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Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue


Held at: Historical Society of Pennsylvania [Contact Us]1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The Philadelphia Record newspaper was established in 1877 by William M. Singerley after his acquisition and renaming of the former Public Record newspaper. Seven years later, in 1894, the New York Times praised the Record as “one of the best and most widely circulated newspapers in the United States.” The Record’s success continued and it was acquired, after Singerley’s death in 1898, by the prominent Wanamaker family of Philadelphia. By the time of Rodman Wanamaker’s death in 1928 the readership of the Record had begun to decline, but its purchase by J. David Stern again raised readership to 315,000 by the early 1930s. Over the next decade, however, various factors arose which lead to the Record’s eventual demise. The economic climate of the Great Depression, an ongoing and increasingly antagonistic competition with the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Record’s association as a Democratic party-aligned publication were all instrumental in leading to its final closure in 1947.

This collection consists of tens of thousands of black and white photographs published by the Philadelphia Record newspaper, c. 1900-1947. The photographs were either taken by Record staff photographers or by other agencies and published by permission.

Photographs are arranged into two series, Subject and Alphabetical. The Subject series, which comprises about 20% of the collection, is described to the box level and is more general in scope, covering events both domestic and global. A more detailed despciption of the Subject series is available through our online catalog, The Alphabetical series, which comprises about 80% of the collection, is described to the folder level, with each folder representing an individual or family. The geographic scope of this series is somewhat narrower in that the majority of personages are from the United States.

The Subject series includes, but is not limited to: agriculture; architecture & buildings; cities & towns; civil unrest; commerce; disasters, both natural and man made; economics; finance; healthcare; industry; leisure; military; organizations; Philadelphia society; politics; prisons; public works; religion; sport; transportation; schools; war.

The Alphabetical series includes, but is not limited to: actors & actresses; architects; athletes; attorneys; authors; businessmen; criminals; entertainers; educators; financiers; models; musicians; philanthropists; politicians; scientists; servicemen; society. Persons range from locals such as Connie Mack and John Wanamaker to national names such as Herbert Hoover and Charles Lindbergh.

Subject section: arranged alphabetically by event/subject.

Alphabetical section: arranged alphabetically by last name.

Gift of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1951.

Processing made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this finding aid do not necessarily reflect those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The photographs are in generally fair condition. Many have been cut and/or retouched for printing purposes, and some have typed captions affixed to either the side or back using glue. While the collection has been rehoused into archival folders and boxes, only minimal processing has been done on the photographs themselves. Metal fasteners, newspaper clippings, photographic negatives and old photograph sleeves remain.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Finding Aid Author
Finding aid prepared by Kristina Wilson, Cara Cloninger, Erin Corey
Finding Aid Date
; 2015.
This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Award # MA-31-14-0178-14.

Collection Inventory

Folders 1-35; Accidents - Auto - Conowingo Bridge to Accidents - Railroad - New Jersey, 1936-1946.
Box 1
Folders 36-66; Accidents - Railroad - PA/Ohio to Advanced Aircraft, Eddington, PA, c. 1941.
Box 2
Folders 67-100; Amalgamated Clothing Workers to Antiques.
Box 3
Folders 101-129; Antiques to Aviation - Airlines - Philadelphia - Alaska Air Service.
Box 4
Folders 130-180; Aviation - Airplanes, All Metal to Baptist Center for Servicemen.
Box 5
Folders 181-207; Baptist Union of Philadelphia to Basketball Teams, 1931-1943.
Box 6
Folders 208-247; Basketball Teams - H.S./College to Books - Blind.
Box 7
Folders 248-276; Books - Godey's Lady's Book to Brewster Aeronautical Corp., c. 1943.
Box 8
Folders 277-308; Brewster Aeronautics Corporation to Camps - Gallagher.
Box 9
Folders 309-340; German American Bund (Sellersville, PA) to Carriages, Coaches & Wagons - Tally-Ho.
Box 10
Folders 341-369; Carriages & Coaches - Tandem to Clocks - Chinese Clocks.
Box 11
Folders 370-429; Clocks - Eighteenth Century Clocks to Costumes - Spanish.
Box 12
Folders 430-464; Costumes - Ukranian to Dancing - Barn.
Box 13
Folders 465-504; Dancing - Big Apple to Dancing - Little Peach.
Box 14
Folders 505-559; Dancing - Marathon to Delaware River - Treasure Island.
Box 15
Folders 558-602; Delaware River Bridge to Delaware River - Lewes - Coast Guard Station.
Box 16
Folders 603-636: Delaware Cities - Milford to Democratic National Convention, c. 1936.
Box 17
Folders 637-665; Democratic National Convention to Doorways, c. 1936.
Box 18
Folders 666-699; D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. to Eastern Penitentiary - Escape Attempts, 1940-1941.
Box 19
Folders 700-738; Eastern Penitentiary - Philadelphia - Escapes to Explosions - New Jersey - Kearny, c. 1945.
Box 20
Folders 739-772; Explosions - New Jersey - Kenvil to Families - Large, c. 1940.
Box 21
Folders 773-800; Families - Large to Fashion - Women - Old Time.
Box 22
Folders 801-833; Fashion - Women - Old Time to Fire Scenes - New Jersey - Collingswood.
Box 23
Folders 834-874A; Fire Scenes - New Jersey - Gibbstown to Fire Scenes - Philadelphia, 1940-1943.
Box 24
Folders 875-925; Fire Scenes - Philadelphia to Fire Scenes - Philadelphia - Poth Brewery, 1942-1944.
Box 25
Folders 926-973; Fire Scenes - Philadelphia - Presbyterian Hospital to Floods - Pennsylvania, 1936-1945.
Box 26
Folders 974-993; Floods - Pennsylvania to Floods - Pennsylvania - Wilkes-Barre, 1936-1940.
Box 27
Folders 994-1023; Floods - Philadelphia to Football (Soccer), 1921-1939.
Box 28
Folders 1024-1032; Football (Soccer), 1922-1930.
Box 29
Folders 1033-1053; Football (Soccer) to Fort Meade, c. 1931.
Box 30
Folders 1054-1087; Fort Mifflin to Gas Rationing.
Box 31
Folders 1088-1135; Gas Stations to Golf Tournament.
Box 32
Folders 1136-1163; Grand Army of the Republic to Horse Racing - Delaware - Harrington, c. 1938.
Box 33
Folders 1164-1179; Horse Racing - New Jersey - Atlantic City to Horse Racing - Pennsylvania - Rose Tree Hunt (Media), 1940-1946.
Box 34
Folders 1180-1221; Horse Racing - Pennsylvania - White Marsh Valley to Immigration - Philadelphia - Aliens/Enemies - Work, 1929-1942.
Box 35
Folders 1222-1261; Immigration Station - Gloucester, New Jersey to Legal Vigilantes, c. 1931.
Box 36
Folders 1262-1288; Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. - Employees to Maps - Pennsylvania.
Box 37
Folders 1289-1306; Maps - Philadelphia to Metal - Philadelphia - Scrap, 1942-1943.
Box 38
Folders 1307-1332; Military Order of the Loyal Legion to Monuments, c. 1943.
Box 39
Folders 1333-1353; Mounting Block to National Citizens Committee, c. 1937.
Box 40
Folders 1354-1377; National Council of the Society of the Propagation of the Faith to National Guards - Pennsylvania - 108th Field Artillery, 1937-1945.
Box 41
Folders 1378-1423; National Guards - Pennsylvania - 111th Infantry to New Jersey - Atlantic City - Beauty Pageant, 1935-1941.
Box 42
Folders 1424-1462; New Jersey - Atlantic City - Beauty Pageant to New Jersey - Atlantic City - Grand Atlantic Hotel Fire, c. 1936.
Box 43
Folders 1463-1519; New Jersey - Atlantic City - Hamid's Pier to New Jersey - Camden - American National Bank, 1936-1946.
Box 44
Folders 1520-1562; New Jersey - Central Airport to New Jersey - Forker's Crossing - State Game Farm, 1929-1940.
Box 45
Folders 1563-1602; New Jersey - Fort Dix to New Jersey - Kearny - Shipyard, 1940-1946.
Box 46
Folders 1603-1662; New Jersey - Lakehurst - Naval Air Station to New Jersey - Salem - Johnson Park, 1938-1944.
Box 47
Folders 1663-1724; New Jersey - Salem County - Road Camps to Oil Pipeline - New Jersey, 1937-1943.
Box 48
Folders 1725-1757; Oil Pipeline - Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Railroad - Electrification 1933-1938.
Box 49
Folders 1758-1784; Pennsylvania Railroad - Electrification - Delaware Park Spur to Parking - Philadelphia - Illegal, 1937-1946.
Box 50
Folders 1785-1841; Parking - Philadelphia - Lots to Pennsylvania - Bywood - Sellers Memorial Methodist Church, 1937-1946.
Box 51
Folders 1842-1884; Pennsylvania - Caledonia - Conservation Museum to Pennsylvania - Eddystone (Baldwin Locomotive Works), 1929-1940.
Box 52
Folders 1885-1909A; Pennsylvania - Eddystone (Baldwin Locomotive Works) to Pennsylvania - Gettysburg - 75th Anniversary, 1941-1943.
Box 53
Folders 1910-1946; Pennsylvania - Gettysburg (Gettysburg Memorial), 1938.
Box 54
Folders 1947-1973; Pennsylvania - Highway - Super-Highway (Harrisburg to Pittsburgh), 1940.
Box 55
Folders 1974-2017; Pennsylvania - Liverpool to Pennsylvania - Oil Industry Investigation, 1930-1937.
Box 56
Folders 2018-2062; Pennsylvania Optometric Assoc. to Pennsylvania - Shamokin, 1946.
Box 57
Folders 2063-2089; Pennsylvania - Shenandoah to Valley Forge (Army Hospital), 1940-1943.
Box 58
Folders 2090-2124; Pennsylvania - Valley Forge (Army Hospital) to Penny Arcade, 1944-1946.
Box 59
Folders 2125-2159; Pennsylvania Cruise Ball to Philadelphia - Banks - Fidelity Savings and Loan Assoc., 1938-1941.
Box 60
Folders 2160-2203; Philadelphia - Banks - Philadelphia Fidelity Trust Co. to Philadelphia - Bridesburg, 1927-1931.
Box 61
Folders 2204-2235; Philadelphia - Bridges to Philadelphia - Buildings - Art Museum (Exterior), c. 1935-1942.
Box 62
Folders 2236-2256; Philadelphia - Buildings - Art Museum (Johnson Collection) to Philadelphia - Buildings - Continental Distillery Company, c. 1941.
Box 63
Folders 2257-2282; Philadelphia - Buildings - Convention Hall 1930-1946 to Philadelphia - Buildings - Independence Hall (Historical Views), 19th/20th c.
Box 64
Folders 2283-2332; Philadelphia - Buildings - Inquirer Building to Philadelphia - Buildings - Y.M.C.A. Building, 1937-1942.
Box 65
Folders 2333-2389; Philadelphia - Bull's Head Tavern to Philadelphia - Churches - Church of the Holy Name.
Box 66
Folders 2390-2450; Philadelphia - Churches - Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Philadelphia - Churches - Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1932-1942.
Box 67
Folders 2451-2505; Philadelphia - Churches - Imanual Lutheran to Philadelphia - Churches - St.-Martin-In-The-Fields, c. 1936.
Box 68
Folders 2506-2563; Philadelphia - Churches - St. Martin's Church to Philadelphia - Comfort Stations, 1936-1938.
Box 69
Folders 2564-2602; Philadelphia - Committee For Music Appreciation to Philadelphia - Corporations - Consolidated Beef Co., 1940.
Box 70
Folders 2603-2651; Philadelphia - Corporations - Container Corporation of America to Philadelphia - Corporations - Northern Liberties Gas Co., 1940-1945.
Box 71
Folders 2652-2681; Philadelphia - Corporations - Ocean City Mfg. Co. to Philadelphia - Corporations - Singer's Orange Drink Stand.
Box 72
Folders 2682-2708; Philadelphia - Corporations - SKF to Philadelphia - Defense Council.
Box 73
Folders 2709-2752; Philadelphia - Defense Council - Control Center to Philadelphia - Fire Dept.
Box 74
Folders 2753-2786; Philadelphia - Fire Dept. - Examinations to Philadelphia - Hospitals - Byberry Hospital, c. 1941.
Box 75
Folders 2787-2818; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Byberry Hospital to Philadelphia - Hospitals - Nazareth Hospital, c. 1939-1941.
Box 76
Folders 2819-2845; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Northern Liberties Hospital to Philadelphia - Hospitals - Women's Medical College & Hospital (Henry Ave), 1937-1946.
Box 77
Folders 2846-2897; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Women's Homeopathic Hospital to Philadelphia - Housing Projects - Juniata Park, 1927-1942.
Box 78
Folders 2898-2927; Philadelphia - Housing Projects - Labor Protest to Philadelphia - Institutions - Home For The Indigent, 1939-1940.
Box 79
Folders 2928-2969; Philadelphia - Institutions - Home For Incurables (Proposed) to Philadelphia - Libraries - Library Co. of Philadelphia, c. 1927-1946.
Box 80
Folders 2970-2991; Philadelphia - Libraries - Mercantile Library to Philadelphia - Navy Yard - Band/Canteen, c. 1942-1946.
Box 81
Folders 2992-3017; Philadelphia - Navy Yard - Cash & Carry Store to Philadelphia - Orchestra - Party, 1937-1946.
Box 82
Folders 3018-3076; Philadelphia - Orchestra - Tour to Philadelphia - Organizations - Fairmount Club, 1930-1940.
Box 83
Folders 3077-3127; Philadelphia - Organizations - Federation of Women's Clubs to Philadelphia - Organizations - Manufacturer's Club, c. 1943.
Box 84
Folders 3128-3161; Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club to Philadelphia - Organizations - N. Philadelphia Realty Board, 1927-1944.
Box 85
Folders 3162-3207; Philadelphia - Organizations - Oak Lane Review Club to Philadelphia- Organizations - Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1937-1944.
Box 86
Folders 3208-3244; Philadelphia - Organizations - Sons of Italy to Philadelphia - Organizations - Young Women's Christian Association (Cooking School), 1941-1945.
Box 87
Folders 3245-3281; Philadelphia - Organizations - Young Women's Christian Association - Germantown to Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Fairmount Park - Mount Pleasant Mansion, 1931-1943.
Box 88
Folders 3282-3309; Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Fairmount Park - Pilgrim Statue/River Drive to Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Passayunk Square, 1936-1944.
Box 89
Folders 3310-3330; Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Pastorius Park (Chestnut Hill) to Philadelphia - Piano Orchestra, 1938-1946.
Box 90
Folders 3331-3370; Philadelphia - Playgrounds & Community Centers to Philadelphia - Police - Accident Investigation Bureau, 1932-1937 .
Box 91
Fodlers 3371-3406; Philadelphia - Police to Philadelphia - Post Offices - Branches, 1936-1946.
Box 92
Folders 3407-3448; Philadelphia - Post Offices - 9th & Market (new one) to Philadelphia - Restaurants - Piccadilly Cafe, c. 1938-1939.
Box 93
Folders 3349-3491; Philadelphia - Restaurants - Rosen's Cafe to Philadelphia - Sinking Fund, 1934-1940.
Box 94
Folders 3492-3527; Philadelphia - Society - Animal Rescue League to Philadelphia - Stores - Beck's A S, 1928-1942.
Box 95
Folders 3528-3574; Philadelphia - Stores - Blums to Philadelphia - Stores - Pep Boys, 1928-1945.
Box 96
Folders 3575-3609; Philadelphia - Stores - Petries to Philadelphia - Streets - Baltimore Ave., c. 1941.
Box 97
FOlders 3610-3654; Philadelphia - Streets - Broad Street to Philadelphia - Streets - Washington Lane/Woodland Avenue, 1931-1949.
Box 98
Folders 3655-3677; Philadelphia - Streets - Bad Streets to Philadelphia - Taxes - Sales Tax Protests, 1927-1940.
Box 99
Folders 3678-3710; Philadelphia - Taxes - Wage Tax Protests to Philadelphia - Theaters - Locust Theater, c. 1940-1945.
Box 100
Folders 3711-3742; Philadelphia - Theaters - Lone Theater to Philadelphia- Transit - Employees - Women, 1941-1946.
Box 101
Folders 3743-3786; Philadelphia - Transit - Employee Strikes to Philadelphia - Veterans Administration & Advisory Center, 1943-1946.
Box 102
Folders 3787-3811; Philadelphia - Water to Philadelphia - Wissahickon, 1931-1944.
Box 103
Folders 3812-3828; Philadelphia - Zoning to Philadelphia - Zoo - Cows, 1933-1946.
Box 104
Folders 3829-3849; Philadelphia - Zoo - Deer to Philadelphia - Zoo - Photo Contest, 1934-1946.
Box 105
Folders 3850-3893; Philadelphia - Zoo - Polar Bears to Radio Stations - W69PH, 1932-1941.
Box 106
Folders 3894-3927; Rafts to Reading Railroad - Coal Storage Building, 1937-1943.
Box 107
Folders 3928-3962A; Reading Railroad - Employees to Rationing - Gasoline - Philadelphia, 1943-1946.
Box 108
Folders 3963-3998; Rationing - Shoes to Salvation Army - Camp Upland, 1940-1946.
Box 109
Folders 3999-4035; Salvation Army - Ivy House to Schools - Bryn Mawr College - Nurses Aides, 1945-1946.
Box 110
Folders 4036-4080; Schools - Bryn Mawr College - Nursery School to Schools - Dobbins Vocational School, 1937-1946.
Box 111
Folders 4081-4115; Schools - Drexel Institute to Schools - Friends Central School (Overbrook), 1935-1946.
Box 112
Folders 4116-4157; Schools - Friends Select School to Schools - Holy Name School, 1927-1945.
Box 113
Folders 4158-4211; Schools - Homewood School to Schools - Miquon School, 1938-1939.
Box 114
Folders 4212-4250; Schools - Moore Institute to Schools - Pennsylvania Institute for the Deaf, 1875-1941.
Box 115
Fodlers 4251-4270; Schools - Pennsylvania - Institution for the Instruction of the Blind to Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Basketball, 1937-1944.
Box 116
Fodlers 4271-4296; Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Bennett Hall to Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Football, 1940-1942 .
Box 117
Folders 4297-4327; Schools - Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Football to Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Museum Buildings, c. 1941-1942.
Box 118
Folders 4328-4361; Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Museum to Schools - Pennsylvania - University of - Wrestling Team 1939-1944, 1929-1946.
Box 119
Folders 4362-4415; Schools - Perry High School to Schools - Settlement Music School, 1932-1943.
Box 120
Folders 4416-4458; Schools - Shallcross School to Schools - Temple University - Camera Class, 1930-1939.
Box 121
Folders 4459-4498; Schools - Temple University - Commencements to Schools - Temple University - School of Music, 1936-1945 .
Box 122
Folders 4499-4537; Schools - Temple University - War Poster/War Training Division, 1937-1943.
Box 123
Folders 4538-4582; Schools - West Chester Normal School to Skating - Ice - Fairmount Park, c. 1943-1944.
Box 124
Folders 4583-4604; Skating - Ice - Ice Follies to Soccer, 1938-1945.
Box 125
Folders 4605-4635; Soccer to Starkey Farms, Inc., 1945-1946.
Box 126
Folders 4636-4666; Steam Shovel to Strikes - New Jersey - Electrical Workers - Western Electric, c. 1929.
Box 127
Folders 4667-4705; Strikes - New Jersey - Farm Workers - Sabrook Farms, Bridgeton to Strikes - Pennsylvania - Steel, 1934-1945.
Box 128
Folders 4706-4731; Strikes - Pennsylvania - Steel - Bethlehem Steel - Johnstown to Strikes - Philadelphia - Electrical Eorkers - General Electric, 1937-1946.
Box 129
Folders 4732-4769; Strikes - Philadelphia - Electrical Workers to Strikes - Philadelphia - Truck Drivers - Newspaper, 1946.
Box 130
Folders 4770-4802; Strikes - Philadelphia - Walton Hotel to Tennis - Buck Hill Tennis Club/Inter-Scholastic Tennis, 1937-1945.
Box 131
Folders 4803-4831; Tennis - Table to Tunnels, 1929-1943.
Box 132
Folders 4832-4863; Typesetting to United Campaign, 1941-1943.
Box 133
Folders 4864-4890; United Campaign - Student Volunteer Services Corps to U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Delaware (Dover) Bases, 1942-1945.
Box 134
Folders 4891-4916; U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Delaware (New Castle) Bases to U.S. - Army - Philadelphia - Medical Corps /Military Police, 1944.
Box 135
Folders 4917-4932; U.S. - Army - Philadelphia - Ordnance Dept. to U.S. - Army - Women's Auxiliary Corps. - Enlistment, 1942-1945.
Box 136
Folders 4933-4955; U.S. - Army - Philadelphia - Women's Auxiliary Corps to U.S.- Finances - Phila. - Defense Bonds Victory Drive (4th), 1943-1944.
Box 137
Folders 4956-4978; U.S.- Finances - Philadelphia - Defense Bonds - Victory Drive (5th) to U.S. - National Defense - Pennsylvania - Delaware County - Civilian - Blackouts, 1942-1944.
Box 138
Folders 4979-4996; U.S. - National Defense - Pennsylvania - Civilian - Waste Conservation Program, c. 1942.
Box 139
Folders 4997-5017; U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Drills to U.S. Post Office - Philadelphia - Zones, 1942-1943.
Box 140
Folders 5018-5048A; U.S. - PWA - Pennsylvania - Projects to United War Chest, 1937-1944.
Box 141
Folders 5049-5070; United War Chest to War - Civil War - Battles - Bull Run, 1929-1946.
Box 142
Folders 5071-5111; War - Civil War - Battles - Chickamauga to Week End Camps, 1938-1945.
Box 143
Folders 5112-5141; Welsh Musical Festival Chorus to Wrestling, 1941.
Box 144
Folders 5142-5150; Wrestling to Zionists, 1942-1943.
Box 145

Box 146
List of People

Aalton, George B. - Coast Guardsman

Aaron, Clyde

Aaron, E. George [SEE Save Freedom Citizen Rally]

Aaron, Frederic E.

Aarons, Alex A. - drama

Aaronson, Estelle

Aaronson, I. Leonary - attorney

Abarbanel, Judith - drama

Abate, Daniel & wife - sweepstakes winner

Abbagmaro, Raphal

Abbot, Willis J.

Abbott, A. C., Dr.

Abbot, Allice - tennis

Abbott, Arthur

Abbot, C. Yarnall [SEE ALSO Ketterer, Gustav, Mrs.]

Abbot, Clara B., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Martin, Edward, Gov.]

Abbott, Edwin M. - attorney

Abbott, Fred W., Mrs - society

Abbott, George L.

Abbott, Henry F., Jr. - Haverford [SEE ALSO Warren, Hugh I.; Mellor Clinton L.; Marsh, Mary H.; Robinson, Francis W.]

Abbott, Henry Paul, Mrs. - former Elizabeth L. Knight

Abbott, Julia W. [SEE ALSO Sylk, Albert]

Abbott, Lloyd M. - Yeadon, PA

Abbott, Norman

Abbott, R. B.

Abbott, Rose Marie - North Caldwell, NJ

Abbott, W. Osler, Dr.

Abbott, William

Abbruzzese, Anthony - alias Angelo Bruce

Abel, Emmanuel M. - attorney

Abel, Martin

Abel, Victor D. - architect

Abell, Alice - Morristown, NJ

Abell, C. Maurice, Mrs. - former Kathleen Pancoast

Abels, Alexander [SEE ALSO Temple University -Tyler School]

Abercrombie, F. P.

Abercrombie, James, Rev. Dr.

Aberle, Gustav C. & wife [SEE ALSO United War Chest 1945]

Aberle, H. C., Jr.

Abernethy, Leo - Pittsburgh, PA

Ableman, Bertha, Mrs.

Abraham, Barbara - society

Abrahams, Dorothy - Philadelphia

Abrahams, Harold J.

Abrahams, Mark - Philadelphia

Abrahams, Nathan - Forrest Theatre [SEE ALSO Faces]

Abrahams, Robert D. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Loeb, Herbert B.]

Abrahams, Woodward - suicide, 7/13/37

Abrahamson, Wm. Ralph, Maj.

Abramiuk, Pauline

Abrams, Alvin L., Pvt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2D - Atrocities - German - U. S. Troops]

Abrams, Ethel, Mrs.

Abrams, Harold, Mrs. - Elkins Park, PA

Abrams, Herman

Abrams, Irving

Abrams, Louis - McClure trial

Abrams, Meyer A. [SEE ALSO Casey, George W.; Beury, Charles E., Dr.; Respirators; Parker, Andrew MacLean; Kaldoner, Harry; Philadelphia - Buildings; Kent Atwater Museum]

Abrams, Peter [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Records - Victory Center; U. S. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Awards]

Abramson, Ellis

Abramson, George - hold-up victim

Abramson, Herman P. - blackmail

Abramson, Samuel - attorney

Abri, James

Abronski, Raymond W. - American Legion

Abruzzi, Louis, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Abruzzo, Philip

Accobacco, Dominick

Achenbach, B. Rowland, Mrs. - former Elizabeth J. Schell [SEE ALSO Benedict, Richard, Mrs.]

Achenbach, George W., Mrs. - former Mary Margaret O'Connell

Achey, Webster - attorney

Acholl, Henry, Cpl. - Trenton, NJ

Acker, A. Lincoln

Acker, C. E.

Acker, G. Norman, Mrs. - society

Ackerman, Barbara - society

Ackerman, Louise

Ackerson, Henry E.

Ackley, Charles W.

Ackley, Clarence, Dr.

Ackley, Frank O., Mrs. - former Mrs. Charles V. Stearns

Acton, Kenneth D., Mrs. - former Mary M. Musselman [SEE ALSO Wister, Wm. W., Mrs.]

Acuff, John K. & wife - former Dixie Andrews [SEE ALSO Burpee, W. Atlee, Jr.; Malone, Paul, Mrs.; Red Cross - Motor Repair Squad]

Adair, Donaldson P. - Junior Board of Commerce

Adair, Frank Robin

Adam, Herbert, Mrs. - former Miriam Folwell

Adam, Malcolm - Penn Mutual

Adama, Raymond G. - Philadelphia

Adamowski, Mary - WAVE

Adams, Albert C.

Adams, Alice Marshall

Adams, Allen - Valley Forge Military Academy

Adams, Anna H., Mrs.

Adams, Bob - Temple University [SEE ALSO Northeast High School - Hurdlers 1936]

Adams, Chester L. - Mifflintown, PA

Adams, Clinton B., Rev.

Adams, Comfort Avery - engineer

Adams, D. Hayes, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Del, Glen]

Adams, Daphne - Philadelphia

Adams, Edwin W., Dr. [SEE ALSO Smith, Frank]

Adams, George - swimmer

Adams, George, Mrs. - golfer

Adams, George Matthews & wife - former Mrs. Robert Scott Harner

Adams, Harry, Lt.

Box 147
List of People

Adams, Henry Allen, Mrs. – society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Society - Headdress Ball, 1940; Emergency Aid]

Adams, Henry Phillips - weatherman

Adams, J. T. Mrs. - Philadelphia

Adams, James R.

Adams, Jane - society [SEE ALSO Pew, Frances]

Adams, John D. - Pennsylvania Sugar Company

Adams, John Maxwell, Rev.

Adams, John S., Jr., Mrs. - former Kathleen Krummeich

Adams, Lena., Mrs. - suicide

Adams, Leon, Mrs. - Burlington County, NJ

Adams, Lynn G., Maj. - Pennsylvania State Police [SEE ALSO Swarthmore College; Police School; Leitheiser, Elmer, Capt.; Margiotti, Charles; Janeway, Augustine, Col., Foote, Percy, Adm.; Shelley, Carl; James, Arthur H. - Cabinet]

Adams, Marie

Adams, Marie, Ms. - Palmyra, NJ [SEE ALSO Archery]

Adams, Martha - Miss Philadelphia 1946

Adams, Maryann - Temple University [SEE ALSO Mellor, Harrison C., Lt.]

Adams, O. C.

Adams, Randolph G. - author

Adams, Raymond E.

Adams, Robert, Pfc.

Adams, Robert C.

Adams, Ruth

Adams, W. W., Professor

Adams, Weston W. & wife - former Mildred Boyd

Adams, Wilber L.

Adams, Wm. S.

Adams, Winfield - Philadelphia

Adamski, Eddie - convict

Adam, Malcom [SEE Salvation Army 1938]

Adamson, Frank M., Mrs. - former Noemie Webre

Adamson, George - policeman

Adamson, Janet - society singer

Adamson, Thomas, Mrs. - former Amy L. Phillips

Adamson, Wm. B., Mrs. - society

Adamy, Harry D.

Addante, Pasquale

Addis, Joan - society [SEE ALSO McIlwain, Constance]

Addison, Peter

Ade, Lester K. Dr. [SEE ALSO Hines, John Cart]

Ade, Robert H., Mrs.

Adelman, Lou, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Adelman, Simon H. - realtor

Adelsberg, Max, Cpl. - Pittsburgh, PA

Ader, Charles - patrolman

Ader, Walt - auto racer

Adgie, Matt - boxer

Adler, Cyrus

Adler, Cyrus, Dr. - Philadelphia

Adler, Francis H., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Mrs. John F. Lewis]

Adler, Francis Heed, Dr. [SEE ALSO Sinclair, John S. & wife]

Adler, Franklin, Pfc. - Wilmington, DE

Adler, Jeanne - Chestnut Hill

Adler, Joan [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Defense Council Volunteers]

Adler, Joseph - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Adler, Julius Ochs, Col. [SEE ALSO Sulzberger, Arthur; York, Leonard, Pvt.; Daniel, Derril M., Lt. Col.]

Adler, Larry - harmonicist

Adler, Louis - realtor [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - League Island Golf Course]

Adler, Max

Adler, Robert, Mrs.

Adnee, Norma - Temple University

Ahearn, Frank [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Weather Bureau; Margolis, Henry]

Ahearn, John, Lt. - Scranton, PA

Ahern, Joseph M., Jr., Lt. - Philadelphia

Ahrens, Edward - Philadelphia

Ahrin, John J. "Jack" - Philadelphia - Temple 1928

Aiello, Frank - Record

Aiello, James & wife

Aiken, David C. - convict [SEE ALSO Eastern Penitentiary - Philadelphia - Escapes 1945]

Aiken, Helen

Aiken, John, Col. - Washington, PA

Aiken, Thomas N., Lt. - Wynnewood, PA

Aikers, Klaire

Ailsby, Lloyd - ice hockey

Akeroyd, James J. - Philadelphia

Albany, Charles - marble champion

Albany, John A.

Albany, John B.

Albert, Harry - tennis

Albert, John S., 3rd

Albertson, Judy - Record [SEE ALSO Dorsey, Tommy; Games - Ouija]

Albertus, Bob - golf

Albertus, Charley - athlete [SEE ALSO Drsicoll, Bob]

Albertus, Charlie - golfer

Albrecht, Emil Poole, Mrs. [SEE Disston, Hamilton R., Mrs.; Bossard, James H. S., Dr.]

Albrecht, Emil P. & wife

Albrecht, H. Card - Philadelphia Electric

Albrecht, Norma

Albright, Earl - bowler

Albright, Francis J., Lt. - Philadelphia

Albright, Wm. H. - State Treasurer, NJ, died 3-16-42

Alcorn, Wm. N., Mrs. - former Anne Hacker

Alcott, Carroll - author [SEE ALSO Salvation Army - Philadelphia 1944]

Alden, Priscilla E. - Collingdale, PA

Alden, Wm. H.

Alder, Leroy F. - President Peacock Laboratories

Alder, Leroy F., Jr. - Drexel Hill, PA

Alderfer, Clement E., Mrs.

Box 148
List of People

Aldridge, Byron, Cpl. - Philadelphia

Aldridge, Fred C., Dr. & wife - Wayne, PA

Alessandroni, Helen, Mrs. [SEE Allessandroni, Joseph, Jr., Mrs.]

Alessandroni, Hugh [SEE Fencing]

Alessandroni, Eugene - judge

Alessandroni, John - attorney

Alessandroni, Joseph, Jr., Lt. [SEE ALSO Alessandroni, Walter E. Capt.]

Alessandroni, Joseph, Jr. Mrs.

Alessandroni, Lucille [SEE Donahue, Joseph P., Mrs.]

Alessandroni, P. L.

Alessandroni, Walter E. - secretary to Robert E. Lamberton

Alessi, Alex - Builder

Alexander – baseball - House of David

Alexander, Andrew J. - Bailey Banks & Biddle

Alexander, Anna M. [SEE ALSO Beauty Contests; Woodside Park; Rich, Irene]

Alexander, Carolyn - Melrose Park, PA

Alexander, E. R. - Philco [SEE ALSO Mohr, George J.]

Alexander, Edward Gordon, Rev.

Alexander, Elliot R. - Swarthmore College

Alexander, George J., Dr.

Alexander, Irving M., Sgt. - Philadelphia - U. S. Marines

Alexander, Louis - real estate

Alexander, Margaret, Mrs.

Alexander, Ralph H. - Pittsburgh, PA

Alexander, Wm. H., Mrs. - DAR [SEE ALSO Gillentine, Flora, Mrs.]

Algase, Dr.

Algeo, Bradley Canfield, Jr. Mrs. - former Dorothy Slee

Alkinson, Robert M. Mrs. - former Mida F. Gelbert

Allaire, Wally - ice hockey

Allais, Charles, Mrs. - former Edith H. Parker

Allan, Caroline - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Madiera, Maris; Bigelow, John, Lt.]

Allan, David M., Jr.

Allan, Donald [SEE ALSO, Allan, Francis]

Allan, Francis J. - Pittston, PA

Allan, Frank - golfer [SEE ALSO McCullough, Duff]

Allan, Harry C.

Allen, A. A., Professor

Allen, A. E.

Allen, A. W.

Allen, Agnes - society

Allen, Al - Salesman's Golf Association

Allen, Alexander

Allen, Alexander J., Dr.

Allen, Alfred Reginald [SEE ALSO De Schauensee, Rodolphe; Fairmount Park - Robin Hood Dell; Monte Carlo Russe Ballet; Hogerle, Alfred]

Allen, Arthur, Dr. [SEE ALSO Ward, Edward A., Dr.; Crile, George, Dr.]

Allen, Arthur - Professor

Allen, Benjamin A. - Curtis Publishing Co.

Allen, Benjamin, 3rd & wife

Allen, Betty - society

Allen, C. W.

Allen, Charles J., Pfc.

Allen, Ches

Allen, Christine - Malvern, PA [SEE ALSO Ashton, Leonard; Adams, Peyton]

Allen, Clifford P., 3rd

Allen, Collins B.

Allen, Curtis. Mrs. - former Dorothy Fox

Allen, Edward H. B. - murder case (1 of 2)

Allen, Edward H. B. - murder case (2 of 2)

Allen, Esther S. - Bethayres, PA [SEE ALSO Dickson, Ann M.; Muhlenberg, John C. K.]

Allen, Eugene Y. - Reading Co.

Allen, Francis Otis, Jr., Mrs. - former Louise Weill

Allen, Frank B. - engineer [SEE ALSO Schools - Martin Orthopedic School]

Allen, Frederick H., Dr & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia – Hospital - Byberry - State Control Legislation]

Allen, Frederick V., Mrs. - former Elizabeth S. Stetson

Allen, George - ice hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Ice - Philadelphia Rambles 1939]

Allen, George, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Allen, George - Record employee

Allen, Harold B. Dr.

Allen, Harry - real estate

Allen, Henry Butler [SEE ALSO Cohee, C. I.; Markham, Edwin; East, Thomas R.; Schilder, L. C.; Watson, Frederick; Mudd, John P.; Ives, Herbert E., Dr.; Ostermeier, Johann B.; Gallagher, Joseph; Burke, Joe; Philadelphia Record-Music Offer; Colley, Robert H.; Athenagoras, Archbishop; Stephano, Stephen C.; Staples, Philip C.; Michels, Rodolfo]

Allen, Hervey - author - & wife

Allen, Horace - WPA art draughtsman

Allen, Horace - father of Edward H. B. Allen, died 7/25/33

Allen, J. D. - Brinks Express Co.

Allen, J. W., Dr.

Allen, J. Laird - soap box derby 1937

Allen, Jacob S.

Allen, James

Allen, James H.

Allen, James W., Mrs. - former Helene Dobrick

Allen, John - fire department

Allen, John & wife - former Margaret Ritzel

Allen, John A., Lt. - Haverford, PA

Allen, John E. - President Philadelphia Co. of Building and Loan Association [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania Building and Loan Association]

Allen, Joseph B., Jr.

Box 149
List of People

Allen, Kay

Allen, Leo B. - robbed

Allen, Lois Elizabeth - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Blagdon, Carolyn; Horse shows - Pennsylvania - Devon 1946]

Allen, Louis Haskell & wife - former Louise Grayson [SEE ALSO Fell, Florence]

Allen, Louise - College Inn

Allen, Margaret - Chestnut Hill

Allen, Mary J., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Allen, Nancy Erline - missing

Allen, Perry S., Rev., died 11-8-30

Allen, Philip H., Mrs. - former Virginia Guilfoil [SEE ALSO Abernathy, Billy]

Allen, Robert E. - Johnstown, PA

Allen, Robert G. - Congressman, Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Fitch, George A., Mrs.]

Allen, Ross, Guerard, Mrs. - former Mary Ellen Mercer

Allen, Russell - secretary Boxing Committee [SEE ALSO Ambers, Lou; Cool Eddie]

Allen, Russell, A. Sgt. - Philadelphia

Allen, T.W. - Proctor Electric Co.

Allen, Thomas H. - councilman [SEE ALSO Hagerty, Eugene J.]

Allen, Tubby

Allen, W. W. - banker

Allen, Walter - Record employee

Allen, Walter C.

Allen, Walter Newton, Mrs. - former Gloria M. Trumbull [SEE ALSO Trumbull, Virginia]

Allen, William F. - Delaware County [SEE ALSO McMullen, Richard C.]

Allen, Wm. - brother of Edward H. B. Allen, died 11-20-39

Allen, Wm K. - Coast Guard - Oreland, PA

Allena, John - Norristown, PA

Allenman, Gellert, Dr.

Allinger, Sol - billiards

Allinson, Edward P., Jr.

Allinson, Edward P., Jr., Ms. - formerly Louise Rothermel [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Pearson, Stanley W., Jr.; Large Photo File - Swain, Sally W.; Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club 1942]

Allinson, Jeanne - society

Allison, A. Crawford, Mrs. - society

Allison, A. Crawford, Jr., Mrs. - formerly Louise M. Petit [SEE ALSO Scooters - Motor; Emmons, W. Stuart]

Allison, Earl - Sharpsville, PA

Allison, Lillian G., Lt.

Allison, Wm. C., 3rd, Mrs. - Philadelphia

Allman, Bob

Allman, Dick - golfer [SEE ALSO Hyndman, Billy; Allen, Francis; Cross, Harold Bud; Goeckler, Willard; McCullough, Duff; Shearer, J.; Alley, R.F.]

Allman, Dick & wife - former Mary Ann Perpall

Allman, Dick & wife - former Mary Ann Perpall [SEE ALSO Walther, John C.; Cross, Mary D.; Euler, Charles A.; Millington, George P., Jr.; Zieget, Marcia]

Allman, Henry

Allman, Herbert D. - President National Farm School, died 1-13-42

Allman, Justin P. [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis A.]

Allman, Richard - golf

Allman, Robert - wrestler [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania University - Wrestlers; Pennsylvania University - Hey Day, 1939; Burk, Joe]

Allman, Sydney, Jr. - golfer [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis; Alley, R.F.]

Allman, Sydney, Mrs.

Alloway, Wm. - Williamsport

Allum, Bill - hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Ice - Philadelphia Ramblers 1939]

Almand, Mary, Mrs.

Almond, Huston B. - Vice President McCloskey Varnish Co. - & wife

Almond, Linda Stevens

Almy, Wm. E.

Aloe, Salvatore

Alpern, Annie X - Pittsburgh attorney

Alpers, Bernard Jr., Dr.

Alspach, Fred C. - Lancaster

Altemose, F.A.

Altemus, Edward Lee, Mrs. - former Eleanor H. Ward

Altemus, Henry, Jr.

Altemus, James Dobson & wife - former Mrs. Rosalie Stuyvesant

Altemus, Miles S.

Altenburg, Floyd G.

Alteneder, Theodore, Comm.

Alter, George E. - attorney, died 8-8-40

Alter, Mary Ashe, Mrs.

Alter, Sydney S. - football - captain - Penn State [SEE ALSO Stella, Harry]

Althof, Ross P.

Althouse, A.J.

Althouse, Calvin O., Dr. [SEE ALSO Curtis, Cyrus H.K.]

Althouse, Monroe, Dr.

Altieri, James J., Lt. [SEE ALSO Lavin, James J., Capt.]

Altman, Joseph - Atlantic City [SEE ALSO Kuo, P.W., Dr.; Warren, Edgar L & wife; Tucker, Sophie]

Altman, Leon, Dr.

Altschuler, Harry & wife [SEE ALSO Magicians; Calvert, John]

Altsteadter, George - Philadelphia

Aluska, A.G., Sgt.

Alvarez, Walter Clement, Dr.

Alvini, E.R., Pfc.

Alwyne, Horace - director of music, Bryn Mawr College

Amato, Donald J.

Amato, James

Amber, Alberta J. - Pottsville

Amberg, Stephan

Amble, Wm., Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor Trimble

Ambler, Bill - football

Ambler, Charles M., Jr., Mrs. - former Elizabeth E. Moxey

Ambler, E. Raymond, Mrs. - society

Ambler, Wm. S., Dr.

Ambrosanno, Angelo [SEE ALSO Boxing; National Junior Tournament]

Ambrose, Matt

Box 150
List of People

Ambrosia, Samuel D., Pfc.

Amburg, Ethel - Philadelphia

Amerding, Carl, Dr.

Ames, D.H., Dr.

Ames, Herbert T. - Williamsport, PA

Ames, Herman V., Dr., died 2-7-35

Amesburg, Donald

Amey, Herb - football

Amidon, Charles F. - judge

Amidon, Herbert & wife

Amig, J.C. - Lewistown, PA

Amodie, Charles - magistrate [SEE ALSO Raff, Raymond A.; O'Malley, John J.; Allesandroni, Eugene - Judge; Washington, George - Statue; Paolini, Salvatore; Phila. Registration Commission; Roberts, Owen J.]

Amoroso, Rose, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Musical Instruments - Harmonicas]

Amoroso, Pete - bicycle rider

Amos, Mary

Amos, Wm. A - football coach

Anderks, Joe - sculler

Anders, A.A. - autos

Anders, Arthur S.

Anders, Dot

Anders, Howard S., Dr.

Anders, J.M., Dr.

Anders, James M., Mrs. - society

Anders, Otto P. - Hillcrest Hotel

Anders, Ray H. - Sun Oil Co.

Anderson, B. [SEE ALSO Stoddard, Alexander, Jr., Dr.; Lamberton, Robert E.; Rationing - Cards - Books - Stamps; Wells, Edward W.; O'Connor, Basil]

Anderson, Alyse [SEE ALSO Anderson, Marian]

Anderson, Anna, Mrs. - mother of Marian Anderson [SEE ALSO Anderson, Marian]

Anderson, Archibald A.

Anderson, Augustus S.

Anderson, Conrad V. - sculler

Anderson, Cornelia M.

