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Weibel Hewlett Packard HP5930A Mass Spectrometer materials


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The HP3950A was first marketed by Hewlett Packard in the summer of 1971 as their answer to the Bendix TOF MS. It used a quadrupole mass filter as its mass analyzer thus creating an inexpensive analytical mass spectrometer for the GC/MS market. It was designed to capitalize on Hewlett Packard's proven expertise in the field of electronic equipment. The HP 2100A computer was selected as the interface to the 5930A and both were marketed together as the HP 5932A Mass Spectrometer Data System. At the time this was considered a state-of-the-art system. System software was stored on magnetic cassette or perforated paper tapes.

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This collection contains a fairly comprehensive array of manuals for both the HP 5930A and its HP 2100A computer interface. There are also tapes--both magnetic cassettes and perforated paper strips--containing the software for the system. There is also some material on the HP 5700 and 5750B Research Gas Chromatograph.

Source of acquisition--Weibel, Leo. Method of acquisition--Gift ;; Date of acquisition--2010..

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