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Notes from Henry Gilman's Course in Organic Chemistry University of Iowa: Zimmt notes


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Henry Gilman was born in Boston, MA on May 9, 1893. He graduated from Harvard University, where he studied under Roger Adams. Upon receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1918 he travelled in Europe then accepted an appointment as associate professor at the University of Illinois. In 1919 he moved on to the University of Iowa where he spent the remainder of his career. Gilman's specialty was organometallic reagents and the Gilman reagent was named in his honor. In addition to his teaching duties he served as a consultant to Quaker Oats and du Pont and during World War II he worked on the Manhattan Project preparing uranium derivatives. He died in Ames, IA on November 7, 1986. Henry Gilman is today considered to be the father of organometallic chemistry.

This is a complete set of notes and handouts for the course Organic 321.

This is a black cardboard binder containing a set of notes both handwritten and typedfor a course in Organic Chemistry taught by Henry Gilman at the University of Iowa in 1947.

Source of acquisition--Zimmt, Werner S. Method of acquisition--Gift;; Date of acquisition--1993..

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