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Willets-Lapham family photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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The Willets family were members of Westbury Monthly Meeting (New York) and lived at their farm, Homewood, from the mid 19th century until 1965. Eliza K. Willets, the last resident, was the daughter of Thomas Whitson Willets and Hannah Keese; known affectionately as Aunt Lila, she graduated from Swarthmore College in 1893. Her sister, Anna, married Edward Morgan Lapham of Chicago in 1908. In 1940, their daughter, Anne Willets Lapham, married E. Wayne Frazer, the son of John E. and Elizabeth Gamber Frazer, and moved to Pennsylvania.

This collection contains two dismantled family photo albums, one bound photo album, loose photograhps, and a panorama.

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Collection Inventory

Ann Lapham, Ted or Tommy Lapham [?].
Scope and Contents

Contains the following images: Sheep; Ducks; Home in winter; Ann in her brother's lap; Two children kissing

H.H.C and E.M.L (Edward M. Lapham).
Scope and Contents

Contains the following images: The two men in camp on the banks of the Muskegon Michigan; Off [torn] The Fourth, canoeing

Grandfather Keese and Ann Lapham.
Scope and Contents

Contains the following images: The "Show Me" from K.C. 1910; Family picture; Grandfather Keese; Ann Lapham as a child

Edward M. Lapham, Ann, Ted and Tommy Lapham and Mother (no name).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following images: Labre Champlain (home); Children at various ages

Ann Lapham and Bill Bowne.
Ann Lapham and her Mother.
Edward M. Lapham, Ann, Ted and Tommy Lapham and Aunt Lila.
Ann Lapham, Uncle Arden, Arden III, Mary, and Francis Mcledle [?].
Edward M. Lapham, Ann, Ted and Tommy Lapham and Mrs. Fran [?].
Photo Album 3 (bound).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following images: Aunt Anna Willets; Eddie; Nannie Willets (Lapham); Grandfather; Grandmother Hannah Keese; Bessie Willets; Connie Mott (Thager); Mary Willets (Pell[?] Haggerty), Amy Willets and Tom Whetson; Lila, Annie and Nannie with Helen Cadurelidem(?); Connie Mott (Thager); Anne C. Willets; Arthur Legget (?); Root C. Monning; Unidentified; Loyd Bliun(?); Unidentified—Portrait of a woman in bun wearing glasses; Aunt Hannah T. Willets; Unidentified—Might be Hannah G Willets; Aunt Hannah Griffin Willets; Henry G Willets; Unidentified—Young woman with light hair; Aunt Martha W. Mott; Grandfather and Grandmother Keese [in ink] Samuel, Lila and Annie; Swarthmore College; Histoire de L'habitation, Hutte d'esquimaux, Pavillons Chinois et; Japon; Aunt Esther De Garnes(?); Uncle Silas D arGarno (?); Uncle Joseph Willets; Unidentified; Grandfather Coddington; Unidentified—Woman in a nice hat; Hannah Brady; Unidentified—Group photo of 3 men in suits; Mrs. John

