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Andrew J. Odenwelder Ledger


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The Odenwelder family was a well-known and well-established farming family in Northampton County going back into the Eighteenth Century. With the evidence of the ledger, apparently they had intent to start a general store in East Allen Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania in the early Nineteenth century and Andrew Jackson Odenwelder was being educated to take over a family business not totally devoted to farming as evidenced by the mathematical entries and fine penmanship exercises displayed in this ledger. However, there are several examples of handwriting not a single hand throughout. The ledger entries are based on examples provided in ciphering books prepared as a part of the basic mathematical training of relatively well-off 19th century American students. Most such examples contain examples as those in this ledger of the Single Rule of Three, Vulgar Fractions, Compound Proportions, the Double Rule, Simple and Compound Interest, etc. In addition to providing mathematical basics, boys venturing into some trades or businesses needed advanced or specialized training in mathematics. In the case of this ledger, it appears as if Andrew or his parents may have been preparing him for future work in construction as his ciphering book contains additional tasks titled: Paving and plastering, shingle on roof measure, circle measure round timber, and to measure stone in a wall. The ledger entries identify a number of local clients: George Robson, Reuben Lantee [Reuben Santee] - [possibly Santee because there is a Santee Mill Road in north Bethlehem (Pa.)], Michael Moyer, Aaron Burr [possibly Buss a popular surname in Lehigh Valley], John Oliver, Valentine Lantee [Valentine Santee(?)], Charles Patch, John Dodson, William Wells, and John Woodring. The last page entry reads: "Our days COALS John Odenwelder for John Woodring - hold Coals. May 17 hold -- 2 tons ½ bales." John Odenwelder was a prominent and relatively wealthy man in Northampton County being involved with the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company and as a land owner of farms on Lehigh Mountain and possibly is the father of Andrew Jackson Odenwelder by evidence of the fine education Andrew Jackson Odenwelder demonstrated in the exercises in the ledger. The instruction plan seems to be based on the American educator, Almon Ticknor's The Youth's Columbian Calculator in which the system was designed as being adapted to the currency and practical business of the American Republic as it used decimal dollars and cents in its problem solving instead of British pounds or Spanish currency both of which were still accepted as currency in the United States at that time. In the 1846 edition of the Ticknor book it was noted to be better adapted to the wants of the people in the United States than any other work on Arithmetic.

One ledger bound in marbled paper on board with worn leather spine measuring 31 x 19 cm. The ledger contains approximately 113 pages - 60 totally blank, 46 with penmanship and arithmetic exercises and 7 with general store accounts. The title page of the ledger is written in calligraphy: Andrew J. Odenwelder February 2th 1846 Alltownship Northampton County Pennsysyvania [i.e] United States of America Arithmetics System By Almon Ticknor.

Entries are in chronological order.

1845. History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, and Schuylkill Counties… Harrisburg. Hickok and Cantine, Printers and Binders.

1920. The History of Northampton County [Pennsylvania] and the Grand Valley of the Lehigh under supervision and revision of William J. Heller, assisted by an advisory board of editors…, American Historical Society, Inc.

Odenwelder, John Odenwelder J[acob?] Lantee, Reuben Lantee, Valentine Santee, Reuben Santee, Valentine Santee, William Burr [Buss], A[mandas?]. Aron Heller, Henry S. Heller, Peter Mrs. Wells, William Oliver, John Robson, George Woodring, John Wolf, G. S. Patch, Charles Dodson, John Fisher, Charles Knappenberger, Peter Weaver, D. S. Wind, John Diehl, William Kemmer, Jacob Yong/Young, David Wilson, George Jones, Henry Moyer, Mickel Michael Gorge, Jacob Deahl, George Lambert, Aaron Fleayer, A. Hartz, Peter King, Aanock

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/repositories/3/archival_objects/111891. Section 1 : [Title Page].
Volume 0368 Page [1]
/repositories/3/archival_objects/111896. Section 2 : [Page 1 - Page 92].
Volume 0368 Page 1-92
Scope and Contents

Page 1: The Single Rule of Three Questions (10 questions about cost of items such as sugar, bushel of rye, wheat, cloverseed, turnips, pounds of cheese, eggs, butter, yards of cloth

Page 2: The Single Rule of Three (questions 11 to 20 calculations about cost of commodities: hogs, hay, corn, salt, mackerel, wages for work

Page 3: The Single Rule of Three (questions 21 to 28 calculations for division of barrels of wine, performance of work

Page 4: The Single Rule of Three (questions 29 to 34 calculations ….)

