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Roy Moger. New York Yearly Meeting photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

The New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) is the central organizing body for Quaker meetings and worship groups in New York State, northern and central New Jersey, and southwestern Connecticut. NYYM appoints committees and holds business meetings at the various levels. The Yearly Meeting also supports a conference center, Powell House, located in Old Chatham, New York, and a school, Oakwood Friends School, located in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Roy Moger (1906-1990) was a teacher and member of Westbury Monthly Meeting. Roy and his second wife, Elizabeth Hass Moger, were active in New York Yearly Meeting; Elizabeth served as Keeper of the Records in the Haviland Record Room, New York City.

This collection contains largely black and white photographs of places, persons, and events concerning New York Yearly Meeting in the 1960s. Of special interest are photographs of the March on Washington and a Memorial for the Children of Birmingham.

The photographs are arranged according to topic, such as the name of the of meeting or event.

An item level of the contents is stored with the collection.

Gift of NYYM, 1997.

When received from New York Yearly Meeting, two groups of Roy Moger's photographs were processed as separate picture collections, PA 092 and 094. Upon review in 2018, the collections were united as PA 092. The former PA 094, one folder, was previously titled Roy Moger Picture Collection, New York Yearly Meeting Events.

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Collection Inventory

PA092/001/001. Patricia Mary Moger.
PA092/001/002. Amawalk Reservoir, Westchester Co, NY.
PA092/001/003. " " " ".
PA092/002/001. Jean Hubbard, Marguerite Post, & Evelyn Dane.
PA092/002/002. " " " ".
PA092/003/001. unidentified group.
PA092/003/002. Carl Sokol, Joseph & Jane Polan, & others.
PA092/003/003. Francis Sokol, Henry ?, Lucy Griswold, Dolly Sokol, Alta Carver, Oscar Sokol, Elna Carne.
PA092/003/004. Dolly Sokol.
PA092/003/005. Exterior of MH?.
PA092/004/001. Sign: "Friends Meeting House, Erected 1788...".
PA092/005/001. Sign: "Quaker Meeting House, Built 1820...".
PA092/006/001. Alice Sutton giving the history of Peach Pond MH.
PA092/006/002. Vicechairman of Landmarks Committee N. Salem Historical Society.
PA092/006/003. Dedication Day @ Peach Pond Friends MH.
PA092/006/004. Exterior of MH.
PA092/006/005. " " " , East View.
PA092/006/006. Caroline Norton, E. Lewis Wilson, Hilda Steben, Roy Moger, Vernah Toothaber & James Toothaber.
PA092/006/007. South Face of MH & horse block.
PA092/006/008. exterior of MH, E. Lewis Wilson in doorway.
PA092/006/009. Identified Group in front of MH.
PA092/006/010. exterior of MH.
PA092/007/001. Sign in front of MH.
PA092/007/002. Sign & MH.
PA092/007/003. " " ".
PA092/007/004. Unidentified Group in front of MH.
PA092/007/005. Interior of MH.
PA092/007/006. " ".
PA092/007/007. " ".
PA092/007/008. " ".

