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New York Yearly Meeting album collection


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is the organizational body for Meetings in New York State and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. They gather yearly for specially focused meetings and other communal activities.

Nine albums, collected by New York Yearly Meeting from various sources, include photographs, notes, poems/letters, and a few maps, as well as portrait albums featuring several prominent New York Quakers.

Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997

Album Nine: Know Your Yearly Meeting, 1923-1926 was removed to PA 159 (Grace Tower Warren New York Yearly Meeting albums).

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

PA099/01/001. Elizabeth Moger, Vickie Quesada, Daisy Palmer, Murray Melnick, Theresa Finch, Opal Broner and Roy Moger.
PA099/01/002. Martin Ringenbach.
PA099/01/003. Roy Moger.
PA099/01/004. Elizabeth Moger, Vickie Quesada, Martin Ringenbach, Carol Melnick, Murray Melnick, Opal Broner, and Theresa Finch.
PA099/01/006. March.
PA099/01/007. Elizabeth Moger, Roy Moger, and John Davanzo.
PA099/01/008. Elizabeth Moger, Roy Moger, and John Davanzo.
PA099/01/009. Elizabeth and Roy Moger.
PA099/01/010. Elizabeth Moger.
PA099/01/011. Elizabeth Moger.
PA099/01/012. Roy, Patricia, and Elizabeth Moger.

PA099/02/001. Sarah Hicks.
PA099/02/002. Charles DeGarmo.
PA099/02/003. Ada DeGarmo.
PA099/02/004. George D. White.
PA099/02/005. Carol Melnick.
PA099/02/005. Joseph Gonlke.
PA099/02/006. Thomas Gonlke.
PA099/02/007. Phebe Lapham Willets.
PA099/02/008. Amos Willets.
PA099/02/009. Louis C. Stratton.
PA099/02/010. Robert M. Stratton.
PA099/02/011. Benjamin Meeks.
PA099/02/012. Mary Meeks.
PA099/02/013. Dr. [?] Wright.
PA099/02/014. Jacob Capron.
PA099/02/015. Phoebe Anna Thorne.
PA099/02/016. Aaron M. Powell.
PA099/02/017. Abram Weekes.
PA099/02/018. Esther Weekes.
PA099/02/019. John Wines.
PA099/02/020. Jane Wines.
PA099/02/021. John Thorne.
PA099/02/022. Elizabeth Thorne.
PA099/02/023. Lawrence Barrow.
PA099/02/024. Mary Barrow.
PA099/02/025. John Carle.
PA099/02/026. William Jackson.
PA099/02/027. Phoebe Wright.
PA099/02/028. Elizabeth Bogardus.
PA099/02/029. David Ray.
PA099/02/030. Lydia Ray.
PA099/02/031. George Reynolds.
PA099/02/032. Mary Reynolds.
PA099/02/033. Jacob Willets.
PA099/02/034. Susan Willets.
PA099/02/035. Mary B. Grimble.
PA099/02/036. Hannah Burling.
PA099/02/037. Mary Jane Field.
PA099/02/038. Dr. Aaron Wright.
PA099/02/039. Mary W. Wright.
PA099/02/040. Eliza Ann Shepherd.
PA099/02/041. Elia[??]er Haviland.
PA099/02/042. Edwn Coates.
PA099/02/043. George Fox.
PA099/02/044. Elias Hicks.
PA099/02/045. Abraham Lincoln.
PA099/02/046. Isaac Wilson.
PA099/02/047. Simderland Gardener.
PA099/02/048. John Bright.
PA099/02/049. Annie Burdsall.
PA099/02/050. Martha Travilla.
PA099/02/051. Mary Borton.
PA099/02/052. Avis Porter.
PA099/02/053. Hugh Foulke.
PA099/02/054. Elias H. Underhill.
PA099/02/055. "Bowder Stone".
PA099/02/056. The fighting with the Lion, by Wolff.
PA099/02/057. Market Place, Durham.
PA099/02/058. Market Place, Durham.
PA099/02/059. Joseph A. Bogardus.

