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Peace History Society Records


Held at: Swarthmore College Peace Collection [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore 19081-1399

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Swarthmore College Peace Collection. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The Peace History Society (PHS) was formed "to encourage, support, and coordinate peace research among historians and social scientists." It began as an ad hoc committee established at the December 1963 meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA) and, until 1986, was called the Conference on Peace Research in History. Between 1986 and 1994 it was called the Council on Peace Research in History. It changed its name to Peace History Society in 1994. PHS sponsors conferences, publishes the journal Peace and Change as well as a newsletter, and conducts many peace research programs with other organizations. It is affiliated with AHA, is a member of the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development, and has acquired Non-Governmental Organization status at the United Nations.

This collection includes material on the Council on Peace Research in History.

Organized in 9 series. Important series are: I. History; II. Executive Council; III. Membership; V. General Correspondence; VI. Council Correspondence and Papers; VII. Projects; VIII. Newsletters and Periodicals. Documents are arranged in chronological order.

Guide to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 2nd ed., p. 20.

Source of acquisition--Chatfield, Charles DeBenedetti, Charles. Method of acquisition--gift gift; Date of acquisition--1972, 1985. 1971-1984..

Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research use.

All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Contact Swarthmore College Peace Collection staff at at least two weeks in advance of visit to request boxes.

Collection Inventory

Box 1.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 1 [SCPC-3812]
Box 2.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 2 [SCPC-3813]
Box 3.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 3 [SCPC-3814]
Box 4.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 4 [SCPC-3815]
Box 5.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 5 [SCPC-3816]
Box 6.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 6 [SCPC-3817]
Box 7.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 7 [SCPC-3818]
Box 8.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 8 [SCPC-3819]
Box 9.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 9 [SCPC-3820]
Box 10.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 10 [SCPC-3821]
Box 11.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 11 [SCPC-3822]
Box 12.
Box Acc. 06A-038: 12 [SCPC-3823]

Box 1.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 1 [SCPC-4161]
Box 2.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 2 [SCPC-4162]
Box 3.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 3 [SCPC-4163]
Box 4.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 4 [SCPC-4164]
Box 5.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 5 [SCPC-4165]
Box 6.
Box Acc. 11A-045: 6 [SCPC-4166]

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