Page 5 - 9: The Single Rule of Three (questions 35 to 60 calculations….)

Page 10 - 11: Continued (questions 61 to 72) Page 12: Continued By me (questions 73 to 78)

Page 13: Continued By Master Andrew Odemw (questions 79 to 84)

Page 14 - 15: Continued (85 to 87)

Page 16: Continued By Mes. A. J. Odenwelder. (88 to 90)

Page 17 - 18: Continued (91 to 100, Compound Proportion or Double Rule of three)

Page 19: Compound Proportion Explanation

Page 20: Continued By me

Page 21 - 22: Continued

Page 23: Vulgar Fraction Continued Rule

Page 24: Vulgar Fraction Problem 11. Rule. Examples

Page 25: Explannation[i.e.] 7 explanations

Page 26: Continued .. Introducing Questions

Page 27: Vulgar Fraction

Page 28: Continued By Mr. A. Odenwelder

Page 29: Continued Continued Rule

Page 30-31: Continued "To reduce a fraction of one denominator to an equivelent [sic] fraction of a lower denomination retanning[sic] the same value

Page 32: Continued By Me A. Odenwelder Rule 9

Page 33: Portland, Portsmouth, Portal, Poet, Boston (repeated many times on same page but in the middle of page] Received from Capt. J. Watson balance of freight and disbursements of Ship Neptune say $73.10 [this ship was possibly part of the New York Packet Service registered in Lloyd's Register at 60 tons]

Page 34: The Single Rule of Three By A.J. Oden

Page 35-36: The Same By Mr. Andrew Jackson Oden

Page 37-38: The Single Rule of Three Number 60 to 68

Page 39: Continued

Page 40: The Single Rule of Three The Double Rule of Three Example

Page 41: The Double Rule

Page 42: Double Rule of Three By A. J. Odenw

Page 43: Continued Nom 9 - 10

Page 44: Intrests [i.e.] Continued By A.J. Odenwelder Rule

Page 45: Interests By A. J. Odenw

Page 46-47: Interest

Page 48: Intrest[i.e.] By Mrs.? Andrew Jackson Odenwel

Page 49: Interest By Mr. A Jackson Odenwel

Page 50-51: Continued Continued Intrct [i.e.] Continued

Page 52: Intrest [i.e.] By Mr. A. J. Odenwelder

Page 53: Interest Escamples [i.e.]

Page 54: Simple Intrest [i.e.] By Me Odenwelder

Page 55: Simple Interest Rule. Examples

Page 56-57: Simple Interest

Page 58: Discount By A.J. Odenwalder

Page 59: By Me Discount By Mrs. Odenwelder

Page 60-62: Compound Interest By Decimals

Page 63: Cubical Mesure

Page 64-65: Cubical Measure.

Page 66-67: Square Measure Broad and Scantling Measure Rule

Page 68: Square Measure

Page 69: Oblong Square Paving And Plastering

Page 70: Paving and Plastring

Page 71: Shingal [i.e.] On Roof Measure Examples

Page 72-73: Circle Measure

Page 74: Round Timber

Page 75: Circle Measure Round Timber

Page 76: To Measure Sone (Stone) in a Wall

Page 77: To Measure Stone in a Wall Jan 9th 1847. Fellowshp Fellowshp [i.e.]

Page 78: Fellowship

Page 79: Fellowship By Me Jackson Odenwe [i.e.]