PA099/03/001. Parrish Hall, Swarthmore.
PA099/03/002. Barrow Cadbury.
PA099/03/003. Dr. Rufus Matthew Jones.
PA099/03/004. Andrianaly.
PA099/03/005. Paul D. Sturge.
PA099/03/006. Rufus M. Jones.
PA099/03/007. R. Halfdan-Nielsen.
PA099/03/008. Anna Griscom Elkinton.
PA099/03/009. Leslie D. Shaffer.
PA099/03/010. Article "The Conference Pictures".
PA099/03/011. Rufus Jones and T. Edmund Harvey.
PA099/03/012. Stanley G. King Beer and Dor. Santosh Lap Robert.
PA099/03/013. H. Wright Baker, Haldanr Robonson, Brian Price, and J. Franklin Brown.
PA099/03/014. Haverford Campus.
PA099/03/0144. Clipping "TIME," May 29, 1950: "Religion: The Friend".
PA099/03/015. Cricket House, Haverford.
PA099/03/016. Haverford Campus.
PA099/03/017. Library – Haverford.
PA099/03/018. Library – Swarthmore.
PA099/03/019. Athletic Field – Haverford.
PA099/03/020. Parrish Hall – Swarthmore.
PA099/03/021. Tea – Swarthmore.
PA099/03/022. T. Edmund Harvey and Irene Harvey.
PA099/03/023. James Strachan, Robert and Esther Greenley.
PA099/03/024. Cricket Game at Haverford.
PA099/03/025. Mary Robb, Florence Robb, Amy G. Harris, Tia Meijnin, Asta Bruglemann, and Gertrud Pfluger.
PA099/03/026. Amy Wallis, Olaf Hodgkin, and Erica Hodgkin.
PA099/03/027. Francisco Eastern Estrello, Juan Reyes Valverde, Gouglas L. Parker, and Huerta Ismael Castillo.
PA099/03/028. Porch Of Parrish Hall – Swarthmore.
PA099/03/029. Andrianaly.
PA099/03/030. Jeanette Hadley and Dr. Marden Singh.
PA099/03/031. Margaret S. Mackinnon, Najeeb Shem'un, Edna Robinsnon, Sir John Harris, and Maruice H. Farron.
PA099/03/032. Charles West.
PA099/03/033. Germaine Cecile Melon-Hollard, Colette van Etten, Magdaleine Levy, Henry van Etten, and Raissa Soudarskaia.
PA099/03/034. Montclair Hoffman, Alice Yan, Helen Fisher, Robert Wilson, Blanche Weber, Fred Williams, Bictor Bewley, and Clarence G. Webb-Harris.
Pa099/03/035. Roger Clark, Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu, Sarah Bancroft Clark, T. Edmund Harvey, and A. Irene Harvey.
PA099/03/036. Rufus Jones, Haverford (photograph missing, caption intact).
PA099/03/037. Beatrice Shipley, Madeleine D. Robson, Hazel K. Wigham, Werner L. Janney, and M. Kathleen Gregory.
PA099/03/038. Jim Lieftnick, w. Glenn Roberts, Jerome Davis, and Merrill Hiat.
PA099/03/039. Jim Lieftnick, Carel Muller an Brakel, Katharine Peteresen, M.D., and Robert Limburg.
PA099/03/040. Activities before Parrish.
PA099/03/041. Virgil Lancaster, Mildred H. Lancaster, Arthur Eastern Clayton, Phyllis Awmack, and Charles A. Zavitz.
PA099/03/042. Shoran Satya Singha.
PA099/03/043. Elined Kotschnig, Walter M. Kotschnig, Blanche Weber, Pierre V. Ceresole, and Bertram Pickard.
PA099/03/044. Milo Eastern Ratliff, Eastern Bonville Fox, Arthur S. Gage, Same Peel, Howard Cope, and Kenneth Burdon.
PA099/03/045. Kenneth Boulding.
PA099/03/046. Khalil Totah, Leonhard Friedrich, Hans Albrecht, Walter C. Woodward, and Alfons Paquet.
PA099/03/047. Isabel Ross and Grace Howson.
PA099/03/048. Francis Knight, Hadassah Moore Leeds, J. Henry Bartlett, Richard B. Graham, and Stanley R. Yarnall.
PA099/03/049. Dr. Singh and Dr. Roberts.
PA099/03/050. Thomas R. Kelly,L. Hollingsworth wood, Martha Pick, W. Glenn Roberts, and Willard Reynolds.
PA099/03/051. Kenneth Barnes.
PA099/03/052. George A. Scherer, Leonard Tomkinson, Arnold Vaught, Alice Yang, and Lois Vaught.
PA099/03/053. Herbert Pickles.
PA099/03/054. Charles Vincent, Allan A. Jacobs, Dorothea Simmons, Montclair Eastern Hoffman, and Clarence G. Webb-Harris.
PA099/03/055. Haldane Robinson.
PA099/03/056. Hilda Sturge, Gulielma Mary Aggs, Sylvia M. Aggs, Joan Mary fr, and Jessie Ritch.
PA099/03/057. Leaving Swarthmore Railroad station.
PA099/03/058. Clotheir Hall – Swarthmore.
PA099/03/059. Public Meeting in S.C. Field House.
PA099/03/060. Leslie Shaffer Rudolf Boeck, and Kate Jurgens.
PA099/03/061. Article "Our London Letter".
PA099/03/062. Article "A Message from the Society of Friends in France".
PA099/03/063. Dining Hall and Front Campus – Oakwood.
PA099/03/064. Faculty Cottage – Oakwood.
PA099/03/065. Oakwood Campus.
PA099/03/066. Boys Dormintory – Oakwood.
PA099/03/067. Kingwood Park.
PA099/03/068. Unidentified group (female).
PA099/03/069. Hudson River.
PA099/03/070. Hudson River.
PA099/03/071. Railroad Bridge.
PA099/03/072. Mid-Hudson Bridge.
PA099/03/073. Lake Minnewaska – Wildmere.
PA099/03/074. Lake Minnewaska.
PA099/03/075. View from Minnewaska.
PA099/03/076. Wildmere Hotel.
PA099/03/077. Cliff House.
PA099/03/078. Wildmere.
PA099/03/079. Lake Minnewaska.
PA099/03/080. Lake Minnewaska.
PA099/03/081. Lake Minnewaska.
PA099/03/082. Unidentified Mountain.
PA099/03/083. Path.
PA099/03/084. Crevices.
PA099/03/085. Awosting Falls.
PA099/03/086. Awosting Falls.
PA099/03/087. Awosting Falls.
PA099/03/088. Lake Awosting.
PA099/03/089. Lake Awosting.
PA099/03/090. Catskills.
PA099/03/091. Cliff House.
PA099/03/092. View from Castle Point.
PA099/03/093. from Castle Point.
PA099/03/094. Minnewaska Lake.
PA099/03/095. View.
PA099/03/096. Field.
PA099/03/097. Katherine Curtis, Lewis Curtis, and Frank Ward.
PA099/03/098. A. Frank Ward.
PA099/03/099. Charles Haworth, Erica Hodgkin, Helen Cornell.
PA099/03/100. Unidentified group.
PA099/03/101. Unidentified group.
PA099/03/102. Unidentified group.
PA099/03/103. Horst Rothe.
PA099/03/104. Ryumer Yumeno.
PA099/03/105. Joan M. Fry.
PA099/03/106. Alva R.M. Herbert.
PA099/03/107. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/108. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/109. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/110. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/111. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/112. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/113. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/114. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/115. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/116. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/117. Sunday Morning Meeting.
PA099/03/118. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/119. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/120. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/121. George Badgley, Benjamin Burdsall, KEC, ? Stubbs, James Holden, and Erica Hodgkin.
PA099/03/122. Horst Rothe, Alva Herbert, Robert Limburg, Ryumei Yumano, John Johnson, Erica Hodgkin, Fred Hargreaves, Kenneth Boulding, Carlin Kapper-Johnson, and Charles Haworth.
PA099/03/123. Same Group.
PA099/03/124. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/125. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/126. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/127. View.
PA099/03/128. Unidentified Woman.
PA099/03/129. Article - Message aux Membre Delaware la Société religieuse Des Amis".
PA099/03/130. Pages from "The American Friend," June 22, 1950.
PA099/03/131. Unidentified driveway and entryway.
PA099/03/132. Unidentified view.
PA099/03/133. Unidentified view.
PA099/03/134. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/135. Henrietta Carol Carey and May Mehler.
PA099/03/136. Unidentified Group.
PA099/03/137. Newspaper clipping "In memory of Alfons Paquet".
PA099/03/138. Newspaper clipping "Death of German Friend Explained".
PA099/03/139. Pages from "The Wayfarer," October 1941.
PA099/03/140. Pages from "The Friend," Nov. 9, 1945.
PA099/03/141. Pages from "The Friend," Feb. 25, 1944.
PA099/03/142. Pages from "The Friend," Mar. 3, 1944.
PA099/03/143. Clipping " The Herald Tribune," June 18, 1948, "Dr. Hutchins, Rufus Jones Heard on Earlham Program".
PA099/03/145. Clipping from "Palladium," Sept. 22, 1947: "Friends' Work Lauded By Briton; Dr. Jones Outlines Earlham Role".
PA099/03/146. Clipping (source?) "Decline in England's Church Life Cited.
PA099/03/147. Clipping (source?) "Quaker Groups Win 1947 Nobel Prize for Peace".
PA099/03/148. New York Yearly Meeting members at Five Years Meeting, Oct. 1945.
PA099/03/149. Arthur and Ethel Doup Cass., with Kenneth, Brian, and Malcolm.
PA099/03/150. X-mas greeting card from Brian Heywood to Cook Family.

