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Photographs from the E. Raymond Wilson Papers


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Often called the "dean of Washington religious lobbyists," E. Raymond Wilson was one of the founders and served as the Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, from its establishment in November 1943 until he became Executive Secretary Emeritus in January 1962. Born on a farm in Iowa, Wilson graduated from Iowa State College in 1921 and received an MS degree religious education from Columbia University in 1925. After helping to found the Committee on Militarism in Education, he studied and toured for a year (1926-1927) in Japan under a Japanese Brotherhood Scholarship. From 1931 to 1943, he was Field and Education Secretary for the Peace Section of the American Friends Service Committee. Wilson also served as co-chair of the Disarmament Working Group of the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy.

In 1975, Wilson's book Uphill for Peace: Quaker Impact on Congress was published, and in 1976, his autobiography Thus Far On My Journey followed. Wilson was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Haverford College in 1958, and a Doctor of Human Letters degree by Swarthmore College in 1975. He was married to Miriam Davidson.

This collection consists of a variety of graphic materials that date from the 1930s to 1981. Included in the collection are black and white individual and family portraits, postcards, holiday greeting cards, letters, newspaper clippings, and some color prints of family gatherings.

This collection is organized in chronological order, with undated photographs in one file (and at the end of the checklist) and dated photographs in another sleeved file. The folders are contained in a box with other photographic material.

Transferred from Swarthmore College Peace Colllection; removed from their DG 70.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Collection Inventory

1. Wilson Penfield Hosler, 1930.
Box 1
2. Clyde Allee, 1937.
Box 1
3. Bertram and Irene Pichard, 1938.
4. Clarence Pickett, ca. 1943 (?).
5. Lovett Dewees and family , 1943.
7. Bernard Clausen and family, 1944.
Box 1
7. Caroline, Mervin, Esther, and Stuart Palmer, 1944.
Box 1
8. Grace Lowry at Davis House.
9. W. Bruce Hadley, John W. Hadley, Jeanette Hadley, J. Paul Hadley, and Mattie M. Hadley, taken on occasion of birthday of J.W. Hadley, February 1948.
10. The Morris Family, 1948.
11. Daniel and Anne Houghton and sons, 1948.
12. Agnes & Williian Debbus abd family, 1949.
13. Thomas & Florence Potts and Children, 1949.
14. Elmer, Lois, Emily, and Bobby Brown, 1949.
15. The Patterson Family, 1950.
16. Wendell & Ethel Clampitt, 1950.
17. Cadwallader Family, 1950.
18. The Dawson Family, 1953.
19. Oscar & Olive Marshburn, 1953.
20. Margery & Willard Henderson, 1954.
21. Levi and Rebecca Pennington, 1955.
22. Alice Howland and ---- Bromwell (?) , 1955.
23. Don and Brad Noel , 1956-1957.
24. Homer and Mabel Coppock, 1957.
25. Bruce, Hanna, and Jeanne Hadley, 1957.
26. Passmore Elkinton Family, 1957.
27. Louise and Clarabel Marstaller and Children, 1957.
28. Arthur, David, and Mildred Hoaldly, and Mrs. Adaline Christy, 1957.
29. Paul and Betty Furnas Family , 1957.
30. New York Yearly Meeting members , 1958.
31. Kit Carson Family , 1958.
32. Cecil and Esta Haworth and children , 1958.
33. Lewis Savage ? and family, 1958.
34. Genevieve and Guy Solt and grandchildren, 1959.
35. Louis and Clarabel Marstaller and children , 1959.
36. Kenneth Boulding, Bill Edgerton , 1959 or 1960.
37. Clara and Stanley Shaw, 1960.
38. Debbie Kuln (?) , 1961.
39. Jay Whitson and family, 1962.
40. Briggs family , 1962.
41. Eves and Iola Cadwallader and children , 1962.
42. Faith Terrell, 1963.
43. Tony Potts and Fiancee Jenny Bazely, 1963.
44. Jay Whitson and family, 1964.
45. Kit Carson and family, 1964.
46. Dr. and Mrs. S Arthur Watson , 1964.
47. Clara and Stanley T. Shaw , 1964.
48. Evelyn Thomas and children , 1964.
49. Clarabel and Lewis Marstaller, 1965.
50. Ruth and Fred Stoffrezen and family , 1965.
51. Charles and Bessie Preston, 1965.
52. Alice and Elton Atwater, 1965.
53. Clara and Stanley T. Shaw , 1965.
54. Ursell Family , 1966.
55. Steve and Barbara Augell and family , 1966.
56. Louis and Clarabel Marstaller and family, 1966.
57. Irving and Mary Smith , 1967.
58. Louis and Clarabel Marstaller and family, 1967.
59. Daphne and Betti Taylor, 1968.
60. Helen and Ernets Kellog and family , 1969.
61. Elizabeth and Gordon Strawbridge, 1970.
62. Charles and Ruth Maclennon, 1971.
63. J. Theodore Peter, 1972-1973.
64. The Landrum Bollings and the Elton Truebloods, 1973.
65. Tom, Trudy, and Peter Hunt, 1973.
66. The Prestons, 1973.
67. The Elder family, 1973.
68. The Uphoff family, 1976.
69. Stanley and Emily Bay, 1981.

