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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Princeton University Library: Manuscripts Division. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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The collection conists of several hundred print photographs (most are captioned) primarily from various French news outlets documenting people and events of numerous countries and geographic regions spanning the mid to late 20th century. The collection creator is unknown.

Some captions and descriptions may include harmful language, including language that is racist or sexist. Some photographs depict scenes of graphic violence.

Photographs were left in the order in which they were received from the dealer.

Purchased from Kevin Jackson in 2022 (AM 2023-104).

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This collection was processed by Faith Charlton in April 2023. Finding aid written by Faith Charlton in 2023 using dealer description.

No materials were removed from the collection during 2023 processing.

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Collection Inventory

China, 1951-1993. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

PTO095. Collection of 3 large French and English press photos of Hong Kong, two from December 1993 showing a Buddhist ritual on Lantau Island as well as a snake vendor and one from December 1951 showing life on the water

PTO096. Collection of French press photos of political developments in China between Miscellaneous group of 3 large format press photos of China. Shown are the visit of Pai Hsiang Kuo to Paris in 1971, the 25th anniversary of the communist regime, anti-Gang of Four propaganda, French president in China in 1976, death of Chou-En-Lai in 1976, Vice-Premier Fang Yi in Paris in 1978, Premier Deng Siao Ping, celebrations in Tiananmen Square supporting Hua Kuo Peng, Chinese delegation in Brussels in 1978, General Yang Dezhi in Paris in 1981, the Tenth National Congress of the Communist Party in China, Chou En-lai, the crackdown in Beijing in 1989, and Premier Deng Xiaoping in 1989. In total 26 photos, Most described on back in English and French.

PTO094. Collection of 18 large format propaganda press photos on the Arts in China. Focus on theatre and music. Includes first performance of a Western symphony in China

PTO092. SIPA news agency photo collection of the visit of French Premier Raymond Barre to China in February, 1978. 6 photos, most described on back in French

CP001. Three French press photos of the Chinese delegation to Belgrade in August 1978. Shown are Tito and Chi Teng Kuei. Described on reverse.

PTO093. Collection of propaganda press photos on life in China, focusing on education, social services, industry, research, medicine and agriculture. 26 large format photos.

Physical Description

1 folder

South Pacific Islands, 1966-1991. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

SEAPC021. Small archive of 40 French press photos on political developments in New Caledonia between 1983-1991. Shown are Paul Néaoutyine (new president of FLNKS), Jacques Lafleur with Francois Burk, anti-independence demonstration at Noumea, FLNKS confrontation with police, vandalism in advance of the independence referendum, aftermath of the assassination of Jean-Marie Tjibaou by FLNKS extremists, group photo of the signing of the Matignon Agreement, two of the 26 freed dissidents from France arriving at Ouvea., FLNKS street demonstration in Pari, more. All described on back

SEAPC025. Two French press photos of the visit of President De Gaulle to New Caledonia in 1966

PTO291. French press photo of catholic mission in Tahiti.

SEAPC026. French press photo of the visit of French Defense Minister Charles Hernu to Papeete, capital of French Polynesia. Described on back.

SEAPC020. Four French press photos of the Tonga delegation in Paris attending President D'Estaings address to the diplomatic corps in January, 1979. Also included is a 1985 French press photo of President Mitterand visiting the Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia. Descriptions on reverse.

SEAPC024. Two French press photos of Papa Itama, a Tahitian who lost his arm from a shark attack when he was younger. He patrols the three parks near Avatoru passage. Described on back.

SEAPC023. Two French press photos of the meeting of Georges Sokamanu, president of the newly-formed Vanuatu and French ambassador to Vanuatu, Mr. Rodriguez. July 1980. Described on back

Physical Description

1 folder

Greece, 1975-1977. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

Otba039- French press photos of Socialist Melina Mercouri at an electoral meeting in 1977, and a 1975 photo related to the court decision to condemn the leaders of the junta. Captioned. SC

Physical Description

1 folder

Americas, 1964-1987. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

PTO349. Collection of 12 French press photos on Chile from 1964-1990. The visit of De Gaulle in 1964, the coup in 1976, disturbances against Pinochet in the 1980's. All captioned

PTO352. Two 1978 French press photos of Jonestown, Guyana.

