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Reproduction pictures used in exhibitions or book illustrations


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Most of these collections were compiled by Friends Historical Library Director Jerry Frost or FHL Curator Mary Ellen Chijioke.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College

Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

The materials in the collection include slides, negatives, and black and white photographic reproductions as well as catalogue entries for items from Friends Historical Library Collections ranging from 1676 to 1889. The Friends Historical Library contributed examples of two letters, two books, and an album of silhouettes cut by Augustin Édouart in the mid 19th century.


The files are organized by document type: catalogue entries, negatives, slides, and 8x10 photographs.

Physical Description

0.1 cubic ft.1 file folder, stored with PA-046

A. Catalogue Entries.
Scope and Contents

General historical notes, as well as exhibit labels for: ALS to Lucretia Mott from William Lloyd Garrison, ALS to Joseph Wharton from Andrew Carnegie, silhouette album by Augustin Amant Constant Fidèle Édouart.

B. Negatives.
Scope and Contents

Color negatives (35mm) of complete exhibit contribution. Black and white negatives (4"x 5") of complete exhibit contribution.

C. Slides (black and white).
D. 8x10 Photographs.
Scope and Contents

3 of Édouart silhouettes. Title page of "Good Order Established." by Thomas Budd, 1685. Society of Friends Minutes, 1678-1696 (title page). ALS to Lucretia Mott. ALS to Joseph Wharton.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of black and white reproductions of images used in A Perfect Freedom: Religious Liberty in Pennsylvania by J. William Frost (1990), a book about the development of religious tolerance in the state and its impact on the nation's religious landscape. There are portraits of famous Quakers such as William Penn and Lucretia Mott, but as well as images of Quaker Meeting Houses and even an African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Physical Description

0.1 cubic ft.Half box, stored with PA-067

1. "Religious Liberty" statue, carved by Sir Moses Ezekiel in 1876.
2. Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.
3. Old Guinston (formerly Old Muddy Creek) Church, York County.
4. Merion Friends Meeting House, Lower Merion.
5. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelphia.
6. "Peaceable Kingdom," by Edward Hicks.
7. American Bible Society logo.
8. The burning of St. Michael's Church, Philadelphia, in 1844.
9. Nineteenth-century camp meeting. A Rider print.
10. Lucretia Mott (1793-1880).
11. John Ettwein (1721-1802), bishop of the Moravian Church.
12. Title page of William Penn, The Great Case of Liberty of Conscience.
13. William Smith (1727-1803), Provost of the College of Philadelphia.
14. Ezra Stiles (1786-1861), Presbyterian minister of Old Pine Street Church in Philadelphia.
15. Frances Alison (1705-1779), Vice-Provost of the College of Philadelphia.
16. James Wilson (1742-1798).
17. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813).
18. Gilbert Tennet (1703-1764).
SFHL-PA-056. Quakers and Black History exhibit slides, 1990-03-1990-08. .2 cubic ft..
Scope and Contents

Color slides by the Swarthmore College Library Media Department of items from the exhibit mounted by the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College and Swarthmore College Peace Collection in McCabe LIbrary of Swarthmore College in honor of Black History Month, Feburary 1990. Slides are individually numbered and there is an inventory with the collection. There are a few 8x10 photographic prints.

Physical Description

.2 cubic ft.1 binder

Scope and Contents

This collection features black and white glossy photographs, color slides, and black and white negatives of John G. Whittier's personal letters to friends such as Helen Keller and William LLoyd Garrison, poems, abolitionist essays/publications, and other writings. The black and white glossy photographs are either 5"x7" or 3"x5" while the color slides and negatives are 35mm.

