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Delbert and Ruth Replogle Slide Collection


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Delbert and Ruth Replogle were each born in 1896 and married in 1918. They worked together at the Friends Mission in Noorvik, Alaska, and were active in various Friends educational organizations throughout their lives.

This collection consists of colored slides of New York Yearly Meeting Friends, Yearly Meeting activities, Friends General Conference in Sandy Spring MD, and Quaker meeting houses.

This collection is organized in a single folder.

Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

PA097/01/001. Jim Williams.
PA097/01/002. Elizabeth Hazard & Ruth Replogle.
PA097/01/003. Delbert Replogle & Dick Lane.
PA097/01/004. 4 Hiroshima Maidens, Silver Bay.
PA097/01/005. Thos Lungaho, Ruth Hudson, Ruth Replogle, & Kay Cook.
PA097/01/006. Anna Curtis.
PA097/01/007. Elton Trueblood, Alfred Henderson, Horace Stubbs, & Bill Clark.
PA097/01/008. Gladys Seamen.
PA097/01/009. Horace Stubbs.
PA097/01/010. Hiram, Elizabeth & George Corwin.
PA097/01/011. Horace Stubbs.
PA097/01/012. Bernard Walton.
PA097/01/013. David & Harriet Lane.
PA097/01/014. Ralph Conner, Henrietta Carey, & Alice Angell.
PA097/01/015. George Badgley & Ruth Sheldon.
PA097/01/016. Thomas Lungaho.
PA097/01/017. Paul Schwantes.
PA097/01/018. Ruth Craig & Benjamin Ngaira.
PA097/01/019. Thomas Lungaho & Ruth Replogle.
PA097/01/020. Thomas Lungaho & Ruth Replogle.
PA097/01/021. Thomas Lungaho & Ruth Replogle.
PA097/01/022. George Walton.
PA097/01/023. Anna Curtis.
PA097/01/024. George & Elizabeth Corwin.
PA097/01/025. Juan Sierra & Ronald Williams.
PA097/01/026. Leah Lungaho.
PA097/01/027. Nancy Compter & Kathryn Cook.
PA097/01/028. Anna Curtis & Gerita Stendal.
PA097/01/029. Elton Trueblood, Horace Stubbs, Alfred Henderson, & Bill Clark.
PA097/01/030. Sarah Fursil & Ruth Replogle.
PA097/01/031. David Skull.
PA097/01/032. Elton Trueblood & Lorton Heusel.
PA097/01/033. Arthur Stratton.
PA097/01/034. Levinius Painter & Lee Stern.
PA097/01/035. Delegation @ Silver Bay.
PA097/01/036. George Corwin & JYM.
PA097/01/037. Ridgewood Reps. @ Silver Bay.
PA097/01/038. Stewart & Charlotte Mevcham, Dan Seeger, Newton Garver, Dan Seeger, Ross Flanagan, Ward Harrington, & Marguerite Lane.
PA097/01/039. Edith Stratton, Hazel Haines, & A. Kowal.
PA097/01/040. James Niss.

PA097/02/001. Field Memorial.
PA097/02/002. After Meeting going to Lunch.
PA097/02/003. Leaving Meeting.
PA097/02/004. Friends Converse.
PA097/02/005. Friends on the Porch.
PA097/02/006. Going to Mtg.
PA097/02/007. Going to Mtg.
PA097/02/008. Young People @ YM.
PA097/02/009. Leaving Mtg.
PA097/02/010. Leaving Mtg.
PA097/02/011. Looking toward Chapel.
PA097/02/012. YM @ Silver Bay.
PA097/02/013. ??.
PA097/02/014. In Auditorium.
PA097/02/015. Tattooing.
PA097/02/016. In front of INN.
PA097/02/017. Working Interest Camp on Porch.
PA097/02/018. Mission Board Meeting.
PA097/02/019. Lake George.
PA097/02/020. Working Interest Group.
PA097/02/021. In front of Auditorium.
PA097/02/022. Thomas Lungaho.

PA097/03/001. Friends General Conference.
PA097/03/002. Vigil in front of Pentagon.
PA097/03/003. Barry Hollister & George Corwin.
PA097/03/004. In front of Moore Hall, Sandy Spring School.
PA097/03/005. Dining Room, Moore Hall, SSS.
PA097/03/006. In front of Moore Hall.
PA097/03/007. Sandy Spring MH.
PA097/03/008. Sandy Spring MH.
PA097/03/009. James Wood.
PA097/03/010. The Barn.
PA097/03/011. The Barn.
PA097/03/012. Old Stanley Steamer Car.
PA097/03/013. Barry Hollister & George Corwin.
PA097/03/014. Sandy Spring Friends School Campus.
PA097/03/015. Betty Ellis, George Corwin, & Bob Blood.
PA097/03/016. George Corwin.
PA097/03/017. Campus @ Sandy Spring School.
PA097/03/018. Moore Hall Sandy Spring Friends School.
PA097/03/019. Mary Middleton.
PA097/03/020. Rachel DuBois.

PA097/04/001. Honolulu MH.
PA097/04/002. Powell House.
PA097/04/003. MH of Oakwood School.
PA097/04/004. Cuidad Victoria Friends Church, Cuba.
PA097/04/005. 15th St. MH, NYC.
PA097/04/006. Buckingham Friends MH, Phila.
PA097/04/007. James & Anne Stern Outside MH.
PA097/04/008. Croton Valley MH.
PA097/04/009. Green St. Friends Mtg., Phila.
PA097/04/010. Hartford, Connecticut MH.
PA097/04/011. Framingham MH Mt, Massachussetts.
PA097/04/012. Phila. MH.
PA097/04/013. Cemetery of Phila. MH.
PA097/04/014. Phila.
PA097/04/015. Hicksite MH (Phila?).
PA097/04/016. Orthodox (Phila?).
PA097/04/017. Scarsdale.
PA097/04/018. ?, Mass.
PA097/04/019. 12th St., Phila.
PA097/04/020. Chester, OH.
PA097/04/021. Schmerhorn, Brooklyn.
PA097/04/022. Farmington Friends Church.
PA097/04/023. Farmington Friends Church.
PA097/04/024. 15th St., NYC.
PA097/04/025. Unadilla, NY.
PA097/04/026. Dover.
PA097/04/027. Croton Valley.
PA097/04/028. Croton Valley.
PA097/04/029. Croton Valley Cemetery.
PA097/04/030. Meetinghouse, PA.
PA097/04/031. Mtg. House, PA.
PA097/04/032. Sandy Spring MH.
PA097/04/033. Ceasars Creek MH.
PA097/04/034. Cherry St. MH.
PA097/04/035. 2nd MH in OH.
PA097/04/036. Germantown, OH.
PA097/04/037. Ceasars Creek MH.
PA097/04/038. Dover, NJ.
PA097/04/039. So. Glens Falls.
PA097/04/040. 15th St., NYC.
PA097/04/041. Montclair MH.

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