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Donald C. Turner family photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

Donald Carré Turner (1909-1989) was a construction executive, a genealogist, and an alumnus of Swarthmore College.

1926-1931 Donald Carré Turner was born in Jenkintown and raised in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. He joined a dance band, the Highlanders, in 1926 and played banjo and rhythm guitar. After his graduation from Swarthmore with a degree in Economics in 1931, he toured with the band and appeared at the Skytop Resort in the Poconos.

1930s-1970s, 1963-1971 Donald C. Turner was also an executive with the Turner Construction Company, founded by his uncle, Henry C. Turner, in 1920. The former served as the contract manager for the Philadelphia territory, and worked on a number of buildings in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. He was also involved in a number of professional societies and served as a member of the Upper Providence School District Authority from 1963-1971

1972-1989 After his retirement in 1972, Turner devoted much of his time to genealogy. The Turner family was from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and came to this country from England in the seventeenth century. Earlier generations were members of Third Haven and Cecil Monthly Meetings. Lineal surnames include Carré, Birch, Caulk, Betterton, Wilson, Jefferey, Homestead, Course, Sinclair, Williams, and many others.

This collection, dating from the 1890s to the 1970s, contains a wide variety of photograph types. Black and white prints consitute the majority, but there are also tintypes, color prints, negatives, cartes de visite, and cabinet cards; as well as some handwritten notes and postcards, and even a microfilm. For the most part, the materials in this collection depict gatherings and individual people through portraits, but there are also some miscellaneous sights/people depicted and some landscapes (e.g. Swarthmore).

Photographs are roughly grouped by subject/topic but there is no overall arrangement to the collection.

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Collection Inventory

Silhouette of Capt. Peter Jeffery (died 1811).
Scope and Contents

4"x 4.5" framed silhouette "To Donald Turner, From…A Portrait Of His Great Great-Great Grandfather, Capt. Peter Jeffery, Who Died Apr 20, 1811, Aged 47."

Drawn profile of Capt. Peter Jeffery (died 1806).
Scope and Contents

5.5"x 6" framed profile, drawn; "Great Grandfather Capt. Peter Jeffery, Died Apr. 21, 1806, Aged 51," with 2 copies and negative

President Harrison (print, negative).
Rachel Betterton Turner, Richard Townsend Turner Jr., Martha E. Birch, and Elizabeth Betterton.
J. Archer Turner, 1929.
J. Archer Turner, 1936.
Joseph Archer Turner and Helen Carre Turner's 25th wedding anniversary, 1933-04-20.
Scope and Contents

Includes Donald, Howard, J.A. Jr.

1. Pi Beta Phi.
2. JAT, Helen C, 1905.
3. Helen Carre; man in white suit on reverse side.
4. Mrs. Parry, Lydia, Mary and Dick.
5. Henry and Charlotte Turner.
6. two men, two women; woman in white dress near river on reverse side.
7. 50th reunion, 1905.
8. Mrs. Rogers, Mother and Mrs. Evans, St. Augustine, Florida.
9. Clara Gaskill Turner (Mrs. James R.).
10. James R. Turner.
11. Passport picture, June 1938.
12. man in suit; train track on reverse side.
13. two men on beach.
14. two men sitting on ground.
15. man sitting on logs.
16. woman carrying baby toward house.
17. two men outside construction site.
18. man standing on pile of wood.
19. Friends Central School.
20. man in boat.
21. drawing, Friends Central, 15th and Race Streets, Philadelphia.
22. Spring Lake, New Jersey; man and woman, group in front of tent on reverse side.
23. Friends Central, 1901.
24. Phi Kappa Psi.
25. blue-tinted photo of three men with two dogs.
26. man and three women on waterfront.
27. man in suit.
28. blue-tinted photo of man playing golf.
29. woman in nurse uniform.
30. woman and baby in chair on a porch (duplicate, see 7.19 and 7.20).
31. Emelie G. Carre.
32. Thomas Herbert Ingram and wife of Emelie G. Carre.
33. Avon, New Jersey, 1939.
34. two men and two women; Commencement Day 1905; Swarthmore 1902, unknown athletic team on reverse side.
35. Clara's home; school at Darby; seated woman laughing; group of women on porch; Phi Kappa Pis (four pictures) on reverse side.

1. woman and two children.
2. mean and woman seated on rock.
3. Maple Lawn, ca. 1905-1910.
4. Lizzie, Elizabeth Caulk, Helen Evans, M.A. Carre, etc.
5. group of people on boat.
6. man in suit.
7. man in suit and hat.
8. boy in football uniform.
9. three young boys in suits.
10. boy in garden.
11. two children and a baby in a stroller.
12. three young girls.
13. woman and two children (see #1).
14. two children on a deck, one holding white hat.
15. child and baby in crib.
16. two children on beach.
17. two children on beach.
18. woman and baby.
19. woman and baby in chair on a porch.
20. woman and baby in chair on a porch (see #19).
21. woman and baby on a blanket outside.
22. woman and baby on a blanket outside (see #21).
23. dock.
24. negative of man in suit carrying a dog.

1. Joseph Archer Turner, Abington School.
2. Joseph Archer Turner.
3. Un-Addressed postcard.
4. Joseph Archer Turner.
5. Joseph Archer Maxwell Turner.
6. Joseph Archer Turner, 1905.