Anderson, Bill - basketball coach [SEE ALSO Lower Merion High School Basketball 1943; Stackowski, Ben]

Anderson, Cyrus N.

Anderson, David L., died 10-1930

Anderson, Del - athlete

Anderson, Doc - old fiddler

Anderson, Donald R.

Anderson, Emma, Mrs. - Bowler [SEE ALSO Brown, Margaret, Mrs.; Bowlers; Connellys Cafe]

Anderson, Eric - Golfer

Anderson, Ethel, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Families, Large]

Anderson, George C., Rev. [SEE ALSO Butler, Smedley D.]

Anderson, H.J., Rev.

Anderson, H.W. - Fidelity Machine Co. [SEE ALSO Cianflowe, Frank A., Jr.; Clavacin]

Anderson, Harper, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Anderson, Herbert W.

Anderson, J.P. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Anderson, J. Beecher, Jr., Mrs. - former Mary R. Osborne

Anderson, J. Robert - Bell Telephone Co.

Anderson, James B., Jr., Col.

Anderson, James J., Mrs. - former Jeanne W. Rusby [SEE ALSO Huber, Marjorie D.]

Anderson, John - convict

Anderson, John - pilot

Anderson, John B.

Anderson, John C., Mrs. - former Margaret Fitler

Anderson, Joseph Wilson, Dr.

Anderson, Kenneth

Anderson, Laura B.

Anderson, Lee - autos

Anderson, Lois M. [SEE ALSO Temple University]

Anderson, Marian - singer - straight photos

Anderson, Marian - singer - now Mrs. Orpheus H. Fisher [SEE ALSO Roosevelt, Franklin D., Mrs. - Visits - Philadelphia - December 1943]

Anderson, Marian - home

Anderson, Marian - singer - straight photos

Anderson, Mittie Gardner

Anderson, Ray F., Rev. [SEE ALSO Altars; Home]

Anderson, Richard, Lt. Col.

Anderson, Robert, Dr. - Pittsburgh, PA

Anderson, Robert M., Rev.

Anderson, Victoria

Anderson, Wm. A., Mrs. - former Doris M. Bisler

Anderson, Wm. Ashley - author

Anderson, Wm. L. - Harrisburg, PA

Andre - Webers Hof Brau

Box 151
List of People

Andreeko, Madalyn - Yeadon, PA

Andreoli, Victor [SEE ALSO Hess, Sgt.; State Police; Leitz, Joseph]

Andrew, Brother - La Salle College, died 9-30-41 [SEE ALSO Corrigan, Joseph M., Rev.]

Andrews, Catherine, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Andrews, Eddie - baseball

Andrews, Jack, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Andrews, James H., Col. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Defense Council]

Andrews, Josephine - Dairy Queen - Chambersburg, PA [SEE ALSO Milk]

Andrews, Thomas H., 3rd, Mrs. - former Patricia Vauclain

Andrus, Dorothy - tennis - now Mrs. Charles E. Voorhees [SEE ALSO Palfrey, Sarah; Marble, Alice; Henrotin, Virginia; Voorhees, Charles E.]

Anfin, R.R. - Ford Motor Co. - Chester

Angyal, Joseph - sculler

Ankenney, Fred N. - Bell Telephone Co.

Annenberg, John M. - Inquirer, died 2-3-41

Annenberg, Walter H., Mrs. - former Ronny Dunkelman

Annenberg, Sylva - daughter of Max Annenberg [SEE Leichner, Chas., Mrs.]

Annenberg, Moe L. - publisher - Inquirer, died 7-20-42

Annenberg, Moses L. - income tax trial

Annenberg, Moe L. - straight photos

Annenberg, Walter [SEE ALSO Annenberg, Moe L.]

Ansell, Pompey - builder

Anselm, E., Rev., Brother - La Salle College [SEE ALSO La Salle College - Stadium; West Catholic High School]

Anson, Bill - traffic policeman

Antczak, Arthur S., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Anthony, Thomas Evan, Cpl. - Bradford, PA

Anthony, Walter Y.

Antoine - Hairdresser [SEE ALSO Forrest, Wayne; Philadelphia - Corporations; Bendix Aviation Corp. - Employees]

Antonelli, Amerigo - President Antonelli Fireworks Co.

Antonelli, Rachel - Record employee

Antonelli, Severo [SEE ALSO Coyle, Grace; Weber, Fred]

Antonio, Joseph Degli - Vineland, NJ

Antrim, Harold T., Dr.

Antrim, Walter - architect

Appel, George F. B. - attorney - & wife

Appel, Joseph H.

Appel, K.E., Dr.

Appel, Theodore, Dr.

Appel, William N. - judge

Appell, L.J., Mrs.

Appelman, Hymen

Apple, Henry H., Dr.

Apple, Isador - holdup victim

Apple, Joseph H., Dr. [SEE ALSO Ritchie, Albert, Gov.]

Apple, Russell & wife - Philadelphia

Apple, Shirley

Apple, Stanley - basketball

Applebee, Mildred

Appleby, William R. - La Salle Hat Co.

Appleman, L.F., Dr. & wife

Appley, Lawrence A. - Socony Vacuum Oil Co. [SEE ALSO McNutt, Paul V.; Harper, Fowler V.]

Aquaro, Orlando, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Arbegast, John H. - Newville, PA

Arabian Nights, The - Webers Hof Brau

Acardi, Andy - accordionist [SEE ALSO Cooper, Gary]

Archambault, A. Margaretta - artist

Archambault, Roger - hockey

Archer, Charles - draftee

Archer, F. Morse - banker

Archer, F. Morse, Jr. & wife - former Mary Joy Reeve

Archer, Pierce, Jr., Mrs. - society

Archer, Pierce D., 3rd & wife - former Elsie Thayer Dixon [SEE ALSO Pearson, Elizabeth]

Archetti, Nelson S., Ens. - Philadelphia

Archinal, John, Sgt. & wife - Allentown, PA

Arcieri, Mario Pfc. - Philadelphia

Ardron, Samuel, Jr. - Philadelphia Association of Credit Men [SEE ALSO Kaeber, Clarence; Electric Storage Battery Co.]

Armantrout, Everett D., Mrs. - society

Armetta, Josephine - sweepstakes winner

Armistead, Wm. M.

Armitage, Albert - Philadelphia Record [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Armitage, Peggy - Swarthmore [SE ALSO Philadelphia - Parks - Fairmount Park - Robin Hood Dell]

Armpriester, Frances, Mrs.

Armstrong, Eleanor [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Ordinance Department - Philadelphia; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Victory Drive - 11th - Philadelphia]

Armstrong, James P.

Armstrong, Lorraine M., Mrs.

Armstrong, Margaret

Armstrong, Paul Curry, Rev.

Armstrong, Samuel A. - attorney

Armstrong, T.M., Dr.

Armstrong, Thomas F. & wife

Armstrong, U.S. - real estate

Armstrong, Wm. R. - Eddystone, PA

Armstrong, Wm. S.

Armstrong, Wynne

Arndt, Charles Henry, Rev. & wife

Arndt, David B. & wife - former Beatrice Carson

Arndt, John F. - advertising agency [SEE ALSO Schwartz, Walter]

Arndt, Richard

Box 152
List of People

Arndt, Thomas M. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Arndt, Robert N.D., Mrs.]

Arndt, Robert N.D. & wife - former Alice Sumner [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Fielding, Richard M.; McClanahan, John M.; Smith, Alfred E.; Philadelphia 1939; Matthews, Mark; Yarnell, H.E., Adm.; Nason, John W., Dr.]

Arnett, Scotty

Arnold, Benedict

Arnold, Benedict, Mrs. - former Peggy Shippen

Arnold, Charles S.

Arnold, Clarence F.

Arnold, Henry H., Gen. - Visits - Philadelphia 1946

Arnold, James - jury scandal

Arnold, John C. - attorney

Arnstein, Henry, Dr.

Arnwine, Charles - murder

Aron, Max - Pennsylvania

Aronoff, Max & wife [SEE ALSO Schools and Colleges - Curtis Institute of Music; Jaffe, Charles; Braun, John F., Mrs.; Scott, Arthur H., Mrs.]

Arons, David - Gimbel Brothers [SEE ALSO Kaufman, Arthur; Philadelphia - Streets - Market Street - 250th Anniv.; Philadelphia - Housing - Chatham Village; Philadelphia - Buildings - American Swedish Historical Museum]

Arthurs, Harry - sweeps winner

Arthurs, Jon - Hotel Philadelphian

Ash, Theodore [SEE ALSO Dorrance, George M., Dr.]

Ashbridge, Fred E., Jr.

Ashbridge, Samuel H.

Ashbridge, Whitney, Mrs. - former Mary Gurney Naile

Ashcraft, Leon, Dr.

Ashenfelter, Raymond F. - State Director OPA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Nat Defense - Civilian - Office of Price Adm; Joseph, Sylvan L.]

Ashford, R.L. - Philadelphia

Ashford, Wm. Henry, Mrs. - former Bette F. Beggs

Ashhurst, Sarah W.

Ashmead, Nadine C.

Ashmead, Duffield, Jr. - architect

Ashmead, Samuel

Ashton, Augustus Trask

Ashton, George G. - organist

Ashton, Leonard - Swarthmore [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Ashton, Leonard C., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Rutz, Anny]

Ashton, Wm. H., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Bell, John, Jr., Mrs]

Ashton, Wm. Potter & wife - former Jeanne Payne

Ashton, Wm. S., Mrs. - society

Ashurst, Richard - children

Ashworth, James - Media, PA

Ashworth, Meda

Ashworth, T.G. - DL Paper Co.

Asmus, Ed - Temple athlete

Aspen, Earl G., Mrs. - former Mrs. Robert Kampman

Asprey, William - Record employee

Aspril, Peggy - Wilmington, DE [SEE ALSO Kirpatrick, Louise]

Aspril, Wm. H., Rev. [SEE ALSO Smith, Ravil, Rev.]

Asquith, Glenn H., Rev.

Astfalls, Philip

Aston, Trevor - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Atkinson, Charles - Pittsburgh

Atkinson, Edward K. - Wrightstown, PA

Atkinson, George - Mullica Hill, NJ

Atkinson, George K. [SEE ALSO Cushman, Charlotte Club]

Atkinson, George T.

Atkinson, James - Northern Liberties gas office robbery

Atkinson, Peggy - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Atkinson, M.F., Mrs.]

Atkinson, Ralph, Dr.

Atkinson, Robert

Atkinson, Robert E. - agriculturalist

Atkinson, Sally - payroll holdup

Atkinson, Sterling K.

Atkinson, Walter C.

Atlee Anne - society [SEE Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Rittenhouse - Flower Mart 1942; Hudson, Jeanette]

Atlee, Benjamin C. [SEE ALSO Flagg, Stanley G.]

Atterbury, W.W. - straight photos

Atterbury, W.W. - Pennsylvania Railroad, died 9-21-35 [SEE ALSO Swope, Gerard]

Atterbury, W.W. - funeral, died 9-1935

Atterbury, W.W., Mrs. - society

Atterbury, Wm. W., Jr.

Attix, James Connor, Dr.

Atwater, D.W. - Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Auchincloss, Richard S. & wife - former Mary K. Wainwright

Audubon, John James

Auerbach, Albert, Mrs.

Auerbach, Emanuel E. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Auerbach, S. Mortimer - Atlantic City, NJ

August, Irvin - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. Coast Guards 1945]

August, M.J. - sweeps winner

Augustine, Betty Jane - University of Pennsylvania

Aulenbach, Dorothy Bozoman

Aulenbach, W. Hamilton, Rev. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Churches - Christ Church & St. Michaels Episcopal; Schumaker, Albert W., Rev.; Knitting]

Aungst, Harvey J. [SEE ALSO Ramsdell, Sayre M.; Boardman, J. Griffith; Randall, Roland R.; Philadelphia Real Estate Board]

Auritt, Judy - swimmer [SEE ALSO Forbes, Dorothy; Patterson, Pat; Evans, Dot; Verdeur, Joe; University of Pennsylvania; Swimming; Large Photo File]

Auritt, Nate - swimmer

Box 153
List of People

Austin, Carl C., Mrs. - former Mrs. Charles Harrison, 3rd - former Judith McCall

Austin, Carl C., Mrs [SEE ALSO Barnes, Thomas, 2nd, Mrs.; Gibbs, George & wife; Navy League Service]

Austin, Charles - dime novel collector

Austin, Donald - state policeman

Austin, Eugene M., Rev.

Austin, George M., Jr., Dr. & wife - former Nancy Kolb Gibbs

Austin, Henry S., Jr., Lt. - Wayne, PA

Austin, James Paul, Dr.

Austin, James P., Jr., Mrs. - former Frances P. Wright

Austin, Marshall - Drexel Institute

Austin, Mary Claire - Haverford, PA [SEE ALSO Payne, Jeannette T.; Baldwin, Ray; Mayer, Henry; Clark, Marie]

Austin, Patricia - society [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Austin, Richard L. - Union League [SEE ALSO Ludlow, Benjamin]

Austin, Stanley H. - policeman

Austin, Thelma - Bala Cynwyd [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Junior Bal Masque, 1943; Bette, Edith M.]

Ax, Barbara - Downingtown, PA

Axler, Daniel, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Aydelotte, Frank, Dr. - President Swarthmore College [SEE ALSO Cecil, Robert, Viscount; Swann, W.F. G., Dr.; Einstein, Albert, Dr.; Lothian, Marquis of; Nason, John W.; McBride, Katherine E., Dr.]

Ayer, Francis Wayland

Ayer, Joseph Cullen, Rev.

Ayer, N.C. & wife - society

Aylesworth, Joseph Lynn, Jr. & wife

Ayres, Vernon - ice hockey

Baaton, Clifford - ice hockey

Babb, Ethel, Mrs. - suicide

Babb, Maurice, Dr., died 10-27-45

Babb, Maurice - wrestler

Babcock, W. Wayne, Dr. [SEE ALSO Parkinson, Wm. N., Dr.; Johnson, Robert L., Dr.]

Babcock, W. Wayne, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Blai, Boris; Red Cross - Nurses]

Bach, George C., Jr. - Record Soap Box Derby 1940 [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Soap Box Derby 1940]

Bach, Maretta - society

Bach, Richard - organist [SEE ALSO Telmusicon]

Bach, Richard - McCloskey murder - electrocuted 4-9-34

Bach, Yvonne Ann

Bacharach, Harry & wife - Atlantic City, NJ [SEE ALSO Siracusa, Anthony J.]

Bacharach, Isaac - NJ

Bache, Charles & wife - former Elizabeth Baird [SEE ALSO Archaeology - Van - City of]

Bache, Franklin

Bachman, Frederick, Jr. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bachman, Morton C.

Bachman, Robert N. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bachman, Wm., Mrs.

Bachrach, Louis Fabian

Back, George I., Col. [SEE ALSO LaBrum, J.H., Lt. Col.; Nicholls, Leslie B., Maj. Gen.]

Backall, John C.

Backhus, John B. [SEE ALSO Nugent, Gerry]

Backner, Robert, Sgt. - Haddonfield, NJ

Backus, Cecil F., Mrs. - former Alice B. Candee

Backus, John - President Bakery Drivers Union [SEE ALSO Wirs, John; Supplee, C. Henderson, Jr.]

Backus, Wallace T., Mrs. - former Rosina Malpass [SEE ALSO Turtles; Derby; McClenahan, R. Wallace, Mrs.]

Bacon, Benjamin R.

Bacon, Edmund N. - Philadelphia Housing Authority

Bacon, Harry - alias Harry Baker

Bacon, Harry E., Dr. - Temple University

Bacon, Harry Elliott, Mrs. - former Althea Wahle

Bacon, Jennings B.

Bacon, Peggy

Bacon, Walter W. - mayor, Wilmington, DE [SEE ALSO Carpenter, Bob; Marshall, George C., Gen.; Bricker, John W.; Vice President Camp 1944; Martin, Edward, Gov.]

Bacon, Wentworth C., Mrs. - former Mrs. Samuel E. Carpenter - former Katherine La Salle

Bacon, Wood - golfer

Baczewski, Kasimir M., Capt. - Philadelphia

Baczor, Walter V., Pfc. - Pottstown, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Troops - Marshall Islands 1944]

Baddick, Tom - football

Badger, Herbert - Bell Telephone Co.

Badon, Walter, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Bader, Edward L. - former mayor of Atlantic City [SEE ALSO O'Donnell, John A., Lt.]

Baer, Anne - Philadelphia

Baer, Charles H., Jr.

Baer, George F.

Baggett, Lewis E. & wife - from Record library

Baggs, Harold E.

Bagnall, Robert W., Rev.

Bagshaw, J. Garfield

Baggs, Henry M.K., Mrs. - former Elizabeth Spruance

Bagley, Jean

Bailey, Arthur A. & wife - former Anne Elizabeth Jones

Bailey, Bessie, Mrs. - evicted

Bailey, Betty

Bailey, Charles A., Cpl. - NJ

Bailey, E.C.

Bailey, Elizabeth - Harrisburg, PA

Bailey, Frankie - gangster

Bailey, Frederick - blind

Bailey, H. Bradley, Mrs. - former Marion R. Hollenback

Box 154
List of People

Bailey, James - rationing case

Bailey, Kenneth W. - Vice President O.S. Tyson & Co.

Bailey, Margaret A., Mrs.

Bailey, Mary Ellen - Narberth, PA

Bailey, Norman - bowler

Bailey, Wm. C., Lt. - Charleroi, PA

Bailie, Pearl Alice - Turtle Creek, PA

Bailis, Philip - Max Bailis & Sons

Bainger, Albert - park guard - shot

Bair, Gloria - Miss Philadelphia 1945 [SEE ALSO NJ - Atlantic City - Beauty Pageants 1945]

Bair, Joseph H., Dr.

Baird, Bunny Carrington - society [SEE ALSO Baird, Charles H.]

Baird, Charles H. - society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1938]

Baird, Charles H., Mrs. - former Frances Hutchinson [SEE ALSO Hutchinson, Sydney E.]

Baird, David A., Jr. & wife

Baird, David, 3rd, Capt. & wife

Baird, David, 3rd, Mrs. - former Grace M. Stevenson

Baird, Donald C., Jr., Lt. - Lewisburg, PA

Baird, Edgar W., Pfc.

Baird, Edgar Wright, Sr., Mrs.

Baird, Edgar W., Jr. & wife [SEE ALSO Harris, David W.; Martin, Joseph W., Jr.]

Baird, Edgar W., 3rd, Pfc. - Chestnut Hill

Baird, James W., 2nd

Baird, John - Pennsylvania County

Baird, Margery G. - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1944]

Baird, Robert D. - Pennsylvania State College

Baird, Virginia Carrington

Baitzel, Harry & wife

Baizley, Rudolph

Bakeless, O.H., Prof.

Baker, Ann - Pittsburgh, PA

Baker, Ann Porter

Baker, C. Pitman, Jr. [SEE ALSO Hudson, E. Walter; Provan, David B.; Philadelphia - Hotels - Walton Hotel]

Baker, Franklin H. - Philadelphia County Board of Public Assistance, died 4-3-41 [SEE ALSO Allen, Edward H.B.]

Baker, Frank E. - Cramp Shipbuilding Co.

Baker, George - Drexel Institute

Baker, George [SEE ALSO Haddon Heights High School - Football 1943]

Baker, George C.

Baker, Horace, Mrs.

Baker, Horace F.

Baker, Horace R.

Baker, J. Norman - Dobbin Vocational School

Baker, J. Thompson

Baker, Jacob - estate

Baker, Jerome, Rev.

Baker, Joe - bowler

Baker, Kenneth - manager, Traymore Hotel - Atlantic City

Baker, Louis - Charleroi, PA

Baker, Mary Newkirk - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Baker, Maurice E., Dr. - Camden County

Baker, Melville G. - banker, died 5-13-30

Baker, Michael, Jr. - Rochester, PA

Baker, Mifflin

Baker, Milton G., Col. - Valley Forge Military Academy

Baker, Phil

Baker, Phil & wife - former Peggy Cartwright

Baker, Raymond E. & wife - former Catherine Gehres

Baker, Wm. Franklin, Dr.

Baker, Wm. J. - Civil War vet, died 1-28-41

Baker, Willis M.

Balano, Paula - stained glass artist

Balbirnie, C.D.B., Dr.

Balch, Edwin S., Mrs. - society

Balch, Emily Clark - author

Balch, Emily Green [SEE ALSO Kind, Philip, Mrs.]

Balchunas, George A., Lt. - Franklin, PA

Baldeman, Wm. - Bellville, NJ

Balderston, C. Canby, Dr.

Balderston, Wm. - Philco Corp.

Baldi, Charles, C.A., Sr.

Baldi, Charles, C.A., Jr. [SEE ALSO Margiotti, Pio]

Baldi, F. Joseph M. - dead

Baldi, Frederick S., Dr. & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Board of Prison Inspectors]

Baldi, Joseph F.M., 2nd

Baldino, Louis, Capt. - Philadelphia

Baldi, Vito, Mrs.

Baldridge, Thomas J.

Baldwin, Arthur C., Rev. [SEE ALSO Thomas, J.S. Ladd, Dr.]

Baldwin, Betty Jane

Baldwin, Bruce, Dr. & wife

Baldwin, Clifford A.

Baldwin, Cloyd, Jr.

Box 155
List of People

Baldwin, Frank E. - Pennsylvania

Baldwin, George J., Rev.

Baldwin, Gilbert James

Baldwin, Harry S., Dr.

Baldwin, Marie - swimmer

Baldwin, Matthias W.

Baldwin, Richard W.

Baldwin, S. Raymond, Mrs. - former Jean Watson

Baldwin, Wm. H. - Vice President Baldwins

Baldy, John M., Dr. & wife

Ball, L. Heisler, Dr.

Ball, Priscilla - Philadelphia

Ball, Virginia King - Chestnut Hill

Ballantine, John - sculler [SEE ALSO Grubb, Larry]

Ballard, A.E., Rev., Dr.

Ballard, Ellis Ames - attorney [SEE ALSO Whist - Game]

Ballard, Frederick L.

Ballard, Frederick L., Jr. - University of Pennsylvania

Ballard, George E. - Philadelphia

Ballard, Robert - Soap Box Derby

Ballen, Anne - Philadelphia Normal School

Balles, George W., Jr. & wife

Ballinger, David - Rancocas, NJ

Ballinger, John Montgomery & wife - former Elizabeth A. Massey [SEE ALSO Trumbull, Ginny]

Ballinger, Robert I., Jr. [SEE ALSO Hurlburt, Katherine]

Ballinger, Robert I. & wife [SEE ALSO Snellenberg, Morton; Ebert, Charles E., Mrs.]

Balis, Otis Wanton, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Taylor Remington

Ballou, Wm. H., Mrs. - former Betsy E. Pettingill

Balog, James, Cpl. - Philadelphia

Balter, Alexander J., Sgt. - Pittsburgh, PA

Balthaser, Jacob L. - Hamburg, PA

Baltz, S.A. - Coroner

Baltzell, Wm. - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Clapp, Clara B.]

Baltzell, Edward Digby, Mrs. - society

Bamberger, Robert Julian - Record employee

Bamford, Wm., Rev.

Bancroft, Dave - baseball

Bancroft, Joseph - Delaware

Band, Norwood E., Rev.

Banks, George H., died 8-1-40

Bangs, Henry McC., Mrs. - Jenkintown, PA

Banks, Mary Morrow - Lansdowne, PA

Banks, Maurice, A.L., Mrs. - former Ruth Hall

Banks, Robert Bruce, Mrs. - former Nancy L. Manship

Banks, Samuel, Mrs.

Banks, Warren B., Lt. - Philadelphia

Banner, Franklin, Dr. - Penn State College [SEE ALSO Sullivan, Mark]

Bannard, Charles H.

Bansen, Marjorie E. - Glenolden, PA

Banson, Angel - Philadelphia

Barba, Nina [SEE ALSO Biddle, Constance; Thomas, Joyanne]

Barba, Virginia - Germantown [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Junior Bal Masque, 1943; Perkins, June]

Barba, Wm. P., Col.

Barbakoff, Ben, Cpl. - Philadelphia

Barbarick, Lewis V., Jr - Philadelphia

Barbe-Marbois, Francois

Barber, Earle N. [SEE ALSO Davies, Rhys J.; Philadelphia - Organizations - Philadelphia Real Estate Board; Orten, Lawrence]

Barber, Edward Stoddard & wife

Barber, Mary Foster - Penn Mutual Company

Barber, Wm. Wyatt, Jr. & wife - former Margaret Hazlehurst Patton

Barbour, Charles Laurence, Mrs. - former Eleanor Hunter White

Barbour, Etta - Record [SEE ALSO Kay, Effie]

Barbour, George

Barbour, Max, Jr.

Barbour, Ralph Henry - author

Barbour, W. Warren - New Jersey - Senator

Barbour, Warren & wife - divorced 9-11-41 [SEE ALSO Austin, Warren R., Mrs.; Reed, Stanley, Mrs.; Adams, Alva, Mrs.]

Barclay, Orville J. - Cross Keys murder

Bard, Guy K. - judge

Bard, Ralph A. - broker - & wife

Bard, Samuel [SEE ALSO Amish]

Bard, Silas - father of Guy K. Bard

Bards, Robert, Mrs. - Chestnut Hill

Bardsley, James, Dr.

Bare, Howard, Rev.

Bare, Kendig C. - Lancaster, PA

Bare, Warren - bicycle rider

Barford, Einar - embezzler

Barger, Kathryn Virginia - Yeadon, PA

Bargia, Otto - Erie, PA

Barringer, Betty – hockey - Drexel [SEE ALSO Garvin, Gene]

Barker, Charley - swimmer

Barker, Frank P.K., Dr.

Barker, George J. - real estate

Barker, Joseph, Jr. [SEE ALSO Snow Scenes - Pennsylvania - Skytop, 1938; Naughton, Ursula; Burpee, W. Atlee, 3rd; Baizley, Rudolph; Gordon, Nicholas, Mrs.]

Barker, Justus L. - New Jersey

Barker, Martha Joan - Rosemont, PA

Barker, Wharton - financier - banker

Barksdale, Frances M.

Barlow, John G. [SEE ALSO Fredericks, Clarence W. & wife]

Box 156
List of People

Barlow, Thomas S.J. [SEE ALSO Delaware River Bridge Commission]

Barnak, John - jury

Barnard, Boyd T. - real estate [SEE ALSO Davies, Rhys J.; Kirk, Leo A.; Setzman, Benjamin B.; 2601 Parkway]

Barnard, Everett P., Dr.

Barndt, Howard W. - Philadelphia Transportation Co.

Barnes, Catherine C. - Overbrook [SEE ALSO Hower, Ronald]

Barnes, Charles P. - Hazleton, PA [SEE ALSO Devitt, Mike]

Barnes, E.W., Rev.

Barnes, Edgar R.

Barnes, Frederick W., Lt. & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Officer's Club]

Barnes, George Emerson, Rev. [SEE ALSO Ayoelotte, Frank; Brinton, Crane; Philadelphia - Churches - Overbrook Presbyterian Church; Presbyterian Church of the U.S.]

Barnes, George Emerson, Mrs.

Barnes, George N.

Barnes, George N.

Barnes, George W., Rev.

Barnes, Gladeon M., Maj. Gen. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Franklin Institute - Awards]

Barnes, Edgar, died 10-6-40 [SEE ALSO Stern, Horace]

Barnes, Harry Elmer - author

Barnes, Hiram & wife

Barnes, Ira W. - President Ninth Bank & Trust Co. [SEE ALSO Fenniger, Carl W.]

Barnes, James E. & wife

Barnes, John

Barnes, John - swimmer

Barnes, John Hampton [SEE ALSO Thompson, Guy A.]

Barnes, John Hampton, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Hamilton, John D.M.; Taft, Robert A.; Coleman, G. Dawson, Mrs.]

Barnes, Russell A., Mrs. - former Charlotte Carcher

Barnes, Thomas, 2nd & wife [SEE ALSO Winpenny, J. Bolton]

Barnes, Thomas, 2nd, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Mardi Gras 1938; Large Photo File; Colt, Ethel Barrymore; Yeatman, Pope, Jr., Mrs.; Caldwell, Josephine B.]

Barnes, Wm., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Barnett, Charles, Jr., Mrs. - former Cecile H. Newbold [SEE ALSO Degerberg, Mary; Landreth, Charlotte S.; Brown, Katherine L.; Patterson, Philip, Mrs.]

Barnett, George - policeman

Barnett, J. Allen, Jr., Mrs. - former Jane Dodge

Barnett, Ray - Philadelphia

Barney, Charles D.

Barnhardt, Elwood G., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Barnhardt, Helen C. - Philadelphia

Barnhardt, Samuel F. - UGI

Barnhouse, Donald, Rev.

Barnhouse, Donald, Jr.

Barr, Betty - Haverford, PA [SEE ALSO Barr, Meade, Mrs.]

Barr, Charles Bud

Barr, David P., Dr.

Barr, Dorothy Ann - Altoona, PA

Barr, Edmund, Rev. [SEE ALSO Roman Catholic High School; Bowling]

Barr, Florence - fencer

Barr, Herman & wife

Barr, James, Dr.

Barr, John Shober - Franklin & Marshall College

Barr, Meade L. & wife - former Katherine Sullivan [SEE ALSO Cheston, James, Mrs.; Morris, E. Effingham B., Jr., Mrs.]

Barr, Myer Bernard, Mrs. - former Ann David

Barr, Robert - Temple University

Barr, Victor S. & wife

Barr, Virginia

Barr, Wayne - Record [SEE ALSO Fisher, Charles]

Barr, Wm. W. - Coast Guard

Barrall, Robert W., Lt. - Berwick, PA [SEE ALSO Whitson, Wm. D. Cart]

Barratt, Norrris Stanley, 3rd [SEE ALSO Hunter, John Heard; Greenwood, Daphne]

Barratt, Norris, 2nd - asst. district attorney - & wife [SEE ALSO Rosen, Theodore; Atlee, Benjamin C.; Hunter, John Heard]

Barratt, Norris Stanley, Mrs. - former Ellen Levering, died 5-1934

Barrett, Anthony J. [SEE ALSO Scheehle, J. Evans]

Barrett, Anthony P.

Barrett, Edward

Barrett, Eugene A. - K of C

Barrett, Frank - basketball

Barrett, Howard P. - NJ

Barrett, Elwood [SEE ALSO White, Robert C.; Philadelphia - Roxborough]

Barrett, James C., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Barrett, Jean - Record reporter [SEE ALSO Detton, Dean; Stone, Fred; Petrillo, Herman - Arsenic Case - General Envelope; Earle, George H., Mrs.]

Barrett, Jean – Record - & husband

Barrett, Jean - Devon, PA

Barrett, John - barber [SEE ALSO Traffic - Philadelphia]

Barrett, John L. - Reg. Commissioner [SEE ALSO Earle, George H.; Kelly, John B.; Harr, Luther]

Barrett, John Rock

Barrett, Joseph P. - Scranton, PA

Barrett, Kate Waller, Dr.

Barrett, L.C. - autos

Barrett, Lawrence H. - Philadelphia

Barrett, Richard Warren

Barrett, Ruth

Barrett, Walter P. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Habermehl, Carolin; Bowman, Anne; Trumbull, Louise H.]

Barrett, Walter P., Mrs.

Barratt, William A. [SEE ALSO United Nations Organizations; Capitol - Philadelphia]

Barrie, Stuart - organist

Barroll, Alston - Gwynedd Valley [SEE ALSO Cirminello, Joseph & wife]

Barroll, Maria L. [SEE ALSO Women Workers - Aviation Mechanics; U.S. - Army - Women - Philadelphia 1944]

Barron, August J. - draftee

Barrett, Bert - athletic director - Olney High

Barron, Joseph W., Lt. - Yeadon, PA

Barron, Wm. E. - Washington, PA

Barrows, Donald B., Mrs. - former Anna S. Newbold [SEE ALSO Rush, Benjamin, Jr., Mrs.]

Barrows, Earl - draft dodger

Barry, D.J. - autos

Box 157
List of People

Barry, John, Comm.

Barry, Robert, 2nd, Mrs. - former Mary Allison Reed - divorced [SEE ALSO Wetherill, Giles, Mrs.; Martin, Edith C.; Keroworthy, Paul, Mrs.]

Barry, Stuyvesant, Mrs. - former Alice Scoville

Barry, Welles, Mrs.

Barry-Doyle, R., Rt. Rev.

Barry-Orlova, Mme.

Barrymore, Ethel - movies - straight photos

Barrymore, Ethel - movies

Barrymore, John - movies - straight photos - head

Barrymore, John - movies

Barrymore, John, Jr. [SEE ALSO Robinson, Edward G., Mrs.]

Barrymore, John - with daughter Diana Blythe Barrymore

Barrymore, John - home

Barrymore, John & wife - former Katherine Harris - 1st wife

Barrymore, John & wife - former Michael Strange - 2nd wife

Barrymore, John & wife - former Dolores Costello, now Mrs. John Vruwink - 3rd wife [SEE ALSO Costello, Dolores]

Barrymore, John & wife - former Elaine Barrie - 4th wife - divorced 11-26-40 [SEE ALSO Culbertson, Fly]

Barrymore, John - movies - straight photos - long

Box 158
List of People

Barrymore, Lionel - movies

Barrymore, Lionel - movies - straight photos

Barrymore, Lionel & wife - former Irene Fenwick, died 12-25-36 [SEE ALSO Bankhead, Tallulah]

Barrymore, Maurice - drama - father of Ethel, Lionel & John

Barsky, Alexander - racket

Barsky, Morris - racket

Barsky Wm. M., Lt. - Philadelphia

Barstow, Henry, Jr., Mrs. - former Gloria Farrell [SEE ALSO Burke, Frances]

Bartel, Jean - Miss America 1943 [SEE ALSO NJ - Atlantic City - Beauty Contests 1943; NJ - Atlantic City - Easter 1944; NJ - Atlantic City - Beauty Pageant 1944; Ramey, Venus]

Bartell, Dick & wife

Bartell, Richard, Jr. - son of Dick Bartell

Barth, John E., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Barth. Joseph G. [SEE ALSO Coughran, Joseph F.]

Barthold, John - former police inspector

Bartholomew, Allen R., Dr., died 11-27-33

Bartholomew, Clara - Bellevue-Stratford Hospital

Bartilucci, Joseph

Bartilucci, Nicholas

Bartine, David F., Rev.

Bartkey, Walter, Dr.

Bartle, Henry, Dr. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Bartlett, C.A.P. - Easton, PA

Bartlett, Charles E. - judge

Bartlett, Charles, Mrs.

Bartlett, Clarence, Dr. & wife

Bartlett, Clarence C.

Bartlett, Edward, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Bartlett, Edward, C.

Bartlett, Edward T. - banker

Bartlett, Edward T., Jr. & wife - former Helen V. Wilcox

Bartlett, Ernest C., Rev.

Bartlett, John W., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Bartlett, Percy H.

Bartol, George E., Jr. & wife - President Hunt Pen Co., Camden, NH [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Bourse; Hatch, J.P; Russell, H.E.]

Bartol, George E., 3rd, Mrs. - former Mary Blair Farr

Bartol, John H. - American Airlines

Bartol, William C., Dr.

Barton, Alfred Partridge, Mrs. - former Patricia Godfrey [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Zoo - Christmas Seals 1937; Leisenring, Mary P.; Townsend Margot F.; Philadelphia - Opera 1942; Godfrey, Wm. S., Mrs.]

Barton, Amos B., Rev.

Barton, Barbara E.

Barton, Cliff - ice hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Ice - Philadelphia Ramblers 1939]

Barton, Daniel S., Pfc. - Harrisburg, PA

Barton, Virginia R. - Bryn Mawr, PA [SEE ALSO Charity Ball 1944]

Barton, Henry T., Jr.

Bartram, Wm.

Barvis, Francis Aldan

Bary, Constantine, Mrs. - former Katherine Gillespie Leiper [SEE ALSO Hunsicker, Charles, Jr., Mrs.]

Basca, Nick - football - Villanova capt. vs. Temple ‘40 [SEE ALSO Villanova College - Football 1939; Burke, Cyril J.; Large Photo File; White, Arthur Tarzan, Pvt.]

Basciani, Johnny - bowler

Baseshore, Samuel E.

Baseler, Dorothy Johnstone - harpist

Baseler, Dorothy V. - harpist

Baseler, Robert & wife

Bashford, Raymond - swimmer [SEE ALSO Valley Forge Military Academy]

Bashore, Ralph M. - Sec. of Forests and Waters [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B.; Earle, George H. - Miner Outfit; Margiotti, Charles; Unemployment Insurance - Pennsylvania; Mundy, Leo; Andrews, Elmer F.; Lawrence, David L.]

Basia, Nick - football

Bass, Benny - boxer - & wife - former Frieda Steinberg

Bass, Benny, Mrs. - former Anna McDevitt - 1st wife

Bass, Naomi G. - Vineland, NJ

Bassett, Albert Charles - Upper Darby, PA

Bassett, Mary C.

Bassett, Maxwell B.

Bassett, Ralph E., Jr. - Philadelphia

Bassi, Dick & wife - former Dorothy Glasener

Bastian, David W.

Bastian, Dorothy M. [SEE ALSO Burke, Nancy]

Bastian, E.C. - aviator

Bastian, Joseph Wm., Jr., Mrs. - former Borradaille D. Pancoast

Batchelor, J.C. - Narberth, PA

Batchelor, Philip H. - Navy Yard [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Navy Yard - Employees]

Bateman, Molly - Record

Bates, Harvey Leland, Dr.

Bates, R.C., Jr. - Wyncote, PA

Batt, Robert L.

Batt, Wm. C. - President SKF Industries [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles, Dr.; Roosevelt, F.D., Mrs.; Bausch, Edward, Dr.; Hopkins, Henry; Eberstadt, Ferdinand; American Swedish Historical Museum; Howell, Cooper, Mrs.; Rea, George E.P.; Phila. - Corporations - SKF - Employees; Norway - Martha Crown Princess; U.S. Navy - Ships - Currituck; McDonald, James G.]

Batt, Wm. L. - President SKF Industries, Inc. - straight photos

Batt, Wm. L., Mrs. - society

Batt, Wm. L., Jr.

Batt, Wm. L., Jr. & wife - former Dothard Read

Batten, Harry A. & wife - N.W. Ayer & Son

Batten, Jack - football

Batten, John M. - football

Battenfield, Esther - cashier - Lintons

Battersby, Harvey, Jr., Mrs. - former Gloria S. Dickel

Battis, Thomas - Hatboro High School

Battle, Hyman L., Jr., Mrs.

Battles, Frank, died 9-22-32

Box 159
List of People

Battles, Winthrop H. - Media, PA [SEE ALSO Woolsey, Richard H.; Salvation Army 1940; Pepper, George W., Jr.]

Baugh, Pierce A. & wife - society

Baugher, Erle - football [SEE ALSO Northeast High - Football 1939; Temple University - Football 1945]

Baugher, Kathryn, Mrs.

Bauer, Charles F., Dr.

Bauer, Edward - baseball manager

Bauer, Edward L., Dr.

Bauer, John Francis, Jr.

Baum, Albert H. - air raid warden [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Air Raid Wardens - Philadelphia]

Bauman, A.E., Rev. [SEE ALSO Hagen, George & wife]

Baumann, H.C., Rev. - Pittsburgh, PA

Baumbaugh, Emmert - Congressman - Pennsylvania

Baumeister, Harry

Baumeister, Harry - killed

Baumel, Herbert - violinist

Baumgartner, John - singer - Westminster Choir

Baumler, Albert J. - Trenton, NJ

Baus, Charles E. - Corn Exchange Bank

Baus, Raynmond C. - Philadelphia

Bausewine, George - Norristown, PA

Bausewine, George - home

Bausher, S.B. - Hamburg, PA

Bausman, J.W.B. & wife

Bausman, Mary Jane

Bauzenberger, Albert, Jr., Mrs. - former Julia G. Hutchinson [SEE ALSO Mac, Mary Jean]

Bauzenberger, W.B. - Wayne, PA

Bavington, Robert S., Capt. - Elkins Park, PA

Bawden, Anne - society [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Zug, Thomas]

Bawden, Clarence

Bawden, Ernest, Rev.

Baxter, Bea - Model

Baxter, Harry T. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Anti-Communist Society]

Baxter, Harold R. - W.B. Bell & Co.

Baxter, samuel S., Maj. [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis 1936; Philadelphia - Defense Council - Control Center; U.S. National Defense - Civilian - Air Raid System - Philadelphia]

Baxter, Thomas, Mrs. - former Gladys Elizabeth Moffat

Bayard, Charles O., Rev.

Bayard, Fred W., Mrs.

Bayard, Henry & wife

Bayard, James A., Mrs. - former Nancy Lennig

Bayard, Thomas F.

Baycura, John, Rev.

Bayes, Harry H., Col. [SEE ALSO Salvation Army - Philadelphia 1944]

Bayliss, Charles W., Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Baylor, Martha

Baylor, Walter L.J., Col. - Lebanon, PA

Bayne, Hugh Gayle & wife - former Bettina Frazer

Bayne, Hugh Gayle, Mrs. - former Bettina Frazer [SEE ALSO Cooke, Nini; Levis, Alice Wood; Dexter, Mary Ernestine; Frazer, Persifor, 4th, Mrs.]

Bayne, John J., Cpl. - Philadelphia

Bayuk, Edward & wife - former Mrs. Constance W. Lewis

Beach, Edward Warren, Dr.

Beach, Edward W., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Glasgow, Wm. A., Mrs.]

Beach, George R., Jr., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Rood, Deborah G.; Large Photo File; Spruance, Preston L., Mrs.]

Beachler, Mary Jane - Mt. Lebanon, PA [SEE ALSO Lowy, Evelyn]

Beadenkopf, Martha - society [SEE ALSO du Pont, Francis, Mrs.; Turner, Isabella]

Beagle, Elizabeth Ann - Swarthmore High School

Beal, W.H. - autos

Beale, Edward F. [SEE ALSO Holden, Cynthia]

Beale, Elwood C.

Beale, Horace A., Jr., Mrs.

Beale, Ida - bandits victim

Beale, Robert, Jr., Mrs. - society

Beale, Rupert Griscom

Beale, Wilson T.M., Rev., Dr. [SEE ALSO Bible Schools]

Beaman, Frank - Curtis Publishing Co.

Beaman, James Franklin - The Record

Beamish, John L.

Beamish, Richard, 3rd

Beamish, Richard J. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Public Utilities Comm.]

Bean, Charles H.

Bean, Elwood

Bean, George, Mrs.

Bean, Henry D., Mrs.

Bean, Lewis U.

Bean, Mary Elizabeth

Bean, Theodore Lane - attorney - & wife [SEE ALSO Patterson, Laurence, R. Rev.; Bean, Thomas Lane; Snyder, Edith; Hammond, John, Mrs.; Titus, Robert R., Mrs.; Barr, Meade L., Mrs.; Horse Racing - Pennsylvania - Radnor Hunt 1944]

Bean, Wm. K. - Reading Company

Bear, Harry, Sgt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Bases - England 1944]

Bear, Raymond B., Mrs. - Allentown, PA

Beard, Ann - sculler [SEE ALSO Rowing - Women]

Beard, Caroline - society

Beard, Donald Swan, Mrs. - former Marjorie Balderstone

Beard, Henry

Beard, Milton C., Mrs. - former Louise Steelman [SEE ALSO Nurses]

Beard, Robert, Mrs. - former Gwendoline Baugh [SEE ALSO Beard, Caroline; Golf Courses - Merion Cricket Club]

Beard, Thomas & wife - eviction

Beardlsey, Mitchell W. - Episcopal Academy

Beardwood, Joseph T., Dr.