PTO350. Two French press photos of the visit of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing to Brazil in October, 1978. Captioned.

PTO354. Two French press photos of Peru. One is the 1964 visit of De Gaulle to Lima. The other is the military crackdown in 1975. Both captioned.

PTO348. 1963 French press photo of Raul Leoni of Venezuela.

Physical Description

1 folder

Korea, 1949-1977. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

KT118. 12 French press photos of Korea from 1949 to 1977. Mostly on the Korean War. All captioned on reverse.

KT023. Collection of 28 photos of the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon from 1975-1976. Shown are Allen Tate Woods, Martin Friers, Francoise Galey, supporters of the Moon sect in Paris, Sun Myung Moon in New York, the 1976 bombing of the Moon sect headquarters in Paris, a manifesto by Moon following the bombing, Moonies interacting together, anti-Moon demonstrators, disturbance at the Moon Sect 'Festival du Nouvel Espoir' in Lyon in 1976. Most described on back

Physical Description

1 folder

Japan, 1995. 1 folder.
Scope and Contents

JPC069. Two French press photos of Emperor Hirohito during the visit of President Mitterand to Japan. Described on back.

JPC064. French press photo of the fifth anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima. Description on back.

Physical Description

1 folder

Middle East and North Africa, 1939-1991. 3 folders.
Scope and Contents

A49. Archive of 100 French press photos of Lebanese political life from 1974-1989. Most of the focus is on the civil war and particularly the period 1982-1984. Most captioned on reverse

A37. Collection of 16 French press photos of Afghanistan from 1987-1989, focussing on the final days of the Russian occupation. Most captioned on reverse.

A38. Collection of 27 French press photos of the first Gulf War. Photos taken from Kuwait City, Baghdad, Nadjaf, Basra, Safivan, Kirkuk, Sarsang, Zakho Tikrit, Durok, Erbil and more. Most captioned.

A41. Two 1968 press photos of Iraqi President General Aref and Vice-Premier Taha Yassin Ramadhan. Captioned on reverse.

A44. Two French press photos of Tunisian First Ministers Habib Nouira, 1974 and Rachid Spar, 1976.

ME218. 1987 French Interior Minister Charles Paqua meeting with Chiekh Abbas outside of a mosque in Paris. Text on reverse.

TN012. French press photo of Charles De Gaulle with the newly appointed Algerian ambassador to France, Reda Nalek.

TRP040. Three French press photos concerning Cyprus, from 1956-1964.

TN073. 4 French press photos of M. Masmoudi and Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia, from 1957-1961, captioned.

TRP052. Left wing French press photos of two anti-fascist poster.

LJS013. French press photo of General Imbot visiting the French contingent in Lebanon in 1983

PR076. 1979 French press photo of Mana Saeed Al Otaiba, president of OPEC and a 1976 photo of Sheikh Issa Ben Salmane Al Khalifa. Both photos captioned.

PR079. Collection 10 French press photos of the Iran-Iraq war, dated 1980-1987. Also shown is a 1989 press photo of Gorbachev with Rafsanjani, a 1991 portrait of Saddam Hussein in front of a building destroyed by allied Air Force. All captioned. PR078. 4 French press photos of Saudi Arabia politics from 1974-1986. Prince Salman with President Moubarak, UAE delegation, entertainment at Taief, all captioned. PR074. 1986 French press photo of the Kurdish abduction of Iraqi Airways employees and clients in Paris. Captioned.

PR075. 1959 French press photo of the signing of the Soviet-Iraq Economic Accord in Moscow.

TRP041. French press photo archive of the 15 July 1983 bombing of a Turkish Airlines check-in counter at Orly Airport in Paris, France, by the Armenian militant organization ASALA. 38 photos in all, all captioned.

LJS014. Four French press photos of Israel from 1975-1978. Shown are preparations for the Sadat visit, Golda Meir and soldiers training in the Sinai. All captioned

LJS012. Two French press photos of King Hussein of Jordan, 1960-1964. Captioned.

CTK009. French press photos from 1983 and 1992 of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Captioned on reverse.

CTK008. 1991 press photo of demonstrations in Gozney for independence. Captioned on reverse.

