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Foster-Meyers family pictures


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Thyra Jane (or Jane) Foster (1898-1984) was born in West Branch, Iowa, to Joseph E. and Mary Warner Meyers. She attended Stillwater Primary School in West Branch, the Friends Boarding School of Barnesville, Ohio, and the Westtown School in Westtown, Pa. In 1921, Jane graduated from Mt. Holyoke College and in 1924 married Henry Cope Foster (1895-1987). Henry graduated from the Massachusetts Agricultural College (now the University of Massachusetts) in 1923 and returned to Warwick, Rhode Island, where in his early years he worked in the family farm with his brother William and his father Horace. His two sisters, Anna and Elizabeth Foster, lived on the farm for their entire lives. Jane taught chemistry, physics, Latin, and German in the Coventry school system from 1944 until her retirement in 1959. After her retirement, she was the founding archivist of the Archives of the New England Yearly Meeting. Thyra Jane and Henry Foster were active members of Providence Monthly Meeting of Friends. The Fosters' son, John Henry Foster, was born in 1926, and twins Harold M. and Thera were born in 1929. The children were educated at Westtown School before college. John H. Foster married Georgana Falb in 1954. He was a member of the faculty of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Thyra Jane's father was Joseph E. Meyers (1858-1937), a conservative Orthodox Quaker, raised in Pennsdale, Pa., a member of the Muncy Monthly Meeting. His father, William D. Myers (1826-1892) was a convinced Friend who became a member of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting for the Southern District in 1854. His mother was Mary Roberts Warner (1828-1873), a birthright member of Muncy Monthly Meeting. Through his mother's side, Joseph E. Meyers was related to prominent Muncy Quaker families such as Lundy, Carpenter, Winner, and Starr.

Joseph E. Meyers was the second of four children and the only to survive early childhood. His father was disowned by the Society of Friends in 1859, and the marriage was not a happy one. In 1863, Mary Meyers returned to Pennsdale and the Muncy Monthly Meeting. She raised her only surviving child with strict adherence to the rules of discipline regarding dress, behavior, and marriage. After her death, Meyers attended Westtown Boarding School and then West Chester Normal School. It had been the desire of his mother that he pursue a career as a teacher, and for about ten years, he taught at a number of schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa. However, it was a career to which he was ill-suited, and by 1894, he became a farmer.

In 1880, with the encouragement and support of his uncle, Charles Warner, he moved to Barnesville, Ohio, where he became acquainted with members of the Ohio Yearly Meeting. For about the next ten years, he spent time in Ohio, Kansas, and Iowa. In 1894, Joseph Meyers married Mary J. Worthington at Stillwater Monthly Meeting in Barnesville, and for a short time they lived on a farm in Cedar County, Iowa. About 1907, the family returned to Barnesville, Ohio. He remained at Stillwater MM until 1931 when he moved to Rhode Island to live with his daughter and son-in-law, Thyra Jane and Henry Cope Foster. About 1929, he began to compile biographies on Quakers that he knew from his youth in Pennsdale, Pa., and his many years in Ohio and Iowa, corresponding with a number of friends for information and suggestions.

This collection consists primarily of color slides, card photographs, and loose photographs, both of the Foster-Meyers family and of organizations they were involved with. Of particular interest are slides of their work in India, along with a description of the photos.

This collection is organized into ten boxes.

Forms part of Foster-Meyers Family Papers, RG5/221.

This collection was removed from RG5/221: Foster-Meyers family papers.

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Collection Inventory

Cowperthwaite Family.
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Wm. C. Cowperthwaite; Levi and Wm. Cowperthwaite; Ella Cowperthwaite; Levi R. Cowperthwaite; Priscilla Leeds Estate; Cowperthwaite Family—3 photographs

Elizabeth and Anna with Others.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth and Aunt Mary in Derbyshire, England; Elizabeth with Maggie Sinkinson in England; Six Fosters, Two Olivers, and Paul Cope, 1912; Anna Foster in Pasture; Elizabeth and Anna, 1915; Fosters & Cousin Caleb Cope; "At the Wigwam" (Anna in picture?)

Mostly Elizabeth.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth in the living room of the Foster Farm; Elizabeth's New Hampshire Trip 1966; Elizabeth and Edward Foster 1899; Elizabeth Foster and Betsey Oliver; Elizabeth at a wedding n 1957; Elizabeth Foster and Rebecca Walton 1914; Elizabeth making a rag rug, 1966, 2 photographs with negative; Elizabeth and Josh, 1979; Elizabeth's' passport picture, 1922; Elizabeth in her mother's wedding dress from 1882—2 photographs; Elizabeth and ?; Elizabeth with Helen Gifford, in plain Quaker dress; Elizabeth in her mother's wedding dress; Elizabeth with baby Herbert Oliver; Elizabeth and Henry Foster on top of Mount Holyoke, 1965

Mostly Anna.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Anna with a Cactus Plant, 1957; Anna with baby Harold; Anna, Thera, and ?; Anna with Beth Hindmarsh; Anna in pasture; Anna and Thera; Anna in photo-booth, with hats—10 prints—1908; Anna in New Hampshire; Anna dyeing wool, 1938

Scope and Contents

Includes the following: First Maybasket—to A & E from Foster Cousins; Spring Maybasket—Foster Cousins; Anna, Elizabeth, and Foster Cousins, Maybasket 1929—4 photographs; The Great Maybasket Party—A & E and Foster Cousins—2 photographs; Log Cabin Maybasket; Maybasket Party; Ship Maybasket; Maybasket with John, Thera, Marion, Albert, Mary, Harry, and Debbie; Airplane Maybasket with Herbert, Marion, Mary, Albert, John, Harry, and Thera; 2 Maybasket Cards: 1. "Anna & Elizabeth from Guess ??? Find us if you can!" 2. "To our Guardian Angels Aunt Anna & Aunt Elizabeth"