Beasley, James

Beasley, Jean - society

Beasley, Irene

Beasley, Oscar

Beaston, Frank J., 3rd - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Beaton, Wm. F. - magistrate

Beattie, Charles R. & wife - former Mildred Fahnestock

Beatty, D.W. - Philadelphia

Beatty, Elwood, Jr., Mrs. - former Edith B. Halis - Tennis [SEE ALSO Pearson, Elizabeth; Pederson, Helen; Prizer, John B., Mrs.; Shellenberger, Betty; Knowles, Hope; Rorer, Gerald, Mrs.; Bowes, Cecile; Hofkin, Rose; Allman, Dick, Mrs.; Large Photo File - Knowles, Hope]

Beatty, George - Merion

Beatty, John M., Mrs.

Box 160
List of People

Beatty, Joseph

Beatty, Mary Allison

Beatty, Robert L. - Provident Mutual Insurance Co. [SEE ALSO United War Chest]

Beatty, Rowland N. - Ardmore, PA

Beaux, Cecilia - artist

Beaver, Arthur, Mrs. - Dravosburg, PA [SEE ALSO Poppies; Lemstra, Louis, Mrs.]

Beaver, James A.

Beaver, Walter - trapshooter [SEE ALSO Crothers, Sam; Fawcett, Roger K.; Rigg, John D.]

Beaver, Walter - trapshooter

Beavy, Edward J. - artist

Beazet, Ellsworth

Bechtel, Wilbur - brother of Norman Bechtel

Bechtel, Norman R. - murdered

Beck, Weston C. & wife

Beck, Charles

Beck, Charles J.

Beck, Charles W.

Beck, Charles W. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Beck, Edward - eviction

Beck, Henry - North Philadelphia broker

Beck, Henry Charlton - author

Beck, Henry C., Mrs. - former Elizabeth L. Snowden

Beck, James M., died 4-12-36, & wife [SEE ALSO Linthicum, Charles]

Beck, James M., Mrs. - former Mrs. Edward Bethell - former Clarissa B. Tennyson

Beck, Jean B., Dr.

Beck, Joan - Temple University

Beck, Joseph A. - Pittsburgh, PA

Beck, Joseph E.

Beck, Louise, Mrs. - Bryn Mawr

Beck, Martin - Coast Guard - Riverside, NJ

Beck, Morris - Palmyra police

Beck, Stephan

Beck, Walter, Mrs.

Beck, Wm. L., Capt.

Beck, Wm. L., Mrs. - former Mrs. Algernon R. Clapp - former Anne Jefferys

Becker, Doris K.

Beck, Frederick R., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Becker, Irwin A. - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science [SEE ALSO Wesolowski, Joseph]

Becker, James K.D. - Kennett Square, PA

Becker, John B., Dr.

Becker, Joseph A., Dr.

Becker, L.W.

Becker, Marvin, Mrs. - former Betty Lapayowker

Becker, Stanley

Beckett, Raymond - Camden murder probe

Beckett, Vincent D., Rev. [SEE ALSO Gamble, W.N., Dr.]

Beckhoff, Harry - locksmith

Beckley, D.W., Dr.

Beckman, Irland McK. - Secretary of Banking [SEE ALSO Penna. Banking Board]

Bedford, Frank A., Jr., Mrs. - Penn Valley [SEE ALSO Shryock, J. Richard, Mrs.; Philadelphia - Organizations - Officer's Club]

Bednarik, Al - football

Beckurts, Isabel P. - society

Beeber, Dimner - judge

Beehler, George W., Jr. - real estate

Beeler, John Hall, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Wharton [SEE ALSO Frazier, Josephine]

Beers, Henry C. - bowler

Beery, Vincent D., Rev.

Beeson, Harold G, Mrs. - former Mary L. Hodges

Begley, James P. - KYW

Behney, Charles A., Mrs. - society

Behrend, Moses, Dr.

Behrens, Edgar, Rev.

Beidleman, Edward E.

Beidler, James H., Jr.

Beidler, Phyllis G.

Beifel, Nathan A. “Biff” - magistrate [SEE ALSO Connelly, Jimmy; Moylan, Charles A.]

Beiler, John Riehl

Beiman, Max - Latimer Club owner

Beimel, George - violinist

Beinlich, Francis, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Beirne, Joseph - National Federation of Telephone Workers [SEE ALSO Fitzsimmons, Frank J.]

Beiseigel, Florian J., Jr. - football [SEE ALSO Peddie School - Wrestling Team 1938; Christmas Seals]

Beitel, Thomas L. & wife - Catasauqua, PA

Beitler, Abraham - judge, died 9-1935

Beitler, Eleanor - society [SEE ALSO Morris, Sophia M.]

Beitler, Harold & wife

Beitler, Harold B. - home

Beitler, Wm. L. - real estate assessor

Beitler, Wm. L., Jr.

Beitzel, George B. - Pennsylvania Salt Co.

Beke, Russell - Allentown, PA

Belber, Leonard, Mrs. - golfer

Belcher, Wm. H. - magistrate [SEE ALSO O'Donnell, John]

Belfield, Percy C., Jr.

Belfield, T. Dun

Belfield, Thomas B., 2nd, Mrs. - former Betty Blakeley

Belfiore, Joseph - boxer

Belknap, Wm. Worth - Secretary of War, 1869-1876

Bell, Anna M., Mrs. - McClure case

Bell, Bayard L., Mrs. - former Annette A. Bailey

Bell, Benjamin A., Sgt. - Ambler, PA

Bell, Bert, Jr.

Bell, David N., died 6-1929

Bell, Doris C. - society [SEE ALSO Bietler, Barbara; Pollock, Samuel H.]

Bell, Elizabeth Ann

Bell, Elwood - bowler

Bell, Frank B. - Edgewater Steel Co.

Bell, George D. - autos

Bell, George T., Mrs. - former Sara Wolfe

Bell, Gibson, Rev.

Bell, H. Craig

Bell, Herbert - President Bellson Co.

Bell, Herman F.

Box 161
List of People

Bell, Howard, Jr., Dr. & wife - former Ruth Haines

Bell, James A. - banker [SEE ALSO Nusbaum, Lee]

Bell, James H., Mrs. - former Bettie Mortimer Smith

Bell, James Henderson & wife - former Bettie M. Smith

Bell, James H. - pigeons

Bell, John - Secretary of War 1841

Bell, John A. - banker

Bell, John C. - society

Bell, John C., died 12-1935

Bell, John C. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Bell, John C., Jr. - State Secretary of Banking [SEE ALSO Horse Thieves; Gillette, Guy M.; Penna. - Constitution]

Bell, John C., Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Martin, Edward, Maj. Gen.; Phipps, Ogden]

Bell, Laurence S. - banker

Bell, Marion - Temple instructor

Bell, Marjorie - Pittsburgh, PA

Bell, R.H., Dr.

Bell, Raymond M., Mrs. - Paoli, PA

Bell, Robert W.

Bell, Samuel, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Dilworth, Brockie, Mrs.; Whelen, Lewis Bell, Mrs.]

Bell, Samuel, 3rd, & wife - former Isabel Frazer

Bell, Thomas P. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bell, Wm. J. Reddy - magistrate

Bell, Willis H. - Coast Guard - New Jersey

Bellak, Charles - Bellak Piano Co.

Bellino, Albert V., Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Aviation; Airplanes - Bombers; City of Pittsburgh]

Bellis, Charles - hex doctor

Bellis, Isadore - straight photos

Belmont, Larry P. - credit manager - Jacob Reeds

Belmont, Leo - attorney

Belote, Frances S. - Gimbel Bros. [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis]

Belsterling, Charles S. [SEE ALSO McDevitt, Harry S.]

Belsterling, J.T.

Belting, A.W., Dr.

Beltzner, August [SEE ALSO Pole Vaulting; Robertson, Lawson]

Beltzner, Ernest - athlete

Beltzer, Wesley - Bethlehem, PA

Beman, Janet

Bement, Russell, Mrs. - former Viola M.J. Black [SEE ALSO Reeves, Martha Jane; Charity Ball 1940; Navy League]

Bemis, Harold, Dr.

Benchley, Edgar - ice hockey

Benchley, Nathaniel

Bencker, Ralph B. - architect

Bender, John - Frackville, PA

Bender, Leonard, Cpl. - Mt. Carmel, PA

Bender, Paul B., Dr., died 5-13-41

Bender, Rosamond K.

Bender, Wm. A., Jr.

Benedict, Edward E., Mrs. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Pollock, Wm., Mrs.]

Benedict, Edward E.

Benedict, Lois

Benedict, Marta - tennis [SEE ALSO Rockey, Elizabeth]

Benedict, Richard, Mrs. - Chestnut Hill

Benedict, Richard G.

Beneke - Drexel

Benge, H.B., Maj. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2D; Solomon's - U.S. Marines, 1943]

Benham, Wm. J. [SEE ALSO Fell, David N., Jr.; Philadelphia - Cramps Shipyard]

Benjamin, Aaron - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Benjamin, Cletus J., Rev.

Benjamin, Edna - ice skater

Benjamin, M.W., Dr.

Benjamin, Roland N.

Benjamin, Stan & wife - former Barbara Hall

Benkert, Charlotte - Elkins Park [SEE ALSO Baby Parades - NJ - Ocean City 1946]

Benkert, Wm. Co. - real estate [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Real Estate Board]

Benn, Allen, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hospitals - Northern Liberties - Incubator]

Benn, James S.

Benner, Anna J., Sgt. - Quakertown, PA

Bennett, A.C., Mrs. - former Emily M. Reeve

Bennett, Charles R. - Vice President Landwehr Heating Corp.

Bennett, Claude E. - President Tioga Co. Savings & Trust Co.

Bennett, Claude H. - Bellevue-Stratford Manager [SEE ALSO Knisell, Sidney L. & wife]

Bennett, Claude H., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Riggs, Louis C., Mrs.]

Bennett, Claude H., Jr., Lt. Cmdr.

Bennett, Harry - detective [SEE ALSO Devine, James Vernon]

Bennett, J. Franklin - Vice President Pennsylvania Title Ins. Co.

Bennett, James M. - Philadelphia Electric, died 1-27-41

Bennett, Jane Spaulding, Lt. - Wellsboro, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Women's Army Auxiliary Corp. - Philadelphia; Casper, Caroline B., Lt.; Girard College]

Bennett, John F. & wife - Hanover, PA

Bennett, R.G. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Bennett, Richard C.

Bennett, Richard R.

Bennett, Robert C. & wife - former Rita T. Wolfington

Bennett, Samuel T.J. [SEE ALSO Springer, Ralph E.]

Bennett, Stanley K.

Bennett, Alan T., Col. - Wilmington, DE

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Volney G.

Bennett, Wm. - Camden, NJ

Bennett, Wm. T - Laurel, DE [SEE ALSO O'Brien, John]

Bennett, Wilbur

Bennison, Wm. T. - Budd Manufacturing Co., died 3-16-41

Bensing, Leroy, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Bensinger, Charles R., Mrs. - former Mildred M. Harrison

Benson, E.N. [SEE ALSO Krumghaar, C.H., Mrs.]

Benson, Edwin N., Mrs. - society

Benson, Esther

Benson, Herbert E., Mrs. - former Margaret H. Porterfield

Benson, John C. [SEE ALSO Tiernan, Helen, Mrs.]

Box 162
List of People

Benson, Perry, Mrs. - former Phoebe Ingersoll [SEE ALSO Fox, Bernard W., Mrs.]

Benson, Richard & wife - former Mary C. Pew

Benson, Richard, Mrs. - former Mary C. Pew [SEE ALSO Pew, Eleanor; Pew, Joseph N., Jr.; Patterson, Catherine; Strawbridge, George]

Benston, Roy - McClure trial

Bent, Arthur G.W. - Smith Kline & French Co.

Bent, George Payne, Mrs. - former Alice E. Babst

Bent, Harry H. & wife - former Molly Wood Snyder

Bent, John, Mrs.

Bent, Martha C. - society [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs.]

Benton, Herbert, Rev.

Bentz, Charles W. - real estate

Bentz, Miss E. - Overbrook

Bentz, Fred - electrician

Bentz, Wm., Capt. - fencing [SEE ALSO Fencing; Terrone, L.F. Onardo]

Bentzel, J.E., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Benz, George J. - Lt. of detectives

Benze, Theodore, Dr.

Benzel, Christian

Berardinis, Joe - golfer

Berberian, Alice - Philadelphia

Beresin, Jack [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis 1938; Amsterdam, Ben]

Berg, Albert P., Dr.

Berg, Beatrice B., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE Casper, Caroline B., Lt..; U.S. - Army Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. - Philadelphia; Willcox, Elizabeth; Emergency Aid; U.S. - Army - Women's Auxiliary Corps.; Crosby, Bing - Visits - Philadelphia 1943]

Berg, Bernice, Mrs. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Women's Auxiliary Corps.]

Berg, Evelyn

Berg, Max - policeman [SEE ALSO Mulhern, Jerry; Bishof, Louis; Hutton, Wm.; Delaney, Florence]

Berg, Max, Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis; Stetson, Heden B., Mrs.; Diegel, Leo]

Bergdoll, Alfred - son of Grover Bergdoll [SEE ALSO Bergdoll, Emma, Mrs.]

Bergdoll, Emma - daughter of Grover Bergdoll [SEE ALSO Bergdoll, Emma, Mrs.]

Bergdoll, Emma C., Mrs. - mother of Grover C. Bergdoll

Bergdoll, Emma C., Mrs. - home

Bergdoll, Irwin Bubi - son of Grover Bergdoll [SEE ALSO Bergdoll, Emma, Mrs.]

Bergdoll, Grover C. - straight photos

Bergdoll, Grover C.

Bergdoll, Grover C. - homes

Bergdoll, Grover C., Mrs.

Bergdoll, Grover C. - children

Bergdoll, Grover Cleveland & wife

Bergdoll, Grover C., Mrs. - with children

Bergdoll, Minna - daughter of Grover C. Bergdoll [SEE ALSO Bergdoll, Emma, Mrs.]

Bergen, Leslie S.

Bergen, Marty - attorney

Berger, Anna, Mrs. - quiz [SEE Philadelphia Record Quiz]

Berger, Betty [SEE U.S. - Army - Women - Philadelphia 1944]

Berger, Carl P.

Berger, David, Lt. Cmdr. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Navy - Ships - Franklin - Aircraft Carrier]

Berger, G. Fred - Norristown Pennsylvania Trust Co.

Berger, James S. - Coudersport, PA

Berger, Robert - Soap Box Derby winner 1938

Berger, Samuel, Jr.

Berger, Sam J., Pvt.

Berger, Seymour C. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Berger, Thomas W., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Colket, Tristram, Mrs.]

Bergh, Betty

Bergman, A.F. - Pittsburgh, PA

Bergman, Bernard A. - Record [SEE ALSO Stern, J. David - Dinner, 12-22-39; Lamar, Hedy - Visits - Philadelphia, 1942]

Bergman, Bill - bowler

Bergman, Frances Dellar

Bergmann, Hans

Bergman, Harvey

Bergman, Henry, Jr. - bowler [SEE ALSO Walker, Katherine, Mrs.; Trucks, Charley; Winchester, Eddie; Bergman, Henry, 3rd; Philadelphia Record - Bowling; Basone, T.]

Bergman, Henry, 3rd

Bergman, Leonard, Sgt.

Bergman, Louis K. & wife

Bergman, Margaret - Oak Lane

Bergman, Sam - Record employee

Bergner, Charles W., Capt.

Bergner, Gustavus & wife - Avalon, NJ

Box 163
List of People

Bergson, Louis J. - brother of Grover C. Bergdoll

Bergstresser, Wm. H. [SEE Watercraft - Reuben James - U.S. Destroyer]

Bergstrom, Albert R. - mayor of Coatesville

Bergstrom, H.C., Mrs.

Bergstrom, Paul

Berkeley, Green R., Lt. Cmdr. & wife - former Susan D. Pearson

Berkheimer, Louis

Berkowitz, Abraham - asst. dist. attorney [SEE ALSO Jewish Tuberculosis Society]

Berkowitz, Ralph - pianist

Berl, D. Ernest, Dr.

Berlet, E.J. & wife [SEE ALSO Tomlinson, Edward]

Berlin, Bruce - Valley Forge Military Academy [SEE ALSO Hernly, James]

Berlin, Robert, Pvt. - E. Melton, PA [SEE War - World War - 2D - Germany Invasion - U.S. Troops, 1944]

Berlin, Samuel G., Lt.

Berlin, Wm. M.

Berlin, Irving Cord - Philadelphia

Berlinger, Barney & wife - former Marguerite L. Wagner

Berlinger, Benjamin

Berlinger, Edward F. - Kensington Hygeia Ice Co.

Berlinger, Frederick W., Mrs. [SEE ALSO American Womens Voluntary Services]

Berlinger, Wm. G.

Berman, Alexander

Berman, Arnold, Dr.

Berman, Edward - teacher

Berman, Emma - Record employee

Berman, Gerald

Berman, L. - B & L holdup

Berman, Morris "Mo"

Berman, Phyllis - bowler

Berman, Sam - Record [SEE Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Berman, Sol - tennis

Berman, David, Sgt.

Bernard, Franklin, Dr.

Bernard, Franklin, Jr., Mrs. - Kennett Square [SEE Red Cross - Food Packaging Centre]

Bernard, James L. - Cramp Shipbuilding Co.

Bernardi, Dominic, Pvt. - Avella, PA [SEE War - World War - 2D - Casualties - U.S./Europe Invasion - France]

Bernardo, Francis - Chestnut Hill, PA

Bernardo, Vincent, Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Europe - Return to U.S.]

Bernbaum, Harry L. - Frank & Seder [SEE ALSO Strikes - Philadelphia - Frank & Seder Store]

Bernbaum, Harry, Mrs. [SEE Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs.]

Bernbaum, Phyllis - Philadelphia

Berndt, Bayard, Mrs. - former Reita Blatz

Berner, M.A., Rev.

Berner, Sara

Bernfeld, Leon - numbers racketeer

Bernfried, John, Mrs.

Bernovitz, Lillian - Scranton, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. Navy - Waves]

Bernstein, Ida - WCAU

Bernstein, Leaden [SEE ALSO Baseball Teams - Phillies 1939]

Bernstein, Lillian Gloria - Philadelphia

Bernstein, Mitchell, Dr.

Bernstein, Ralph, Dr. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hospitals - Hahnemann Medical College]

Bernstein, Robert M. [SEE ALSO Levy, Hortense; Silver, Abba Hillel, Dr.]

Bernstein, Samson

Bernstein, Sylvia

Bernstein, Theresa F. - artist

Bernstein, Wm. - newsboy

Berree, Norman Rahn

Berrien, W.P. - autos

Berriman, Franklin R. [SEE Philadelphia - Organizations - Wissinoming Boys Club]

Berriman, Howard R., Pvt. [SEE Philadelphia - Organizations - Wissinoming Boys Club]

Berruti, Lucia, Sgt. - Pittsburgh, PA [SEE U.S. - Marines - Women - Discharges]

Berry, Charles - The Record

Berry, Edward, Jr.

Berry, H.R. Buck

Berry, Henry V. - patrolman

Berry, James, Mrs.

Berry, Joseph F., Bishop

Berry, Robert, Lt. - Philadelphia

Berry, Robert W., Capt.

Berry, Samson - Record reporter [SEE ALSO Welding]

Berry, Wm. - Keystone Auto Club

Berry, Wm. - Vice President Poor Richard Club [SEE ALSO Taylor, Alice; Lamour, Dorothy; Dear, Walter; Swing, Raymond Gram]

Berry, Wm. H - Chester, PA

Berryman, Edward L., Sgt.

Berryman, J.R. - autos

Bersch, Robert W. [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis, 1937]

Bersing, Carl - C10 [SEE ALSO McDevitt, James L.; Wallace, Henry A. & wife; Williams, David E.; Morris, Effingham B., Jr.; Blood Donors; Gates, Thomas S., Mrs.; Ketterer, Gustav, Mrs.]

Bernstein, Marion

Bertolet, J. Allen, Dr. [SEE ALSO Boland, John P.]

Bertolet, Samuel E. - judge

Bertolet, Clarence E.

Bertolet, U.S.G., Dr.

Bertolet, Wellington M. - attorney

Bertolette, Robert - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bertolini, Clotilde - Red Cross worker

Berts, Jimmy - Philadelphia

Berue, Wm. D., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Berv, Arthur I. - Philadelphia Orchestra [SEE ALSO Berv, Harry]

Berv, Harry - music

Berwind, Henry A., Jr., Mrs. - former Mrs. Elizabeth Bissell Clay

Berwind, James Barclay

Berwind, Margaret [SEE ALSO Van Lennep, Florence; MacFarlan, Dorothy; Carson, Joan; Uniforms; Bowman, John; Biddle, Constance]

Beshore, Andrew S., Dr.

Beswick, Anna, Mrs.

Beswick, Florence M., Mrs.

Beswick, F____ [SEE Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Beswick, George

Betcher, Alexander W. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Betson, Dick - tennis

Betson, Bobby - tennis

Bettle, Griscom, Jr., Mrs. - Fort Washington, PA

Bettle, Helen - Gladwyne

Bettle, Marion Sharpless [SEE ALSO Grenfell, Wilfred, Sir]

Betts, Charles A., Lt. - Bethlehem, PA

Betts, Huck - baseball

Betz, John F. - brewer

Betz, John F., 3rd

Box 164
List of People

Betz, Marshall – librarian - Philadelphia Orchestra [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Fairmount - Robin Hood Dell]

Beury, Charles E., Dr. - President Temple University

Beury, Charles E., Jr.

Beury, Charles & wife [SEE ALSO Stover, Ross, Dr.]

Beury, Charles E., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Repplier, Agnes]

Beuter, Edwin - Frankford Arsenal

Bevans, George E., Rev. Dr.

Bevans, Walter

Bewar, Fred S. (?) - Pittsburgh, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Bases - England]

Bewley, John M.

Bey, Eddie Stephens - Camden, NJ

Beyer, H. Lloyd, Jr. [SEE ALSO Beyer, H. Lloyd]

Beyer, Frederick

Bianca, Sondra - pianist [SEE ALSO Maazel, Lorin]

Biberian, Alice

Biberosch, Rudolph - bowler

Bice, Isabelle - Ardmore, PA [SEE ALSO Waters, Theodore; Large Photo File - Bicycles; Bromer, Ralph S., Jr.; Spreter, Roy; Richardson, Margaret R.; Philadelphia - Society - Charity Ball 1945]

Bick, Ernest C.T. & wife

Bickel, Willard A. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bickerstaff, Roland, Mrs.

Bickert, Marie M. [SEE ALSO Hersch, Charles D.; Kelly, John B. 1940]

Bickley, C.W., Rev. & wife

Bickestein, Rose

Biddle, A. Mercer, Mrs. - former Katherine Hansell [SEE ALSO Lee Ya Ching]

Biddle, Adele [SEE ALSO Bicycle; Yerger, Dorothy G.; Dunning, Frances D.; Cassard, Louise; Wood, Chris, Jr.; Colfelt, Virginia]

Biddle, (?) [SEE U.S. - Marines - Philadelphians]

Biddle, Alexander L. [SEE Biddle, Alexander W., Mrs.]

Biddle, Alexander M., Mrs.

Biddle, Alexander W. - home

Biddle, Alexander W., Jr. & wife - former Elizabeth Simms

Biddle, Alexander & wife [SEE ALSO Dorrance, John W., Mrs.; Ormandy, Eugene; Fotterall, Eleanor D.]

Biddle, Alexander, Mrs., society [SEE ALSO Ormandy, Eugene; Coxe, Henry B., Mrs.; Noble, Wm. H., Jr.; Johnson, Edward; Davis, Meyer, Mrs.]

Biddle, Alfred A., Mrs. - society

Biddle, Alice A. [SEE Beebe, Robert Livingston, Mrs.]

Biddle, Anne G.

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Maj. [SEE ALSO Biddle, Edward; Lloyd, Stacy B., Mrs.; Loughran, Tommy]

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Maj. - straight photos

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel & wife

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr. [SEE ALSO Earle, George; Kelly, Jack; Earle, George & wife; Harriman, J. Borden, Mrs.; Rohde, Boerge, Mrs.; Guffey, Joseph F.; Earle, George - Cap & Gun; Paderewski, Ignace; De Gaulle, Charles; U.S. - Army - Troops in England]

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr. - straight photos

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr., Mrs. - former Margaret A. Loughborough, Mrs. - 3rd wife

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr., Mrs. - former Margaret Schulze, Mrs. - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr., Mrs.- former Margaret Schulze, Mrs. - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Harriman, J. Borden, Mrs.; Earle, George H., Mrs.; Norway - Haakon, King; England - Women - Land Army; Churchill, Winston, Mrs.]

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Duke - 1st wife - divorced

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, 3rd [SEE ALSO Goelet, Robert, Jr.]

Biddle, Caroline

Biddle, Charles

Biddle, Charles J.

Biddle, Charles J., Maj.

Biddle, Christine W. - society

Biddle, Clement, Cmdr. & wife

Biddle, Constance - society [SEE ALSO Willcox, Elizabeth]

Biddle, Craig & wife [SEE ALSO Wallach, Martha, Mrs.]

Biddle, Dorothy Flagg, Mrs. - Radnor, PA

Biddle, E.L. - alias

Biddle, E.M.

Biddle, Edward

Biddle, Edward, Ens. & wife - former Janet Springfield

Biddle, Edward M., Mrs. [SEE Burgess, W. Starling & wife]

Biddle, Edward W. & wife

Box 165
List of People

Biddle, Elizabeth C., Mrs. - home

Biddle, Emory L.

Biddle, Eric H. & wife - former Katherine C. Rogers [SEE ALSO Field, Marshall; Rogers, Edmund H. & wife]

Biddle, Ernest & wife - former Peggy Ann Huber

Biddle, Ernest L., Mrs. - former Peggy Ann Huber [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Wanamaker, Fernanda; Christy, Kenneth; Ligget, Howard B.; Parsons, Lewis H., Mrs.; La Baw, Patricia; Rogers, Edmund H. & wife]

Biddle, Ernest L., Mrs. - former Peggy Ann Huber - straight photos

Biddle, Flagg, Mrs. - Radnor [SEE ALSO Navy League Motor Corps.]

Biddle, Francis B.

Biddle, Francis - straight photos

Biddle, Francis & wife - former Katherine G. Chapin [SEE ALSO Anderson, Marian]

Biddle, Francis, Mrs. - former Katherine G. Chapin [SEE ALSO Lehman, Herbert H.]

Biddle, Francis - attorney

Biddle, George - artist - & wife - former Helen Sardeau

Biddle, George Drexel, Mrs. - former Kate H. McCreary SEE ALSO Robb, David B (H?), Mrs.; Clough, Peter; Brehm, Ludwig T.; Kurtzhalz, Charles; Christmas Seals]

Biddle, George D. Mrs. - former Joan Kaufman [SEE Polk, Frank F., Mrs.]

Biddle, George D. Mrs. - former Joan Kaufman, divorced [SEE ALSO Winterstein, Joseph N., Mrs.]

Biddle, Harriet [SEE Fox, Degrasse, Mrs.]

Biddle, Helen, Mrs. [SEE Biddle, Thomas & wife]

Biddle, Helene [SEE ALSO Cresson, Emily Vaux; Wanamaker, Fernanda]

Biddle, Henry C., Mrs. [SEE Bright, Thomas C.F., Ens.]

Biddle, Henry Canby, 3rd [SEE Bright, Thomas C.F., Ens.]

Biddle, Henry C., Jr. & wife - former Anna Lodge Minot [SEE ALSO Navy League Service]

Biddle, Howard

Biddle, J.C., Dr.

Biddle, J. Wilmer, Mrs. [SEE Gordon, Alexander, Mrs.]

Biddle, Jacob [SEE Djalal, Haffar]

Biddle, James, Com.

Biddle, Joanna W. [SEE Johson, Lewis & wife]

Biddle, John, Maj. Gen. [SEE ALSO Biddle, Edward]

Biddle, John A., Pvt. [SEE Hamilton, Richard T., Mrs.]

Biddle, Jonathan Wm. [SEE Biddle, Alexander Wm., Mrs.]

Biddle, Joseph F. [SEE ALSO Davis, Robert L.]

Biddle, Laura - Riverton, NJ [SEE ALSO Albert, Sarah M.M.]

Biddle, Letitia

Biddle, Lilian Lee - society

Biddle, Livingston L., Jr. & wife - former Dorothy M. Flagg [SEE ALSO Watters, Somerset; War - World War - 2D - Volunteers - U.S. American Field Service]

Biddle, Livingston L., 2nd & wife - former Mrs. James J. Neville - former Suzanne Burke, 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Reed, Verner Z., Jr., & wife; Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Col. & wife; Neville, James J. & wife; Parsons, Lewis H., Mrs.]

Biddle, Livingston L., 2nd, Mrs. - former Kate R. Page - 1st wife [SEE ALSO Rosengarten, Clifford J., Mrs.]

Biddle, Lydia - Ardmore, PA [SEE ALSO Cooke, Nini; Thomas, Joyanne B.]

Biddle, ? [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines - Parris Island; Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel & wife]

Biddle, Lynford, died 1-25-41

Biddle, Margaret F. - Wayne, PA [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Hallowell, Henry, Jr., Mrs.]

Biddle, Margaret Fleming [SEE Bright, Thomas B., Mrs.]

Biddle, Mary Augusta [SEE Snyder, Wm. Henry Jr., Mrs.]

Biddle, Mary Duke [SEE Trent, Josiah C., Mrs.]

Biddle, Melvin E., Cpl. - Indiana [SEE Medals - Congressional Medal of Honor]

Biddle, Moncure, Mrs.

Biddle, Nicholas, Maj. [SEE ALSO Antelopes; Trapier, Mrs.; Biddle, Anthony J.D., Jr.]

Biddle, Nicholas & wife [SEE Lippincott, J. Bertram & wife]

Biddle, Nicholas - naval officer [SEE ALSO History of Philadelphia, Scharff & Westcott Vol. II, Page 1539]

Biddle, Nicholas, Mrs. - former Sarah Lippincott [SEE ALSO Lippincott, Joseph W., Mrs.]

Biddle, Nicholas, Jr. [SEE ALSO Lippincott, J. Bertram]

Biddle, Norris - athlete

Biddle, Oliver, Ens.

Biddle, Peyton, Jr. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Biddle, Peyton R. & wife - Media, PA

Biddle, Peyton R., Mrs. - former Frances R. Packard [SEE ALSO Brownback, Mary Virginia]

Biddle, Renee, Mrs.

Biddle, Ruth [SEE Pennypacker, Anna W.]

Biddle, Robert, 3rd, Mrs.

Biddle, Sarah A., Mrs. [SEE Biddle, Thomas E. & wife]

Biddle, (?) [SEE Stokes, Wm. S., Mrs.]

Biddle, Sheila [SEE Biddle, Constance]

Biddle, Sydney G., Mrs.

Biddle, Sidney F., Lt. [SEE Biddle, Oliver, Ens.]

Box 166
List of People

Biddle, Sydney Francis & wife

Biddle, Thomas F. & wife

Biddle, Toby - nickname [SEE Biddle, Livingston L., 3r]

Biddle, Vernon - drama [SEE Biddle, Vivian]

Biddle, Violet [SEE Stinson, Joseph & wife]

Biddle, Virginia - dancer

Biddle, Virginia G.

Biddle, Warren H.

Biddle, Wharton [SEE Lippincott, J. Bertam & wife]

Biddle, Winthrop

Bieck, Mildred, Mrs.

Biedenbach, Joseph J., Pfc. [SEE U.S. - Marines - Pennsylvanians]

Bieler, Louis Henley - President Germantown Trust Co. - & wife [SEE ALSO Kaufman, Arthur C.; Hatch, Norman T., Sgt.]

Bieler, Louis Henley, Mrs. - former Peggy Ferguson [SEE ALSO Strobhar, Barbara; Garthwaite, A.A., Mrs.]

Bieler, Marc - decorator

Bielile, D.M. - Gordonsville, PA

Biello, George F. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bielski, Noah - violinist [SEE ALSO Gay, Robert]

Bierbaum, Robert

Bieri, John C., Dr. [SEE ALSO Otto, Harry]

Bierly, M.Z.

Biermann, Charles - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Navy - Ships - Phoenix - Cruiser]

Bierman, Klara, Mrs.

Bierschenk, Carl, Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE Voting - Soldiers]

Bierschenk, Conrad & wife

Biester, Wm. H., Jr., Mrs. - society

Bietler, Harold, Mrs.

Biffero, P.J., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Ryukyu Islands 1945]

Bigelow, Herbert S., Rev.

Bigelow, John H.

Biggar, John, Lt. Col.

Bigger, Lucy W., Mrs.

Biggs, Donald, Pfc. [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Europe - Return to U.S.]

Biggs, Frank - Fairmount Park Commission

Biggs, Frank E., Mrs.

Biggs, ? G., Lt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Nurses]

Biggs, John, Jr.

Bigham, Edward, Cpl.

Biglow, Fred S.

Bigony, Samuel & wife - former Florence Schmidt

Bihlmire, Wm. L., Sgt.

Bikle, Henry W. - Pennsylvania Railroad, died 1-26-42

Bilas, Joseph - Board of Education [SEE Clinton, Jacob]

Biles, Anna M.

Biles, George H.

Biles, George J., Mrs. - former Betty Jane Smith [SEE Booth, John R., Mrs.]

Bilger, George - murder [SEE ALSO Morrow, James T.]

Bilgram, Hugo, died 8-29-32

Bilinski, John

Billger, Gerald T.

Billheimer, C.E.

Billheimer, Stanley, Rev.

Billikoff, Jacob [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis A.; Philadelphia Regional Labor Board; Raff, Raymond A.; Strikes - Philadelphia - Truck Drivers]

Billin, Charles E.

Billingieri, Tom - bowler

Billings, Helen, Mrs. [SEE Soroptimist Club of Philadelphia]

Billings, J. Harland, Mrs.

Billings, Jean H. [SEE Drexel Institute]

Billings, Mary Packard - society

Billings, Packard, Mrs. - Villanova [SEE Pennsylvania - Bryn Mawr Art Center]

Billos, Anne - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Beauty Contest - Philadelphia; Mosiondz, Stephanie]

Bilofsky, Maxwell M.

Blitz, Charles A., Dr.

Bilyi, Anna - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Navy - Waves 1945]

Bilyi, Anthony

Bilyi, Catherine, Mrs.

Binder, Paul B.

Binder, Sonia [SEE ALSO Penna. - University of - Cultural Olympics 1940]

Bingham, H. Payne, Jr. & wife

Bingham, James J., Rev. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg]

Bingham, Wm., Mrs.

Binkley, David I.

Binns, ? [SEE Bombs]

Binns, Arthur W. - Philadelphia

Binns, C.A. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Navy - Ships - Oregon City - Cruiser]

Binns, E.M.

Binns, John - magistrate

Binns, John E. - Philadelphia Nat'l Home Show

Binns, Joseph P. & wife

Binswanger, Frank G. & wife [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Signal Corps - Philadelphia; Barkley, Alben W.]

Binz, Gisela - pianist

Biondi, Alfredo, Dr.

Biorden, Elizabeth - society [SEE ALSO Biorden, John S.]

Biorden, John S.

Birch, James, Jr.

Birch, Kathryn - Wilmington, DE

Bird, Eliza Jane - bail bond expert

Bird, Wm. Gibson, 3rd & wife - former Helene Palferay Sampson

Birdsall, Genie - Haverford, PA [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Officer's Club]

Birdsall, Robert G., Sgt.

Birkby, R. - Record employee

Birkmann, Jack [SEE Northeast High School Bowling]

Birkhimer, E. Ray - air raid warden [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Air Raid Wardens - Philadelphia]

Birkmire, Mary

Birner, Oscar

Birney, Harry M., Jr.

Bisbee, Edgar C. - Bisbee Linseed Co.

Bishoff, Arthur C., Pvt. & wife

Bischoff, Benita - murder case

Bischoff, C. Edwin

Bishof, Louis - bandit

Bishop, Claire

Bishop, Dorothy

Bishop, Edwin P.

Bishop, Frederick J., Dr.

Bishop, Gilbert L. - banker

Box 167
List of People

Bishop, Henry A. & wife - former Edith L. Weed

Bishop, James Cunningham, died 6-1-32

Bishop, Jean - tennis

Bishop, Jean, Mrs. - Bala Cynwyd [SEE Berlinger, Frederick W., Mrs.]

Bishop, John, 6th, Mrs. - former Daisy Le Boutellier

Bishop, John W., Lt. - Philadelphia

Bishop, Kay - artist

Bishop, Paul A., Mrs.

Bishop, Richard

Bishop, Richard E. - artist

Bishop, Thomas L., Mrs. - former Dorothy E. Lyon [SEE ALSO Rich, Louise; Cameron, Nicholas G., Mrs.]

Bishop, Vista, Ens. - Scranton, PA [SEE U.S. - Navy - Waves, 1944]

Bishop, W.B. - school director - Strasburg Township [SEE Lutz, J. Milton]

Bishop, Walter S. - Doylestown

Bisno, Beatrice

Bispham, David

Bispham, Samuel, Mrs. - society

Bispham, Samuel, Jr., Mrs. - Wynnewood, PA [SEE Emergency Aid Motor Corps]

Bissell, Charley - sculler

Bissell, Alfred E., Mrs. - society

Bissell, Alvyn

Bissell, John M. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Theaters - Delancy St. Theater; Mannix, Helen P.]

Bittler, Donald R. - football

Bitner, Fearns E.

Bitler, Wm. - University of Pennsylvania [SEE U.S. - Marines - Enlistment]

Bitner, Howard M., Jr., Mrs. - former Jeanne Eshelman

Bitner, W.E. - school director - Cumberland Co. [SEE Lutz, J. Milton]

Bitters, Charles - bowler [SEE ALSO Thompson, Frank]

Bitting, Clarence R. - President U.S. Sugar Corp.

Bittner, Lawrence D.

Bittner, Silas P., Rev.

Bittong, Arthur - radio

Bittney (?), Richard, Pvt. - Twin Rocks, PA [SEE War - World War - 2D - Casualties - U.S. Volcano Islands]

Bixler, Lena M., Mrs.

Bjorn, Jean - WAAC [SEE Crosby, Bing - Visits - Philadelphia 1943]

Blabon, George W., 2nd, Mrs. - former Mary Stout

Blabon, H. Deck & wife - former Margaret P. Leonard - 1st wife - Mrs. Blabon now Mrs. T. Wister Brown, 4th [SEE ALSO Brown, T. Wister, 4th]

Blabon, H. Deck, Mrs. - former Geraldine Bishop - 2nd wife

Blabon, Mary Stout - Philadelphia

Black, Al - Record

Black, Allen W. - Wicen murder

Black, Anthony, Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Pacific - Return to U.S.]

Black, Bessie, Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Women - North Africa 1944]

Black, Charles H., Mrs. - former Kathleen Smith

Black, Edwin Milton, Cpl.

Black, Ella B., Mrs.

Black, Frances [SEE United Campaign 1939]

Black, Frank B.

Black, Fred W., Dr.

Black, George, Supt. - Wilmington

Black, George - society

Black, George B., Ens. & wife - former Frances T. Pew [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society Lullaby Ball 1946]

Black, George Browne, Mrs. - former Frances T. Pew [SEE ALSO Pew, George T., Mrs.]

Black, Harry [SEE Temple University - Basketball 1939]

Black, Hugh

Black, Hugh - former recorder of deeds

Black, Jack

Black, Jeremiah S.

Black, John, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Black, John L., Jr. & wife - former Mary Timanus

Black, John L., Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Timanus [SEE ALSO Hershey, Kirk; Skating - Roller; Scooters - Motor; Canby, Leila]

Black, John W., Sgt. - Woodbury, NJ [SEE ALSO Denig, Robert L., Brig. Gen.]

Black, Lucy Grey - Radnor, PA

Black, Mary - singer

Black, MacKnight, Mrs. - society

Black, Newbold

Black, Ramsey [SEE ALSO Howes, Wm. W.; Guffey, Joseph F.]

Black, Raymond M., Sgt. - Ardmore, PA

Black, Richard - detective

Black, Robert M. [SEE Accidents - Transit - Philadelphia 1944]

Black, Russell Van Nest

Black, Walter E., Mrs. - Ardmore

Black, Wm. Marshall, Mrs. - former Sarah M. Albert [SEE ALSO Keen, Anna C.; Penna.- Univ. of - Museum; Cruice, Robert B., Cpl.]

Blackadder, Christine - St. Davids, PA

Blackburn, Clarence - councilman [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - City Council; McGee, Patrick J.]

Blackburn, Harmon L. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Finances - War Bonds; Cohan, George M.; Andrews Sisters; U.S. - Army - Enlistments - Philadelphia]

Blackburn, John

Blackburn, Morris

Blackburn, Roy - coroner

Blackburne, Wm. H. - keeper at zoo [SEE ALSO Anteater]

Blackledge, Ruth, Mrs. - Lansdale, PA [SEE U.S. - Army - Awards]

Blackman, Daniel S. - banker

Blackman, Ernest H., Rev.

Blackman, Herbert E., died 8-1936

Blackshire, William J., Jr., Pvt.

Blackstone, A.E. - Drexel Institute

Blackstone, Ernest C., Dr.

Blackwell, Oliver H.

Blackwood, Russell & Mrs.

Blader, Wm. - Pittsburgh, PA

Blagden, B. Douglas, Mrs. - society

Blagden, Carolyn Valentine [SEE ALSO Horse Shows - Pennsylvania - Devon 1946]

Blai, Boris - sculptor [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles, Dr.; Conwell, Russell H.; Masks; Temple University - Tyler School of Fine Arts]

Blain, Jane Turner

Blaine, James G. [SEE ALSO Willkie, Wendell L., Mrs.; Garfield, John]

Blair, Anita [SEE Fire Scenes - Illinois - Chicago - La Salle Hotel]

Blair, Anne

Blair, Bill - golfer

Blair, Donald

Blair, George M., Lt. - Sewickley, PA

Blair, J.P., Ens. & wife

Box 168
List of People

Blair, Janet - movies

Blair, Janet - movies - now Mrs. Louis Bush [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Hall, Al; Grant, Cary; Movies - Curly; Edison, Charles

Blair, Jimmy - radio

Blair, John A., Rev.

Blair, Joseph H., Dr. [SEE Bair, Joseph H., Dr.]

Blair, Mickey - murdered - alias Michael Tenerelli - & wife

Blair, Richardson, Mrs. [SEE ALSO McGuckin, Elizabeth H.]

Blair, W. Edwin - realtor

Blaird, George, Cmdr.

Blake, Bob - golfer

Blake, George, 3rd, Sgt.

Blake, Gladys

Blake, Helen T.

Blake, Horace B., Mrs.

Blake, Lyman R. - Merion, PA

Blake, Maurice J., Mrs. - former Andree Langevin

Blake, Richard F., Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Air Corps. - Bases - So. Pacific]

Blake, Robert [SEE Blake, Ella, Mrs.]

Blake, Sidney S. & wife [SEE ALSO Davis, Mary Jane; Gibbons-Neff, Morton, Mrs.; Hartenstein, Bertram; Johnson, O. Doyle; Earle, George H., Mrs.]