EGY039. Two 1939 French press photos of Indigenous Egyptian military preparations for war. Captioned.

EGY040. Four French press photos of Nasser from 1958-1966. Captioned.

A48. Collection of 32 French press photos of Egyptian politicians from 1955-1990; in Egypt, France, Israel and Syria. Most captioned on reverse.

Physical Description

3 folders

Southeast Asia, 1958-1994. 2 folders.
Scope and Contents

SEA056. Three French press photos of the 1979 Khmer refugee camps and refugees returning home from Thailand. All described on reverse.

PTO099. Three French press photos from 1975 showing local reaction to the American presence there. Shown are Bangkok students burning Uncle Sam in effigy, American F111's pulling out, and a photo of the election of Prince Seni Pramoj as Premier in February.

PTO100. Collection of 3 french press photos of the military uprising in Bangkok in March 1977

SEA057. Three French press photos of the anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok in 1992. Shown are demonstrators lying on the ground as troops fire overhead, arrested demonstrators being loaded onto army trucks, a still photo from Thai television on May 20 showing the king talking with arrested opposition leader Chamlong Srimaung and Prime Minister Suchinda Kraprayoon in a bid to end the violence that left at least 100 dead. All described on reverse

PTO102. Two press photos from 1975 showing Thailand Prime Minister Mom Rajwongse Kukrit Pramo meeting with Chinese Premier Chouen-Lai and Vice-Premier Teng Hsiao-Ping. The meeting was to establish diplomatic ties between China and Thailand. Photos are described in french and english and dated

SEA067. Group of 9 French press photos from 1977-1978. The focus is on Suharto's policy of moving the population from Java to Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Java, in order to reduce the problem of overpopulation. Crowds waiting to see Suharto as he inaugurates a new mosque and visits a Moslem technical school

SEA054. French press photo of prisoners at an Indonesian detention camp following the massacre of 1965. Described in detail on reverse.

SEA055. French press photo of the attempt by the Indonesian government to solve the overpopulation problem in Java in 1977. The Suharto government developed a policy of moving of populations, the Transmigrasi. In 1977 over 100,000 people left Java to go and settle in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi or Irian Java. Description on reverse.

SEA053. French press photo collection of the Philippines, 1989-1994. Shown are rebel troops evacuating Makati in 1989, Imelda Marcos and children singing the national anthem as the body of Ferdinand Marcos arrived in Laoag City airport, typhoon and earthquake destruction 1990-1991. Six photos, all described on reverse.

SEA066. Group of 5 French press photos of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, between 1978-1983. All described on back.

PTO104. French press photo collection of Vietnam up to 1990. Shown are rubber harvesting, irrigation systems, a model of a fortress community, flood damage, french military vehicle, rice harvesting, buddhist shrine. 14 photos in total.

PTO097. Collection of 6 large format press photos by French agency Sygma showing the massacre of Thai villagers by Khmer Rouge soldiers in 1977 in the Aranyaprathet District. The attack was punishment for black marketeering. The village of Nong Doh was wiped out. All described on back in English and French.

PTO105. French press photo collection of the very beginning stage of the negotiations between Viet Cong and the USA on peace in Vietnam. The collection dates from May 11, 1968 at the Palais d'Orsay in Paris and formal negotiations began two days later. Shown are Colonel Van Lao, Xuan Thui, and other North Vietnamese delegates, and Sargent Shriver, Cyrus Vance and Averell Harriman as well as the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. 24 photos in all, including an out-of-focu one of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi.

SEA070. Group of 5 French press photos of Charles De Gaulle's visit to Cambodia in 1966. All described.

SEA068. Collection of 13 French press photographs of different South Vietnamese politicians in the 1970's. Shown are Madame Nguyen Thi Binh at the Paris Conference in 1972, Nguyen Cao Ky working in a liquor store in Norwalk in 1977 and President Thieu and his wife. One photo of Thieu reviewing military officers at Dalat in 1974

SEA069. Two French press photos of Vietnamese 'Boat People' in 1978. One shows refugees at Terengganu, Malaysia and the other aboard a bus at CDG airport in Paris.

