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Harry John McNally Collection


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Lehigh University Special Collections. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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22 photographs: 7 color, 15 black and white, resumes and correspondence, Professional Engineers seal and certificates, slide rule with name and year, 30 booklets relating to building projects and railroad engineering.

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/repositories/3/archival_objects/111814. Personal and professional: Biogpahical material; Lehigh University; Engineering Societies.
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Biographical Sketch/Resume (six assorted copies) National Council of Engineering Examiners (Application form and booklet):

Lehigh University, Graduate Records

Frederick D. Day, Conrail

Charles E. Defendorf, Sellyne Stevenson Value & Knecht

Benjamin J. Gordon, Conrail

Lawrence R. Kubacki, Conrail

J. F. Piper Correspondence: 1977 December 30 Asa Packer Society enclosed copy of Robert C. Cole's

biography of Asa Packer (book was returned to Harry Jr.) 1976 September 3 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Certificate of Incorporation

for Century Construction Company 1980 February 5 National Council of Engineering Examiners Certificate No. 4814 to Harry J. McNally 1980 February 20 State Board of Professional Engineers Florida application for

registration as Professional Engineer in Florida 1980 July 18 State Board of Professional Engineers Florida 1980 July 24 NCEE Receipt for Record Transmittal Florida 1980 September 17 State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers License Number 30197 1980 September 22 Department of Professional Regulation Florida 1981 March 1 Florida Engineering Society certifies Harry J. McNally Professional Engineer 1981 March 19 Florida Engineering Society approval 1981 March 27 Florida Engineering Society welcome to Myakka Chapter. Application to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Professional Engineer forms 1984 January 24 from Harry J. McNally, P.E. (Sarasota, Florida) to Frederick J.

Rovet (Penn Central Corporation, New York) re: request for a proposal to

provide Penn Central with estimated costs at Pennsylvania Station, New York City; pencil sketches for a proposed replacement of Madison Square Garden by the Gulf & Western Company (now known as Jacob Javits Center. Lehigh University professor John W. Fisher from ATLSS acted as a civil engineering consultant for the Javits Center) Assorted Memorabilia: 1935 March 31 Initiation Alpha Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity (booklet) 1936 March 29 Initiation Alpha Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Hotel

Bethlehem (booklet) 1953 June 30 Member's Pass to House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. issued to Mrs. H. J. McNally to the Visitor's Gallery E. Ross Adair [green 7 x 11 cm] 1953 June 30 United States Senate Chamber, Washington, D.C.admit Mrs. H. J.

McNally to reserved gallery for 83rd Congress William E. Jenner, U.S.

Senator [tan 7 x 11.5 cm] 1964 Long Island Rail Road Pass No. 561 issued to Harry J. McNally, Chief

Engineer-N.Y. Improvements Pennsylvania Railroad 1968 February 11 The New Madison Square Garden Salute to the USO Premier

Benefit Performance Bob Hope The Night of the Century Guest pass

Sec. M, Row 7, Seat 2 [red, white, blue, picture of Bob Hope 6.24 x 12 cm] 1968 Penn Plaza Club Event Card (four cards, blue and gold, large black )

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111815. Photographs.
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Studio portrait of Harry J. McNally (black and white measures 35.5 x 28 cm) Circa 1962-64 Harry J. McNally (black and white glossy measures 20.5 x 25.5 cm) being interviewed by Keith Rich, WNBC AM radio station interviewer. WNBC existed 1922-1988 and broadcasted from New York City as a commercial AM radio station. In 1960 WNBC had a local oriented program and in 1964 adopted a talk format show, the first in New York City. Steve Woodman (d. 1974) and Keith Rich (d. 2007) came from Toronto radio to do the talk show format interviewing locals about New York City activities during an afternoon talk show. The men were a team with WNBC for two years between 1962 and 1964. Circa 1962-64 Harry McNally [second from left] (black and white glossy 20.5 x 25.5cm) being interviewed on the Woodman & Rich On The Air talk show WNBC. Steve Woodman is holding the mike up to McNally, Keith Rich is on other side of McNally. [Possibly the show was being aired from Pennsylvania Station] 1964 October 24 "Pennsylvania Station - "Exterior of station is vanishing before workmen's torches, but the great bulk of the work during the year has been on the subterranean foundations for the Garden and office building" (black and white glossy measures 20 x 28 cm) photo by Eric J. Baker Contractors Photo Service, Elizabeth, N.J. 1965 June Pennsylvania Station Madison Square Garden - Construction [black and