PA099/04/001. Looking North from Hallock Rock, where Edward Hallock landed in 1760.
PA099/04/002. "Mill-House" built between 1780 and 1790.
PA099/04/003. The Old Mill.
PA099/04/004. "Old Hallock Mill," built about 1780.
PA099/04/005. House built by James Hallock in 1809, now the home of Henry H. Hallock, a station on the "Underground Railway".
PA099/04/006. Home of Nicholas Hallock after his return to Milton, from Utica. "Grandmother Phebe's" house.
PA099/04/007. Rear view of house built by Nathaniel Hallock about 1838.
PA099/04/008. "Hillside".
PA099/04/009. Up the hill to Cousin Nettie's.
PA099/04/010. "Hillside" and the Mistress, Henrietta H. Tuttle "Cousin Nettie".
PA099/04/011. Lendall Hallock's phtograph of Cousin Nettie's house.
PA099/04/012. Across the road from "Hillside" – Moonlight.
PA099/04/013. Cousin Nicholas in Cousin Nettie's sitting-room.
PA099/04/014. Willow-tree "Hallock's corners".
PA099/04/015. George Hallock's Pond.
PA099/04/016. Unidentified group in boat.
PA099/04/017. Long Pond.
PA099/04/018. Long Pond.
PA099/04/019. Round Pond.
PA099/04/020. Unidentified women in front of houses.
PA099/04/021. "Across the fields to the Shermans." Annie and Sarah Hallock.

PA099/05/001. ?? Field.
PA099/05/002. Richard Field.
PA099/05/003. Phebe Sutton.
PA099/05/004. Joshua Sutton.
PA099/05/005. Catherine L. Vail.
PA099/05/006. Levi A. Lockwood.
PA099/05/007. David Barnes.
PA099/05/008. Naomi Barnes.
PA099/05/009. Saul Townsend.
PA099/05/010. Martha Townsend.
PA099/05/011. Harriet Stokely.
PA099/05/012. Jane Eastern Russell.
PA099/05/013. Rachel Tilton.
PA099/05/014. Miles Tilton.
PA099/05/015. Amy Griffen.
PA099/05/016. Paul Griffin.
PA099/05/017. Harriet Kirk.
PA099/05/018. Charles Kirk.
PA099/05/019. Hannah Carpenter.
PA099/05/020. Elnathan Carpenter.
PA099/05/021. Amos Willets.
PA099/05/022. Caroline Willets.
PA099/05/023. Andrew Dorland.
PA099/05/024. Phebe Willets.
PA099/05/025. Dr. Aaron Wright.
PA099/05/026. Mary Wright.
PA099/05/027. Hannah Mott.
PA099/05/028. Jacob L. Mott.
PA099/05/029. Edmund Willets.
PA099/05/030. Martha Willets.
PA099/05/031. Charlotte Moore.
PA099/05/032. Alfred Moore.
PA099/05/033. Hannah Barton.
PA099/05/034. William Barton.
PA099/05/035. Eliza Shepherd.
PA099/05/036. Elizabeth Newport.
PA099/05/037. Saul L. Ash.
PA099/05/038. John L. Griffith.
PA099/05/039. Robert L. Haviland.
PA099/05/040. Samuel Willits.
PA099/05/041. William White.
PA099/05/042. Mary B. White.
PA099/05/043. Ann Clark.
PA099/05/044. Hall [?] Clark.
PA099/05/045. Martha Eastern Tyson.
PA099/05/046. James Dickson.
PA099/05/047. Bennet Walter.
PA099/05/048. Daniel Walker.
PA099/05/049. Anson Lapham.
PA099/05/050. Amelia Lapham.
PA099/05/051. Robert M.Stratton.
PA099/05/052. Louisa C. Stratton.
PA099/05/053. Lydia Ann Thorne.
PA099/05/054. John Thorne.
PA099/05/055. William Thorne.
PA099/05/056. Phoebe Thorne.
PA099/05/057. [?] [?] Fox.
PA099/05/058. Rebecca L. Fox.
PA099/05/059. Israel Corse.
PA099/05/060. Esther Haviland.
PA099/05/061. Mary Jane Field.
PA099/05/062. Serena A [?] Minard.
PA099/05/063. Judith Cornell.
PA099/05/064. John J. Cornell.
PA099/05/065. Catharine Truman.
PA099/05/066. George Truman.
PA099/05/067. Jane north Macy.
PA099/05/068. Carson C. Macy.
PA099/05/069. John J. White.
PA099/05/070. Abigail White.
PA099/05/071. Sarah Hunt.
PA099/05/072. Jonathan Thorne [?].
PA099/05/073. William Longstreet.
PA099/05/074. M. Alice Longstreet.
PA099/05/075. William H. Macy.
PA099/05/076. Eliza L. Macy.
PA099/05/077. ?? Birch.
PA099/05/078. Jasper Birch.
PA099/05/079. Amanda Miller.
PA099/05/080. Amanda K. Miller.
PA099/05/081. Stephen Grellet.
PA099/05/082. Samuel M. Janney.
PA099/05/083. Samuel B. Haines.
PA099/05/084. Thomas W. Pearsall.
PA099/05/085. Hannah Merritt.
PA099/05/086. Nathan Merritt.
PA099/05/087. Eliza Merritt.
PA099/05/088. Ziba Ferris.
PA099/05/089. Elizabeth[?] Thistlethwaite[?].
PA099/05/090. Rebecca Turner.
PA099/05/091. Phoebe C. Wright.
PA099/05/092. Thomas Froulke.
PA099/05/093. Unidentified Woman.
PA099/05/094. Mary Abley.
PA099/05/095. Ann A Townsend.
PA099/05/096. Sadie Borden.
PA099/05/097. Samuel Grifffen.
PA099/05/098. Amy Griffen.
PA099/05/099. Carolin Jenkins.
PA099/05/100. Martha Shipman.
PA099/05/101. Lydia H. Paice [?].
PA099/05/102. Emily Jackson [?].
PA099/05/103. ?? Bartram.
PA099/05/104. Darlington Hoops?.
PA099/05/105. George Truman.
PA099/05/106. Catherine Truman.
PA099/05/107. Russel Frost.
PA099/05/108. Louisa Frost.
PA099/05/109. Robert Hicks.
PA099/05/110. Catharine Hicks.
PA099/05/111. Lydia Ann Thorne.
PA099/05/112. Phebe Anna Thorne.
PA099/05/113. M. Walton.
PA099/05/114. Aaron Sutton.
PA099/05/115. Lucretia Mott.
PA099/05/116. Anne C. Russel.
PA099/05/117. Lucretia Mott.
PA099/05/118. Sarah Honard.
PA099/05/119. Elizabeth Mathews (Baltimore).
PA099/05/120. Martha Shepperd.
PA099/05/121. Sarah Hicks (Flushing).
PA099/05/122. Richard Cromwell.
PA099/05/123. Samuel J. Levick (Philadelphia).
PA099/05/124. Mary Baley [?] (Philadelphia).
PA099/05/125. George Fox.
PA099/05/126. Elias Hicks.
PA099/05/127. Hannah White.
PA099/05/128. George F. White.
PA099/05/129. Isaac Baker.
PA099/05/130. Mary Baker.
PA099/05/131. Russel Frost (Skaneateles).
PA099/05/132. Louisa Frost.
PA099/05/133. Elizabeth Hunt.
PA099/05/134. John Hunt.
PA099/05/135. Nathan Tyson.
PA099/05/136. Martha Eastern Tyson.
PA099/05/137. Josiah Macy.
PA099/05/138. Lydia Macy.
PA099/05/139. Rachel Hicks.
PA099/05/140. Martha Ferris.
PA099/05/141. Gilbert Laurence (Flushing).
PA099/05/142. Richard Price (Philadelphia).
PA099/05/143. Sarah Willets.
PA099/05/144. Samuel Willets (New Jersey).
PA099/05/145. Helen Firwood.
PA099/05/146. Elizabeth Walton.
PA099/05/147. Ann Whitlon.
PA099/05/148. Amelia Wright.
PA099/05/149. Joseph Foulke (Guyneda).
PA099/05/150. Ann Diadly (??).
PA099/05/151. Thomas Foulke.
PA099/05/152. Hannah Foulke.
PA099/05/153. Mary Smith.
PA099/05/154. Lucretia Mott.
PA099/05/155. Anna Seaman.
PA099/05/156. Willet Seaman.
PA099/05/157. Emma Bassets, Elizabeth Glover, Anna R. Powell, Phebe C. Wright, and Antoinette Pearsall and Sarah Clante.
PA099/05/158. Deborah F. Wharton.
PA099/05/159. William Dorsey.
PA099/05/161. Catherine P. Foulke.
PA099/05/162. Mary Trimble.
PA099/05/163. Elizabeth Tilton.
PA099/05/164. Rebecca Hawkins.
PA099/05/165. Louis Agassiz.
PA099/05/166. Gladstone.
PA099/05/167. Bismark.
PA099/05/168. Wellington.
PA099/05/169. Peter Cooper.
PA099/05/170. Lyman Abbott.
PA099/05/171. Philips Brooks.
PA099/05/172. Clara Barton.
PA099/05/173. Martin Luther.
PA099/05/174. John Knox.
PA099/05/175. Ruskin.
PA099/05/176. Tolstoi.
PA099/05/177. Rosh Bowhaur.
PA099/05/178. Jennie Lind.
PA099/05/179. Schiller.
PA099/05/180. Milton.
PA099/05/181. Emerson.
PA099/05/182. Longfellow.
PA099/05/183. Holmes.
PA099/05/184. Whittier.
PA099/05/185. Harriet Beecher-Stowe.
PA099/05/186. Lucy Stone Blackwell.
PA099/05/187. Browning.
PA099/05/188. Lowell.
PA099/05/189. Pope's Body Guard.
PA099/05/190. Mary Queen of Scots.
PA099/05/191. Holland Peasant.
PA099/05/192. Robert Buns.
PA099/05/193. Holland Peasant.
PA099/05/194. Holland Peasant.
PA099/05/195. Holland Peasant.
PA099/05/196. Evening Prayer.
PA099/05/197. George Washington.
PA099/05/198. Queen Victoria.
PA099/05/199. William T. Sheridan.
PA099/05/200. John Quincy Adams.