PA092/009/001. Sign pointing to Rockland Friends Meeting.
PA092/009/002. Sign: "Rockland Friends Meeting".
PA092/009/003. Mary Howell, Karl Sox, & ? Best.
PA092/009/004. Unidentified man & two women.
PA092/009/005. Karl Sox.
PA092/009/006. Ralph Child, Phyllis Stanley, Rose Child, & Dan Stanley.
PA092/009/007. ? Hopnes, Juliana Sabine.
PA092/009/008. Refreshment table w/unidentified women.
PA092/009/009. meeting in progress.
PA092/009/010. Margorie Sox & Karl Sox.
PA092/009/011. Planting a Tree.
PA092/009/012. " ".
PA092/009/013. " ".
PA092/009/014. Juliana Sabine, Phyllis Stanley, Martha Murdock, & Roberta McVeigh.
PA092/010/001. meeting in progress.
PA092/010/002. " ".
PA092/010/003. Exterior of MH.
PA092/011/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/011/002. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/011/003. " ".
PA092/012/001. Exterior of MH w/ 2 unidentified men.
PA092/012/002. Alice McLaughlin coming to meeting.
PA092/012/003. Alta Carvin, Elizabeth Moger & Patricia Moger.
PA092/013/001. Alta Carvin and Augustus Bendict.
PA092/014/001. Dorothy Benedict, Lucy Griswold, Helen Armour, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/014/002. Exterior of MH & group, some identified.
PA092/015/001. unidentified group eating.
PA092/016/001. Alta Carvin, Sarah Towsend, ? Herman, & Leina Burke.
PA092/016/002. Leine & John Burke.
PA092/016/003. ? Herman, Leina Burke, ? Morgan, ? Hauser, Lucy Griswold, John Burke, & ? Boger.
PA092/016/004. Leina & John Burke.
PA092/016/005. Alta Carvin, Sally Townsend, E[???]n Herman, Leina Burke, Ana Morgan, Esther Hauser, & Lucy Griswold.
PA092/017/001. unidentified group in MH.
PA092/017/002. " " ".
PA092/18/001. Meeting in progress, some participants identified.
PA092/019/001. Florence Reef, Elizabeth Moger, Johns Gillespie, Robert Weimer, Mrs. Gillespie, Juila Winner, & Patricia Moger.
PA092/019/002. Unidentified Group (Patricia Moger?).
PA092/019/003. Florence Reef, Elizabeth Moger, Johns Gillespie, Robert Weimer, Mrs. Gillespie, Juila Winner, & Patricia Moger.
PA092/019/004. Adult class.
PA092/019/005. Advancement Committee Corner.
PA092/020/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/020/002. " ".
PA092/020/003. Herbert Huffman speaking.
PA092/020/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/020/005. Virginia & Elwynn Henderson.
PA092/020/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/020/007. Unidentified group on MH steps.
PA092/020/008. " " " ".
PA092/020/009. Exterior of MH.
PA092/020/010. Monument outside MH.
PA092/021/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/021/002. Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/021/003. Unidentified men in MH.
PA092/021/004. Linius K. Painter &Francis Hall.
PA092/021/005. Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/021/006. Mealtime.
PA092/021/007. Soo Ho Han, ? King, Richard Hartman, Newton Garner, & Raleigh Spinks.
PA092/021/008. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/021/009. Linius K. Painter addressing Farmington Quarterly.
PA092/021/010. Friends listening to Francis Hall.
PA092/021/011. Exterior of MH.
PA092/021/012. Sign outside MH.
PA092/021/013. Exterior of MH.
PA092/022/001. Unidentified [family?] group.
PA092/022/002. Exterior of MH.
PA092/023/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/023/002. Interior of MH.
PA092/023/003. Harvey & Celia Russell.
PA092/023/004. Patricia & Elizabeth Moger inside MH.
PA092/023/005. Unidentified Boys in Kitchen.
PA092/023/006. Unidentified Group in MH.
PA/024/001. Grace Barnes.
PA/024/002. Exterior of MH.
PA092/025/001. Marjorie Jones, Sarah Norton, & Frances Selleck.
PA092/025/002. Unidentified group in MH.
PA092/025/003. " " ".
PA092/025/004. " " ".
PA092/026/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/026/002. Interior of MH.
PA092/026/003. Frances Seleci, Hiram Norton, Curt Regen, & ? & ? Ward.
PA092/026/004. Afternoon Meeting for Worship.
PA092/026/005. Exterior of MH.
PA092/026/006. Interior of MH.
PA092/026/007. Facing Bench in MH.
PA092/026/008. Sarah Norton & Frances Selleck.
PA/027/001. Business Session.
PA/027/002. Elizabeth Moger speaking to Meeting.
PA/027/003. Advancement Committee Display.
PA/027/004. Unidentified Group.
PA/027/005. Marjorie Hopkins & Ruth Smith.
PA/027/006. " " " ".
PA/027/007. Unidentified Group.
PA/027/008. " ".
PA/027/009. Meeting in Progress.
PA/027/010. Unidentified Group.
PA/027/011. Meeting in Progress.
PA/027/012. Unidentified Group.
PA/027/013. " ".
PA/028/001. Wendy Badgley, Aldona Januszkilwicz, Marg ?, ? ? And Holly Januszkilwicz.
PA/028/002. Group outside MH (some identified).
PA/028/003. Ruth Stewart, Tom Ward, Holly Januszckilwicz, Marjory Januszkilwicz, & Elizabeth La Pann.
PA/028/004. Ruth Stewart, Clara Currier, & Ellery Lewis Wilson.
PA092/029/001. Clara Currier & Elizabeth La Pann, M&C.
PA092/029/002. Frances Selleck.
PA/092/030/001. Interior of MH.
PA/092/030/002. " " ".
PA/092/030/003. Josephine Thomsen, Marjory Bodkin, & Isobel Moore.
PA/092/030/004. Joly Fodor looking @ Friends Exhibit.
PA/092/030/005. Interior of MH.
PA/092/030/006. Flushing Friends.
PA092/031/001. Horace Stubbs & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/031/002. Unidentified Group inside MH.
PA092/032/001. Lili Wilson, Tony Swalgen, Genevieve Di Viel, Harvey Jones, Rovert Vogel, Jane Baker, & Margaret Lewis.
PA092/033/001. Edmund Hillpern, Clerk M & C.
PA092/033/002. Stephenie Freivogel, George Ruben, & Edmund Hillpern.
PA092/033/003. Stephenie Freivogel, George Rubin, Edmund Hillpern, & Hazel Scudder.
PA092/033/004. Stephenie Freivogel, George Rubin, Edmund Hillpern, & Hazel Scudder.
PA092/033/005. Unidentified Group.
PA092/034/001. Lunchtime.
PA092/034/002. Eleanor Leany & Tony Swalgen.
PA092/034/003. Unidentified Group.
PA092/034/004. Unidentified Group.
PA092/034/005. Interior of MH.
PA092/034/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/034/007. Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/034/008. Unidentified Group.
PA092/034/009. " ".
PA092/034/010. John Rashford speaking.
PA092/034/011. " " ".
PA092/034/012. Unidentified Group.
PA092/034/013. " ".
PA092/035/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/035/002. " " ".
PA092/035/003. " " ".
PA092/036/001. Margery Rubin & Horace Stubbs.
PA092/036/002. " " " ".
PA092/037/001. Edmund Hillpern speaking @Afternoon Session.
PA092/037/002. First Day School.
PA092/037/003. Ruth Buckwell, Elizabeth Moger, & Mary Cook.
PA092/037/004. Brooklyn Prep. Meeting.
PA092/037/005. Laurette Stubbs & Elizabeth Haviland.
PA092/037/006. Elizabeth Moger, Jean Stanwell, Claire, Henry, & Esther Kent, & Arno Hinze.
PA092/037/007. Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/037/008. Large Identified Group.
PA092/037/009. Frank Kaiser, Henry Koster, Helen Buchler, & Elizabeth Haviland.
PA092/037/010. Exterior of MH.
PA092/038/001. Horace Stubbs,, Lenia Lucas, & Edmund Hillpern.
PA092/038/002. Edmund Hillpern, Clerk, M & C.
PA092/038/003. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/038/004. Mealtime.
PA092/038/005. Walter Marten, Quaker U.N. program, speaking.
PA092/038/006. Eunise Prellwitz, George Hassfeld, & Arno Hinze.
PA092/039/001. Amy Ringenbach outside MH.
PA092/039/002. Jean Hubbard & Lousie Remmler.
PA092/040/001. Friends inside MH.
PA092/040/002. Exeterior of MH.
PA092/040/003. " ".
PA092/040/004. Roy Moger, Fred Flynn, & Margaret Roberts.
PA092/041/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/041/002. N.E. View of MH.
PA092/041/003. Sign outside MH.
PA092/041/004. Edwin Prellwitz addressing meeting on M & C.
PA092/041/005. View of N.E. Corner of MH.
PA092/041/006. Afternoon Session.
PA092/041/007. Edmund Hillpern & R. Ward Harrington.
PA092/041/008. Denis Barrett & Viola Purvis.
PA092/041/009. Dennis Barret & Arthur Burke.
PA092/041/010. Exterior of MH.
PA092/041/011. Michael Goldstein, Emily Nicklin, Annette Rowan, Denis Barrett, Viola Purvis, & Betty Taylor.
PA092/041/012. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/041/013. Horace Stubbs & Margery Rubin.
PA092/041/014. Horace Stubbs & Margery Rubin.
PA092/041/015. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/041/016. " ".
PA092/041/017. Edmund Hillpern & R. Ward Harrington.
PA092/042/001. Elizabeth Moger & Horace Stubbs.
PA092/042/002. Linia Lucas.
PA092/042/003. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/042/004. " ".
PA092/042/005. Edmund Hillpern & Linia Lucas.
PA092/042/006. Horace Stubbs.
PA092/042/007. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/043/001. Sign on Fence outside MH.
PA092/043/002. James Katharine Abbe, Louis Wilson, & James Barker.