"Old Bloomfield" (Bartlett family), Talbot County, built about 1700, photo by H.C. Forman.
Archie, Henry, James and Will Turner (Donald in foreground), ca. 1912.
Wedding certificate, Joseph Turner and Rebecca Sinclair, Oct. 21, 1812, in home of Mary Turner Graham, Poughkeepsie (Photo of).
Joseph Turner (1848-1901).
Richard Townsend Turner Jr. family photograph, 1890-1900.
Scope and Contents

Elizabeth Betterton Turner, died 1903, mother; Martha Ellen Birch Turner, died 1911, wife; Richard Townsend Turner Jr., died 1908, husband, brother; Rachel Betterton Turner, died 1900, sister

Richard Townsend Turner, Jr.
Richard Townsend Turner, Sr.

1. Lizzie Caulk.
2. Fannie Caulk (Frances O. Elliot), March 23, 1926.
3. Ben Caulk's wife.
4. Florrie Wallington.
5. Mary Ann Homestead Caulk, wife of Thomas McD. Caulk.
6. Ben Caulk.
7. "Lizzie in chicken yard many years back, Haddenfield, NJ".
8. Lizzie Ramsden with husband Tom Ramsden.
9. Martha Ann Caulk Carre.
10. Mother and Robin, Cousin Lily Griffith Rex, Cousin Clara Griffith.
11. Mary Ann Homestead Caulk.
12. Lizzie Caulk, sister of Martha Ann Caulk Carre.
13. Clara Griffith Mitchell, daughter of Lydia Caulk Griffith.
14. Mary Ann Homestead Caulk, born June 27, 1813, died August 8, 1898.
15. negative of Mary Ann Homestead Caulk.

1. Dorothy Elston, 1974.
2. Russell and Anna Carre, 1974.
3. Caulk Farmhouse.
4. Portrait of Lydia C. Frank.
5. Carre family under famous old walnut tree on Carre homestead in Mantua, New Jersey and negative.
Microfilm, Carre award of nobility, Paris Archives, B Maxfield Miller, 1975.
Box 1
D'A Carre as young man.
Box 1
Physical Description

Cased Photograph, 3" x 3" photo frame with latch to close; includes one loose oval photo and one in frame

1. 3521 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia; home of M.A. Carre, 1964.
2. Dorothy Elston, daughter of William Carre, St. Peter, 1977.
3. Lizzie Caulk.
4. negative, Lizzie Caulk.
5. negative, Carre crest.
6. negative, unknown woman.
7. negative, tombstones of D'Angeli H. Carre and Martha Ann Carre, and Joseph Archer Turner and Helen Carre Turner.
8. negatives of house, cemetery, sign, and boat docks.
9. negatives of beach, Dorothy Elston (see #2), monument, house.
10. negatives of tombstones (2) and group of men.
11. negatives of group of men (see #10), man and woman, family, Swarthmore College certificate addressed to Donald Carre Turner, and portrait of man.
12. negatives of woman; group of people outside house; man and woman at door number 511; group of people sitting.
13. negatives of woman sitting at piano; family around Christmas tree; unwrapping presents.
14. 1963 - Christmas at Jerry's.
15. close-up of group (see #14).
16. man and woman on porch (see #12).
17. close-up of man and woman on porch (see #12 and #16).
18. Mantua N.
19. unknown woman, printed June 1984.
20. Queen St. betw. Front and 2nd; Capt. Peter Jeffery lived on this street 1811, dated 9-25- 83.
21. 437 Wharton Street (unlikely), Caulk, dated 9-25- 83.
22. 1004 Moyamensing Road, Chas. L. Carre, 1825, dated 9-25- 83.
23. 437 Wharton Street (torn down), Caulk, dated 9-25- 83.
1. 1004 Moyamensing Road, Chas. L. Carre, 1825.
2. 1004 Moyamensing Road, Chas. L. Carre, 1825 (duplicate of #22).
3. Queen St. betw. Front and 2nd, Capt. Peter Jeffery lived in this street 1811.
4. Queen St. betw. Front and 2nd, Capt. Peter Jeffery lived in this street 1811 (duplicate of #20).
5. Queen St. betw. Front and 2nd, Capt. Peter Jeffery lived in this street 1811.
6. 233 Gerritt St, Caulk Homestead, 1860.
7. negatives.
Ocean Grove House, D'Angeli H. Carre Family, ca. 1890.
Box 2

Carre, D'Angeli (1846-1898) 5 copies.
Carre, Martha Ann (Mother, taken in living room of 801 Harvard, 1932) 2 copies.
Ingram, Thomas.
Turner, Arch and Helen Carre.
Turner, Helen Carre.
"with Donald Turner, 1910-11".
Carre, D'A and Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.
Oval portrait, from Caulk Bible.
Turner, Donald and Agnes 50th Anniversary photo card with earlier photos.
Box 3

Approximately 31 photos of the Highlanders band, 1932-1982.
4 negatives of photographs listed above.
Mediterranean Cruise photographs, West Indies, 1933.
Box 3
Interior and exterior photographs of 801 Harvard Avenue Swarthmore.
Box 3

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