SEA071. Group of 19 photos of political developments in Cambodia between 1973-1979. Shown are Maquisards in the Cambodian jungle, arrival of Pathet Lao troops in Vientiane, soldiers training, men from the 7th Infantry Division arriving in Phnom Penh to loot the city to protest the fact that they have not been paid for three months. A number of photos of the slave labor regime under Pol Pot.....building a dam without machinery, child labor, refugee camps in Thailand. Also photos on the war with Vietnam and French efforts to provide relief. All described.

PTO103. A collection of 12 press photos from 1975-1979 of Cambodian refugees in Thailand. Shown are Khmer Rouge soldiers, Joan Baez visiting refugees in Hong Kong, American Senator James Sasser talking to refugees, Crown Princess Sonja of Norway comforting a Norwegian journalist overcome by the situation, Thai soldier inspecting the body of a Cambodian killed in a mortar attack on the refugee camp by Vietnamese troops or the Hing Samrin soldiers they lead, a wounded Vietnamese soldier being carried away, Meo children in SOP Truong refugee camp, and more

SEA072. Archive of 84 French press photos of Prince Norodom Sihanouk, between 1970-1979. It covers his period of exile in China. Photos of his mother and father as well

SEA114. 1971 French press photo of the capture of Silvestre Abad Mate.

SEA170. 4 French press photos of Sukarno and rebel insurgency. Shown with Indira Gandhi, Chen Yi, with his family.

SEA172. 5 French press photos of Laotian politicians from 1958-1964. Shown are Prince Souvanna Phouma, Prince Boun Oum and the Chinese delegation at the 1961 Laotian Conference. All captioned.

SEA173. 1959 French press photo of Vice-President Nguyen Ngoc Tho. Captioned.

PTO101. AFT press photo of martial law in Bangkok, February 23, 1991, outside the Supreme Command Headquarters after the military overthrew Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan's government. Described on back in english.

SEA174. 3 French press photos relating to Singapore politics between 1959-1967. Captioned.

SEA175. 3 French press photos of Prince Abdul Rahman taken in 1960. Captioned.

SEA171. 2 French press photos from 1971 showing Moluccans learning martial arts in Holland, and the hostage incident at the Indonesian embassy in Amsterdam.

PTO347. 1962 French press photo of Mexican president Mateos visiting President Soekarno in Indonesia. Captioned

Physical Description

2 folders

Sub-Saharan Africa, 1934-1993. 4 folders.
Scope and Contents

FA105. Collection of 5 French press photos of the official visit of French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua to Gabon. Meeting with Omar Bongo, visit to a medical research facility in Franceville. Also a photo of Bongo with Rene Journiac, who later died in a plane crash in Cameroun. Descriptions on reverse.

BA060. Archive of 99 French press photos of the insurgency in Shaba province in Zaire in 1978, known as Shaba II. Shown are French troops landing at Kolwezi airport, captured weapons, aerial view of Kulwazi, Zairan troops at Kolwezi airport, local guard awaiting arrival of Mobuto to inspect recaptured territory, atrocities, rescued Europeans, Jean Baptiste Mpondo, Massacred Europeans, French paratroopers in action, etc. All described on back.

FA067. 19 French press photos from the French-African Summit in October, 1983 in Vittel, France. Shown are different African leaders.

BA071. Group of 8 French press photos mostly of the visit of Mitterand to Zaire in 1984. Photos of Mobutu and his wife. Also shown is African leaders witnessing the swearing-in of Mobutu for a third seven-year term, as well as Mobutu in Paris in 1983 for the Franco-African Summit.

FA066. 19 French press photos of David Dacko (President of CAR from 1960-1966 and 1979-1981) and Ange Patasse (President of CAR from 1993-2003).

FA069. Group of 9 French press photos of General De Gaulle meeting with African chiefs and war veterans during the July 14th celebrations in Paris in 1965. Some photos damages. BA059. Three French press photos of Zaire, 1991-1993. Shown are Etienne Tshisekedi w Mulumba, Belgian refugees fleeing Zaire and large reservoir construction.

PA076. 1974 French press photos of Pedro Pires, head of the PAIGC delegation for the liberation of Guinea Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands; also the prison camp Tarrafal on Santiago Island.