PA092/043/003. Morris Mitchell, Phebe Smith, & Margaret Titus.
PA092/043/004. Cemetary.
PA092/044/001. Gate to MH.
PA092/045/001. Barbara Heizman, Elizabeth Moger, Kiyoka Solomon, Jane Kerina, Gladys Duppstadt, Dorothy Hobson, & Byron Conrad.
PA092/045/002. Jean Stairett, Elizabeth Moger, Horace Stubbs, Harvey Jones, Lorette Stubbs, Hans Freivogel, John Shiel,& Mildred Conrad.
PA092/046/001. George Corwin.
PA092/046/002. Mealtime, unidentified group.
PA092/046/003. Exterior of MH.
PA092/046/004. John Shields speaking.
PA092/046/005. Horace Stubbs.
PA092/046/006. Linia Lucas.
PA092/046/007. Mealtime, unidentified group.
PA092/046/008. " " ".
PA092/046/009. " " ".
PA092/047/001. Margery Rubin & Horace Stubbs.
PA092/047/002. R. Ward Harrington James Toothaber.
PA092/047/003. George Loke, Edmund Hillpern, James Toothaver, Vernah Toothaber, Horace Stubbs, Lorette Stubbs, & Claus ?.
PA092/047/004. Business session.
PA092/047/005. Luncheon, Ebba Zeitlin speaking to Friends.
PA092/047/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/001. Clerks of Ministry & Counsel.
PA092/048/002. Howard Carey.
PA092/048/003. Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/048/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/005. Henrietta & Howard Carey.
PA092/048/006. Ministry & Counsel.
PA092/048/007. Elizabeth Moger & Amy Ringenbach.
PA092/048/008. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/048/009. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/010. " " ".
PA092/048/011. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/048/012. Mealtime.
PA092/048/013. ".
PA092/048/014. Elizabeth Moger addressing meeting.
PA092/048/015. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/016. " ".
PA092/048/017. " ".
PA092/048/018. Elizabeth Moger addressing Meeting.
PA092/048/019. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/020. Elizabeth Moger addressing Meeting.
PA092/048/021. Elizabeth Moger & Margery Rubin.
PA092/048/022. M & C Session.
PA092/048/023. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/024. Elizabeth Moger & Margery Rubin.
PA092/048/025. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/048/026. " ".
PA092/048/027. " ".
PA092/048/028. " ".
PA092/048/029. Arthur Beck.
PA092/049/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/049/002. Elizabeth Moger, Margery Rubin, Viola Purvis, & Charles Jackson.
PA092/049/003. Edmund Hillpern, Linia Lucas, & Charles Jackson.
PA092/049/004. Morning Session.
PA092/049/005. Looking over map of the Quarter.
PA092/049/006. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/049/007. " " " ".
PA092/049/008. Linia Lucas, Edmund Hillpern, Charles Jackson, Eiliene Waring, Ruth Buckwell, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/049/009. Margery Rubin & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/049/010. Margery Rubin, Elizabeth Moger, & Charles Jackson.
PA092/049/011. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/049/012. Elizabeth Moger & Margery Rubin.
PA092/049/013. " " " ".
PA092/049/014. Morning Sessions (M & C).
PA092/049/015. Linia Lucas & Edmund Hillpern.
PA092/049/016. Amy Ringenbach addressing Meeting.
PA092/050/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/051/001. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/051/002. Business Session.
PA092/051/003. Afternoon Business Session.
PA092/051/004. Charles Jackson & Betty McMillan.
PA092/051/005. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/051/006. Business Session.
PA092/051/007. George Hassfield, Asta Fredriechs, Edna Hassfield, Elizabeth Moger, Margery Rubin, & Hans Freivogel.
PA092/051/008. NA.
PA092/051/009. Hans Freivogel, Elizabeth Moger, & Margery Rubin.
PA092/051/010. Paul Gaulding addressing the evening session.
PA092/051/011. Afternoon Session.
PA092/051/012. Paul Gaulding addressing evening session.
PA092/051/013. " " ".
PA092/051/014. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/051/015. " ".
PA092/051/016. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/051/017. Business Session.
PA092/051/018. " ".
PA092/051/019. " ".
PA092/052/001. Deborah Haines speaking at Evening Session.
PA092/052/002. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/052/003. Deborah Haines speaking at Evening Session.
PA092/052/004. Deborah Haines speaking at Evening Session.
PA092/052/005. Alan Weisel, Advisor extreme right.
PA092/052/006. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/052/007. Elizabeth Moger, Margery Rubin, Linea Lucas, Edmund Hillpern, & Alex Vanderborg.
PA092/052/008. Linea Lucas, Edmund Hillpern,& Alex Vanderborg.
PA092/052/009. " " " " " " ".
PA092/052/010. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/052/011. " ".
PA092/052/012. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/052/013. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/052/014. Edmund Hillpern speaking to Deborah Haines & Marian Baker.
PA092/052/015. Elizabeth Moger, Margery Rubin, Edmund Hillpern, & Alex Vanderborg.
PA092/052/016. Morning Session.
PA092/052/017. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/052/018. Alex Vanderborg.
PA092/052/019. Rovert Martin.
PA092/052/020. Alex Vanderborg.
PA092/052/021. Alan Weisler.
PA092/052/022. Betty Black.
PA092/052/023. Hazel Schudder.
PA092/052/024. Margeret Lewis.
PA092/052/025. ?????.
PA092/052/026. Edmund Hillpern & Linea Lucas.
PA092/052/027. Elizabeth Moger, Margery Rubin, Linea Lucas, Virgie Hortenstine, & Edmund Hillpern.
PA092/053/001. Jean Hubbard, Marguerite Post, Evelyn Dane, & Andre Hubbard.
PA092/053/002. View S. from MH.
PA092/054/001. Margery Rubin & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/054/002. " " " " ".
PA092/054/003. Lunchoen.
PA092/054/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/054/005. " " ".
PA092/055/001. Supper.
PA092/055/002. ".
PA092/056/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/056/002. Unidentified Group.
PA092/056/003. " ".
PA092/056/004. Meeting in Progress (Elizabeth Moger speaking?).
PA092/056/005. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/056/006. Meeting in Progress (Unidentfied woman speaking).
PA092/056/007. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/056/008. " " ".
PA092/056/009. " " ".
PA092/056/010. " " ".
PA092/056/011. " " ".
PA092/056/012. " " ".
PA092/056/013. " " ".
PA092/056/014. " " ".
PA092/056/015. " " ".
PA092/057/001. Mealtime.
PA092/057/002. James & Martha Niss.
PA092/057/003. James & Martha Niss & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/057/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/057/005. Tony Swalgen, Elizabeth Moger, & Felix Boyce.
PA092/057/006. Mealtime.
PA092/057/007. Edwin Prellwitz addressing meeting.
PA092/057/008. Interior of MH.
PA092/057/009. Elizabeth Moger & Felix Boyce.
PA092/057/010. " " " " ".
PA092/057/011. Elizabeth Moger, Felix Boyce, & Michael Schu.
PA092/057/012. Elizabeth Moger & Felix Boyce.
PA092/057/013. Elizabeth Moger & Charles Drake-Long.
PA092/058/001. Administrative Committee.
PA092/058/002. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/058/003. Arthur B. Waring & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/058/004. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/058/005. Eleanor Franklin, Alice Michell, Viola Purivs, Ruth Lofgren, May Hoag, & Dorothy Hobson.
PA092/058/006. Ethel Walsh, Hede Crawley, Arthur clymen, Bob Morris, & Jean Morris.
PA092/058/007. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/058/008. " " " " ".
PA092/058/009. " " " " ".
PA092/058/010. Elizabeth Moger & Felix Boyce.
PA092/058/011. Mealtime.
PA092/058/012. Elizabeth Moger addressing meeting.
PA092/058/013. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/058/014. " " " " ".
PA092/058/015. " " " " ".
PA092/058/016. " " " " ".
PA092/059/001. Henry Cadbury & unidentified others.
PA092/060/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/060/002. Mabel Burhans, Lois Stokes, Shirley Hathaway, Marc Jenkins, Gerald Sutch, John Freer, Marion Jenkins, & Greta Carpenter.
PA092/060/003. Interior of MH.
PA092/060/004. Greta Carpenter, Jesse Stanfield, Louise Stanfield, Christine Muller, Henry Muller, Leah Muller, Mabel Murhans, & Lois Stokes.
PA092/061/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/061/002. Jesse A. Stanfield.
PA092/061/003. Jesse Stanfield, Louise Stanfield, Elizabeth Moger, & Patricia Moger.
PA092/061/004. Roger Jenkins leading Sunday School Service.
PA092/061/005. Clinton Corner.
PA092/061/006. Patty Moger, Betty Hard, & Elizabeth Moger w/ Advancement Committee display.
PA092/061/007. Exterior of MH.
PA092/061/008. Gerald, Joel, & Irene Sutch.
