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Kzl und Morgenthau: by Erwin Weinbrenner


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Erwin Weinbrenner (1906-1989) was a member of Polymer Processing Hall of Fame for his work with polyurethane technology. He worked for I.G. Farbenindustrie where he pioneered the development of totally Buna S tires and for Bayer AG where he developed impingement mixing. He was key figure in the transfer of technology from Europe to the United States was a key figure in the development of Mobaty Chemical Company's technological base.

The poems skewers Morgenthau's theories quite nicely but depicting a postwar Germany in which cavemen still persist in finding advanced technological solutions to the problems that they face.

This is an black and white line art illustrated humorous poem attacking U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr.s plan to transform post-WW II Germany into a largely pre-industrial, agrarian society.

Source of acquisition--McGregor, William A.. Method of acquisition--Gift;; Date of acquisition--2004..

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