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Cooper family pictures


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Cooper family of Chester Co., Pa., and Camden/Medford, N.J. Annie H. Cooper (b. 1859), her sister Mary (1852-1917), and their family.

Photographs associated with MSS 002/191, Cooper albums. This collection includes two family albums, loose photographs, and a rolled panoramic photograph. The box also includes miniature books and a puncushion that came with the accession.

Gift of Ruth Hall Brooks, Acc. 2007.013

These materials were separated from MSS 002/191 Annie H. and Mary Cooper albums

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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

Album 1, inscribed Anne Cooper. Most items labeled, apparently by Mary A. Cooper of Medford.
Scope and Contents

Contains the following portraits: Cooper, Priscilla (great-grandmother); Cooper, Phebe; Cooper, Charles; Cooper, William B. (father) - tintype; Cooper, Aunt Mary; Hoopes, Great Aunt Mary; Hoopes, Great Uncle Caleb; Hoopes, Great Uncle Samuel; Hoopes, Great Aunt Anne; Cope, Aunt Hannah; Hoopes, Great Aunt Elizabeth - small tintype; Cooper, Cousin Sarah - small tintype; Cooper, Cousin Caleb; Hoopes, Townsend Walter; Cooper, Cousin Sylvania (m. Frame); Cooper, Cousin Lydia; Hoopes, Harriet; Hughes, Priscilla and baby Mary; Hoopes, Edwin; Hoopes, Sue and Edith (baby); Hoopes, Alice (m. Howard Yarnell); Hoopes, Anne, wife of Samuel Hoopes; Jefferies, Annie Palmer; Cooper, Grandfather Charles; Hood, Eoline; Palmer, Annie (m. Jefferies); Group, children of Charles and Phebe Cooper: Mary, Annie, and William B. Hoopes, Cousin Phoebe, m. Henry Palmer

Album 2, most items labeled.
Scope and Contents

Contains the following portraits: Cooper, Priscilla; Cooper, Phebe; Cooper, Aunt Annie; Stokes, Annie H. (Cooper); Hoopes, Aunt Elizabeth; Ambler, Watson and wife; Hoopes, Uncle Samuel; Hoopes, Aunt Annie; Cooper, Cousin Caleb and Sarah Cooper; Cooper, Morris; Frame, Sylvania Cooper (2); Hughes, Cousin Priscilla; Hill, Edwin; Hood, Eolina; Palmer, Phebe and Everett; Hoopes, Anne; Hoopes, Levi; Shelmire, Lucy; Thomas, Mary

Loose photographs.
Scope and Contents

Loose album pages with snapshots. 1918-19, of home of Great-uncle Samuel Hoopes, New Garden meeting house, family at Sylvania Frame's home. Main Street, Medford, NJ ME Church, 1905 "Our Home in Chester Co., PA"

Rolled panorama group photo of Pennington Institute, 1925.

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