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Woodford Oversized Collection


Held at: Woodford Mansion [Contact Us]

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Woodford Mansion. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Since 1930, Woodford Mansion has operated as a house museum dedicated to displaying 18th century American and colonial decorative arts. Through various events and projects at Woodford throughout the years, oversized records were created that are too large to be held within their related archival collections. This collection was created to hold these oversized records.

This collection consists of 11 blueprints, 3 plans, 9 maps, 3 signs, 2 pieces of artwork, and 1 document. Records are arranged alphanumerically. Records range from 1868-2018, with the bulk from 1928-2004. Blueprints: Blueprints range from 1928-2018. Three blueprints are from the 1928 restoration with two from Bissell and Sinkler, and one from H.H. Burrell and Son. The ‘Sinkler’ in Bissell and Sinkler was the Naomi Wood Trust’s second trustee, John P. B. Sinkler. Two sets of blueprints are from a major landscape revision project spearheaded by trustee Martin P. Snyder that perhaps most notably created the driveway and parking areas behind the mansion. Three sets of blueprints made in 2004 are from the restoration following the July 2003 fire. There is also one set of blueprints from the Piazza project. Finally, there is one set of specialized blueprints related to fire alarms from 1975. Plans: Plans in this collection include a date unknown proposal for window and bed treatments, a 1990 plan of a children’s rocking horse, and a 2008 plan of the Woodford Orchard from the Woodford Orchard Project of that same year.

Maps: This collection includes historical maps of Woodford and the surrounding areas as well as maps related to events and projects at the house museum. Historical maps date from 1868, 1870, 1877, and 1900. There is also a 1928 map from the Junior League of the Fairmount Park Mansions. Also included is a 1960-61 map created by former Woodford caretaker William Barber for the landscape revisions and driveway project. Finally, there are Woodford Orchard maps from 1975 and 2008. Signs: Signage in this collection is predominantly from events held at Woodford Mansion. This includes posters from the 5K Boxer’s Run (2012, 2014) and Fairmount Park Holiday Tours (2013, 2022). Also included is a date unknown admissions sign. Artwork: Artwork in this collection includes a date unknown lithograph of Hampton Court in Herefordshire, Ireland and Rosalind H. Sturges 1958 piece on the house of Fairmount Park. Document: A 1983 memorial document to the work and legacy of June Avery Snyder, Woodford volunteer director, and wife of the Naomi Wood Trust’s third trustee, Martin P. Snyder.

Records in this collection were left to Woodford Mansion by various trustees and house managers.

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