Anna and Elizabeth With Foster Cousins.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth reading to John, Harold, Thera, and Debbie; Anna and Elizabeth with Henry Foster and Beth Hindmarsh; Elizabeth and children with horse; Elizabeth driving the horse; Elizabeth driving with the children; Topsy, the pony given to the Foster cousins by Elizabeth; a young Foster on Topsy; Debbie on Topsy, John, Thera, and Harold on the ground; Family Group on Quaker Lane Bridge

Miscellaneous Anna and Elizabeth.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Anna and Elizabeth, booth portrait; Anna and Elizabeth; Anna and Elizabeth shipping AFSC Clothing; Old Daybed; Elizabeth at work on Daybed; Anna at work on the Daybed; 1/2 demolished Daybed; Reupholstered Daybed (now owned by Walter Hindmarsh); Ettie Barton—neighbor; Meetinghouse in R.I. where John & Paulina Foster were married; Meeting Sewing Group Picnic at Foster Farm 1960; Home Demonstration Group Pageant; Unidentified man and woman in plain dress; Farm Bureau Field Day—John Foster in Picture; Camp Supper—night photograph

Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth's passport photo; AFSC Clothing to be shipped to Europe; Portrait of Elizabeth, 1950; Henry and Anna in their parents' Quaker clothes, 1956; Foster Cousins with Elizabeth 1930; Beth, Henry, Anna, and Elizabeth 1956

Photographs from and after Elizabeth's trip to England.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth Foster and Maggie Sinkinson, on Ilkley Moore, England; Beau and Maggie Sinkinson, Bradford, England; Mrs. And Miss Foster in Fritchley Green; Beau Sinkinson, Aunt Mary E. Foster's Nephew, Bradford, England; Elizabeth visited Beau and wife Maggie in 1922; Anthony Sinkinson at Bolling Hill, Bradford; Wingfield Manor; "Cockermouth Castle"—5 photographs; Thomas Davidson's Store in Fritchley; George and Catherine Smith's Home in Fritchley; "Barnclose" Farm, Derbyshire near Fritchley; Jordans Hostel Mayflower Barn; Friends Meetinghouse in Fritchley; Fritchley looking towards Crich Tors; Fritchley Green; Fritchley Green and Congregational Chapel; Horses in England

Elizabeth's 9th Grade Grammar School Graduation Photo, 1904.
Foster, Bill and Millicent, 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1973.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Thyra Jane and sister-in-law Hazel Meyers; Georgana Foster, Edith Stration, Thyra Jane Foster, Anna Foster; Alison Hindmarsh, Thera Hindmarsh, Harold Foster, Georgana Foster; Albert Foster, Elizabeth Foster, Janet (Meyers) Allen with Katherine, Mary Cadbury, Harold Meyers; Winifred Foster (wife of Albert) and Jeanette Smith; Debbie (Foster) Allen and Jeff Foster; Bill and Millicent Foster

Foster Family Miscellaneous .
Box 10
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Loose Negatives; Loose Photographs; Portraits; Framed Photographs; John H. Foster Album

John Hoxie Foster Family.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Mary E. S. Foster & Elizabeth Ann Sinkinson; Mary E.S. Foster at Fritchley Friends Meeting house; John Hoxie Foster Home in Rhode Island; Uncle John and Aunt Mary's House; Mary E. S. Foster; Mary Foster with brother Joseph Sinkinson; House in Providence, R.I.; Mary E. (Sinkinson) Foster; Elizabeth Sinkinson, Mary's mother; John Hoxie Foster Home; Elm Tree at J.H.F. Home

Cope Cousins.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Uncle Joshua & Aunt Katherine Cope—3 photographs; Cope Family; Caleb Duane and Mary Kathryn Cope; Caleb Duane, Mary Kathryn Cope, Marjorie, O.W., and Spot the dog; Copes at Niagara; Francis and Sarah Cope; Everett Cope

Leigh Cousins.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth (Foster) Leigh—2 photographs; Cousin Paulina Leigh and friends; Cousin Paulina Leigh—2 photographs

Charles K. Foster Family.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Charles K. and Hilda A. (Steckel) Foster; Horace, Hilda, and Charles Foster, 1932; Charles Foster at Hillside; Horace, son of Hilda and Charles—2 photographs; Charles and Herbert, 1908; Charles' Iceboat, 1911; Charles' Locomotive, 1909; Charles, Hilda, and baby Horace

Kenyon Family.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Charles Kenyon, brother of Paulina (Kenyon) Foster; Paulina (Kenyon) Foster; Kenyon Group Portrait; Florence Kenyon; Walter Kenyon "the Dentist"; Kenyon House

Edward Foster Family.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Edward Foster, Emma (Walmsley) Foster, Eliza and Mariana; Edward Foster and Daughters; Emma Walmsley—2 photographs; Mariana Foster, 1910; Martha K. Foster, 2nd wife of Edward Foster; The Foster Home, Bristol, PA; Edward, Martha, Eliza, and Mariana, at Bristol, 1913; Canoeing Party, 1899; Thomas Davidson & Edith Martin; Mary Anna Foster; Edward, Martha, Eliza, and Mary Anna Foster; Open Tent; Tunesassa Gropu with Henry and Eliza Leeds; Henry & Eliza Leeds visit Hillside, 1921; Moon Reunion 1898; Anna H. Chace, Eliza Foster Leeds, & Mariana Foster, 1869; Moon Reunion 1898; Moon Reunion 1898; Eliza & Mariana Foster 1895; Paulina Leigh; Sara & Myra Tucker with Mariana Leeds; Henry Leeds & daughter (Mariana); Henry B. Leeds, Ellen Brantingham Leeds, Charles W. Leeds, Mary H. Leeds; Henry B. Leeds—2 photographs

