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Howard Haines Turner photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Howard Haines Turner (1909-1996) was a Quaker economist and educator who was active in a variety of social concerns, particularly in improving the justice system. He also had a lifelong interest in cooperative communities and worked in South Vietnam under the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

1909-1930, 1931-1941 Born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 12, 1909, the son of Henry Chandlee (1871-1954) and Charlotte Chapman (1877-1942) Turner, he graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A. in Political Science in 1930. He married Catherine Pierson (1910-1999) two days after his Commencement, and then left for Europe to study at the London School of Economics. The couple returned to the United States the following year. Haines Turner did graduate study at Columbia University from 1931-33, and was awarded a Ph.D. from Columbia in 1941.

1937-38, 1941 Turner held a number of jobs during his career. He began work as a statistician with the economic advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was employed as the Executive Secretary of the District of Columbia Cooperative Federation from 1937-38, and also was an instructor at the University of Texas and the Wharton School. In 1941 he joined the staff of Pendle Hill, a Quaker conference center in suburban Philadelphia, Pa., where he developed short-term courses to broaden the outlook of labor union members.

1957-1973 In 1957 he joined the faculty of Earlham College, and two years later moved to Bloomington, Indiana, where he was an Associate Professor of Labor and Economics at Indiana University. He retired from Indiana in 1973.

1940s-1950s Partially due to the influence of Clair Wilcox at Swarthmore College, Haines Turner refused his inheritance from his father, one of the founders of Turner Construction Company. He strongly believed in living on the fruits on his own labor. While he was at Pendle Hill, Turner took a leave of absence to work as a laborer for Magma Copper Company in Arizona, farm hand at Losantville, Indiana, and machine operator for Chevrolet Motor Company in Muncie, Indiana. From 1951-52 he worked as an office worker, and later worked for the American Labor Education Service and for the Amalgamated Food and Allied Workers Union of New Jersey. His job at Indiana allowed him to develop off-campus courses for labor unions in the State, establish advisory committees of local union officers, and coordinate a Union Leadership Program. After his retirement he continued to work part-time for the Labor Center.

1966-1982 Turner was an active member of the Society of Friends. In 1966-1967, he took a leave of absence and did volunteer work for the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), establishing a social service project in South Vietnam and recruiting personnel for a medical project at Quang Ngai. At home, he was involved in working to improve conditions in the penal system. He visited prisoners in the local county jail, maintained correspondence with some of them, and tried to assist in their rehabilitation. He was a cofounder of Citizens for Juvenile Justice. He and his wife played a significant role in founding the Community Kitchen of Bloomington in 1982. He was also one of the founders of Harmony School in 1975, which was originally begun to serve disadvantaged children. He was also interested in intentional and cooperative communities.

1910-1999 His wife, nicknamed Cay, was born Catherine Clark Pierson (1910-1999), the daughter of Senator and Mrs. Arthur Pierson of Westfield, N.J. She graduated from the Mary Lyon School of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and was a member of the class of 1933 of Swarthmore College.

The collection consists of black and white and color photographs depicting the life, family and friends, and travels of Howard Haines Turner, as well as color slides of Vietnam (where Turner worked under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee.

The photographs are arranged in three boxes according to photograph type and subject. Box 1 contains loose black and white photos, some labeled. Box 2 contains slides from Vietnam. Box 3 contains albums, oversized photos,. and color and black and white family photos.

Removed from RG5/210, Howard Haines Turner Papers.

