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New York Yearly Meeting miscellaneous photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

New York Yearly Meeting is the central body of Friends meetings in New York State and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. They meet yearly and have special meetings pertaining to certain issues.

This collection consists of miscellaneous color and black and white photographs of New York Yearly Meeting. There are some group photographs and some individual portraits, including Rachel Davis Dubois.

This collection is organized into seven folders: the Cencale retreat, miscellaneous group photos (two folders), "really" miscellaneous photos, miscellaneous photos, miscellaneous individual photos, and 1998 addition.

Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997

In 2021, a file of additional photographs from 1998 was added.

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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

PA098/01/001. L. Hollingsworth & Martha Wood.
PA098/01/002. L. Hollingsworth & Martha Wood.
PA098/01/003. NYYM Clerk's Table: Ruth Craig, Frank Ortloff, George Badgley, Howard Kershner, Blanche Brown, & Stephen Angell.
PA098/01/004. Florence Stevens, Frances Compter, Paul Schwantes, & Arnold Vaught.
PA098/01/005. Florence Stevens, Frances Compter, Paul Schwantes, & Arnold Vaught.
PA098/01/006. Florence Stevens, Frances Compter, Paul Schwantes, & Arnold Vaught.
PA098/01/007. Young Friends Fellowship.
PA098/01/008. Dining Room @ The Inn, Silver Bay.
PA098/01/009. Richard Bowman, Dyer Drank, Harold & Norman Kuehler.
PA098/01/010. The Galilean Service.
PA098/01/011. Junior Meeting Reporting.
PA098/01/012. Morning Session.
PA098/01/013. Lee Bok Kim.
PA098/01/014. Augustus Benedict, Ross Flanagan, & Lawrence Apsey.
PA098/01/015. Administrative Committee at Work.
PA098/01/016. Miriam Brush, Delbert Replogle, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA098/01/017. Miriam Brush, Frances Compter, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA098/01/018. Quilt Conspiracy Act.
PA098/01/020. Collins Group @ YM.
PA098/01/021. Stephanie Freivogel, Phebe Smith, & Felix Ferah.
PA098/01/022. Walter Haines & Debby Badgley.
PA098/01/023. Walter Haines & Margery Rubin.
PA098/01/024. Walter Haines & Margery Rubin.
PA098/01/025. At YM, Outside Auditorium.
PA098/01/026. Clintondale Friends @ YM.
PA098/01/027. Clintondale Friends @ YM.
PA098/01/028. Peter Fingestein.
PA098/01/029. Sharing Fund Fair.
PA098/01/030. Sharing Fund Fair.
PA098/01/031. Isabel Hall.
PA098/01/032. LI QM Members @ YM.
PA098/01/033. Betty-Jean Seeger w/3 medical schoalrs from China.
PA098/01/034. Book Table @ YM.
PA098/01/035. "A Little Night Music".
PA098/01/036. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/037. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/038. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/039. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/040. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/041. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/042. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/043. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/044. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/045. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/046. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/047. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/048. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/049. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/050. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/051. Worship-Sharing Groups Bar-B-Que Dinner.
PA098/01/052. M & C Report.
PA098/01/053. M & C Report.
PA098/01/054. M & C Report.
PA098/01/055. M & C Report.
PA098/01/056. M & C Report.
PA098/01/057. M & C Report.
PA098/01/058. M & C Report.
PA098/01/059. M & C Report.
PA098/01/060. M & C Report.
PA098/01/061. M & C Report.
PA098/01/062. M & C Report.
PA098/01/063. M & C Report.
PA098/01/064. Young Friends at YM.
PA098/01/065. Young Friends at YM.
PA098/01/066. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/067. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/068. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/069. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/070. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/071. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/072. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/073. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/074. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/075. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/076. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/077. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/078. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/079. Photos From Vingettes @ YM.
PA098/01/080. Christopher Densmore, Beth Ann Adcock, Hugh Barbour, Mary Ellen Singsen, & Cheshire Frager.
PA098/01/081. Fran Hall.
PA098/01/082. Boathouse Worship Group.
PA098/01/083. Small Child w/ Face Painted.
PA098/01/084. Girl w/Bubble.
PA098/01/085. Betty Bacon.
PA098/01/086. Walk @ Silver Bay.

