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Margery Rubin New York Yearly Meeting photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Margery Rubin was a Quaker involved with a variety of Friends organizations including New York Yearly Meeting, the American Friends Service Committee, and Friends Journal.

This collection consists primarily of black and white photographs, with a few color photographs, from the 1980s and 1990s. There are portraits of individuals and group portraits, mostly from New York Yearly Meeting sessions. There are also photos of Powell House (New York Yearly Meeting's retreat center) and some other miscellaneous shots.

This collection is organized into four folders: Individual Portraits, Group Portraits, Powell House, and Miscellaneous.

Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Zoe Peyton Jones
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Collection Inventory

PA095/01/001. Accetta-Evans, Richard.
PA095/01/002. Adcock, Beth-Ann @ NYYM, 1991.
PA095/01/003. Adcock, Beth-Ann @ NYYM, 1993.
PA095/01/004. Angell, Gardiner.
PA095/01/005. Apsey, Lawrence (Larry).
PA095/02/001. Badgley, George.
PA095/02/002. Badgley, George, addressing meeting.
PA095/02/003. Bailey, Mary Margaret.
PA095/02/004. Bailey, Mary Margaret.
PA095/02/005. Barrett, Scott.
PA095/02/006. Baum, Mary Louise.
PA095/02/007. Benge, Boyce,, 1994.
PA095/02/008. Bennington, J.
PA095/02/009. Benson, Mary Alice, 1994.
PA095/02/010. Berk, Arthur.
PA095/02/011. Birchard, Bruce.
PA095/02/012. Bishop, John.
PA095/02/013. Black, Nancy.
PA095/02/014. Brown, Joshua.
PA095/02/015. Brown, Joshua.
PA095/02/016. Brown, Joshua.
PA095/02/017. Brush, Miriam.
PA095/02/018. Burger, Gay.
PA095/02/019. Buscemi, Vince.
PA095/03/001. Carlough, Margaret.
PA095/03/002. Carranza, Andres, YM, 1986.
PA095/03/003. Cock, Joel W. .
PA095/03/004. Cooley, Vicki.
PA095/03/005. Cooley, Vicki.
PA095/03/006. Cooley, Vicki.
PA095/03/007. Coombs, Robert.
PA095/03/008. Cooper, Wilmer.
PA095/04/001. Daniels, Jack.
PA095/04/002. Davidson, Steven.
PA095/04/003. Davidson, Steven.
PA095/04/004. DeBlois, Diana.
PA095/04/005. Diaz, Eduardo.
PA095/04/006. Diaz, Eduardo.
PA095/04/007. Dickinson, Sarah.
PA095/04/008. DiGiovanni, Dawn.
PA095/04/009. Donbesi (?), Ruth.
PA095/04/010. Durham, Elliot.
PA095/05/001. Eagleson, Mary.
PA095/05/002. Ellis, Norma.
PA095/06/001. Frager, Cheshire.
PA095/07/001. Gilbert, Alice.
PA095/07/002. Gilbert, Philip.
PA095/07/003. Gilbert, Philip.
PA095/07/004. Goerlich, Leanna.
PA095/07/005. Goodman, Richard.
PA095/07/006. Goodman, Richard.
PA095/07/007. Goodman, Richard.
PA095/07/008. Goodman, Richard.
PA095/07/009. Goodman, Richard.
PA095/07/010. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/011. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/012. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/013. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/014. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/015. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/016. Greene, Janice.