PA099/06/001. Mother and Carolyn in the Garden, Aug. 1908.
PA099/06/002. Our House Guest, Miss Young, With Fred.
PA099/06/003. Miss Young and Fred.
PA099/06/004. Miss Young and Carolyn.
PA099/06/005-010. 340 Sussex Ave, Newark New Jersey.
PA099/06/011. Hotel Fosgate, Elgin.
PA099/06/012. Elgin Watch Works.
PA099/06/013. Elgin Watch Works.
PA099/06/014. Town across River.
PA099/06/015. Train.
PA099/06/016. Building…Church/Meetinghouse?.
PA099/06/017. River.
PA099/06/018. Railroad tracks.
PA099/06/019. River.
PA099/06/020. Railroad and Houses.
PA099/06/021. Program (in Italian) 1932.
PA099/06/022. River.
PA099/06/023. River.
PA099/06/024. Houses and Railroad.
PA099/06/025. River (winter).
PA099/06/026. River (winter).
PA099/06/027. River (winter).
PA099/06/028. Large Boat.
PA099/06/029. Large Boat.
PA099/06/030. Large Boat.
PA099/06/031. Mother and Fred and Our Guest, Sarah M. Haviland.
PA099/06/032. Mother, 1915.
PA099/06/033. Mother, Sarah M. Haviland, and Carolyn.
PA099/06/034. The Peck Mansion across Sussex Avenue.
PA099/06/035. Carolyn reaching for Dahlias.
PA099/06/036. Mother in the Garden.
PA099/06/037. The Autumn Garden.
PA099/06/038. Mother and Our Guest, Sarah Morris Haviland.
PA099/06/039. "Sally".
PA099/06/040. The Proud Master of His own Home.
PA099/06/041. Mother and Carolyn Picking Flowers.
PA099/06/042. D.F. and C.M. Carver.
PA099/06/043. Fred and "Winks" (the cat).
PA099/06/044. On the Porch, 340 Sussex Avenue C.M. Carver.
PA099/06/045. "Winks" and Fred.
PA099/06/046. "Winks".
PA099/06/047. D.F. and C.M. Carver.
PA099/06/048. Clarence Marshall, Ely Marshall, D.F. Carver, Elizabeth Underhill, Agnes Harshall, and Eugenia Marshall.
PA099/06/049. Clarence Marshall, Ely Marshall, Elizabeth Underhill, Agnes, Marshall, Eugenia Marshall, and C.M. Carver.
PA099/06/050. Clarence Marshall, Ely Marshall, Elizabeth Underhill, Agnes Marshall, C.M. Carter and Eugenia Marshall.
PA099/06/051. Eugenia Marshall, C.M. Carver, Elizabeth Underhill, and Agnes Marshall.
PA099/06/052. The Taylors in the Garden.
PA099/06/053. Mary Hope French and C.M. Carver.
PA099/06/054. Mary Hope French.
PA099/06/055. Winter Scene.
PA099/06/056. Mary Hope French and her Niece.
PA099/06/057. The Homan Home.
PA099/06/058. Mary French Homan view of house.
PA099/06/059. The Homan Garden.
PA099/06/060. The Elm tree at the corner of Barn.
PA099/06/061. Mrs. William Homan (Mary Hope French).
PA099/06/062. Mary Hope French and her Charming Garden.
PA099/06/063. Mary Hope French and her Charming Garden.
PA099/06/064. Mary Hope French with the Malins and the Gosses, 1905.
PA099/06/065. Sarah M.Carver and Family.
PA099/06/066. Sarah M. Carver (Richards).
PA099/06/067. D. Fred Carver and his mother, Sarah M. Carver.
PA099/06/068. The Richards Family.
PA099/06/069. Carolyn's Childhood home: 1102 Pacifist, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/070. Carolyn's Childhood home: 1102 Pacifist, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/071. Carolyn's home 1889-1896, 17 Jeferson Avenue, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/072. Home of Louise Jessup Cuddy, C's childhood friend.
PA099/06/073. Fred's Boyhood Home, Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia.
PA099/06/074. Fred's Boyhood Home, Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia.
PA099/06/075. Our First Home, 681 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn May, 1886.
PA099/06/076. Where Carolyn Alice Millder Graduated from School, P.S., in 1881.
PA099/06/077. The Fitzrandolphs.
PA099/06/078. War time! Norfok VA. Cottage for Munitions workers.
PA099/06/079. Parade of the Rainbow Divison, US Army.
PA099/06/080. Eagle rock, Fred Carver and the Fitzrandoplhs.
PA099/06/081. Eagle rock, Fred Carver and the Fitzrandoplhs.
PA099/06/082. Eagle rock, Fred Carver and the Fitzrandoplhs.
PA099/06/083. Fred, Bettina and Roy, at Eagle Rock, New Jersey.
PA099/06/084. Fred, Bettina and Roy, at Eagle Rock, New Jersey.
PA099/06/085. Bettina in her Garden.
PA099/06/086. Carrie W. Moore.
PA099/06/087. Sylvan Beauty: Pocono Manor.
PA099/06/088. Sylvan Beauty: Pocono Manor.
PA099/06/089. Alice D. Moore.
PA099/06/090. Rear view of Pocono Manor Inn.
PA099/06/091. Alice Moore.
PA099/06/092. Carrie W. Moore and Friend.
PA099/06/093. Alice Moore.
PA099/06/094. Carrie Moore and Friend.
PA099/06/095. "A Lady on a Rock" Carrie W. Moore.
PA099/06/096. Lieut. Stephen Gurney Davenport, with Carrie Moore, Hannah Davenport, Alice Moore, and Henry G. Davenport.
PA099/06/097. Delaware Water Gap, The Poconos, PA.
PA099/06/098. Phebe C. Davenport, 90th Birthday, with Carrie W. Moore.
PA099/06/099. Phebe Davenport's Cottage.
PA099/06/100. Dam Water Supply, Pocono Manor, PA.
PA099/06/101. Dining Room, Phebe C. Davenport's Cottage.
PA099/06/102. The Side Porch, Phebe C. Davenport's cottage.
PA099/06/103. Buck Hill Falls, 1913.
PA099/06/104. Buck Hill Falls, 1913.
PA099/06/105. The Shore, Point o'Woods, Long Island.
PA099/06/106. Amy Miller, Carolyn M. Carver, and Gladys Griffen.
PA099/06/107. Amy Miller, Carolyn M. Carver, and Gladys Griffen.
PA099/06/108. Point o'Woods Hotel.
PA099/06/109. Fred Carver, CM Carver, Amy J. Miller, Gladys Griffen, Charlotte Griffen, and William Griffen.
PA099/06/110. Yacht off shore.
PA099/06/111-114. Unidentified fields, buildings, and fences.
PA099/06/115-117. Three Views of an Old Landmark: Flabush Ave, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/118. Elizabeth D. Underhill at 2500 Newark Ave, feeding pet squirrel.
PA099/06/119. D.F. Carver feeding pet squirrel.
PA099/06/120. Alice Davenport and Elizabeth D. Underhill.
PA099/06/121. Elizabeth D. Underhill.
PA099/06/122-127. Alice Dean and "The Deanery," Poughkeepsie, New York.
PA099/06/128. Meetinghouse, Plainfield, New Jersey.
PA099/06/129. Meetinghouse, Plainfield, New Jersey.
PA099/06/130. Emma S. Williams, East Orange New Jersey.
PA099/06/131. The home of Emma S. Williams, East Milstone New Jersey.
PA099/06/132. The Van Cises.
PA099/06/133. Friends General Conference, Cape May 1932, New York Group.
PA099/06/134. The van Cises.
PA099/06/135. Harriet Mendenhall.
PA099/06/136. Harriet Mendenhall.
PA099/06/137. W. Baird Mendenhall and Harriet Mendenhall.
PA099/06/138. Sanford, Florida Home of Professor Merriss, 1912.
PA099/06/139-141. Three view taken at Friends Conference, Chataqua New York.
PA099/06/142. Mr. and Mrs. Theron Dean in the doorway of "Evergreens".
PA099/06/143. Henrietta Wanzer Deen.
PA099/06/144. Evergreens, New York, Home of cousins HR and Florence Wanzer.
PA099/06/145. Superb Elm on the Road to Creek, Evergreens.
PA099/06/146. Auntie Mary T. Carpenter.
PA099/06/147. Tenant house at Evergreens, "The Fowlers".
PA099/06/148-150. Where we lived in Caton Ave, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/151. Frank and Miriam Davenport.
PA099/06/152. Summer Wednesday Picnics, Friends Field, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/153. The van Cise Children.
PA099/06/154. Summer Wednesday Picnics, Friends Field, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/155. Greek Shelter in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
PA099/06/156. Victory Arch in Park.
PA099/06/157. Greek Shelter.
PA099/06/158. Lake in Propsect Park.
PA099/06/159. Shelter on left.
PA099/06/160. View of Steamer leaving pier.
PA099/06/161. Hudson River.
PA099/06/162. View of Steamer docking.
PA099/06/163. Hudson River, New York.
PA099/06/164. Hudson River, New York.
PA099/06/165. Grants Tomb, Riverside Drive, New York City.
PA099/06/166. AJ, MR, and LF Brown, Janorth 1919.
PA099/06/167. Unidentified man.
PA099/06/168. Alice Davenport.
PA099/06/169. Alice Davenport's wedding party.
PA099/06/170. Picnic at the Berach, Miama Florida: the Davenports.
PA099/06/171. John and Cora Carver.
PA099/06/172. Picnic at New Forest, England, 1931.
PA099/06/173. Carrie and Alice Moore.
PA099/06/174. Phoebe Davenport cutting her Birthday Cake.
PA099/06/175. Phebe Davenport's 90th birthday.
PA099/06/176. Phebe Davenport's 90th birthday.
PA099/06/177. Lunch Table, Sept. 1932.
PA099/06/178. Luncheon, Sept. 13 1932, Florence Marshall and Grace Noble.
PA099/06/179. Luncheon, Hostess and Grace Seaman.
PA099/06/180. Grace H. Noble, Carrie Moore, and Hostess.
PA099/06/181. Frank and Alice Lawton, Rochester, New York.
PA099/06/182. Cousin Ira Davenport, his wife Viola, and Frank Lawton.
PA099/06/183. Cousin Frank Davenport and Carolyn M. Carver.
PA099/06/184. Frank Davenport and Carolyn M. Carver.
PA099/06/185. Alice Lawton.
PA099/06/186. Margaret and Ralph Dinnesen, Frank and Alice Lawton, Dunes Beach, Ind.
PA099/06/187. D.F. Carver, Leo Brown, and Lady Friend.
PA099/06/188. D.F. Carver, Leo Brown, and Lady Friend.
PA099/06/189. Leo F. Brown.
PA099/06/190. Mrs. Philip McCarron and Baby Janet McCaron, 10mos.
PA099/06/191. Frank Lawton.
PA099/06/192. Frank and Alice Lawton, Miami Florida.
PA099/06/193. Their Bungalow.
PA099/06/194. Their Bungalow.
PA099/06/195. On Board Steamship American Merchant, enroute to London.
PA099/06/196. Luncheon at home of Esther H. Cornell.
PA099/06/197. Unidentified Group.
PA099/06/198. Unidentified Group.
PA099/06/199. Unidentified Group.

