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International Council on Women's Health Issues records


Held at: University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing [Contact Us]Claire Fagin Hall, 418 Curie Boulevard, Floor 2U, Philadelphia, PA, 19104-4217

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

International Council on Women's Health Issues began in 1983 when a group of women at Dalhousie University School of Nursing began to plan a women's health congress. That first International Congress on Women's Health Issues was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1984. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing dean Afaf Meleis was the 2nd Council General of ICOWHI from 2000-2010. Today ICOWHI remains an international nonprofit association dedicated to the goal of promoting health, health care, and well-being of women throughout the world through participation, empowerment, advocacy, education, and research.

Gift of the International Council on Women's Health Issues, 2011-2012, additional accession from Afaf Meleis, 2016.

This collection is unprocessed. A preliminary inventory is given here. Please contact the Center for more information.

University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing
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Finding aid prepared by Center staff, updated by Bethany Myers (2013), revised by Jessica Clark (2016)
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Collection Inventory

14th Congress June 14-17, 2003, Victoria, B.C. Canada.
2002 Seoul, Korea.
2000 San Francisco, CA, USA.
Sponsors and Co-Sponsors.
1999 Indianapolis, Indiana.
1998 Alexandria, Egypt.
1997 Saskatchewan, Canada.
1996 Khon Kaen, Thailand.
1994 Botswana.
1986 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Meetings 1997 – 2000.
ICOWHI Board Members.
ICOWHI Board Members Addresses, Discrepancies in Email Addresses.
2001 Wilmington, South Carolina.
1984 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – folder rec’d empty.
Conference Guide Book – folder rec’d empty.
Potential Speakers.
Conference Models – folder rec’d empty.
Treasurer Correspondence.
F/U Board Meetings.
ICOWHI Bylaws.
Afaf’s Dues.
2008 Jordan.
2007 – Folder rec’d empty.
ICOWHI Correspondence.
ICOWHI: History including computer discs, Current issues, Long term issues.
2006 Sydney, Australia.

2004 Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Taylor and Francis Contract.
Taylor and Francis Invoices.
ICOWHI 2010, Netherlands Proposal.
ICOWHI Board List.
Phyllis Stern Award88 Tampa, Florida.
Taylor and Francis Award.
ICOWHI Board Thank You Letters.
Brochure Mailing, Australia Congress 2006.
Board Welcome Letters.
ICOWHI Brochures, General and Botswana Congress.
ICOWHI Website.
ICOWHI 2003 Strategic Planning Retreat Philadelphia.
ICOWHI Brazil 2004 Packet.
2/24/06 ICOWHI Call.
4/11/07 ICOWHI Call.
ICOWHI Ambassadors.
5/19/06 ICOWHI Call.
6/2/06 ICOWHI Call.
ICOWHI Bylaws.
Society for Women’s Health Research (Phyllis Greenberger).
International Women’s Health Coalition.
ICOWHI: Bobbi Posmontier.
(Budget folder listed but not present in this box).
1st ICOWHI (2 binders) into 2 folders.
Press, publicity, exhibitors, tours, films, Technical needs, typesetting, resignation, Lord Nelson Hotel, Check-Ins.
Guest Speakers, Bringing greetings, Panel, special guests, special observers, Govt. dinner, chairpersons.
Second ICOWHI folders 1 and 2.
Third Congress ICOWHI 1988 folder 1 and folder 2.
ICOWHI Membership folder 1 and folder 2. Long pages of Membership are at side of box.

Milikin, Patricia Jane, University of Alberta. Ph.D. dissertation and evaluation by Phyllis Stern. Folder ½ and Folder 2/2. Note "Confidential" designation on evaluation of thesis.
4th ICOWHI, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
1st Congress Abstracts.
2nd Congress Program 1986.
3rd Congress, Tampa, Florida 1988 Program.
4th Congress Program Presentations.
Audio tapes, Banquet speaker, Plenary sessions 5, Breaksfast symposium, FI, Endurance Capacity & Longevity in Women and the Closing sessions. Mailed 1988.
Cassettes C1 to E6. Undated.
Meetings 1988.
Council 1987-1988.
Receipts for 1984.
"Bulletin" Vol. 4 and Vols. 6-11.
Members 1989.
Membership 1990.
Council Min. Exect. 1989, 1988-1989.
Research Grants Proposal.
Misc. loose documents.

