OK).
PA 110/T85. Tuscarora (Tuscarora, VA).
PA 110/T86. Twentieth St-144 E. 20th St.-Orthodox (New York City, NY).
PA 110/T87. Twin Mound (Twin Mound, KS).
PA 110/T88. Two Pounds-South China (South China, ME).
PA 110/U5. Unadilla (Unadilla, NY).
PA 110/U51. Union-Evangelical (Union, IN).
PA 110/U52. Union (Union, OK).
PA 110/U53. Union Center (Union Center, IN).
PA 110/U54. Union Cross (Union Cross, NC).
PA 110/U55. Union Hill (Union Hill, NC).
PA 110/U56. Union Springs (Union Springs, NY).
PA 110/U57. Unionville-Chester Co. (Unionville, PA).
PA 110/U58. Unity (Unity, NH).
PA 110/U6. Up River (Up River, NC).
PA 110/U61. Upland (Upland, IN).
PA 110/U615. Upper Chichester (Upper Chichester, PA).
PA 110/U62. Upper Dublin (Upper Dublin, PA).
PA 110/U63. Upper Evesham-Medford-Orthodox (Medford, NJ).
PA 110/U64. Upper Freehold (Freehold, NJ).
PA 110/U65. Upper Greenwich-Mickleton (Upper Greenwich, NJ).
PA 110/U66. Upper Penn's Neck (Upper Penn's Neck, NJ).
PA 110/U67. Upper Smithfield (Upper Smithfield, RI).
PA 110/U68. Upper Springfield (Upper Springfield, NJ).
PA 110/U7. Urbana (Urbana, OH).
PA 110/U75. Urbana-Champagne (Champagne, IL).
PA 110/U9. Uwchlan (Uwchlan, PA).
PA 110/U94. Uxbridge (Uxbridge, Canada).
PA 110/U98. Uxbridge (Uxbridge, MA).
PA 110/V29. Valley (Valley, NY).
PA 110/V3. Valley (Valley, OH).
PA 110/V31. Valley (Valley, PA).
PA 110/V32. Valley Mills (Valley Mills, IN).
PA 110/V33. Valley-Walkill (Walkill, NY).
PA 110/V34. Valton (Valton, WI).
PA 110/V35. Van Wert (Van Wert, OH).
PA 110/V36. Vancouver (Vancouver, Canada).
PA 110/V37. Vancouver (Vancouver, WA).
PA 110/V38. Vassalboro (Vassalboro, ME).
PA 110/V4. Ventura (Ventura, CA).
PA 110/V43. Vera (Vera, OK).
PA 110/V46. Vermillion (Vermillion, IN).
PA 110/V49. Vermillion Grove (Vermillion Grove, IL).
PA 110/V5. Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia).
PA 110/V52. Vienna (Vienna, VA).
PA 110/V54. Vilas (Vilas, CO).
PA 110/V56. Vincentown (Vincentown, NJ).
PA 110/V58. Virginia Beach (Virginia Beach, VA).
PA 110/W26. West Chehalem (West Chehalem, OR).
PA 110/W3. Wabash (Wabash, IN).
PA 110/W31. Walnut Chapel (Walnut Chapel, WI).
PA 110/W315. Walnut Corner (Walnut Corner, IN).
PA 110/W32. Walnut Creek (Walnut Creek, CA).
PA 110/W325. Walnut Ridge (Walnut Ridge, IN).
PA 110/W33. Walsh (Walsh, CO).
PA 110/W335. Wapsinonoc (Wapsinonoc, IA).
PA 110/W34. Warminster (Warminster, PA).
PA 110/W345. Warrington (Warrington, PA).
PA 110/W35. Washington (Washington, KS).
PA 110/W355. Florida Ave. M-H-Washington (Washington, DC).
PA 110/W36. "I" St. M-H-Washington (Washington, DC).
PA 110/W365. Irving St. M-H-Washington (Washington, DC).
PA 110/W37. Watseka (Watseka, IL).
PA 110/W376. Waynesville-Orthodox (Waynesville, OH).
PA 110/W4. Webster (Webster, IN).
PA 110/W41. Wellesley (Wellesley, MA).
PA 110/W412. Wellington-Gurneyite (Wellington, Canada).
PA 110/W414. Wellington-Wilburite (Wellington, Canada).