PA099/07/001. Unidentified Woman.
PA099/07/002. Mrs. R. Underhill.
PA099/07/003. David Barnes.
PA099/07/004. Naomi Barnes.
PA099/07/005. Robert and Esther Barnes.
PA099/07/006. Almira Rose Kraus.
PA099/07/007. Mary L. Davis.
PA099/07/008. Joseph Cary.
PA099/07/009. Lydia Cary.
PA099/07/010. Samuel Cary.
PA099/07/011. Lydia Hyde.
PA099/07/012. Israel Drake.
PA099/07/013. Jane Drake.
PA099/07/014. Unidentified woman.
PA099/07/015. Unidentified woman.
PA099/07/016. John Cornell.
PA099/07/017. Judith Cornell.
PA099/07/018. Sichy Vail.
PA099/07/019. Abigail Bennett.
PA099/07/020. Abigail Griffith.
PA099/07/021. Ann Eliza Spencer.
PA099/07/022. Henry Adams.
PA099/07/023. [??]an Coleman.
PA099/07/024. Jacob L. Mott.
PA099/07/025. John Comly.
PA099/07/026. Daniel Coonley.
PA099/07/027. Annie Coonley.
PA099/07/028. Mary Jane Hoag.
PA099/07/029. Elizabeth Fry.
PA099/07/030. Ruth Lewelling.
PA099/07/031. Unidentified man and woman.