1984 Congress: Arrangements Team.
1984 Congress: To be followed Through After Congress - Cancellations etc.
Opening Ceremonies.
Nominating Committee.
Minutes (Executive Committee).
Mailing List.
Finance Committee.
Founding Member List.
Letters of Attendance.
Exhibitors Congress, 1986.
Evaluations (Completed).
Council Membership Fees, 1986-1987.
Congress: Evaluation Forms, 1984.
Fund Travel Dolores Recio.
Congress: Proposal to Medical Research Council of Canada, August 1984.
Plenaiy Speakers' Resumes Re: CUE.
Press DB; Presslist, 1986.
C.V.'s: Mensha, Stem, Wynn.
Secretary of State.
Call for Abstracts.
CHAIRS (Concurrent Sessions).
Membership Forms.
Memberships Processed, 1985-1986.
Memorandum of Associations.
Registrations (Processed).
Brenda Montgomery (correspondence et. al).
Visual needs (Completed).
Air Fare Rates (1986 Congress).
Bulletin, Spring 1986.
CIDA $3850 (Mella), $2000 (ChongUa Tama).
International Congress - Women's Health Issues, Oct. 4-5, 1984.
2nd International Congress P. Stem SSHRC (Aid for Scholarly Conference).
2nd International Congress CIDA funds for P.P. Mella travel.
Congress Secretary, November 1985.
International Council Subscription to HCWI, 1987.
2nd International Congress ICOWHI - Program Abstracts.
2nd ICOWHI -Account Information R-760201 - 100013.
2nd ICOWHI -Expenses R-760201 - 100013.

Mailing List FAAN, Feb 20, I989.
Mail List CONAA, 1989.
Mailing List, 1988.
Mona Edwards.
Videotape - 11th ICOWHI Congress San Francisco, January 2000 .
Videotape - ICOWHI Congress Banquet, 1994.
2nd ICOWHI -Receipts in Account R-760201 - 100013.
Hemisphere Scholarshins announcement, 1989.
4th ICOWHI Call for abstracts program.
5th ICOWHI Program.
Statements R-760201 - 100013, 1984-1987.
2nd ICOWHI - Printouts 04 26 8633.
2nd ICOWHI - Deposits 04 26 8633.
Congress Miscellaneous.
International Congress - Finance, 1986.
Grants SSHRC Health Promotions.
3rd International Congress on WHI, Tampa, FL., November 9-12, 1988.
International Council Subscriptions to HCWHI, 1989.
International Council Subscriptions to HCWHI, 1988.
International Council Subscriptions to HCWHI, 1987.
International Council Minutes of WHI.
International Council Memberships, Correspondences, and Active Notes.
Executive Committee International Council WHI, 1986-1988.
ICOWHI Misc. Financial Notes.
International Council Bylaws Memorandum of Associations.
ICOWHI Health Issues Correspondence- Misc.
Pending File.
Evaluation of 1st ICOWHI.
C.E.U.'s for 1st ICOWI-U.
1st Congress Press, Publicity, etc.
1984 Congress: Steering Committee.
ICOWHI Correspondences.

Zimbabwe, 1995.
File Copies.
Tuition Generated by Departments, 1995.
Unknown Manuscripts.
Received Letters/ICOWHI.
Letters Written for Phyllis/ICOWHI.
Article Reprint Permission.
Correspondence, 1995.
Todd Baldwin.
KINKO Printing.
Nominating Committee, 1992.
Associate Editor ICOWHI.
OES Chairs Meeting.
Correspondence from B. McClure.
HCWHI Reviewer.
Journal Expenses.
Market Rep.
New AA HCWHI Flyer.
Nursing Scholarship Letter.
HCWI TOC 22(6).
HCWI TOC 21(2).
Council Correspondence.
ICOWHI Board Meeting, August 24, 1992.
Newspaper Article: "Dr. Sheila Tlou Elected ICOWHI President", July 13, 1994.
HCWHI Reviewers.
Discard 1st Congress.
Discard 2nd Congress.
ICOWHI, 1994.
Jones, Anna Arlene.
Akins, Renee.
Johnson, Debi.
Spelling Test.
Scholarship Assessed Carnegie Foundation.
New Zealand, 1990.
Memorandum of Assocaiation ICOWHI.
Marguerite Casey - American Indian Research Project.
Tierra Viva, 1995.
AWHONN Applications.
1984 Congress: RNANS Application for CEU's.
Congress: Paper Presentations Wednesday - Sessions A, B, C, D, October 3, 1984.
Congress: Paper Presentations Wednesday - Sessions E, F, G, H, I, October 3, 1984.
Congress: Paper Presentations Thursday - Sessions A, B, C, D, October 4, 1984.
Congress 1986 : Sheraton.
Letterhead: 2nd Congress.
International Congress on Women's Health Issues - Application for Contribution, H&W.
Congress: Memorandum of Associations (Master Copy).
Congress - Proposal to Health and Welfare Canada, January 1984.

