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Anna Gillingham photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Anna Gillingham (1878-1964) was a prominent Quaker educator and author. Born in Batavia, Illinois, the daughter of Theodore Tyson and Elizabeth (Heacock) Gillingham, she attended Swarthmore and Radcliffe Collages and earned an M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia University, in 1910. She taught at Friends Central School in Philadelphia from 1901-05, was school psychologisrt in the Ethical Culture School in New York City from 1905-36, directed the remedial reading program at the Punahon School in Honolulu from 1936-38, and was a consultant on remedial reading after 1938. She also co-authored a book on remedial training for children with Stillman. She was co-founder of the Orton Society, a national organization promoting research and treatment of language disabilities.

This collection contains black and white photos from Anna Gillingham's work, life, and travel, including her life in Hawaii, her work at the Ethical Culture School, and her family's involvement with Native Americans.

This collection was removed from RG5/051: Anna Gillingham papers.

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Collection Inventory

1. Portrait of Anna Gillingham, 1930.

2. View from hill in front of Gillingham house on Sioux reservation. , 1880.
3. Picture of schoolchildren in front of Omaha Agency Black House, 1873.
Scope and Contents

Building used as a school by Theodore T. Gillingham. Theodore T. and Elizabeth H. are on right.

4. T.T. Gillingham and interpreter with group of Indians taken to Washington on peace mission. , 1870.
5. Sioux Agency—landscape, possibly including Gillingham home. , 1880.
6. Theodore T. Gillingham, 1910.
7. Elizabeth H. Gillingham, 1920.
8. Elizabeth H. and Anna Gillingham, on E.'s 88 th birthday, 1925.
9. Elizabeth H. Gillingham, 1925.
10. Aunt Mary looking at Leilani's pictures (see this collection, series 5a). Thanksgiving , 1938-11.

11. Anna Gillingham and friend and classmate Mary Haviland, 1901.
Rachel Hutchinson. .
Scope and Contents

(Note: RH's relationship to AG is unclear. Since she is a young woman in the photo, I decided to put her in this series, thinking she might be a friend from AG's younger days. –S.O.)

13. Anna Gillingham, Bessie Stillman, and third woman (Anna Chapman House?) on roof at Ethical Culture School, 1915.
14. Anna Gillingham with female pupils, and unidentified baby, at Ethical Culture School. , 1910.
15. Ethical Culture School, Open Air Department class photo, 1914.
Scope and Contents

Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman in rear. Girl between them is "Grace" from PA142/017, and girl seated 2 nd from L in 2 nd row is "Eleanor" from PA142/017.

16. Ethical Culture School, Open Air Department class photo. Anna Gillingham seated on right, 1915.
17. Two Open Air Department pupils on roof—Eleanor & Grace. , 1914.
18. Ethical Culture School Open Air Dept. faculty. .
Scope and Contents

From left: Anna Gillingham, Anna Chapman House, Bessie Stillman.

19. Open Air Department pupils on cots, Anna Gillingham seated in background. "Rest Period on the Roof." , 1915.

20. Bessie Stillman seated in unidentified location outside. , 1935.
21. Anna Gillingham, Dorothy Emerson, and Bessie Stillman standing in meadow (New Mexico?) , 1935.
22. Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman, same location as previous. , 1935.
23. Anna Gillingham in unidentified backyard, 1940.
24. Anna Gillingham in same backyard (wide shot). , 1940.
25. Anna Gillingham seated on hike in Glacier National Park, 1935.
26. Anna Gillingham facing away, with eponymous glacier in background, 1935.
27. Anna Gillingham standing by edge of water, Glacier Park, 1935.
28. Anna Gillingham walking (from rear) at Glacier Park, 1935.
29. Anna Gillingham with mountains in background, Glacier Park, 1935.
30. Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman seated on rock, Glacier Park, 1935.
31. Anna Gillingham and unidentified woman (Indian?) in the Northwest (?), 1935.

32. China Clipper (seaplane); first trip to Hawaii, 1936.
33. Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman with leis, 1936.
34. Nellie Gillingham, seated, 1936.
35. Nellie Gillingham under banana tree, 1936.
36. Anna Gillingham, Nellie Gillingham, Bessie Stillman, 1936.
37. Ramona McCullough, a trainee of Anna Gillingham, with lei. , 1937.
38. Bessie Stillman, Anna Gillingham, and Ramona McCullough, with leis, 1937.
39. Vi Whelan, secretary, with lei, 1938.
40. Beth Slingerland, trainee and colleague, with lei, 1938.
41. Emma Barnhard, trainee, with lei, 1938.
42. Anna Gillingham in yard, 1938.
43. Bessie Stillman, her niece, and Leilani the kitten, in front of Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman's house.

44. Anna Gillingham with 3-month-old Leilani.
45. Anna Gillingham with 3-month-old Leilani.
46. Anna Gillingham with 3-month-old Leilani.
47. unnamed.
48. "A handful of catness.".
49. "Who said I was asleep?".
50. "Being afraid she may burst, I lift her by nape of neck as her mother did.".
51. "Demonstrations of how to lift a kitten.".
52. "Demonstrations of how to lift a kitten.".
53. "Profound thought of a somewhat cynical and unpleasant sort.".
54. unnamed.
55. unnamed.
56. "Jungle cat just ready to spring.".
57. "Leilani looks with adoring eyes up at the huge creatures who constitute her world.".
58. "¾ cat, ¼ human.".
59. "She answers with a bird-like "P-r-r-r" and appears.".
60. unnamed.
61. unnamed.
62. unnamed.
63. unnamed.
64. unnamed.
65. unnamed.
66. "Boxing lying down. Observe right-handedness.".
67. unnamed.
68. unnamed.
69. "One month old. Note spiritual expression.".
70. unnamed.
71. "Five kittens in Betsey's lap. Note human expression on Leilani's face.".
72. unnamed.
73. Betsey Stillman and Leilani. "Do you wonder that Betsey loves her?".
74. unnamed.

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