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United States Steel Corporation flow charts showing how steel is made


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United States Steel Corporation was founded in 1901 when financier J.P. Morgan and attorney Elbert H. Gary combined Carnegie Steel Company with Garys Federal Steel Company and William Henry Moores National Steel Company to form the worlds first billion-dollar corporation. In 1902 the company produced 67 per cent of all the steel made in America. The U.S. government tried unsuccessfully to force the break-up of the corporation as a monopoly. Although U.S. Steel is active, making steel in the U.S. and abroad, its market share today is less than 10 per cent.

This is second printing a chart that originally appeared in 1953. The imagery is simple and easy-to-follow. The chart could be folded down to 8"x10" and is perforated on one edge for inserting into a ring-binder suggesting that it was designed for use in schools.

This is 15.5 x20 inch color chart detailing the production of steel from iron ore to blooms, slabs and billets.

Source of acquisition--Gomba, Frank. Method of acquisition--gift ;; Date of acquisition--2004..

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