Removed from RG5/210 Howard Haines Turner Papers

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Collection Inventory

1. Arthur N. Pierson.
2. "Turners - Mother & 3 Children", 1915.
3. Group of people including A.N. Pierson and Catherine Clark Pierson, c. 1913-1914.
4. Portrait of woman sitting with book.
5. Charlotte Chapman Turner, "Turn-of-the-century? c1900?".
6. "early 1920s? Fowler family" includes Arthur N. Pierson, Sadie Fowler Pierson, and Catherine Clark Piersom.
7. "Pierson family, A.N Pierson at left".
8. Silhouette of woman.
9. Arthur N. Pierson.
10. Sadie Fowler Pierson.
11. Arthur N. Pierson (2).
12. "Cay Turner, England, 1930".
13. "Cay and Peggy".
14. Horse and buggy in front of house.
15. 305 Elm St., Westfield, Nj AN Pierson res. 1920s-40s".
16. "The Old House, Pierson?, Westfield NJ".
17. Cay Turner c. 1918.
18. Mary Lyon, 1927-29.
19. "Haines, Bob, Jimmy".
20. "Cay".
21. Boy, 1923.
22. People on Street, 1943.
23. People in horse-drawn buggy, 1943.
24. "Photo of Ol Porttrait, Charlotte Haines Chapman Turner, Early 190s? (Wild Guess)".
25. Berlin , June 1931.
26. England, 1931.
27. "The Horse Shoe Pitchers 1938".
28. Haines and Jim.
29. Boy in uniform.
30. "Dude Pasture".
31. "Chandler, Katharine, Haines, Bobbie, Jimmie".
32. Chenille, Haines, Auntie, Westover, Sands Point, LI, 1910".
33. Postcards.
34. Silhouette, "Haines in Germany".
1. Packed Car-- "all set to go...".
2. Columbia River Highway.
3. Columbia River.
4-5. Mount Hood, Oregon.
6-7. Parliament Building, Victoria, B.C.
Mount Shasta in the distance Northern California".
2. "Mount Shasta, California".
3. Columbia river Highway.
4. Columbia River Highway.
5-6. View of Mountain range.
7-8. "View of Crater Lake, Oregon".
9. "Corner of Crater Lake, Oregon".
10. "Mt. Hood, Oregon".
11. "Mt. Hood, Oregon:.
12. "Leaving Seattle harbor trip up the bay to Victoria".
13. "Empress Hotel, Victoria".
14. "The morning after an afternoon of mud-wallowing in Canada, en route from Calgary to Glacier Park".
15. "Glacier National Park. Approaching Iceberg Lake on 14-mile hike".
16. "Glacier National Park. Iceberg Lake".
17. Glacier National Park. Corner of Iceberg Lake".
1. "After our first encounter with mud, in eastern Arizona".
2. "Packed and ready to go. North of Santa Clara, on the way into San Francisco".
3. "The new plate glass window, Hayland".
4-5. "R.C.A.".
6. "One of the (?) Big Trees, near Yosemite".
7. "Above Yosemite Valley near Glacier Point, looking across the valley.".
8. Yosemite Falls.
9. "Looking back toward the towering cliffs of Yosemite Valley".
10. "Gazing back at the towering walls of Yosemite Valley".
37. "Turner, Cassmore, Cassmore, and Babcock. In front of the Cassmore home at Butte.".
1. "Looking across a part of the Mammoth Hot Springs at the opposite side of the Yellowstone Valley".
2. "Mammoth Hot Springs. The other bank of the valley in the background".
3. Fawn, near the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone".
4. Fawn, in the shadow, center of the picture; Tally in the left background. Near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone".
5. "After breakfast, stopping in Illinois about 100 miles west of Chicago, traveling east".
6. Morning ablutions 100 miles west of Chicago, Illinois.
7. Caring for 'Sarah,' 100 West of Chicago".
8. Breakfast east of Erie, Pa. Next to the last day of the trip".
9. East of Erie, Pa. Breakfast on next to the last day".
1. "Me, wielding the AXE".
2. "Me, doing a wardance (note tomahawk)".
3. "Alec... Ringshead, 1931".