PA 110/W416. West M-H (West, OH).
PA 110/W418. West Branch (West Branch, IA).
PA 110/W419. West Branch (West Branch, NY).
PA 110/W42. West Branch (West Branch, OH).
PA 110/W422. West Branch (West Branch, PA).
PA 110/W424. West Caln (West Caln, PA).
PA 110/W428. West Chester-Hicksite (West Chester, PA).
PA 110/W429. West Chester-Orthodox (West Chester, PA).
PA 110/W431. West Elkton (West Elkton, OH).
PA 110/W433. West Epping (West Epping, NH).
PA 110/W435. West Falmouth (West Falmouth, MA).
PA 110/W437. West Fork-Westboro (Westboro, OH).
PA 110/W439. West Glendale (West Glendale, KS).
PA 110/W441. West Grove (West Grove, IN).
PA 110/W443. West Grove (West Grove, NC).
PA 110/W445. West Grove (West Grove, OH).
PA 110/W447. West Grove-Hicksite (West Grove, PA).
PA 110/W448. West Grove-Orthodox (West Grove, PA).
PA 110/W45. West Lafayette (West Lafayette, IN).
PA 110/W452. West Lake (West Lake, Canada).
PA 110/W454. West Land (West Land, OH).
PA 110/W456. West Mansfield (West Mansfield, OH).
PA 110/W458. West Middleton (West Middleton, IN).
PA 110/W46. West Milton (West Milton, OH).
PA 110/W462. West Newton (West Newton, IN).
PA 110/W464. Little Brick-West Nottingham (West Nottingham, MD).
PA 110/W466. West River (West River, IN).
PA 110/W468. West River (West River, MD).
PA 110/W47. West Union (West Union, IN).
PA 110/W472. West Unity (West Unity, OH).
PA 110/W474. Westboro (Westboro, OH).
PA 110/W476. Westbury-L.I.-Hicksite (Westbury, NY).
PA 110/W477. Westfield-Orthodox (Westfield, NJ).
PA 110/W477. Westbury-L.I.-Orthodox (Westbury, NY).
PA 110/W479. Westerly (Westerly, RI).
PA 110/W481. Westfield (Westfield, IN).
PA 110/W483. Westfield-Hicksite (Westfield, NJ).
PA 110/W486. Westfield (Westfield, NC).
PA 110/W488. Westfield (Westfield, OH).
PA 110/W49. Westland (Westland, IN).
PA 110/W492. Westland (Westland, PA).
PA 110/W494. Westport (Westport, MA).
PA 110/W496. Westtown (Westtown, PA).
PA 110/W5. Wheatland-Hicksite (Wheatland, NY).
PA 110/W498. What Cheer (Keokuk, Iowa).
PA 110/W505. Wheatland-Orthodox (Wheatland, NY).
PA 110/W51. Wheeler (Wheeler, OR).
PA 110/W511. Whitchurch (Whitchurch, Ontario).
PA 110/W512. White Creek (White Creek, NY).
PA 110/W514. White Lick (White Lick, IN).
PA 110/W516. White Oak (White Oak, IN).
PA 110/W518. White Plains (White Plains, NC).
PA 110/W52. White River (White River, IN).
PA 110/W524. Whiteland (Whiteland, PA).
PA 110/W526. Whitemarsh (Whitemarsh, PA).
PA 110/W528. Whitewater-Old (Whitewater, IN).
PA 110/W53. Whitewater-Richmond-Hicksite (Richmond, IN).
PA 110/W532. Whittier (Whittier, CA).
PA 110/W534. Whittier (Whittier, IA).
PA 110/W54. Wichita-FDS Church (Whichita, KS).
PA 110/W543. Wilder (Wilder, IN).
PA 110/W546. Williamsburg (Williamsburg, IN).
PA 110/W549. Williamsport (Williamsport, PA).
PA 110/W552. Willistown (Willistown, PA).
PA 110/W555. Wilmington-Hicksite (Wilmington, DE).
PA 110/W556. Wilmington-Orthodox (Wilmington, DE).
PA 110/W559. Wilmington (Wilmington, OH).
PA 110/W562. Wilton (Wilton, CN).
PA 110/W565. Winchester (Winchester, IN).
PA 110/W568. Winchester (Winchester, VA).
PA 110/W571. Windham (Windham, ME).