Blake, Sidney S., Sr.

Blake, Sue

Blakeley, Anne - Chester [SEE Philadelphia - Society - Junior Headdress Ball]

Blakeley, Charles R.

Blakeley, George H. - Bethlehem Steel Corp.

Blakeley, George - steel

Blakeley, George A., Jr.

Blakeley, John K. - Haverford, PA [SEE Philadelphia - Society - Mardi Gras Ball 1944]

Blakely, Doris - Upper Darby

Blakely, John, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Bromley, Charles G., Mrs.]

Blakemore, Doris

Blakeslee, Horace W., Mrs. - former Alice I. Carey

Blakeslee, Wm.

Blanch, Joseph F., Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Air Corps. - Bases - Sicily]

Blanchard, Benjamin Waite

Blanchard, Bernard C. - hockey

Blanchard, Bland, Dr. [SEE ALSO Lester, John A., Jr.]

Blanchard, Frances - Swarthmore College

Blanchard, Georgette, Mrs.

Blanchard, Jean-Pierre & wife

Blanchard, Phyllis, Dr.

Blanchet, Paul Romeo, Prof.

Bland, James A.

Bland, James A. - grave

Bland, P. Brooke, Dr., died 10-31-40

Bland, P. Brooke, Mrs. [SEE ALSO De Kousse, O.J., Mrs.]

Blank, George W., Lt. & wife - former Betty Drinnan

Blank, H.E., Jr. - cadet

Blank, Harry P., Mrs.

Blank, Morris

Blank, Samuel A.

Blank, Samuel A., Mrs. - former Ruth Wilma Saler

Blankenburg, Lucretia, Mrs.

Blankenburg, Lucretia, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Parks, Marion, Dr.; Roosevelt, Franklin, Mrs.; Gimbel Award; Phillips, John M., Mrs.]

Blankenburg, Rudolph

Blankenmeyer, Herbert J. & wife

Blankenship, Clifton W.

Blankin, Marilyn - Germantown

Blankin, Merrill F. & wife [SEE ALSO Fleisher, Walter L.]

Blankley, Frank

Blanton, Cy Darrell & wife

Blasius, Katherine, Mrs.

Blass, C. Arthur - Erie, PA

Blastic, Charles John

Blaszczyk, Edward M. - Philadelphia

Blatt, Marvin - Philadelphia

Blattenberger, Raymond W., Sgt.

Blattman, Walter

Blatz, Frederick W., Rev.

? [SEE Episcopal Church - Penna. Diocese]

Bleakley, F. Stanley - NJ

Bleakley, Frances - New Castle, PA

Beakley, Harold - Pittsburgh, PA

Bleakley, O.D. - Pennsylvania

Bleakney, Henry - Philadelphia [SEE Lukens, Wm., Jr., Mrs.]

Bleckschmidt, Dorothy C., Mrs.

Blechschmidt, M.O., Mrs.

Bledsoe, Leo - football [SEE ALSO Football - Professional - Philadelphia Eagles, 1945]

Bledsoe, R.C., Capt.

Blee, F. Gordon, Jr., Mrs. - former Margaret Ann Ball

Blee, Michael J., Rev.

Bleecker, Jack - swimmer

Bleeker, Peggy - tennis - Temple University

Bleeker, Mel - football [SEE ALSO Football - Professional - Philadelphia Eagles 1944]

Bleichert, Anthony

Bleil, Walter [SEE PA - Eddystone - Baldwin Locomotive Works]

Bleile, Robert S., Lt.

Box 169
List of People

Blelock, James C., Mrs. - former Mildred C. Yocum

Blenderman, Herbert, Sgt. - Upper Darby, PA [SEE U.S. - Army - Printing Shop]

Blensinger, Barbara Rose

Bleu, M.J.

Blewett, George F.G. - lawyer

Blewett, M. Barron, Miss [SEE ALSO Kress, Clarence C., Comm.; Large Photo File - Bicycles; Aiguier, Antoinette; Emeck, Edward]

Bleyden, Carolyn Edith [SEE ALSO Whitlock, Hamilton, Mrs.; Fetterolf, Morton H., Jr., Mrs.]

Bleyden, Enid

Bleyler, Wm. - Chester, PA

Blickenstaff, David & wife

Blidan, Dorothea - Philadelphia [SEE Philadelphia - Navy Yard - Employees - Women]

Blinco, Lloyd S. - ice hockey [SEE ALSO Hershey Bears 1937]

Blinn, Albert K. - Wildwood Crest, NJ

Blinn, Charles P., Jr. - banker

Blinn, Laura - Ardmore, PA [SEE Large Photo File]

Blissard, Frank

Blisard, James J.

Blisard, John

Blisard, Thomas A., Jr. [SEE ALSO Blisard, Thomas A., Sr.; Morganstern, Richard G., Jr.]

Blisard, Thomas A., Sr.

Bliss, Dorothy

Bliss, Edward P., Mrs. - society

Bliss, George, Ens.

Bliss, George S. - weather bureau - Philadelphia

Bliss, Louis M., Dr. [SEE Philadelphia - Organizations - Independent Young Mens Beneficial Assoc.]

Bliss, Philip Paul - composer

Bliss, Vivian - dancing school

Blitman, Harry - boxer

Blittle, Charles

Bliven, Sophie W.

Blix, W.B. - golf

Blizzard, Richard W., Mrs. - former Virginia W. Fuller

Blizzard, Wm.

Bloch, Arthur - N. Snellenberg & Co. [SEE ALSO Franklin, Benjamin; Snellenberg, Morton E.; United China Relief; U.S. Finances - Defense Bonds; Philadelphia - Victory Drive (3rd); Kaufman, Arthur C.]

Bloch, Arthur, Jr. & wife

Bloch, Edward M., Sgt.

Bloch, Herman

Bloch, Julius - artist

Bloch, Percy A. [SEE ALSO Hunt, Marsha]

Bloch, Suzanne

Bloch, Winston N., Mrs. - former Mary A. Converse

Blocher, Priscilla

Block, Gordon C.

Block, Isaac E. [SEE Philadelphia - Organizations - United Citizens of America; Stephan, Carl]

Block, Louis C. - autos

Block, Robert C.

Block, Sidney, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Blocksom, F.B.

Blodgett, John H.

Blodgett, Wm. H., Mrs. - society

Blood, Edward, Sr.

Blood, Raymond V., Jr., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Blood, Robert C.

Bloodgood, Joseph C., Dr.

Bloom, Bob - music

Bloom, D.E.

Bloom, George I.

Bloom, Harriet Grace - Chestnut Hill, PA

Bloom, Hiram J.

Bloom, Louis A. - asst. dist. attorney

Bloom, Robert G. - Lukens Steel Co.

Bloom, Sara Louise

Bloomberg, Max

Bloome, Charles P.

Bloomer, Amelia

Bloomer, Edgar N., Col.

Bloomgren, Wm. L. - Pittsburgh, PA

Bloomingdale, Karl

Blose, Kermit - Bethlehem, PA

Bloxom, M.J.

Blue, Louise Fownes, Mrs. - Pittsburgh, PA

Blue, Richard Fownes

Bluett, Thomas - judge

Blum, Charles - Poor Richard Club [SEE ALSO Ravior, Margaret]

Blum, Charles, Mrs. - former Dorothy Markley

Blum, Douglas, Mrs.

Blum, E.H. - Vice President Atlantic Refining - & wife

Blum, Harry

Blum, Harry - holdup victim

Blum, Herman - Craftex Mills Inc. - & wife

Blum, Jacques - President Gimbel Brothers - Pittsburgh

Blum, Janet, Mrs.

Blum, John [SEE Tilly, Wm.]

Blum, Leon, Cpl. - 109th Field Artillery

Blum, M., Mrs. - antique dealer

Blynn, Bryce, Mrs. - society

Blynn, John M., Mrs. - society

Blythe, John G., Lt. - Springfield, PA [SEE U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Crews]

Boak, Bernard, Mrs. - former Juliana Younger

Boak, Billie - Philadelphia [SEE Community Crusade Volunteer Bureau]

Boak, J.A.

Boak, James K.

Boak, Tom - Bethlehem, PA [SEE Carter, Susane]

Boal, Theodore Terry D., Col.

Boardman, Ellen - police matron

Boardman, Leland H. - FBI [SEE ALSO Heilman, Wesley H; Doll, F.T., Col]

Boardman, Lot - Nat'l Coffee Roasters Assoc.

Boardman, Norman - athlete

Boardman, Ralph - swimmer

Boardman, Wilmer - fireman

Boas, Ross H.

Boback, John J.

Bobb, Nelson - basketball

Bobb, Stuart - football

Bubst, Elmer H. - President Wm. R. Warner & Co.

Bobst, James, Rev.

Bobst, Frank, Pvt.

Blum, Martha

Blum, Meyer I.

Blum, Milton & wife

Blum, P. - athlete

Box 170
List of People

Blum, Robert Bruce, Mrs. - former Marion Martin

Blumberg, Arnold - deputy sheriff [SEE Hamilton, Wm. J. - Sheriff]

Blumberg, Albert, Sgt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Army Awards]

Blumberg, Arnold M.

Blumberg, Bernice

Blumberg, Harry, Mrs. [SEE Philadelphia - Hospitals - Northern Liberties - Incubator]

Blumberg, Irving, Mrs. - former Miriam Heidelberger

Blumberg, Jacob S.

Blumberg, Leonard - swimmer

Blumberg, Nathan

Blumberg, Norman [SEE ALSO Woldron, Patrick; McDevitt, James L.; Woltol, George J.; Beising, Carl; Burke, Joseph F.; U.S. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Philadelphia Victory Drive (5th)]

Blumfield, Ted - athlete

? - Harrisburg, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Air Corps. - Bases - England]

Blumenstock, Haidee

Blumenthal, A.

Blumenthal, Charles - blind

Blumenthal, Bernard - President Blumenthal Brothers

Blumenthal, Frank - artist

Blumenthal, Hart, died 2-3-1941

Blumenthal, Marvin “Red” - basketball

Blumethal, Stanley - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Blundin, L.C.

Blunt, John W., Lt. - Ardmore, PA

Blye, John H., Jr.

Blynn, Bryce, Jr. - Chestnut Hill [SEE Dolan, Peggy Thayer]

Boccassini, Dominick & wife

Bocchetti, Federigo, Dr.

Bochert, Bobby, Jr. - swimmer

Bochman, Charles, Mrs.

Bochrock, Max H., Dr.

Bockius, Morris N. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Mergun, Randall, Mrs.]

Bockul, Dorothy

Bockus, H.L., Dr.

Bockwalter, Louis W., Cpl. - Phoenixville, PA

Bodde, Theodore - Philadelphia

Boddy, Wm. H., Rev.

Boden, Michael J.

Bodine, Charles A., Jr. - Valley Forge Military Academy

Bodine, Charles E.

Bodine, Clarence E. - Honesdale, PA

Bodine, Cornelius - Bodine Sons & Co. - & wife

Bodine, George

Bodine, John W. - Rhodes Scholarship 1932

Bodine, Joseph L. - judge [SEE ALSO Redacod, R. Norman]

Bodine, Robert H., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Marines - Pennsylvanians]

Bodine, S. Laurence & wife

Bodine, Samuel T., died 8-19-32

Bodine, Wm. Jr., Capt. [SEE Peterman, Cy]

Bodine, Wm. W. - UGI

Bodkin, Harry H.

Bodley, Martha Jane - society [SEE ALSO Haviland, Marjorie; Soeus, Roger J.]

Bodman, Joseph, Sgt.

Bodman, Lewis H., Mrs. - former Katherine W. Clarke

Bodmer, Marion

Bodtke, Harold R., Mrs. [SEE ALSO McCaffrey, Maurice C., Mrs.]

Bodziak, Marguerite D., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Mint]

Bodzioch, Ed - basketball [SEE ALSO Gratz High School - Basketball, 1939]

Boeckler, Charles W.

Boeckmann, Dee [SEE ALSO Lighter, P.A., Mrs.; Ferrar, Evelyn; Stephens, Helen; Roosevelt, G.F.D., Mrs. 1939]

Boehm, Peter J. - Easton, PA

Boehm, Wm. H. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. Coast Guard - Enlistments 1944]

Boehmke, Edward [SEE ALSO Dorsey, Jack]

Boehmke, Rodrich

Boehne, Eugene W.

Boenning, Henry D., Capt. - Philadelphia

Boenning, Richard - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Penn Charter School - Basketball 1938]

Boericke, Beatrice [Wynnewood, PA]

Boericke, Gideon & wife [SEE ALSO Bok, Mary C., Mrs.; Von Militz, Baroness; Broun, John F., Mrs.; Yornell, Harold E., Mrs.]

Boericke, John J., Jr., Mrs. - former Janet Kirk Hall

Boericke, Ralph, Mrs. - former Margaret Ferguson [SEE ALSO Johnston, Janet]

?, Lt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Nurses]

Boettner, Thomas M., Lt.

Boffa, Patricia

Boffa, Victor M.

Bogan, John Clayton, Mrs. - former Polly Howard

Bogardus, James F., Dr. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H.; Hepburn, Weldon B.; Morton, John; Ashenfelter, Raymond F.; Joseph, Sylvan L.]

Bogart, Larry, Cpl.

Bogdan, Edouard F., Sgt.

Bogert, Cynthia Lawrence

Bogert, Joan Bryant

Boggs, Alexander

Boggs, C.L., Mrs. - Swissvale, PA [SEE Poppies]

Boggs, Henry, Pvt.

Boggs, Jack [SEE Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board]

Boggs, Norman Paul - Upper Darby

Boggs, Ralph R.

Boghetti, Kathryn

Bogner, W.F.

Bogumil, Leo, Sgt. - Wilkes-Barre, PA [SEE Wood, Richard]

Bogus, Isidore - Record employee

Bahachevsky, Constantine, Most Rev. [SEE ALSO Clegh, Bohdan, Rev.]

Bohannan, Frank, Cpl.

Bohinick, Michael - letter carrier

Bohlen, Charles E., Mrs. - former Avis Thayer

Bohlen, Francis H. - aviation cadet

Bohlen, Francis H., Dr. [SEE ALSO Phillips, Thomas W.]

Bohlen, Francis H., Jr., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Leas, Donald, Mrs.]

Bohlen, John W. A., Mrs.

Bohnen, Eli A., Rabbi

Bohred, Aaron - artist

Bohrer, Frederick J.

Boileau, Charles, P.R.T [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Transit - Employees]

Boisseau, Bernard - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bok, Cary W. & wife - former Helen Noericke

Bok, Benjamin

Bok, Edward M. [SEE Florida - Mt. Lake Singing Tower & Sanctuary]

Bok, Edward W., Mrs.

Box 171
List of People

Bok, Rachel [SEE Steiner, Frances]

Bok, Rosa

Bok, W. Curtis, died 5-22-62

Bok, W. Curtis - straight photos

Bok, W. Curtis, Mrs. - former Nellie Lee Holt [SEE ALSO Fox, Walter; Bok, Edward W., Mrs.; Roosevelt, Franklin D., Mrs.; Anderson, Marian]

Bok, W. Curtis & wife

Boker, George H. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Union League]

Bolan, Floran J.

Boland, Clay A., Dr. & wife [SEE ALSO Reichner, Boy; Mask & Wig; Day, Louis D., Jr.; Grafton, Samuel; Charity Ball 1938; Friend, John Edward]

Boland, John P. - asst. dist. attorney [SEE ALSO Harris, David W.]

Boland, Patrick J. - Scranton, PA [SEE ALSO Guffey, Joseph F.; Doughton, Robert; Sabath, Adolf J.; Braddock, James; McCormick, John]

Boland, Patrick J., Mrs.

Boland, Wm., Sgt.

Bolber, Morris - arsenic case [SEE Petrillo, Herman - Bolber Envelope; Petrillo, Herman - General Envelope]

Bole, Robert F., Mrs. - former Phoebe Dunn [SEE ALSO Naile, Mary Gurnet]

Bolegard, Bettina - model [SEE ALSO Bathing]

Bolen, Michael J.

Boles, Charles - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Boleslawski, John A. - Camden, NJ [SEE Severance, Louis]

Bolger, Joseph L., Lt. & wife

Bolger, Louise

Bolger, Robert L. - judge [SEE ALSO McAvoy, Charles; Bok, W. Curtis; Sterne, Allen M.; Belgrano, Frank; Phila. - Organizations - Shelly Players; Golf; Catholic Youth Tournament; Samuel, Bernard 1945]

Bolger, Robert L. - judge - straight photos

Bolivar, Simon [SEE ALSO Library Shelves, 920 M - The March of Men plate 37]

Bollinger, Gertrude D.

Bolly, August

Bollman, W.L., Rev.

Bologa, John - gangster

Bolt, Twilla, Mrs.

Bolte, Willis H., Rev. & wife

Bolton, Charles W.

Bolton, E.K., Dr. [SEE ALSO DuPont Company Nylon Research Laboratory]

Bolton, J. Gray, Rev.

Bolton, Samuel, Dr.

Bolton, Wm. W., Dr.

Boltz, John C.

Boltz, Peter R.

Boltz, Robert J.

Boltz, Robert J. - home

Boltz, Robert J. - missing

Boltz, Robert J. - office

Boltz, Robert J. - straight photos

Boltz, Robert J., Mrs.

Bomberger, Henry A., Rev.

Bomberger, J.H.A., Rev.

Bonachea, Clara - Drexel Hill, PA [SEE Large Photo File - United Services Organizations - Philadelphia - Date Club]

Bonade, Daniel - clarinetist

Bonanni, A.P., Cpl. - Volant, PA

Bonaparte, Joseph - house - Philadelphia

Bonavitacola, Rocco E. - politics

Bonavitacola, Rose, Mrs.

Bonawitz, Carl

Bonawitz, Cecilia - violinist

Bond, C. Carter, Mrs.

Bond, Earl D., Dr.

Bond, Fred A.

Bond, John E., Lt.

Bond, V. Ervin

Bonder, Jack - La Salle High School football coach

Bonelli, Marguerite M.

Box 172
List of People

Bonetti, Nicholas S., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Bonine, Charles E.

Bonino, Nuncio, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Boniwell, Robert, Mrs.

Bonkoski, John - Conshohocken, PA

Bonn, Moritz J., Dr.

Bonnaffon, Ashton C.

Bonnell, Henry H., Mrs.

Bonnelly, Adrian - attorney - & wife [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B. 1938]

Bonnelly, Ernest

Bonner, Daniel P.J., Sgt.

Bonner, Eugenia, Pfc. - Yeadon, PA

Bonner, James B.

Bonner, Neil - Retail Liquor Dealers

Bonner, Raymond John, Rev.

Bonner, Rebecca Knight

Bonner, Robert, Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Europe - Return To U.S.]

Bonniwell, Alfred - son of judge

Bonniwell, Bernard L. - son of judge

Bonniwell, Eleanor [SEE Hosey, John D., Mrs.]

Bonniwell, Eugene - judge

Bonniwell, Eugene - judge - & wife - former Roberta C. Ranck - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Gymnastics]

Bonnwell, Eugene - judge - straight photos

Bonniwell, Eugene, Mrs. - 1st wife, died 10-1929

Bonniwell, Eugene, Jr. - son of judge

Bonniwell, Evander B.

Bonniwell, John - son of judge

Bonsall, Bill

Bonsall, Charles W. - Coast Guard - Collingdale, PA

Bonsall, E.H., Jr., Rev.

Bonsall, Edward H., died 12-31-33

Bonsall, Rodney T., Mrs.

Bonwit, Harold W. - Bonwit Teller Co.

Bonwit, Paul J. - Bonwit Teller Co., died 12-11-39

Bonynge, Frank, Rev.

Boocock, Cornelius Brett

Book, R.J. - Zanol Co.

Booker, T. Milton - Wilmington, DE

Bookmeyer, Roy, Mrs. - society

Bookstaber, Philip D., Rev. Dr.

Boomhower, Wm. G., Rev.

Boon, Thomas - air raid warden [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Air Raid Wardens - Philadelphia]

Boone, James R. Herbert, Mrs. - former Muriel Wurts Dundas

Boone, Walter C.

Boorse, Howard F. - Lansdale, PA

Boose, Earl G.

Boose, Ellis G.

Booth, Edwin - drama

Booth, Henry D., Jr. - insurance

Booth, James Curtis

Booth, John Wilkes & wife

Booth, Junius Brutus [SEE Library Shelves 792 H Vol. 1, page 320]

Booth, Ogarita - daughter of John Wilkes Booth

Booth, Ruth L.

Booth, Wm. J., Pvt. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Italy 1944]

Booth, Wilmer - swimmer

Bootman, Harris D.

Booz, Dorothy E. - Philadelphia

Booz, Frederick [SEE Philadelphia - Corporations - Philadelphia Gas Works - Employees]

Booz, G. Warren [SEE Philadelphia - Corporations - Philadelphia Gas Works - Employees]

Booz, George O., Cpl. - Philadelphia

Booz, Horace C., Col.

Booze, George - Philadelphia

Borchetti, Joe, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Borden, Arnold K. - librarian

Borden, Gail, 2nd & wife - former Margaret P. Henry

Borden, Robert, Mrs. - former Mary Mather [SEE ALSO Mather, Gilbert, Mrs.; Harrison, John S., Mrs.; Philler, Mary; Large Photo File]

Borelli, Albert & wife

Borelli, Charles J.

Bordin, Charles, Mrs. - contest winner

Boreland, John Franklin

Borglum, Knud, Mrs. - former Helen Keenan

Borie, C. Louis, 3rd, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Rowland, W.M.O., Jr., Mrs.]

Borie, Charles L. - architect

Borie, Edwin K.

Borie, Eleanor J.

Borie, Elizabeth F. - Chestnut Hill (empty 12-3-88)

Borie, Helen

Borie, Helen Sewell - society [SEE ALSO Madeira, Louis C., 4th]

Borie, Henry Peter, Jr., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO McCormick, Gooderham L., Mrs.; Davis, Meyer, Mrs.]

Borie, Joyce - Rydal, PA

Borie, Lysbeth Boyd - author

Borie, Mary Alice Clay [SEE Kerr, James R., Jr., Mrs.]

Borie, Martha Anne [SEE ALSO Walsh, Richard; Wright, Elizabeth M.; Claghorn, Ann S.]

Borie, Peter [SEE Borie, Henry Peter, Mrs.]

Borie, Peter, Mrs. - former Bettina Rhett

Borie, Renshaw & wife

? [SEE ALSO Red Cross - Nurses Aides]

Boring, Edward G., Dr. [SEE McClelland, George Wm., Dr.]

Borkert, Bob - swimmer

Borman, Ruth - swimmer

Borneman, Henry S. - attorney - & wife

Borneman, John S., Dr.

Bornemann, George, Msgr.

Borman, Wm. - athlete

Bornheimer, Bill - basketball

Box 173
List of People

Borowski, Theodore F.

Borowski, Ens. - Nanticoke, PA [SEE U.S. - Navy - Nurses 1945]

Borr___, Edward (?), Lt. [SEE U.S. - Army - Air Corps. - Bases - England 1944 - Pennsylvanians]

Borridge, James - guard - Holmesburg

Bort, Morris, Pvt.

Bortel, Jesse F. - Philadelphia

Bortin, C. Walter

Bortin, David

Bortle, George J. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - National Guards]

Bortle, Harvey, Dr.

Borton, C.A. - Autocar Co.

Borton, Esther - RCA Manufacturing Co.

Borton, Willard - Jersey Devil

Bortz, Edward L., Dr. - President Philadelphia Co. Medical Society [SEE ALSO Baldi, Frederick; Philadelphia - Prisons - Board of Prison Inspectors; Shaw, John J., Dr.; Reeves, Rufus S., Dr.]

Borwick, Leonard - pianist

Borys, Stella

Borzell, Francis F., Dr.

Bosak, Walter [SEE ALSO Beck, Stephan]

Bosch, Jeannette

Bosch, Jack

Boss, Victor, Mrs. - former Mary Elizabeth Andre

Bossard, Jay C. - attorney

Bossard, Samuel Brennan

? [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines - Troops in Pacific 1945]

Bossler, J.B.

Bostock, Edward C. - Pitcairn Co.

Bostock, Richard

Boston, Harry

Boston, John - detective [SEE ALSO Bechtel, Norman; O'Connor, Mary K. - Trial]

Boston, Napoleon L., Dr.

Bostwick, Dick

Bostwick, J. Vaughan [SEE ALSO Taylor, H. Richard, Mrs.]

Bostwick, W.M.C. - roller skater

Boswell, Charles M., Rev., died 12-20-34

Bosworth, Boardman, Maj.

Botdorf, Helen, Mrs.

Botelho, Francis M., Dr.

Botelle, Milton, Ens.

Botfield, Leonard B.

Bothe, Frederick A., Mrs.

Bottomley, Harold Sydney, Jr. - Ardmore, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. Navy - Air Corps. - Pilots]

Bottomley, John A.

Bottomley, Thomas

Bottomly, H.L., Dr.

Bottorff, Mark G., Mrs. - former Frances B. Shober

Bottorff, O.O. - Civic Music Assoc.

Botts, John C. - Jenks, Gwynne & Co.

Botwright, Helen E. - singer

Boucot, Katherine R., Dr.

Boudart, Prosper J.G.

Bouder, Charles S. - Lancaster, PA

Boudinot, Elias

Boudreau, Frank G.

Boughner, Jean Sarah

Boughten, Edward J., Mrs. - society

Boughton, Mary Baer [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania- University of - Fashion Show 1937]

Bouldin, P.A., Bishop

Bour, Charles - Philadelphia

Bourn, Wm. M. - Land Title & Trust Co.

Bourne, James M., Rev.

Bourque, Claude - ice hockey

Bourse, Wm. J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bouse, John, Dr.

Bouvier, John Vernon, Mrs. - society

Bovard, Claire - Pierce School Queen 1940

Bovay, Alvan Earl - founder of Republican Party

Bovey, Wm. H - Elks

Bovido, Dominic

Bovier, J.V [SEE ALSO Flagg, Stanley G.]

Bowden, H., Mrs. - Audubon, NJ

Bowden, Francis J.

Bowden, Robert, Cpl.

Bowditch, John, Jr.

Bowell, Elizabeth, Mrs. [SEE ALSO New Jersey - Camden - RCA Manufacturing Co. - Mothers Day 1942]

Bowen, Catherine Drinker [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Author's Luncheon 1944]

Bowen, Clifford O.

Bowen, Edward T. - Prospect Park

Bowen, Jean - Perkasie, PA

Bowen, Joe, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Bowen, John H. - Record employee

Bowen, Lem, Mrs. - former Elizabeth R. Pollock

Bowen, Leroy C. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Bowen, Thomas H.

Bower, Andrew - Reading

Bower, Babe - auto racer

Bower, Benjamin P. & wife

Bower, Bernice

Bower, Charles H., Lt. Col. & wife [SEE Marmon, Homer, Mrs.]

Bower, Christian S.

Bower, Clarence, Pfc. [SEE War - World War - 2nd - Prisoners - U.S. - Philippines]

Bower, Daniel H., Jr.

Bower, Ferdinand A. - autos

Bower, Frederick O. - scientist

Bower, Harold, Rear Adm. [SEE Inventors Council]

Bower, Harvey, Lt. & wife - former Mildred Owen

Bower, Henry W., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Emergency Aid]

Bower, Martin J. - U.S. Navy

Bower, Ruth C. - nurse

Bower, Wm. H. - Bower Chemical Mfg.

Bowers, Elmer S. - Reading Railroad

Bowers, ? - York PA [SEE U.S. - Marines - Air Corps. - Uniforms]

Bowers, Horace R. [SEE ALSO Leitz, Joseph]

Bowers, Karl B., Col.

Bowers, Lorraine E., Lt. - Morton, PA

Bowers, Mary, Pvt. - Altoona, PA [SEE Dilg, Edythe]

Bowers, Paul

Bowers, Robert - autos

Bowers, Robert C.

Bowersock, Robert

Bowes, Molly R. - society

Bowes, Thomas J.

Bowie, Gloria, Sgt.

Bowie, Walter Russell, Rev.

Bowker, George

Bowker, George, Mrs.

Bowker, George Clay, Jr., Mrs. - former Patricia Guiler

Box 174
List of People

Bowker, Helen

Bowles, J.J., Capt. - Glenside, PA

Bowles, Jack - tennis

Bowles, Jonah - football

Bowman, Addison M., Jr.

Bowman, Barton [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Soap Box Derby 1938 & 1938; Philadelphia Record - Home Contest (?)]

Bowman, Charles - Lancaster [SEE National Railway Historical Society]

Bowman, Claude C., Dr. - Temple University [SEE Burke, Anne]

Bowman, Edward S., Rev. Dr.

Bowman, Harry L. - Drexel Institute

Bowman, Harry L., Mrs.

Bowman, Herbert - football

Bowman, J. Walton

Bowman, J. Warren - GUM Inc.

Bowman, John A., Mrs. - former Bessie V. Hicks

Bowman, John G. - President University of Pittsburgh [SEE ALSO Sutherland, Jock; Gates, Thomas J.]

Bowman, Katherine - Sharon Hill [SEE Keystone Autoclub]

Bowman, Muriel

Bowman, Nicholas N.

Bowman, Neal B. [SEE ALSO Kendig, H. Evert - Temple University]

Bowman, Raymond T.

Bowman, Robert L.

Bowman, Sue

Bowman, Virginia - Cynwyd, PA

Bowman, Wendall Phillips, Maj. Gen. - Dead

Bowman, Willard & wife - former Ruth Tobin

Bowmann, John MC E, Jr. - Villanova

Bown, Herbert G.

Boyce, Elinor - Maplewood, NJ

Boyce, Minos

Boychak, Joe, Pfc. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines 1944]

Boyd - football

Boyd, A. Leroy

Boyd, Alan Rockwell, Mrs. - former Helen Barber [SEE ALSO Hildreth, Lane W., Mrs.]

Boyd, Albert M. - Philadelphia Electric Co. [SEE ALSO Liversidge, Horace; Shackleford, F.W.; Hearn, Wm. P., Dr.]

Boyd, Alexander & wife

Boyd, Alexander R. - Stanley Co.

Boyd, Bert - Williamsport

Boyd, David Knickerbocker - architect

Boyd, Edward, Jr. - President Bond Club [SEE ALSO Clark, Sydney P.; Stotesbury, Edward T.; Thayer, Frederick]

Boyd, Elizabeth Mifflin, Mrs.

Boyd, Fisher L., Mrs. - society

Boyd, Francis T., Mrs. - former Violet Sydney Wilson

Boyd, George M., Dr.

Boyd, Harry Burton, Dr.

Boyd, James - Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Boyd, James S. - Royersford

Boyd, Jean M.

Boyd, Johnny - football

Boyd, Julian P. - librarian [SEE ALSO Solomon, Haym]

Boyd, Lilyan

Boyd, Mildred

Boyd, Richard A.

Boyd, Roy M.

Boy-Ed, Karl, Capt. & wife - killed 1930

Boyer, C.J. - Pottsville, PA

Boyer, Calvin S. - judge - & wife [SEE ALSO Fitzgerald, Horace E., Mrs.]

Boyer, Charles, Jr. - cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy

Boyer, Charles - basketball

Boyer, Don - swimmer

Boyer, Edward - Philadelphia Health Club

Boyer, Dorothy M.

Boyer, Edward G. - Philadelphia Electric Co.

Boyer, Elmer D.S., Rev.

Boyer, Francis

Boyer, John H. - CWV

Boyer, Joseph H., Jr., Capt. - Lansdowne, PA

Boyer, Leonard L., Jr. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania, University of - Fencing Team]

Boyer, Max

Boyer, Wm. F. - Glen Mills, PA

Boylan, Bob - basketball

Boylan, Jack

Boylan, James - athlete

Boylan, James Owen, Mrs. - society

Boylan, John - Scranton

Boylan, John P. - magistrate, died 5-2-35

Boylan, Lucille A.

Boyle, Agnes Marie

Boyle, Bonnie - Miss Pittsburgh 1936 [SEE ALSO Causey, Arlene]

Boyle, Charles - Vice President Maritime Society

Boyle, Edward - basketball [SEE ALSO Temple University - Basketball 1937; Temple University - Basketball 1939]

Boyle, Francis T., Pfc. - Trenton

Boyle, George - Record [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees; Philadelphia Record - Employees - Composing Room]

Boyle, George F. - pianist - composer

Boyle, Gerard J. - cadet

Boyle, H. Cotter, Dr. [SEE ALSO Hagen, James; Baseball Teams - Phillies 1940]

Boyle, Harvey - Pennsylvania Boxing Commission [SEE ALSO Savoldi, Joe]

Boyle, Hugh, Jr.

Boyle, Hugh C., Rev. - Bishop of Pittsburgh [SEE ALSO O'Reilly, Thomas C.; Yu, Pin Paul, Rev.]

Boyle, James J. & wife

Boyle, James P., Jr.

Boyle, John - asst. district attorney [SEE ALSO Maurer, John A.; Malone, James H.; Jankovic, Steve; Goldberg, Morris]

Boyle, John - golfer

Boyle, John & wife

Boyle, John A. - asst. district attorney [SEE ALSO Curning, Arthur; Shuttleworth, E. Irving; O'Malley, John J.; Gordon, James Jay; Young, Albert; Large Photo File - Lavine, Jack; Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg; Hersch, Charles D.; Mills, Wm.; Clark, Matthew H.; Smith, Amos]

Boyle, John A., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Hervey, Bertram, Mrs.; Biester, Wm. H., Jr., Mrs.; Samuel, Bernard 1946]

Boyle, Joseph D., Lt. - Philadelphia

Boyle, Joseph F.

Boyle, Josephine - WAAC

Boyle, Mary Rita

Boyle, Michael

Boyle, Michael A.

Boyle, Micheal A., Rev.

Boyle, Michael J. - sheriff [SEE ALSO Ellicott, C.R.; Guffey, Joseph F.]

Boyle, Ruth Suzanne

Boyle, Thomas Daniel - Record employee

Boyle, Thomas S. - banker

Boynton, Elizabeth C. - society [SEE ALSO Duchin, Eddie; Younger, John L., Mrs.]

Bozelli, Tony A. - alias Frank Bruno

Bozzi, Frank

Bozinko, Nellie - thief

Box 175
List of People

Braceland, Francis James, Dr. & wife - former Hope Van Gelder Jenkins

Bracelin, Joseph P. - fire captain

Brachhold, Henry

Bracken, Francis B. - Philadelphia Bar Association

Bracken, Hugh J. - football coach

Bracken, John

Backen, John P. - Pittsburgh

Brackenridge, Gavin - autos

Bradburn, James J. [SEE ALSO Mitchell, Robert V.]

Bradbury, Robert, Dr.

Bradbury, Samuel, 3rd, Mrs. - former Sarah H. Vanneman [SEE ALSO Vanneman, Marie L.; Fox, Dorothy M.; Field, Doris; du Pont, Jean Ellen; Vanneman, Paul, Jr.; Schwarz, Horace W., Mrs.]

Bradbury, Wendall, Mrs. - Haverford

Bradbury, Wm. Henry & wife - former Alyce H. Moeller

Bradenburgh, George W.

Bradford, Albert G.

Bradford, Joan - society [SEE ALSO Younger, Juliana R.]

Bradford, Wm. - Bell Telephone Co.

Bradin, Benjamin, Dr.

Bradley - La Salle College

Bradley, Bert - policeman

Bradley, Bill - swimmer

Bradley, Charles

Bradley, Charles Edward, Lt. & wife - former Barbara Schell

Bradley, Charles E., Mrs. - former Barbara Schell [SEE ALSO Neely, Catherine L.; Mann, Barbara; Bicycles - Large Photo File; Smith, Phyllis; Simmons, Marianne; Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1943; Wallace, Richard; Austin, Mary Clare; Richardson, Margaret R.]

Bradley, Charles J., Mrs.

Bradley, Edward - patrolman

Bradley, Edward S., Prof.

Bradley, Eleanor, Mrs.

Bradley, Elizabeth R.

Bradley, Floyd H. - attorney

Bradley, Frank J. - politics

Bradley, George - golfer [SEE ALSO Dolan, John; Cyr, Louis C.]

Bradley, James - detective

Bradley, James D.

Bradley, John H.

Bradley, Joseph John - Philadelphia

Bradley, Joseph P. - Mount Carmel, PA

Bradley, Margaret S. - society [SEE ALSO Lincoln, Isobel D.]

Bradley, Michael J. - congressman [SEE ALSO Ripley, Joseph P.; War - World War - 2nd - Jewish Army; Koelle, Wm. F.B.; Myers, Francis J.; Philadelphia - Buildings - Independence Hall - National Park; Rice, John S., Col.; Guffey, Joseph F.; Johnson, Wm. J. & wife]

Bradley, Newell C. & wife

Bradley, Ray - Pennsylvania University [SEE ALSO Kroupa, George; Hughes, Palmer]

Bradley, Virginia - society [SEE ALSO Bradley, Huldah; Charity Ball 1938; Strobhar, Anne; Maury, Louise S.; Salvation Army; Gadsen, Margaret; Butterworth, Harry W., 3rd; Hacker, Wm., Mrs.]

Bradley, Walter T., died 8-20-29

Bradley, Wm. E. - Philco Radio

Bradley, Wm. M., Dr.

Bradshaw, George

Bradshaw, Jeanne - society

Bradshaw, John - police - Moorestown, NJ

Bradway, Edwin - husband of former mayor Doris Bradway

Brady, Agatha

Brady, Charles E. - Philadelphia

Brady, Collins E., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2nd - Casualties - U.S. - Volcano Islands]

Brady, Francis

Brady, Francis J.A. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Brady, Franklin, Dr.

Brady, Hugh J.

Brady, James F., Sr.

Brady, John D., Capt. - fireman

Brady, Joseph A. - insurance

Brady, Joseph W. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Coast Guards 1945]

Brady, Leo, Sgt. & wife - former Eleanor Buchroeder [SEE ALSO Young Women's Christina Assoc. - Central Branch; Mallon, Francis, Brig. Gen.]

Brady, Matthew B.

Brady, Mildred, Mrs.

Brady, Robert C., Col.

Brady, Terence A., Rev.

Brady, Thomas, Jr., Col.

Brady, Wm. D. - Philadelphia

Bragg, Everett C., Mrs. - former Mary B. Holt [SEE ALSO Metzger, Elise; Flynn, Joseph S.]

Braham, W. Walter - judge

Brahler, Edward F. - Pottsville, PA

Brahms, Johannes - composer

Brainerd, Arthur A. - Philadelphia Electric Co.

Brainerd, Ruth, Mrs. - Valley Forge, PA [SEE ALSO Packard, Arthur W.]

Brakeley, George A.

Brakeley, George A., Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Page Brown [SEE ALSO Drakemel, M.F., Rear Adm.]

Bralton, Clair

Bram, Henry, Rev.

Bram, Israel, Dr.

Bramble, Charles - basketball [SEE ALSO Temple University - Basketball, 1944]

Branagan, Francis B.J. - builder

Brancato, Al & wife - former Isabel McCandless

Brancato, Anne - representative [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., Mrs.; Penna. - Legislature - Phila. Gov't Cost Comm.; Simon, Edward P.; Perkins, Frances; Miller, Emma G., Mrs.; Sheridan, John; Holmesburg Prison]

Brancato, Joe - Philadelphia

Brancato, Kenneth Y., Mrs. - former Dorothy Van Zandt

Brand, David

Brand, Fred C. - basketball

Brand, George Washington

Brand, Louis V., Cpl. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines - Troops in Pacific 1945]

Brande, Dorothea

Brandes, Joseph - Elkins Park, PA

Brandschain, Herman - Record employee

Box 176
List of People

Brandschain, Joseph

Brandt, Joseph - Frankford Grocery Co.

Brandt, Wm. E., Rev. [SEE ALSO Holden, Edgar O., Dr.]

Brandt, Wm. Van C., Lt. Cmdr. [SEE ALSO Snow, Elliott, Rear Adm.; Red Cross - War Drive 1943; Philadelphia - Corporations - Houghton, E. F. & Co.]

Brandt, Wm. Van C., Jr., Mrs.

Branella, Salvatore, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Branellec, Louis, Capt.

Brangan, Francis - banker

Brannan, W.F. - Oil Burner Institute

Brannen, Thomas G.

Branning, Paul Windsor, Mrs. - former Helen Ryder

Brannon, Raymond A. - police - Philadelphia

Brannon, Sally - Coatesville

Brannon, Ted, Lt. - Coatesville

Branson, Cleaves B. - U.S. Marines

Brant, John W., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Brantley, Neil D., Capt. - Villanova, PA

Branyan, Rus - baseball

Branz, Celia - singer

Brargan, Francis - banker

Brasher, James H., Rev.

Braun, Annabelle, Mrs. - suicide 2-28-32

Braun, Arthur E. - Pittsburgh, PA

Braun, Charles

Braun, Charles R. - missing in action

Braun, Edith [SEE ALSO Hilger, Elsa; Bridsky, Jascha]

Braun, Harry - violinist

Braun, J.W. - home

Braun, John F.

Braun, John F., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Hartman, Helene; Pender, Alice, Mrs.; Boericke, GIdeon, Mrs.]

Braun, Morris - violinist

Braun, Robert - Philadelphia Orchestra

Braun, Robert H. - Sheriff's Association

Braun, Wm. - Rodgers Engraving Co.

Bray, A.M.

Bray, Daniel, Mrs. - former Virginia Gillardon

Brayer, Raymond F., Mrs. - former Marjorie Curtis

Brazer, Charles W. - architect [SEE ALSO Warner, Charles]

Brazer, Wm. P., died 10-20-33

Brazier, E. Josephine - Philadelphia

Brazier, H. Bartol, Mrs. - society

Bream, Henry - football

Brecht, Vincent, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Scott, Forrester, Mrs.]

Brecht, Frederick M., Jr., Mrs. - Bryn Mawr [SEE ALSO Emergency Aid]

Brecht, John W.

Brecht, R.P., Dr.

Brecht, Wm. A. - Hajoca Co.

Bredin, Bob - athlete

Breece, E.J.

Breed, Wm. Z., Mrs.

Breen, Bill - bowler

Breen, Francis A., Rev.

Breen, George B.J. - PTC

Breen, James J. - attorney

Breen, John J., Sr.

Breen, John J., Jr.

Breen, Joseph I.

Breen, Joseph W. - American Legion

Breen, Maurice P. - attorney

Breese, Wm. - Bell Telephone Co.

Brearley, Wm. H. - autos

Breger, Dave, Lt.

Bregy, Lawrence M. & wife [SEE ALSO Corkran, Woodward, Mrs.]

Bregy, Philip A. & wife - former Emilie M. Rivinus

Brehm, Ludwig T. - Danish Consul

Brehm, Wm. H.

Brehman, A. Balfoud, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Riter, Bankson, Mrs.; Walton, Henry F., Jr., Mrs.; Ewing, Barclay, Mrs.]

Breidinger, Francis E., Jr., Lt.

Breihof, Christine - Drexel instructor

Breisch, Jean - swimmer

Breisch, Ruth - Philadelphia

Breithaupt, A.S.

Breitinger, J. Lewis - attorney

Breitinger, Ruth - Reading, PA [SEE ALSO McWilliam, Bob]

Breitinger, Wm. M., Jr., Lt.

Brem, H.E. - autos

Brendel, El - movies [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Brendlinger, Elizabeth

Brener, Al - window cleaner

Brengle, Henry G. - banker [SEE ALSO Bergen, Leslie G.]

