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Evaluation report of the field testing component of Chemistry in the community (CHEMCOM)


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ChemCom was a NSF-funded initiative to improve methods of teaching chemistry in high schools. The ChemCom program was developed by a committee of the ACS Education Office. Frank X. Sutman served as Chief Evaluator of the project.

This is an Executive Summary of the Evaluation Report of the Field Testing Component of Chemistry in the Community (CHEMCOM). It has an attached note designating it "Original." The summary consists of 43 single sided pages plus two appendices titled "Opinionnaire Related to Objective and ChemCom Tests and Answer Keys." The document is neither an original typescript nor printed. It's a computer printout and is bound in a white cover with a clear plastic front.

Related holdings in the CHF archival collections deal with ChemCom's rivals, CHEMS (Chem Study) and CBA (Chemical Bonding Approach). All three programs were designed for high school chemistry students.

Source of acquisition--Sutman, Frank X. . Method of acquisition--Gift ;; Date of acquisition--2006..

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