PA 110/W574. Winona (Winona, OH).
PA 110/W577. Winston Salem (Winston Salem, NC).
PA 110/W58. Winthrop (Winthrop, NC).
PA 110/W583. Winthrop Center (Winthrop Center, ME).
PA 110/W6. Woller (Woller, Ontario).
PA 110/W61. Woodbridge (Woodbridge, NJ).
PA 110/W615. Woodbury-Hicksite (Woodbury, NJ).
PA 110/W62. Woodland (Woodland, ID).
PA 110/W625. Woodland-Cedargrove (Woodland, NC).
PA 110/W63. Woodlawn (Woodlawn, VA).
PA 110/W635. Woodstone-Pilesgrove-Hicksite (Woodstone, NJ).
PA 110/W636. Woodstone-Orthodox (Woodstone, NJ).
PA 110/W64. Woolson (Woolson, IA).
PA 110/W645. Woolwich-Mullica Hill (Mullica Hill, NJ).
PA 110/W65. Worcester (Worcester, MA).
PA 110/W7. Wrightsboro (Wrightsboro, GA).
PA 110/W74. Wrightstown-Hicksite (Wrightstown, PA).
PA 110/W78. Wrightstown-Orthodox (Wrightstown, PA).
PA 110/W9. Wyandotte (Wyandotte, OK).
PA 110/W93. Westmoreland (Westmoreland, NY).
PA 110/X4. Xenia (Xenia, OH).
PA 110/Y3. Yardley (Yardley, PA).
PA 110/Y35. Yarmouth (Yarmouth, Canada).
PA 110/Y4. Yellow Springs (Yellow Springs, OH).
PA 110/Y6. Yonge St. (Yonge St., Canada).
PA 110/Y61. Yorba Linda (Yorba Linda, CA).
PA 110/Y62. York (York, PA).
PA 110/Y66. Yorktown Heights (Yorktown Heights, NY).
PA 110/Y68. Ypsilanti (Ypsilanti, MI).

Physical Description

4.3 cubic ft.12 boxes

PA 131/A259. Ackworth (Ackworth, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/A334. Adderbury (Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/A378. Airton (Airton, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/A464. Almeley Wootton (Almeley Wootton, Herefordshire, England).
PA 131/A486. Alton (Alton, Hampshire, England).
PA 131/A497. Amersham (Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/A767. Armscote (Armscote, Warwickshire, England).
PA 131/A859. Askwith (Askwith, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B353. Bainbridge (Bainbridge, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B354. Baldock (Baldock, Hertfordshire, England).
PA 131/B355. Ballinacree (Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B356. Ballitore (Ballitore, Co. Kildare, Ireland).
PA 131/B357. Ballyangham (Rathfriland, Co. Down, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B358. Ballymoney (see also Ballinacree) (Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B359. Ballynderry (Moira, Co. Down, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B360. Balmoral (Balmoral, Belfast, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B363. Banbury (Banbury, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/B375. Barking (Barking, Essex, England).
PA 131/B376. Barnsley (Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B377. Barnt Green (Barnt Green, Worcestershire, England).
PA 131/B384. Bath (Bath, Somerset, England).
PA 131/B454. Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B483. Bethnal Green (London, England).
PA 131/B484. Beverley (Beverley, East Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B493. Bewdley (Bewdley, Worcestershire, England).
PA 131/B564. Bingley (Bingley, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B575. Birkenhead (Birkenhead, Merseyside, England).
PA 131/B576. Birmingham (Birmingham, West Midlands, England).
PA 131/B577. Bishophill (Bishophill, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B583. Blackheath (London, England).
PA 131/B584. Blue Idol (Little Thakeham) (Coolham, Sussex, England).
PA 131/B687. Bournville (Bournville, West Midlands, England).
PA 131/B733. Bradford (Bradford, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B736. Brant Broughton (Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire, England).
PA 131/B746. Brentford (Islewood, Middlesex, England).
PA 131/B753. Bridlington (Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B754. Bridport (Bridport, Dorset, England).
PA 131/B755. Brigflatts (Sedbergh, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/B756. Brighouse (Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/B757. Bristol, Friars (Bristol, Bristol, England).
PA 131/B763. Broad Campden (Broad Campden, Gloucestershire, England).
PA 131/B766. Bromley (Bromley, Kent, England).