FA190. Two French press photos of Chad. Shown are Kinimi Ede-Mi (1987) and M. Pierre Djime Ro-Alingar, the new Chad ambassador to France (1975)

FA056. French press photo archive of President Bokassa of the Central African Republic covering the period 1969-1984. Covers visits to France, his sons marriage to a French lady in Bangui, Ambassador Sylvestre Bangui following the massacre in 1979, Bokassa residence in Paris, French soldiers following the French coup against Bokassa in 1979, economic shortages among the local population, Emperor Bokassa's personal jet, members of the committee appointed by the Franco-African Summit to investigate the massacre of over 100 children in 1979, Madame Brook the only female member of the Inquiry Committee, prisoners of the 'Empire' in Bangui, Bokassa's missing daughter confusion, metal statue of Bokassa behind a workshop, Bokassa's visit to China, ets. Also shown are a number of photos of Ange Patasse who was the rival of President Dacko in 1979. Press conferences, meeting with Libyan ambassador, resignation following massacre. 59 photos in all, most with descriptions on reverse

PTO246. Group of six French press photos on apartheid in South Africa between 1976-1985. Shown are police hippocar in Soweto, Mr. Oboza director of the South African Black newspaper "The World" before his arrest, funeral for 18 victims of apartheid, photos of Ronald Woods and Beyers Naude Staunch.

PA078. Six French press photos relating to Angola from 1974-1981. Shown are Sam Nujona, president of SWAPO presenting an exposition in Addis Abeba of captured weapons from South African troops; Admiral Leonel Cardosa handing over Angola to the Angolan people; destruction in the center from a South African air attack; the three national leaders of Angola meeting in Mombasa on the eve of Angolan independence; a victim of a South African air raid.

FA055. Rare photo of Marcel Bigeard in Chad.

FA062. Collection of 8 French press photos of the voyage of President D'Estang and Raymond Barre in 1978 and 1976 respectively, to Cote D'Ivoire. Photos of President Felix Houphouet Boigny. Also photo of Henri Konan Bédié, Ivorian Minister of Finance, signing letter of credit with Credit Lyonnais in Paris. Also shown is President Houphouet-Boigny in 1969. SML001. Archive of 37 French press photos of Somalia. Refugee camps 1980-1993, rival warlords Ali Mahdi and Mohamed Farah Aidid, Fatan Mohamed Hassan prior to the UN vote to approve a massive US – led military intervention in Somalia, people trying to put out a fire caused by a US airstrike, food aid being offloaded, wanted poster for four Somali warlords, supporters of General Mohamed Farah Aidid, political propaganda against Clinton, refugees mobbing food, Somalis rallying to General Syad Barre, Russian and Cuban diplomats leaving Somalia, rebels training in El Bur, rare photo of Lieutenant-Colonel Mahmoud Mohammed Hashi 'Shabel', base under construction by Soviets in Berbera, French hostage wife Mrs Boucault, Somali Ambassador to France, Somalis living in Baghdad demonstrating in front of the UN office the US missile attack and policy in Somalia, also photos from conflict with Ethiopia.

PTO274. Collection of 13 photos of President Mobutu during the insurgency in Shaba province in Zaire in 1978. He is shown conferring with army officers, inspecting an airfield after its recapture, saluting an intervention army in 1979, meeting with French officers, funeral service for 'Mama Mobutu.

FA085. Two French press photos of President Charles De Gaulle meeting with West African veterans of World War 2. Also a press photo of Senegalese President Abdou Diouf during his election campaign in Kcalack, south of Dakar, February 18, 1983.

FA193. Four French press photos of the French Congo from 1959-1961. Shown are Tunisian troops embarking for the Congo; Abbe Fulbert Youlou; Congolese delegation to New York; arrival of Zimba the elephant in the USA.

PTO248. Four French press photos of the French Congo from 1959-1961. Shown are Tunisian troops embarking for the Congo; Abbe Fulbert Youlou; Congolese delegation to New York; arrival of Zimba the elephant in the USA.

PTO278. Four French press photos of Rwanda president Juvenal Habyarimana 1974-1984.

FA136. Four French press photos of the French Congo from 1959-1961. Shown are Tunisian troops embarking for the Congo; Abbe Fulbert Youlou; Congolese delegation to New York; arrival of Zimba the elephant in the USA.