PA099/08/001. Map: "Pennsylvania Meetings north of Philadelphia, between the Schuykill and the Delaware".
PA099/08/002. Map: "Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware Meetings W. of the Schuykill in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting".
PA099/08/003. Map: "Meetings on Eastern Shore of Maryland".
PA099/08/004. Map: "New Jersey Meetings of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting".
PA099/08/005. Abingdon Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/006. Abingdon Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/007. Alloways Creek Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/008. Birmingham Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/009. Birmingham Meetinghouse (interior).
PA099/08/010. Bristol Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/011. Sketch, Bristol Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/012. Fallsington (Falls) Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/013. Haverford Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/014. London Grove Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/015. London Grove Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/016. Lancaster, Pennsylvania Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/017. Merion Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/018. Merion Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/019. Merion Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/020. Moorestown (Chester) Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/021. Moorestown Friends School.
PA099/08/022. Moorestown Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/023. Mount Holly Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/024. Mount Laurel, New Jersey Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/025. Map: Meetings with in Philadelphia City Limits.
PA099/08/026. Philadelphia. Arch Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/027. Philadelphia. Arch Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/028. Entrance of Arch Street Meeting.
PA099/08/029. Arch Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/030. Arch Street Bookstore.
PA099/08/031. Interior of Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/032. Philadelphia. Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/033. Philadelphia. Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/034. Philadelphia. Fair Hill Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/035. Philadelphia. Germantown Avenue Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/036. Philadelphia. Frankford Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/037. Philadelphia. Frankford Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/038. Philadelphia. Germantown Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/039. Green Street Meeting Minutes.
PA099/08/040. School Lane Friends Meeting.
PA099/08/041. Philadelphia. Girard Avenue Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/042. Philadelphia. Green Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/043. Philadelphia. Race Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/044. Philadelphia. Race Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/045. Philadelphia. Race Street Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/046. Philadelphia. Washington Square Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/047. Philadelphia. West Philadelphia Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/048. Plymouth Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/049. Painting: George Fox and William Penn by N.C. Wyeth.
PA099/08/050. Salem Meetinghouse, Salem New Jersey.
PA099/08/051. Schuylkill Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/052. State College Friends Meeting.
PA099/08/053. Trenton Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/054. Trenton Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/055. West Chester Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/056. Westtown Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/057. Wilmington, Delaware. Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/058. Wilmington, Delaware. Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/059. Wilmington, Delaware. Meetinghouse.
PA099/08/060. Sue Hicks Ford of Lansdowne and Merion Meetings.
PA099/08/061. Former Friends School.
PA099/08/062. Woodbury Meetinghouse.