PA092/062/001. Unidentified Group in MH.
PA092/062/002. " " " ".
PA092/062/003. Patsy Wheeler.
PA092/063/001. Interior of MH.
PA092/064/001. Elizabeth Moger, Roy Angell, Ralph Sutton, & Madeleine Sutton.
PA092/065/001. Susan Moger, Patricia Moger, Helen Durgin, Margaret Mason, Martin Fenzell, David Calhoun, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/065/002. Same group.
PA092/065/003. Exterior of MH.
PA092/065/004. Elizabeth & Patricia Moger signing book.
PA092/066/001. Sign in front of MH.
PA092/066/002. Exterior of MH.
PA092/066/003. Walter Ludwig.
PA092/066/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/066/005. " " ".
PA092/066/006. Group outside MH.
PA092/066/007. " " ".
PA092/066/008. " " ".
PA092/066/009. Mealtime.
PA092/067/001. Entering the Meetinghouse.
PA092/067/002. " " ".
PA092/067/003. Friends inside MH.
PA092/067/004. Unidentified Group.
PA092/067/005. Unidentified woman.
PA092/067/006. Campers from Camp Wehatuck.
PA092/067/007. " " " ".
PA092/067/008. May Hoag teaching Campers.
PA092/067/009. Gladys Seaman & Alice Sutton.
PA092/068/001. Alice Sutton, Madeline Sutton, Ralph Sutton, Helen Page, Elizabeth Moger, & Maud Hoy.
PA092/068/002. Interior of MH.
PA092/068/003. Maud Hoy, Helend Field Gatting, Richard Bawsuan, George Ryder, Ely Gryder, & Bartram Gazzam.
PA092/068/004. Karl Knaur.
PA092/068/005. Dorothy Ryder Tawey.
PA092/068/006. Alice Sutton, Agnes Badgley, Madeline Sutton, & Ralph Sutton.
PA092/069/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/069/002. " " ".
PA092/069/003. " " ".
PA092/070/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/070/002. " " ".
PA092/070/003. Richard Bowman, Walter Ludwig, & James Holden.
PA092/070/004. Edmund Hillpern.
PA092/070/005. Walter Ludwig addressing the meeting.
PA092/070/006. Frances Compter addressing meeting.
PA092/070/007. Richard Bowman, Waler Ludwig, & James Holden.
PA092/070/008. Frances Compton addressing meeting.
PA092/070/009. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/071/001. Friends in MH.
PA092/071/002. Exterior of MH.
PA092/071/003. Unidentified Group.
PA092/072/001. Lucilla Hutcheson.
PA092/072/002. Ralph Sutton.
PA092/072/003. Florence Post, Viola Purvis, & Annie Thomas.
PA092/072/004. ? Halstead, Ruth Halstead, & Alice Sutton.
PA092/073/001. Peter Bentley, Richard Bowman, & Bernice Merritt.
PA092/073/002. Close of Afternoon Business Session.
PA092/074/001. Hilda Stichen, Ralph Sutton, Elizabeth Kennedy, Donald Badgley, Arnold Weiner, Eloise Weiner, & Eleanor Weiner.
PA092/074/002. Eleanor Weiner, Hilda Stichen, Arnold Weiner, Eloise Weiner, Emily Hargan, Elizabeth Moger, & Donald Badgley.
PA092/075/001. Peter Bentley, Richard Bently, & Bernice Merritt.
PA092/075/002. Harrop Freeman addressing meeting.
PA092/075/003. " " " ".
PA092/076/001. Caroline Norton, Hilda Stichn, James Toothaber & Vernah Toothaber.
PA092/076/001. Friends inside MH.
PA092/077/001. MH & Grounds.
PA092/078/001. View SW from MH door.
PA092/078/002. View SW from MH towards Johnston's Restaurant.
PA092/079/001. Elizabeth W. Van der Zee.
PA092/079/002. Bob Sirrine.
PA092/079/003. Harriet H. Wixom.
PA092/079/004. Francis Wixom.
PA092/079/005. Caroline, Katy, Liz, Jimmy, Sue, Ann, William, & Bob Sirrine.
PA092/079/006. Liz & Caroline Sirrine.
PA092/080/001. Francis Hall, Frederick Wehater, Orlo Stewart, & Adelaide Webster.
PA092/080/002. Elizabeth Van der Zee.
PA092/081/001. Linda Simkin, Roy Moger, & Elizabeth Hazzard.
PA092/081/002. Clara Simkin, Michael Falke,Elizabeth Hazzard, & Fanny Reynolds w/Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/081/003. Joel Davenport, Clara Simkin, & Harriet Wixom.
PA092/081/004. Deborah Otis & Ruth Hudsom.
PA092/081/005. Harriet Wixom.
PA092/081/006. Kenneth Morgan .
PA092/081/007. " ".
PA092/081/008. Elizabeth Hazzard, ? Alum, & Trudy Buxembaum.
PA092/081/009. Harriet Wixom, Carlton Otis, Horace Simkin, Russell Simkin, Ruth Cope,Linda Simkin, Elizabeth Hazzard, Joel Davenport, Verna Helnike, Walter Lekmann, & Connie Wilson, Kenneth Morgan speaking.
PA092/082/001. Prudence Walen-Smith, Elizabeth Moger, & Augustus Benedict.
PA092/082/002. Discussion Group.
PA092/082/003. Location of Worship.
PA092/082/004. Interior of MH.
PA092/082/005. Kirkland Art center, site of MW.
PA092/082/006. " " " " ".
PA092/082/007. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/082/010. Discussion Group.
PA092/082/011. Augustus Benedict.
PA092/082/012. Discussion Group.
PA092/083/001. Amy Mekiel, Elizabeth Moger, Eunice Hopkins, & Patricia Moger.
PA092/083/002. Discussion Group.
PA092/083/003. Mary Benedict.
PA092/083/004. Suzanne Lake, Verna Hilmike, & Sarah Oliner.
PA092/083/005. Exterior of MH.
PA092/083/006. Suzanne Lake, Verna Helmike, & Sarah Oliner.
PA092/083/007. Verna Hilmike, Geroge Lake, Amy Grace Mekiel, Eunice Hopkins, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/084/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/084/002. M & C Session.
PA092/084/003. Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/084/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/084/005. Ministry & Counsel Session.
PA092/084/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/084/007. George Badgley.
PA092/086/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/086/002. Ruth Hdsn, Viola Purvs, Deborah Otis, Sarah Oliner, Grace Locton, Ruth Stewart, Theodore Oliner Carlton Otis, & Prudence Waylen-Smith.
PA092/086/003. Glen Hudson, Prudence Waylen-Smith, Raymond Young, Clara Simkin, Chester Simkin, Evelyn Young, Ruth Hudson, Gary Bouma, Harriet Wixom, & Robert Simkin.
PA092/086/004. Paul Simkin, Donald Simkin, glen Hudson, Clara Simkin, Raymond Young, Evenlyn Young, & Gary Bouma.
PA092/087/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/087/002. Ruth Stewart, Viola Purvis, & Arlo Stewart.
PA092/087/003. Sign outside MH.
PA092/087/004. Ruth Stewart & Viola Purvis.
PA092/088/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/088/002. " " ".
PA092/088/003. Exterior of MH.
PA092/088/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/088/005. " " ".
PA092/088/006. Luncheon.
PA092/088/007. Exterior of MH.
PA092/088/008. " " ".
PA092/089/001. Sylvia, Fred, Grace, & Herbert Allen.
PA092/089/002. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/089/003. Carmel & Sam Merrill & Elwyn Herendeen.
PA092/089/004. Exterior of MH.
PA092/089/005. Herbert Allen Home.
PA092/090/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/090/002. " " ".
PA092/090/003. " " ".
PA092/090/004. " " ".
PA092/090/005. Elwynn Herendeen.
PA092/090/006. Ruth Hudson, Herbert Allen, & Linius Painter.
PA092/090/007. Unidentified men.
PA092/090/008. Elizabeth Hazzard.
PA092/090/009. Friends in MH.
PA092/090/010. " " ".
PA092/090/011. Sign outside MH.
PA092/091/001. Interior of MH.
PA092/091/002. Unidentified girl.
PA092/091/003. " " ".
PA092/091/004. George Corwin & Discussion Group.
PA092/091/005. " " " " ".
PA092/091/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/091/007. George Corwin & Discussion Group.
PA092/091/008. " " " " ".
PA092/091/009. ? Allen adressing meeting.
PA092/091/010. Richard Moses & George Corwin.
PA092/091/011. Exterior of MH.
PA092/092/001. Sign outside MH.
PA092/092/002. Marjorie Harnish.
PA092/093/001. ? Cope, Gus Benedict, Chris Piersal, Ross Flanagan, Ed Bay, ? Harnish, & Marjorie Harnish.
PA092/093/002. Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/093/003. Mealtime.
PA092/093/004. Marorie Risley & Natalie Kent.
PA092/093/005. Marjorie Risley, ? Harman, Richard Hartman, & ?, ?, & ? Harnish.
PA092/093/006. Mealtime.
PA092/093/007. " ".
PA092/093/008. " ".
PA092/093/009. " ".
PA092/093/010. ? Harnish & Richard Hartman.
PA092/093/011. Richard Hartman, Iva Hartman, & Herbert Allen.
PA092/093/012. Jim Hartman, Adora Hartman, Patty Moger, & Demaris Hartman.
PA092/093/013. The Hartmans & Patty Moger.
PA092/093/014. Libby Glass, ? Glass, ? Ham, & Ruby Ross.
PA092/094/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/094/002. " " ".
PA092/094/003. Natalie Kent.
PA092/094/004. Lewis Wilson.
PA092/094/005. James Toothaber, Linius Painter, Rovert Tayor, ? Herendeen, Libby Glass, Vernah Toothaver, & Ruby Ross.
PA092/094/006. Natalie Kent.
PA092/094/007. " ".
PA092/094/008. Entrance to MH.
PA092/095/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/095/002. Richard Hartman adressing M&C session.
PA092/095/003. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/095/004. " " ".
PA092/095/005. Interior of MH.
PA092/095/006. " " ".
PA092/095/007. " " ".
PA092/095/008. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/095/009. " " ".