PA098/02/001. Stephen Angell.
PA098/02/002. Virginia Apsey.
PA098/02/003. Augustus Benedict.
PA098/02/004. Geo Boobyer.
PA098/02/005. Joshua Brown.
PA098/02/006. Joshua Brown.
PA098/02/007. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/008. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/009. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/010. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/011. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/012. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/013. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/014. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/015. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/016. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/017. Vinnie Burrows.
PA098/02/018. Mary Foster Cadbury.
PA098/02/019. Betsey Cazden.
PA098/02/020. Betsey Cazden.
PA098/02/021. Betsey Cazden.
PA098/02/022. Betsey Cazden.
PA098/02/023. David Chidakel.
PA098/02/024. Vicki Cooley.
PA098/02/025. Carol Coulhurst.
PA098/02/026. Flo Cullinan.
PA098/02/027. Evelyn Dane.
PA098/02/028. J. Henry Daysenbrock.
PA098/02/029. Willaim Doad.
PA098/02/030. Rachel Davis DuBois.
PA098/02/031. Peter Fingestein.
PA098/02/032. Adam Corsen Finnerty.
PA098/02/033. ? Flanagan.
PA098/02/034. Ed Druck.
PA098/02/035. Ruth Frisch.
PA098/02/036. Dan Garcia.
PA098/02/037. Dick Goodman.
PA098/02/038. Janice Greene.
PA098/02/039. Janice Greene.
PA098/02/040. Walter Haines.
PA098/02/041. Gretchen Hall.
PA098/02/042. Pearl Hall.
PA098/02/043. Viola Hathaway.
PA098/02/044. Viola Hathaway.
PA098/02/045. Edmund Hilpern.
PA098/02/046. Edmund Hilpern.
PA098/02/047. Edmund Hilpern.
PA098/03/048. May Hoag.
PA098/02/049. Barbara Houser.
PA098/02/050. John Jenning.
PA098/02/051. Robert Kicklighter.
PA098/02/052. Robert Kicklighter.
PA098/02/053. Sam Klein.
PA098/02/054. Sam Klein.
PA098/02/055. Dan Mark-Whitley.
PA098/02/056. Dan Mark-Whitley.
PA098/02/059. Dan Mark-Whitley.
PA098/02/060. Dan Mark-Whitley.
PA098/02/061. Dan Mark-Whitley.
PA098/02/062. John Maurer.
PA098/02/063. Victor Mayo.
PA098/02/064. Shawn McKenna.
PA098/02/065. Russell McDonald.
PA098/02/066. Russell McDonald.
PA098/02/067. Russell McDonald.
PA098/02/068. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/069. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/070. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/071. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/072. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/073. Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/02/074. John Mott.
PA098/02/075. Elizabeth Newby.
PA098/02/076. James Niss.
PA098/02/077. Dill Otis.
PA098/02/078. Jack Patterson.
PA098/02/079. Charles Perera.
PA098/02/080. Gilbert Perleberg.
PA098/02/081. Paul Pfeutze.
PA098/02/082. John Puncheon.
PA098/02/083. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/084. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/085. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/086. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/087. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/088. Viola Purvis.
PA098/02/089. John Rider.
PA098/02/090. John Rider.
PA098/02/091. Margery Rubin.
PA098/02/092. Margery Rubin.
PA098/02/093. Margery Rubin.
PA098/02/094. L. von Sales.
PA098/02/095. M. Scarlett.
PA098/02/096. Dan Seeger.
PA098/02/097. Don Stanley.
PA098/02/098. Don Stanley.
PA098/02/099. Anne Thomas.
PA098/02/100. Carol Tobkes.
PA098/02/101. Rob Tucker.
PA098/02/102. Alson Van Wagner.
PA098/02/103. Charles A. Varian.
PA098/02/104. Charles A. Varian.
PA098/02/105. Charles A. Varian.
PA098/02/106. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/107. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/108. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/109. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/110. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/111. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/112. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/113. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/114. Joe Vlaskamp.
PA098/02/115. Arthur Waring.
PA098/02/116. Elizabeth Watson.
PA098/02/117. Lesley Watson.
PA098/02/118. Henry Wheeler.
PA098/02/119. Deborah Wood.
PA098/03/001-111. Miscellaneous group photos.
Scope and Contents

