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Zane Robinson Wolf


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Dr. Zane Robinson Wolf is Dean Emerita and Professor of Nursing at LaSalle University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences. She practiced as a critical care and medical surgical nurse and has worked in nursing education, teaching in diploma, associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral nursing programs. She was Dean from 1997-2012, before stepping down to resume a position as faculty at LaSalle. Dr. Wolf currently teaches courses on patient safety, nursing research, evidence-based practice, and caring and continues to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on medication errors, nurse caring, nursing education concerns, and other topics.

Dr. Wolf has been an editor of the International Journal for Human Caring since 1999. She is a renowned author and recent books include Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource (2013) and Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource - Teachers’ and Students’ Resource Book (2014). Dr. Wolf also wrote Exploring Rituals in Nursing: Joining Art and Science which won the American Journal of NursingBook of the Year Award in History and Public Policy in 2013. But Dr. Wolf is best known for her book Nurses Work, the Sacred and the Profane captures how profoundly important ritualized nursing practices are to the creation of a skilled and compassionate professional.

Dr. Wolf received the Pennsylvania Higher Education Nursing Schools Association’s 2012 Distinguished Colleague Award. She also has received an induction as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 1991 and Sigma Theta Tau International’s Melanie Dreher Outstanding Dean Award for Chapter Support in 2009. She has served as Director of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association. Dr. Wolf received her BSN at the University of Pennsylvania, her MSN at Boston University, and her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.

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University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing
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Collection Inventory

Leadership, assessment and clinical.
Laboratory manual from LaSalle, pain theory, pain management.
Neumann systems model.
Nurses’ work: the sacred and the profane, Topics in Clinical Nursing Caring.
Medication errors, Nurses’ experiences giving post-mortem care to patients who have donated organs.
Holistic Nursing Practice: Clinical Realities, hidden work of nursing.
Care of dying patients and patients after death: patterns of care in nursing history, Post-mortem care.
Bowel management.
The bath: a nursing ritual, Holistic Nursing Practice.
Seeking harmony: chronic physical illness and its meaning for women, staff development, Journal of Nursing Staff Development, organ procurement and effects on nurses.
PA League for Nursing newsletter, Spectrum, MedSurg Nursing.
Clinical influence on student nurses when medication errors occur.
Intervention used by nurses for difficult patients, MedSurg Nursing, Nurse Educator, Holistic Nursing Practice, medication errors.
Health risks and health promotion for older women: utility of a health promotion diary, MedSurg Nursing, Relationship between nurse caring and patient satisfaction.
Journal of Professional Nursing, caregivers’ reaction to making medication errors, developing care expertise, The Pennsylvania Nurse.
Nursing’s timeless value: intentional caring, nursing experience.
Student issues, Padona Journal, MedSurg Journal, nursing rituals, medical errors, cardiac patients’ hospitalization for an acute episode and their symptom management.
Nursing care, error prevention.
International Journal for Human Caring, Padona Journal, MedSurg Journal.
Teaching performances, nurse management, caring behaviors inventory, Journal of Professional Nursing, Padona Journal.
AJN, stress management.
Caring behaviors inventory for elderly, student medication errors, Journal of Professional Nursing, dilemmas in nursing.

CNSs and difficult patient situations, Nurse Educator, clinical transitions, Nursing Education Perspectives NLN, medical errors.
Teaching BA nursing students in clinical settings, MedSurg Journa.
Deep vein thrombosis and venous thromboembolism, medical errors and catheters, caring behaviors inventory and new version caring behaviors inventory for elders, knowing patients bodies.
Difficult patients, Padona Journal, caring behaviors inventory, The Clinical Specialist Handbook.
Nurse Education today, knowing patient bodies.
Pennsylvania Nurse, Padona Journal.
Analyzing student complaints against nursing programs, elder views on LIFE staff, building long-term care relationships, Nurse Educator, student nurse chronicles.
MedSurg Journal, Padona Journal.
Encouraging and Evaluating Class Participation, Padona Journal.
Course syllabi components, creation of a caring protocol, women’s abuse in healthcare.
Art in a pioneer American nursing journal, MedSurg Journal, structure of a caring moment, Pennsylvania Nurse.
Moral construct of caring in nursing as communicative action, caring protocol, medication errors involving the intravenous administration route.
Health intervention program in Philadelphia, caring in nursing theory, caring behaviors inventory revised.
Journal of Infusion Nursing, implementing caring protocol in acute care oncology hospital.
Registered Nurses’ Experiences with Making Medication Errors: A Phenomenological Study.
Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource, Teachers’ and Students’ Resource Guide Supplement.
Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource, Powerpoint.
Teaching Tips for Pennsylvania Nurse Educators, Pennsylvania League for Nursing.
Several volumes of Spectrum.
Several LaSalle’s Explorer.
Awards, congratulations, articles, etc.
Field notes (transcriptions) for dissertation, pages 1-389.

Dissertation- Nursing Rituals in Adult Acute Care Hospitals: An Ethnography.
Field notes (transcriptions) for dissertation, pages 390-818.
Field notes (transcriptions) for dissertation, pages 819-1230.
Field notes (transcriptions) for dissertation, pages 1231-1409.
Nursing Rituals in Adult Acute Care Hospitals: An Ethnography, Index.
Field notes Index.
Medical Unit, Unit Meetings, Philadelphia hospital 1985-1986.

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