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Textiles & dyestuffs collection


Held at: Science History Institute Archives [Contact Us]315 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Science History Institute Archives. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The bulk of this material covers the mid to late 19th Century. It was created by several different firms.

The Ronne material from the New Bedford School is early-modern and forms a continuous whole, the remainder of the material is a grab-bag of commercial literature, mainly sample cards, from a variety of sources.

Organized into 3 groups: Group 1 Randall H. Greene & Sons; Group 2 A.H. Ronne Student/ New Beford Textile School; Group 3. Miscellaneous Commerical Publications (by firm).

This is an agglomeration of material on a single topic created by a bookseller. Material includes letter books and sample cards from various dyestuff corporations.

The material was offered for sale by Carmen D. Valentino, Rare Books & Manuscripts.

Source of acquisition--Valentino, Carmen D. Method of acquisition--Purchase;.

Science History Institute Archives

Collection Inventory

Greene Family Account Book (includes Farm Accounts), 1855-1876.
R[andall].H. Greene & Sons per Charles A. Greene—3 letter books (covers detached, pages loose), 1868-1870.
Vol. 1 (1348 letters on 760 pp. + 28pp. Index-- highlights include a dyestuffs "recipe" and a six-page letter dated December 5, 1868 to suppliers in France concerning textile manufacture in the U.S. "Our Country never shew more prosperous Evidences for a good and paying business for a coming season."), November 9, 1868 - February 17, 1869.
Vol. 2 (1430 letters on 775 pp. 36pp. Index— highlights include a formula for dyestuffs), February 18, 1869 - June 25, 1869.
Vol. 3 (1284 letters on 784pp. + 29pp. Index— highlights include arbitration by Greene & Sons of a dispute involving the purchase of gold), November 5, 1869 - March 10, 1870.

Lecture Note Books, New Bedford [MA] Textile Schools—4 vols., 1914-1916.
A.[rthur] H[enry]. Ronne, Cotton Yarn Preparation 1 st Year "General," Jan 1, 1914— William Smith, Instructor—96pp. (incl. tipped-in photographs & schematics), January 1, 1914.
A.H. Ronne, Cotton Yarn Preparation 2nd Year "General," Sept. 21, 1915—William Smith, Instructor—117 pp. (incl. tipped-in blueprints & schematics), September 21, 1915.
A.H. Ronne, Cotton Yarn Preparation 3rd Year General, Sept. 20, 1916—William Smith, Instructor—104pp. (incl. tipped-in schematics), September 20, 1916.
A.H. Ronne, Miscellaneous Notes, 2nd Year General Course, March 30, 1916 (topics incl. Fuel, Steam Engineering and Price Data), March 30, 1916.
Assignment Books, New Bedford Textile School—3 vols.—1914-1916, 1914-1916.
"Cotton"—mimeographed assignment sheets w/ "Designing Exam" , January 27, 1916.
"Combers and Mules"—mimeographed instructions for a comber machine w/ a 1910 John Hetherington & Sons, Ltd. Instruction Manual for a Nasmith's Patent Combing Machine, 1910.
"Pickers, Cards and Draw Frames"—mimeographed instructions w/ tipped-in blueprints & schematics, undated.

Anonymous—"Exercises," notebook containing "recipes" for various dyeing processes, undated.
Cassella Color Company—Manual of Dyeing, Vol. I: Cotton and Allied Fibres (Vol. I of a four-volume set.), 1908.
Cassella Color Company—Manual of Dyeing, Vol. II: Wool, Silk, Half-Wool, Half-Silk (Vol. II of a four-volume set.)., 1908.
Cassella Color Company—Manual of Dyeing, Vol. I: Cotton and Allied Fibres, Second (Enlarged) Edition (Vol. I of a three-volume set.), 1911.
General Dyestuff Corporation—Shades Fast to Light and Sea-Water on Worsted Yarn— I.G.497, undated.
Herman Wolz Textile Corp.—35/36" Combed Leno Mercerized and Sanforized Vat Colors, undated.
Howe & Stevens' Treatise upon Dyeing and Scouring, 1864.
National Aniline & Chemical Co.—Dyes for Cotton and Silk, undated.
Society of Chemical Industry in Basle (Graubner & Scholl, Hoechst a. M.)—Basic and Acid Colours on Calfleather, undated.
Wells, Richardson & Co.—"The Diamond Dyes" Sample card of 45 colors, undated.
Wells, Richardson & Co.—Samples of Colors Made by Diamond Dyes, undated.
Wells, Richardson & Co.—Diamond Dyes Sample Book Shaded Colors, undated.

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