Photographs depict the following people: Aaron, Gail; Abbe, Kathryn; Accetta-Evans, Richard; Andrew, Barbara; Angell, Gardiner; Angell, Helen; Apsey, Larry; Apsey, Virginia; Armour, Polly; Ashmall-Liverside, Amanda; Bacon, Bob; Bacon, Kay; Baker, Marion; Beetle, Pat; Berger, Lyla; Bibler, Glenn; Binghamton Friends; Bogdareoff, Philip; Briggs, Irene; Briggs, John; Brogazzi, John; Brush, John; Brush, Miriam; Cadbury, Mary Foster; Calderone, Mary; Carrothers, Anne; Cazden, Betty; Cazden, Betty; Chernoff, Pat; Chidsey, Linda; Compter, Frances; Cooper, Ariel; Cope, Al; Cope, Ruth; Cramer, Becki; Cramer, James; Cramer, Patrick; Cramer, Tristyn; Crumley-Effinger, Stephanie; Cullinan, Flo; Dane, Evelyn; Dane, Paul; Daniels, Jack; Davidson, Ken; Delouria, John; Dickens, Debbie; Doneccio, James; Dow, Julianne; Ellis, Betty; Ellis, Norma; Ellis, Sally; Fingestein, Peter; First, Bob; First, Nancy; Fitzgerald, John; Frager, Cheshire; Frantz, Charlottte; Frisch, Ruth; Gangie, Janus; Garland, Cecil; Garner, Dorothy; Garver, Newton; Gilbert, Alice; Gilbert, Philip; Glass, Elizabeth; Goetz, Dorothy; Goodman, Dick,; Greene, Jan; Gupta, P.L; Haines, Walter; Haines, Walter; Hall, Duty; Hall, Francis; Hall, Isabel; Hall, Pearl; Hannigam, Susan; Haring, Lee; Haring, Sue; Harrington, Ward; Hartman, Richard; Hawes, Hazel; Hawk, Dave; Hayes, Ed; Hayes-Myers, Eddie; Hayes-Myers, Patsy; Hess, Max; Hilpern, Edmund; Hira, H.S.; Ho Hau, Soo; Hocker, James; Hodgkin, Chris; Hoffman, Dorothea; Hollister, Barry; Holloway, Les; Hoskins, Betsy; Hoskins, Lewis; Hossfeld, Edna; Hossfeld, George; Houser, Barbara; Hurd, Elizabeth; Hurd, Jerome; Imbesi, Ruth; Imbesi, Ruth; Inskeep, Judith; Johnson, Lauri; Jones, Rufus; Keilen, Rona; Klein, Edith; Klein, Sam; Latta, Anne; Link, Mary; Linton, John; Liu, Pu-Jiang; Livingston, Dorothy; Lyle, Edgar; Lyman, Patsy; Lynn, Francis; Lynn, Nathaniel; Malik, ?; Malik, J.G.; Marc-Whitley, Dan; Mcclure, George; Mcclure, Madeline; Mcewen, Virginia; Melnick, Gerry; Miller, Sally; Moger, Elizabeth H.; Moger, Patricia Mary; Moger, Roy; Moore, Anne; Mosher, Elizabeth; Myers, Betty; Newell, Kara; Nicklin, George; Nicklin, Kate; Niss, Jim; Nomer, Harold; Oltman, Jim; Ottoman, Joan; Painter, Levinius; Pan, Lois; Patterson, Jack; Paul, Carol; Pereira, Ruth; Perez-De-La-Garza, Grace; Pettengill, Herbert; Philmont, Bob; Pickett, Clarence; Pike, Adam; Pike, Joyce; Puri, J.N.; Purvis, Viola; Regen, Curt; Regen, Rosalie; Reixach, Karen; Rich, Charles; Rich, Martin; Rider, John; Rindge, Tom; Ringde, Barb; Robie, Greg; Ross, Steven,; Rozen, David; Rubin, George; Rutledge, Joe; Schlitt, Dan; Schmidt, ?; Schoonbeck, John; Schwankes, Paul; Seeger, Betty Jean; Seeger, Dan; Seward, Rossiter; Shamleffer, Doris; Sharma, G.C.; Simkin, Jane; Simon, Claire; Smith, Roland; Solomon, Barry; Sorrel, Madeline; Spassenko, Nadya; Stafford, Kathleen; Stanley, Don; Staufield, Jesse; Stern, Lee; Stevens, Florence; Stites-Robertson, Sally; Stoller, Iris; Strafford, Charles; Stratton, Arthur; Swenfeld, Ruah; Swindlen, Marion; Taylor, Thomas; Toppins, Helen; Towsley, Nikki Coffee; Trilby, ? & ?; Tuttle, Dean; Vail, Walson; Vail,?; Van Wager, Alson; Varian, Charles; Varian, Marguerite; Vaught, Arnold; Vlaskamp, Joe; Von Salis, Andrew; Waring, Arthur,; Waring, Eileen; Watsen, George; Weisel, Marjorie; Wheeler, Henry; Willaims, Greg; Willard, Gaeddern; Wood, James,; Wright, Anne; Zarowin, Diane; Zhon, Hai-On;