Edward Foster Family and Descendants.
Horace B. and Mary C. Foster.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Horace—2 photographs; Mary—4 photographs; Horace and Mary—12 photographs

Photocopies from Mary Cadbury Foster's Album.
Horace and Mary with Family: Henry, Charles, Elizabeth, Edward, Anna, and William (and some grandchildren).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Edward Foster, Emma (Walmsley) Foster, Eliza and Mariana; Edward Foster and Daughters; Emma Walmsley—2 photographs; Mariana Foster, 1910; Martha K. Foster, 2nd wife of Edward Foster; The Foster Home, Bristol, PA; Edward, Martha, Eliza, and Mariana, at Bristol, 1913; Canoeing Party, 1899; Thomas Davidson & Edith Martin; Mary Anna Foster; Edward, Martha, Eliza, and Mary Anna Foster; Open Tent; Six Foster Siblings, 1912; Horace Foster and grandson John Henry, July 1, 1933—2 copies; Horace, Mary, and children; Thera with horse, dog, and maybe Debbie; Horace, Mary, children, and in-laws; Hillside Fosters; Foster Feet—3 photographs; Horace, Mary, Henry, William, Anna, and Elizabeth; Mary with Harold and Thera; Horace with John Henry; Horace and Mary, 1931; Six Foster Children, 19-teens; Six Foster Children, 1910; Composite Foster Brothers; Composite Elizabeth and Anna; Horace, Mary, and six children; Mary with Harold and Thera, 1933—2 photographs; Tennis Players—3 photographs; Anna and Elizabeth—2 photographs years apart; John Henry at six weeks (with Mary?); Mary C. Foster, William Foster, and Alexander G. Coffin, 1899

Foster Groups.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Elizabeth, Mary C., and Mariana Foster at Rhode Island Meetinghouse; Horace, Mary C., and Mary E. Foster, 1930; Monthly Meeting, 1914; Foster Family, approx. 1950—2 photographs; Monthly Meeting 1913; The Clam Bake; Mary, Mary, William, Elizabeth, John and Horace; Jane and Elizabeth in flower garden, 1971; Foster grandchildren, 1931; Foster Portrait, 1900; Portrait in Fallsington, PA; Group Portrait with Sarah and Myra Tucker; Dinner with Leeds branches, 1928; Horace and Mary with descendants, 1927; Paulina Leigh, Mary C, Horace, Elizabeth, & Henry Foster, Sarah & Myra Tucker; Fosters, 1950; Fosters, 1951; Foster Cousins (Debbie not yet born)

Home of Leighs with Elizabeth (Foster) Leigh and Paulina Leigh.
Cope Home.
Stanton and Cope Weddings, 1916.
Horace B and Mary C at Hillside (smaller prints in folders).
Elizabeth and Anna.
Charles Foster and friends on a picnic.
Miscellaneous from Foster Folder.

Henry Foster's Generation.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Anna, Elizabeth, William and Prince the dog; William Foster with Prince; Fosters at Hillside—Kickemuit; Anna, Elizabeth, and Henry Foster, Elizabeth Gidley, Edward Stonebridge, and ? at Kickemuit; Monthly Meeting at Hillside 1912; Horace and Anna Foster with Myra and Sarah Tucker and calves, 1915; Henry and William Foster with Joe Teft (neighbor) 1912; Elizabeth in front of shop, 1926; Henry, William, and Prince; Charles, Edward, Henry, and William, 1910; Charles and Henry, 1910; Horace and Mary Foster washing milk cans in the back yard; Haying Crew; Elizabeth in the kitchen; Elizabeth in the library; "At Hillside"; 1904 Family Portrait; Sarah and Myra Tucker with Mariana Priscilla Leeds, 1921—2 photographs; Hillside 1909; Annie Willard Oliver with Foster Children 1895; "Hillside Feet" Fosters –2 photographs; Down Narragansett Bay, Foster Cousins 1914; Horace, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, and Anna, 1910; Foster Cousins on their porch, 1904; Foster Boys, Cousin Paul Cope, and Herbert Oliver; Foster Cousins 1910; Fosters at Hillside; Family Portrait with Thyra Jane Foster Meyers cut out; Horace, Mary, Edward, Henry, William, Elizabeth, Charles; Sarah & Myra Tucker; Henry, Eliza, and Mariana Leeds; Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Marianna, Henry, Anna, and William in Hillside Woods, summer 1910; John B. Foster, 1898