PA099/10/001. "The Presence in the Midst" by J. Doyle Penrose.
PA099/10/002. Henry Stanley Todd's "Immortality".
PA099/10/003. George Fox.
PA099/10/004. Pamphlet: "The Religious Platform of the Quakers" by Stephen Rushmore.
PA099/10/005. Transcript, Harry Emerson Fosdick's "The Soul's Invincible Surmise".
PA099/10/006. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden (?) Francke.
PA099/10/007. Selections from "The Fires of God," by John Drinkwater.
PA099/10/008. "A Prayer" by Florence Taylor.
PA099/10/009. "For Our Meeting" by Max Ehrinarm.
PA099/10/010. Clipping "From the Epistle from Australia Yearly Meeting".
PA099/10/011. Letter to Mary Louise Francke from J. Jay Watson.
PA099/10/012. Poem by Sidney Faurier (Laurier?).
PA099/10/013. "A Modern Psalm" by Florence B. Maurice.
PA099/10/014. Poem: 'Tomorrow" (unsigned).
PA099/10/015. Clipping: "Our Lady of the Sackcloth: A New Poem By Rudyard Kipling".
PA099/10/016. Sheet Music: "Jesus Was Born" by Hubert Grant.
PA099/10/017. Poem: "A Road Song" by Clarence E Flynn.
PA099/10/018. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Florence (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/019. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary P. Watson.
PA099/10/020. Clipping: "Friendship".
PA099/10/021. Poem: "A Thought" by H Shoulberg.
PA099/10/022. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila K. Willets.
PA099/10/023. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Ada K. Harned.
PA099/10/024. Clipping: "Freedom in the Modern World" by John MacMurray.
PA099/10/025. Poem: "Blessing on the Woods" by Arthur Guiterman.
PA099/10/026. Clipping: "Thank You, God!" by Evelyn Gage Browne.
PA099/10/027. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/028. Clipping: "Quoted in Wilmington News Letter".
PA099/10/029. "Message to our Meeting" by Marie Ogden Francke".
PA099/10/030. Letter to Mrs. F.W. Francke from Mary P. Watson.
PA099/10/031. Clipping: "Ecstasy" by Mary Hoxie Jones.
PA099/10/032. Letter to Mrs. F.W. Francke from J. Russell Hayes.
PA099/10/033. Letter to Mrs. F.W. Francke from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/034. Excerpt from "Light on the Park" by Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/035. Letter to Mrs. William Francke from "Ada" (K.Harned?).
PA099/10/036. Poem: Untitled, by Alice Carey.
PA099/10/037. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila K. Willets.
PA099/10/038. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/039. Poem: "God Always Helps" by Evelyn Whitell.
PA099/10/040. Clipping: "Selfish" by Ada Jackson.
PA099/10/041. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/042. Clipping: "Cadence" by Rebecca Helman.
PA099/10/043. Letter to Mrs. F.W. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/044. Clipping: "The Prayer of Plato".
PA099/10/045. Clipping: "Vision" by Frank Crane.
PA099/10/046. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/047. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/048. Excerpt from "Four Cornerstones" by Thomas A Jenkins.
PA099/10/049. Poem: Untitled, by Richard Chinevix French.
PA099/10/050. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Ada K. Harned.
PA099/10/051. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/052. Clipping: "Prayer for Peace" by Bram Shiffey.
PA099/10/053. Excerpt from Book XVIII "The Song Celestial" trans. Edwin Arnold.
PA099/10/054. Clipping: Untitled, from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/055. Poem: "Gethsemane" by Howard Buchanan.
PA099/10/056. Letter to Mrs. FW Francke from Mary P. Watson.
PA099/10/057. Clipping: "Song" by Robert Turney.
PA099/10/058. Poem: "Because It's Spring" by Ida M. Thomas.
PA099/10/059. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/060. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Ada K. Harned.
PA099/10/061. Clipping: "Identity" by Violet Alleyn Storey.
PA099/10/062. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/063. Poem: "Faith" by Froude.
PA099/10/064. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Ada K. Harned.
PA099/10/065. Clipping: "Nature Never Changes the Rules" by Luther Burbank.
PA099/10/066. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary P. Watson.
PA099/10/067. Poem: Untitled, by John Masefield.
PA099/10/068. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/069. Speech: "Use Your God-Storehouse!" by Henry Stanley Hoskins.
PA099/10/070. Message by Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/071. Clipping " As Thy Days so shall thy Strength Be" by Annie J. Flint.
PA099/10/072. Clipping: "Because of Thy Great Bounty" by Grace Noll Crowell.
PA099/10/073. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila K. Willets.
PA099/10/074. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/075. Poem: Untitled, by John Greenleaf Whittier.
PA099/10/076. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Lila" (K. Willets?).
PA099/10/077. Clipping: "A Friend is…" Unsigned.
PA099/10/078. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Pauline S. Keese.
PA099/10/079. Clipping: "A Song of Birds: by Robert T. Kerlin.
PA099/10/080. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/081. Clipping: "Traveling With God" by J.M.M.
PA099/10/082. Quotations, given by Ada K. Harris.
PA099/10/083. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (Or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/084. Excerpt from "Come Ye Apart" from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/086. Letter to Mrs. F. William Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice).
PA099/10/087. Poem: "Praise God" b Frannie Herron Wingate.
PA099/10/088. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/089. Poem: "Christ" by Parm Mayer.
PA099/10/090. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/091. Clipping: "Count Time by Heart Throbs," unsigned.
PA099/10/092. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/093. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/094. Clipping: "The Best Things Are Free" by John Martin.
PA099/10/095. Excerpts from Psalms from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/096. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/097. Madonna and child by C. Bosseron Chambers.
PA099/10/098. Poem: "Silence" by Charles Hanson Towne.
PA099/10/099. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila Keese Willets.
PA099/10/100. Clipping: "Secrets of Happiness" by André Maurois.
PA099/10/101. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/102. Clipping: Untitled, by George Santayana.
PA099/10/103. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/104. Poem: Untitled, unsigned, from Lila Willets.
PA099/10/105. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila K. Willets.
PA099/10/106. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/107. Selection from Threnodin Agustalis by Oliver Goldsmith.
PA099/10/108. Clipping: "Penn's Baptism".
PA099/10/109. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Florence (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/110. Poem: "Contentment" by Helen Eastern Maynard.
PA099/10/111. Meditation from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/112. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/113. Clipping: "Noblesse Oblige" by Carlotta Perry.
PA099/10/114. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/115. Letter from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/116. Poem: "It's in Your Face" unsigned.
PA099/10/117. Excerpt from Tennyson.
PA099/10/118. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Lila K. Willets.
PA099/10/119. "One Hope of Finding God" by Daniel Boone Herring.
PA099/10/120. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/121. Poem: "Wise Builder" by EasternD. Kramer".
PA099/10/122. Clipping: "Invite the Sun" by Dorothy Callaway.
PA099/10/123. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/124. " from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/125. Clipping: 'Ideals" by James Allen.
PA099/10/126. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/127. "Love as the Master Demonstrates" by Ida Jones.
PA099/10/128. Poem: "Shine Inside' by Alice Holbrook.
PA099/10/129. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/130. Clipping: "A Daily Suggestion" by Harriet Doane Prentiss.
PA099/10/131. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Virginia Auburn.
PA099/10/132. Clipping: "Reaching for Stars" by K.R.