PA095/07/017. Guthrie, Irma.
PA095/08/001. Hall, Gretchen.
PA095/08/002. Hall, Gretchen.
PA095/08/003. Haring, Lee.
PA095/08/004. Harris, Roseanne.
PA095/08/005. Hathaway, Violet.
PA095/08/006. Hendricks, Bill.
PA095/08/007. Holmes, Carol.
PA095/08/008. Hoskins, Elizabeth.
PA095/08/009. Houghton, Beverly.
PA095/08/010. Houser, Barbara.
PA095/08/011. Houser, Barbara.
PA095/08/012. Houser, Linda.
PA095/08/013. Hurd, Jerome.
PA095/09/001. Innskeep, Judy.
PA095/09/002. Innskeep, Judy.
PA095/10/001. Johnson, Mark.
PA095/10/002. Johnson, Mark.
PA095/10/003. Jones, Lary.
PA095/11/001. Katz, J.
PA095/11/002. Keys, Carolyn.
PA095/11/003. Kinsey, Ruth.
PA095/11/004. Kinsey, Ruth, & Very Young Friends.
PA095/12/001. Langbert, Sara.
PA095/12/002. Levering, Sam.
PA095/12/003. Levering, Sam.
PA095/12/004. Longstreet, Margaret.
PA095/12/005. Ludwig, Walter.
PA095/13/001. Mallison, Carol.
PA095/13/002. Martin, Tom.
PA095/13/003. Maurern, Johan.
PA095/13/004. McCabe, Ciaran, 1990.
PA095/13/005. McClure, George.
PA095/13/006. McClure, Madeline S.
PA095/13/007. McClure, Paula.
PA095/13/008. McDonald, Russell.
PA095/13/009. McDonald, Russell.
PA095/13/010. Melnick, Gerald.
PA095/13/011. Millett, Elizabeth.
PA095/13/012. Moger, Elizabeth.
PA095/13/013. Muller, Michael, 1990.
PA095/14/001. Nado, Cynthia, 1994.
PA095/14/002. Nado, Cynthia.
PA095/14/003. Nida, Rev. Dr. Eugene A.
PA095/15/001. O'Brien, Jim.
PA095/15/002. O'Brien, Jim.
PA095/15/003. Otis, Sally.
PA095/16/001. Painter, Levinius.
PA095/16/002. Palmer, Daisy.
PA095/16/003. Palmer, Noel.
PA095/16/004. Pierce, Carolyn.
PA095/16/005. Punshon, John.
PA095/16/006. Punshon, John.
PA095/16/007. Purvis, Viola.
PA095/18/001. Redigo, Marlene.
PA095/18/002. Reixach, Karen.
PA095/18/003. Robie, Greg.
PA095/18/004. Ross, Steve.
PA095/18/005. Ross, Steve.
PA095/18/006. Ross, Steve.
PA095/18/007. Ross, Steve.
PA095/18/008. Rozen, David.
PA095/18/009. Rubin, George.
PA095/18/010. Rubin, George.
PA095/18/011. Rubin, Margery.
PA095/18/012. Ruth, Rachel.
PA095/19/001. Seeger, Daniel.
PA095/19/002. Sharpless, John.
PA095/19/003. Sherman, Denise.
PA095/19/004. Silfie, William.
PA095/19/005. Simkin, Mike.
PA095/19/006. Simon, Roy.
PA095/19/007. Swartz, Miriam.
PA095/20/001. Tuttle, Shirley.
PA095/21/001. Varian, Charles.
PA095/21/002. Vlasklamp, Joseph, A.
PA095/22/001. Walker, Mercedes.
PA095/22/002. Walton, Marty.
PA095/22/003. Way, Doug.
PA095/22/004. Wayland-Smith, Prudence.
PA095/22/005. Weisel, Marjorie.
PA095/22/006. Weisel, Marjorie.
PA095/22/007. White, Richard.
PA095/22/008. Wood, David.
PA095/22/009. Wood, Jim.
PA095/22/010. Wright, George.
Group Portraits.
Scope and Contents

Photographs depict the following people:

?, Nancy; Aaron, Jeffrey; Angell, Helen; Angell, Steven; Barbour, Hugh; Bibler, Glenn; Blossom, Doris; Briggs, Irene; Brock, Nancy; Brown, J.; Bruch, John; Brush, Miriam; Cadbury, Mary Foster; Caplis, Marcianna; Carlough, Margaret; Cazden, Betsy; Cooley, John; Cooley, Vicki; Davidson, Ken; Deblois, Diana; Digiovanni, Dawn; Farrell, Michael; First, Nancy; Fischer, Jennie; Frager, Cheshire; Garver, Newton; Gilbert, Alice; Gilbert, Phil; Goodman, Richard; Greene, Janice; Haydock, H.; Hathaway, Viola; Hoffman, D.; Hoskins, Elizabeth; Hoskins, Lewis; Houser, Barbara; Houser, Jane; Houser, Linda; Inskeep, Judy; Johnson, Marc; Kayton, Eloise; Keilin, Rona; Kicklighter, W.R.; Lacey, Paul; Livingston, Dorothy; Miller, Sally; Nicholson, Joan; Nye, ?; Nye, Nancy; Otis, Dilworth; Packard, Rosa; Perry, John; Pike, Alan; Reixach, Karen; Richmond, Tom; Ridgeway, Lenore; Risler, Harold; Robinson, Jolee; Robinson, Ted;

Ross, Steven; Rubin, George; Schlitt, Marge; Schmitt, Madeline; Seeger, Betty Jean; Seeger, Dan; Shamleffer, Doris; Singsen, Mickey; Simkin, ?; Simkin, Jane; Smith, Roland; Smuck, Harold; Sorel, Nancy; Stevens, Florence; Tuttle, Shirley; Van Wagner, Alson; Varian, Charles; Varian, Marguerite; Vlasklamp, Joe; Wade, Dan; Wood, Bill; Wood, Deborah; Wood, William; Worrell, Arthur

PA095/24/001. Exterior of Powell House.
PA095/24/002. Representative Meeting @ Powell House.
PA095/24/003. Representative Meeting @ Powell House.
PA095/24/004 . Representative Meeting @ Powell House.
PA095/24/005 . Representative Meeting @ Powell House.
PA095/24/006. Joint Sessions Comm & JYM Sessions.
PA095/24/007. Outdoor mealtime.
PA095/24/008. Steven Ross.
PA095/24/009. Bill and Fran Taber (Faber?).
PA095/24/010. Bill Wood (@ piano), Deborah Wood, & Barbara Houser.
PA095/24/011. Mary Cadbury & Marge Schlitt (w/large stuffed bears).
PA095/24/012. Lloyd Bailey & Ciaran McCabe.
PA095/24/013. At Sessions Weekend, 1990.
PA095/24/014. Barbara Houser & Kate Lawson.
PA095/24/015. Jeff, Aarons, Barbara Dinhof[l?]er, & Doris Blossom.
PA095/24/016. John Perry & Marj Davis.
PA095/24/017. Patsy Hayes Meyers, Mike Frisch, & George Rubin.
PA095/24/018. Renee-Noelle Felice, Ciaran McCabe, Roseanne Harris, John Perry, & Dawn DiGiovanni.
PA095/24/019. Harold Risler, Barbara Houser, Mark Johnson, George Rubin, Joe Vlasklamp, & Marge Schlitt.
PA095/24/020. Croton Valley & Manhasset M.M.'s Joint Retreat.
PA095/24/021. Marge Schlitt, Mary Cadbury, Ginny Gartlein, & Joe Vlaskamp.
PA095/24/022. Madeline McClure & Betty-Jean Seeger.
PA095/24/023. Harold Risler, Kate Lawson, & George Rubin.

PA095/025/001. Peg Keiser & Bowen Alpern, JYM.
PA095/025/002. Peg Keiser & Bowen Alpern, JYM.
PA095/025/003. Young Friends, 1990-1995.
PA095/025/004. Children on Merry-go-Round.
PA095/025/005. Caberet Night @ YM?.
PA095/025/006. Quaker Tapestry.
PA095/025/007. Miriam Brush & Gay Burger.
PA095/025/008. Barbara Rutledge & Barbara Houser.
PA095/025/009. John Brush, Susan Sekbeta, Daisy Westra, & Cynthia Nado, Reporting on FWC in Chavakali, Kenya.
PA095/025/010. Norma Michalge.
PA095/025/011. Rep. Mtg @ Purchase.
PA095/025/012. Rep. Mtg @ Purchase.

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