PA092/096/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/096/002. " " ".
PA092/096/003. " " ".
PA092/097/001. Unidentified women.
PA092/097/002. Keith Smiley & Dorothy Garner.
PA092/097/003. James Williams, Fred Flynn, & Paul Schwartes.
Pa092/098/001. Elizabeth Moger, Emma Briggs, & Dorothy Wiliams.
PA092/099/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/099/002. " " ".
PA092/099/003. " " ".
PA092/099/004. Kathy Johnson & Kay Parke.
PA092/099/005. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/099/006. " " ".
PA092/099/007. Unidentified children outside MH.
PA092/100/001. Exterior of MH.
PA092/100/002. " " ".
PA092/100/003. " " ".
PA092/100/004. " " ".
PA092/101/001. Sign in front of MH.
PA092/102/001. Sign in front of MH.
PA092/102/002. Exterior of MH.
PA092/102/003. Charles Trafford adressing meeting.
PA092/102/004. William Huben & Walter Longstreet.
PA092/103/001. John Brush.
PA092/103/002. Friends outside MH.
PA092/103/003. " " ".
PA092/103/004. " " ".
PA092/103/005. " " ".
PA092/103/006. Dan Seeger & Walter Longstreet.
PA092/103/007. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/104/001. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/104/002. " " ".
PA092/104/003. John Brush & Joanna Long.
PA092/104/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/104/005. " " ".
PA092/104/006. " " ".
PA092/104/007. Lewis Hoskins & Norwood Long.
PA092/104/008. Mirium Brush addressing Meeting.