Brengle, Lawrence J., Jr. & wife - former Helen W. Fox

Brennam, Jim - golfer

Brennan, Anna M. - Rosenbach Galleries

Brennan, Don - basketball

Brennan, Doug - ice hockey

Brennan, Francis J., Rev.

Brennan, George J.

Brennan, Harold J. - New Wilmington

Brennan, Joe - golfer

Brennan, John J., Rev.

Brennan, Mr. & wife

Brennan, Martin

Brennan, Mary - air hostess

Brennan, P. Joseph

Brennan, Ray, Capt. - St. Joe's College

Brennan, Tommy - ice hockey

Brennan, Wm. F.

Brennecke, Albert - Drexel Hill [SEE Brennecke, Paul]

Brennecke, Francis C. - Altoona

Brennecke, Paul

Brenneman, Clyde A., Lt. - Millersville, PA

Brenneman, Jackie [SEE ALSO Brenneman, John S. & wife]

Brenneman, John J.

Brenneman, John J.

Brenneman, John S. & wife

Brenneman, Peggy [SEE Brenneman, Jackie; Brenneman, John S. & wife]

Brenner, Alfred - attorney

Brenner, Anita - author [SEE ALSO Leighton, George]

Brenner, Arthur D.

Brenner, B. Leon [SEE Pennsylvania - Utility Commission]

Brenner, Bob - football

Brenner, Daniel, Sgt.

Box 177
List of People

Brenner, Doris [SEE ALSO Snedaker, Frank, Jr.; Harper, Henrietta]

Brenner, Hazel F. - nurse [SEE U.S. - Army - Nurses]

Brenner, J. Gerson, Dr. & wife - former Sylvia Belle Badder

Brenner, Jean C. - nurse [SEE Blood - Donors]

Brenner, Julius, Mrs. [SEE Price, Franklin H.]

Brenner, Morris

Brenner, Muriel - radio

Brenner, Norman A.

Brenner, Preston D.

Brenner, Samuel S., Lt. [SEE ALSO PA National Guard - Aviation]

Brenner, S.L., Capt. - attorney

Brenner, Stanley, Pfc.

Brenner, Vladimir - author - & wife

Brenner, Walker N. - suicide 6/13/32

Brenner, Wm. - bandit

Brenner, Wm. F. - attorney

Brenner, Wm. N., Dr. - criminologist

Brennie, Tom - radio

Brennig, Marle Coudert - society

Brennin, Bob - swimmer

Brenninger, Jean [SEE Philadelphia - Society - Charity Ball 1948]

Brenton, Herbert - movie director - & wife

Brenon, Herbert, Jr., Mrs. - former Olive Ozmet

Brenson, Cheer - actress - radio

Brent, Barbara - fan dancer

Brent, Charles Henry, Bishop, died 3-1929 - & wife

Brent, Dorothy - singer

? [SEE Garland, Judy]

Breslin, Joe - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Tomlin, Fred]

Breslin, John F. - Carbon County

Bressler, Raymond G.

Bretherick, Arthur P. - Delaware [SEE ALSO Tahl, Herman J.; Wills]

Brett, Elizabeth, Mrs. - Oaklyn, NJ

Brettle, Howard A., Rev.

Brewer, Franklin Nourse, died 12-16-35

Brewer, Julia R., Mrs. - Moylan, PA

Brewster, Anne - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Earhart, E.B.; Philadelphia - Society - Junior Bal Masque 1943; Thomas, Joyanne; Dunning, Frances D.]

Brewster, Burton R., Mrs. - former Helen Grove

Brewster, C. Barton

Brewster, C.P. - Lancaster, PA

Brewster, Carryl - Chestnut Hill [SEE Steel, Mandy]

Brewster, Daniel E., Jr., Lt.

Brewster, David L.S., Lt. Col.

Breyer, Wm. August

Breyfogel, Sylvanus Charles, Rev.

Brice, G. Frederick & wife

Brice, Wm., Jr.

Bricker, Edwin D., Col.

Bricker, Lena - singer

Bricker, W.H., Jr., Dr.

Brickley, H. Payson - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Bob; Baseball – Pennsylvania - University of 1937; Baseball - Pennsylvania - University of 1938]

Brickley, Henry P., Mrs. - former Charlotte A. Ziesing [SEE ALSO Dutton, Pauline; Ziesing, Henry; Walther, Mickey]

Brickley, James Leo, Mrs. - former Marie Josephine Weed

Brickley, Walter - golfer [SEE ALSO Jacobus, George; Turner, Ted; Golf Courses - Llanerch Country Club]

Bricklin, Herb- tennis

Bridenbaugh, Joseph R. - aviator

Bridenbaugh, Carl, Prof.

Bridgeford, Joseph, Pvt.

Bridgens, James F. - Lockhaven

Bridges, Nancy - Lebanon, PA [SEE ALSO Hairdressing; Gibbons, Elizabeth]

Bridgewater, E.R. - chemist

Bridgewater, Ernest - Delaware

Bridgman, Ralph P.

Brien, Jack, Mrs. - former Ann Dubin - former Miss Philadelphia 1928

Brigg, Kenneth A.

Briggs, Barney - football

Briggs, Caspar W. [SEE ALSO Milligan, Thomas W.]

Briggs, R.L.

Brigham, Robert - attorney

Bright, Herbert L.

Bright, John Gilpin, Maj. [SEE ALSO China - Aviation - Volunteers - U.S.; Large Photo File]

Bright, Lynford H., Sgt.

Bright, Marion - tennis [SEE ALSO Longstreth, Peggy]

Bright, Robert, Jr.

Bright, Robert S. - former Register of Wills

Bright, Stanley & wife

Bright, Thomas C.F., Ens.

Bright, Thomas C.F., Ens. & wife - former Margaret F. Biddle

Bright, Thomas F., Lt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards 1945]

Bright, Thomas Foster, Mrs. - former Margaret F. Biddle

Bright, Wm. H. - Wildwood, NJ [SEE ALSO Hillman, Blanche E., Mrs., died 8-5-33]

Brightly, Frank F.

Brill, Brondell L., died 12-16-33

Brill, Carl - Olney High School

Brill, Doris A., Lt.

Brill, F.W. - car builder - & wife

Brill, G. Martin

Brill, Howard - athlete

Brill, J.G. - Pittsburgh

Brill, J. Edward - father of Marty Brill

Brill, Marty & wife - former Barbara Clare Thom

Brill, Mathilda Louise

Brinckerhoff, Margaret A., Mrs.

Briner, Bill - President Philadelphia Rowing Association [SEE ALSO Appel, Joe; Philadelphia Record - Bowling Awards]

Brines, Frank R.

Briney, Jack - Coast Guard - Oak Lane [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Parks & Squares - Washington Square]

Bringhurst, Henry, Mrs. - Wilmington, DE

Brink, Eddie - boxer

Brinke, Chris - golfer [SEE ALSO Turnesa,Willie]

Brinkerhoff, Nelson M., Dr.

Brinkerhoff, Robert, Mrs. - former Jean L. Okie

Box 178
List of People

Brinley, Charles E. - President American Pulley Co. [SEE ALSO Laver, Conrad N.; Vauclain, Samuel; O'Leary, John N.; Pennsylvania - Eddystone - Baldwin Locomotive Works]

Brinley, Katherine - Civic Club [SEE ALSO Grand Duchess Marie; Philadelphia - Organizations - Civic Club]

Brinley, Wm. F. & wife - former Dorothy F. Bullitt

Brinton, Anna Cox, Mrs.

Brinton, Caleb J. & wife

Brinton, Charles - squash [SEE ALSO Lott, Hunter]

Brinton, Christian, Dr. [SEE ALSO Pienado, Juan; Gramophone]

Brinton, Clarence C. - banker

Brinton, Clement S.

Brinton, Crane, Prof. [SEE ALSO Aydelotte, Frank]

Brinton, Edward

Brinton, Ferree, Cmdr. [SEE ALSO Smith, Charles E., Capt.]

Brinton, Ferree, Mrs.

Brinton, Francis D. & wife

Brinton, Helen - society

Brinton, Jasper Y. - judge

Brinton, Katherine

Brinton, Rachel W. - WAAC

Brinton, Robert [SEE ALSO Biddle, Francis]

Brinton, Ward, Dr.

Brinton, Sharswood

Brisbin, G. Franklin

Briscoe, Walter H. - murder

Brister, John - Ambler, PA [SEE ALSO Red Cross - Libya]

Brister, John M., Capt.

Bristol, Constance G.

Bristow, Dave - baseball

Britan, Joseph Taylor, Rev.

Britsch, Wilhelmina, Lt.

Britt, Horace

Britt, John J. - vote fraud

Britt, Sarah

Brittain, Lucille M. - Wyoming, PA

Brittingham, Stanley

Brittingham, Thomas E., Jr., Mrs. - society

Britton, Charles F.

Britton, Ralph

Brnich, John - basketball - La Salle College

Broadbeck, Harriet, Mrs.

Broady, Joseph M., Rev. Dr.

Brock, Alexander & wife - former Elizabeth Disston

Brock, E.P. - Philadelphia

Brock, F. Priscilla - society

Brock, George - leaped from Walnut St. Bridge [SEE ALSO Maurer, George - Patrolman]

Brock, Howard & wife

Brock, Henry G. - banker

Brock, J. Spencer

Brock, John W., Mrs. - society

Brocker, Fred - football

Brockie, Arthur H. - architect

Brockwell, Robert

Brodbeck, George

Broderick, Francis - held in $5,000 gem theft

Broderick, Joe

Broderick, Joseph A. - state supt. of banking [SEE ALSO U.S. Federal Reserve Board]

Broderson, O. Charles - attorney

Brodhead, Charles D., Rev. [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles E.]

Brodhead, George M., Rev.

Brodhead, J. Davis - judge

Brodie, Elizabeth R. - Merion [SEE ALSO Robinson, Wm. E., Mrs.]

Brodie, Warren H. Steve - baseball

Brodovitch, Alexy - advertising

Brodsky, I.J. Brad - MFGR [SEE ALSO Lemisch, Bernard]

Brodsky, Jascha - violinist [SEE ALSO New Chamber Orchestra of Phila.]

Brodsky, Mollie - Philadelphia

Brodsky, Ted

Brogan, Jack

Brokenbough, John A., Sgt. - Woodstown, NJ

Bromberg, Miriam

Bromer, Ralph S., Jr.

Bromer, Ralph S., Mrs. - Bryn Mawr, PA

Bromiley, Richard F., Lt.

Bromiley, Sue

Bromley, Martha Jane [SEE ALSO Hope, Elizabeth A.]

Bromley, B. Gordon - attorney, died 2-16-40

Bromley, Bruce [SEE ALSO Pinkerton, Robert - Esquire Magazine]

Bromley, Charles S. & wife - former Marjorie Reilly

Bromley, Charles S., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Black, Cary]

Bromley, Edward P., Mrs. - former Ruth Brinton Hancock

Bromley, Emily - society

Bromley, John & wife

Bromley, John, Jr. & wife

Bromley, Richard N. [SEE ALSO Canby, Leila]

Bromley, Wallace [SEE ALSO Haggerty, Edward D.]

Brong, Hazel [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Contests - Cash Register]

Bronk, Mitchell, Rev.

Bronson, Arthur - Philadelphia Record

Bronson, Walter T., Mrs. - former Anne Ward Kelly [SEE ALSO Kelly, Mary Louise; Allen, Ione]

Brooke, Barbara

Brooke, Edward, Jr. - Record employee

Brooke, Edward & wife - former Mrs. Leon King

Brooke, Francis E., Cpl. - Record employee

Brooke, Francis M., Jr. & wife - former Elizabeth Baltz

Brooke, George & wife - banker

Box 179
List of People

Brooke, George Clymer & wife - former Madeline Blackburn

Brooke, George H.

Brooke, John - golfer

Brooke, John A., Dr. & wife

Brooke, John L. - Delair, NJ

Brooke, M.M., Dr.

Brooke, Walter B., Cpl.

Brookes, James

Brookfield, Donald, Lt. - Bryn Mawr, PA [SEE ALSO Gilpin, Samuel B., 3rd, Mrs.; U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Bases - China]

Brooks, Abe - pawnshop robbery

Brooks, Al - angler [SEE ALSO Fishing Scenes; Evans, Bob]

Brooks, Alice R. - Drexel instructor

Brooks, Augusta - Philadelphia

Brooks, Bob - bowler [SEE ALSO Thompson, Frank; Philadelphia Record - Bowling Awards]

Brooks, C. Wayland & wife - former Mrs. Arthur J. Peavey, Jr.

Brooks, Charles - swindler

Brooks, Charles M., Dr.

Brooks, Clarence W., Jr., Mrs. - former Gertrude Leiper

Brooks, Frank F. - banker [SEE ALSO Fleming, Robert V.]

Brooks, George H. - suicide, 10-9-36

Brooks, George J., Sr., Mrs.

Brooks, J. Twing [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., 3rd]

Brooks, Leonard

Brooks, Leslie M. - Yeadon, PA

Brooks, Lillian - Philadelphia

Brooks, Lloyd

Brooks, Louis - boxer

Brooks, Louis - boxer - with Danny Cox

Brooks, Mary Emma - Daretown, NJ

Brooks, Morris [SEE ALSO Boyd, Knickerbocker, Dr.; McDevitt, John J., Jr.]

Brooks, Myrth

Brooks, Robert C.

Brooks, Samuel [SEE ALSO Schofield, Lemuel B.]

Brooks, T. Frazer, Mrs. - former Emily Scott - divorced [SEE ALSO Woolman, Henry N., Mrs.]

Brooks, William - seaman - Philadelphia

Brooks, Wm. Henry, Mrs.

Broomall, E.L.

Broomall, John M. - judge

Broomall, John M., 4th & wife

Broomall, John M., 3rd - judge, died 3-2-41

Broomall, Wm. B. - judge

Broome, Edwin C., Dr. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H. 1937; Kelly, John B.; Jones, Jesse H.; Works, George A., Dr.; Ballou, Frank W., Dr.; Wood, M.W.]

Broome, Eleanor

Broome, George - baseball player [SEE ALSO Baseball Teams - Phillies 1945 - Spring Training]

Broomell, G. Lupton, Jr. - Philadelphia

Broomell, I. Norman, Dr., died 3-23-41

Broomell, J. Norman, Dr. [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles E., Dr.]

Brorenback, John H., Mrs. - former Elizabeth F. Kennedy

Brosious, Paul E. - Herndon, PA

Brosius, Joseph W. - President Middle Atlantic Lumbermens Association

Brosius, Warren - football

Brossman, H. Franklin

Brotemarkle, Alene - Wynnewood, PA [SEE ALSO Holt, Frank, Lt.]

Brotemarkle, Robert A., Dr.

Brotherson, Eric

Brotman, Herman, Sgt.

Brough, Alfred W. - guard - Holmesburg Prison [SEE ALSO Smith, Francis; Large Photo File - Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg]

Brough, Russell & wife

Broughal, L.J. - school director

Brouilliard, Billy - Brookline, PA

Brouse, Frank - Norristown, PA

Browder, J.B., Mrs. - mother of Mrs. George H. Earle, 3rd [SEE ALSO Avery, B. ELizabeth]

Brower, Peggy - Merion

Brower, Peter H.

Brown, A.G. - banker

Brown, A.J., Dr.

Brown, Abby Sutherland, Mrs. - Mrs. Wm. F. Brown

Brown, Agnes C.

Brown, Albert - baseball

Brown, Albert G., Rev.

Brown, Alexander, Mrs. - Chester Springs

Brown, Allan

Brown, Allen C., Pvt.

Brown, Andrew V. - Beth Ayres, PA

Brown, Anita G. [SEE ALSO Thatcher, Helen]

Brown, Ann - Chestnut Hill

Brown, Anna, Mrs.

Brown, Archibald A. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Brown, Arthur E., Dr.

Brown, Arthur J., Rev.

Brown, Beatrice M.

Brown, Benjamin, Dr. - football

Brown, Bernard

Brown, Bernard

Brown, Bernard - controller of Lit Brothers

Brown, Bert

Brown, Bob - football

Brown, C.C. - Lehigh Valley Railroad

Brown, C. Emerson

Brown, Carleton, Dr.

Brown, Carlisle, Dr.

Brown, Charles - alias Charles Schwartz

Brown, Charles B. - Corn Exchange Bank

Brown, Charles B. - RCA Manufacturing Co.

Brown, Charles C. - home

Brown, Charles E. - detective [SEE ALSO Gribbel, W. Griffin]

Brown, Charles L. - Bell Telephone

Brown, Charles L. - judge [SEE ALSO Jones, John R.; Greenfield, Albert M.; Philadelphia - Buildings - Municipal Court Building]

Brown, Charles L., Mrs.

Brown, Charles Leonard, Dr. - Dean, Hanhnemann Medical College

Brown, Charles Thomas - Franklin Printing Co. - suicide 9-1931

Brown, Clarence M. - Central Penn National Bank

Brown, Claude P.

Brown, Colin C. - Lehigh Valley Railroad

Brown, Cynthia - society

Box 180
List of People

BBrown, Dan – football - captain [SEE ALSO West Catholic High School - Football 1943]

Brown, Dee Carlton - Geare-Marston, Inc. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Sketch Club]

Brown, Dorothy L. - Drexel Inst. [SEE ALSO Gundrum, Nancy]

Brown, Dorran – football

Brown, Earnest M. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Brown, Eddy - violinist

Brown, Edgar D.

Brown, Edward B. & wife

Brown, Edwin Hobart, Mrs.

Brown, Ellis S., Jr. - U.S. Navy

Brown, Francis Shunk, Jr., died 5-6-40 [SEE ALSO Walters, Charles A.; Greenfield, Albert M.; Loughram, Tommy; Bok, Wm. Curtis; James, Arthur H.]

Brown, Francis Shunk, Jr. [SEE ALSO Five O'Clock Club; Pepper, Wm., Dr.]

Brown, Francis Shunk, Jr., Mrs.

Brown, Frank & wife

Brown, Frank H., Cpl.

Brown, Frank M., Rev.

Brown, Frank P.

Brown, G.R.

Brown, Gavin - P.T.C. mechanic

Brown, George H. - Pennsylvania Railroad, died 3-7-38

Brown, George W., Jr. - President Integrity Trust

Brown, Gustav C., Capt.

Brown, Guy Estey, Mrs. - former Mary Howell [SEE ALSO Vare, Edwin H., Mrs.]

Brown, Harry A., Sgt. - Reading, PA

Brown, Harry Boyd - Philco Radio Corp. [SEE ALSO Ketter, Gustav, Mrs.]

Brown, Harry V.

Brown, Harry Dee

Brown, Hazel H. - attorney

Brown, Heatha - society [SEE ALSO Hans, Charles, Mrs.]

Brown, Helen - Mt. Saint Joseph's College

Brown, Henry Hobart & wife - former Janet Campbell [SEE ALSO Tindle, Charlotte]

Brown, Henry Ingersoll, Jr. & wife - former Clementine Mackenzie

Brown, Henry Paul, 3rd

Brown, Henry Tatnall - President Brown & Bailey Co.

Brown, Henry Tatnall, Jr. & wife - former Mary Fisher [SEE ALSO Ormandy, Eugene, Mrs.]

Brown, Henry Tatnall, Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Fisher, died 12-19-38

Brown, Hershel

Brown, Homer S.

Brown, Howard B., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, George, Mrs.; Goodall, Patricia]

Brown, Howard B. - Pittsburgh Plate Glass

Brown, Hugh V. - United Mine Workers [SEE ALSO United Mine Workers of America; Kosik, Mike; Brennan, Martin; Lewis, John L.; Philadelphia - Cramps Shipbuilding]

Brown, Isabel B., Mrs.

Brown, Isabel Mae - Bryn Mawr, PA

Brown, Iva Marie

Brown, J. Trimble, Lt. Col. - Wayne, PA

Brown, J.N., Mrs.

Brown, Jack - Allentown, PA

Brown, Jack - baseball

Brown, Jack - athlete

Brown, James [SEE ALSO Disston, Wm.]

Brown, James Crosby & wife

Brown, James F.

Brown, James L.

Brown, Janet - Merion, PA

Brown, Joan A. - Torresdale, PA

Brown, Joe - ex-Temple athlete

Brown, John Arthur - President Pine Valley Golf Club

Brown, John Arthur James, Mrs. - former Elizabeth P. Hatch

Brown, John Marshall G. & wife - former Joan Scull

Brown, John Marshall G., Mrs. - former Joan Scull [SEE ALSO Pearson, Susan D.; Chapman, Sally Ann; Wood, Eleanor; Coxe, Evelyn Q.]

Brown, Joseph Marechal, 3rd [SEE ALSO Minto, Anna Lodge]

Brown, Joseph T.

Brown, Ken B. - autos

Brown, Kitty - society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Uniform Ball]

Brown. L.T.

Brown, Lawrence A. - Jenks-Kirkland & Co. [SEE ALSO Pelley, Wm. Dudley]

Brown, Linn Patton, Jr., Mrs. - Jenkintown, PA

Brown, Louis H.

Brown, Louis Page & wife - former Margaret Rulon-Miller [SEE ALSO Borie, Helen S.; Red Cross, 1937]

Brown, M. - autos

Brown, M. Elizabeth - society [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Brown, Margaret

Brown, Margaret, Mrs. - bowler

Brown, Martha M., Mrs. - Williamsport

Brown, Marvin L., Jr.

Brown, Mary

Brown, Medford

Brown, Midge, Mrs. - bowler [SEE ALSO Will, Nell]

Brown, Millard D., Col. [SEE ALSO James, W.M.F.; Allen, Charles C., Col.; Philadelphia - Armories - Broad & Callowhill; Philadelphia - Organizations - Union League]

Brown, Mortimer, Mrs.

Brown, Murray - Arch St. Theater director

Brown, N. Howland, Mrs.

Brown, Nancy [SEE ALSO Gallagher, John T.F., Mrs.]

Brown, Norman - baseball

Brown, Nelson - P.T.C.

Brown, Oscar - attorney [SEE ALSO Davis, S. Wilson]

Brown, Paul Willets, Mrs. - former Deborah G.Wister [SEE ALSO Charity Ball 1930; Corilran, Woodward, Mrs.]

Brown, Philip, Mrs. - Bethlehem, PA

Brown, R.W. - President Reading Co.

Brown, Ralph B., Mrs.

Brown, Revelle W. - Lehigh Valley Railroad [SEE ALSO U.S.- Finance - Bonds - Victory Drive - Philadelphia (5th)]

Brown, Richard - Downingtown, PA

Box 181
List of People

Brown, Richard - Penn Charter

Brown, Richard P.

Brown, Richard P., Mrs.

Brown, Robert - brother of Judge Brown

Brown, Robert Franklin "Bo" - artist

Brown, Robert G., Lt.

Brown, Robert G., Mrs. - former Cynthia F. Searing [SEE ALSO Barrows, Walter A., 4th; Black, George; English, George; Duross, Willard, Lt.; Robinson, Laurence M.]

Brown, Robert L., Mrs. - society

Brown, Robert G., Lt.

Brown, Robert P., 2nd & wife - former Mary C. Clothier [SEE ALSO Shields, Anita L.]

Brown, Robert S., Mrs.

Brown, Samuel - Jeffersonville, PA

Brown, Samuel Agnew, Dr.

Brown, Seth W. - Hazleton, PA

Brown, Sparker - football

Brown, Stan - baseball [SEE ALSO Southern High School - Basketball 1945]

Brown, Sunny - baseball

Brown, Thomas C., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Brown, T. Wistar, 4th, Mrs. - former Mrs. H. Deck Blabon - 1st wife [SEE ALSO Blabon, H. Deck & wife - 1st wife; Dearden, Edward C., Jr., Mrs.]

Brown, Virginia - Miss Philadelphia 1946 [SEE ALSO Adams, Martha; New Jersey - Atlantic City - Beauty Contest 1946]

Brown, Virginia

Brown, W. Elbridge

Brown, W. Hensel, Mrs.

Brown, W. Norman, Dr.

Brown, Walter - golfer

Brown, William

Brown, Warren W. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SE ALSO U.S. Coast Guard 1944; McClarnon, Howard]

Brown, Warren V., Cpl.

Brown, Wm. - athlete

Brown, Wm. Findlay [SEE ALSO Neel, Charles N.]

Brown, Wm. H. - Corn Exchange Bank

Brown, Wm. L., Jr.

Brown, Wm. P., Dr.

Brown, Wm. R., Dr. [SEE ALSO Steinberg, Arthur D., Dr.]

Brown, Wm. V., Jr. - Allentown, PA

Brown, Wilson 2nd, Mrs.

Brown, Wyatt, Rt. Rev.

Brownback, John H., 3rd - Haverford, PA

Browne, Dorothy - Bryn Mawr College

Browne, Harold R., Rev.

Browne, John T., Cpl.

Browne, Mary K. - golf

Browne, Michael L. & wife – former Marguerite B. Mayer

Browne, Thomas Beaver, Mrs. - Haverford, PA

Brownfield, John C.

Browning, Edward, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Kelly, John, Mrs.; Perkins, Frances; Appleby, Robert R.; Rau, C. Fred, Mrs.; Save Freedom Citizens Rally; Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania; Strawbridge, Francis R., Mrs.; Johnson, Lawrence, Mrs.]

Browning, Edward, Jr. & wife - former Mrs. Lloyd Dunham [SEE ALSO James, Wm. F.; Kelly, John B.]

Browning, M.C. - autos

Browning, Phebe - Devon, PA [SEE ALSO Troth, Joy]

Brownings, Howard

Broza, Stan Lee - radio - & wife

Brownmiller, Roy E. - Schuylkill Co. [SEE ALSO Van Dyke, Warren ; Margiotti, Charles J.]

Brownson, James J.

Brubaker, Albert P., Dr.

Brubaker, Eleanor A.

Brubaker, Harry - accused of whipping pupil [SEE ALSO Coleman, Mary]

Brubaker, Mary

Brubaker, Wilbur - baseball

Bruce, Charles Fred, Mrs. - society

Bruce, Earl J.

Bruce, Harold Anson - baseball [SEE ALSO Baseball Teams - Phillies - Spring Training, 1943; Cox, Wm.]

Bruce, Richard H.

Brucker, Josephine

Brucker, Louis M.

Bruckheiser, Wm. A., Jr.

Brucks, Michael - brakeman

Bruder, Joseph, Mrs.

Bruening, Heinrich, Dr.

Brugman, Nels Earl, Ens. - Collingdale, PA

Bruhin, Caspar

Brum, A. Carver, Mrs.

Brumbach, Amy J. - singer

Brumbaugh, Boyd - football [SEE ALSO Kercheval, Ralph]

Brumbaugh, D. Emmert

Brumbaugh, Martin G. - former Governor of Pennsylvania, died 3-14-35

Brumbaugh, Roy Talmadge, Rev.

Brumfield, Clifford

Brumm, Seth A., Dr. & wife - former Aninah Carver

Brumm, Sue

Brun, Marcel, Rev.

Brundage, Dudley - football

Brundage, Robert - football [SEE ALSO Welsh, Jack]

Bruner, Edward - McClure trial

Bruner, George M. - autos

Bruner, Jacob - McClure trial

Brunet, Meade - RCA Manufacturing

Brunetto, Paul - Philadelphia

Bruni, Edward J., Lt. - Pittsburgh, PA

Brunker, Robert J. - banker

Brunner, Charles H., Jr. - Norristown

Brunner, D.

Brunner, F. Sands - Philadelphia

Brunner, George E. - former mayor of Camden, NJ [SEE ALSO Hickman, Thomas W.; Stuart, Gloria; Samuel, Bernard; Willets, O.G.]

Box 182
List of People

Brunner, Samuel, died 7-25-34

Bruno, Angelo

Bruno, Joseph - Kelayres, PA murder

Bruno, Paul

Bruno, Paul "Spuds" - football

Bruno, Philip - brother of Joseph Bruno

Bruno, Vince

Bruno, Vincent, Pvt. & wife

Bruns, Bobby

Brust, Raymond W., Dr.

Bryan, Dodd

Bryan, Mary De Garmo, Dr.

Bryans, Henry B. - Philadelphia Electric

Bryant, Clarence

Bryant, Harold E., Lt. - Philadelphia

Bryant, Henry G., Dr., died 12-7-32

Bryant, James - football

Bryant, Mark M.

Bryant, Windom - councilman

Bryce, George Wendell

Bryce, Stanley Charles, Mrs. - former Katherine Hart-Adams

Bryden, John R., 3rd, Lt. - Bloomsburg, PA

Bryner, B.L. - autos

Bryner, Vera - singer

Bryon, Joseph W., Maj. Gen.

Bubien, Walter - baseball

Bucciarelli, Joseph J., Cpl. - Philadelphia

Buch, John F. - Reading Railroad Co.

Buch, Jospeh G. - Elks [SEE ALSO Elks Convention 1941 - Philadelphia; McClelland, John C.]

Buchanan, A.E.

Buchanan, Benjamin E., 3rd

Buchanan, Frank - Penna.

Buchanan, James - President U.S. [SEE ALSO Library Shelves 902 M The March of Man Plate 53]

Buchanan, Jane

Buchanan, John C. - attorney

Buchanan, John P., Mrs.

Buchanan, Thomas C. [SEE ALSO PA - Valley Forge Park Commission; Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission]

Buchanan, Thompson R., Mrs. – former Nancy Marie Shaw [SEE ALSO Cresson, Emily Vaux; Harrison, Frances L.; Large Photo File]

Buchanan, Thompson Rodes & wife - former Nancy M. Shaw

Bucher, Floyd S. - Lancaster County

Bucher, George H. - Westinghouse Electric [SEE ALSO Robertson, A.W.]

Buchman, Helen

Buchner, Anne E., Mrs. - politics

Buck, C. Douglass, Delaware governor - & wife - former Alice H. du Pont [SEE ALSO McNary, Charles L.; Wallace, Henry A. 1943]

Buck, Helen Louise - Chester, PA

Buck, Michael, Dr.

Buck, S. Trainer, Dr.

Buckheiser, Henry - Civic Opera Co.

Bucklen, Seth - football

Buckles, Vernon – ice hockey

Buckley, Albert Coulson, Dr., died 8-17-39

Buckley, Ann - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Entertainment]

Buckley, C.G., Lt. Cmdr.

Buckley, Catherine T.

Buckley, Clifford, Jr., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Buckley, Delores - Elsmere, DE

Buckley, Earle

Buckley, Edmond J., Col. - Bethlehem, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines - Reserves; War - World War - 2nd - Solomons - U.S. Marines; Rupertus, W.H., Maj. Gen.]

Buckley, Francis X., Lt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Clark, Mark, Lt. Gen.]

Buckley, J. Brooke, Mrs. - society

Buckley, James A.

Buckley, James E., Lt. - Philadelphia

Buckley, James T. - President Philco Corp. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Philco Corp.; Knudsen, Wm. S., Lt. Gen.]

Buckley, Kathryn Frances - Miss Philadelphia 1948 [SEE ALSO Atlantic City, Page, 1938]

Buckley, Thomas [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Airports - NE Municipal Airport]

Buckley, Thomas - Bureau of Engineering

Buckley, W.A. [SEE ALSO NJ - Camden; RCA Manufacturing Co.]

Buckley, Walter W., Mrs.

Buckley, Zenon - Elsmere, DE

Buckman, Carmelia [SEE ALSO Baby Parades]

Buckman, Clarence J., Jr.

Buckman, Clarence J. & wife [SEE ALSO Republican National Convention, 1944]

Buckman, Cornelia Anne

Buckman, Lewis T., Dr. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Buckwald, Fred, Capt. - Philadelphia police

Buckwalter, Clarence – golfer

Buczko, John, Bishop

Budd, Edward G. [SEE ALSO Budd, Ralph; McKaig, Edgar S.; Hoffman, Harold G.; Newhall, Elizabeth S.; Vanderlip, Frank A.; Woodward, Charles H.; Williamson, F.E.; U.S. - Army - Equipment - Guns 240 MM; Philadelphia - Corps. - Bendix Aviation; Philadelphia - Corps. - Brown Instrument Co.; U.S. - Army - Awards; Budd, Florence M., Sgt. [SEE U.S. - Army - WACS - Pennsylvanians]; ? [SEE Margaret Allen & Patty Gilkyson]

Budd, Edward G. - straight photos

Box 183
List of People

Budd, Edward G., Jr.

Budd, Harold J. [SEE ALSO Tomlin, Joseph J.]

Budd, Jean - Philadelphia

Budd, Florence M., Sgt. - Milton, PA [SEE U.S. - Army - WACS - Pennsylvanians]

Budd, Sue - Merion [SEE ALSO Hopkins, Rhoda Joan]

Budd, Thomas A. & wife - former Kathryn M. Smith

Budd, Wm. - basketball [SEE ALSO Temple University - Basketball 1943]

Budesa, Sam - Coast Guard - Camden, NJ

Bueck, Harvey - football - Villanova 1936 - 1938

Buehler, Barbara - society

Buehler, Harry E.

Buek, Harvey - football [SEE ALSO Villanova - Football 1936; NYE, Franny; Stopper, Andy; Mellus, John]

Bueke, Louis H., Jr. - football

Buell, Edward P.

Buerki, Robin C., Dr.

Buff, Howard F., Sgt. - Hazleton, PA

Buffington, Joseph - judge [SEE ALSO Biggs, John, Jr.; Five O'Clock Club; Hughes, Charles Evans; Van Devanter, Willis; Davis, J. Warren]

Buffington, Joseph & wife

Bugbee, N.A.K.

Buhlman, Edward O., Capt.

Buividas, Joseph

Bukowski, Frank - football [SEE ALSO Coulter, Jim]

Bulette, Sara - Country Gentleman

Bulkley, Charles C.

Bull, Clifton [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Fire Department; Philadelphia - Fire Department - Examinations]

Bullard, Edward Jacobs, Mrs. - former Jane Lewis Longnecker

Bullen, Roderick L.

Buller, Nathan R.

Bullitt, James F., Rev.

Bullitt, Jean C. - society

Bullitt, John Christian

Bullitt, Joshua Fry - attorney

Bullitt, Logan M. - died 10-15-41 - & wife - society

Bullitt, Logan M., 3rd, Ens. & wife – former Mary Hirst

Bullitt, Marshall

Bullitt, Mary Langdon - society [SEE ALSO Downs, Nancy I.S.; Thomas, Charles D.]

Bullitt, Orville [SEE ALSO Wurman, M.L.; Astor, Vincent, Mrs.; Ormandy, Eugene; Philadelphia Orchestra; Van Steewyk, E.A.; Gates, Thomas S.; U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Contracts - Sub - Exhibit; Samuel, Bernard 1943; Gromyko, Andrei & wife; Ormandy, Eugene & wife]

Bullitt, Orville H., Jr. & wife - former Shelby Thayer [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Bullitt, Orville H., Jr., Mrs. - former Shelby Thayer [SEE ALSO Thayer, Russell, Jr., Mrs.; Thayer, Russell, 2nd; Bullitt, Rita]

Bullitt, Richard Stockton

Bullitt, Rita - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Hussey, Barbara]

Bullitt, Wm. C., Sr.

Bullitt, Wm. C.

Bullitt, Wm. C.

Bullitt, Wm. C. - straight photos

Bullitt, Wm. C. - former ambassador to France

Bullitt, Wm. C. - France

Bullitt, Wm. C. – Russia

Box 184
List of People

Bullitt, Wm. C. - with daughter Anne

Bullitt, Maria S. - society

Bullock, Don - swimmer

Bullock, Donald

Bullock, Augustus G., Mrs. - former Mary Archer Baugh

Bullock, H.T.

Bullock, Horace Ridgley & wife - former Marion Batterman

Buloock, Jack - football

Bullock, Peggy

Bulmer, A. Albert

Bundens, E.M., Jr. - DuPont explosion

Bundy, A.S.

Bunker, W.H.L.

Bunn, Wm. H., Hon.

Bunting, C.H.

Bunting, Josiah, died June, 1930

Bunting, Josiah, 2nd, Mrs. - former Mary L. Duncan [SEE ALSO Merrick, James Kirk; Milne, Sidney, Mrs.]

Bunting, Samuel Charles, 3rd, Mrs. - former Sarah Jane Swan

Bunton, Albert - Bell Telephone Co.

Bunyan, George H., Mrs. - former Susan E. Osterman

Buono, Louis - detective [SEE ALSO Bruno, Joseph; Shusky, Albert]

Burbage, David - Lewes, DE

Burch, Francis - city solicitor

Burch, Frank - labor leader [SEE ALSO Burch, Francis; Hirschberg, Adolph]

Burch, Katharine - society [SEE ALSO Hallowell, Dorothy S.; Hutter, Howard, Lt.]

Burch, Wm. Thompson, Mrs. - former Olga Crandall

Burchett, Bessie, Dr.

Burchfield, Albert Horne

Burchfield, C.B. - Black Star Coal Mine

Burd, Samuel I. [SEE ALSO Metal - Scrap]

Burdan, Charles - Burdan Dairies

Burdick, James H. - society [SEE ALSO Strobhar, Anne]

Burdsall, Larry - baseball

Burdumy, James T. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Burford, Noble, Jr. & wife - former Carol May Herndon

Burge, Frank Walton, Dr.

Burger, Adolph, Rabbi

Burgess, Ellis Beaver, Rev.

Burgess, John Stewart, Dr.

Burghaze, Joseph R., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Burgoyne, Lou - football

Burgoyne, Sidney J.

Burgoyne, Sidney J., Jr.

Burgy, Dorothy

Burin, Charles - football

Burk, Alfred

Burk, Henry, Mrs.

Burk, Janet M. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - City Hall - Tower]

Burk, Joseph - sculler

Burk, Joseph - sculler - straight photos

Burk, Joe & wife - former Mrs. Kathryn B. O'Sullivan

Burk, Samuel L.H.

Burk, W. Herbert, Rev., died 6-30-33

Burk, Wm. J. "Bill"

Burkart, Elmer - baseball [SEE ALSO Phillies 1939]

Burkart, J. Fred - Real Estate Board

Burke + Walsh - minstrels

Burke, Alexander E., Dr.

Burke, Anne - Temple University

Burke, Cornelius J. - Eastern Penitentiary

Burke, Cyril J.

Burke, D. Barlow & wife

Burke, Edmond - football [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1936; Shinn, Walter]

Burke, Edward J., Dr. - Chemist [SEE ALSO Dope; Sarkis, Abe; Philadelphia - Organizations - Women's University Club]

Burke, Frances - Miss Philadelphia 1940 - Miss America 1940 [SEE ALSO NJ - Atlantic City - Beauty Contest 1940; Wilcox, Jessie; Byrns, Gloria Ann; Dennison, Jo Carroll; Diseases - Infantile Paralysis - March of Dimes; McGarvey, Mary]

Burke, Frances - straight photos

Burke, Frances - with husband Lawrence A. Kenney [SEE ALSO St. Joseph's College - Basketball 1938-1939]

Burke, Harry J. - Eddystone, PA

Burke, Helen Mary

Burke, Henry Penn [SEE ALSO Newbold, Clement B.; Kelly, John B. 1938]

Burke, James J.

Box 185
List of People

Burke, Joseph - The Record

Burke, Joseph David & wife - former Roseanna A. O'Hara [SEE ALSO White, Robert C., Dr.; McGowan, R.A., Rev.]

Burke, Joseph F. - President Building and Construction Trades Council

Burke, Joseph U.

Burke, Robert Belle, Dr.

Burke, Robert W., 3rd & wife - former Eleanor Williams Taylor

Burke, Wm. J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Burkham, Robert, Mrs.

Burkhardt, June - Queen - Wildwood Baby Parade

Burkhardt, Walter M.

Burkhart, Charles A. - Glenside, PA

Burkholder, Eleanore M.

Burkholder, H. Clay

Burkle, Joseph

Burling, Alfred E.

Burlingame, Everett E. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Pen & Pencil Club]

Burlingame, Gayle

Burlingham, Susan

Burman, Henry - football

Burmeister, Roy - ice hockey

Burmester, Willy - violinist

Burnaford, A.F. - Knights of Malta in PA

Burnett, D. Frederick - NJ Liquor Commission

Burnett, Frank, Jr.

Burnett, J.S., Dr.

Burnett, Levi Herr - attorney

Burnett, E. Emory, Dr. & wife - former Peyton B. Jones [SEE ALSO Jones, Livingston E.; Moseley, Wm. Rice, Mrs.; Jackson, Wm. R., Mrs.]

Burney, James - Pittsburgh

Burnham, E. Lewis

Burnham, J., Mrs.

Burnham, Jack D. - Paoli [SEE ALSO Wolf, Alfred L.; Airplane Party]

Burnham, Mary A.

Burnham, Patricia [SEE ALSO Montgomery, Martha; Sullivan, Hannah]

Burnham, Paul, Dr. & wife

Burns, Alex - Record [SEE ALSO Stern, J. David - Dinner, 12-22-39; Philadelphia - Records Front Counter]

Burns, Arthur - Narberth, PA

Burns, Charley - boxer

Burns, Clair - Albion, PA

Burns, Francis P. - Vice President Beneficial Saving Fund

Burns, Francis P., Sgt.

Burns, Frank - football

Burns, George - Record [SEE ALSO Pierce, Arthur]

Burns, George Bickley, Rev. Dr.

Burns, George, Rt. Rev.

Burns, Jack - basketball

Burns, James - bank teller

Burns, James - chauffeur to John J. McClure

Burns, James - Civil War vet [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Gettysburg - 75th Anniversary; Large Photo File]

Burns, James

Burns, John - 1515 Locust Street

Burns, Johnny, Mrs.

Burns, Johnny - bartender

Burns, Joseph - baseball

Burns, Joseph - Enoch Johnson trial

Burns, Joseph J. - secretary to George Connell [SEE Connell, George; Freedley, Vinton]

Burns, Judson C.

Burns, Lewis, Dr. & wife - Philadelphia

Burns, M.D. - Sylvania Electric Products Inc.

Burns, R. Paul & wife - Philadelphia

Burns, Thomas P. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Police - Radio; Brusco, Gerald; Malone, James H. Shooey; Disston, Wm. G.; Keegan, Arthur P., Dr.; Philadelphia - Police - Dept.; Philadelphia - Police - Autos]

Burns, Vincent L., Rev.

Burns, W. Atlee, Jr. & wife - society [SEE ALSO Flowers - Gladiolas; Brunner, Meletti]

Burns, W. Atlee, 3rd [SEE ALSO Sears, Natalie Brooks]

Burpee, David [SEE ALSO Skilling, Joseph K. & wife; Liggett, Virginia Nini; Lin, Adet]

Burpee, Nancy - society [SEE ALSO Richards, Leroy, Jr., Mrs.]

Burpee, W. Atlee, Jr. [SEE ALSO Wm. J., Mrs.; Houston, Samuel F.]

Burr, Anna Robeson - author

Burr, Charles W., Dr.

Burr, David C.

Burr, M. Vashti

Burr, Theodosia

Burr, Virginia - Miss Crystal Pool 1936

Burrell, John E. - Narberth

Burroughs, Joseph H. - Kittaning Coal Co.

Burrowes , Wills - football

Burrows, Charles R.

Burrows, Elizabeth Kendrick

Burrows, J.S.

Burt, Harriet - Chester, PA

Burt, M. Struther - author - & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Book Fair 1942; Philadelphia Record Famous Author's Luncheon 1945]

Burt, Reynolds U., Mrs. - former Bertie Jefferson

Burt, Wm. B. - air raid warden [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Air Raid - Wardens - Philadelphia; Silbert, Herbert B.]

