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Kueffner estate accounts


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This collection consists of handwritten accounts for the estate of the saltpeter dealer (Saliterer) Conrad Kueffner, administered on behalf of Kueffner's 2 underage sons, by appointed guardians (Vormunder) under the auspices of the municipal Vormundamt (office for the care of orphans) of Regensburg. The accounts consist of 13 quarterly statements (series I, folders 1-13), dated 1544-1548 and 1550 (none of the years is complete for all 4 quarters), which detail the income and expenses for the estate. In addition are 30 loose receipts (series II, folders 14-19), dated 1545, 1547, and 1548-1550 (with the majority undated, folder 19), given by craftsmen and others who performed work for the estate.

Each quarterly statement (Rechnung Einnemens und Ausgebens) is a handsewn booklet; in two instances there is a separate sheet that appears to be a summary or addendum (Beschlug; folders 9 and 11). The title rubric usually names the appointed guardians, calling them citizens of Regensburg; and the deceased father of the children (his name is usually given as Konrad Kueffner Saliterer, and occasionally as simply Conrad Saliterer). It sometimes makes specific reference to the saltpeter trade (den Saliter Hanndl betreffennd). The names of the children are never given, but at points in the accounts they are referred to as boys. Two statements make reference to Hans Höltzlschmidt as the friend (Freundt) of the children and/or their deceased father (folders 1 and 4).

The statements include property (liegende Gueter), which is always given as the Schilthoff near St. Jacobs Gate (Sant Jacobs Thor); horses for daily use (Varnuss); and interest income and debts paid to the estate (Zinss und Schulden). Categories of general income typically are saltpeter (Saliter), as reported to the tax office (in das Steuerambt geantwort); salt; and incidental income (zufellig Einnemen). Categories listed for expenses include: wood and rope; ash; salaries for personnel; grain (Korn und Habernn; Getraidt); food and drink (Essen und Trinkn); payments to craftsmen (Hant Werkhs Leüt), such as blacksmith (Schmidt), cooper (Kueffer), and wainwright (Wagner); hay and straw; construction (Pauen); expenses pertaining to the children (auf den Knaben Unterhalttung), including fees for tutors (Schuelgelt ); and miscellaneous expenses (gemaine Ausgab).

In some cases, the Vormundschreiber (guardian clerk) of Regensburg testifies to the satisfactory rendering of the accounts and signs on the last page: 5 statements are signed by Lucas Pückher (folders 1-5) and 3 are signed by Paul Hafenbaur gen. Ehennbacher (folders 10, 12, and 13). The accounts seem also to be written in the hand of the Vormundschreiber. Typically the Vormundschreiber indicates that the accounts were rendered in the presence of the two children (beder Pflegkindher) and of Höltzlschmidt, when he is mentioned. One of the 2 appointed guardians named is always Andre Hornauer Pogner; the varying individuals named as the other guardian are Wolfgang Peitlhauser (folders 2 and 3), Hieronymus Seitntaler (folder 4), Conrad Dietlmair (folders 5 and 6), Leonhard Aichenseer (folders 7, 8, and 9), Marcus Prandstetter (folders 10 and 11), and Georg Part (folders 12 and 13).

Names are sometimes legible on the loose receipts, including Hans Hiebl (folders 14 and 19) and Sixtus Nusser (prior of the Prediger Kloster; folder 17). On the loose receipts, the location where work was done is often referred to as the Saliterhof (Saliter Hoff).

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2015 April 16
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3rd quarter, 1548.
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