Physical Description

.4 cubic ft.1 box and 1 binder

Item 1. The Atlantic Month title page and Whittier's "The Lost Occasion", 1880.
Item 2. The Explicator publication cover and essay on Whittier's "Ichabod".
Item 3. The Explicator Volume XVIII cover and essay on Whittier's "Ichabod".
Item 4. Clippings of "The Poems of Adrian" from The Essex Gazette, 1828-01-19.
Item 5. Whittier to George Ticknor, 1860.
Item 6. Whittier to Helen Keller, 1889.
Item 7. Whittier to Mary Clemmer, 1872.
Item 8. William Lloyd Garrison to Charles H. Brainard, 1871.
Item 9. Whittier to James T. Fields, 1842.
Item 10. Whittier to George Mondus, 1886.
Item 11. Whittier to Rowland Johnson, 1881.
Item 12. Whittier to Welch Bigelow & Co., 1871.
Item 13. Whittier to P.T. Barnum, 1885.
Item 14. Whittier to Harriet Pitman, 1880.
Item 15. Whittier to "my dear friend of old times", 1881.
Item 16. Whittier to Fields (?), 1868.
Item 17. Whittier to Robert Purvis, 1890.
Item 18. Whittier and others to legislator, 1886.
Item 19. Shingle from Amesbury.
Item 20. Whittier to William Claflin, 1878.
Item 21. Whittier to David Laing, 1837.
Item 22. Whittier to Moses A. Cartland, 1841.
Item 23. Lydia Maria Child to George Thompson, 1835.
Item 24. Whittier to a friend, 1879.
Item 25. Whittier to a friend, 1860.
Item 26. Whittier to Henry Cabot Lodge, 1884.
Item 27. Anti-Slavery bag, Mary Radley to Mrs. A.M. Powell, 1898.
Item 28. Essex Transcript, Amesbury and Salisbury Mass, with excerpt by Whittier, "To the Liberty Viters of District, No. 3", 1844-01-05.
Item 29. Pennsylvania Freeman, Philadelphia, 1840.
Item 30. National Era publication (inside bit, with banner), 1850.
Item 31. National Era publication, 1849-03-01.
Item 32. Narrative of James Williams frontispiece and title page, 1838.
Item 33. The Early Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier cover and title page.
Item 34. The Journal of John Woolman title page.
Item 35. Poems by Lucy Larcom, with advertising insert by Whittier.
Item 36. Lays of my Home title page, 1843.
Item 37. The Tent on the Beach cover and title page, 1899.
Item 38. The Early Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier cove rand title page, 1885.
Item 39. Poems by John G. Whittier cover, two title pages, and frontispiece.
Item 40. The Works of Robert Burns title page of Whittier's copy, 1833.
Item 41. Anti-Slavery Reporter cover and "Justice and Expediency" by Whittier, 1833.
Negatives of Prints.
Box PA-052-1
Scope and Contents

35mm black and white negatives; each black and white print possesses a negative copy (see inventory checklist); negatives are arrranged in files from A to I.

Color Slides.
Box PA-052-2
Scope and Contents

Color slides are copies of existing black and white prints (see inventory checklist). Not all prints possess a color slide copy. Color slides arranged in album in ascending order.

Scope and Contents

The photographs in this collection mainly consist of loose copies of both black and white prints (including a rare pencil sketch) and negatives. They depict a variety of images, from prominent Friends like Elias Hicks and John G. Whittier to images of Friends' Monthly Meetings and groups of gathered Friends and children. Some other images include copies of publication title pages, anti-slavery bags, and even a copy of one of John Woolman's journal entries.

All photographs in this collection are copies of original items in the holdings of Friends Historical Library.

Physical Description

.1 cubic ft.1 box

Envelope 1. Isaac T. Hopper, New York, 7th m 30th 1839. .
Envelope 2. Mr. and Mrs. James Mott, Philadelphia 10th m 21st 1842.
Envelope 3. James Pemberton Esq. .
Envelope 4. Elias Hicks, ca. 1820 Woodcut. .
Envelope 5. Four Generations of Quaker Women, ca. 1904.
Envelope 6. "A Quaker," 18th century, Engraving, printed for John Bowles and Son at the Black Horse in Cornhill. .
Envelope 7. Sampler, Rebekah Yarnall, Byberry, Pa, 1795. .
Envelope 8. "Englese Quakers en Tabak Planters aende Barbados," 1696? Print. .
Envelope 9. "Costume des Quakers, Bibliotheque de Philadelphie," by Ed de Montule, 1820. .
Envelope 10. "From the Meeting for sufferings held at Short Creek..." (1813 Broadside on peace testimony, reprinted in 1864). .
Envelope 11. "American Friends Going to Meeting in Summer"/"American Friends Going to Meeting in a Settled Frost," 1st half 19th century. Engraving. .
Envelope 12. Title page of The Pennsylvania spelling-book, by Anthony Benezet, printed by John Gough in Dublin, 1800. .
Envelope 13. Title page of Lindley Murray's Introduction to the English Reader: or A Selection of Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Calculated to improve the Younger Classes of Learners in Reading...,.