PAHO, Sandra Land Speech, Feb 20, 2003.
ICOWHI: Strategic Planning.
ICOWHI Retreat.
ICOWHI: General Correspondence.
ICOWHI: Bylaws and Congress/Officer Responsibilities.
ICOWHI: Minutes.
ICOWHI: Satellite Office.
ICOWHI: Scholarship.
ICOWHI: Non-Profit.
ICOWHI: Website.
El Abram Press Booklet, November 19, 1995.
Receipt Record, 1984-1986.
Receipt Record, 1986.
Evaluation Team Repoti: Dalhousie/Tanzania Nursing Education Linkage Project.
Dalhousie/Tanzania Nursing Education Linkage Project- Project Equipment Audit, Report of Findings, December 1992.
The Edelman Houston Group - A Capabilities Profile.
Final Evaluation Report of The Nursing Education Linkage Project between Dalhousie University School of Nursing and Muhumili University College of Health Sciences.
9th ICOWI-II, June 22-25, 1998.
ICOWHI Book of Abstracts of the 8 ICOWHI, June 8-10, 1997.
7'" ICOWHI Khon Kaen, Thailand, November 5-8, 1996.
Bulletin, June 1995.
Abstracts - Rejected.
Abstracts -Accepted.
Plenary Speakers.
Publicity Flyer, 1986.
Registration Package, 1986.
Grant Support DB Grantlist, 1986.
R-760201-58199-100012 ICOWHI Membership Fees.

1st International Congress -Expenses/Invoices.
1st International Congress -Evaluation Information.
The Journal Health Care for Women International -Dr. Stern.
2nd International Congress.
ICOWHI: Early Patterns of Maternal Attachment - Fuller.
Tapes: 1st International Congress, October 1984.
Receipts & Receipt Book - Congress/Council/Tapes etc.
Publicity - Congress.
Originals (Msc.).
Hemisphere Awards, 1997.
Awards, 1992.
Awards, 1995.
Board Meeting, 1997.
By Laws, 1998.
Bills/Paid, 1991-1992.
Bulletin, Nov 1991.
ICOWHI Address Change.
Bylaw Stuff.
Bylaws Vote, Oct 28, 1987.
18 (5).
CAD Lawyer Vince Lambie.
C.E. Credits - 5th Congress.
Congress Coordinator Guidelines.
Congress Issue.
Congress, 1984.
Congress, 1986.
Council Addresses, 1986.
Council Correspondences, 1988.
Congress, 1988.
Congress T-Shirt Ad Invoice, 1990.
Congress, 1992.
Bylaws ICOWHI, 1992.
Congress Correspondence, 1994.
Board Meeting Thailand, 1996.
Thailand, 1996.
Congress, 1998.
Congress Indy, 1999.
Council Meeting New Zealand, 1990.
Congress Statement.
Correspondences, 1993-1994.
Correspondences, 1995.
Costello- Wells.
ICOWHI Biennial General Meeting, August 27, 1992.
Council Correspondences, 1989-1990.
Council Correspondences.
Correspondences - International.
Denmark I.
Denmark 2.
Electric Pub HCWI.
Adolescent Problems.
IUPUI Administration, 1993-1994.
Galveston NA - ICWHI, 1995.
Galveston, Oct 5-7, 1995.
Hemisphere Award Competition, 1991-1992.
Hemisphere Scholarships Applications, Winners and Sponsors, 1989-1990.
Hemisphere Awards, 1991.
Award Response, 1993.
Award Response, 1992.
ICOWHI Correspondences, 1991-1992.
ICOWHI Flyers.
Registration, 1999.
Letter from Publisher.
Marshall Islands.
Minsah, Lynette.
Minutes, 1990.
Nomination Committee, 1997-1998.
Tax Free CAD.
Registration Indiana.
Saskatowen Congress.
Sasmor, 1984-1993.
Scholarships, 1990.
Membership Application, 1992.
Sydney, 1995.
Thailand II, 1996.
Valerie Wilkerson J350, Spring 1989.
Tax Indiana, 1997.