Page 80: Fellowship Fellowship Fellowship

Page 81: Fellowship By Me Jackson Ode Case 2. Page 82: Fellowsip [i.e.] By Me Jackson Odenw

Page 83-84: Fellowship

Page 85: Loss And Gain Rule

Page 86: Loss And Gain 1837

Page 87: Loss And Gain By A.J. Oden

Page 88: Loss And Gain Peter Hartz half a day, one day Peter Hartz Received Rye 2 Bushel and A pek [i.e.] on his Work

Page 89: Feb 24th 1847 A man can gain nothing in the company (repeated many times) Education forms the common Mind (repeated 6 times different handwriting Aanoch [i.e.] King, one ½ day 20, one day 40

Page 90: George Deahl For 1847 April 10, 12, 13 one day plough 50, April 30 spread lime 50 Paid Jacob Gorges one Bushel of corn, five Bushel of corn at 60 a Bushel

Page 91: Charles Fisher For 1847 April 13 Begun to work for ons, April 28 3 Bushel of rye, May 1 hold for 1.50, May 6 planks 1.25; Mr. Fleayer Dec 13 Got one hog of 200 and 22 pound at 6 cts a pound a mounting to 1332 cts.

Page 92: Aaron Lambert For 1847 April 28 3 Bushel of rye at $95 cents, No. 29 3 Bushels of corn for 60, No. 30. had 99 pounds of wageon [i.e.] tire $3.46, Dec 2 1 Bushel of corn 60

/repositories/3/archival_objects/111897. Section 3 : [Page 93 - Page 215] Blank.
Volume 0368 Page 93-215
/repositories/3/archival_objects/111898. Section 4 : [Page 216 - Page 228].
Volume 0368 Page 216-228
Scope and Contents

Page 216: Monney [i.e.] Not Received For in 1947 Grain Mill December 23 1847, Mr. Bogg Received of me one hog of 318 pounds at 6 ¼ a pound and 120 pounds of Beef at 5 cents a pound

Allentown December 23st 1847 Mr. Peter Heller Received of Me 2 hogs of 423 pound at 6 cents a pound Paid

East Allen December 13st 1847 Mr. Fleayer Received of me one hog at 222 pounds at 6 cents a pound December 28 1848 Mrs. Fleayer Paid in full.

Page 217: Blank

Page 218: Money Paid For in 1847: Dec. 9. Paid to Peter knappenberger $13.22 " Paid to Charles Fisher $15.00 " Paid to Mrs. Swartz $100.00 " Paid to D.S. & T. Weaver $12.22 " 10. Paid to Ale Hone $.72 12. Paid to Mr. Engleman $1.52 13. Paid to Mr. Miller $1.20 24. Paid to Mr. Laubach $1.00 Paid to Mr. George $1.00 Paid to Mrs. King $.35 12. Paid to John Wind $7.03 6. Paid to David Yong $1.60 Money Paid For in 1848. Feb. 3 Paid to William Diehl $2.00 4 Paid to Jacob Kemmer $1.62 5 Paid to Mr. Rieard? $15.00

Page 219-221: Blank

Page 222: Manny men of meny [i.e.] mends meny ? East Allen 100$ Feb. 24th 1847 Sixty days after Date I or either of ons promice [i.e.] to pay to John Me

Page 223: Book keeping By A. J. Obenwelber [i.e.] Odenwelder 1837 March 9th Dr. George Wilson To Sundries Paid $160.70;

1846 March 11 Dr. Henry Jones to Sundries Paid 112.20,

March 12 Dr. Charles Patch to cash to me hogshead of molases [i.e.] Paid $124.02,

March 13 Dr. John Dodson To Sundries Paid $48.75, March 14 Mr. William Santee To Sundries Paid $48.75,

March 15 Valentine Lante [Santee] one Barrel of wine Paid 633.00,

March 16 A.J. Odenwelder Bought Eight pounds of coffee 1.62 Eight pounds of reicers? [raisons] 2.37 ½ Tay? [Tea] 1.50 Paid 5.49 ½

Page 224: A. J. Odenwelder Jacksonville June 1 1846. Folio Jacksonville June 1st 1837 George Wilson To 11 cwt of sugar at $9 per cwt 99.00 to 66lb of coffee at 20 cts pr lb $13.20 $112.20,

Henry Jones To balance of former account. $159.10 to 5 gallons of molasoes [i.e.] at 32 cts.per gal 160.70,

Charles Patch To Cash $327.09 to one hogshead of molases 124.22 451.11, John Dodson To 10 pieces of cloth at 4.50 per piece to 15yards of calico at 25 cts per yard $3.75 48.75,