PA092/105/001. Helen Hibbs & Arthur Armstrong.
PA092/105/002. Edwar White, Alan Halp, Marjory Wheeler, Mary Myers, & Marion Kelsey.
PA092/105/003. Edwin E. Hinshaw.
PA092/105/004. Louisa Alger, Ruth Osborne, & Gordon Browne.
PA092/105/005. Christian Ravendal addressing meeting.
PA092/105/006. Franklin Pines, Hazel Faster, Ruth Osborne, & Gordon Browne.
PA092/105/007. Ruth Osborne, Daisy Newman, & Thomas Badine.
PA092/105/008. Arthur Armstrong addressing meeting.
PA092/105/009. Edward White w/Advancement Committee Display.
PA092/105/010. Nasson College Campus.
PA092/105/011. Thyra Jane Forster addressing meeting.
PA092/105/012. Edith & Robert Owen.
PA092/105/013. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/105/014. Elmer Brown.
PA092/105/015. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/105/016. " " ".
PA092/105/017. Helen Hibbs, Arthur Armstrong, & Gregg Hibbs.
PA092/105/018. Norman Constantinlau, William Kralmer, Robert Cardon, Eleanor Baily, Auriel W hite, Elizabeth Moger, Helen Perisho, & Frank Pineo.
PA092/105/019. Florenc Taylor, Wilard & Edith Ware, Ruth Pineo, Helen Perisho, Corwin Perisho, Samir Haddad, & Frank Pineo.
PA092/105/020. Eric Curtis.
PA092/105/021. Edwin Hinshaw.
PA092/105/022. Hazel Foster, Ruth Osvorne, Gordon Browne, & Hebert Nichols.
PA092/105/023. Frances Neely.
PA092/105/024. Katharine Haviland.
PA092/105/025. Samir Haddad, Barbara Haddad, & Lawrence Apsey.
PA092/106/001. Ruth Osborne.
PA092/107/001. Ann Stein, James Stein, Arthur Straton, Glad Schwantes, & William Bacon Evans.
PA092/108/001. The Inn from the Bell Tower.
PA092/108/002. Anna Curtis.
PA092/109/001. Ron Flanagan addressing meeting.
PA092/109/002. James Drummond, Ruth Perera, Lee Bok Kim, & Edwin Bronner.
PA092/109/003. Morning Session.
PA092/109/004. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/109/005. George Nicklin, Grace Flynn, Fred Flynn, & Brenton Turkle.
PA092/109/006. Shelly Azunbrado, Wendy Kimmell, Roger Lew, & Amanda Stern.
PA092/109/007. August Benedict, Howard Corey, Ross Flanagan, & Lawrence Apsey.
PA092/109/008. Joyce Drummond, Caroline Malen, Margaret Sheldon, & James Stein.
PA092/109/009. Joyce Drummond & Caroline Malen.
PA092/109/010. Junior Meeting Representatives.
PA092/109/011. Delbert Replogle, Paul Myers, & Rachel Wood.
PA092/109/012. Same Group.
PA092/109/013. Administrative Committee.
PA092/109/014. Shirley Tuttle, Ann Lane, Marjorie Risley, & Francis Sokol.
PA092/109/015. Miriam Brush, Debert Replogle, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA092/109/016. Unidentified man addressing meeting.
PA092/109/017. " " " " ".
PA092/109/018. Unidentified woman addressing meeting.
PA092/109/019. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/109/020. R. Ward Harringon, Ann lane, Delbert Replogle, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA092/109/021. Ruth Perera & Edwin Bronner.
PA092/109/022. Lee Bok Kim & Edwin Bronner.
PA092/109/023. Rachel Davis Du Bois.
PA092/109/024. Mealtime.
PA092/109/025. R. Ward Harrington, Ann lane, Delbert Replogle, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA092/109/026. Ruth Replogle, Joan & Rodney Morris.
PA092/109/027. Robert James.
PA092/109/028. Nick Schatzke & Agnes Morley.
PA092/109/029. Newton Garner.
PA092/109/030. Roger Lew, Barbara Lew, Emily Nicklin, & Wilbur Lew.
PA092/109/031. Richard Lane, Ann Lane, Paul Schwantes, & Glad Schwantes.
PA092/109/032. Joan Morris, Ruth Rreplogle, & Rodney Morris.
PA092/109/033. George Corwin.
PA092/109/034. Lawrence Apsey.
PA092/109/035. Robert James, Jr.
PA092/109/036. Barrington Dunbar, Francis Sokil, Ann Lane, & Delbert Replogle.
PA092/109/037. Howard Carey.
PA092/109/038. Young Friends Fellowship.
PA092/109/039. H.H. Mosher Fund Bookstore.
PA092/109/040. Rachel Wood, Barbara Hauser, & Edith Darlington.
PA092/109/041. Administrative Meeting.
PA092/109/042. Galilean Service.
PA092/109/043. The Store @ Silver Bay.
PA092/109/044. Rodney Manes addressing meeting.
PA092/109/045. Dining room in the Inn.
PA092/109/046. Miriam Brush, Ann Lane, Delbert Replogle, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA092/109/047. James Drummond, Ruth Perera, Lee Bok Kim, & Edwin Bronner.
PA092/109/048. James Drummond addressing meeting.
PA092/109/049. Augustus Benedict, Ross Flanagan, & Lawrence Apsey.
PA092/109/050. Linius Painter addressing meeting.
PA092/110/001. Unidentified girls.
PA092/110/002. Dorothy Garner, Abe Goldstein, Bertie Wood, Frances Compton, Perl Hall, Arthur Stratton, Lawrence Apsey, Robert Blair, & Paul Swantes.
PA092/110/003. Clerks of NYYM.
PA092/110/004. Rita Rubin & Patricia Moger.
PA092/110/005. Gathering of the Juniors.
PA092/110/006. Barbara Lews addressing the Juniors.
PA092/110/007. Patricia & Elizabeth Moger.
PA092/111/001. Patricia Moger, Faith Brzostoski, Rita Rubin, Marcia Van Wagner, & Julia Garvor.
PA092/111/002. Ross Flanagan, Lee Stern, & Kathy Johnson.
PA092/111/003. Unidentified man (Delbert Replogle???) addressing meeting.
PA092/111/004. Madeline McClure addressing meeting.
PA092/111/005. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/111/006. " " ".
PA092/111/007. Unidentified [family?] group.
PA092/111/008. Unidentified man & woman.
PA092/111/009. Closing session.
PA092/111/010. Geraldine & Donetta Gillespie.
PA092/111/011. Elizabeth Moger, Roy Moger & James Toothaber.
PA092/111/012. Geraldine Gillespie, Donetta Gillespie, & David Hlavsa.
PA092/111/013. Evelyn Dane, Bertie Wood, & Elwyn Herendeen.
PA092/111/014. Mealtime.
PA092/111/015. Wendy Kimmel, Madeline McClure, Patrica Moger, & Emily Wood.
PA092/111/016. Evelyn Dane, Bertie Wood, & Elwyn Herendeen.
PA092/111/017. Junior Yearly Meeting.
PA092/111/018. Sidney Harman.
PA092/111/019. Ross Flanagan, Lee Stern, Kathy Johnson, & Marjorie Nelson.
PA092/111/020. Dining Room @ Silver Bay.
PA092/111/021. " " " ".
PA092/111/022. Geraldine Gillespie, Donetta Gillespie, & David Hlavsa.
PA092/111/023. Miriam Brush, Frances Comtpon, & Shirley Tuttle.
PA092/111/024. Madeleine McClure, Wendy Kimmel, Patricia Moger, & Emily Wood.
PA092/111/025. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/111/026. Mealtime.
PA092/111/027. Margery Nelson, Ross Flanagan, Lee Stern, & Kathy Johnson.
PA092/111/028. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/111/029. Elizabeth Ballard & Thomas Bodine.
PA092/111/030. Clarabel Marstaller, John Taylor, Margaret Wentworth, Tommy Marstaller, & Helen Wyman.
PA092/112/001. Ward Harrington, Paul Meyers, & James Wood.
PA092/112/002. Unidentified girls.
PA092/112/003. Donnetta Gillespie in class.
PA092/112/004. Unidentified man.
PA092/112/005. Elizabeth Moger, Patricia Moger, Rita Rubin, & Ruth Imbese.
PA092/112/006. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/112/007. Room 200 in the Silver Bay Inn.
PA092/112/008. The Book Table books on the Moger's living room floor.
PA092/112/009. Roy Angell, Caroyln Madison, & R. Ward Harrington.
PA092/112/010. Elizabeth Moger addressing the Clerks.
PA092/112/011. Ward Harrington, Paul Meyer, & James Wood.
PA092/112/012. Joan Morris & Elizabeth Moger w/Book Table books.
PA092/112/013. Junior Yearly Meeting class.
PA092/112/014. Donnetta Gillespie, Kathy Morris, Betty McMillan, Irene Van Wagner, & Rodney Morris.
PA092/113/001. Willie Currie & Lawrence Apsey.
PA092/113/002. Religious Education Committee.
PA092/113/003. Meeting in Progress.
PA092/113/004. Working Interest Group #1.