white sketch ink signature of Rethi, the artist] 1965 October 28 "Exposed steel framework of the station is mute evidence that the station is coming down but fast. Meanwhile below street level the first of the new PRR offices have been opened." (black and white glossy 20 x 28 cm) photo by Eric J. Baker Contractors Photo Service, Elizabeth, N.J. Circa 1964 "Interior of Pennsylvania Station takes on a fresh, modern look with the opening of the new ticket office. Although many electronic features of the facility still are to be installed, the air-conditioned office affords some indication of the attractiveness and convenience the new station will offer the traveling public." Circa 1964 "Faster Service on Reservations and train information for passengers at the new Pennsylvania Station are the main benefits this newly opened reservation bureau offers passengers. A new telephone setup and reservations system are key features of the railroad's program to aid the traveling public. Some work on the air-conditioned facility remains, but already it is speeding travelers on their way." (black and white glossy 20 x 25.5 cm) Circa 1966 (black and white glossy 20 x 25.5 cm, skyline of New York City) round building lower center is Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building is at right, PanAm Building at left, Chrysler Building right of PanAm Building, East River in background. Circa 1966 (black and white glossy 20 x 25 cm aerial view of Madison Square

Garden, photo by Thomas Airviews). Circa 1970 (black and white glossy 20.5 x 25.5 cm photograph of model of the ill-

fated attempt to repurpose Union Station in Washington, D.C. into the National Visitors Center as an information center for the United States Bicentennial, opened July 4, 1976 and closed 1978 when it was unable to attract enough crowds to cover costs.) Circa 1960-1970s (black and white matte aerial photograph 20 x 25 cm) LaSalle Street Station Property - Looking Northeast Chicago, Illinois (LaSalle Station was a major intercity rail terminal for the New York Central Railroad until 1968 and most intercity rail ended by 1971 for a redevelopment project - a new railroad station for commuter trains and the One Financial Tower built in the 1980s) Circa 1960s (black and white matte aerial photograph 20 x 25.5 cm) Looking West From Civil Enter Area Detroit, Michigan (mixed used area designed by Eliel and Eero Saarinen to better connect downtown Detroit includes Hart Plaza, Veterans Memorial Building and Ford Auditorium. 1976 March 31 Best Wishes (3 color photographs 8.5 x 11 cm with letter from Chief Engineer - Jim) Retirement of Harry J. McNally from Consolidated Rail Corporation [Two photos of McNally and wife seated at table, one of Mr. and Mrs. McNally standing together] 1983 July 14 (color photograph 9 x 11 cm) First Train SL&HRR (possibly Sussex Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad) was the smallest of the six railroads that were merged into Conrail in 1976 running Northeast to Southwest across northwestern New Jersey connecting to the Poughkeepsie Bridge at Maybrook, N.Y. to Easton, PA. In 1880s the Sussex Railroad was merged with the Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad. 1983 [Aerial color print of the Aronimink Golf Club measures 18 x 22 cm] 1991 June 50+ Alumni Reunions (two color photographs 20 x 25 cm) McNally

at left holding pennant in both photos group standing on Linderman steps, Philip Rauch '33 [in blue shirt] left in front of McNally [group of 14], McNally at left holding pennant, Philip Rauch'33 at right in front of McNally [group of 15]. 1992 Lehigh University Alumni Association promotion ad selling an official lithograph issue of the Alumni Memorial Building made by Martin Barry for $195. The reproduction appeared in an Alumni Association brochure. ???? [Color photograph 17.5 x 12 cm] Harry McNally'37 wearing a pink jacket shaking hands with man wearing dark suit in front of Alumni Stage Band bandstand.

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111816. Newspaper Articles.
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???? "Fete McNally on New Post with PRR" 1961 October "H.J. McNally to Supervise Improvements at New York" The Mutual Magazine, p. 13 1965 January 31 Chicago Tribune "100 Million Dollar Palace Rises Over Wrecked Penn Station," p. 16. 1965 October 23 New York Times "Number of Seats at New Garden Can Vary With Event" [Madison Square Garden] 1965 October 28 New York World-Telegram and Sun "New Garden Rising Atop Penn Station Half Completed," p. 10 1966 May 8 Newark Sunday News "Big Show for Commuters," p. 30 [New Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden], "Tale of 2 Skeletons," "Well-Ordered Chaos" 1966 August 11 Philadelphia Inquirer [photo] 5700 pound granite eagles once

perched atop the old Pennsylvania Station in New York City now at property of the Fairmount Park Art Association. 1966 Sept/Oct [color print from a Bethlehem Steel magazine] "Bethlehem is fabricating and erecting the steel for these two major construction projects. Above is the second Delaware Memorial Bridge near Wilmington and below, the new Madison Square Garden Sports and Entertainment Center in New York City [Madison Square Garden is pictured] 1966 [color double page magazine print] Bethlehem Steel ad [sports and entertainment personalities in front of steel skeleton of Madison Square Garden] 1966 December 27 New York Times "Penn Station Begins to Emerge From Confusion of Rebuilding" 1966 December 28 World Journal Tribune New York [same print as above except

no color], p. 52. 1967 January 1 Sunday News "Oh. Blazes" [Flames illuminate the skeleton of the

new Madison Square Garden] 1967 February 3 World Journal Tribune, New York. "Sports Fare Cooking in Madison Sq. Bowl" 1967 February 5 Newark Sunday News "Moving Time Coming Again for Famed

