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Robert B. Woodward reprint collection


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Robert Burns Woodward was born in Boston, MA on April 10, 1917. He attended M.I.T. His specialty was organic synthesis and he did breakthrough work in the field. He was the 1964 recipient of the National Medal of Science. His greatest achievements are probably the formulation (with Roald Hoffmann) of the Woodward-Hoffmann Rules which solved longstanding problems regarding chemical structure, which won the 1965 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and his synthesis (working with Albert Eschenmoser and a team of scientists) of vitamin B-12 published in 1973. He died at Cambridge, MA on July 8, 1979. Woodward won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1965.

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The collection concerns itself with the latter portion of Woodward's career. In addition to the reprints there is a biographical sketch of Woodward by Harvard University colleague Harry N. Wasserman and a menu from a dinner held to commemorate the synthesis of vitamin B-12, signed by many of Woodward's colleagues.

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