PA092/125/001. Briggs, Emma 8-16-1969.
PA092/125/002. Bowman, Richard 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/003. Drake, Dyer 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/004. Brush, Miriam, 7-28-1966.
PA092/125/005. Gustafson, Rebecca, 7-28-1966.
PA092/125/006. Harrington, R. Ward, 7-26-1966.
PA092/125/007. Kim, Lee Bok, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/008. Kim, Lee Bok, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/009. Kuehler, Harold & Norman, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/010. Malin, Caroline, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/011. Morris, Ethel, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/012. Nicklin, Emily, 7-27-1966.
PA092/125/013. Post, Marguerite, 2-8-1970.
PA092/125/014. Stern, Amanda, 7-28-1966.
PA092/125/015. Tuttle, Shirley, 7-28-1966.

PA092/114/001. Joel Davenport, 1964-9-12.
PA092/115/001. Advancement Committee, 1965-9-18.
PA092/115/002. " " " ", 1965-9-18.
PA092/116/001. Patricia Moger & Elizabeth Moger (@breakfast, Sheraton Park Hotel), 1966-2-12.
PA092/116/002. Patricia Mary Moger, 1966-2-12.
PA092/116/003. Elizabeth Moger, Patricia Moger, & Rachel De Leeuw, 1966-2-12.
PA092/117/002. Crowd in Street, 1966-5-15.
PA092/117/003. Betty McMillian, 1966-5-15.
PA092/117/004. Crowd on Green, 1966-5-15.
PA092/117/005. Meyer Weiss, 1966-5-15.
PA092/117/006. Florida Avenue Friends Meeting, 1966-5-15.
PA092/118/001. Gardner Angell, Paul Myers, & Frances Sokol, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/002. Meeting in Progress, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/003. Gardener Angell, Paul Myers, Frances Sokol, & Elizabeth Moger, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/004. James Williams, Gardener Agnell, Paul Myers, & Frances Sokol, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/005. Meeting in Progress, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/006. Administrating Corner, 1966-5-21.
PA092/118/007. " " " ", 1966-5-21.
PA092/119/001. Exterior of MH, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/002. Interior of MH, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/003. Friends awaiting weekend hosts, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/004. Elizabeth Moger, Stanley Sweet, Roy Moger, Bernard Raphael, & Audry Raphael, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/005. Conference in Progress, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/006. Elizabeth Moger, Stanley Sweet, Bernard Raphael, & Audry Raphael, 1967-7-29.
PA092/119/007. Friends & their Hosts, 1967-7-29.
PA092/120/001. Kathy Johnson, Bertie Wood, Ruth Smith, Elizabeth Moger, Hiran Norton, & Lee Lapan, 1967-9-10.
PA092/120/002. Bertie Wood, 1967-9-10.
PA092/120/003. Friends outside MH, 1967-9-10.
PA092/120/004. Emma Briggs, 1967-9-10.
PA092/120/005. Eating Lunch, 1967-9-10.
PA092/121/001. Patricia Moger & Marion Reyling, 1968-10-4.
PA092/121/002. Paul Dane, Patricia Moger, Marion Reyling, & ? Smiley, 1968-10-4.
PA092/121/003. Patricia Moger & Marion Reyling, 1968-10-4.
PA092/121/004. Mission Board, 1968-10-4.
PA092/121/005. Herbert Ramsey, Patricia Moger, & Marion Reyling, 1968-10-4.
PA092/122/001. Charles Adams & Young Friends, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/002. David Stanfield, Eugene Coffin, & Herbert Allen, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/003. Ear Prregnitz leading discussion, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/004. David Stanfield, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/005. Virginia Herendeen, Richard Hartman, Eugene Coffin, & Elwyn Herendeen, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/006. Sunday School, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/007. Unidentified group, 1969-4-19.
PA092/122/008. Eugene Coffin, 1969-4-19.
PA092/123/001. Patricia Moger, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/002. Peter Beck, Elizabeth Moger, & Candy Jones, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/003. Listening to Candy Jones, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/004. Candy Jones addressing Meeting, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/005. " " " " ", 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/006. Thurston Hughs, Patricia Moge,r & Elizabeth Moger, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/007. Exterior of MH, 1979-5-3.
PA092/123/008. " " ", 1979-5-3.
PA092/124/001. Alice Sutton addressing assembled, 1970-8-30.
PA092/124/002. Refreshments after Worship, 1970-8-30.
PA092/124/003. Thomas Purdy opening Program, 1970-8-30.
PA092/124/004. Alice Sutton unveiling Historical Marker, 1970-8-30.
PA092/124/005. Meeting in Progress, 1970-8-30.

