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Friends' Ambulance Unit photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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The Friends Ambulance Unit was a volunteer ambulance service that operated during both World Wars as well as for a period after WWII (1946-1959). It was founded by a group of British Quakers and most of the volunteers were registered conscientious objectors.

This collection contains loose black and white photos (now in sleeves) of the Friends Ambulance Unit in Syria and France. Some of the photos in this collection ran in Harper's Bazaar.

This collection is arranged in a single box by photograph size.

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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

1. 5x5 photo. FAU nurses/workers in cloaks, France [?]. Stamp on reverse reads: "Yvonne J. Saupher, 59 rue Sceffer XVIe".
2. 5x5 photo. FAU meeting with officials. Same stamp on reverse.
3. 4x7 photo. FAU nurses/workers lined up in front of automobiles. Same stamp on reverse.
4. 5x5 photo. Cutting bandages. "Beruth Hospital." Names illegible. Stamp on reverse reads: "Forces Françaises Libres.".

5. 2 FAU workers in front of truck.
6. Carrying a man on a stretcher into truck/tent.
7. Treating wounded man.
8. Treating wounded man.
9. 2 FAU workers at counter in treatment area.

10. "DAMASCUS – La Grande Mosque." 5 small photographs of mosque. Reverse: female FAU workers; treating wounded on a porch.
11. "June 30th – 1941." 4 photographs: "The road to Damascus," "Bully Beef & Biscuits," "ADAM," "En Voiture!" Reverse: 5 small photographs: "Couveut," "Arab town (considered dangerous)," "General Le Gentilhomme," "Senegalese packing," "Our mess.".

12. Mixing medicines. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
13. Treating a child at a Spears Mobile Clinic.
14. Syrian man leaving SMC truck with treatments.
15. Woman and infant.
16. Children and adults at tent.
17. Crowd around SMC trucks and tents in desert.
18. Under tent.
19. Syrian men outside structure.
20. 2 men looking at slip of paper.
21. Man with cigarette.
22. Eating under tent.
23. Syrian man on cot. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
24. Men with horses at SMC truck. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
25. SMC truck outside city. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
26. Doctor and patient.
27. Filling out registration cards.
28. In line for registration.
29. Treating patients outside.
30. Man pouring drink.
31. Under tent by SMC trucks.
32. Driving through desert.
33. SMC truck in city.
34. Crying man receives treatment.
35. Waiting outside SMC truck.
36. Registering with doctor.
37. FAU worker and Syrian man talking.
38. Nurse treating old man.
39. Gathered around old man.
40. SMC truck parked on city street.
41. Man with pitchfork and children around SMC truck.
42. Two Syrians looking at SMC truck in distance.
43. Armed men.
44. 2 men laughing by SMC truck.
45. Syrian man.
46. Treating a child.
47. Doctor weighing baby.
48. Treating patients outside.
49. Gathering at SMC truck.
50. Looking at SMC truck.
51. Fueling SMC truck.
52. SMC trucks in desert.
53. SMC truck in city.
54. Unloading SMC truck.
55. Sitting outside SMC truck.
56. Treating a child.
57. SMC truck by stone wall.
58. FAU tent in desert.
59. Young man, woman, and child. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
60. SMC driver.
61. Young woman & girl from #59. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
62. A well.
63. Teen with artillery belt at SMC truck.
64. Sitting indoors with hookah.
65. Man with gun and camels by SMC truck.
66. Syrian man and FAU worker looking at knife.
67. Around a dinner table.
68. 4 men at table looking at book. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
69. Smoking a cigarette in tent. 11/19/42; ran in Harper's Bazaar, Jan. 1943.
70. Man with kettles.
71. Tents in desert.
72. Women talking to FAU workers.
73. Writing at desk.
74. Treating a patient.

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