PA099/10/133. Clipping: "The More…" by Jeremy Taylor.
PA099/10/134. Poem: "The King's Highway" unsigned.
PA099/10/135. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/136. Meditation from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/137. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/138. Clipping: "Make yourselves…" by Ruskin.
PA099/10/139. Message to the Meeting from Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/140. Clipping: "A Pleasant Look" unsigned.
PA099/10/141. Clipping: Sketch of Chappaqua Friends Meetinghouse.
PA099/10/142. Meditation from Anne C. Blackburn.
PA099/10/143. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/144. Clipping: "When courage fails…" by Hosmer.
PA099/10/145. Clipping: "To Friends Everywhere".
PA099/10/146. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/147. Poem: Untitled, by Henry van Dyke.
PA099/10/148. Poem: "God is Love" by Marion B. Shoen.
PA099/10/149. Clipping: "Quaker Sects Here End Schism Created in 1827.
PA099/10/150. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Florence (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/151. Clipping: "Quakers Here Unite after 108-Year Split".
PA099/10/152. Quotations from Emerson and John Moley.
PA099/10/153. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/154. Clipping: "Placid Session Ends 108-Year Schism".
PA099/10/155. Clipping: Photo of Independence Hall.
PA099/10/156. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/157. Poem: "A Package of Seeds" by Edgar A. Guest.
PA099/10/158. Clipping: "Silence…" by Carlyle.
PA099/10/159. Clipping: "Our Lives…" by Leigh Mitchell Hodges.
PA099/10/160. Clipping: " A Summer Day" by June Graves.
PA099/10/161. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/162. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/163. Poem: "Silence" by S. T. Coleridge.
PA099/10/164. Poem: "Sleep's Benediction" by A.M. Owens.
PA099/10/165. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/166. Poem: Untitled, by Edgar M. Zavitz.
PA099/10/167. Clipping: "At Dawn" by Elizabeth Barr Haas.
PA099/10/168. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/169. Clipping: "God's Key," unsigned.
PA099/10/170. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/171. Clipping: "Thinking Right!" unsigned.
PA099/10/172. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/173. Clipping: "Now I am True" by Dada Gatlin.
PA099/10/174. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/175. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "L" (Lila K. Willets?).
PA099/10/176. Quotation from Marcus Autoninus.
PA099/10/177. Poem: "The Glories of the Word" by Florence B. Maurice.
PA099/10/178. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/179. Meditation from Edith Maurice.
PA099/10/180. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/181. Clipping: "At the Door of the Day," unsigned.
PA099/10/182. Clipping: "A Quaker Message" by Dr. Charles Gilkey.
PA099/10/183. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/184. Clipping: "Tells Romance of a Famed Port".
PA099/10/185. Meditation from Lila Willets.
PA099/10/186. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C.Blackburn?).
PA099/10/187. Clipping: "Little Things" by Cristel Hastings.
PA099/10/188. Poem: "The Voice of God" by Edith Maurice.
PA099/10/189. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/190. "The Bible" by Helen Keller.
PA099/10/191. Clipping: "A Mother's Prayer" by Margaret Thomforde.
PA099/10/192. Clipping: "God Prays" by Angela Morgan.
PA099/10/193. Letter to Mrs. Francke (empty envelope?).
PA099/10/194. Letter to Mrs. Francke from J. Jay Watson ?.
PA099/10/195. Letter to Mrs. Francke from J. Jay Watson ?.
PA099/10/196. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/197. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/198. Clipping: "God is…" by John Burroughs.
PA099/10/199. Prayer, untitled, unsigned.
PA099/10/200. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Pauline S. Keese.
PA099/10/201. Clipping: "Opportunity" by A. B Hegeman.
PA099/10/202. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/203. Meditation: "Omnificence" by Carolyn Gaye Browne.
PA099/10/204. Quotations from Florence B. Maurice.
PA099/10/205. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/206. Clipping: "If there is …" by Harry Emerson Fosdick.
PA099/10/207. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/208. Clipping: "Trail Blazers" by Mary Channell Stevens.
PA099/10/209. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/210. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/211. Quotations from Edith B. Maurice.
PA099/10/212. Poem: "A Prayer" by EasternS. Harrison.
PA099/10/213. Postcard to Mrs. Francke from Virginia Auburn.
PA099/10/214. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Lila" (K. Willets?).
PA099/10/215. Quotation by Eastern C. French.
PA099/10/216. Clipping: "My Wealth" by Carol Thorne.
PA099/10/217. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/218. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/219. Clipping: "Hay Wagon" by Helen Frith Stickney.
PA099/10/220. Clipping: "These Things are Free" by John Martin.
PA099/10/221. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/222. Poem: "The House by the Side of the Road" by S.W. Foss.
PA099/10/223. Letter to Mrs. Francke.
PA099/10/224. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/225. Clipping: Suggestions for Daily Meditation.
PA099/10/226. Meditation: "Securities" by Wilhelmina Stitch.
PA099/10/227. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/228. Clipping: "Lend a Hand" by Elizabeth Harrison.
PA099/10/229. Poem: "Music At Night" by Douglas Mackintosh.
PA099/10/230. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (Or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/231. Poem: "Others" by Florence B. Maurice.
PA099/10/232. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/233. Clipping: "Pray First" by S.D. Gordon.
PA099/10/234. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/235. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/236. Clipping: "Trail Blazers" by Mary Channell Stevens.
PA099/10/237. Clipping: "The Master's Service," unsigned.
PA099/10/238. Clipping: "We ought…" Goethe.
PA099/10/239. Clipping: "Denials, affirmations…," unsigned.
PA099/10/240. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Anne (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/241. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Nanna (or Wanna?) Rina.
PA099/10/242. Clipping: "It is we…" Harry Emerson Fosdick.
PA099/10/243. Quotation: "The Power of Love" by Thomas á Kempis.
PA099/10/244. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Edith and Florence (Maurice?).
PA099/10/245. Meditation by Edith Maurice.
PA099/10/246. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/247. Clipping: "Sometimes…" --Whittier.
PA099/10/248. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/249. Clipping: "It is easy…" –Emerson.
PA099/10/250. Clipping: "If" by Edward o'Toole.
PA099/10/251. Clipping: Untitled, unsigned.
PA099/10/252. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/253. Quotation: "Mysterious Presence, Source of all" by Seth C. Black.
PA099/10/254. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Florence" (B. Maurice?).
PA099/10/255. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.
PA099/10/256. Clipping: Untitled –Faber.
PA099/10/257. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Lila" (K. Willets?).
PA099/10/258. Clipping: "Remember Paul…" by Harry Emerson Fosdick.
PA099/10/259. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Mary and Jay Watson.
PA099/10/260. Clipping: "Submission and Rest," Unsigned.
PA099/10/261. Clipping: "God of All Nations," by Edith Lombard Squires.
PA099/10/262. Poem: "Strength, Love, Light," by King Robert of France.
PA099/10/263. Letter to Mrs. Francke from ? (signature illegible).
PA099/10/264. Clipping: "Give…" by Florence Nightingale.
PA099/10/265. Poem: "To A Clover-Leaf" by Eliza Atkins Stone.
PA099/10/266. Letter to Mrs. Francke from "Anne" (C. Blackburn?).
PA099/10/267. Poem: "A Daily Prayer" by Florence B. Maurice.
PA099/10/269. Letter to Mrs. Francke from Florence (Mrs. Charles) Maurice.
PA099/10/270. Poem: "Happy is the Heart" by V.Y. Laramore.
PA099/10/271. Message to the Meeting by Marie Ogden Francke.

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