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Frank Field notes on Fritz London lectures


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Fritz Wolfgang London was born in Breslau, Germany on March 7 1900. London left Germany where he had taught at the University of Berlin in 1933 and after periods spent in France and England, came to the United States in 1939 accepting a teaching position at Duke University. London worked with both Max von Laue and Walter Heitler and specialized in chemical bonding and intermolecular forces. The London force is named in his honor. He also did important work in the field of quantum mechanics and, working with his brother Heinz, produced London w=equations to explain the electromagnetic properties of superconductors London died in Durham, NC on March 30, 1954.

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The Fall Semester notes are in a paper binder and run sequentially from p. 1 (9/21/42) through to p. 267 (12/19/42). They are labelled Chemistry 265-Statisical Mechanics. The Winter-Spring notes seem a bit more disorganized. There is a contiguous segment of notes number p. 268 through 453 (1/25/43-3/22/43) but then there are loose sheets as well. One group of pages run from 1/4/43 through to 1/13/43) another is numbered p. 99 through 190 and overs the period 3/1/43 through 4/19/43.

Source of acquisition--Dr. Horst Meyer, F. London Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Duke University. Method of acquisition--gift ;; Date of acquisition--2014..

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