Burtnett, Harvey O. - Order of Red Men

Burton, Albert H., Col. [SEE ALSO United War Chest 1943]

Burton, Edward C. - Chester, PA

Burton, H. - Electric Storage Battery Co.

Burton, Horace M. - attorney

Burton, Hy W.

Burton, Katherine, Mrs. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Philadelphia - Victory Drive (5th)]

Burton, Marian A., Mrs.

Box 186
List of People

Burton, Raymond E. - Vineland, NJ

Burton, W. Virden - Delaware

Burton, Wilbur D.

Burton, Wm. A.

Bury, Martin - autos

Busch, Helen M. - athlete

Busch, Henry Paul, Mrs.

Busch, Earl V. - Thornton Fuller Co.

Buse, Henry - Ridley Park, PA, died 2-4-41

Bush, Ellen Jean

Bush, Vannevar - President Carnegie Inst. [SEE ALSO Brain - Mechanical; Hoover, Herbert, 1938; Wright, Orville; Jewett, Frank B., Dr.; Caldwell, Samuel H., Prof; Groves, Leslie, Maj. Gen.; Bombs - Atomic - Control; Muller, Hermann J.]

Bush-Brown, Henry K.

Busha, James - basketball

Busha, Marianne, Mrs. - Upper Darby, PA

Busha, Socrates Sam - deputy U.S. Marshal [SEE ALSO Watercraft - Wind; Pinto, Jao; Rosario, Bruno]

Bushey, Mary - bowler

Bushnell, Eleanor B. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., Mrs.; Bailey, Stanley, Mrs.; Biddle, Francis]

Bushong, Robert G.

Butcher, Harry K. - Committee of 70 [SEE ALSO Hagerty, Eugene J.; Shallit, Joseph; Daly, Thaddeus N., Jr.]

Butcher, Henry Clay, 3rd & wife - former Jeanette E. Ramee

Butcher, Howard Jr. - Philadelphia Stock Exchange [SEE ALSO Gay, Charles R.]

Butcher, Howard, 3rd & wife - former Mrs. Elizabeth McBee Lee

Butcher, J. Howard - Zurn Manufacturing Co.

Butcher, Keen, Mrs. - Ardmore, PA

Butcher, Martha Jane

Butchko, Andrew - bowler [SEE ALSO Wyzga, Bill]

Butera, Charlie - bowler [SEE ALSO Murgie, Jimmy]

Butler, E.W. - RCA Victory Radio

Butler, George, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Butler, Jack - Philadelphia Record sweepstakes winner

Butler, Jack - deputy fire marshal

Butler, James R., Jr., Mrs. - former Barbara Mann [SEE ALSO Zengall, Betty Jean]

Butler, Jane [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Roxborough]

Butler, John Lord

Butler, Mary - University of Pennsylvania Museum

Butler, Smedley D.

Butler, Smedley D., died 6-21-40 [SEE ALSO Coyle, Robert M.; Taylor, James A.]

Butler, Smedley D. - straight photos

Butler, Smedley D. - memorial plaque [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Butler, Smedley D., Jr.

Butler, Thomas Richard - son of Smedley Butler

Butler, Thomas S.

Butler, Wm. - athlete

Butrus, Joseph - park guard [SEE ALSO Schuylkill River - Fairmount Dam]

Butt, John P. - attorney

Butterworth, Frank - President Triplex Co.

Butterworth, Harry W., Jr. [SEE ALSO Yowell, Augusta W.]

Butterworth, Harry W., 3rd [SEE ALSO Huber, Anne W.; Headdress Ball, 1938; Howell, Augusta D.W.; Fehr, Elizabeth Till; Sayen, Susan H.]

Butterworth, Henry & wife

Butterworth, J. Ebert

Butterworth, J. Warner

Butterworth, Olga - nurse

Button, Conyers, 2nd, Mrs. - former Marie Louis Dunham [SEE ALSO Quier, Elizabeth; Garthuaite, A.A., Mrs.; Lord, Edwin, Mrs.]

Button, Richard - ice skater [SEE ALSO Jones, Barbara; Philadelphia - Skating Club; Philadelphia - Humane Society]

Buttrick, George A., Dr. [SEE ALSO Gates, Thomas C.; Taitt, Francis M., Rev.; Adler, Cyrus, Dr.]

Butts, Donald C., Dr.

Butts, Roger C.

Butts, Thomas - Baldwin Automotive Works

Butz, Alvin - President Allentown Baseball Club [SEE ALSO Ogden, John M.; Sterling, Oren E.]

Buza, Doris - Allentown, PA

Buzby, B. Franklin, Dr.

Buzby, Nina [SEE ALSO Ketchum, Jean; Emergency Aid Jr. Corps.; Stull, Kathleen E.]

Buzon, Anna - Scranton

Buzzard, Chester J., Rev.

Byall, E. Bruce, Mrs. - Gladwyne, PA

Bye, Theodore W. - Ardmore

Byers, J. Wilson, Dr.

Byers, Myrtle, Mrs. - McKeesport, PA

Byler, Robert C. - SKF Industries [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - SKF - Employees]

Bynon, Bill - football

Byrne, Ann M. - Glenside, PA

Byrne, Herb - autos [SEE ALSO Van Derzee, N.K.]

Byrne, Jack - baseball

Byrne, Johnny - Philadelphia

Byrne, Kathleen

Byrne, Mel F., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Production - Eisenhowers Special Emissaries; Philadelphia - Organizations - Ocean City Mfg. Co.]

Byrne, Michael, Mrs. - former Johanna Hughes [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B.]

Byrne, Thomas E., Jr., Mrs. - former Vera de Chantal Flick

Byrne, Thomas F. - MFGR, died 1929

Byrnes, Doris M.

Byrnes, Frank, Sgt. - Record employee

Byrnes, Marian - Record reporter at Gimbel Christmas Parade [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Stores - Gimbel Brothers - Christmas Parade 1937]

Byrnes, Wm. C. - Integrity Trust Co.

Byron, Marty - basketball

Cabrey, Eleanor - Narberth, PA

Cadbury, Henry J., Dr.

Cadbury, John W., 3rd

Caddy, Marjorie Anne

Cade, Edward J. - insurance

Cade, Minnie Breyer, Mrs.

Cadot, Henry Meade, Mrs. - former Agnes Allinson

Box 187
List of People

Cadwalader, Charles M.B. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Academy of Natural Sciences; Mayr, Ernst, Dr.]

Cadwalader, Charles M.B. - Academy of Natural Sciences [SEE ALSO Linton, Edward, Dr.; Vanderbilt, George & wife; Academy of Natural Sciences]

Cadwalader, Gouverner & wife - former Mrs. Henry H. Houston [SEE ALSO Cadwalader, Mae]

Cadwalader, John [SEE ALSO Cadwalader, Thomas, Mrs.]

Cadwalader, John, Jr., Mrs. - former Beatrice Penrose

Cadwalader, John & wife - former Lea Thom Aspinwall

Cadwalader, Lambert [SEE ALSO O'Malley, John J.; Finnerty, John J.]

Cadwalader, Minnie C. [SEE ALSO Dilworth, Elizabeth]

Cadwalader, Richard M. - Record morgue photograph

Cadwalader, Wm. B., Dr. & wife

Cadwallader, Elizabeth - Yardley, PA

Cadwallader, George W. [SEE ALSO Milne, Caleb, 4th]

Cadwallader, John R. - Meadville, PA

Cadzow, Donald G., Dr.

Caesar, J. Leo

Cafiero, A.J. - Wildwood, NJ

Cahall, Bob - football

Cahall, Larry - tennis

Cahall, Patsy - pianist

Cahall, Wm. C., Jr., Mrs. - society

Cahan, Abraham - editor

Cahan, George M. – Philadelphia

Cahan, Herbert B. - Philadelphia

Cahan, Irving

Cahill, Edward C. - RCA Manufacturing Co.

Cahill, Edward H., Capt. - detective [SEE ALSO O'Brien, John T.]

Cahill, James J.

Cahill, James J. - Wilmington, DE [SEE ALSO Farley, James A.; McMullen, Richard C.]

Cahill, John J., Sgt.

Cahill, John T. [SEE ALSO Flood, Gerald F.; Military Training - Philadelphia]

Cahill, Leon, Rev.

Cain, John J. - sheriff

Cain, Robert S.

Cairns, A.A., Dr.

Cairns, Jim - football [SEE ALSO La Salle College - Football 1939]

Cairy, Wm. C. - Philadelphia

Calby, Michael Joseph [SEE ALSO Minnick, Thomas J., Jr.; Earle, George H. 1938; Kelly, John B.; White, Robert C.]

Calcinore, Lewis A., Sgt. - Phoenixville, PA

Caldwell, Dorothy

Caldwell, George Taylor, Rev.

Caldwell, James A., Jr., died 11-15-34

Caldwell, James Emmett, Mrs. - society

Caldwell, James Emmett & wife - former Hannah H. Locke [SEE ALSO Gribbell, Betty; Skiing; Headdress Ball, 1938; Warburg, Frederick M.]

Caldwell, Samuel H., Prof.

Caldwell, Wm. Taylor, Rev., died 8-12-41

Caley, Al

Caley, Llewellyn, Rev.

Calhoun, James A. - Record employee

Calhoun, John, Rev.

Calhoun, Joseph H.

Calhoun, Paul - swimmer

Calhoun, Wes - autos

Caligiun, Joseph, Father

Calkins, Les - baseball

Calladine, Norm - ice hockey

Callahan, Edward - Record

Callahan, Francis Joseph

Callahan, Jim - bowler [SEE ALSO Bowling; Catholic High School]

Callahan, John J. - Philadelphia

Callahan, Michael J. - police - Easton, PA

Callahan, Robert E., Capt. - police

Callahan, Thomas A. – Philadelphia - Coast Guard [SEE ALSO U.S. Coast Guards, 1944]

Callahan, Thomas J.

Callahan, Tim - boxer - old time

Callender, Clarence N., Dr.

Callihan, Wm. H. - Coast Guard – Philadelphia

Calloway, Ely R., Mrs. - former Jeanne S. Wiler [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Women's Army Auxiliary Corp. - Philadelphia]

Calloway, Wm. W. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Calvert, Philip Powell, Dr. [SEE ALSO Mayr, Ernst, Dr.]

Calvin, Everett Y. - Beaver Falls

Callaghan, Vince - baseball

Camac, Bob - football

Camblin, Irene - swimmer

Calwell, Charles S. - banker

Camenish, Walter - Philadelphia tax office [SEE ALSO Willard, Frank]

Cameron, A.D. - Hall Electric Heating Co.

Cameron, Arthur T.

Cameron, Charles S., Dr.

Cameron, James Donald - Sec. of War, 1876-1877

Cameron, James R., Mrs. - society

Cameron, Joan

Cameron, John - auto victim

Cameron, Nicholas & wife

Cameron, R.C. - Kelvinator Co.

Cameron, Robert D., Capt. - Philadelphia police

Cameron, Simon - Sec. of War, 1861-1862

Cameron, Wm. H. - Germantown tax collector

Camilli, Don

Camilli, Joseph R. - Philadelphia

Campbell, Alfred M., Jr., Mrs. - former Mrs. E.C. Dearden, Jr. - former Alice Fox

Campbell, Isabel - artist

Campbell, Charles - athlete

Campbell, Clarence B. - Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing

Campbell, Dorothy - swimmer [SEE ALSO Bell, Bert, Mrs.; Henninger, Constance; Glaser, Marie; Calhoun, John]

Campbell, E. Fay, Rev.

Campbell, E. Fay, Mrs. - President Philadelphia YMCA

Campbell, Edgar - Lancaster

Campbell, Edward H., Dr.

Campbell, Frances - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Palm Sunday, 1943]

Box 188
List of People

Campbell, George J.

Campbell, George T. - Philadelphia

Campbell, J.T. - real estate

Campbell, James - keeper at zoo

Campbell, James - Philadelphia

Campbell, James - sculler

Campbell, James - swimmer

Campbell, James A., died 5-8-31

Campbell, James A. - MFGR [SEE ALSO Schwab, Charles]

Campbell, James A., Col. - Delaware Co. Trust Co., died 1-2-41 [SEE ALSO Morton, John]

Campbell, James A.G., Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor B. Craig

Campbell, James B., Lt. - Upper Darby

Campbell, James J. - magistrate [SEE ALSO Belcher, Wm. - Magistrate; O'Donnell, John]

Campbell, James O. – judge, died 3-30

Campbell, James V. – policeman - killed

Campbell, Joan - society

Campbell, Jim “Soup” - basketball

Campbell, John - squash player [SEE ALSO Moniot, Ed]

Campbell, John “Soup” - basketball

Campbell, Joseph - policeman [SEE ALSO Metal - Scrap - Philadelphia]

Campbell, Laura S., Mrs.

Campbell, Martha C. - Swarthmore, PA

Campbell, Milton

Campbell, Muriel - swimmer [SEE ALSO May, Jane]

Campbell, Paul - attorney

Campbell, Perry - attorney

Campbell, Philip A. - attorney

Campbell, Rene

Campbell, Theodore, Dr.

Campbell, W.G. & wife - Philadelphia

Campbell, W.R., Dr.

Campbell, Willard S. [SEE Lincoln, Abraham]

Campbell, Wm. - Mummer

Campbell, Wm. Bucke - City Historical Society

Campbell, Wm. E., Rev.

Campbell, Wm. F.

Campbell, Wm. F. & wife

Campion, Emily C. - Swarthmore, PA

Campion, James, Prof. [SEE ALSO Margiotti, Charles J.]

Campion, Nancy

Campion, Richard J., Dr. [SEE ALSO Bell Telephone Co. - Employees]

Canavan, John F. - retired letter carrier

Canavan, Martin

Cancelmo, Joseph

Candini, Milo - baseball

Cane, Marilyn

Caner, Harrison K., Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Fashion Congress; Conderman, Norman K.; Barclay, W. Littleton, Mrs.; Budge, Don]

Caner, Harrison K., Jr. & wife [SEE ALSO Fox, Holstein de Haven, Mrs.; Schaeffer, Frederick C.]

Caner, Katherine K. - society [SEE ALSO Mask & Wig, 1930; Bliss, George, Ens.; Newbold, Marie]

Caner, Uytendale Emily - society [SEE ALSO Newbold, Betty Ann; Arey, Mary E.; Dayton, Mary; Mayer, Anne W.; Hart, Thomas, Mrs.; Beardsley, Mary Louise; Clyde, Louise Archer; Leon, Gary; Lmon, Wm. C.; Landreth, Edward; Tindle, Charlotte; McGlinn, Frank; Colfelt, Virginia; Stokes, Mary Jane; Friend, John E.; Large Photo File - Uniforms]

Caner, Wm. J., Jr.

Canessa, Stephen J. - Record employee

Canfield, Albert - golfer

Canfield, Joseph M., Jr.

Cann, Charles

Cann, John Pearce, Mrs.

Cann, Wm. N. - Wilmington, DE [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Margaret]

Cannon, Eleanor - Germantown

Cannon, Henry L. - Ebensburg [SEE ALSO Guffey, Joseph F.]

Cannon, John J.

Cannon, John J. - murder case

Cannon, Joseph - CIO

Cannon, Maurice F., Rev.

Cannon, Omer - football

Cannon, Philip L. - Delaware

Cannon, Thomas - dancer [SEE ALSO Littlefield, Catherine]

Cannon, Wm. R. - Coast Guard - Boothwyn, PA

Canstatter Volksfest Verein

Cant, Bill - swimmer

Cant, Doris - swimmer [SEE ALSO Sloane, Elaine; Glazer, Marie; Auritt, Judy]

Canter, A.J. - autos

Cantler, Robert - athlete

Cantley, Walter - golfer

Cantlin, Anna

Cantor, Philip A., Cpl. - Philadelphia

Cantrell, Francis S., Jr. - insurance [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Legislature; Philadelphia - Registration Comm.]

Canty, James - draftee

Capano, Frank

Capasso, Baldassaro, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Capehart, John - robs blind man

Capello, Anthont, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Capen, Samuel Paul, Dr. [SEE ALSO Meredith, Albert, Dr.]

Capers, John, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Sigel, Helen]

Capitolo, Johnny - baseball

Caplan, Joseph - Real Silk Hosiery Co.

Capolino, Gertrude Rowan - artist

Capolino, J. Joseph [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marine Corps; Herzog, Margaret]

Caponigro, Thomas Peter, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Caporaletti, Ralph B. Pfc. - Philadelphia

Capotosto, Albert & wife - former Jayne Smathers

Cappriotti, Romeo - football

Capriotti, Sam, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Capps, Kathleen - Erie, PA

Capron, Paul, Lt. & wife - former Jill Stern - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Outdoor Show]

Capron, Paul Jr. & wife - former Marguerite Gillespie

Capua, James F. – Philadelphia

Box 189
List of People

Carabasi, Ralph - Cynwyd, PA

Caraffa, Benny - McClure trial

Caras, Jimmy - billiards - straight photos

Caras, Jimmy - billiards [SEE ALSO Greenleaf, Ralph; Mosconi, Wm.; Billiards]

Carbaugh, Bob - baseball

Carberry, Dorothy

Carcione, Anthony R., Lt. - Bethlehem, PA

Cardella, Tony, Jr., Pvt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Entertainment]

Carder, Richard, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Cardeza, Thomas - home

Cardeza, Thomas, Mrs.

Cardillo, Ralph – football - Temple

Cardinal, Lee - football

Cardner, Birn, Jr. - Allentown, PA

Cardwell, Thomas J.M., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Carey, Bernard P. - attorney

Carey, Bernard P., Jr.

Carey, Bill - athlete [SEE Wittens, Warren]

Carey, Bruce - music

Carey, E. MacDonald, Mrs. - former Elizabeth C. Heckscher [SEE ALSO Dixon, Elsie Thayer; Leiper, Carolyn; Francine, Ann; Page, Robert P., 3rd; Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball]

Carey, E. MacDonald & wife - former Elizabeth C. Heckscher

Carey, Frank

Carey, George F.

Carey, Grace V., Mrs.

Carey, Harry W. - real estate assessor [SEE ALSO Kelly, Edward A.]

Carey, James A. – sheriff - dead

Carey, Michael T., Prof.

Carey, Pat - football

Carey, Wm. Francis - Department of Sanitation [SEE ALSO Kanh, Roger Wolfe; Kanh, Ott H.; Estate]

Carfagno, Ralph

Carhart, Edmund, Rev. Dr. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Churches - St. Mark's Church]

Cariss, Walter - baseball coach [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Baseball 1937]

Cariss, Walter - University of Pennsylvania

Carl, Catherine, Mrs. - Record

Carlin, Bernard - police

Carlin, Dorothy R.

Carlin, Eleanor M.

Carlin, John - coach [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Crew 1943]

Carlin, Symane, Mrs.

Carlisle, Kitty - movies (1 of 2) [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Roosevelt, F.D., Mrs. 1938; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Victory Drive (5th); Philadelphia - Women - Best Dressed; Hart, Moss & wife]

Carlisle, Kitty - movies (2 of 2)

Carlisle, Kitty - movies - with husband Moss Hart

Carlisle, M.E. - Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

Carlson, H.C., Dr. - basketball coach

Carlson, Henry O., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Carlson, Robert H. - basketball

Carlsten, Rolf "Swede" - baseball - Olympics, 1936

Carlton, George, Jr., Mrs. - former Mary H. Hogue

Carlton, James A. - home

Carmichael, Leonard, Dr. - Philadelphia

Carmichael, Thomas H., Dr. & wife [SEE ALSO Keenan, Robert B.]

Carmine, James H. - Philco Radio [SEE ALSO Ramsdell, Sayre; Anderson, Clinton P.]

Carmody, Lawrence - detective [SEE ALSO Menichella, Michael]

Carnathan, Roland - patrolman

Carnell, Laura H., Dr., died 1929

Carnelly, Ray - football

Carnett, Alice G. - society [SEE ALSO Zieget, Marcia S.]

Carnett, John Berton Jr. & wife - former Emily Landreth [SEE ALSO Dancing - Big Apple]

Carnett, John Berton, Jr., Mrs. - former Emily Landreth [SEE ALSO Landreth, David; Leedom, John; Fitzsimmons, John H.; Large Photo File]

Charney, Edward P. - magistrate, died 2-1-41

Carney, Francis - caddy

Carney, Robert W. & wife - former Betty Zane Grey [SEE ALSO Grey, Zane]

Carns, Wm. M. - Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Carothers, Neil, Dr. [SEE ALSO Knox, Frank, Col.]

Carothers, Wm. H., Dr.

Carpenter, Aaron E., Maj. & wife [SEE ALSO Fish - Tuna; Large Photo File; Philadelphia - Corps. - Houghton E.F. & Co.]

Carpenter, C.E. - Philco Radio & Television Corp.

Carpenter, C.R., Dr.

Carpenter, Charles T., died 4-30-41 [SEE ALSO Reynolds, Howard]

Carpenter, Helen

Carpenter, Herbert B., Dr.

Carpenter, Horace F.

Carpenter, Horace T. [SEE ALSO Johnson, Herman W.; Mallonee, John K., Mrs.]

Carpenter, Joseph - Pennsylvania Co.

Carpenter, Joseph R. & wife

Carpenter, Mabel - Upper Darby High School [SEE ALSO Barry, Aileene]

Carpenter, Marjorie - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Bicycles; Dice, Milne]

Carpenter, Mary T., Mrs.

Carpenter, Robert R.M., Sr. [SEE ALSO Carpenter, Robert R.M., Jr.]

Carpenter, Robert R.M., Jr. - President Phillies - straight photos

Carpenter, Robert R.M., Jr. & wife

Box 190
List of People

Carpenter, R.R., Jr., Mrs. - Delaware [SEE ALSO Kitchell, Wm., Mrs.]

Carpenter, Walter S., Jr. - President E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. [SEE ALSO Campbell, Levin H., Jr., Maj. Gen]

Carpenter, Wm. & wife - Wilmington, DE

Carpenter, Wm. K. du Pont, Mrs. - former Mrs. Frances K. Woolsey

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (1 of 6)

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (2 of 6)

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (3 of 6)

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (4 of 6)

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (5 of 6)

Carpenter, Wilma V. - murdered (6 of 6)

Carper, L.R. - Martinsburg, PA

Carpi, Fred - Pennsylvania Railroad

Carplick, Edmund - football

Carr, Bill - athlete

Carr, Dudley - Supplee - Wills - Jones Milk Co.

Carr, Harry C. - Penn Mutual

Carr, Harry C., Jr. & wife - former Rebecca Robb Riley

Carr, Harry C., Jr., Mrs. - former Rebecca Robb Riley [SEE ALSO King, Lee Smythe, Mrs.; Differnderffer, Charlotte; Donaghy, Henrietta; Burpee, Jean; Jacobs, John, Mrs.; United Campaign 1938; Lewis, George Draper, Jr.; Butterworth, Harry]

Carr, James J. - Beverly, NJ

Carr, Lorne - ice hockey

Carr, Patrick J., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Carr, Wm. - Philadelphia

Carr, Wm. - magistrate

Carr, Wm. A. - attorney, died 5-30-40

Carrell, Egra P., Dr.

Carrell, J.J.

Carrick, Jimmy - Pittsburgh [SEE ALSO U.S.- Navy - Sea Bees; Mascots]

Carricks, Raymond, Mrs. - former Emily Putnam [SEE ALSO Atlee, Edward D., Mrs.]

Carrigan, Robert McClellan, Mrs. - former Pauline Block [SEE ALSO Vare, Edwin, Mrs.]

Carrington, Edward - Bootblacks Union

Carroll, Betty [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Women - Auxiliary Corp - Philadelphia]

Carroll, Charles - fireman

Carroll, Edna R., Mrs. - Pennsylvania Board of Censors [SEE ALSO Cooke, Jay, 2nd; Laughton, Charles; Republican National Convention 1944]

Carroll, E.J. - Sharp & Dohme

Carroll, Edward - council

Carroll, Edward E. - Coast Guard - Springfield, PA

Carroll, Eleanor [SEE ALSO Palm Sunday 1942]

Carroll, Frank E. - Pittsburgh, PA

Carroll, James, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Carroll, John - Philadelphia

Carroll, Joseph P., Jr., Lt. - Philadelphia

Carroll, Marie M., Lt. - nurse - Upper Darby [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Nurses in Burma]

Carroll, S. Dan - rifle shooter

Carroll, Thomas

Carroll, Thomas J. - engineer

Carroll, Tommy - La Salle College basketball

Carroll, Vincent A. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Committee to Protest British Terror in Palestine]

Carroll, Vincent A. - judge

Carrutl, Henry P. - Dill & Collins Paper Co.

Carse, Bill - ice hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Ice - Philadelphia Ramblers 1939]

Carson, David R. – Vice President Central Pennsylvania National Bank [SEE ALSO Mills, George; Woolsey, Richard Hay; Hepburn, Samuel; Salvation Army 1937; Roosevelt, Nicholas, Mrs.; Salvation Army 1942]

Carson, Edward, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Scattergood

Carson, Elizabeth

Carson, Hampton L.

Carson, Jerome S., Jr., Lt. Cmdr. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1939]

Carson, Joan - Newtown Square, PA [SEE ALSO Hillhouse, Mary Lee; Hacker, Wm., Mrs.; Sullivan, Hannah W.; MacFarland, Dorothy C.]

Carson, John [SEE ALSO U.S. Bituminous Coal Comm.]

Carson, Johnny - baseball

Carson, John T., Rev.

Carson, Joseph - President Park Commission

Carson, Joseph, Dr.

Carson, Martha, Mrs. - politics

Carson, Mary, Mrs.

Carson, Mary Jane - Roxborough High School

Carson, Nancy

Box 191
List of People

Carson, Norma Bright, Mrs. - magistrate [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Police - Women - Juvenile Delinquency]

Carson, Robert - Franklin Carpet Mills

Carson, Robert B. - Philadelphia

Carson, Susan

Carson, William P.

Carstairs, James H. & wife

Carter, Boake - columnist - Radio [SEE ALSO Television; Woodring, Harry H.]

Carter, Frank - baseball - Drexel Tech

Carter, Harold, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Carter, Howard - Woodstown, NJ

Carter, John - Record

Carter, John & wife - former Elise Alexander [SEE ALSO Red Cross 1935]

Carter, Johnny - boxer

Carter, Joseph - Frankford Grocery Co.

Carter, Mary Etta

Carter, R. Ellis - Bryn Mawr, PA

Carter, Susan

Carter, Urban L. - Philadelphia

Carter, Walter - football

Carter, Wm.

Carter, Wm. - Camden - boy mayor

Carter, Wm C. - Link-Belt Co.

Carter, Wm. J., Capt. - NJ police

Carter, Wm. T., 2nd, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Carter, Wm. E.]

Cartes, Aran - Philadelphia

Cartin, John A., Rev. [SEE ALSO Manning, Wm. J.]

Cartledge, Thomas, Mrs. - former Jane Stetson

Carton, Eugenia - society [SEE ALSO Wanamaker, Fernanda]

Cartwright, H.J., Rev. [SEE ALSO Jones, Rufus M.]

Cartwright, John K., Rev. [SEE ALSO Hallahan Catholic Girls High School]

Carty, Bill - radio announcer

Carty, Joe - Record

Carver, Alexander - attorney - & wife

Carwithen, Van Court, Mrs. - society

Cary, Dale E., Dr.

Casanave, Frederick & wife

Casanave, John, Jr., Mrs.

Casanave, Philip J., Mrs. - Jenkintown, PA

Casci, Paul [SEE ALSO Chinese Fresco; Pennsylvania - University of - Museum]

Case, Cliff

Case, James Herbert, Jr. - President Washington & Jefferson College

Case, W. Montgomery

Case, Willard L., Sr.

Case, Willard L., Jr. & wife

Casey, Daniel - football [SEE ALSO Villanova College - Football 1941]

Casey, Harry - football

Casey, Helen B. - American Legion

Casey, Herbert S. - Wayne, PA [SEE ALSO Smith, Herbert S., Jr., Mrs.]

Casey, J.C. - Stationmaster - Bryn Mawr

Casey, James B., Jr. & wife

Casey, James P. [SEE ALSO McNutt, Paul V.; United Camp 1942; Brett, George H., Lt., Gen.; McDonough, Joseph A.; Salvation Army - Maintenance Fund Camp]

Casey, Joseph I. - Philadelphia National Bank [SEE ALSO Fenniger, Carl W.]

Casey, Joseph T., Comm.

Casey, Leslie J. - theater

Casey, Martin W. - constable

Casillo, Anthony - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cask, Alma Brig - Salvation Army

Caskill, Clinton - Coast Guard - Hammonton, NJ

Casman, Meyer L., Capt.

Casper, Caroline B., Lt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Womens - Womens Army Auxiliary Corp - Philadelphia]

Casper, Darby

Casper, Irv - basketball - Temple [SEE ALSO O'Donnell, Frances; In Large Photo File: Vilton, Jimmy; Lit, Ward; "Jenny "Pop""]

Cass, Lewis - Secretary of War, 1831-1836

Cassard, Harry L., Mrs. - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Woolsey, Richard H.]

Cassard, Louise A. - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Howe, Arthur W., 3rd; Thomas, Joyanne; United War Chest 1943; Dunning, Frances]

Cassatt, Alexander J. & wife - former Cassandra Stewart [SEE ALSO Wanamaker, Rodman, 2nd, Mrs.; Smith, Edward B., Jr., Mrs.; Watercraft - Launchings]

Cassatt, Alexander J. & wife - former Lois Buchanan - dead [SEE ALSO Library shelves 338.7 T - History of Standard Oil Co., Vol. 1 page 184]

Cassatt, Anthony

Cassatt, Cassandra - Rosemont, PA

Cassatt, Mary

Cassatt, Robert Kelso & wife

Cassedy, Anthony B. - Yale & Towne Mfg. Co.

Cassedy, Bernard

Cassel, Chris - Hershey, PA

Casselman, Arthur V., Rev.

Casselman, Wm.

Cassidy, Edward T. - patrolman

Cassidy, Herb - football

Cassidy, John H. - Coast Guard - Paulsboro, NJ

Cassidy, John P. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards - Caroline Islands; U.S. Coast Guards, 1944]

Cassidy, Morley - Philadelphia

Cassidy, Ray - football

Castagna, Anthony J., Lt. - Philadelphia

Castallo, Mario A., Dr.

Casterline, Wm. H. - Upper Darby, PA

Castle, Jane - society

Castle, Louisa Johnston - Wilmington, DE

Castner, Phillip & wife - society [SEE ALSO Hallahan, Charles E., Mrs.]

Castner, Samuel C.

Casto, Theodore D., Dr.

Caston, Harold R. - Record employee

Box 192
List of People

Castor, Horace W. - architect - & wife [SEE ALSO Zisenlohr, Charles J.; Boyle, John A., Mrs.]

Castor, Lewis F., Jr.

Casucci, John – football

Catanella, Nicholas G. - Coast Guard - Camden NJ

Catani, Albert - Record employee - & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees; Cipriano, Charles]

Catani, Joseph - Record employee

Catania, Biagio

Catford, D. Wood, Dr.

Catharine, Irwin

Catherine, Joseph W. [SEE ALSO Rowen, Wm.; Stark, Paul E.; Levitt, Jacob]

Catherine, Joseph W. - real estate

Catherwood, Cummins, Mrs. - former Virginia T. Kent [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, Wm. J., Mrs.]

Catherwood, Cummins & wife - former Virginia T. Kent [SEE ALSO Dorrance, John T.]

Catherwood, Cummins, Mrs. - former Mrs. Lloyd M. Coates - former Ellen Gowen Hood [SEE ALSO Coates, Lloyd M. & wife]

Catholic, Rowan W. - swimmer

Catlin, Lewis - Radnor, PA

Catona, John - draftee

Cattell, Edward J., Dr.

Caucci, Alfred, Cpl. - Pittsburgh, PA

Cauffman, Stanley Hart [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Air Raid Wardens - Philadelphia]

Caum, Samuel L. - banker - Bethlehem

Cavacante, Anthony J.

Cavanaugh, Charles - police - Bernardsville, NJ

Cavanaugh, Frank - Bernardsville, NJ

Cavanaugh, Nicholas - policeman

Cavanaugh, Peter J. [SEE ALSO Schofield, Lemuel B.; Slot Machines]

Cavanaugh, Thomas - guard - Holmesburg [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg in Large Photo File]

Cave, Harry, Sgt. - police

Cavella, Richard E. - American Recording Co.

Caven, Frank H. - director of public works

Cavin, Samuel E. - attorney [SEE ALSO Stotesbury, E.T.]

Cawley, Edward - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards - Mascots]

Caesar - chef

Cecot, Johnny - baseball

Cella, Romeo – musicians union [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B.]

Cellar, George A. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Celli, Alexander, Sgt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Philadelphia - Victory Drive (3rd)]

Cellini, Enrico Joseph, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Censi, Ludovico, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Lippi, Andrew F., Mrs.]

Chaby, George Albert - Record employee

Chaby, Ralph - Record employee

Chadick, Paul - basketball [SEE ALSO Saint Joseph's College - Basketball 1938]

Chadwick, Helen C.

Chadwick, Warren - bowler [SEE ALSO Martinson, Clyde; Philadelphia Record - Bowling Awards; Large Photo File - Rose, Ben]

Chafee, Arnold - baseball

Chafee, Carl H. - Vice President First National Bank [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Banks - Integrity Trust Co.]

Chaffe, Jack - athlete

Chaffe, John C., Mrs. - former Roberta B. Downing

Chaffe, John C., Jr. & wife - former Nancy Lindsay Fehr [SEE ALSO Fehr, Elizabeth Till; Degerberg, Mary; Herkness, Sidney; Meigs, Wm.; Pew, Frances; Weygandt, Betty]

Chaffee, Robert G. & wife

Chaffey, Edmund Jr. & Ned K.

Chaiken, Luba [SEE ALSO British War Relief Society; Food Show - Philadelphia 1941; United Campaign 1942]

Chakan, Albert, Lt. - Freeland, PA

Chalfont, John W. - banker

Chalfont, Wm. S.

Chalfonte, Doris - WCAU

Challoner, R.R. - Employers Liability Insurance Co.

Chalmers, Allen K., Rev.

Chamberlain, Dick - athlete

Chamberlain, George Agnew

Chamberlain, W. Edward, Dr. [SEE ALSO Glass Brain]

Chamberlain, Frank C. - sheriff

Chamberlain, Judy - football

Chambers, Arthur - boxer - old time

Chambers, C.E. - real estate

Chambers, Francis T., Jr., Mrs. - society

Chambers, George G., Dr.

Chambers, Gordon - real estate

Chambers, Gordon H., Lt. Col.

Chambers, James - Philadelphia Orchestra [SEE ALSO New Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia]

Chambers, Thomas

Chambers, Virginia - Cynwyd

Chambliss, L.A. - New Jersey Bankers Association

Champoin, Joseph G. & wife - Ocean City, NJ [SEE ALSO Kiathern, Reggie; Talbert, Bill; Wene, Elmer H.]

Chance, Brittan & wife - former Jane Earle [SEE ALSO Riley, Betty; Rotterall, Walter W.L., Jr.]

Chance, Burton, Dr., & wife - former Muriel Morris [SEE ALSO Perkins, Wm. H., Dr.; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Children's Hospital]

Chance, E. Robert - engineer

Chance, Henry Martin - United Engineers & Constructors

Chance, Henry M., 2nd, Mrs. - former Suzanne Sharpless

Chander, Robert - Coast Guard - Palmyra, NJ

Chandlee, Edward E. & wife

Chandlee, Edward E., Jr. & wife - former Joan P. Duer [SEE ALSO Payne, Jeannette; Armor; Rogers, Mary Carter]

Chandlee, Evan G., 3rd & wife - former Elizabeth K. Yarrow

Chandlee, Susan B. - society

Chandlee, Wm. Blakeley & wife - former Frances E. Jopson [SEE ALSO Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth; Brooke, Francis M., Jr., Mrs.]

Chandler, Archie - Vice President American Pulley Co.

Chandler, Charles Lyon - banker - & wife [SEE ALSO Letite, Pedro De P; Duplan, Luis L.; Davil, Carlos; Bustos, Enrique; Moretzsohn, David; Streit, E. Raymond; Torres, Manuel]

Chandler, Family - reunion

Chandler, Frederick T. - founder of Chandler Bros.

Chandler, James B., Mrs. - Ardmore, PA

Chandler, James B., Lt. - Narberth, PA

Chandler, Liebert T. - athlete

Chandler, Paul G.

Chandler, Paul V. - real estate [SEE ALSO Golf, 1945]

Chandler, Percy M. & wife

Chandler, Swithin, Dr., died 12-10-40

Chaney, Newcomb K., Dr.

Box 193
List of People

Chantler, Thomas H. - Beaver, PA

Chapin, Cornelia Van A. - sculptor

Chapman, Adrian – Holmesburg - killed 1941

Chapman, Alfred, Mrs. - former Dorothy I. Hahn

Chapman, Ardenia - Dean - Drexel Institute [SEE ALSO Drexel Institute]

Chapman, Elwood - President Chestnut St. Businessmen's Assoc. [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis]

Chapman, Helen

Chapman, John P., Dr. [SEE ALSO Francine, Anne]

Chapman, June, Lt. - Coast Guard [SEE ALSO Martin, Edward; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Philadelphia 1943; U.S. - Coast Guard - Women Enlistments - Philadelphia 1944; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Freedom House - Philadelphia; Samuel, Bernard 1944; U.S. - Coast Guard - Enlistments]

Chapman, Leroy E.

Chapman, Louise

Chapman, Monty - basketball

Chapman, Robert - basketball

Chappel, Merlyn A., Rev.

Charles, Milton - organist

Charlton, Edward J. - Lukenweld Inc.

Charlton, Louise - society

Chase, Abbott Howland & wife - former Emily Crothers

Chase, Clement E. - asst. chief engineer - Delaware River Bridge - killed 9-19-33

Chase, P.H. - Philadelphia Electric Co.

Chase, Paul A. - attorney - & wife - former Doris E. Dexter

Chase, Robert E.

Chase, Roy J. - insurance

Chase, Theodore L., Dr.

Chaszewicz, Jeannie - Record [SEE ALSO Archery; Baltadonis, Milda; Philadelphia Record Employees]

Chelf, Ada - Medford Lakes, NJ [SEE ALSO Kunz, Opal, Mrs.]

Cheney, Edwin F., Jr. & wife - Yeadon, PA [SEE ALSO Cochrane, John; U.S. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Philadelphia - Victory Drive (3rd)]

Cherchesky, L.S. Scott - attorney

Cherkasky, Morris [SEE ALSO Meat; Black Market]

Cherry, Lillian, Pfc. - Record employee

Chervenak, Michael C., Jr.

Chervenak, Michael C., Jr. - state representative

Chesney, H.H., Rev.

Chesterman, Frank J. - Vice President Bell Telephone Co. [SEE ALSO United War Chest 1945]

Cheston, Bunny

Cheston, E. Burwell, Mrs. - former Ann Carey Robinson [SEE ALSO Crozer, Charles H.; Fox, H. Russell; Itgen, Frank August, Jr.; Newhall, Cheston M.]

Cheston, James M., 4th & wife [SEE ALSO Ingersoll, R. Sturgis, Mrs.; Seeley, Theodore]

Cheston, James, 4th, Mrs. - former Bessie Lewis Cooke

Cheston, Radcliffe, Jr., Mrs. - society

Chevalier, Lorraine - University of Pennsylvania glamour girl

Cheverko, George [SEE ALSO Hazleton High School - Basketball 1938]

Chew, Billy - Bala Cynwyd

Chew, Elizabeth

Chew, Harry H.

Chew John T. - society

Chew, Kathleen [SEE Chew, Robert, Mrs.]

Chew, Oswald - President Philadelphia Chapter of the Free French - & wife [SEE ALSO Tabouis, Genevieve]

Chew, Peggy

Chew, Robert, Rev. & wife

Chew, Samuel, Mrs. - former Barbara D. Williams [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Write, Elizabeth Macaulay; Biddle, Lydia]

Chew, W.H.

Chew, W.W., Maj.

Cheyney, Arthur B.

Cheyney, Edward Potts, Dr. [SEE ALSO Pepper, George W.]

Cheyney, J. Passmore, Mrs.

Cheyney, W. Irwin, Mrs.

Chialastri, Lawrence J., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Chickerneo, John - football [SEE ALSO Pittsburgh University - Football 1936; Goldberg, Marshall; Pittsburgh University - Football 1938]

Chiera, Edward, Prof.

Child, Charles - artist

Child, Stanley - Germantown, Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Jacobs, Ann L.; Burch, Katherine]

Childerhose, Ross K., Dr.

Childrey, Ralph D.

Childs, Bernard - labor

Childs, Coyetta, Mrs. - society

Childs, Randolph W.

Childs, Geoffrey S. - Pitcairn Aviation

Childs, Harry O.J.

Childs, Marjorie - Norristown

Chiquoine, John David - Swarthmore High School

Chirico, Dennis - athlete

Chisholm, Guy M., Mrs. - former Elise Townshend [SEE ALSO Baldwin School]

Chisick, Andrew - football - Villanova 1944 [SEE ALSO Burke, Cyril J.]

Chittick, Donald - Record employee

Chonko, Joseph, Sgt. - Freeland, PA

Chript, Adam, Msgr.

Chisholm, F.E.

Chrisman, Wm.

Christian, John “Dutch” - soccer [SEE ALSO Soccer; Passon]

Christiansen, Wm., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Christie, Alexander, Rev.

Christler, C.M. - Pittsburgh

Christman, Charles - golfer [SEE ALSO Hamilton, John D.; McKaig, Edgar S.]

Christman, George - golfer

Christman, Henry - football - Villanova, 1940-1941[SEE ALSO Smith, Maurice Clipper]

Christman, Henry J., Lt. - Haverford, PA

Christman, Howard S.

Christman, Paul S. - Schuylkill Haven, PA

Christy, Walter, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Chriswell, Thomas - policeman

Chronis, Phidias - Pittsburgh, PA

Chunn, Livingston, Dr.

Church, Arthur L. & wife

Church, Dick

Church, Don

Church, Margaret, Dr.

Church, Samuel Harden - Carnegie Institute

Box 194
List of People

Churchill, Joseph B. - Record employee

Churchill, Winston J. - Philadelphia - U.S. Army

Churchman, Beatrice A. - society [SEE ALSO Howe, Madeline; Hecksher, Madeline; Janney, Margaret; Madiera, Louis C., 4th]

Churchman, Charles W. - Easton, PA

Churchman, W. Morgan & wife

Churchman, W. Morgan, Jr. & wife - former Eleanor Newhall

Cianflone, Frank A. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Police - Band]

Cianflone, Frank A., Jr.

Ciannantonio, Tony - football

Ciarrochi, Bill - baseball

Cibulas, Joe - football

Cicchitti, Thomas S., Sgt.

Ciechanowski, Stanley - Camden County

Cieslak, Joe - football - #18 - Villanova 1936

CIfelli, Aloise F., Sgt. - Philadelphia Police [SEE ALSO Strikes - Philadelphia - Coal Drivers]

Cigola, Gerald - Pittsburgh, PA

Ciliberti, Joe - football

Cilley, Gordon H., died 1-17-38

Cilron, Alan B. - Philadelphia

Ciociola, Raymond A. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards 1945]

Cipriano, Charles - Record employee

Cirigliano, Michael J. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Hospitals - Letterman General Hospital]

Cirminello, Joseph & wife [SEE ALSO Blood - Donors]

Ciszewski, Marny - U.S. Coast Guard [SEE ALSO I Am An American Day; U.S. - Coast Guards - Anniversary; U.S. - Coast Guards - Women - Philadelphia 1944; Ice - Capades 1945]

Ciuman, Joseph - ice hockey

Civello, Dave - golfer

Civitella, George - Girard College

Claffy, Arthur, Capt.