Henry Foster's Children and Their Cousins—2nd Generation.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Sunday School Picnic 1944 with Topsy the pony; John Foster, age 2, by garden wall; Jane Foster on garden steps, 1925; Beth Hindmarsh and Thera; Thera and Harold, aged 13, 1942; John taking a flower to his grandmother and 2 aunts, 1924; John and Albert, 1929; Henry and Thyra Jane with new car; Thera with ?; Foster Cousins in Grain Cart; Anna Foster with Roses, 1930s; Thera in Rose Arbor; Tospy and Foster children in the snow; Picnic in back yard—late 1960s/early 1970s; Prince with Anna and Elizabeth at the well; The Milkers, 1941; Thera, John, and Harold carving pumpkins; Thera, John, and Harold on a wagon wheel, 1934; John Foster by scrap iron pile, late 1930s—2 photographs; Alfrida and Janet Meyers (cousins?) 1946; Anna Feeding Chickens; Thera by the corncrib; Henry with Dick the horse; Henry with 2 horses; Thyra Jane in the garden; John, Harold, and Thera in their gardens, 1932; Harold and Thera, 1934; Uncle Ambrose (Meyers) and the twins, 1933; Uncle Edward (Foster) ready to deliver milk; Sleigh in yard—Henry leaving to deliver milk; Foster cousins in and around the farm truck filled with hay; Uncle Charles (Foster) and Aunt Hilda with Foster cousins; 7 Cousins in the truck; Thera, Harry, John, Herbert, Horace, Marion—Vegetable Harvesters; Ethan and Josh in Model A. Ford Truck 1969; Joshua and John H. Foster 1979; Georgana, Thyra Jane, and Elizabeth, 1979; Thyra Jane at her desk in the kitchen, 1955; Henry cooking, 1955; John, Harold, and Thera at the outdoor fireplace, 1936; Harold and Thera playing croquet, 1930s; John, Mary, Marion, Albert, Herbie, and Horace; Thera, Harry, John, Albert, and Mary or Marion; Birthday Party—Mary, Albert, Marion, and John; Quarterly Meeting at North Dartmouth; Foster Cousins; Thanksgiving 1969; Fancy Clothes—Marion, John, Albert, Mary, Thera, and Harold; Marion, Herbie, Horace, Mary, John, Albert, Harry, and Thera; Memorial Day Picnic 1967; Foster Children 1932; Sunday School Picnic 1944; Clam Bake in West Yard; Horace, Marion, Albert, Mary, John, and Herbert; "The Family" 1966 "John's Harold's, and Thera's, with Aunts A and E"

Hillside Parties.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Thera, Bob, Gee, John, and Walter, Christmas 1954; Harold, Christmas 1954; Harold, Henry, John, and Gee, Christmas 1954; Foster Family New Years' 1950—8 photographs

Hillside Farm Photographs.
Box 4
Scope and Contents

These include pictures of the house, inside and out, the yards, the fields, the grounds, the woods, etc…also some photocopies and negatives, an 8x11 photograph of the house, and 3 aerial photographs of the farm and vicinity.

India Pictures, Rasula Work, 1952-1954.
Box 9
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Smaller Photos; Larger Photos; Rasula staff and families, 1952; Calcutta snapshots (30), 1952: Including Cossipore Refugee Center and; School; Rasulia cow pea experiment; Nitaya Mela extension center; Palampur Cene; Chief Minister of Madiya Pradesh visit to Rasulia; Health program, Margaret Jones; Folk high school; Hosangabad; Calcutta visit

India Slides, 1952-1954.
Box 9
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Rasulia Meeting; Palampur Well; Ramprasad; Nitaya Center; Bazar; Ghat; Kempti falls

Leeds Family—descendents of one of Henry Foster's Uncles .
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Mary Wood Leeds—2 photographs; Priscilla Leeds and nurse Florence Smith, 1910; Beulah S. Leeds, wife of Isaac Leeds; Joseph S. Leeds—2 photographs; Ada M. Leeds—2 photographs; Alfred W. Leeds—2 photographs; Priscilla Hammer, sister of Susanna Leeds; Wedding Party, 1888, Henry B. Leeds in photograph; Wernersville, PA (road with carriage); Elizabeth Carslake Hancock, first cousin of Susanna Leeds; Wallon (?) B. Leeds; Ruth Leeds Taylor; Samuel Leeds Allens Children; Charles W. Leeds; Edith R. Leeds; Priscilla H. Leeds; C. Howard Thomas, nephew of Susanna Leeds; Charles H. Leeds, Henry's brother—2 photographs; Sarah Bartlett and the Leeds; Mariana Priscilla Leeds at 18 months—3 photographs; Walton Leeds and pet dog; Henry B. and Ellen B. Leeds; Eliza and Mariana and pet Churn, 1910; Tunesassa School—Henry Leeds was Super.; Sister Mariana taken at Quietside 1930; Quietside, Henry Leeds' home, 1930; Sister Mariana, Herbert Oliver, and self, 1904; Group Photo—Mariana—1917; Susanna R. Leeds; Henry B. Leeds—4 photographs; Walton B. and Mary E. B. Leeds; Walton and Mary Leeds Wedding group 1893 (Jones Nieces); Mary H. and Edith R. Leeds; Susanna and Joseph Leeds; Mary "May" Leeds; Henry and Ellen Leeds; Susanna R. Leeds and children: Joseph S., Henry B., Charles W., and Priscilla H. Leeds; Rebecca H. Scattergood, sister of Susanna Leeds; Mariana Priscilla Leeds' great-grandfather Asa Walmsley; Susanna Leeds' only nephew; "Aunt Elizabeth Hill's Album" –4 photographs; 2 Albums belonging to Mariana Foster, includes pictures of Leeds

Leeds (Possible) Ancestors and Relatives (large photographs).
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Martha Otis 1916; Charlotte Hussey ("to Eliza and Marianna"); "Our dolls on porch at Bristol"; Jesse and Elizabeth Darbyshire—2 photographs; Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Jane Chace, 1897; Charles Henry Moon and Family; Wm. B. Kirkbride; George and Catherine Smith and Family of England

