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Born in Manchester, England on February 12, 1937, Edward Fletcher Cass was educated at Central High School, Manchester College of Commerce, Manchester Polytechnic, and Edge Hill University, from which he earned his PhD in 1996. His career was varied, and included employment in pharmacy, coal mining, and, for much of his working life, banking.

Following his retirement from banking in 1993, Cass focused his time and energy on the history and literature of his home city, Manchester, and the surrounding region. From there, "his interests turned towards folklore, and in particular, the pace-egg plays of Lancashire," (Atkinson, page 113). His interests quickly turned to scholarship and he authored or co-edited a number of works. He was a research fellow at the National Centre for English Cultural tradition at Sheffield University, from 1997 to 2004, where he worked "initially on the history of nineteenth century folk play chapbooks and the pace-egg plays," (Oates, page 84). He was president of the Folklore Society from 2008 to 2011 and president of the Society for Folk Life Studies from 2011-2014. He was awarded the Folklore Society's Coote Lake Medal, not long before his death on September 17, 2014, at the age of 77.

Works consulted:

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This collection consists of 22 bound volumes of photocopies of articles, periodicals, play scripts, manuscript essays, etc. relating to all aspects of traditional drama. The volumes, collectively titled "Traditional Drama" were bound and sub-titled as follows: Volumes I and II: Miscellaneous; Volumes III, IV, and V: Rochdale Plays; Volume VI: The Middleton Play; Volume VII: Manchester; Volumes VIII and IX: The Bury Play; Volume X: The Revesby Play; Volume XI: Chapbook Texts; Volume XII: Miscellaneous; Volume XIII: Seven Champions of Christendom; Volume XIV: Miscellaneous; Volume XV: Alderley Mummers; Volume XVI: Sword Plays; Volume XVII and XVIII: Southport Mummers; Volume XIX: Lancashire; Volume XIX: Helm at Keele; Volume XXI: Alex Helm-Miscellaneous material; and Volume XXII: Miscellaneous.

When a table of contents existed, it was listed under each volume--researchers should be aware that the order of the lists is the order in which the contents are bound. Researchers should also be aware that almost all material is reprographic copies and not original material. Occasionally, there are copies of photographs and brochures in the volumes, but the overwhelming bulk of material is copied. Therefore, the dates of the material are significantly later than the dates of the original content which ranges from as early as 1878 (although much is undated).

These volumes were probably compiled by Eddie Cass and certainly came from his library. The topical focus of the volumes is strongly tied to his studies and probably aided him in his own research.

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T. Fairman Ordish, English Folk Drama, paper 1: Folk-Lore, Vol. II, No. III, 1891 and paper 2: Folk-Lore, Vol. IV, No. II, 1893.
T. Fairman Ordish, English Folk Drama, paper 3: Typescript (EFC) of Ordish's text of unpublished lecture.
T. Fairman Ordish, English Folk Drama, photocopies of papers.
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John Priestnall and William E. Mitchell, "The Play of St. George, the Knights and the Dragon," typescript.
John Priestnall and William E. Mitchell, "The Play of St. George, the Knights and the Dragon," printed version for private circulation.
Peter Stevenson, "The Peace Egg and St. George: An Easter Play," Traditional Drama Research Group.
Edwards & Bryning, three copies of the text of the play.
A collection of press cuttings assembled by the Rochdale Local Studies Library.
Press cuttings.
Photographs (photocopies) from the Rochdale Library Collection.
Photographs (copies) from the Rochdale Library Collection.
Peter Stevenson, correspondence, field notes, and play texts.
Paul Smith, copy letters, play texts, and questionnaires sent to Peter Stevenson.
Priestnall and Mitchell, correspondence with Cyril Smith and Duncan Broomhead, press cuttings, the "Mitchell Collection".