BA091. Press photo from Zaire of soldiers during an uprising

FA134. 1974 French press photo of Senegal President Leopold Sedar Senghor with Portuguese Foreign Minister Mario Soares.

PTO276. Collection of 9 French press photos of President Mobutu visiting Paris between 1971 and 1980.

PTO273. 8 French press photos of the visit of President Giscard d'Estaing to Zaire in 1975

PA075. 1974 French press photo of General Antonio de Spinola, with the Portuguese army in Guinee.

FA189. Three French press photos of Mali. Shown are the Minister of Education with UNESCO staff in 1968; health care and surveying in Bamako

PTO277. French press photo of General Eluki Mongo Aundu.

PTO266. Two French press photos of W. Beverly Carter Jr., newly appointed US ambassador to Liberia. 1976

BA090. French press photo of the child of the Chief of Katanga, 1960

FA197. Eight French press photos of Niger President Diori Hamani, 1960-1973.

FA194. Six French press photos of Senegal leaders from 1960-1984. Shown are Mamadou Dia, Leopold Senghor and Abdou Diouf.

FA192. Two French press photos of Togo interest. Shown are President Etienne Eyadema (1974) and Mr. Ajaron, president of the Togo Assembly (1957).

BA140. Four French press photos of Ralph Bunche in the Belgian Congo, 1960-1963. Also a photo of M. Bamba following the 1966 coup.

BRA144. Three French press photos of Sir Abubakar Tawefa Balewa, taken in 1966.

FA196. Two French press photos. One of Haute-Volta President Sangoule Lamizana (1974) and Joseph Conombo (1957)

PTO253. French press photo of Nicholas Mugo, French ambassador to Kenya, 1976.

SML105. Four French press photos of Somali president General Mohmed Syad Barre, taken in 1974. Also a photo of a demonstration in Djibouti.

BRA148. 1976 French press photo of Dawda Jawara, president of Gambia.

BRA145. 1956 French press photo of William Tubman, president of Liberia.

BRA146. 1962 French press photo of Krobo Edusei, Ghana's Minister of Industry

PA077. Three French press photos of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea, meeting with President Giscard D'Estaing in 1980

PTO301. Collection of 9 French press photos of Cameroon President Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1976

FA188. Three 1979 French press photos of Sassou Nguesso, president of French Congo.

FA198. Two French press photos of Saifoulaye Diallo, Minister of State for Guinee, 1963-1964.

BA086. Four large format photos of colonial military. Presenting a medal to a local gendarme, praying in church.

PTO265. French press photo of Ghana president Dr. Hilla Lamann, in Bonn, 1981

BRA059. French press photo of Stephen Smith, a Stanford University student, released in Tanzania, July 26, 1975 after being kidnapped on May 19

PTO279. Collection of 4 French press photos of the visit of Zaire president Mobutu to Tanzania in 1974. Shown with Tanzanian president.

PA041. Three French press photos of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos taken in 1987.

FA068. Group of 11 French press photos from different French-African Summits under President D'Estaing between 1975-1980.

FA135. 982 French press photo of Niger head of state Seyni Kountché

SA141. Rare 1934 French press photo of a local mule race to honor the visit of Prince George to Bechuanaland

BRA049. 1956 press photo of Queen Margaret's visit to Dar Es Salaam.

BRA147. 1968 French press photo of Rolf Steiner, a mercenary fighting in the Biafra War

APH262. 1963 press photo of Haile Selassie with Ghana president Nkrumah in Addis Ababa

BA141. Six Spanish press photos of the 1967 "Mercenaries Revolt" in the Democratic Republic of Congo

FA100. AGIP French press photo of Madam Medoune Fall, wife of the Senegal Ambassador to France.

PTO259. French press photo of Samuel K. Doe, new president of Liberia, following the coup of April 1980

FA195. 1961 French press photo of Moktar Ould Dadda, President of the Republic of Mauritania

FA191. Two French press photos of Cameroon Presidents Ahmadou Ahidjo (1974) and Paul Baya (1985).

FA051. 7 French press photos of Mauritania during the military coup period. Photos of President Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidallah (1976-1980)

PTO300. 6 French press photos of the African Summit in Burundi in 1984.

PTO275. 5 French press photos of President Mobutu from 1965-1966.

Physical Description

4 folders

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