2 Family Trees.
Henry Foster—9 photographs.
Henry and Thyra Jane—19 photographs.
Foster Family portraits—8 photographs.
Young Fosters (some with Parents).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Foster Children; John Henry with Thyra Jane; John Henry with Henry—2 photographs; Thera with Henry; Foster Children; John Henry with Henry; John Henry with Thyra Jane; John Henry with cat, 1927; John Henry; John Henry, Harold, and Thera, with dog Topsy, 1934; John, Harold, and Thera, 1931—2 photographs

Family Life on Foster Farm.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Foster Children and Vincent the Pony; Foster Cousins; Kickemuit Picnic; Foster Children with Ambrose, Joseph, and Bernice Meyers—2 photographs; John, Jane, Albert, and Mary Foster; "The Foster Tribe"; Harold, Jane, Elizabeth, Thera, Henry, and John;

Fosters with Others.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Anna and Jane Foster in backyard of Foster Farm; Jane, Elizabeth, and others at Carpenter Beach; 3 generations: Henry & Jane; Thera, Tommy, Walter, Beth, & Alison Hindmarsh; Family of Henry Foster in 1966; Henry & Jane with son-in-law Bob Hindmarsh; Harold and Henry Foster with Bob Hindmarsh; Henry Foster's 80th Birthday Party; John, Henry, and Joshua Foster, 1973; Henry & Jane with Theodore & Sarah Oliver, 1964; Henry & Jane with Hazel and Elizabeth (?); Henry and Elizabeth Foster with William Halewod; Thyra Jane (Meyers) Foster—13 photographs

Foster-Meyers Wedding.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Thyra Jane and Henry's Wedding Party; Ohio Meetinghouse, Barnesville, where Fosters married—2 photographs

Beth Hindmarsh and Grandparents.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Henry Foster & granddaughter Beth Hindmarsh—2 photographs; Henry and Thyra Jane with first grandchild, Beth Hindmarsh

Fosters Quaker Life.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Thyra Jane with brothers Lionel and Ambrose Meyers; Thyra Jane and Henry with Mary Myers at Providence Meetinghouse 1981; Henry Foster with Howard and Anna Brinton; Henry and Thyra Jane at Yearly Meeting around 1979; Thyra Jane with brother-in-law William Foster at Wedding of Jessie Smith; Thyra Jane and Henry with Ed and Ashley (bride & groom), John Kellan, Kathlyn Bucklee, and Peter & Yolanda Broad, 1977; Henry & Thyra Jane with Ruth Gatus, Christian and Lisa Cruz, at Gaylesville Meetinghouse; Henry Foster in plain Quaker dress; New England Yearly Meeting 300th Anniversary; Anna Foster on far right; Yearly Meeting Exhibit set up by Thyra Jane Foster and Helen Paxton; Quaker Costumes at Newport Great Meeting house summer 1979 (Thyra Jane arranged the display); Thyra Jane Foster introducing the "Quaker Experiment with Dress as a Testimony" playlet; The Great Meetinghouse at Newport, RI, restored 1976

Women's Christian Temperance Union.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: WCTU State Board (TJF top right); WCTU Outing at Salesville—2 photographs

Providence Sewing Group, TJF top, 3rd from left.
Thyra Jane with R. Cunningham, principal of Moses Brown School, 1981.
Mt. Holyoke 55th reunion, TJF on right, 1976.
Mary Meyers' Flowers—3 photographs.
Roses at Foster Farm with Aunt Elizabeth.
Edward Foster, Lionel Meyers, Anna Foster, Joseph Meyers, Henry Foster, Elizabeth Foster, Charles Foster, William Foster, ? , Christmas, 1918.
New York Worlds Fair, 1939.
Helen and Gretchen Ritter, boarded at Foster farm.
The Albert Scotts—Albert was the only non-Foster member of Nantucket Monthly Meeting.
Harold, Albert, and David Platt—lived on Foster farm during summers.
Move from Foster farm to apartment.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Foster farm Greenhouse after auction—2 photographs; Transportation of Foster Safe, 1979; Kitchen of new apartment, 1979; New China Cupboard 1979; New Apartment 1979; Flowers on the apartment balcony, 1982

40th Reunion at Westtown, 1952.

Scope and Contents

Includes, among other files, the following: Henry and a brother—"the monkey roll"; Henry Foster and Florence Cope; Edward and Henry, 1908; Swallows' Cave; Corn Crib at Foster Farm, 1920s; Fosters 1910; Sarah and Myra Tucker, 1918; Henry Foster & School Friends—4 photographs; Bernice and Jane Meyers; Henry and Jane; Jane at Olney Graduation, 1914; Jane, 1922; Basketball at Olney, 1913; informal wedding photo; Olney Faculty 1923; Olney Faculty 1921, Jane Meyers and William Foster in back row; 3 slides—Olney class 1914 reunion, 1964; Jane Meyers Foster and brothers; John, Albert, and Harold Foster, and David Platt

Photos from Jane and Henry's 50th wedding anniversary—11.
Miscellaneous Photographs 2.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: 25th Wedding Anniversary 1949; Mayflower Barn, trip to England 1952—2 photographs; Fosters New Years' dinner part 1942; Foster Family Photograph, Hillside 1960; League of Women Voters (Jane and Elizabeth Foster are in photo); Westbranch Friends School, 1906 (Meyers children); Uncle John and Aunt Mary E. Foster with Uncle Horace and Aunt Mary C. Foster, 1900

Miscellaneous Photographs 4.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Olney Debaters, 1922 (Jane Foster faculty sponsor?); Olney Gym Exhibition, 1922; Olney faculty, 1924; Jane Foster with Joseph Meyers (father) looking at quilt; Jane at Barnesville, approx. 1923