70. James E. Forsythe.
Box 1
71-76. Florence and Robert Frazier .
77. Robert Frazier.
78. Allen and Carolyn Treadway and Family.
79. Hutchinson Family.
80. Six Photographs of Charlotte Salmon and Lowell Wright at their wedding.
81. Eleanor Brownell and Alice Howland.
82. Eleanor Brownell and Alice Howland.
83. Lloyd and Mary Margaret Bailey and Alice Boyer.
84. Edgar, Opal, and Charles Palmer.
85. Bobby, Johnny, Faith, and Kit Carson.
86. Tom, Florrie, and Tony Potts.
87. Tony Potts.
88. Maryin and Rachel Flair.
89. Charles and Bessie Preston.
90. Tayeko Yamanouchi and children.
91. Yamotu, Kaguko, and Akira Nakaoka, Hishashi Tomiyama.
92. Richard and Doris Newby and Family.
93. Ernest and Helen Kellog.
94. Tom Harvey and family.
95. Norval Reece, Mary Morrissett Mullin, Samuel Lerering, Raymond Wilson. Russell Johnson and others.
96. Wayne and Gertrude Marshall.
97. Kitty, Charlie, Stan and Steve Paxson.
98. Luella Flitcraft.
99. Seiko, Ken, Mirian, and Emily Murasc.
100. Verlin and Sara Pemberton.
101. Evelyn Thawes (sp?) and children.
102. Dorothy Hutchinson II and family.
104. Caleb and Jean Smith and family.
103. Eleanor Bromwell and Alice Howland.
105. Raymond Wilson at a Klosters, Switzerland seminar.
106. Bruce and Hanna Hadley.
107. Henry and Mary Sullivan Patterson and Family.
108. Welland, Sabrina (?) and Louise Reynolds.
109. <eron, Audrey, Mary Jane Scott.
110. Residence of Tom Harvey and family.
111. Agnes and Manford Kuhn and family.
112. Delbert and Ruth Replogle.
113. Warren Griffiths and family.
114. Wilmer and Emily Cooper and family.
115. Ted and Ellen Paullin and daughters.
116. Jack and Arlene Kavanaugh and family.
117. Frances Hastings , ca. 1960s during Vietnam War.
118. Wolf, Keiko, Michael Mendl.
119. Frank, Hunt, Ed Sanders.
120. Roscoe Giffin and family.
121. Luella Flitcraft.
122. Altadena Rhoads ?.
123. Harold and Alice Flitcraft.
124. Ichiro and Fumiko Korizumi and family.
125. Lloyd and Mary Margaret Bailey and son.
126. Henry and Marcelle an Etten.
127. Mildred and Norman Whitney.
128. Edward Behre.
129. Genevieve and Guy Solt.
130. Jo, Joe, Shonti, and John elder.
131. Lloyd and Mary Margaret Bailey.
132. Clara St. John.
133. Howard and Anna Brinton, Fred and Sarah Swan, Esther Rhoads, May and Howard Taylorm, and others.
134. Will Reagan.
135. Christmas card from unidentified family (Gifuents?).

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