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Leeds & Northrup Company Potentiometer Recorder schematic


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Leeds & Northrup Co. was a Philadelphia-based manufacturer of analytic instrumentation. The firm was founded in 1899 by Morris E. Leeds. In 1903 he entered into partnership with Dr. Edwin F. Northrup and the form became Leeds & Northrup. In 1978 Leeds and Northrup was acquired by General Signal Corporation of Stanford, CT.

This schematic would have been one of a series of such schematics covering all aspects of the instrument's manufacture and operation.

This is a 17 x 11 inch plain paper schematic for the wiring of a Leeds & Northrop Potentiometer Recorder. It is labeled Drawing No. B-SSS-363-B-10 and was first prepared for Leeds 7 Northrup Order No. LN 55626-1.

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