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Charles C. Price Photograph Collection


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Charles Coale Price III was born in Passaic, New Jersey on July 13, 1913. At age six, Charles had his right hand blown away by an exploding box of dynamite caps. He received a B.A. in chemistry from Swarthmore College in 1934 and his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1936. His first faculty appointment was at the University of Illinois where he also did post graduate work under Roger Adams. In 1946, Price went to Notre Dame University where he taught and completed research for 8 years, becoming chair of the department of chemistry. While at Notre Dame, he convened the first conference on Organic Reaction Mechanisms in 1948. He accepted a position at the University of Pennsylvania in 1953, where he also taught and held the chemistry department chair position. During his tenure at Penn, he did research on polymers and helped to rebuild the department. Price was raised a Quaker and advocated nuclear disarmament and the creation of a global governing body for the purpose of world peace. He was the President of the American World Federalists (1958) and later chairman of the Federation for American Scientists and the Council for a Livable World. His involvement with these groups led Price to run for Senate (1950) and the House of Representatives (1952) in Indiana, but neither bid proved successful. He was the recipient of the ACS award in Pure Chemistry in 1946, the ACS award for Creative Invention (1974) and the ACS Parson award in 1973. Other achievements include receiving more than twenty patents and fourteen honorary degrees. Price was the founding board chair of the Center for the History of Chemistry (CHOC) which would later become the Chemical Heritage Foundation. While at Swarthmore, Price met his wife Mary Elma White and they married in 1936. They had four daughters and one son. White died in 1982 and Price married Anne Parker Gill in 1984. Charles C. Price died on February 11, 2001, at his home in Haverford, PA.

This collection consists of black and white and color photographs that span the career and personal life of Charles C. Price. Images include Price in the chemistry lab, teaching in the classroom, as well as portraits, group shots from conferences, award ceremonies and his travels. The collection also contains portraits (and some autographs) of prominent scientists such as Carl Marvel, Alexander Todd, Vladimir Prelog, and Melvin Calvin. Photographs from the period in 1962 when he taught as a Fulbright Professor at the Universities of Osaka and Kyoto are also included. Most portraits and other images are positioned in a way to obscure the fact that Price was missing his hand. The collection provides a snapshot of Price's career as a professor and researcher as well of his many citations, colleagues and organizational relationships.

Selected materials from this collection have been digitized and are available online in our Digital Collections:

Gift of Charles C. Price and Mrs. Anne Gill Price, 1991 and 2001.

Processed by Robert Hull in 2004. Object identification numbers were assigned to individual photographs.

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Collection Inventory

Portrait of Charles C. Price, 1942.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.001
Charles C. Price in a Notre Dame group portrait,, 1947.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.002
Charles C. Price receives an award, 1948.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.003
Charles C. Price, circa 1942.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.004
University of Notre Dame Chemistry Lab ground breaking, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.005
Dinner in Akron Ohio, 1954.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.006
Indiana Governor Schricker with Congressional candidate Charles C. Price, 1952.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.007
Group Photograph Ft. Detrick, Maryland, 1956.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.008
Charles Price with Madeline Toy and Takuo Okuda, 1957.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.009
Charles C. Price receives a certificate of commendation for meritorious civilian service, 1958.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.010
Charles C. Price, George B. Kistiakowsky, and Gaylord P. Harnwell, 1960.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.011
Dedication of new chemistry building at University of Pennsylvania, 1960.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.012
Charles C. Price, 1962.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.013
Portrait of Charles C. Price, 1962.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.014
Portrait of Charles C. Price, 1967.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.015
Ray Q. Brewster 80th Birthday Celebration, 1977.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.016
The Organic Reaction Mechanism Conference, 1948.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.017
Kenneth Campbell, V. Prelog, Charles Price at the University of Notre Dame, 1950.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.018
Charles C. Price and Congressman Emilio Daddario, 1965.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.019
Mrs. Charles Price, Charles Price, and Herman Block at the ACS Parsons Award, 1973.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.020
Charles Price, Herman Block, Judy Block as Price receives award, 1973.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.021
Charles Price and Herman Block, 1973.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.022
Charles Price addresses the ACS at Parson Award Ceremony, 1973.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.023
Charles Price receives from John Maynard the ACS Award for Creative Invention, 1974.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.024
Charles Price and Howard Perlmutter, 1977.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.025
Charles Price and others, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.026
Charles Price and others in academic regalia, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.027
Charles Price, 1978.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.028
Charles Price and James Sharbaugh, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.029
Charles Price at Washington hearings, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.030
Charles Price at Washington hearings, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.031
Charles Price at Washington hearings, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.032
Charles Price at Washington hearings, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.033
Charles Price at Washington hearings, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.034
Brother Daniel Burke, Jane Goodall, Howard Schneiderman, and Charles Price, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.035
Charles Price receiving an honorary fellowship at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.036
Charles Price receiving the "Philadelphia Section Award of the ACS", 1963.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.037
Charles Price and his family, 1950.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.038
Society of Chemical Industry Medal award for Ralph Connor, 1965.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.039
Charles Price in the chemistry laboratory of the University of Notre Dame, 1956.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.040
Charles Price at Jackson Laboratory, 1956.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.041
Charles Price in a Laboratory, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.042
Charles Price with a molecule model, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.043
Charles Price in lab, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.044
Charles Price in classroom, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.045
Charles Price in a group, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.046
Charles Price in a group, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.047
Charles Price (color transparency), undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.048
Charles Price (color transparency), undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.049
Charles Price (color transparency), undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.050
Portrait of Charles Price, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.051
Charles Price in a laboratory, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.052
Charles Jackson at Jackson Lab, 1956.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.053
Portrait of Charles Price, 1950.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.054
Portrait of Charles Price, 1952.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.055
Portrait of Charles Price and Professor Takeo Saugusa, 1962.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.056
Charles Price at a Japanese wedding, 1962.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.057
Portrait of Phil Ebert, 1957.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.058
Portrait of Carl Marvel, 1954.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.059
Portrait of Melvin Calvin, 1955.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.060
Portrait of Vladimir Prelog, 1950.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.061
Roger Adams with his wife Lucille Adams and his daughter, Lucille Adam, 1948.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.062
Portrait of Alexander R. Todd, undated.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.063
Oversized portrait of Charles C. Price for Senate Campaign, 1950.
Box 1 Object 2004.505.064

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