4. "Me and half of my better half -- Ringshead, 1931".
5. "us + our bikes getting ready to leave Glebe Cottage, Ringshead, 1931".
6. "us = Alec caught unaware in an informal pose, Glebe Cottage, Ringshead, 1931".
7. "us after a walk on cliffs. Haines boots were too small so we carried 'em on our canes. Ringshead 1931".
8. "us, having left. Ringshead, 1931".
1. "Sans Souci, Potsdam, June 1931".
2. "Doris Handley (English), student leader + secretary at Berlin Friends Center. Potsdam, June 7th, '31".
3. "Herr Harvey, J. Mablon Harvey, Indiana Quaker. Potsdam, June 8, '31".
4. "Mr. Peck, English; Mrs. Nason, american; Frau Spillner; Herr Spillner; Mrs. Cary; Miss Handley; Kay; Lotte Haines; Mr. Cary".
5. "Ursula + Lotte".
1. "Lord + Lady Durner's sports model awaiting without -- Carnarvon Castle, North Wales, June 14th, 1930".
2. Mrs. Beckett -- our venerable hostess in Chester. The House was build in 1760. 84 Watergate Flags, Chester, Eng. June 25th. 1930.".
3. Mrs. Beckett's -- the house at which we stayed in Chester. Built in 1760. Our room is the top window on the left. 84 Watergate Flags, Chester, England. June 25th, 1930.".
4. "granville, Normandy -- July 22, 1930".
5. Rochers de Naye, Swissw -- August 12, 1930".
6. Oberammergau, Bavaria, August 12, 1930".
7. Oberammergau, Bavaria, August 12, 1930".
8. "The Schutzenhaus, at Oberammergau, August 12th".
9. "The "Promenade" at Rochers de Naye, August 16th".
10. Rochers de Naye (Switz), August 16th, 1930.
11. Rochers de Naye (Switz), August 16th, 1930.
12. "Another view fron Naye... Aug 17th, 1930".
13. Rochers de Naye, Switzerland, August 17th 1930".
14. Rochers de Naye. AUg. 17th 1930.
15. "Grand Hotel de Rochers Naye...August 17th".
16. "Below Rochers de Naye, Swisse, Aug. 17, 1930.
17. "Rochers de Naye (Switz) August 17th, 1930".
18. "View from Rochers de Naye... Aug 17th".
19. "Taken from 18 inches outside our bedroom window, facing the town of Thornton Heath. March 1, 1931.".
20. "Looking down Ross Road from Ad Astra, March 1, 1931.".
21. "The Winter's First Snow," March 1st 1931. View from our living room window".
22. "Our view of ? from hotel window. Puzzle --- which is top + bottom?".
23. Inside of cave ? (see #32).
24. View of Coastline.
25. Rocky Area.
26. "Italy, just below the Austrian Border. One Italian Tyrol. April 1931".
27. "One of the many little villages along the coast of the Bay of Naples. April 1931".
28. "View along coast of Bay of Naples. Castallamare in back-left-ground.".
29. "Vesuvius from the boat from Naples to Capri".
30. Capri 1931.
31. "Capri April 1931".
32. "Capri -- The Faraglioni, April 1931" see #32.
33. "Grotto -- Capri".
34. "Taken from Leaning Tower of Pisa -- looking inland".
35. "From Milan Cathedral Tower, Easter, April 5, 1931".
36. "View of Milan looking south from Cathedral tower. Easter, 1931.
37. "Piazza in front of Milan Cathedral, Easter, April 5, 1931".
38. "St. Mark's in Venice April 1931".
39. "St Mark's Square -- Venice -- Gala Day -- anniversary of founding of Rome. April 1931.".
40. One of the highest mountains around Florence -- just after it stopped raining. April 1931.".
41. "Haines + bikes on moor, near Moreton Torset. 1931".
42. Elizabeth Kopf.
43. "Apartment House in Berlin -- Wilmersdorf".
42. Series of Black and White Photographs with black border.
43. "Charlotte Haines Chapman, silhouette cut at some time before her marriage on June 13th, 1832.".
44. Series of Negatives, 4" x 2.5".
45. Two slides of Lawrence and Janet Hall, 630 Franklin, Denver Colorado.
2. Box 2: Vietnam slides.
Box 2

