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Held at: Swarthmore College Peace Collection [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore 19081-1399

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Swarthmore College Peace Collection. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

As early as 1907, Joseph Swain indicated an interest in "bringing the question of Peace and Arbitration before its students and faculty" at Swarthmore College. Others affiliated with the college, established in the 19th century by the Religious Society of Friends, kept this interest alive through the next decades. In 1930 Jane Addams sent her peace material to the college for safekeeping. The organization that she founded, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, also sent its records. After Addams' death in 1935, Ellen Starr Brinton became the first curator of what was then called the Jane Addams Peace Collection. In April 1936 it was reported that when Swarthmore College president Dr.. Frank Aydelotte "learned the contents of the Jane Addams Collection and of the material sent to supplement it he make [it] the nucleus of a great 'Library on Peace and International Affairs.' The committee of the W.I.L.. joyfully accepted the suggestion and immediately turned their efforts to making this plan a reality. So instead of now concentrating on detailed indexing of the Jane Addams papers already on hand, emphasis is being placed on discovering what other peace material is available in the Swarthmore College Library and the Friends Historical Library and then attempting to complete the files and records by tracing other books and papers on peace in every country, in all languages and covering all ages.... Swarthmore College will give careful and permanent housing in a fireproof building to all collections of such material.

As first curator of the Peace Collection, Brinton established collection and arrangement policies for the WILPF records and other material. Her various historical interests initiated several collections such as the peace seals, stamps, and covers collection and the material pertaining to Benjamin West's painting William Penn's Treaty With the Indians. She travelled to Europe before and after World War II to secure valuable peace records. Her interest in the history of the American peace movement, Quakerism, and international relations brought an invaluable impetus for her collecting, and the relationships she made with peace leaders worldwide meant an unprecedented sharing of material from many countries.

There have been seven curators since Brinton's retirement. Material created by peace groups and peace leaders has grown exponentially in the last 50+ years, with ever new formats of material being created. Currently (in March 2010), besides the curator, the staff consists of a full-time archivist, a half-time librarian, and a half-time periodicals specialist.

This collection is made up office files that document the archives and library of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection. Of particular interest is the early correspondence of Ellen Starr Brinton, with people all over the world, as she began the task of gathering material and setting up standards for the SCPC. The files kept through 1972 of the curators have been refoldered and reboxed. Later material has not yet been processed, nor has the mass of office files from 1973-date been listed.

Series titles are still in flux for this collection.

The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these records.

Processed by Anne Yoder, 2008.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Collection Inventory

Materials stored on-site.
Researcher files A-C, 1970-1980.
Box A-C [SCPC-3133]
Research files D-G, 1970-1980.
Box D-G [SCPC-3134]
Researcher files H-K, 1970-1980.
Box H-K [SCPC-3135]
Researcher files L-M, 1970-1980.
Box L-M [SCPC-3136]
Researcher files N-R, 1970-1980.
Box N-R [SCPC-3137]
Researcher files S-T, 1970-1980.
Box S-T [SCPC-3138]
Researcher files U-Z, 1970-1980.
Box U-Z [SCPC-3139]
Researcher files A-Co, 1980-1990.
Box A-Co [SCPC-3140]
Researcher files Cr-E, 1980-1990.
Box Cr-E [SCPC-3141]
Researcher files F-G, 1980-1990.
Box F-G [SCPC-3142]
Researcher files H-Ki, 1980-1990.
Box H-Ki [SCPC-3143]
Researcher files Kl-L, 1980-1990.
Box Kl-L [SCPC-3144]
Researcher files M-P, 1980-1990.
Box M-P [SCPC-3145]
Researcher files Q-Sp, 1980-1990.
Box Q-Sp [SCPC-3146]
Researcher files St-V, 1980-1990.
Box St-V [SCPC-3147]
Researcher files W-Z, 1980-1990.
Box W-Z [SCPC-3148]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 1 [SCPC-3501]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 2 [SCPC-3502]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 3 [SCPC-3503]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 4 [SCPC-3504]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 5 [SCPC-3505]
Researcher files A-C, 1990-2000.
Box 6 [SCPC-3506]
Researcher files.
Box 1 [SCPC-4661]
Researcher files.
Box 2 [SCPC-4662]
Researcher files.
Box 3 [SCPC-4663]
Researcher files.
Box 3a [SCPC-4663a]

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