William Wells To one 400 lb of Beef $8.25 per 100 lb...33.00 To 6000 lb of cheese at $10 cwt $600 633.00, Henry Jones By Cash $160.70

Page 225: A. Aron Burr [Buss] March 20th 1846 March 20 To 12 pounds at 8 cts .96 To 62 Do [ditto] 6 cts 3.72 To 8 Do of Coffee 10 cts .80 To 2 rowes? of pines 2 To 1 Sugar stick 1 $5.51;

William Lentee [Santee] March 21 To 6 yards of calice at 12 ½ cts yards .75 To 1 weshet for 1.00 To 8 pounds of coffe [i.e.] 10 cts lb .80 To 1 spelling Book .12 ½ To 1 row of pines 1 To 62 pounds of nailes [i.e.] 4.96 $7.74;

John Oliver March 22 To 16 pounds of cheese at 10 cts a pound 1.60, To 28 pounds of coffe at 12 ½ 3.50 To 16 pounds of coffee at 12 ½ 2.00 To 8 Do[ditto] of reacens 10 .80 To 62 Do Sugar 12 ½ cts $15.75;

Valentine Lantee [Santee] March 23 To 1 quarts of Brandy 20 .40 To 6 Do[ditto] of Gin 25 .50 To 4 Do of wine 25 .50 To 4 Do of Corgals [cordials?] 16 . 40 To 6 Do of wiskey [whiskey] 12 ½ .75 To 8 Do of rum 12 ½ $1.00 To 6 Do of Lemin surp [lemon syrup] 25 1.50 $5.05

Page 226: Rueben Lantee [Santee] January 1 1843 To 6 pounds of reaseans [raisons] at 6 cts . 36 To 100 Do of iron at 3 ¼ cts 3.25 To 8 Do of tobacco at 6 cts .48 To 60 Do of sugar at 8 cts 4.80 To 70 Do of nales [nails] at 6 cts $.20 To 3 Do of wad? at 7 cts .21 $13.30;

Michel Michael Moyer May 6 To 62 pounds of Lain? at 62 cts $38.49 To 8 yards of cotain [cotton] at 82 cts 6.56 To 6 pounds of corn at 62 cts 3.72 To 92 D of nailes at 3 cts 2.76 To 1000 D of molasses at 60 cts 100.00 To 62 ½ yards of cotten at 62 cts 38.68 $266.66

A.J. Odenwelder May 9 To 92 pounds of coffee at 16 cts $8.20 To 162 pounds of sugar at 100 cts 162.20 To 1 pocket nife[knife] at 84 cts To 1 pocket nife at 50 cts To 1 book at 75 cts To 1 Book at 18 cts $173.47 May 10 To one pocket knife at 84 cts $.84 To 1 pocket knife at 37 cts To 1 Book at 75 cts To 42 quilles at 24 To 1 pounds of ?... $2.16

Page 227: G. S. Wolf May 2 To 5 yards of cloth at $5.00 cts $25.00 To 3 Do[ditto] of Do at $7.00 cts $21.00 To 1 Do - Do -- Do 2.00 $2.00 To 1 pair of Boots 6.00 Do To 1 paid Do suspenders 1.00 To 1 one cap at $5.00 To 4 yards of cloth $6.00 24.00 $84.00

May 4 Jeffrey Slingtone? To A silver Bowl wt 23… 2.00 a can - 10 2.10 a Tea pot -- 30 2.20 6 plates - 73..10 2.00 18 Spoons 41..00 1.90 358.85

George Robson of York To 27 gal Sherry wine 74.26 To 1 hundred pound of sugar 62.37 To 1 one hundred pound of 52.63

Henry S. Heller To Silver? Watch 19.00 To Do muslin 22 yards 27.00 To fine 73-yard 19.27 ½ To Do hat for 3.50 $68.77 ½ Henry S. Heller 1841 seal and delivered to Andrew J. Odenwelder seal

Page 228: [Last page of text] "Our days COALS. John Odenwelder for John Woodring - hold Coals. May 17 --- hold --- 2 tons ½ hales?"

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