PA 094/01/001. Reflecting Pool & Lincoln Memorial.
PA 094/01/002. Reflecting Pool & Lincoln Memorial w/ crowd.
PA 094/01/003. George Rubin & Roy W. Moger disembarking from bus.
PA 094/01/004. George Rubin & Emile Simon wlbus & Capitol Building in bkgrnd.
PA 094/01/005. close up of previous.
PA 094/01/006. Virginia Hlansa & George Rubin.
PA 094/01/007. Virginia Hlansa, Alida Denlin, Austa Denim.
PA 094/02/001. Mrs. Dukey (?) Smith & Elizabeth H. Moger.
PA 094/02/002. Crowd views, in Foley Square.
PA 094/02/003. " ".
PA 094/02/004. " ".
PA 094/02/005. " ".
PA 094/03/001. Thomas Bell & Unidentified woman @MH, Morchen Blvd. NY.
PA 094/03/002. Unidentified man and woman.
PA 094/03/003. Unidentified women, one seated, one singing.
PA 094/03/004. Unidentified group, seated.
PA 094/03/005. ".
PA 094/03/006. 2 Floor room w/table.
PA 094/03/007. 2nd Floor room (same room, different angle).
PA 094/03/008. Joly Fodor, Isobel Moore, Marjory Bodkin, & Josephine Thomson w/ Flushing Friends Exhibit.
PA 094/03/009. Josephine and Knud Thomas w/ Flushing Friends Exhibit.
PA 094/04/001. Albert Hull at Gasport Friends Church.
PA 094/04/002. Ethel Hull, Florence Hull Reef, Ruth Hull Harkness @ Adult Class.
PA 094/04/003. Unidentified Group on church steps.
PA 094/04/004. Ethel Hull & Florence Stevensw/ Advancement Comm. Exhibit.
PA 094/05/001. Nancy Robinson.
PA 094/05/002. Advancement Committee Exhibit @ Fair.
PA 094/05/003. " " ".
PA 094/05/004. 'New Discipline' Exhibit.
PA 094/05/005. Book Sale.
PA 094/05/006. Piano? Mantlepiece? w/horse and decoration.
PA 094/05/007. Unidentified exhibit.
PA 094/06/001. Advancement Comm. Display @ Rep. Meeting, NYC.
PA 094/06/002. Same.
PA 094/07/001. Exterior of meeting house.
PA 094/07/002. Same.
PA 094/07/003. Ella Smith, Deborah Otis, & Ruth Hudson inside meeting house.
PA 094/07/004. Deborah Otis (seated) & Ruth Hudson (speaking).
PA 094/07/005. Group in Meeting (names on reverse of photograph).
PA 094/07/006. Amy Grace McKeel(?).
PA 094/07/007. Adelade Webster with Advancement Committee display.
PA 094/07/008. Ruth Stewart with Advancement Committee Display.
PA 094/07/009. Unidentified group with Advancement Committee Display.
PA 094/07/010. Paticia Moger, Adelade Webster, Joan Cope, & Esther Vanderzee.
PA 094/08/001. Levinus (?) Painter & Curt Regen.
PA 094/08/002. Unidentified women.
PA 094/08/003. Unidentified men, taking tickets?.
PA 094/08/004. Unidentified group.
PA 094/08/005. Paul Meyer, Arthur Straton, & Frances Sokol.
PA 094/08/006. Group (names on reverse of photo) inside meeting.
PA 094/08/007. Religious Education Committee outdoors.
Glens Falls Quarter. Glens Falls, 1965-5-16.
Box 1
NY-Westbury Quarterly Meeting, Westbury, NY, 1965-7-17.
Box 1
Purchase Quarter at Stamford-Greenwich, 1965-8-1.
Box 1
Peach Pond Friends Meeting, 1965-8-22.
Box 1
Wilton Friends Meeting, 1965-8-22.
Box 1
Rockland Friends Meeting Open House & Dedication , 1966 4/2 and 4/3.
Box 1
Ferrisburg Quarterly Meeting at S. Starksboro, VT., 1966-7-30.
Box 1
New York-Westbury Quarterly Meeting, 1967-7-15.
Box 1
Shrewsbury-Plainfield Half Yearly Meeting, 1967-9-23.
Box 1
New York Yearly Meeting, 1957-1965.
Box 1
Rye Friends Meeting, 1965.
Box 1
Westbury Friends Meeting.
Box 1

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