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Harvey Denison Kitchel Micrographical Notes


Held at: Lehigh University Special Collections [Contact Us]Lehigh University, Linderman Library, 30 Library Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18045

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Harvey Denison Kitchel was born 1812 in Whitehall, Washington County, New York. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1835 and from Yale Divinity School in 1838. In 1865 was awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree from Yale University. He was a Congregationalist minister and served as president of Middlebury College, Vermont, from 1866-1875. He had three wives. He and his first wife, Ann Sheldon Kitchel (1815-1858), had six sons and a daughter. First wife and daughter died in 1858. Their first son, Harvey Sheldon (1839-1915) was assistant treasurer and secretary to the Trustees (1901-1915) of Lehigh University. He married Elizabeth K. Reed (1849-1923) of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Their first son, Harvey Denison Kitchel (1877-1878) was born in Bethlehem. His wife was related to the Sayre family. Another relative, Robert Reed Kitchel, attended Lehigh University and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree Class of 1892. Another son of Rev. Kitchel and Ann Sheldon (possibly the fourth son), Stanley, had a son also named Stanley who attended Lehigh University in the Class of 1911 but he died in 1910. Rev. Kitchel and Ann Sheldon had a granddaughter, Anna Sheldon Kitchel who married John Archibald Bole, a German professor. Anna Kitchel Bole graduated from Smith College in 1895 in German studies. It is possible that Anna Kitchel Bole (aka Mrs. John A. Bole) is the one who donated her grandfather's "Micrographical Notes" to Lehigh University since there is the connection of other relatives and possibly a grandson to Lehigh, John Clark Bole, Jr., Lehigh Class of 1925. Rev. Kitchel's second wife was, Ophelia Kimberly Sayre Kitchel, and they had a daughter Ophelia Sayre. This Sayre name is possible a connection to Lehigh's Robert H. Sayre. The second wife and daughter died in1864. Reverend Kitchel and his third wife, Harriet Tyrrell Smith, had no children. Reverend Kitchel, an intrepid traveler and orator throughout the United States, was an avid diarist. Lehigh has the "Micrographical Notes" dated 1880-1886 in eight volumes but there also is another set of eight volumes of notes from his travels dated 1870 to 1873 including a visit to Mauch Chunk and the Switchback Railway, as noted in "Reverend Kitchel's Manuscript Journal." (see Associated Titles). It appears from notation in some of these volumes that Rev. Kitchel and his mircroscope came to Bethlehem for a long visit.

Each of the eight volumes measure 20 x 13 cm and vary in thickness. They are bound in mottled brown and tan paper over board with black or burgundy leather spines with gold horizontal bands. The front of each volume has 5.5 x 7 cm paper label bearing the title of each volume. The pages are blue lined. Much of the writing is small and compact in purple ink with beautifully hand colored penciled drawings. Tucked in among the pages are extra handwritten notes.

The collection consists of eight volumes dated chronologically from 1880-1886: Vol. I, II, V, VI, VII Algae; Vol. III, IV Mosses and Hepaticae, Vol. VIII Microscopic Memoranda. Accession numbers: 220401 to 220408

The eight volumes were acquired November 8, 1942 from Mrs. John A. Bole, nee Anna Sheldon Kitchel Bole, who is believed to have been a granddaughter of Harvey Denison and Ann Sheldon Kitchel.

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Collection Inventory

MS0270.01. Volume I. Micrographical Notes: Algae., 1880-04-17-1880-10-04.
Box MS0270.01 Item 01
Scope and Contents

Inside the cover is a Lehigh University bookplate acknowledging Gift of Mrs. John A. Bole on opposite page is written in pencil T 580 K62m v.1 Rev. H D Kitchell, red ink property stamp of Lehigh University Library Nov. 3 1942, blue ink accession number 220401. There are 192 hand numbered pages with penciled note tucked in about Protozoa, Annulosa or Worms, Sponges and a table of contents glued in on back page. There are many beautiful colored hand drawings of what Rev. Kitchel observed under his microscope.