ICOWHI Call, May 24, 2004.
ICOWHI Web Page.
ICOWHI Monthly Website Statistics.
ICOWHI Marketing Ideas.
Fundraising Opportunities.
ICOWHI Deborah Lubken Annenberg Doctoral Student Summer Mentorship, 2004.
ICOWHI Board Meeting, Nov 7, 2004.
ICOWHI Deborah Lubken Annenberg Doctoral Student Summer Mentorship, 2004.
Nightingale 2010 Washington, DC, May 8, 2004.
ICOWHI Membership Lists.
ICOWHI Satellite Office Easter Mediterranean Region, Professor Dr. Ferial A. Ally.
Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO).
ICOWHI Membership Applications.
ICOWHI Telephone Conference Call, May 24, 2004.
ICOWHI Taylor & Francis Nominations Brazil, 2004.
ICOWHI 2004, Abstract Brazil, November 7-10, 2004.
ICOWHI Non Profit Corporation.
ICOWHI Agenda/Meetings with Afaf, FY 2004.
ICOWHI Board Meeting, Sao Pedro, Brazil, November 7, 2004.
15th International Conference on Women's Health Issues, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 7-10, 2004.
ICOWHI Board of Directors Reception, Saturday, February 22, 2003.
ICOWHI RETREAT Thursday, 9-11 am Joint Meeting (Room 216) 2-4 pm Expert Panel, February 20, 2003.
ICOWHI Board Retreat On Campus, February 19-23, 2003.
ICOWHI RETREAT, Thursday 9-11 am Joint Meeting (Room 216) 2-4 pm Expert Panel (Auditorium), February 20, 2003.
ICOWHI Hanneke Van Maanen Request to Participate.
ICOWHI Board Meeting Philadelphia, Feb 2003.
ICOWHI Board Meeting Seoul, South Korea.
ICOWHI Strategic Planning, Background Documents.
UPSON/HMI Singapore Leadership for Change Bulletins.
Health Care for Women International Subscription Forms.
ICOWHI Bibliography on Violence, 2003.

PayPal, 2008.
Budget Conference, 2000.
ICOWHI Misc. Financial, 2004-2006.
Taylor and Francis Invoices, 2008-2014.
Bank Information, 2005-2012.
5 CDs for Conferences, 2005, 2006, 2010.
VHS 11th Congress San Francisco, Jan 2000.
Informational Packet: A Guidebook for the Development and Implementation of the ICOWHI Conference.
Hemisphere Scholarships.
ICOWHI Conference guide, 2008.
Past ICOWHI Conference programs.
New Members, 2010.
Paid Members, 2009.
New Members, 2008.
Membership Acknowledgements, 2006-2008.
Prospective/New members.
ICOWHI HCWI Special Issue.

Founding and process of ICOWHI: Attentive partnership. The first 19 years by Phyllis Stern.
Review of ICOWHI, 2012.
ICOWHI Board Meeting, Sept 7-9, 2007.
September Board Meeting, 2007.
September Follow up, 2007.
ICOWHI expenses September meeting, 2007.
ICOWHI call, Jan 24, 2008.
Conference call, May 9, 2008.
Conference calls.
Strategic Plan and minutes.
ICOWHI Board conference call, Mar 10, 2009.
ICOWHI Board meeting Philadelphia PA, April 10, 2010.
ICOWHI Board meeting, Nov 14, 2012.
International Congress and Convention companies.
General information.
Board information.
ICOWHI pics.
Strategic Plan Revised, 2007.
Board of Directors list.
Website and distribution lists.
Board member nominations.
Conference evaluation forms.
Past ICOWHI marketing materials.
Transfer to Bates Center, 2011.
Transfer to Bates Center, 2011.
ICOWHI Thailand, 2012.
ICOWHI, 2012.
ICOWHI, 2014.
ICOWHI, 2014.
ICOWHI 2011 Strategic Planning Meeting, University of Pennsylvania.
Invitations, 2010.
Keynote Speeches, 2010.
Conference, 2010.

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