Printed and published by S. Probasco in Philadelphia, 1829.

Envelope 14. First page of John Woolman's ms. Journal (MS.C), apparently written between 1747 and 1756. .
Envelope 15 and 16. Birmingham Monthly Meeting (built in 1763), near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. .

Interior and exterior photographs taken in the late 19th century.

Envelope 17. Elijah Coffin. Engraving. .
Envelope 18. "The Friends Yearly Meeting in New York," 1888. .

Illustration from Harper's Bazar, May 19, 1888, drawn by George Errington.

Envelope 19. Freedmen's School, Camp Todd, Virginia 1865. Pencil Sketch by Emily Howland. .
Envelope 20. Group of Children at Kickapoo Village, ca. 1900. .

After her husband's death, Rachel Kirk assisted her cousin, Elizabeth Test, in the school at the Kickapoo station, twelve miles from Shawnee. This photogrpah was probably taken at that time.

Dr. Charles W. Kirk and his wife, Rachel, Friends from Richmond, Indiana, began their work with the American Indian community in Oklahoma in the year 1878, during the period of Grant's Peace Policy. They first took charge of the Wyandotte Government School, then worked at the Shawnee under the Associated Executive Commitee of Friends. In the mid 1880s, Charles Kirk was appointed General Superintendant of the work of the Committee in Oklahoma, a position which he held until his death in 1893.

Envelope 21. Scattergood School, West Branch, Iowa. .
Envelope 22. Joseph John Gurney. Pencil sketch by Amelia Opie. .
Envelope 23. David B. Updegraff. Photo by The F. Gutekunst So., Philadelphia. .
Envelope 24. John G. Whittier. Photo. .
Envelope 25 and 26. Newberg Friends Church, Newberg, Oregon, ca. 1975. .

Interior and exterior photographs taken at the time of the annual session of the Northwest Yearly meeting.

Envelope 27. "A group of active missionaries at the Second General Conference of the Evangelical Friends Alliance in July 1975" (now known as the Evangelical Friends International/North American Region). .

The theme was "Game Plan for the Fourth Quarter... A World-Wide Strategy of Friends in the Final 25 Years of the Twentieth Century." When all present and former missionaries were asked to come forward, over seventy responded.

Envelope 28. Howard H. & Anna Cox Brinton, May 1967. Photograph. .
Envelope 29. Joel and Hannah Bean Photo.
Envelope 30. Anti-Slavery Bag, ca. 1840. Presented to Lucretia Mott by an English member of an antislavery society in Staffordshire. .

The sale of these work bags financed anti-slavery activities.

Envelope 31. (Lantern Slide Neg.) Food Line at Gorlitz, ca 1922. Lantern Slide. .

American Friends Service Committee

Scope and Contents

This collection contains an information guide to the exhibit along with various negatives and slides of the exhibit.

Physical Description

.15 cubic ft.1 box, stored with PA127.

Information Guide to the Exhibit.
SFHL-PA-126. Wilson, Robert H.. Images for "Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981" by Robert H. Wilson, 1981. .8 cubic ft..

This collection is arranged in two binders. Binder 1 has pictures from the front cover to page 62, while Binder 2 has pictures from page 63 to the back cover.

Scope and Contents

Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981: A Tercentenary Family Album by written by Robert H. Wilson, designed by Raymond A. Ballinger, and published by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to celebrate its 300th anniversary in 1981. This collection consists of image reproductions used in the book. It includes photographs and illustrations of statues, buildings, furniture, houses, schools, settled land, famous Quakers, and documents.

Physical Description

.8 cubic ft.2 binders

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