MS0270.01.02. Volume II. Micrographical Notes: Algae., October 5, 1880 to July 16, 1881.
Box MS0270.01 Item 02
Scope and Contents

Inside cover beneath glued in notes "Revised this Dec. 3d, 1881is red ink property stamp and blue ink 220402 (appears as if book plate was removed) on opposite page is T 580 K62m v.2 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel]. There are 192 hand numbered pages with penciled notes glued in concerning definitions, magnifying power, Powers of my Objectives, various reference books. First numbered page title "Microsopic Memoranda. Oct. 5, 1880. Every page has colored illustrations and detailed observations. Glued inside back cover are two sheets of green tissue paper titled "Index Algarum"

MS0270.01.03. Volume III. Micrographical Notes. Mosses and Hepaticae., January 6, 1881 to March 7, 1881.
Box MS0270.01 Item 03
Scope and Contents

Gift of Mrs. John Bole, red ink property mark and blue 220403, penciled [Rev. H. D. Kitchel] on opposite page is an 180 degree arc, penciled T 580 K62m v.3, inked note "N. The so-called Florida Moss or…" There are 96 hand numbered pages. Glued to back cover are two ivory colored tissue pages titled Contents. Every page has beautiful colored illustrations and detailed observations in bluish purple ink.

MS0270.01.04. Volume IV. Micrographical Notes. Mosses and Hepaticae., March 8, 1881 to May 30, 1881.
Box MS0270.01 Item 04
Scope and Contents

Inside cover is a book plate Gift of Mrs. John Bole, opposite page in pencil T 580 K62m v.4 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel], red ink property mark, blue ink 220404. There are 98 hand numbered pages. Glued to back page are two grid papers titled Index Vol. IV. Every page Has beautiful colored illustrations and detailed observations in dark grey ink.

MS0270.01.05. Volume V. Micrographical Notes Algae., July 25, 1881 to June 26, 1882.
Box MS0270.01 Item 05
Scope and Contents

Inside cover is book plate Gift of Mrs. John Bole, opposite page in pencil T 580 K62m v.5 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel], red property stamp, blue 220405. There are 144 hand numbered pages. Notations made in dark grey and purple ink. Many detailed colored illustrations. Glued to back cover are five yellow paper pages titled Index.

MS0270.01.06. Volume VI. Micrographical Notes. Algae etc., June 14, 1882 to March 26, 1883.
Box MS0270.01 Item 06
Scope and Contents

Mrs. John Bole, small newspaper clipping dated Jan. 31 '83 "A. Chesebrough and wife gave a reception to the Griffith microscopical club…" is glued to upper left corner, notations: Meter 39.368 inches., John Walker 810 Twelft Ave. South Minneapolis Minn. Naturalist – algae. Opposite page in pencil T 580 K62m v.6 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel], red ink property mark, blue 220406, on reverse side is label "Besten Gruss L Rabennorft" and also in German is a note signed by Otto Nordstradz?. There are 145 hand numbered pages. Notes made in black ink and hand colored illustrations.

MS0270.01.07. Volume VII. Micrographical Notes. Algae, etc., June and August 1883 to November 10, 1885.
Box MS0270.01 Item 07
Scope and Contents

Inside cover beneath tissue paper of drawings of Var. Mimerapolianes? is book plate Gift of Mrs. Jon Bole, red ink property mark, blue 220407, opposite page is paper label with a drawing "form reported by Wolle in this 006 x 006 Malaga. Of.p.74. July'84" with plain sheet of paper blued over this drawing Again T 580 K62m v.7 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel]. Notes made in purple ink, beautiful colored illustrations. There are 145 hand numbered pages. There are four grey tissue pages glued to back cover titled Index of Vol. VII with a penciled note written on paper stamped in blue ink R. E. Wright's Sons Allentown, PA – the note calls to Mr. Wolle's attention a certain Bambusina single cells in fruit……

MS0270.01.08. Volume VIII. Microscopical Notes., June 18, 1885 to December 15, 1886.
Box MS0270.01 Item 08
Scope and Contents

Inside cover is book plate Gift of Mrs. John Bole, opposite page red ink property stamp, blue 220408, pencil T 580 K62m v.8 [Rev. H. D. Kitchel] with a glued in printed article on Butter and Fat Illustrations. By Dr. Thomas Taylor, Microscopist, U.S. Department of Agriculture., on reverse is quote "Like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken." There are 29 hand numbered pages, black ink and colored illustrations. There are six pages of notes tucked between pages 28 and 29. The remaining pages are blank.

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