Thyra Jane Meyers and Henry Foster—Graduation Photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Jane at Mt. Holyoke Graduation; Jane at Mt. Holyoke, 1921—6 photographs; Henry Foster, 1923—3 photographs

Jane Foster Teaching.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: in Chemistry lab at Coventry High school, 1956; yearbook portrait; with a class; teaching, 1956; with her first Student Council; with Coventry Chemistry Club, 1958

New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, 1956.
Jane and Henry at U-Mass outstanding alumni awards ceremony, 1968.
Wedding Party—2 photographs, 1924.
Olney Graduating Class (Bernice and Jane), 1914.
Henry and Jane, 1937.
Jane Foster, Coventry Portrait, 1951.
Henry Foster Grammar School Graduating Class, 1910.
Meyers, Joseph E. - Ancestors and Relatives.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Mary R. (Warner) Meyers, William Dietrich Meyers, 1855; Meyers' N.J. Home; Nelda Meyers Ries—daughter of Fred Meyers (cousin); Alice Meyers "Father's 1/2 sister"; Alice and Nelda Meyers (Fred Meyers' Family); Martha Meyers Strobel—daughter of Fred Meyers; Cousin Fred Meyers and wife; Meyers Jersey Home

Love Family (related to Worthington—mother's family).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Sarah (Worthington) Love and Arthur Love; Frank and Ralph—Charles Love's boys—with Sara Ann and Norman—George Love's children; George, Nora, and Norman Love; Nora and Norman Love; Elaine (d. of Edith Love Shugrue), Edna, Viola, and Margaret; Harry Love's Family; Myrtle, Edith, Ethel, Mary, Will, Ed, Charles, and "Grandpa" Love; Elaine and Sara Ann, 1930; Elaine with a dog; Elaine and Joe Shugrue; Edith and Harry Love, 1929; Allen Love, son of Edson Love; Edson, Ethel, and Mary Love; Mary Love—2 photographs; Arthur Love; Harry, Sarah, Edson, and Mary Love

Arthur and Mama (Sarah Worthington Love).
Harry P Love; Grandfather and Grandmother Worthington (drawing).
Reuben Worthington.
Reuben Worthington, Helen (Brownlee) Worthington, Grace, William, and Sadie.
A Worthington.
Family of Zenas Worthington (Brother of Mary Worthington Meyers).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Son of Zenas Worthington; Vollie N. Dawson, grandson of Zenas and Naomi Maxwell Worthington; Zenas Worthington's children (Joe and Eva?); Eva (Blair) Worthington, first wife of Zenas; Blair Sisters—Zenas Worthington's in-laws; Zenas Worthington's Child?; Part of Zenas Worthington's Family

Mary J. (Worthington) Meyers, Sarah Ann Worthington, Reuben Worthington, Lydia (Hollingsworth) Worthington.
5 unidentified photographs from Love Folder: 2 groups, 3 buildings.
Jacob and Lydia (Hollingsworth) Worthington.
Hollingsworths (TJF's maternal grandmother's family).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Ezra Hollingsworth and nephew William (?); Emmer Hollingsworth

Warner Relations (family of TJF's paternal grandmother).
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Mary Roberts (Warner) Meyers; Henry E. Warner, Sr., with Sarah Whitacre and Mary Mendenhall; Jane S. Warner—2 photographs; Charles L. Warner, 1894; James Thomas Warner, 1908; Warner relations?; Thomas and daughter Mary Warner; Warner Aunt?; Warner Cousins?; Warner Family Home; Aunt Jane in her mother's wedding clothes

Jane S. Warner (large portrait), 1916.

Joseph and Mary Meyers.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: 1 early photograph (pre-1920), with negative; 4 photographs from flower garden in 1920

Joseph E. Meyers.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Westtown Class 1877; Westtown Portrait, 1879; Wedding Photo—3 photographs; Miscellaneous Portrait; Group Portrait, JEM in front row; early 1920s, in flower garden; 1925—Foster Farm?; with white herd, 1924—2 copies; with his lima beans on Ohio Farm, 1924

Mary Worthington Meyers.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Wedding photo—3 photographs; with "Ezra," 1924; with flower blossoms, 1924; in flower garden, 1924—3 photographs; at Ohio Farmhouse; on her deathbed with nurse, end of 1924—2 copies; on her deathbed with Thyra Jane, end of 1924—2 copies; on her deathbed

Joseph E. Meyers—Wooden Silhouette.
Mary Worthington Meyers—Wooden Silhouette.
Ambrose Meyers, 1918.
(Charles) Lionel Meyers.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: baby picture, 1901—3 photographs; age 14—3 photographs; about 1918; graduation from Westtown, 1918—5 photographs; in field—3 photographs; about 1924—3 photographs; at Foster Farm, 1951—two photographs; at Foster Farm, 1951, in tries; booth portrait; at Warwick, R.I., 1979

Studio Portrait.
Bernice Lydia Meyers.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: baby picture—3 photographs; Olney School 1914; Westtown Color Portrait, 1917; Westtown Graduation Picture, 1917—3 photographs; Thanksgiving, 1919; Chicago, Columbia College of Expression, 1919; Claude, Bernice's Friend in Chicago; archery at Earlham; Age 25, 1921—2 photographs; Earlham Graduation, 1923—3 photographs; in flower garden, 1924—2 photographs; with Bertha, "Trying the Snow," Ohio 1925; with Topsy the dog, 1937—2 photographs; unlabelled; House where Bernice lived her last days