PA 131/B767. Brookfield (Moira, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/B855. Bull & Mouth (London, England).
PA 131/B864. Bunhill Fields (London, England).
PA 131/B874. Burford (Burford, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/B878. Burton-on-Trent (Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England).
PA 131/C363. Cambridge (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England).
PA 131/C367. Camsgill (Camsgill, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/C368. Canterbury (Canterbury, Kent, England).
PA 131/C374. Capel (Capel, Surrey, England).
PA 131/C375. Carlisle (Carlisle, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/C376. Carlow (Carlow, Ireland).
PA 131/C377. Carperby (Carperby, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/C378. Cartmel (Cartmel, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/C387. Causey End (Causey End, England).
PA 131/C445. Chelmsford (Chelmsford, Essex, England).
PA 131/C446. Cheltenham (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England).
PA 131/C447. Chesham (Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/C448. Chester (Chester, Cheshire, England).
PA 131/C449. Chesterfield (Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England).
PA 131/C453. Chichester (Chichester, West Sussex, England).
PA 131/C457. Chipping Norton (Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/C574. Cirencester (Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England).
PA 131/C575. Claverham (Claverham, North Somerset, England).
PA 131/C576. Clifford St. (Clifford St., York, England).
PA 131/C577. Close House (Close House, Durham, England).
PA 131/C635. Cockermouth (Cockermouth, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/C653. Colchester (Colchester, Essex, England).
PA 131/C658. Colthouse (Colthouse, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/C664. Come-to-Good (Come-to-Good, Cornwall, England).
PA 131/C675. Cork (Cork, Ireland).
PA 131/C676. Cornwall (Cornwall, England).
PA 131/C688. Cotteridge (Cotteridge, West Midlands, England).
PA 131/C689. Countersett (Countersett, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/C739. Crawshawbooth (Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, England).
PA 131/C769. Croydon (Croydon, Surrey, England).
PA 131/D375. Darley (Darley, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/D376. Darlington (Darlington, Durham, England).
PA 131/D472. Deptford (London, England).
PA 131/D473. Derby (Derby, Derbyshire, England).
PA 131/D486. Devonshire House (London, England).
PA 131/D575. Disley (Disley, Cheshire, England).
PA 131/D577. Diss (Diss, Norfolk, England).
PA 131/D656. Dolobran (Dolobran (near Weshpool), Montgomeryshire, Wales).
PA 131/D663. Doncaster (Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/E255. Ealing (Ealing, London, England).
PA 131/E275. Earith (Earith, Huntingdonshire, England).
PA 131/E276. Earls Colne (Earls Colne, Essex, England).
PA 131/E277. Eccles (Eccles, Lancashire, England).
PA 131/E356. Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland).
PA 131/E844. Esher (Esher, Surrey, England).
PA 131/E885. Ettington (Ettington, Warwickshire, England).
PA 131/E978. Eustace St. (Dublin, Ireland).
PA 131/E980. Exeter (Exeter, Devon, England).
PA 131/F374. Farfield (Farfield, Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/F375. Faringdon (Faringdon, Berkshire, England).
PA 131/F674. Forest Gate (Forest Gate, London, England).
PA 131/F736. Frandley (Frandley, Cheshire, England).
PA 131/F746. Frenchay (Frenchay, South Gloucestershire, England).
PA 131/F754. Friends House (London, England).
PA 131/F758. Fritchley (Fritchley, Derbyshire, England).
PA 131/F876. Furnace (Furnace, Derbyshire, England).
PA 131/G377. Garsdale (Sedbergh, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/G553. Gildencroft (Gildencroft, Norfolk, England).
PA 131/G554. Glamorganshire (Porthcawl, Glamorganshire, Wales).
PA 131/G555. Glastonbury (Glastonbury, Somerset, England).
PA 131/G633. Godalming (Godalming, Surrey, England).
PA 131/G636. Godmanchester (Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, England).
PA 131/G653. Golders Green (Golders Green,London, England).
PA 131/G733. Grace Church (London, England).
PA 131/G736. Grange (Charlemont, Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/G739. Grayrigg (Grayrigg, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/G847. Guernsey (Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom).
PA 131/H333. Haddenham Burial Ground (Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/H355. Halifax (Halifax, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/H366. Hammersmith (Hammersmith, London, England).