Garden" [Madison Square Garden]; "How Garden Does Grow! 1967 Redevelopment of Pennsylvania Station New York [photocopy of sketch

with line drawing of Madison Square Garden and office building]

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111817. Personal; Memorabilia, etc.
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1937? H. J. McNally'37 slide rule Keuffel & Esser Co. N.Y. and leather case [torn

top] 1959 Dec. 21 H. J. McNally [black leather pocket folder] The Pennsylvania Railroad System Emergency Steel Trestle 42111, Office of System Engineer-Structures, Philadelphia, Pa. Sheet 1 General Plan and Typical Arrangement

Sheet 2 Details of Welded Girder Span, Sheet 3 Detail for Alteration of Fit Girder Spans, Sheet 4 Abutment Bent and Details, Sheet 5 Pier Bent H-Piles with Diagonal Bracing, Sheet 6 Pier Bent Using Pile Template, Sheet 7 Details of Pile Template and Cap Beams, Sheet 8 Handrail Details and Template Anchorage, Sheet 9 Model-DER 50-75 Crane in Position for Driving Piles, Sheet 10 Concrete Backwall for Permanent Installation 1962 April 16 Trace Mounted Pile Driving Equipment-System 1968 October 1 Manual of Standard Practice for Construction and

Maintenance of Track - M.W. 1 1979 December 19 New State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation Board of Engineers Seals; actual embosser seal Continental Rail-Freight Services, Inc. 1983 Aronimink Golf Club Sr. Club Championship "B" Flight Harry McNally

engraved award measures 22.5 x 17.5 cm

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111812. Series 2 - Box 2: Project Brochures.
Box 0377.02
Scope and Contents

1959 Rezoning New York City, City Planning Commission, A Guide to the Proposed Comprehensive Amendment of the Zoning Resolution

1960 July 1 The Pennsylvania Railroad No. 109-M Issued Philadelphia, Pa. Classification and Description of Locomotives, L. E. Gringerich, Chief Mechanical Officer

1961 December 15 Zoning Resolution, The City of New York

1962 May 16 Calendar of the City Planning Commission of the City of New

York, Wednesday Meeting at 10:00 A.M. in the City Hall, Robert F.

Wagner, Mayor [Number 11] 1962 December 18 Turner Construction Company RE: Redevelopment of

Pennsylvania Station New York 1, New York Contract #2321 1963 October 18 Agreement of Lease between the Pennsylvania Railroad

Company (As Lessor) and Madison Square Garden Center, Inc. (As

Lessee) [Seventh Avenue Lease] [Conformed Copy] 1965 Madison Square Garden Center, A New International Landmark at

Pennsylvania Plaza, New York 1967? A Spectacle in Steel, A description of steel construction for the new

Penn Station and Madison Square Garden Sports and Entertainment

Center, Bethlehem Steel 1967 November 26 The MagicWorld of Madison Square Garden Center,

Souvenir Program Premiere Performance Felt Forum 1968 February 11 "Night of the Century" The New Madison Square Garden

Salute to the USO, Opening Event 1968 March 15 Penn Central POST Stanley Yard pacing Toledo's Growth

1968 April 1 Penn Central POST General Bradley Bob Hope...What's Going On

1970 January Pennsylvania Station New York Capacity Study Made by the Penn

Central Transportation Company for and in Co-operation with the State of

New Jersey Department of Transportation 1971 Annual Report Madison Square Garden Corporation

1971 Penn Central Transportation Company Proposed Sale of Mid-Manhattan

Properties 1972 June The Port of New York Authority Engineering Department Research and

Development Division "Pennsylvania Station, New York - A Pedestrian

System Analysis" Pedestrian Traffic Surveys and Graphic Illustrations by the Planning and Development Department, M. Kapp Chief Engineer, W. Hurley Engineer of Research and Development, J. Fruin Research Engineer

1972 June 27 Maintenance Responsibilities Memorandum of Understanding, Penn

Central Transportation Company

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111813. Series 3 - Box 3: Training Manual.
Box 0377.03
Scope and Contents

Maintenance of Way Training Manual Consolidated Rail Corporation, April 1977, Second Edition, Ford, Bacon & Davis Inc. Engineers Book I [missing] Book II Track Geometry [2 copies] Book III [missing] Book IV Special Track Items Book V Small Tools & Supplies Book VI Safety & Track Usage [2 copies] Book VII Track Inspection Book VIII Maintenance Gang Procedures Book X Machinery and Equipment Book XI Welding -- Field Book XII Bridge and Building Procedures

Madison Square Garden 1879-1979 Advertisement

Regulations and Instructions to Employers, United States of America Railroad

Retirement Board, 1980

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