Claflin, Wm. M. - treasurer Bond Club of Philadelphia

Claghorn, Charles E. [SEE ALSO Reuss, Betty Hilary; Crawford, Edith S.]

Claghorn, Elizabeth L. - society [SEE ALSO Disston, Lucy; Strawbridge, Emily C.; Norris, Natalie; Brown, Frances; Costumes; Bonsall, Emily; Henson, Anne B.; Parry, Francis Fox, Mrs.; Waite, Leslie S., Jr., Mrs.]

Claghorn, John, Mrs. - society

Claghorn, May, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Tily, Herbert J.]

Clagnorn, Nancy S. - society (correct Name is Ann S.)

Claghorn, Susan - society [SEE ALSO Farr, Walter]

Claiborne, John T., Jr., Mrs. - home

Clamer, G.H., Dr.

Clancey, Theresa - Garden Lake, NJ

Clancy, Frank

Clancy, Wm. R. - Coast Guards - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards 1944]

Claney, Murdoch P. - banker

Clapp, Clara B. - society [SEE ALSO Cresson, Emily Vaux; Biddle, Sara Lee; Rothermel, Louise; Swain, Sally W.; Baltzell, Wm.; Battles, Winthrop H.]

Clapp, George Hubbard - University of Pittsburgh

Clapper, Harold L. - Coast Guard - Williamsburg, PA

Clapper, Samuel M.D. - President Cannon Mills Inc.

Clapper, Wm. - Philadelphia police

Clarey, Bernard, Mrs. - former Jean Scott [SEE ALSO Darby, Donald Weston, Mrs.]

Clark, A. Sheldon

Clark, Alfred A.J. - Clark Printing House [SEE ALSO U.S. - Constitution - Pennsylvania Constitution Commemorating Committee]

Clark, Allen Gray

Clark, Alonza, Cpl.

Clark, Andrew

Clark, Anne G. - Riverton, NJ

Clark, Arabel W.

Clark, B.W. - Vice President Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

Clark, Betty Scott - society [SEE ALSO Smith, Jane G.]

Clark, Bill - boxer

Clark, Chuck - bowler [SEE ALSO Bowling 1941]

Clark, Clarence H., 3rd, Mrs. - society

Clark, David S., Rev.

Clark, E. Cheston, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Clark, Edith - Philadelphia

Clark, Edith - Port Richmond

Clark, Edward A. - Philadelphia

Clark, Edward O., Lt. - Chestnut Hill

Clark, Edwin M. - Vice President Bell Telephone Co.

Clark, Eliot R., Dr. - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Blood; Vessels; Thyroid Gland]

Clark, Elliot R., Dr. [SEE ALSO Microscope]

Clark, F.J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Clark, Frances - society [SEE ALSO Orth, Edward O., Mrs.]

Clark, Frances Elliot, Dr.

Clark, Francis - football

Clark, Francis E. & wife

Clark, Francis J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards - 1944, Europe]

Clark, Francis X., Pfc. - Croydon, PA

Clark, Frank J. [SEE ALSO Marston, May]

Clark, Gordon H., Dr.

Clark, Grenville [SEE ALSO Biddle, Francis; Patterson, Giles J.; Roberts, Owen J.]

Clark, Henry Francis, Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Louise Campbell

Clark, Herbert L., Mrs. - society

Clark, Irvin - bowler [SEE ALSO Basciani, Johnny]

Clark, J. Alexander, Dr.

Clark, James, Pvt. - McKeesport, PA

Clark, James C. - county commissioner [SEE ALSO Witkin, Morton]

Clark, James C. & wife

Clark, James G. - councilman [SEE ALSO Eckardt, Emil; Philadelphia - City Council; Philadelphia - Transit - Cars - Broad Street; Philadelphia - Election 1942]

Clark, James G., Mrs. - former Marion Schwartz

Box 195
List of People

Clark, James P. - Delaware River Bridge Comm. [SEE ALSO O' Brien, Thomas P.; Kelly, John B.; Gray, Wm. A.; Kilroy, Elmer; Miller, Emma G., Mrs.; Respirator; Ross, F. Clair; Ross, F. Clair & wife; Reing, Joseph; Kenny, Sister; Roosevelt, Franklin D., Mrs. - Visits - Philadelphia - October 1943; Bullitt, Wm. C.; Guffey, Joseph F.; Presidential Campaign 1944; O'Connor, Basil; Benny, Jack; Myers, Francis J.; Truman, Harry S.]

Clark, Jean - Drexel Hill

Clark, Joe, Jr. - bowler [SEE ALSO Bowling 1941]

Clark, John - sculler

Clark, John Carroll - baseball

Clark, John D., Dr.

Clark, John G., Mrs. - society

Clark, John H. - old time boxer

Clark, John K., Mrs. - former Margaret N. Hart [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Gearhart, Thomas; Hart, Thomas; Mellor, Clinton L.; Large Photo File - Troup, Robert; Tyler, Thomas; Red Cross - Motor Repair Squad; U.S. - Navy - Ships - Huntington]

Clark, John K. & wife - former Margaret N. Hart

Clark, John R. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Harvard University - Crew 1938]

Clark, Joseph - councilman

Clark, Joseph, Sr. & wife

Clark, Joseph C. - Natrona, PA

Clark, Joseph, Jr. & wife [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Graham, Mrs.; Johnson, R.W., Mrs.]

Clark, Lawrence - architect

Clark, Marie - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Droescher, Kathleen; Philadelphia - Society - Junior Bal Masque 1946]

Clark, Matthew H., Capt. - detective [SEE ALSO Malone, James H.; Smith, Francis; Shaud, Billy]

Clark, Michael - detective

Clark, Michael E. - fire chief - Williamsport

Clark, Morris B.

Clark, Nancy - Merion

Clark, Nancy R. - Rydal, PA

Clark, Norman E. [SEE ALSO PA - Bldg & Loan Co.]

Clark, Percy H.

Clark, Percy H., Jr. [SEE ALSO Flagg, David H.K.]

Clark, Richard S. - Philadelphia

Clark, Sydney P. - banker

Clark, Sydney R. [SEE ALSO Jaspan, Jerome, 3rd; Clothier, Wm. J., Mrs.]

Clark, Ted - United Mine Workers Union

Clark, Thomas - Undine Barge Club

Clark, Thomas J. [SEE ALSO Clark, James P.]

Clark, Thomas W. - judge

Clark, Townsend - basketball

Clark, Walton, Dr., died 7-30-34

Clark, Wm. - judge - New Jersey [SEE ALSO U.S. Courts - 3D Circuit Court of Appeal; Kirkpatrick, Wm. H.]

Clark, Wm. A., Capt. - Pennsylvania State Police [SEE ALSO Foote, Percy, Adm.; Ruch, Wm., Maj.; Martin, Margaret]

Clark, Wm. Bell - author

Clark, Wm. Edward - Ambler, PA

Clark, Wm. H. - banker

Clark, Wm. H. - former state senator

Clark, Wm. R., Jr.

Clarke, Aubrey L. - Record - & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees - City Room]

Clarke, B.L., Dr. - Bell Telephone Laboratories

Clarke, Byrom Lewis, Jr. - Boltz case

Clarke, Eliot - University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Clarke, Fred - baseball

Clarke, Gloria

Clarke, H. Vaughan - banker

Clarke, Harry E., Col. - Altoona, PA [SEE ALSO Kerr, Robert M., Maj.; Yamashita, Tomoyuki, Gen.; Trial]

Clarke, Herbert D., Mrs. - Norristown, PA

Clarke, Hugh McCormick - Armstrong Cork Co.

Clarke, J.L., Jr.

Clarke, J. Calvitt, Rev.

Clarke, James J. - patrolman

Clarke, Philip A., Rev.

Clarke, Wm. A. - Wm. A. Clarke & Co.

Clary, Joseph F. - Edward G. Budd Co.

Clary, Thomas J.

Claster, Stanley, Lt.

Clattenburg, Albert E., Rev. [SEE ALSO Taitt, Francis M.]

Clattenburg, Theodore & wife - former Isabel C. Freeman [SEE ALSO Crawford, John R., Mrs.; McAleer, Charlotte; MacFarlane, Henrietta S., Mrs.]

Claudy, J.W., Dr. - Western State Penitentiary

Claus, George - Valley Forge Military Academy

Clause, Robert L. - Pittsburgh, PA

Clausen, Gordon - University of Pennsylvania

Clausen, Gordon S., Mrs.

Clay, John - detective [SEE ALSO Kremer, John; Sandler, Maurice; Weber, William N. & wife; Chief Warrant Officer]

Clay, Mary - Chestnut Hill

Clay, Robert, Lt. - Chestnut Hill

Clayberger, Ralph

Clayes, Betty - Norristown, PA

Clayman, Lee

Clayton, Allan - Friends Select School

Clayton, A. Harry

Clayton, Louise - golfer

Cleary, George E. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Rennie, Frank F., Jr.]

Cleary, Jean - archery

Cleary, Thomas D., Cpl.

Cleary, Thomas D., Sgt.

Cleave, E.J. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Cleaver, Helen - Drexel Institute of Technology

Cleaver, L.R.

Clegg, James E. - Philadelphia Police [SEE ALSO Callahan, Robert, Capt.; Ricker, Clarence B., Capt.]

Clegg, John W. - Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.

Clegg, John Wm., Jr. - Pennsylvania Company - & wife - former Catherine L. Kendig

Box 196
List of People

Clement, Alice [SEE ALSO Janney, Walter C., Mrs.; Pease, Pauline T.]

Clement, Allan B.

Clement, C.F. - coal broker

Clement, Charles Francis, Jr. & wife - former Winifred A. Slete

Clement, Charles M.

Clement, Donna E. - St. Davids, PA [SEE ALSO Tunis, Philippa; Clement, Theron B., Mrs.; Thomas, Joyanne B.]

Clement, Ellie

Clement, Henry Laussat G., Mrs. - former Barbara Strobhar [SEE ALSO Page, Ann; Williams, Barbara; Pearson, Elizabeth; Lewis, LeRoy Moody, Jr.; Senter, Ralph T.; King, Lee Smyth, Mrs.; Beatty, Elwood, Jr., Mrs.; Marble, Alice]

Clement, Harriet H., Mrs. - former Maida Dale Williams

Clement, Hays A., Mrs.

Clement, J.A., Dr.

Clement, J. Browning & wife [SEE ALSO Clement, Margherita]

Clement, John - football

Clement, John B., Jr., Mrs. - society

Clement, John S.

Clement, John Stokes, Jr.

Clement, Martin W. - President Pennsylvania Railroad

Clement, Martin W. - straight photos

Clement, Martin W., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Biddle, Alfred A., Mrs.; James, Arthur H.; Dog Show - Pennsylvania - Devon, 1943]

Clement, Martin W. & wife [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania Railroad - Employees - Women]

Clement, Theron B., Mrs. - St. Davids, PA

Clement, Virginia M. [SEE ALSO Cooking Scenes; Cooper, Donald T., Mrs.]

Clements, Brig. Gen. - National Guard

Clements, Lauratt, Mrs. - tennis

Clement, Rex S., Rev. Dr. & wife - former Marian K. Hutchinson [SEE ALSO Palmquist, E.A.R., Rev.; Schultz, Gertrude; Presbyterian Church of the U.S.; Paist, Frederick M., Mrs.]

Clementson, Wm. A., 2nd & wife - former Elizabeth A. Ransley

Clemmer, Carl Nevin - Lansdale, PA

Clemmer, Mary Ellen

Clerf, Louis H., Dr.

Clerihue, Frederick G.

Cleveland, Arthur, Dr. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H. in cap & gown]

Cleveland, F. Mortimer, Dr.

Cleveland, Grover - former U.S. President

Clewell, Clarence E., Prof.

Clews, M. Madison & wife - former Margaret Strawbridge [SEE ALSO Goodin, Gail; Wanamaker, John R., 3rd; Strawbridge, J. Clayton, Mrs.]

Cliff, J. Howard

Clifford, Bronwen D., Rev.

Clifford, Edward - Colonial Federal Savings & Loan Association

Clifford, Floyd L., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Clifford, Henry - Radnor, PA [SEE ALSO Kimball, Fiske]

Clift, John R. - Hatboro, PA

Clift, Thomas [SEE ALSO Brown, Harry Boyd]

Clifton. Gorham, Mrs. - society

Clifton, Wm. W.

Clime, Bernice - Record fashion contest

Clime, Wm. D., Mrs. - Emerson Club

Cling, Charles, S/Sgt. - Pittsburgh

Clinton, Jacob S., Capt. - fire marshal [SEE ALSO Emanuel, Andrew; Philadelphia - Housing - Flop Houses; Fireworks; Fires - Philadelphia - Miller Storage Co.; Fires - Philadelphia - 52nd St. Fire; Ferrier, George]

Clinton, James R., Rev.

Clipman, W.H., Rev.

Cloak, Frank V.C., Rev. Dr.

Clock, Norman - Reading, PA [SEE ALSO American Veterans of World War II]

Clooney, Thomas L., Rev. [SEE ALSO Shea, Elizabeth K., Mrs.]

Cloren, Buck - baseball

Closson, J.H., Dr.

Clothier, Carolyn - Valley Forge, PA [SEE ALSO Dodge, Cornelia; U.S. - Marines - Women Enlistments - 1944, Philadelphia; Clothier, William J. & wife]

Clothier, George B. & wife - former Helen L. Taylor

Clothier, Isaac H., Mrs. - 1st wife

Clothier, Isaac H., Jr. & wife - society

Clothier, Isaac H. 3d & wife - former Mrs. Aiken Reichner

Clothier, Louis K. - killed in plane accident

Clothier, Morris L. [SEE ALSO Tily, Herbert J.; Strawbridge, Frederic H.]

Clothier, Robert B., Mrs. - former Eleanor E. Perry

Clothier, Robert C., Dr. & wife [SEE ALSO Cole, Wm. H., Prof.; Willkie, Wendell 1941; Lee, Clayton D., Mrs.]

Clothier, Walter, died 3-14-40

Cloud, Wm. - football

Clough, Peter - Ithan

Clough, Peter I. & wife - former Elise L. Fox

Box 197
List of People

Clough, Peter I., Mrs. - former Elise L. Fox

Clowry, Matthew - policeman [SEE ALSO Shields, Aloysius]

Cluderay, Herb - baseball [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Contests - Baseball - Sand Lot]

Cluderay, Tom - soccer

Clutz, Frank H., Rev.

Clutz, John J., Col. - Gettysburg, PA

Clyde, Bob - baseball

Clyde, Robert A. - Drexel Institute

Clyes, Betty Ann - tennis

Clymer, George - statesman

Coale, S. Robinson

Coale, Thomas E.

Coane, William J.

Coar, Annette - golfer [SEE ALSO Orling, Patsy; Fazio, George; Page, Estelle Lawson, Mrs.; Sigel, Helen; Germain, Dorothy]

Coar, Frank, Jr. - golfer

Coates, Edward Osborne & wife

Coates, Edward Osborne, Jr., Mrs.

Coates, Florence Earl - poetess

Coates, George Morrison, Dr. [SEE ALSO Wherry, W., Dr.]

Coates, Lloyd Morris & wife - former Ellen Gowen Hood, divorced October 1941 - Mrs. Coates now Mrs. Cummins Catherwood [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - City Charter; Browne, Marcy C.; Pemberton, Leroy; Wainwright, T.F. Dixon, Mrs.]

Coates, Mary

Coates, Robert C., Rev. [SEE ALSO Duncombe, Franklin, Rev.]

Coates, Wm. M.]

Coath, Amos M. & wife - Upper Darby, PA

Cobb, Bernie - baseball

Cobb, Frank S. [SEE ALSO Johnson, Charles; Royersford]

Cobb, H.N. Ty - Towanda, PA

Cobb, Willard H. & wife

Coburn, Thomas, Jr., Sgt. - Forty Foot, PA

Cocco, Anthony - football

Cocco, Patsy - detective

Cochran, Jerrold S. & wife - society

Cochran, Joseph H. & wife

Cochran, Wilbur F., Rev.

Cochran, W.W., Mrs. - Merion

Cochrane, John - Philadelphia

Cockerill, Frank Y.

Cocklin, Robert L. - Mechanicsburg, PA

Cockrane, Joyce L. - Wallingford, PA

Cocks, Wm. Burling, Jr. & wife - former Barbara Brooke Lucas

Cocks, Wm. Burling, Jr., Mrs. - former Barbara Brooke Lucas [SEE ALSO Neilson, Ruth; Charity Ball 1936; York, Pauline; Kerr, Dion]

Coder, Frank R., Jr., Capt. - Somerset, PA

Cody, Ed - football

Coffey, John, Mrs. - Wynnewood, PA

Coffin, Allen R., Jr. [SEE ALSO Navy - Air Corps - Temple Univ. Unit]

Coffin, Eugene, Comm. & wife [SEE ALSO Edward, Martin; U.S. - Coast Guards - Volunteers - Philadelphia; U.S. - Coast Guards 1944; MacNabb, Alex B., Col.; Hartman, John R., Lt. Cmdr.]

Coffin, Peggy - golfer [SEE ALSO Gimbel, Ellis; Golf - Fridolyn Cup]

Coffin, Roy - Philadelphia squash

Coffin, Roy & wife

Coffun, Roy Riddell, Mrs. - former Catherine Pfingst

Coffman, Ray

Cogan, Thomas E.

Coggeshall, Edwin S., Mrs.

Coggeshall, Freaborn P.

Coggeshall, James R.

Coggeshall, Madge L., Mrs.

Coghill, George E., Dr.

Coghlan, Gerald P. - priest - Philadelphia

Coghlan, Michael J.

Cohe, Frank - McClure trial

Cohee, Curtis L. - Interstate Dairy Council

Cohen, Abraham J., Dr.

Cohen, Albert M.

Cohen, Alfred M.

Cohen, Bernard, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Cohen, Charles A., Dr.

Cohen, Charles, Capt. - Philadelphia police

Cohen, Cy - athlete

Cohen, David - jeweler

Cohen, Eleanor E.

Cohen, Evelyn, Cpl. - Philadelphia

Cohen, Gershan, Dr. & wife

Cohen, Hannah

Cohen, Harold C. - attorney

Cohen, Herbert B. - York, PA [SEE ALSO Furman, Roy E.; Thomas, Albert]

Cohen, Herman B., Dr.

Cohen, James - bowler

Cohen, Jeremiah, Rabbi

Cohen, Jane Doris - Philadelphia

Cohen, Josiah - judge

Cohen, Larry - athlete

Cohen, Lee, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Cohen, Lester & wife - author [SEE ALSO Taggard, Genevieve]

Cohen, Lester - basketball

Cohen, Lillian - President Philadelphia Club of Advertising Women

Cohen, Louis - American Legion [SEE ALSO Fleisher, Samuel; Cook, Charles]

Cohen, Marshall M. - Pennsylvania state representative

Cohen, Mary Solis - tennis

Cohen, Max - manager - Casino Theatre [SEE ALSO Ellis, Mary H.]

Cohen, Morris - Philadelphia

Cohen, Mortimer J., Rabbi [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Book Fair 1946]

Cohen, Myer, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Cohen, Reuben E. - Pennsylvania House of Representatives [SEE ALSO Fiss, Ira T.]

Cohen, Samuel, Dr.

Cohen, Seymour - athlete [SEE ALSO Javelin]

Cohn, Adele Berle, Dr.

Cohn, Alfred - Lancaster, PA

Cohn, Bernard R. - attorney

Cohn, Harriet - Record [SEE ALSO Meteorite; Speigel, Bea; Philadelphia Record - Employees; Philadelphia Record - Purple Heart Ball]

Box 198
List of People

Coin, Thornley [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Police - Radio]

Coit, Gladding B. - R.F.C. Manager - Philadelphia

Coker, Frank - football

Colahan, Betty P. - society

Colantoni, Wm., Lt. - La Belle, PA

Colardo, Mary Ann - Record

Colberg, Jack - basketball

Colborn, Harold C., Mrs. - former Ethel E. Niederer

Colborn, Harold Clark, Mrs. - former Gladys Week Moore

Cold, Mary

Coldren, J.B., died 2-21-35

Coldren, Charles M., Jr., Rev. [SEE ALSO Episcopal Church - Philadelphia]

Coldren, Lewis B.

Cole, David R. - Norristown, PA

Cole, Edith

Cole, Elston C., Mrs. - Villanova, PA

Cole, Harriett T. - Bethlehem, PA

Cole, Lucius - violinist

Cole, O.C., Mrs. - Lewistown, PA

Cole, Maxwell, Mrs. - society

Colebob, Mary

Colegrove, Arthur & wife

Colehan, Eleanor

Colehower, C. Harris

Colehower, Howard - football

Coleman, Edward J. - Scranton

Coleman, Ernest - Philadelphia

Coleman, F. Virginia - society

Coleman, G. Dawson, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Gish, Dorothy]

Coleman, George A., Dr. & wife

Coleman, Janet - model

Coleman, Jean - Chestnut Hill, PA

Coleman, Jeanne L. - Wynnewood, PA [SEE ALSO Duross, Willard, Lt.; Hensey, Elizabeth D.; Philadelphia - Society - Marine Ball]

Coleman, John C., Sgt.

Coleman, Leonard W., Jr. & wife - former Lura Wilson [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, Franics, Jr., Mrs.]

Coleman, Luther

Coleman, Margaret - Wynnewood, PA [SEE ALSO Cole, Esther, Mrs.]

Coleman, McAlister - Fairlawn, NJ

Coleman, Philip F. - First National Bank of Philadelphia

Coleman, Thaddeus T., Jr., Lt. - Moorestown, NJ

Coleman, Virginia - society [SEE ALSO Mister, Deborah]

Coleman, Virginia - society - Merion

Coleman, Wm. H. - Pennsylvania

Coles, Alex - Golf

Coles, Arthur N.

Coles, George W. - U.S. dist. attorney [SEE ALSO Maxwell, Vera K.]

Coles, Stricker

Coles, Stricker, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Lorimer, Graeme]

Coles, Walter, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Schoettle, Mary F.]

Coles, Wm. C., Jr., Mrs. - former Edith D. Lippencott

Colestock, Edward & wife - former Jane Knight

Colfelt, Arthur L. - Ardmore, PA

Colfelt, Virginia - society [SEE ALSO McClain, Ysobel, R.N.]

Colket, Harrison C.

Colket, Howard, Mrs. C. & granddaughter Susan [SEE ALSO Ball, Thomas Land, Mrs.]

Colket, Hope Bishop - author

Colket, Tristram C., 3rd, Mrs. - former Ethel Dorrance [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1938; Stewart, Roy, Mrs.; Justi, Charles M., Mrs.; Strawbridge, George, Mrs.]

Colket, Tristram C., 3rd & wife - former Ethel Dorrance

Colket, Tristram C., 2nd

Colket, Tristram C., 2nd, Mrs. - former Gertrude Crawford [SEE ALSO Collett, Glenna]

Colket, Tristram C. - home

Colket, W. Lippencott - Philadelphia

Colket, W. Lippencott, Mrs.

Colket, Wm. W., 2nd, Mrs. - former Hope L. Bishop

Collamore, V.W.

Collar, Bill - Record [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Front Counter; Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Collett, Glenna - golfer

Collett, Glenna - golfer - straight photos

Collett, Glenna - golfer - action photos

Box 199
List of People

Collett, Glenna – golfer - now Mrs. Edwin H. Vare, Jr. [SEE ALSO Vare, Edwin H., Jr. & wife; Hemphill, Kathryn; Lack, Norman, Mrs.; Dettweiler, Helen; Brown, Marion S.]

Collett, Jessie, Mrs.

Colley, Robert H. - President Atlantic Refining Co.

Collie, Chuck - ice hockey

Collie, Eleanor G.

Collings, Harry T., Prof.

Collier, David Charles, Col., died 11-13-34

Collier, David C., Mrs. - society

Collier, James F.

Collings, Dodger - ice hockey - Forward Arrows 1933

Collin, Jean Albert & wife - former Edith Roberts Groome

Collinelli, Dante J., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Collings, Clifford C., Jr., Mrs. - former Helen C. Pennock [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Junior Bal Masque 1943]

Collier, Martin, Dr.

Collier, John - U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs [SEE ALSO Indians]

Collingwood, Charles - radio

Collingwood, Ludlow Kerr, Mrs. - former Mary Dixon Thayer [SEE ALSO Pearson, Harry G., 2nd]

Collins, Alfred M., Mrs. - former Mrs. Helen Wilson Glenn

Collins, Anna

Collins, Arthur - Valley Forge Military Academy

Collins, Bart A., Dr.

Collins, C. Philip & wife

Collins, Charles A.

Collins, Christopher, Jr., Mrs.

Collins, Eddie - baseball [SEE ALSO Mack, Connie; Landis, Keneshaw M.; Wagner, Honus; Yawkey, Tom; Mack, Connie - Anniversary Golden Jubilee; Harridge, William; Chandler, A.B.]

Collins, Eddie - baseball - straight photos

Collins, Eddie & wife - former Emily Jane Hall

Collins, Eddie, Sr. & wife [SEE Collins, Eddie, Jr. & wife]

Collins, Eddie, Jr. & wife - former Jane Pennock

Collins, Eddie - movies [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Collins, Edward, Jr. – football - Villanova [SEE ALSO Villanova College – Football 1939]

Collins, Emerson

Collins, Francis - Chester

Collins, Frank D.

Collins, George B. - football - Penn State

Collins, George J., Rev.

Collins, Henry M., Jr.

Collins, Herman L. [SEE ALSO McDevitt, Harry]

Collins, Hugh L., Rev.

Collins, J. Leo

Collins, James - Rydal, PA

Collins, James & wife - Rydal, PA

Collins, James & wife - former Marion Kendrick [SEE ALSO Parker, Patricia; Paul, Roberts, Mrs.; Jost, Gordon]

Collins, James B., Rev.

Collins, John J.

Collins, John R.

Collins, Joseph Hugh - Chester

Collins, Joseph S. & wife

Collins, Joseph W. - Coast Guard - Norristown, PA

Collins, Katherine Hill - society

Collins, Kenneth - Dover, DE

Collins, Leon H., Dr.

Collins, Louise, Lt.

Collins, Margaret M.

Collins, Peachy - beauty winner

Collins, Philip S. - Curtis Publishing Co.

Collins, Stephen R. - attorney

Collins, T.D.

Collins, Thomas G. - General Electric Athletic Association

Collins, Wm. Hones & wife - former Dorothy J. Walker

Collins, Wm. Howe - Scott Paper Co.

Collins, Lionel - football - University of Pennsylvania

Collosimo, Raymond - Record Soap Box Derby

Collom, S.M.

Collom, Samuel H., Jr. & wife - former Elizabeth Newbury [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Collset, Eleanor - Philadelphia girl’s hockey team

Colman, Charles, Jr. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Colmar, Charles, Dr.

Colodonato, Vince - basketball

Colone, Joe J. -football [SEE ALSO Joe, Larry]

Colony, David C., Rev. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Colonymaid Hosiery]

Colquhoun, Eleanor - Middletown, PA

Box 200
List of People

CColsey, Arthur

Colston, Frank A.

Colt, Elizabeth - society [SEE ALSO Coll, Elizabeth]

Colt, Judith - society

Colton, Gene - bowler [SEE ALSO Devitt, Mike; Barnes, Charles P.]

Colton, Harold Sellers, Dr. [SEE ALSO Scott, Wm. B.]

Columbus, Christopher - statue - Philadelphia - Fairmount Park

Columbus, Christopher - statue - Easton, PA

Colville, Alexander

Colville, Alexander, Jr.

Colville, Alexander, 3rd, Mrs. - former Marion L. Birkmire

Colwell, Alexander H., Dr.

Colwell, Leroy & wife

Combs, Clarence "Happy Bud" - polo

Comerford, Edward F., Lt. - Philadelphia Fire Department

Comerford, M.E. - Scranton, PA

Comerford, Mary Josephine - singer

Comey, Dennis J., Rev.

Comfort, Susan - society

Comfort, Wm. Wistar, Dr. [SEE ALSO Lewis, Sinclair, Mrs.]

Cominski, Antonio, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Comkling, Wallace E., Bishop

Comko, Matthew M., Cpl. - Monessen, PA

Comly, John A., Lt. & wife - former Jane Moriarty

Comly, Robert Rowland & wife - former Julia Kennedy Willets

Comly, Samuel H., Mrs. - society

Commers, Alexander

Compton, Bates

Compton, Earl V. - specialist asst. dist. attorney [SEE ALSO Shelley, Carle]

Compton, Eleanor - society

Compton, J.C. - autos

Conant, Roger [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Radio Program; Snakes; Philadelphia Zoo - Ants; Groundhog; Philadelphia Zoo - Rhinoceros; Ostrich - Eggs]

Conard, Elwood - football

Conard, Elwood "Woody" -football

Conard, Norman E.

Conard, Philip

Conboy, Charles X., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Conboy, Thomas - athlete

Conchado, John, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Condit, George E., Rev.

Condon, Bill - football

Condon, Edward U., Dr.

Condon, John I. - Bordentown, NJ [SEE ALSO Pusinelli, Charles, Mrs.]

Condon, Randall J.

Condon, Wm. P.

Condon, Wm., Jr. - football

Condrin, Jo Elizabeth

Coneen, M.F.

Conelly, Elbert

Confair, W.F., Dr.

Confalone, Joe A., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Confer, Lawrence B., Pvt. - Orviston, PA

Congoon, Clement H.

Congdon, Wray H., Dr. - Lehigh University [SEE ALSO Books]

Conger, John S., Mrs. - former Anne Coles Brick

Conger, Wm. H., Jr. - Integrity Trust Co.

Conine, Jack O., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Conklin, Thomas G. - Central Penn National Bank

Conklin, Charles D., Jr.

Conkling, Walter C., Rev.

Conkling, Wallace E., Rev.

Conlen, Wm. J.

Conley, Margaret, Mrs. - McClure trial [SEE ALSO Conley, Thomas F.]

Conley, Thomas F. - McClure trial

Conley, Wm. R., Mrs.

Conlin, Helen, Capt. [SEE ALSO University of Pennsylvania - Basketball 1937]

Conlin, James P.

Conlon, John T., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Conlon, Paul

Conly, Richard T., Lt. - Melrose Park, PA

Conn, Billy - boxer [SEE ALSO Krieger, Solly; Bettina, Melio; Taylor, Herman; Jacobs, Mike; Louis, Joe; Baugh, Sammy; Jacobs, Mike & wife; Large Photo File; Loughran, Tommy; Louis, Joe - Army Gen.]

Conn, Billy - boxer - straight photos

Box 201
List of People

Conn, Billy - with Fred Apostoli

Conn, Billy - boxer - with Melio Bettina

Conn, Billy - with Henry Cooper

Conn, Billy - boxer - with Gus Dorazio

Conn, Billy - with Danny Hassett

Conn, Billy - with Buddy Knox

Conn, Billy - with Solly Krieger

Conn, Billy - with Al McCoy

Conn, Billy - with Gus Lesnevich

Conn, Billy - with Bob Pastor

Conn, Billy - with Gus Lesnevich (empty)

Conn, Billy - with Lee Savold

Conn, Billy - with Tony Zale

Conn, Billy - with Joe Louis [SEE Louis, Joe with Billy Conn]

Conn, Mary Jane - sister of Billy Conn

Conn, Peggy Ann

Conn, Wm., Sr. - father of Billy Conn [SEE ALSO Conn, Billy]

Conn, S. Hall - football

Conn, Wm. R. & wife - former Henrietta Wilhelm

Connally, Tom - U.S. senator

Connell, Catherine

Connell, F. Van Buren

Connell, George - councilman

Connell, George - councilman

Connell, George - councilman - baseball

Connell, George - home

Connell, George - councilman - straight photos

Connell, Horatio - singer

Connell, Jim – football - University of Pennsylvania 1937

Connell, John

Connell, Mark - McClure trial

Connell, Marie

Connell, Mary

Connell, Nancy

Connell, Thomas J., Rev.

Connell, Wm. - Philadelphia

Connell, Wm. H.

Connell, William, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Johnson, R. Winder, Mrs.]

Connelly, Alice

Connelly, Clifford B., Dr.

Connelly, George L., Mrs. - former Ethel R. Kennedy

Connelly, James A., Jr., Mrs. - former Mrs. Joseph Rollins - former Pauline Arey - 2nd wife

Connelly, John A., Dr.

Connelly, John F. - Light Corrugated Box Co.

Connelly, John P.

Connelly, Joseph - Upper Darby, PA

Connelly, Pascal H., Jr. & wife - former Kay Popjoy

Connelly, Theophilus

Connelly, W.R. - police inspector - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Petrillo, Herman - Arsenic Case - General Envelope; Mock, Ervin C.]

Conner, Charles D.

Conner, Clarence L.

Conner, Elva - Elkins Park, PA [SEE ALSO Cramlet, Jeanne - Drexel Institute]

Conner, Frank W. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Conner, Harold J. & wife - former Alice M. Barrett

Conner, Harry C. - Muncy, PA

Conner, Hugh F., Jr., Pfc. - West Chester, PA

Conner, Patrick [SEE ALSO Minehart, Thomas Z.]

Conner, Raymond Mower - Director Gas Appliance

Conners, F. Herrick, Dr.

Conners, Kenneth Wray

Connery, Jean - beauty winner

Connery, John - Philadelphia

Conniffe, Alice - bootblack

Connolly, Agnes [SEE ALSO Burns, Shirley]

Connolly, Bert - Ramblers hockey team [SEE ALSO Ramblers Hockey Team 1936]

Connolly, James, Capt. - Philadelphia police

Connolly, James J. [SEE ALSO Republican City Comm. 1932]

Connolly, Mary P. - dept. of health

Connolly, Jenny M. [SEE Connolly, Genevieve]

Connor, Edward J. - magistrate [SEE ALSO O'Malley, John J.]

Connor, Franklin G.

Connor, George C. - Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.

Connor, John A., Capt. [SEE ALSO Malone, James H. Shooey]

Connor, Larry

Box 202
List of People

Connor, Thomas A. - magistrate

Connor, Wm. T. - attorney [SEE ALSO McClure, John J.; Allen, Edward H.B.; Ryan, Michael J.; Biddle, Francis]

Connor, Wm. T., Mrs.

Connors, Francis X. & wife

Connors, John

Connors, John - Philadelphia police

Connors, Robert J., Capt. - Philadelphia

Connover, George R. - Electrical Assoc. of Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Contests - Model Kitchens; Wilson, James A.; Campbell, Joseph - Policeman; Cans; Samuel, Bernard; Philadelphia - Organizations - Pen & Pencil Club; Bryans, H.B.]

Conole, Clement V. - Chamber of Commerce [SEE ALSO Clark, John M., Brig. Gen.; Hallstrom, Alfred]

Conover, C.H., Dr.

Conover, Harry

Conover, Joseph M.

Conover, James H., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Conrad, Albert E. - Philadelphia

Conrad, Elwood "Woodie" - football

Conrad, Frank, Dr. - Westinghouse Electric

Conrad, Frank - bowler [SEE ALSO Bowling - Schmidt's Brewery Team 1938]

Conrad, Henrietta - singer

Conrad, Jack - tennis

Conrad, Joseph F. - Scranton

Conrad, Margaret E. [SEE ALSO Bryn Mawr College - Nursing School]

Conrad, Robert F., Lt.

Conrad, Wm. F., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Conrey, S. Reed, 5th - Philadelphia

Conroy, Charles - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Coast Guards 1944]

Conroy, Michael - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Considine, Betty - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Womens Auxiliary Corps. - Philadelphia]

Considine, Bob

Considine, Sylvester [SEE ALSO Tibbett, Lawrence]

Considine, Raymond J., Jr.

Constantine, Milton – football – Temple 1946]

Conti, John - football - HB - Villanova, '30s

Conti, Lazzaro - chef - Walton Hotel [SEE ALSO Poggi, Ettore]

Conti, Louis - football

Conver, Harry L.

Converse, Bernard - home - Merion, PA

Converse, John H.

Converse, Leroy S. - Viscose Corporation

Convery, Harvey

Convery, Neil J.

Convery, Philip J. [SEE ALSO Gallagher, Joseph - Postmaster]

Conway, Charles J., Rev.

Conway, Helen M. - Philadelphia

Conway, James - golfer

Conway, Jean

Conway, Joe - baseball

Conway, John A. [SEE ALSO Goldenberg, Joseph G., Dr.]

Conway, Kay De V.

Conway, Leo I.S. [SEE ALSO Lewis, Joseph H., Col.; Rosen, Laura D., Mrs.]

Conway, Patrick

Conway, Patrick P. - attorney

Conway, Peter P. [SEE ALSO Conway, Patrick P.]

Conway, Rebekah Van Brunt [SEE ALSO Giannini, Dusolini]

Conway, Thomas, Jr. [SEE ALSO Borzell, F.F., Dr.]

Conway, Wm., Ens. - Philadelphia

Conwell, Joseph S. [SEE ALSO Roberts, Owen J.; Williams, C.C., Dr.; Alvarez, Walter, Dr.; Fuller, Walter D.]

Conwell, Joseph S., Jr., Mrs. - former Jane Marie Riley

Conwell, Russell H., Dr., died 12-6-25 [SEE ALSO Stauffer, Milton F.]

Conwell, Russell H. - memorial chapel

Conzelman, Jimmy - football coach [SEE ALSO Bell, Bert; Christman, Paul; Layden, Elmer; Chandler, A.B. 'Happy'; Goldberg, Marshall]

Cooch, Edward C. - Delaware Co.

Coochyemtewa Indian [SEE Indians]

Coogabn, Edward F. - Autocar Co.

Coogan, Joseph

Cook, Albert S., Dr.

Cook, Arthur N., Dr.

Cook, Bob - football - La Salle 1937-1938 (Brill) [SEE ALSO La Salle College - Football 1937]

Cook, Charles E. - Hightstown, NJ

Cook, Charles S., Lt. [SEE ALSO Clark, Wm., Capt. - Pennsylvania State Police; Yunker, Dan; Cohen, Louis A.; Hines, Frank T.; Carroll, Vincent A., Col.; Poppies]

Cook, Charles S., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Carroll, Vincent A.]

Cook, Charles W.

Cook, E. Fullerton & wife [SEE ALSO Schools & Colleges - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy]

Cook, E.W. - Commonwealth Casualty Co.

Cook, Elmer P.

Cook, Gustavus Wynne, Dr. - Wynnewood [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Telescopes]

Cook, Jay D. - Vice President RCA Manufacturing Co. [SEE ALSO Hafidh, Al Kadi]

Cook, Jim - basketball - PMC

Cook, Joseph R. - Sgt. - Earlton, NJ

Cook, Langdon A.

Cook, Lawrence N., Lt. - Wysox, PA

Cook, N.L.B.

Cook, Philip - Bishop - Delaware

Cook, Ralph - Narberth, PA

Cook, Ralph W.

Cook, Richard - U.S. Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cook, Richard M. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Cairy, Wm. C.; U.S. - Coast Guards 1944]

Cook, Robert A., Rev.

Box 203
List of People

Cook, Tom - athlete - track - Villanova 1937

Cook, Walter S.

Cook, Winfred C. - Vice President Junior Board of Commerce

Cooke, Anne - society - Lansdowne

Cooke, Carroll - football - Villanova 1933 [SEE ALSO Villanova College - Turf & Tinsel Club]

Cooke, Carroll - football - Villanova 1933 - La Salle Prep

Cooke, Dick & Jack - baseball

Cooke, H. Blair - realtor

Cooke, James Francis, Dr. - President Chestnut Street Assoc. [SEE ALSO Eremeff, Ivan; Smith, Mary, Mrs.; Woolsey, Richard H.; Hepburn, Samuel; Philadelphia - Streets - Chestnut; Pearson, Mary; Knox, John B.; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Victory Drive (5th) - Philadelphia]

Cooke, Jay

Cooke, Jay, died 11-22-32

Cooke, Jay, 2nd [SEE ALSO Pew, Joseph N., Jr.; Hamilton, John D.M.; James, Arthur; Sheaffer, Theodore G., Mrs.; Guffey, Joseph F.; World War - 1st; Kelly, John B.; Michener, A.O., Dr.; Blood Donors; Emlen, Alan L., Mrs.]

Cooke, Jay, 2nd - straight photos

Cooke, Jay, 2nd - home

Cooke, Jay, 2nd & wife

Cooke, Jay, 2nd, Mrs.

Cooke, John B - Civil War vet

Cooke, Mary Ellen - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Emergency Aid; Christmas Bazaar]

Cooke, Morris L. [SEE ALSO National Power Policy Comm.; Clattery, Harry; Large Photo File; Coal; Wages]

Cooke, Nancy - Merion, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Nurses in Burma]

Cooke, Nancy - field hockey

Cooke, Patricia

Cooke, Patricia R.

Cooke, Raymond - funeral

Cooklyn, Barnet Barney

Cookman, Emily - society

Coolbaugh, Kenneth & wife - former Rose Allen - Now Mrs. Richard K. Thomson

Coolbaugh, R.C.

Cooley, Carlton - cartoonist

Cooley, George C.L., Rev.

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Box 204
List of People

CCoolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin

Coolidge, Calvin - birthplace

Coolidge, Calvin - with cabinet

Coolidge, Calvin - Cedar Island - summer home

Coolidge, Calvin - death

Coolidge, Calvin - former President - U.S.

Coolidge, Calvin - with Hoover

Coolidge, Calvin - inaugurations 1925 [SEE Presidents Inaugurations]

Coolidge, Calvin – inaugurations, 1925

Box 205
List of People

Coolidge, Calvin - Kellogg Peace Treaty

Coolidge, Calvin - with Lindbergh, Charles

Coolidge, Calvin - mother Of

Coolidge, Calvin - Mrs. Coolidge

Coolidge, Calvin - new home

Coolidge, Calvin - residence

Coolidge, Calvin - straight photos

Coolidge, Calvin - straight photos

Coolidge, W.D., Dr. [SEE ALSO Land, Edwin Herbert]

Cooling, Harry M. - Bell Telephone Co.

Coombs, A.E., Dr.

Coombs, Isaac - guard - Schuylkill County Prison [SEE ALSO Bruno, Joseph J.]

Coon, Wm. R. - Valley Forge Military Academy

Coonahan, Daniel S., Rev.

Cooney, James - football - Temple

Cooney, Suzanne - golfer

Cooney, Thomas A. [SEE ALSO Military - Training - Compulsory - U.S. Registration - 4th - Philadelphia, 4-27-42]

Cooper, A. Gardiner, Mrs.

Cooper, Al - sheriff

Cooper, Albert B. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Cooper, Alfred - Cape May Courthouse

Cooper, Alvin L., Rev.

Cooper, Bette - Miss America 1937

Cooper, Charles E., Jr., Lt. - Upper Darby, PA

Cooper, Charles M., Rev.

Cooper, Clark, Jr.

Cooper, Colin Campbell

Cooper, David A., Dr.

Cooper, Edwin E. [SEE ALSO Locke, Ida, Mrs.]

