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Liebig's Extract of Meat Company advertisement card: Fleisch-Extract u-Pepton card


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In 1840 Baron Justus von Liebig developed Extractum carnis Liebig, a nutritious beef substitute. Because it took 30 kg of meat to produce 1 kg of extract, it wasn't initially feasible to set up production plants. It wasn't until George Christian Giebert suggested set up a factory in Uruguay, where beef was cheap enough to make the proposition pay that The Liebig Extract of Meat Company (Lemco) became a reality. It was founded in London in 1865. The company was acquired by the Vestey Group in 1924 and is now a part of Unilver. Today Liebig's Benelux is the only brand of pure concentrated meat stock still on the market.

The Liebig's Extract of Meat Company's advertising cards were initially issued in sets of six, one per product, and were designed by leading artists. The cards were finely printed and today are popular with collectors.

This is a small 4.5 x 3-inch advertising card. On the recto of the card is a color illustration of the interior of the Liebig plants. The verso of the card contains text (in German) with a facsimile of the signature of Baron Justus von Liebig, the company's founder. This card is titled "Die Zuckerfabrikation Das Verkochen."

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