PA 131/H367. Hampstead (Hampstead, Greater London, England).
PA 131/H373. Hardshaw (Hardshaw, St. Helens, Merseyside, England).
PA 131/H375. Harlow (Harlow, Essex, England).
PA 131/H377. Harrogate (Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/H378. Harrow (Harrow, Greater London, England).
PA 131/H394. Hawes (Hawes, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/H454. Height (Height-in-Cartmel, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/H465. Henley-on-Thames (Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/H474. Hereford (Hereford, Herefordshire, England).
PA 131/H478. Hertford (Hertford, Hertfordshire, England).
PA 131/H479. Heswall (Heswall, Merseyside, England).
PA 131/H544. High Bentham (High Bentham, Lancaster, England).
PA 131/H545. Highflatts (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/H555. Hillsborough (Hillsborough, South Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/H583. Hitchin (Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England).
PA 131/H647. Hogsty-End (Wavendon, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/H674. Horfield (Horfield, Bristol, England).
PA 131/H677. Horsham (Horsham, West Sussex, England).
PA 131/H833. Huddersfield (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/I354. Idle Burial Ground (Idle, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/I355. Ifield (Ifield, Sussex, England).
PA 131/I446. Ilford (Ilford, Greater London, England).
PA 131/I455. Ilkley (Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/I679. Ipswich (Ipswich, Suffolk, England).
PA 131/I854. Isleworth (Isleworth, Greater London, England).
PA 131/J673. Jordans (Jordans, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/J673. Jordans (Jordans, Buckinghamshire, England).
PA 131/K454. Keighley (Keighley, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/K463. Kendal (Kendal, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/K479. Keswick (Keswick, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/K564. King's Lynn (King's Lynn, Norfolk, England).
PA 131/K565. Kingston (also contains Hull) (Kingston-upon-Thames, Greater London, England).
PA 131/K566. Kinmuck (Kinmuck, Aberdeenshire, Scotland).
PA 131/K573. Kirkbymoorside (Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/K575. Kirkby Stephen (Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/L363. Lancaster (Lancaster, Lancashire, England).
PA 131/L375. Laskill (Laskill, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/L439. Lea Yeat (Sedbergh, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/L453. Leicester (Leicester, Leicestershire, England).
PA 131/L443. Leeds (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/L445. Leek (Leek, Staffordshire, England).
PA 131/L454. Leighton Buzzard (Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England).
PA 131/L466. Leominster (Leominster, Herefordshire, England).
PA 131/L483. Letchworth Garden City (Letchworth Garden City, Herefordshire, England).
PA 131/L494. Lewes (Lewes, Sussex, England).
PA 131/L563. Limerick (Limerick, Ireland).
PA 131/L564. Lincoln (Lincoln, Linconshire, England).
PA 131/L573. Lisburn (Lisburn, Co. Antrim/Co. Down, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/L574. Liscard (Liscard, Merseyside, England).
PA 131/L584. Liverpool (Liverpool, Merseyside, England).
PA 131/L585. Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales).
PA 131/L664. Long Sutton (Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, England).
PA 131/L684. Lothersdale (Lothersdale, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/L693. Low Bentham (Low Bentham, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/L694. Lower Grange (Toome, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/L695. Low Leighton (Low Leighton, Cheshire/Derbyshire, England).
PA 131/L874. Lurgan (Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/L888. Luton (Luton, Bedfordshire, England).
PA 131/M358. Malton (Malton, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/M359. Malvern (Malvern, Worcestershire, England).
PA 131/M363. Manchester (Manchester, Lancashire, England).
PA 131/M373. Marazion (Marazion, Cornwall, England).
PA 131/M375. Marlborough (Marlborough, Oxfordshire, England).
PA 131/M377. Marple (Marple, Greater Manchester, England).
PA 131/M438. Meath St. (Dublin, Ireland).
PA 131/M443. Megaberry (Moira, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland).
PA 131/M455. Melksham (Melksham, Wiltshire, England).
PA 131/M533. Middlesbrough (Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England).
PA 131/M554. Milford Haven (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales).
PA 131/M558. Milverton (Milverton, Somerset, England).
PA 131/M575. Mislet (Windermere) (Windermere, Cumbria, England).
PA 131/M638. Moate (Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland).
PA 131/M664. Money Hill (Money (An Mhuine), Co. Armagh, Ireland).