Westtown—6 photographs, 1917.
School Pictures.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Hickory Grove, Iowa (Bernice, Thyra Jane, and Lionel); Hickory Grove, 1905; West Branch, Iowa, 1906 (Bernice and Thyra Jane); Stillwater, 1910 (Bernice, Thyra Jane, Lionel, Ambrose); Olney, 1914 (Bernice and Thyra Jane); Westtown approx. 1917 (Thyra Jane); W. Branch Iowa, 1906; Caroline Rhoads—Thyra Jane's best friend at Westtown and Mt. Holyoke; Caroline Rhoads' house, 1965

Buildings from Meyers Photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Thyra Jane Meyers' Birthplace, Iowa; Scattergood School; Meyers Home in Muncy, PA

Meyers Sibling and Family Portraits.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Bernice and Jane, 1899—3 photographs; Mary Meyers and a baby (Lionel?), 1901; Mary Meyers with Bernice, Jane, and Lionel, 1901; Bernice and Jane (Mary in background), 1901; Bernice and Jane ages 15 and 13; Jane and Lionel with shovels—2 photographs; Mary, Joseph, and Bernice in the garden at Ohio farm—2 copies; Mary and Bernice, 1920s; Mary, Bernice, Joseph, and ? , 1920s?; Mary, Joseph, and Ambrose; Mary, Joseph, and Bernice in garden, 1924; Bernice and Ambrose, Barnesville, OH, late 1920s; Family Portrait before Lionel left for Westtown; Ambrose and Jane; Lionel and Jane, 1951—3 photographs; Lionel, Jane, and Ambrose, 1965

Family Portrait in Garden—3 photographs, 1918.
Pictures with Jane's children and Ambrose's children.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: John Foster and Joseph Meyers, 1928; Joseph with Bernice, Ambrose, Jane, and 3 Foster children; Joseph with Harold and Thera—4 photographs; Bernice and Jane with Ambrose's daughters, 1946; Bernice, Jane, Ambrose's daughters, Harold and John Foster, 1946

Olney Group Picture.
Olney Class of 1913.
Olney Staff , 1913.
Olney School Picnic.
Olney Junior Class, 1913-1914.
Olney School Picnic, 1913.
Olney Pictures.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Olney Gym; Olney Gym Class 1913 or 1914; Wetherill Hutton—teacher?—1913 or 1914; William Masters; Olney Post-Fire 1910; Olney Burning, 1910; Olney After the Fire, 1910—2 photographs; Stillwater School 1909 (TJM in back row); Stillwater 1912—all 4 Meyers Children; Olney's New Building, 1912; Olney's Belfry; Olney's Main Building, 1913 or 1914; "Murder at the Hoghouse"; Olney, seen from Meyers Farm; Road to Olney, 1915

Olney Class of 1914, TJM in back row.
Teacher Jane's Students at Olney.
Olney Class of 1924.
Olney Teachers, 1913-1914.
Olney Class of 1923.
Meyers, Thyra Jane - Photographs and Cards from Her Desk.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: From the Burgesses; Greetings from Henry and Edith Perry; Merry Christmas from the St. Johns; From Louis and Clarabell Marstaller and Family; From Tom and Katherine Perry and the Girls; Christmas/New Year Card from Evelyn and David; Loving Greetings from George and Roberta Selleck; From the Russel Prices; The Spirit of Christmas Abide with you, From John, Leila, Kathleen, and Stephen Taylor; From Willard Naris, South China; From Caleb and Jeanette Smith, 1975; From Harold and Mary Myers, 1972; Rose Morel Sondy—2 photographs; From Florence Mann and Family, 1980; Dr. Starbucks at Eaglesmere; From Nario and Ayuko Akashi, 1977; "Summer Beauty Ohio" from Elizabeth Hutton Clarkson; From Herman and Edith Cope; Illegible Card, family with dog—; From Charles and Joan Lennox, 1969; "October 1944," otherwise unlabelled; From Arthur, Edith, Wilmer, and John Stratton—10 cards; From the Llewellyns—3 cards; From the John Pattersons; From Verlin and Sara Pemberton—2 cards; Arthur Morral and Family—2 photographs; From Caroline and Esther Rhoads—2 cards; Edith Luken; Alice Gidley; From Marion and Ted Parsons; From James and Ethel Furbay; From the Coffee Family; 5 Card Fragment

Moon/Jones Family (somehow related to Leeds).
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: James and Etta Moon and Mary J. Moon; Barclay J. Moon, Mary Moon; Lloyd Balderston Jones; Mary Ann Jones, Etta J. Moon, wife of James Moon

Walton Family.
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Joseph J. Walton, 5 months old; Rebecca Walton, 2 baby pictures; Alfred & Abbie Elkinton, and Anna Walton; Sarah Walton, Abbie and Edith Elkinton; Edith Elkinton; Sarah Walton (large portrait)

Box 7
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: New Hampshire, 1966, Aunt E. and rug; New Hampshire September 1963; Spring/Summer 1965; Gaspé & P.E.I. trip 1962; August 1960—Avon; March 1961, best snow pictures; 1959 Summer Picnic; June 1958 Grandchildren etc; June-August 1962; September 1968; Westtown Reunion 1967; Summer 1967; Yearly Meeting 1966; June 1964 Ohio Trip; Florida Winter 1965 #1; Florida Winter 1965 #2; Florida Winter 1965 #3; Florida Winter 1965 #4; Florida Winter 1965 #5; Florida Winter 1965 #6; Some Meyers Pics 1980; International Center Hawaii 1971; Ohio Trip 1974; Kellams at Yearly meeting 1974; Summer 1961; Winter 1966-1967; Spring-Fall 1977; Spring/Summer 1972; Harold's Factory 1971; June 1960; Hawaii Volcano House 1971; Fall and Winter 1973-1974; Fall-Spring 1971; Summer 1969; Foster Farm 1972; Polynesian Cultural Center 1971; June 1964 Ohio Trip; The Morris House 1957; 50th Anniversary; 50th Anniversary; Hawaii 1971; Polynesian Cultural Center 1971