Loose photographs.
Scope and Contents

Contains the following images: 16x20 oval portrait of older woman on sepia card w/illegible caption (28072); Hanna Keese Willets--Grandmother of Ann Lapham died when her mother was 5 years old.; Grandmother Willets--Given to Lila by Jeanette Vaude Veer in 1933; No info; torn picture of a woman sitting in a nice share. (14755A); Edward M. Lapham age 20; wearing a cowboy hat. Later to be the father of Ann Lapham.; Aunt Anna Willets who raised Aunt Lila and Grandma Lapham; Elizabeth Van Leer--Inside a folded paper with detailed tribute to her.; J. Frazer [?]--Man answering phone at work (1954); John Allen Frazer [?]--Red tinted picture of boy in sweater (1958); Rodman Frazer--Man standing in uniform; Man (one of the Frazers?) sitting with little girl in his lap; Grant Frazer--Glasses wearing man with tie billowing; Glasses wearing man with tie billowing. Wearing different tie and suspenders than; Grant but could be him on a different day(?) one of the Frazers.; Same man and outfit as previous, smiling; "Return to William E. Roger by(?) PA"; One of the Frazers preparing to fish.; One of the Frazers outside; Same Frazer as previous outside. Someone seems to have been cut out of the photo; One of the Frazers with a woman smiling at the ground; Grant Frazer--Man smiling and looking down. Photo seems to have been cut. 1936; Photo of man on thin paper with sepia tone; Boy using water pump; Rodman Frazer--Boy wearing HJH hoodie; Picture of water. "Rodman R. Frazer" stamped on the back; 5 people sitting around camping; Photo of a town in the distance (1925); Photo of a tower in the distance; Photo of the back of a house; Picture of house with caption "Boomk's"(?); 2 men in graduation attire with diplomas; Dorothy--Young woman standing outside with scarf around forehead; Photo of street with illegible caption on back—(?) with (?) (1924); Mt. Washington Hotel; Homewood Sheep (Similar to Ann Lapham's sheep); Photo of house in winter (Similar to one in Ann Lapham's album); Photo of walkway and front porch with woman standing in front of it in distance; Large photo of one of the Frazer's with his arms crossed; John Frazer--Speaker; man with thick glasses on brick background; One of the Frazers(?) "Bouff"—caption. Man standing in bathing suit with towel. -1940; Rodman and John Frazer probably about 3and 1 outside; Two men and a woman standing outside; Little boy and girl standing outside near home.; Colored photo of older couple standing by home; Colored photo of little girl with pink and black striped hat; Inside card: loose black and white photo of couple in graduation attire; Inside card: colored photo of same couple as previous (?) with bouquet; Negative slide of man in thick glasses; 2 dogs outside by the clothes hanging to dry. Skippy sitting in the chair while Prince is lying on the ground. (1930); Close up of Skip in the last photo (1930); Close up of Prince with caption "Unc" (?) (1930); Dog sitting on path outside; Girl in directors chair feeding the same dog from previous picture.; Man (one of the Frazers?) sitting with two ladies outside; Elizabeth, John and Roddy Frazer? Woman sitting with two boys on a rock; Photo of Homewood home; Tom and Ann Lapham--Baby Ann in her brother's lap on the porch. (DUP); Ann at 7 weeks in her father's (EML) lap with her brother Ted at 7 years old beside her.; Lila K. Willets--Portrait on gray card with "Merry Xmas" on back. (1900); Photo of a home with caption "Jospeh Lapham Father of Nathan Lapham, Peru N.Y.; Now owned by (?) Lapham"; "House in Peru N.Y. where Arden and Mary Lapham went to housekeeping Father and Mother of Edward M. Lapham"; House and surrounding woods in winter; "Place of Nathan Lapham father of Arden B. Lapham at "Goshen," Peru, Clinton Co. N.Y."; Photo of EML and his two sons, Ted and Tom, sitting on some steps.; Baby Ann and her goat (DUP?); Baby Ann being held by her mother; Baby Ann now with two goats; "Great Uncle Dan Willets and Ann" sitting on steps together.; Almost exact same photo as previous but with caption "Ted and Grandfather Willets" [unsure which is correct] (1911); Ann Lapham and her Daddy (EML) sitting outside(DUP?); Ted, Tom and Father (EML) all players of tennis sitting outside; Ann bundled up for the cold outside; Ann standing with her mother (DUP); Grandmother Lapham holding baby Teddy outside (1909); Portrait of lady with nice collar; Oval portrait of older woman; Portrait of Edmund Willets (born 4/6/1800) and Martha Whetson Willets (born 2/27/1807) Married 10/29/1829 and bought Homewood 1841; Portrait of baby on card with ribbons colored in red. (1866); Anna Willets--Small portrait of woman on card; Portrait of woman standing in checkered dress by chair (1866); Portrait of woman in dark dress by chair (1866); Uncle (?) John--Young man in oval portrait on black card; Woman in glasses staring off; John M. Afflick--Portrait of bearded man in suit; John M. Afflick--Portrait with moustache, no beard; Arden and Ruth Keese Barker--Card with two portraits stuck on. Both Arden and Ruth Barker born in 1789; Nathan and Jane Barker Lapham--Card with two portraits stuck on. Nathan born in 1820 and Jane born in 1822; Joseph and Anna Keese Lapham--Card with two portraits stuck on. Joseph died in 1851. Anna's portrait is missing.; Photo of suited man by fence, Charles Gamber(?) son of George Gamber(?); Portrait of woman on black card with nice hat; Emilie C. Jamison--Pensive man in button down shirt and tie; photo stuck on blue card (1901); Photo of Gamber (?) Homestead stuck on gray card; 56 th and Clustint(?) St Philadelphia. (1903); Chas Gamber's (?) house. South side Market St. 53 rd and 54 th . (1903); Group photo outside. Nomi, sitting on stump-Grandma Frazer, behind her and maybe Grant or John Frazer behind her.; Nameless couple (seen in previous photo in the back) sitting on the stump seen in previous photo (Nomi was sitting on it); John M. Afflick--Portrait of balding man with mustache; Portrait of 2 boys standing and one little girl sitting.; Elizabeth Van Leer Gamber (?) Frazer--Portrait of young girl with light long hair; Man sitting in chair on ferrotype situated inside paper folded over.; Photo of "St. Mary's Episcopal Church" (1971); Benjamin Van Leer--Photo of his grave stone, died August 20 th 1820 at age 74 -1971; Samuel Van Leer--Photo of his grave stone, died December 14 th , 1825 at age 78 -1971; Elizabeth Gamber--Atlantic City group photo in front of a building with the sigh "By the Sea" (1895); Samuel Keese--Portrait of Samuel Keese father of John Keese grandfather of Hannah Keese Willets great grandfather of Anna Willets Lapham great grandfather of Ann Lapham; Arden (Edith Lapham's brother) - cutwork silhouette by Baron Scotfrod, 1917

Scope and Contents

Contains the following image: Anna W. Lapham--Picture of a graduating class in sepia. 1938 [?]

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