PA098/04/001. Roy Moger & Martin Ringenbach.
PA098/04/002. L.I. Q.M. Retreat.
PA098/04/003. Leanna Goerlich.
PA098/04/004. LI QM Retreat.
PA098/04/005. Cenacle Retreat Center.
PA098/04/006. Cenacle Retreat Center.
PA098/04/007. Dan Whitley.
PA098/04/008. Joly Fodor.
PA098/04/009. Alan Weisel, Susan Frank, Tom DyRemen, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA098/04/010. Dan Whitley.
PA098/04/011. Leanna Goerlich.
PA098/04/012. Leanna Goerlich.

PA098/05/001. Jennifer Wolf ? W/ Sign : "Chinese Brush Painting".
PA098/05/002. Music & Arts Week.
PA098/05/003. Hawks.
PA098/05/004. Book Table @ YM.
PA098/05/005. Chris Cadbury.
PA098/05/006. Dan Garcia.
PA098/05/007. Kate Nicklin.
PA098/05/008. John Rubin.
PA098/05/009. The NYQM @ Prospect Park Cemetary.
PA098/05/010. Lunchtime.
PA098/05/011. Powell House, 8th Month, 1986, 25th Anniversary.
PA098/05/012. NYQM Bulletin Board.
PA098/05/013. Powell House.
PA098/05/014. Work at Powell House.
PA098/05/015. Jerome Hurd.
PA098/05/016. Powell House.
PA098/05/017. Puppet Show.
PA098/05/018. Klane Robinson.
PA098/05/019. D[?]ty Hall, fiddler.
PA098/05/020. Levinius Painter.
PA098/05/021. Hut for 7 PBI Activists in Guatemala.
PA098/05/022. Street Sign, York "Lindley St.".
PA098/05/023. Street Sign, York "Murray St.".

Wilton Monthly Meeting of Friends at Silver Bay, July 1995 or 1996.
Scope and Contents

Front row: Marjorie Walton, Laura Higgins, Brianna Higgins, Joshua Loth, Martha Gurvich, Schuyler Loth, Rebeka Percy, Ty Griese, Sebastian Tsocanos, Kim Tsocanos

Second row: Pat Gormley, Lucas Braun, Jens Braun, Eva Tsocanos, Nathaniel Dow, Doris Munger, Natalie Braun, Spee Braun, Caleb Braun, Sean Higgins, Jeff Menoher, Ariah Dow, Tom Martin, Julianne Dow, Dana Raphael, Michael Caciopoli

Shirley Nay, Morningside Meeting, 1998.
Disability Day at Yearly Meeting, Silver Bay - Margallen Fichter, Albany Meeting, NYYM (2 photos), 1998.
Disability Day at Yearly Meeting, Silver Bay - Jens Braun, Wilton Meeting and Betty Perkins, Fredonia Meeting, 1998.
Kathleen Lawson, New Brunswick Meeting, 1998.
Carolyn Cooley, Rochester Meeting, 1998.
Wilton Meeting Jamaica Trip, 1998.
Giant puppets and parade, Yearly Meeting sessions, 1998-07.

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