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Streetlights named distinctive scrapbook


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Upon completing his studies at Harvard University, where he worked under R.B. Woodward as a PhD candidate, Myron S. Simon went to work for the Polaroid Corporation as a research scientist in 1949. He retired from Polaroid in 1988 as Research Fellow and Associate Director of Organic Chemistry. In the intervening years he was awarded over seventy U.S. Patents in the field of instant color photography. He produced the first really effective cyan dye developer and the work of the opacification process that he carried out the direction of Stanley Bloom was an essential step in the development of the SX-70 instant color photography system. In addition to his work at Polaroid Corporation, Dr. Simon was an active member of the Northeastern Section of the ACS, becoming section chairman in 1985. In this capacity he sponsored Glenn Seaborg's proposal to end nuclear testing. He served on numerous ACS committees and was a co-editor of NUCLEUS. Dr. Simon was the founder of Image-Ination Associates and served as a consultant through 1996.

Distributed by Van Deusen Bros., Rondout and Kingston NY.

This item is a 7 page montage of text and scavenged images, a sort of photo-novel. It is made from two pieces of colored paper (blue) held together with a piece of orange yarn. The interior is composed of 7 single sided pieces of typewriter paper with cut out images from magazines taped to the pages. The pages also have handwritten black ink text narrating the images.

Source of acquisition--Simon, Myron S. d 2007. Method of acquisition--gift ;.

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