J. Tholhon, "Early Recollections of Middleton," Middleton Guardian, 1888 January 7 and Dean Scrapbook, Vol. 1, page 13, Middleton Local Studies Library.
Martin Gittins, Interview, 1997 June 5 and "We Beg Your Leave ..." booklet and unpublished article.
Press cuttings.
Press cuttings and photographs (photocopies) from Middleton Library.
Middleton Pace Eggers, publicity material.
Middleton Pace Eggers, Players, 1967-1990.
Martin Gittins and Tim Beech, radio interview, 1983 April 1.

Manchester Mechanics' Institution, Annual Reports and Christmas Programmes.
William Sandys, Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern.
Kathleen R. Farrar, The Mechanics' saturnalia.
W.A. Brabner, A School Party of 1861.
Roger Bryant's notes on the Manchester Mechanics' Institution.
"Notes and Queries, Manchester City News, 1878/1879. and text from Nodal's book reprints.
T. Swindells, Easter Pace-Eggers.
"Notes and Queries, Manchester City News, 1905, 1920.
Alex Helm, "Notes and Queries" transcripts.
Thomas L. Ellwood, Pace-Egging in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.
J.M. Lloyd, The township of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.
Louis M. Hayes, Reminiscences of Manchester.

Alan Seymour, Scrapbook (photocopy), 1970-1997.
Alan Seymour, Interview notes.
Ken Bolton, Interview notes.
[EFC], notes on play performances, Easter, 1998.
[Alan Seymour, EFC], team list, 1997.
[EFC], The story of the Bury Pace-Eggers.
Play text.
Advertising material.
Book references.
Press cuttings (for earlier cuttings, see scrapbook, volume VIII).
"Slasher's Resurrection," transcript of radio broadcast on Radio Manchester, 1977 April 3.
"The Pace Egg Play," by Bury Girls Grammar School (Junior School), Easter, 1998.
Peter Stevenson, notes of interview on Bury customs with Mrs. Jenny Wood, 1976 February 14.

The Lincolnshire Manuscript.
Morrice Dancers at Revesby (the CECTAL facsimile).
Letter to A. Helm regarding the British Museum manuscript.
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Correspondence relating to chapbooks.
J.R.R. Adams, "The Coming of Mass Readership".
Edwards & Bryning, "The Peace Egg or St. George".
Alan Gailey, "A Missing Belfast Chapbook".
"On the Chapbook, 'The Christmas Rhime'".
"Chapbook Influence on Irish Mummers' Plays".
"The Christmas Rhime".
Alex Helm, "The Chapbook Mummers' Play".
Chapbook texts from eight Mummer's plays.
Compilation chapbook text from Folklore Society material.
Ben Hird, "The 'Pace Egg,'" The Dalesman.
[H.D.C. Pepler], A check-list of books, pamphlets, broadsheets ...
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Chapbook Printers--Search checklist.
The Peace Egg Chapbook in Scotland.
An Interim Checklist of Chapbooks containing Traditional Play Texts.
David Buchan, a review.
Alexander and the King of Egypt chapbooks.
The lost chapbooks.
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Chapbooks and Traditional Plays.
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Duncan Broomhead file.
Papers, 1999.
Volume XVI: Sword Plays.
Box 2 Folder 7

Malcom Howarth's scrapbook.
Play Texts.
Publicity handouts.
Text for Theatre Performance.

Mummers' newsletters.
Minutes of meetings.

Stuart Lawrence--Furness Collection.
Kate Harryman--Spatial Aspects of the Furness Pace-Egging Play.
Ordish--Lancashire collection.
Volume XX: Helm at Keele.
Box 3 Folder 3

"Here Comes I, St. George," Folklore, Vol. LXXVI, 1965.
"The Mummer's Play," Theatre Notebook, Vol. XVII, Winter 1963-1964.
Unusual texts.
Northamptonshire Folk Plays.
The Life-Cycle Drama in England.
The Life-Cycle Drama.
The Life-Cycle Play.
The Revitalisation Ceremony in Ireland and Scotland.
Preservation of Tradition.
Mummers and Morris.
The English Folk Play (Nos. 1 and 2).

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Nathan B. Warren, "'Christmas Mummers' and 'Christmas Gambols' from the Holidays".

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