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Foil A. Miller Photograph Collection


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Foil A. Miller was born in Aurora, Illinois in 1916 and received his B.S. from Hamline University in 1937, followed by a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University in 1942. Miller's 55-year career in molecular spectroscopy effectively began at John Hopkins, where he studied infrared spectroscopy and worked with Richard C. Lord on the development of a Raman spectroscope. Following his graduation from Johns Hopkins, Miller undertook postdoc studies with Bryce L. Crawford at the University of Minnesota and taught physical chemistry at the University of Illinois from 1944 to 1948. Miller re-located to Pittsburgh in 1948 to join the staff of the Mellon Institute as head of the Spectroscopy Division and became active in both the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh and the Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh. Through these societies, Miller helped organize the first Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON) in 1950 and remained active in PITTCON throughout his career. In the wake of the Mellon Institute's 1967 merger with the Carnegie Institute of Technology to form Carnegie-Mellon University, Miller joined the University of Pittsburgh as a Professor of Chemistry and later served as the head of the University's Spectroscopy Laboratory. Over the course of his career, Miller received numerous awards, including the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award (1964), the Pittsburgh Award of the American Chemical Society (1965), and the Hasler Award of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (1973), as well as a Guggenheim Fellowship for study in Zurich (1957) and visiting professorships in Japan (1977) and Brazil (1980). Miller retired from Pitt in 1981 and devoted his retirement to collecting stamps concerning chemistry and physics and serving as a member of the Bolton Society since 2000.

This collection consists of black and white and color photographs and slides of Miller's colleagues in the field of infrared spectroscopy from the 1950s through the 1990s. Many of the photographs were taken at various PITTCON and Gordon Research Conferences and notable subjects include Richard C. Lord (MIT), Bryce L. Crawford (University of Minnesota), and R. Norman Jones (National Research Council, Ottawa), as well as Miller himself. The collection also includes several photographs of recipients of the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh award, as well as the presentation of the first Coblentz Society Award in 1964. International colleagues, such as G.B.B.M. Sutherland (England), Reinhart Mecke (Germany), and Dusan Hadzi (Yugoslavia), are well-represented in the slides, which were taken by Miller himself.

Gift of Foil A. Miller, 2013.

Processed by Hillary S. Kativa in 2015. Object identificaiton numbers were assigned to individual photographs and slides.

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Collection Inventory

Richard C. Lord, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.001
Richard C. Lord and Bryce L. Crawford, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.002
Norman Colthup, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.003
Van Zandt Williams, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.004
A. Lee Smith and Harrison M. Randall, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.005
Attendees at the Randall Memorial Symposium, 1965.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.006
R. Norman Jones and John Overend, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.007
Samuel Krimm, G.B.B.M. Sutherland, and Donald Ramsay, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.008
Robert S. McDonald, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.009
Former S.S.P. Award Winners, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.010
Symposium at PITTCON, 1995.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.011
Samuel Krimm, Donald Ramsay, et al., undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.012
John Donovan Strong, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.013
Pittsburgh Conference, 1974.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.014
Herbert Retkofsky and George Pimentel, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.015
Paul C. Cross, Robert Manier, and David S. McKinney, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.016
William G. Fateley and Foil A. Miller, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.017
Pittsburgh Conference, 1974.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.018
Richard C. Lord, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.019
Boris Stoicheff and Foil A. Miller, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.020
Award Presentation to George Pimentel, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.021
Leonard A. Woodward , undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.022
Richard C. Lord, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.023
Richard C. Lord and Van Zandt Williams, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.024
Bryce L. Crawford, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.025
Norman Wright, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.026
James Durig, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.027
Abraham and Lynn Savitzky, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.028
Henry Morgan and Lionel J. Bellamy, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.029
Boris Stoicheff, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.030
R. Norman Jones, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.031
R. Norman Jones and Richard C. Lord, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.032
R. Norman Jones, Harold Bernstein, and Boris Stoicheff, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.033
William Potts, A. Lee Smith, and Clara Smith Craver, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.034
Harold W. Thompson, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.035
G.B.B.M. Sutherland, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.036
Lionel J. Bellamy, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.037
W.C. Price, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.038
Norman Sheppard, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.039
Norman Sheppard, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.040
Norman Sheppard and Delia Agar, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.041
Jean Lecomte, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.042
Reinhart Mecke, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.043
Hans Gunthard, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.044
Alex Langseth, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.045
_____ Sushinski, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.046
San-Ichiro Mizushima, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.047
Mitsuo Ito, Claude Sourisseau, and Marie-Louise Josien, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.048
Foil A. Miller and R.S. Krishnan, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.049
George Wilkinson, Kent Wilson, and Ian Beatty, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.050
C.N.R. Rao, Bryce L. Crawford, and B.J. Bulkin, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.051
George Pimentel and Reinhart Mecke, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.052
Dusan Hadzi, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.053
_____ Volkenstein and Dusan Hadzi, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.054
_____ Volkenstein at Bled, Yugoslavia, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.055
Prof. Gross, undated.
Box 1 Object 2013.045.056

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