Miscellaneous (7 numbered folders).
Box 5
Scope and Contents

These include: Dorothy Kuhn and Bill Bash; Dorothy Kuhn; Hermina Kuhn, 1909; Hermina Kuhn, 1921; The McGrew Home, 1914; M. E. Whitacre Group; Ellen Brantingham; Elizabeth De Core, 1916; Miflin & Mary Anna Hall, Caroline Blockburn Lovett, Sarah Dowdna, Elma Dowdna, Anna McGrew, and others.; Eleanor (Martin) Trimble & Edith Martiu, 1906; Celia and Alta on the porch, 1913; Alice and Arlene Miller; Edith Morrison; Wm. Kirkbride; James Gibbons (?); Ellen Parker; Dorothy Hemingway; Sadie Mott; Mary P. Mott; Orilla Galloway; Elma Thomas; Rachel Ann Wiley and Others; Benjamin and Edwin Rockwell; Caroline Diemer; Rebecca Stokesbury; Martha Gamble; Martha Stratton; Eva Gamble; Elasha Gamble; Ann Fry; Home of Mary Elkinton; Sarah B. Crawford; Jesse & Margaret Crawford Mott; Jesse & Edith Otis, John & Mary Stockbridge; Simon Winner; Beckie Negus; A social lunch at Friends Meetinghouse in Brisbane, Australia, 1932; Colored Mammy with baby Jane Randolph; Olney English Class 1926-27; Daniel Oliver; Charles Hutton and his mother; David J. Hussey of Nantucket; Elizabeth G. Hussey of Nantucket; John Paddock of Nantucket, 1872; Sarah Paddock of Nantucket, 1872; Lizzie Gibson and husband—2 photographs; Laura and Matilda Jenson; Emmon Hollingsworth; Lewis and Iniss Frick; Sarah Pickett; Shipley Brown, 1882; Anna Llewellyn; Wm. Nichols; The Old Woodbourne Homestead; Viola Gray; Lizzie Negus; German Cousins; Scattergood School, 1891-1892; Samuel and Sarah Walton's relatives, 1893; Samuel Hussey, Charlotte Hussey Wood with daughter Rachel, and Benjamin Wood, 1910; Edith Otis and son with Frank and Charlotte Wood, 1905; Edith & Jesse Otis; Frank & Charolotte Wood,1905; Elizabeth Martin & daughter Edith

Miscellaneous Buildings and Grounds (2 numbered folders).
Box 5
Scope and Contents

These include: Friends School, Pennsdale—4 photographs; Pennsdale Meetinghouse—3 photographs; Pennsdale Burying Ground—3 photographs; Ohio Yearly Meeting, Cars, 1911; Barnesville School, 1911; Home of John Wilbur in Hopkington, R.I.; Geneva Quaker House; Jordans Meetinghouse—2 photographs; Woodbrooke—2 photographs; Nantucket Friends Meetinghouse; Boyhood Home of Joseph E. Meyers—6 photographs; Meyers' Iowa farm, 1951—9 photographs; Mary W. Meyers' cactus; Exterior of Fallington, PA, Meeting House, 1898; Interior of Fallington, PA, Meeting House, 1898; "The Lily House," home of Henry B. Leeds; Thyra Jane Foster's great-grandfather's home, 1924; Kenny Leeds' Childhood Home, Moorestown, N.J.; Kenny and Ellen Leeds' first home; Governor Endicott House, Massachusetts; Yealand Meeting—2 slides; Lancaster Meeting—2 slides; "Quaker Pilgrimage" film negatives; unidentified farm

Miscellaneous Negatives.
Box 8
Scope and Contents

These include: 50th Anniversary; Hillside—large black and white; Hillside—black and white roll; Unidentified

Miscellaneous Slides.
Box 6
Scope and Contents

Includes the following: Garden Pictures; Visit with Caleb and Jean, 1975; 50th reunion at Mt. Holyoke 1971; Gaspé Trip 1962; Thousand Islands 1956; Henry's Washington Trip, 1956; Summer 1956; Christmas 1969; Haiti 1960; Panama 1960; Panama 1960; Panama and Jamaica 1960; St. Thomas, Caracas, 1960; Summer 1956; 5 Years' Meeting, 1956; Summer 1973; Amherst Trip 1975; July 1975; Great Blizzard of 1978; June 1976-February 1977; 1981; Fall/Winter 1967-68; 1970; Spring 1967; Summer 1972—Yearly Meeting Remodelling; Spring 1959; May 1959; Summer 1978; May 1963; Power Shovel at work 1959; Christmas 1957/1958; Summer 1958; The house in winter 1957; Summer 1957; 1961 January-August; HawaiianVolcano National Park 1971; 1962-63 Christmas/New Years'; Beth's graduation, 1969; Harold & Anne's Wedding, 1966; 1963; Gaspé 1962; New Hampshire Pilgrimage 1966

Miscellaneous Loose Slides (now in sleeves).
Box 8
Unidentified Photographs (4 numbered folders).
Box 5

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