Indiana State AFL-CIO Women's Activities Department.
Senator Arthur N. Pierson, 1927.
Catharine Clark Pierson Turner, c. 1985.
Catharine Clark Pierson, c. 1929.
Catharine Clark Pierson, c. 1929 wearing veil.
Wedding portrait of Catharine Clark Pierson Turner, June 13, 1930.
Wedding of Howard Haines & Catherine Pierson Turner, June 13, 1930.
Black album - Family photos dated 1916-1946 views of house, etc. .
Flowered album B&W family photos, including Pierson children, c. 1917.
"Vietnam Photos" - Photos removed from acidic magnetic album, 1967.
1-4. Haines.
5-6. two shots each of Kay (four total).
1-10. "Kay...1927".
3. "K. Pierson".
4. Haines (?) in car. "Carnarvon Castle, North Wales. June 29th 1930".
5. two girls sitting outside.
6. two girls standing outside.
7. Kay (?) in checked dress.
8. girl leaning against building.
9. boy in swimwear.
10. three boys in swimwear.
11. Kay (?) sitting outside.
12. Kay (?) sitting outside.
13. two men beside water.
14. girl wearing short pants.
15. woman, tram in backgroun.
16. "Little Phoebe's picture. July 1917. Catharine from aunt Phoebe.
17-36. mostly Kay.
1. Haines, Kay (?) and another coupke.
2. wedding.
3. Haines (?) doing yardwork.
4. Haines, Kay ((?) and another man.
5. Haines Turner (?), September 1979 (?).
6. house by water .
7. house by water.
8. tree.
9. "Savannah River, March 30th, 1980".
10-13. boy in red jacket on boat.
14. man wearing glasses (b&w).
15. "H. Haines Turner," with Department of State seal.
16. "Bob + Sue Turner, 7/18/81".
17. couple with baby, March 1986.
18. "830 S. Woodlawn Ave, Blmgtn, IN. Residence HH Turner, 1985-1996.".
19. Haines and Kay Turner with two other couples.
20. unkown man and woman on boat.
1. two unknown women and one man sitting in room.
2. unknown man and woman.
22. Catherine Clark Pierson Turner, c. 1985.
23. series of 15 color slides, travel in Europe.
24. Haines Turner and two unknown women.
25. Haines Turner and two unknown women.
26. building with flag.
27. Haines Turner and unkown women.
28. British royal guardsmen marching.
29. British royal guardsmen marching.
30. Haines Turner and group of men making toast.
31. Steven + Dave with me = Maine at Thanksgiving, John + Connie are in Guam.
32. portrait of unkown family.
1. car parked on street, view from driveway of Haines Turner home.
2-3. front Haines Turner home.
4-5. back of Haines Turner home.
6-7. front of Haines Turner home.
8. backyard of Haines Turner home.
9-10. back of Haines Turner home.
34. Haines and Kay Turner with two unkown couples (c. March 1988).
35-37. Haines and Kay Turner with group in woods.
38. unkown man holding babay (c. March 1986).
39. "Lisa Phillips Turner c. 4/10/51 m. Randolph Petren, m. 5/88".
1. Community Market: "closed for the summer, but busy during winter (just down the road from the motel)".
2. "The Farm Tour Bus".
3. "Pioneer Museum (next door to motel)".
4. woman and child: "couple folks you might recognize".
5. "Guy on right is owner (holding coconut)".
6. "Your pool and chicken".
7. "Grandchild and refrigerator".
8. Kitchen with hungry grandchild.
9. motel room: "Sorry--camera was fooled by window and didn't flash. Door on right is kitchen.".
10. motel room: "inside your room".
11. car: ""Gerald is parked in front of your room".
12. parking lot: "View from your doorway".
13. "The Coral Roc viewed from Krome Ave".
14. "View back at motel".
15-16. baby on blacket in grass: "Jeffrey Adams Turner, May 1st '92".
41. unknown child: "Oct. '92, 2 yrs, 10 months old".
42. Halloween '92, 2 yrs, 10 months old.
43. unknown man pushing baby in stroller, pelican in front (c. March 1985).
44. unkown man, woman, and child.
45. portrait of man, woman and childs (see 44).
46. portrait of child (see #44).
47. two children: "Christman 1995".
48. Kay Turner and grandchild (?): "Christman 1995".
49. Marissa Lynn Turner, 5-19-93, 1 day old.
50. father (?) and Marissa.
51. Lauren and Marissa, Christmas 1995.
52. Lauren and Marissa, Christmas 1995.
53. Lauren.
54. Lauren, Marissa, and father.
55. Lauren and Marissa.
56. duck pond: "Sept 95, Statford, Ont".
57. duck pond: "Sept 95, Staduck pond: "Sept 95, Statford, Ont"tford, Ont".
58. duck pond: "Sept 95, Statford, Ont".
59. unknown man, "Sept 95, Stratford, Ont".
60. "Sept 95, City Hall Stratford Ont".
61. Haines Turner, "Sept 95, Stratford Ont".
62. unknown family, "Christmas 95".
63. Kay and Haines Turner (?) on boat.
64. Kay and Haines Turner (?) on boat.
65. riverside restaurant.
66. two unknown women.
67. Kay and Haines Turner and unkown group of people.
68. Kay and Haines Turner and unknown woman.
69. "Haines and Cay Turner, children, grandchildren, great-grandchild, Xmas 1991, Captive Island".
70. "Cay and Haines, Bob & Suse, Jim & Sandra.
71. unknown woman.
72-74. Kay and Haines Turner and Unknown people.
75. "Jeffrey - 15 months, 10 mo. at Christmas '93".
76. "Janet + Jeffrey".
77. "Sandy, Chris + Jeffrey".
78. "December 12, 1993, Third Annual Munson Family Christmas Gathering".
79-80. "Kay and Howard Turner.
81. photos taken by James S. Turner (?), see enclosed note Kay and Haines Turner and others.
82. "Bob's San Antonio SNaps 10/92" - series of photos, double exposed.
83-84. portrait of unknown boy: "12/79" and "12/80".
85-86. portrait of unknown boy: "12/79" and "12/80".
87. handmade card, photo of Jeffrey and Rebecca, with ink baby footprints (c. Fenruary 1994).
88. Rebecca (?) and father (?).
89. portrait of unkown boy.

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