Cooper, Eli Louis - attorney

Cooper, George - golf

Cooper, George B. - Swarthmore College

Cooper, Gil, Mrs. - Latham Park, Philadelphia

Cooper, H.H., Rev.

Cooper, Howard C., Rev.

Cooper, I.M.T.

Cooper, J. Fennimore - birthplace

Cooper, Jacob - Old Cooper Homestead, Camden

Cooper, Joe - hockey [SEE ALSO Ramblers Hockey Team 1936]

Cooper, John

Cooper, M.

Cooper, Richard A.

Cooper, Robert "Spotty" - baseball

Cooper, Samuel

Cooper, Stuart - UGI

Cooper, Thomas [SEE ALSO Library Shelves 792 - Vol. 1 - Page 213]

Cooper, Thomas Yost - author

Cooper, Tom - golfer

Cooper, Wm. T., Rev.

Cooper, Wm. T., Mrs.

Cooperhouse, Jacob B.

Coopersmith, I.E.

Coover, Carson, Mrs.

Cope, Dorothy - bowler [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Cope, Edward D., Prof.

Cope, Gilbert - historian

Cope, Herman - media

Cope, Porter F.

Cope, T.D.

Box 206
List of People

Cope, Thomas A., Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor Remington

Cope, Thomas Pym - architect

Cope, Walter E. - South Ardmore, PA

Copeland, Charles D. - judge

Copeland, J. Frank, Mrs. - society

Coplin, Harriet Florence

Coplin, Samuel H. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Public Utility Comm.; War - World War; Cohen, Louis A.]

Copp, Clarence

Copper, A. Wallace, Rev.

Coppola, Gilda L.

Coppola, Vicent - designer

Corathers, Helen Carroll - Philadelphia Club of Advertising Women

Corbalan, Hugo [SEE ALSO Sun Shipbuilding - Employees]

Corbeau, Bert - hockey

Corbett, Florence, Mrs. - technician

Corbett, James J. - old time boxer

Corbett, Robert J. [SEE ALSO James, Arthur H.]

Corbin, D.C. - Philadelphia Zone Manager, Chevrolet [SEE ALSO Holler, W.E.]

Corbin, Edwin J. [SEE Reuther, Walter P.]

Corbin, Eliza - Drexel Institute [SEE ALSO Collings, Josephine]

Corbin, Max - basketball

Corbit, John D., Dr.

Corby, Carol Ann - ice skater

Corcoran, Harvey

Corcoran, J.

Corcoran, Julia

Cordano, Luis

Cordery, Edward C.

Cordes, Frank

Cordes, John H., Sgt. - police

Cordier, Ray - tennis

Cordier, Robert J. - Scranton

Cordivari, Wm. A. - West Philadelphia Realty Board

Cordner, Lewis G.

Cordoza, D.A. Jessurun, Rev.

Corey, Bill - football [SEE ALSO Siegal, John; Luckman, Sid]

Corey, Fred D.

Corey, H. Irene, Dr. - University of Pennsylvania

Corez, Joan

Corfield, Wm. D. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Corkery, Edward J. - guard - Holmesburg

Corkoran, Elizabeth - Villanova, PA

Corkran, Anne Simmons - Villanova

Corkran, Dorothea

Corkran, Dorothea

Corkran, Woodward W.

Corkran, Woodward, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Gribbel [SEE ALSO Fox, Charles F., Mrs.; Leonard, Stephan, Mrs.; Colett, Glenna; Hammond, John R., Mrs.; Charity Ball 1930; Worrell, Granville, 2nd, Mrs.; Titus, Robert R., Mrs.]

Corl, Wiley F. - UGI

Corlies, Wm. M., Lt.

Corliss, Edward

Cormier, Gerard - ice hockey

Cormley, Ray, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Corneal, John

Corneal, John M. [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles, Dr.]

Cornehlsen, Henry, Jr., Rev.

Cornelius, Chalmers E. & wife

Cornelius, Chalmers E., Mrs. - former Elizabeth Oelbermann

Cornelius, Jay - Coast Guard - Ocean Gate, NJ

Cornelius, Raymond G.

Cornelius, Virginia

Cornell, Harry W.

Cornell, Howard E. - naval architect

Cornell, Jack - swimmer

Cornell, John W., Jr.

Cornell, Richard S., Jr., Lt.

Cornell, Thomas H. & wife - Haverford, PA

Cornell, Walter S., Dr. [SEE ALSO Schools & Colleges - Crossan School]

Cornely, Edward P.

Cornfeld, Albert - violinist

Cornfeld, Helen

Cornick, Joe

Corning, Dudley T.

Corning, John H. & wife

Cornmeyer, Frank, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Cornog, Albin H.

Cornog, Allie

Cornog, Wm. “Doc” - football coach

Cornwell, J.E., Mrs. - society

Coront, Walter, Pfc. - Chester, PA

Corr, Joseph P. - Philadelphia detective

Corr, Patrick C. - park guard [SEE ALSO McGrann, Wm.]

Corrado, Cathaldo, Dr. [SEE ALSO Monaghan, Frank C.]

Corrado, Tony - Nat'l AC

Correl, Elenor

Corrigan, Emmett - Albert Frank-Guenther Law Inc.

Corrigan, Lucille - West End School, Lancaster, PA

Corry, George W. - police

Corry, John Charles - Rosemont

Corson - golfer

Corson, A.S. - UGI

Corson, Alan W. - Fairmount Park Commission [SEE ALSO Neeson, John H.]

Corson, Albert S. - UGI

Corson, Ann - Germantown Friends School

Corson, Bolton L. & wife - former Carolyn R. David [SEE ALSO Rittenhouse Square - Flower Market 1933]

Corson, Carroll Langdon & wife - former Mary T. Robinson [SEE ALSO Morgan, Ann]

Corson, Dorothy E.

Corson, Fred P., Dr. - President Dickinson College [SEE ALSO Tily, Herbert J.; Kahler, Arthur; James, Arthur; Jones, Charles Alvin; Patterson, Marion D.; Rich, Robert F.; Thomas, J.S. Ladd, Dr.]

Corson, George C. - judge - Montgomery County

Corson, Henry Freedley, 2nd & wife - former Elisabeth Jane Smith

Box 207
List of People

Corson, N.W.

Corson, Philip L. - golfer - & wife - former Helen T. Payson [SEE ALSO Nickerson, John E., Mrs.; McCullough, Duff]

Corson, Philip L., Mrs. - former Helen T. Payson

Corson, Roland - Wildwood, NJ [SEE ALSO Bradway, Doris; Ingersoll, Benjamin]

Corte, Edwerth, Mrs. - former Anne Hannum

Cortellino, Aldo - football

Cortelyou, Dorothy

Cortelyou, George B.

Cortelyou, Wm.

Cortese, Arthur

Cortezano, Benjamin - artist

Cortot, Alfred - pianist

Cortwright, Elizabeth - society [SEE ALSO Crawford, Edith S.; Large Photo File - Bonsall, Emilie M.; Humphreys, Virginia]

Cortwright, Frank W. - real estate

Cortwright, Peggy - society [SEE ALSO Kennedy, George C., Mrs.]

Corum, Harley "Shorty" - marble champ 1932

Corvi, Joseph - robbed Vare's home

Corwin, Margaret Trumball

Corwinski, Paul

Corzy, Jean - Wynnewood, PA

Cosgrove, R.R., Rev.

Cosgrove, Wm. P. - banker

Cosgrove, Winnie - Record

Coshland, Lee B. [SEE ALSO Schwab, Charles M.; Grace, Eugene; Gilbert, Louis]

Cosmos, John, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Greek War Relief]

Cosner, Wilson - Jenkintown, PA

Cossaboon, Dorothy

Cossrow, Benjamin - boxer

Cost, John C. - fireman [SEE Gill, Charles A. & wife; Explosions - Philadelphia – Gas 1941]

Costanzo, Frank

Costello, Atkinson E. - magistrate

Costello, Elizabeth - singer

Costello, J.J. - autos

Costello, James P., Jr.

Costello, John - Philco Radio

Costello, John N. - councilman

Costello, John N., Jr., Mrs. - former Josephine E. Kendig [SEE ALSO Dayton, Mary S.]

Costello, Joseph K. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., Gov. 1937]

Costello, Joseph K. & wife

Costello, Paul V. & wife - former Elfreda M. Glaser [SEE ALSO Kelly, Jack; Plaistead, Fred; Philadelphia - Organizations - Undine Barge Club; Philadelphia - Organizations - Vesper Boat Club]

Costello, Rita - Chester, PA [SEE ALSO Creamer, Peggy]

Costello, Thomas E. - magistrate

Costigan, Red - football

Cothrail, Holmes - tennis

Cotner, Mary - Shamokin, PA

Cotsworth, Staats - actor [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Rawls, Eugenia; Sidney, Sylvia]

Cott, Albert – football - Temple 1936

Cotton, Charles Camp - Woodbury, NJ

Cotton, Paul, Rev.

Cotton, Richard, Mrs. - Media, PA

Cottrell, James, Dr.

Cottrill, Wm. W., Sgt. - Chester, PA

Coughlan, Roger A. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Coughlin, Charles, Rev. - Philadelphia rally 1939

Coughlin, Jane

Coughlin, Jim

Coughlin, John T.

Coughlin, Walter Rube

Coulson, W.H.

Coulston, J. Claude

Coulter, Ann - Ridley Park [SEE ALSO Hood College]

Coulter, James E. - football [SEE ALSO Shinn, Walter; Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1936; Munger, George]

Coulter, Stella - Philadelphia

Coumbe, Betty - tennis

Councill, Helen Duer - Bryn Mawr

Councill, Wm. H. - Pittsburgh, PA [SEE ALSO Aviation - Flights - Transcontinental Records]

Counsellor, James, Mrs.

Countryman, Kathryn M.

County, Albert John - Pennsylvania Railroad [SEE ALSO Ickes, Harold L.; Lee, H.H.; Ford, Edsel; Taplin, Frank E.; Eysmans, Julien L.]

Coupe, George W.

Coupe, Laura C. - Philadelphia

Couper, George M., Col.

Courduff, Wm.

Court, Paul H. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Courteau, Maurice - ice hockey

Courtney, Patrick - mayor - Barrington, NJ

Courtright, W.H. - Wm. & Harvey Rowland Inc.

Cousart, James B., Lt. Col. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania State Guard]

Cousins, John H.

Cousley, Herbert J. – Penna. Co.

Covell, Charles E.

Covell, Constance

Covell, John B. - autos

Covello, Jim - baseball

Coventry, Harry - Philadelphia

Covert, John, Mrs. - former Elizabeth W. Warder

Covert, Wm. Chalmers, Rev. Dr., died 2-4-42

Cowan, Anna M., Mrs.

Cowan, Arthur W.A. - attorney - & wife [SEE ALSO Harshaw, Bunny]

Cowan, Carl B.

Cowan, Eleanor

Cowan, Frances

Cowan, Thomas - ice hockey

Coward, Joseph

Coward, Marion M. - Red Cross

Box 208
List of People

Coward, Nancy - Bryn Mawr, PA

Cowden, Wm. F. - fire chief [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Fire Department - National Defense; Philadelphia - Fire Bureau; Parsons, Guy; Malone, James H.; Philadelphia - Defense Council; Philadelphia - Fire Department - Thrill Show 1946]

Cowdrick, Oakley

Cowell, Harold J. [SEE ALSO Samuel, Bernard 1943]

Cowell, John - draftee

Cowgill, Albert G., Mrs. - Overbrook

Cowgill, Joseph Wm. - Camden County

Cowing, Walter S.

Cowl, Maurice F., Rev.

Cowley, Mary

Cox, Adele - Jersey school teacher

Cox, Al – Captain - football - Lehigh University

Cox, Allen P.

Cox, Beth - Malvern, PA

Cox, Charles - football

Cox, Charles H. - University of Pennsylvania

Cox, Edwin R. [SEE ALSO Waesche, Russell R.; Watercraft - Seneca - Schoolship; U.S. Maritime Commission]

Cox, Edwin R. - straight photos

Cox, Edwin R., Jr. & wife - former Gertrude Yawman

Cox, Frank, Rev.

Cox, George D.

Cox, Gerry W.

Cox, Gerry W., Mrs.

Cox, J. Frank - Bell Telephone Co.

Cox, J.H.

Cox, James J., Rev.

Cox, James R., Father

Cox, Father [SEE ALSO Soldiers Bonus March on Washington 1932]

Cox, Jennie Erle [SEE ALSO United Service Organizations - Philadelphia - 17th & Locust Streets]

Cox, John B. - University of Pennsylvania

Cox, John Lyman

Cox, Joseph - Record employee

Cox, Paul McTammey - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cox, R. - doorman - Ritz Carlton

Cox, R.C. - Philadelphia Electric Co.

Cox, Raymond

Cox, Walter H. - book buyer

Cox, Wm. J.

Cox, Wm. M., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Coxe, Charles, Prof.

Coxe, Eckley B., Jr.

Coxe, Eddie

Coxe, Elizabeth W. - Haverford, PA

Coxe, H. Brinton & wife

Coxe, Henry B., Jr. & wife [SEE ALSO Fleming, Wm. T. & wife; Gilbert, Samuel, Mrs.]

Coxe, Henry Brinton, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Patterson, J. Frank, Mrs.]

Coxe, J. Alfred - banker

Coxe, Mary O. - society

Coyle, Charles A. - fireman

Coyle, Dennis P.

Coyle, Francis J., Rev.

Coyle, Grace

Coyle, Hughie – swimmer

Coyle, J. Andrew

Coyle, James Joseph

Coyle, John J., died 9-4-33

Coyle, John J. - magistrate [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B. Jack; O'Hara, Thomas A.; James, Arthur - Signing Bills; Kelly, John B., 1942]

Coyle, Kathleen - Miss Philadelphia 1927

Coyle, M.A.

Coyle, Robert M.

Coyle, Vincent E. - Philadelphia

Coyle, Wm.

Coyle, Wm. R. - Bethlehem

Coyne, Agnes

Coyne, Aimee

Coyne, Howard F. - Temple University

Coyne, J.W., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Coyne, J.R. James - football

Coyne, James J. - Pittsburgh

Coyne, R.J., Dr., died 3-25-42

Cozens, Amelia - society [SEE ALSO Charity Ball 1938]

Cozens, Ernest B., Jr.

Cozens, John F. - magistrate - & wife

Crabtree, George Fletcher

Crabtree, Lotta

Craemer, William

Craft, J.

Craig, Albert P. - Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing

Craig, Arthur - patrolman

Craig, Calvin L., Mrs. - Lansdale

Craig, Frank A., Dr.

Craig, George - regional director of CIO

Craig, Gordon

Craig, Ira L. - Pennsylvania Electric Assn.

Craig, J. Rhea, Jr.

Box 209
List of People

Craig, Jane Thompson - Lansdowne, PA

Craig, Lois Kreger

Craig, Palmer M. - Philco Corporation

Craig, Robert

Craig, Robert Hall - Harrisburg

Craig, W.E., Dr.

Craig, Walter A.

Craig, Walter A., Mrs.

Craig, Wm. R., Rev.

Craig, William W.

Craig, Willie - baseball

Craighead, Don C. - Temple University [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Contests - Rebus]

Craighead, James W.

Craighill, Margaret D., Dr. [SEE ALSO Schools - Womens Medical College of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Women's Medical College & Hospital]

Cram, Henry S. & wife - former Ruth Vaux - 2nd wife

Cram, Henry S. & wife - former Ruth Vaux - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Vaux, Sally N.; Vaux, Mary Gwinn; Strawbridge, Wm. S., Mrs.; Hirst, Wm. L., Mrs.]

Cram, Henry S. & wife - former Edith K. Drexel, died 10-26-34 - 1st wife

Cram, Henry S. & wife - former Edith K. Drexel, died 10-26-34 - 1st wife

Cramblet, Jeanne - Drexel Institute

Cramer, Bud - swimmer

Cramer, George Corks

Cramer, Helen B. - Swissvale, PA

Cramer, Kenneth F. - Baldwin Locomotive Works

Cramer, Marty

Cramer, William

Cramp, Charles H.

Cramp, Edith Talley

Cramp, John - football

Cramp, Theodore W.

Cramp, Virginia

Cramp, Wm.

Cramp, Wm., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Crampsey, James - basketball [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Basketball, 1943, 1944]

Crampton, George, Dr.

Crampton, Jerry [SEE ALSO Fishing 1938]

Crampton, Richard - Girard Trust Co.

Crane, E.A.

Crane, Elvin W.

Crane, Henry S., Mrs. - Philadelphia

Crane, Jocelyn

Crane, Leroy D.

Crane, Martin P., Dr. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg]

Crane, Mary - Record [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Crane, Michael J., Rev.

Crane, Raymond T.

Crane, Richard - policeman

Crane, Theron I., Mrs.

Crane, Tom

Crane, Utley E. - judge - municipal court

Crane, Wm. H., Jr.

Craner, Francis

Cranmer, Richard S.

Cranor, John R.

Cranston, Joseph

Cranston, Thomas A. & wife - former Frances Waskewitz

Crate, Douglas - football coach

Crate, Doug, Jr. - football

Craven, Algernon A. & wife - former Sally Norris Vaux

Craven, Algernon A., Mrs. - former Sally N. Vaux [SEE Vaux, Mary C.; Strawbridge, Wm. J., Mrs.]

Craven, Averil Vaux

Craven, Frank A. - deputy warden - Holmesburg [SEE ALSO Mills, Wm. B.; Large Photo File - Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg]

Craven, H. Thornton Jimmie & wife [SEE ALSO Finn, Elsie; Phila. Record - Radio Program; Philadelphia Record - Employees - Old Time]

Craven, Wm. H. & wife

Crawford, Alexandra B. - Bryn Mawr, PA

Crawford, Alfred - football

Crawford, Andrew W., Mrs. - Vice President Print Club - Philadelphia

Crawford, Andrew W., Jr.

Crawford, Annie Laurie, Mrs.

Crawford, Archibald M.

Crawford, Broderick - drama [SEE ALSO Dawson, Halk; Young, Loretta; Dietrich, Marlene; Carrillo, Leo; Barnitz, Harold M.; Frazee, Jane; Miller, Ray, Sgt.]

Crawford, Broderick & wife - former Kay Griffith [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Leslie, Frances; Howard, John]

Crawford, Clyde - athlete

Crawford, Daniel - builder - Philadelphia

Crawford, Daniel, Jr. - President Philadelphia Hotel Association

Crawford, Daniel, Jr. & wife

Crawford, Daniel B.

Crawford, Edith - Rosemont, PA [SEE ALSO Reeves, Martha Jane; Fox, Dorothy M.; Claghorn, Charles E., 3rd; United Campaign 1941; Felton, Louise; Trenholme, Laurence B.; Glore, Robert H.]

Crawford, F.C. - President Thompson Products Inc. [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Businessmans Council]

Crawford, Frank - Sgt. of detectives

Crawford, Frederick C. - President Thompson Products [SEE ALSO Kaiser, Henry J.; Gaylord, Robert M.; Vandergrift, A.A., Lt. Gen.; Manpower - War Manpower Comm - Management - Labor Agriculture Comm.; Green, Wm.; War - World War - 2nd - Casualties - Newspapermen]

Crawford, H.E. - autos [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Soap Box Derby 1939]

Crawford, Henriques, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball]

Crawford, Isaac E.

Box 210
List of Names

Crawford, J. Frank - Camden County

Crawford, J. Paul [SEE ALSO Navy Relief Society]

Crawford, James, Mrs.

Crawford, James L. - mayor - Haddon Heights, NJ

Crawford, James P.W., Dr., died 9-23-39

Crawford, Jean - University of Pennsylvania

Crawford, Joanne - Philadelphia

Crawford, John, Mrs. - Philadelphia

Crawford, John H.

Crawford, Jos. Ury, Capt.

Crawford, Joseph W. - Northeast High School

Crawford, Linden - society

Crawford, Margaret - Philadelphia

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Percy, Rev. & wife - former Ruth Duvall

Crawford, Richard H., Rev.

Crawford, Robert

Crawford, Ruth - Miss Atlantic City 1940

Crawford, S.C.

Crawford, Samuel [SEE ALSO Water - Philadelphia]

Crawford, Samuel D.

Crawford, Samuel L.

Crawford, Stanley - RCA Manufacturing Co. [SEE ALSO New Jersey - Camden - RCA Manufacturing Co.]

Crawford, Stanton C., Dr.

Crawford, Thomas F. - Mayor - Pleasantville, NJ

Crawford, W. Rex, Dr.

Crawford, Warren - Coast Guard - Drexel Hill

Crawford, Wm. - Meadville, PA

Crawford, William H.

Crawford, Winfield W. & wife

Crawley, Francis "Cowboy" - baseball

Crawley, Frank - baseball

Crawley, Marion [SEE ALSO Drexel Institute - Personality Clinic]

Creamer, Fred B.

Creamer, Marion

Crean, Dick & wife

Crean, Leo & wife

Crear, Charles L., Mrs.

Cree, James W., Jr.

Creech, Wm. B. - Westinghouse Electric

Creedon, John J., Lt. - detective - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Malone, James H. Shooey]

Creedon, Richard Osborn

Creeley, Bob - President Philadelphia Recreation [SEE ALSO Whiteman, John; Bergman, Henry; Philadelphia Record - Bowling Award]

Creese, James, Dr. [SEE ALSO Myers, Francis J. - Drexel Institute]

Cregar, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Cregar, Mary Rebecca - society

Creighton, Edward B.

Creighton, Frank W., Rev.

Creighton, G.W.

Creighton, Richard - athlete

Creighton, Wm. James, Dr.

Cremer, Roger - baseball

Crenshaw, Edmund M., Lt. - Melrose Park, PA

Crentshaw, Harvey

Cresap, Mark W., Jr. - John B. Stetson Co.

Crescentini, Maria - singer

Crescenzo, Anthony, Jr.

Cresci, A. Paul - football

Cresse, M.M., Mrs.

Cresse, Wadsworth

Cresse, Wadsworth, Jr.

Cressman, Bob

Cressman, E.L., Mrs.

Cressman, Frank

Cressman, George

Cressman, H.D., Rev.

Cresson, Caleb, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Cresson, Helene; Hanbury, Caroline, Lady; Orth, Edward O., Mrs.; Page, Walter B., Mrs.]

Cresson, Caleb, Jr. [SEE ALSO Knowles, Hope; Brown, Lydia W.; Van Lennep, Florence L.]

Cresson, Caleb, 6th [SEE ALSO MacFarlan, Dorothy]

Cresson, Emily Vaux

Cresson, George V.

Cresson, James

Cresswell, Donaldson - Philadelphia Savings Fund Society [SEE ALSO Watson, Adolphus E., Rear Adm.; Navy Relief Society]

Cresswell, Donaldson, Mrs. - society

Cresswell, Robert, Mrs.

Cresswell, Robert E.

Cresswell, Robert J.

Cresswell, Marie C.

Cret, Paul, Mme. [SEE ALSO Red Cross - War Fund 1945]

Cret, Paul Phillippe [SEE ALSO Stephano, Stephen C.; Philadelphia - Awards - Bok Award; Philadelphia - Parks - Fairmount - Samuel Memorial]

Creveling, J.Q. - PA Game Commission

Crevey, George T.

Crews, Norman E. - Lincoln-Mercury Corporation

Crider, Paul M. - Chambersburg, PA

Crisconi, John P. [SEE ALSO Autos - Drivers - Disabled Veterans]

Crisp, Harry A.

Crispin, Elizabeth

Crispin, John B.

Crispo, Joseph - football

Crispo, Carman - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Criss, Anna

Crissy, Robert J. - Philadelphia

Crist, Edward G. - Gettysburg, PA

Box 211
List of Names

Crist, George - vendor

Criste, Sherman

Criswell, Carl S., Lt. - Philadelphia

Criswell, Carrie M., Mrs.

Criswell, J. Carl, Dr.

Criswell, John E. - aviator

Crittenden, John Lamont & wife

Crittenden, Wm., Dr.

Croasdale, Caroline, Dr.

Croasdale, Laurence

Croasdale, Olney, Mrs.

Croasdale, Thorold

Croasdale, Virginia Claire

Croce, James

Croce, Wm. - President Philadelphia Jr. Rifle Club

Crocker, Alice Bryce

Crocker, John A., Lt. - Philadelphia

Crocker, Walter J., Dr.

Crockett, James

Croft, Frank, Brig. & wife

Croft, J. Paul

Croft, Samuel H.

Croke, William H.

Croll, F.R., Mrs.

Croll, William M.

Crombie, Edwin A.S.R., Mrs.

Cromie, Erma K.

Cromley, L.J.

Cromley, Raymond G., Pfc. [SEE ALSO France - Argonne Forest]

Crompton, Amanda, Mrs.

Crompton, Yitz

Cromwell, Augustin W.

Cromwell, James H. & wife - former Delphine Dodge - 1st wife - now Mrs. Timothy Goode

Cromwell, James H.R.

Cromwell, James H.R. [SEE ALSO Stotesbury, Edward T., Mrs.]

Cromwell, James H.R. - straight photos

Cromwell, Oliver Eaton

Cromwell, Oliver Eaton, Mrs.

Cromwell, Oliver E., Jr., Mrs. - former Mary P. Twaddell [SEE ALSO Mellor, Clinton L.; Maule, Samuel]

Crone, Russell K. - York, PA

Cronecker, Richard W.

Cronemiller, Phillip D., Lt. - Bellefonte, PA

Cronin, Don - detective

Cronin, George F., Sgt. - Mt. Pleasant, PA

Cronin, John Francis

Cronin, Pat - zoo [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Zoo - Elephants]

Cronin, Wm. J. [SEE ALSO McDevitt, Harry S.]

Crook, Jean [SEE ALSO Crook, Virginia; Welsh, Deborah]

Crook, Virginia

Crookes, A.

Crooks, Alfred A., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Hodgens, H. Childs, Mrs.; Phillips, John M., Mrs.; Warner, Arthur W., Mrs.]

Crooks, E.A., Rev. - Newcastle, PA

Crooks, Robert D., Lt. - So. Williamsport, PA

Crooks, Robert M. - Temple University

Crooks, Samuel - outboard motor racer

Crosby, Bing - visits - Philadelphia 1943

Crosby, Charles N.

Crosby, Eleanor Gertrude

Crosby, H. Lamar, Dr.

Crosby, Jane, Mrs. - Florham Park, NJ

Crosby, Margaret

Crosby, Russ - football [SEE ALSO Julian, Alvin]

Crosby, John Welsh, Dr. [SEE ALSO Carpenter, Herbert B., Dr.]

Crosman, J. Heron, Jr. - Bell Telephone Co.

Crosman, J. Heron, 3rd & wife

Crosman, J. Marshall

Cross, Bud - golfer [SEE ALSO Allan, Donald]

Cross, Dorothy - University of Pennsylvania

Cross, Gene - field hockey

Cross, Harold - golfer [SEE ALSO Allman, Dick; McCullough, Duff]

Cross, J.H.

Cross, James - police

Cross, Jessie - basketball [SEE ALSO McNeill, Loretta]

Cross, Joffre - baseball

Cross, Katherine M. [SEE ALSO Perkins, James G., Jr.; Dancing - Big Apple; Watts, Wm. P.]

Cross, Leach - former boxer

Cross, Ray - old time Greystock basketball star

Cross, Roy - Drexel Hill

Cross, Sue - hockey [SEE ALSO Townsend, Ann; Hockey - All American Team 1938; U.S. - Army - WACS - Pennsylvania Regiment]

Box 212
List of People

Cross, Tommy - boxer

Cross, Walter, Mrs. - former Margie Jackson

Crossman, B.J., Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE U.S. - Army - Troops in Ryukyu Islands, 1945]

Crossman, Catherine, Lt. [SEE U.S. - Army - Nurses in Italy]

Crossman, Clarence K. - councilman [SEE ALSO Wilson, B. Davis 1938; Samuel, Bernard; Philadelphia - City Council; Voting Machines - Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Railroad]

Crossman, Roberta T. [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, George, Mrs.]

Crossan, Tom - swimmer

Crossan, Wally - Record employee

Crossen, Edward N. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Crossen, Leo

Crossey, James L. - aviator

Crossin, Francis Clark - basketball [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Basketball 1943-1944]

Crossley, Esther W.

Crossman, J. Marshall, Mrs. - society

Crosson, Col. - Stratford Academy

Crosson, Harry J. - Veterans Bureau [SEE ALSO Coulson, Thomas, Maj.]

Crosson, John J., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Crosson, John M., Rev. [SEE ALSO Palmquist, E.A.E., Rev.]

Crosson, Margaret G.

Crossy, Frances - drama

Crosta, Russell - Record

Crothers, Betty - tennis

Crothers, Rosemary D.

Crothers, Samuel

Crothers, Samuel M., Jr.

Crothers, Steve

Crouch, Walter C.

Crouse, George M., Jr. - Household Finance Corp.

Crouse, John M. - Gettysburg

Crout, Wm. J. - Union Transfer Co.

Crouthamel, Edgar - Gloucester, NJ

Crow, Tiny, Corp. - Whitaker, PA

Crow, Wm. E., died 8-2-22

Crowder, Wm. S., Mrs. - former Isabel J. Lewis

Crown, Jean Rae - Miss West Philadelphia 1927

Crowe, Kathryn

Crowe, Montgomery F.

Crowe, Nancy

Crowe, Mrs. Wm. - Famous Names winner

Crowell, Benjamin - aviator

Crowell, Bill

Crowell, Emma L.

Crowell, Frances - society

Crowell, H.C.

Crowell, Merle - real estate

Crowell, Walter S. - Melrose Park, PA

Crowl, Barton, Mrs. - society

Crowl, Bob

Crowley, Francis T.

Crowley, Joseph D. - Philadelphia

Crowley, Mary

Crowley, Roberta - society

Crown, Wm. H. [SEE ALSO Wireman, Henry F., Mrs.; Newhall, Elizabeth S.]

Crowther, Geoffrey

Crowther, J. Chester - secretary - Bachmann Brothers

Crowthers, Rosemary

Crozer, Charles H. [SEE ALSO Leonard, Richard G.]

Crozer, Charles H. & wife

Crozer, Charles H., Mrs. - former Bonney J. Clough [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Linder, Clough; Weatherill, Ramsay; Clouch, Charles H.; Leonard, Richard G.]

Crozier, George

Crozier, Richard J., Mrs. - society, died 10-31-33

Crozier, Virginia - society

Crozier, Wm. S.

Crudden, George C., Jr.

Cruikshank, Burleigh, Rev. [SEE ALSO Darst, Thomas C.]

Crum, Bartley C.

Crumbaugh, Margery C.

Crumbie, Gertrude

Crumbly, Wilma Lee

Crumbock, Edward P. & wife [SEE ALSO Eastman, Joseph B.; Gray, Wm. A.]

Crumlish, James C. - attorney [SEE ALSO Tummulty, Jos. P.; Kephart, John W.; Bolger, Robert V.; Sloane, Joseph; James, Arthur; Mandel, Samuel, Lt.; McDevitt, Harry S.]

Crumlish, John, Mrs.

Crumlish, Ross [SEE ALSO La Salle High School]

Crumrine, J. Boyd - judge

Crusan, Mary Helen

Cryan, Elizabeth - Haverford

Cryer, Matthews H., Mrs. - society

Crystle, Maude, Mrs. - McClure trial

Csank, L. - Ridley Park

Cubbin, Elmer - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cucinotta, Anthony

Cucinotta, Eugene - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cucura, George M., Rev. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Cude, Wilfred - ice hockey

Cuden, Edward - boxer

Cudmore, Roy C., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Cuff, John - Shenandoah, PA

Cuippio, J. - Philadelphia

Culbertson, A. - Philadelphia

Culbert, John A. - attorney

Culbert, Margaret M.

Box 213
List of People

Culbertson, Elizabeth, Mrs. - politics

Culbertson, George

Culhane, Joseph R. & wife [SEE ALSO Housing - Pennsylvania - Chester; Housing - Pennsylvania - Chester - Highland Gardens]

Cullen, Donald

Cullen, Frank J. [SEE ALSO James, Arthur H.; Signing Bills]

Cullen, George

Cullen, Marjorie Jane - Rosemont [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, Margaret]

Cullen, Michael - air raid warden

Cullen, Rose M.

Cullinan, Thomas H.

Cullman, Howard

Culp, Mildred - Philadelphia

Culshaw, Harry C. [SEE ALSO Newhall, C.S.; Ten Eyck, Wm. A., Jr.]

Culton, Wm. H.

Culver, Cecil V., Mrs. - former Laura Mae Carron

Culver, Charles M. - judge

Culver, Harry H. - National Association of Real Estate

Cumbler, John T. - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Founders Day; Reagan, Francis X.]

Cumings, Pierce - N.W. Ayer & Son

Cummings, Donald E. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Cummings, Ella - state revenue dept.

Cummings, Herbert W.

Cummings, J. Howell, Jr., died 12-5-41

Cummings, J. Howell, Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Lucas, G. Britton, Mrs.; Cummings, Isabella W.]

Cummings, J.J., Mrs.

Cummings, James Howell - President John B. Stetson Co.

Cummings, James W., Jr., Mrs. - former Marianne Harrison

Cummings, John J.

Cummings, John R., Mrs. - former Isabella Wanamaker

Cummings, Oliver DeW., Dr.

Cummings, Patricia - Westfield, NJ

Cummins, A.W. [SEE Walter, Harrison]

Cummins, A.W.

Cummins, Duke - basketball

Cummins, Robert Perry, Dr. – suicide, 5-31-33

Cummins, Wm. J.

Cumor, Edward

Cunnaglinia, John Cord - Philadelphia

Cunneff, Bette [SEE ALSO Kaspar, Wilma; Large Photo File - Falkenberg, Jinx]

Cunniff, Geoffrey J.

Cunniff, John H., Rev.

Cunning, Muriel

Cunningham, Aloysius, Sgt.

Cunningham, Bob - football

Cunningham, Dorothy - Philadelphia

Cunningham, E.L., Rev.

Cunningham, E.T. - President RCA Radiotron Co.

Cunningham, Elizabeth Mae

Cunningham, Emlin Wm., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Cunningham, Fred E. - Campbell Soup Co.

Cunningham, Helen

Cunningham, Helen T. [SEE ALSO Klumpp, Joseph, Mrs.]

Cunningham, Howard - county detective [SEE ALSO Watson, Edward, Sgt.; Engard, Charles I.]

Cunningham, Howard - football

Cunningham, James H., Jr., Mrs.

Cunningham, Jesse B. - judge [SEE ALSO 5 O'Clock Club]

Cunningham, Joe - cartoonist [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B.; Earle, Geo. H.]

Cunningham, John P., Mrs.

Cunningham, Joseph - Philadelphia

Cunningham, Joseph A. [SEE ALSO Earle, Geo. H.]

Cunningham, Martin J. - squash [SEE ALSO Hastings, Joseph]

Cunningham, Mary Elizabeth

Cunningham, Thomas W., died 8-13-31

Cunningham, Thomas W., Jr.

Cunningham, Thomas W., Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Philadelphia Emergency Training Society; Clothier, Wm. J., Mrs.; Jackson, Wm. R., Mrs.]

Cunningham, Warren W., Ens. - Philadelphia

Curatolo, Frank F., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Curcio, Anthony

Curlee, Warren W.

Curley, Andrew - evicted from home

Curley, Bill - bowler

Curley, Bob - football

Curley, Dick - sports promoter

Curley, John Joseph - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. Coast Guard - Discharges]

Curning, Arthur - county detective [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg; DiMarco, Patrick]

Curran, Ann - drama

Curran, Annie - relief chiseler

Curran, Frank, Mrs. - former Alice Van Lennep

Curran, G.W., Mrs.

Curran, George W. - UGI

Curran, J.J., Rev.

Curran, James Thomas, Lt. - Philadelphia

Curran, Jane Francis

Curran, Jimmy - athletic coach

Curran, John - detective [SEE ALSO Pinto, James; Pugliese, Joseph]

Curran, Joseph

Curran, Martin, Sgt. - detective [SEE ALSO Smith, Francis]

Curran, Thomas - sculler [SEE ALSO Penn Athletic Crew 1935]

Curran, Thomas A. - Delaware County

Curran, “Tubby” - basketball

Curran, Wm.

Curran, Wm. G. - Reading Railroad

Currey, Dorothy

Currie, Charles C., Mrs. - former Elizabeth K. Harper

Currie, Robt. E.

Currie, Edmund, Pfc. - Yeadon, PA

Currier, Abbie

Curry, David - football - Drexel

Curry, Elizabeth

Curry, John B. – patrolman

Box 214
List of People

Curry, John C., Dr.

Curry, W. Lawrence

Curry, Warner D. - President Central Labor Union [SEE ALSO Harr, Luther; Fisher, Edgar H.; Japan China War - U.S. Aid - Philadelphia Chinese]

Curry, Wm. M., Rev.

Curry, Willy - Olney bank bandit

Curtis, Bud - football

Curtis, Charles “Chuck” - football

Curtis, Cyrus H.K., died 6-6-33

Curtis, Cyrus H.K. & wife - Mrs. Curtis died 5-31-32 [SEE ALSO Curtis, Cyrus]

Curtis, Edward A., Mrs. - Haddonfield, NJ

Curtis, Elmer E. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Curtis, Florence – society

Curtis, Frances M. [SEE ALSO Stull, Franklin G.; Curtis, James O'Neill]

Curtis, Francis I - Mask & Wig author

Curtis, Harry L., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Thayer, John B., 3rd; Myers, W. Heyward, Mrs.; Dolan, H. Hoffman, Mrs.; Ewing, John K., 3rd; Pancoast, Polly]

Curtis, John N., Mrs.

Curtis, John N., Jr. & wife & children [SEE ALSO Purviance, Jas. A.]

Curtis, Kathleen - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Renaghan, Dick]

Curtis, Lenora, Mrs.

Curtis, William, Dr.

Curtis, Wm. F., Rev.

Curtiss, Lester M. - Lukens Steel Co.

Curtiss, Thomas & wife - former Helen Plum

Curts, James M. - Montoursville, PA

Curwen, Samuel M - J.G. Brill Co., died 3-29-32

Cushing, George - Philadelphia

Cushing, Russell P., Mrs.

Cushing, W.C. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Cushman, C.V.B. - polo

Cushman, Charlotte

Cushman, Edward H.

Cusick, P.F. - Scranton

Cusmina, Thomas, Mrs.

Custer, A.M.

Custer, C.C., Dr.

Custer, General

Custer, George A.

Custer, Louis, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Weaving; Pennsylvania - University of - Museum]

Custer, Wm. & wife

Custis, John Parke [SEE Custis, Martha Patty]

Cusworth, Charles, Lt. - Philadelphia

Cusworth, Edward H., Jr.

Cuthbert, Harold - golfer [SEE ALSO Wilmeth, Jim]

Cuthbert, Wm. [SEE Armstrong, Henry]

Cuthbert, William B.

Cuthbert, Wm. L. [SEE Bacharach, Harry]

Cutler, David M., Prof.

Cutler, Eleanor

Cutler, H. Lewis, Rev.

Cutler, Morris [SEE ALSO Goldberg, Joseph, Dr.]

Cutler, R.B. - sculler [SEE ALSO Riverside Boat Club Crewe, 1936]

Cutshall, Gayle - Reading, PA

Cutsler, Homer - basketball

Cutten, Wm. Francis & wife - former Nancy S. Seely [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees]

Cutting, R. Fulton, 2nd, Mrs. - former Katherine Van Pelt [SEE ALSO Van Pelt, Andrews, Mrs.; Horse Shows - Pennsylvania - Chester County Horse Show]

Cuzinati, John

Cyesick, George – basketball - captain - Villanova

Cylek, Eva, Mrs. - McClure trial

Cyndianski, Joseph

Cyr, Helen - Glenside, PA

Czaplicka, Helen

Czarnecki, Joseph, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Czarnecki, Gene - Northeast High School

Czekay, Thomas H. - Del Co Rum Ring Inv.

Czerwiec, Edward

Dabback, David George, Rev.

Dabney, Violet

Dabrow, Dave - basketball coach [SEE ALSO Estes, Carl, Lt. Cmdr.]

Dacey, Jim - baseball

Da Costa, C. Alex, Mrs. - society

Da Costa, C. Alexander - aviator

Da Costa, Charles Alexander, Mrs. - former Virginia Marshall, 2nd wife - divorced 5-5-41

Da Costa, J.M., Dr.

Da Costa, John C., Dr.

Da Costa, Sinnickson, Mrs.

D'Adamo, Louis

Daddio, Bill - football

Dadonna, D. Richard

Daffron, Robert E., Jr. & wife - former Christine Henry

Dagel, Albert F., Mrs. - former Marion Eleanor Vanneman

Dager, Howard J.

Dager, Pattie - swimmer

D'Agostino, Carmon - L.N. Renault & Sons Inc.

D'Agostino, John

Da Grossa, John “Ox” - football coach [SEE ALSO Koslowski, Stan]

Dague, Paul B.

Daher, Joe – football

Dahl, Oscar

Dahlke, John H. - Belvidere Bridge Co.

Dahm, George - sculler [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Football, 1937]

Dahm, Wm. J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dailey, Fabian - detective

Dailey, Kathryn - Upper Darby, PA

Dailey, Mary, Mrs.

Dailey, Pete - baseball

Dailey, Wm. A. - newspaperman, died 11-20-39

Daily, Elmer M.

Daily, F. Regis - St. Joseph's College, 1936

Box 215
List of People

Daily, F.X., Jr., Ens. - Ardmore, PA

Daily, Francis J., Rev.

Daily, John J.

Daisey, Joseph S. - Civil War vet

Daix, Augustus F., Jr., died 5-5-32

Daix, Augustus F., 3rd

Dake, Bob

Daknis, Charles A. - Philadelphia

Daland, Judson, Dr.

Dale, Aileen - actress

Dale, Arthur C. - judge [SEE ALSO Butler, Smedley D.]

Dale, Bobby - actress

Dale, Clare - actress

Dale, Eddie - actor

Dale, Edmund G.J. - Commercial Trust Co.

Dale, Edwin L. & wife

Dale, Frances - actress

Dale, George - actor

Dale, Gladys - actress

Dale, James - actor

Dale, Margaret - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 3949]

Dale, Margie - actress

Dale, Maryon - actress

Dale, Miss - actress

Dale, Mlle. - actress

Dale, Richard

Dale, Richard, Ens.

Dale, Richard C. & wife

Dale, Robert Wade, Mrs. - society

Dale, Sunny - actress

Dale, Thomas, Sir - governor of Jamestown

Dale, Walter A., Lt. & wife - former Doris Swalm

Dale, Wm. & wife - former Helen Muschert

Dales, E. Lewis

D'Alessandro, Anna, Miss

D'Alessandro, Betty - 1409 Broad St.

D'Alessandro, Rudy - Philadelphia Ballet

Daley, Cass - drama

Daley, Call - movies - with husband Frank Kinsella

Daley, Edward

Daley, Frank - hockey

Daley, Gene - Stonehurst

Daley, Helen - basketball

Daley, Jack - 7028 Georgian Road

Daley, Josephine

Daley, Lena - actress

Daley, Thomas J. - Camden, NJ

Dall, Jean - 3417 Waterloo St.

Dallahan, Helen - 414 N. Robinson St.

Dallam, Nancy Montgomery - society [SEE Sinkler, Charles, 2nd, Mrs.]

Dallas, Judge

Dallas, Charles D.

Dallas, Dickey

Dallas, Dorothy

Dallas, Emily

Dallas, Evelyn

Dallas, George M. - onetime U.S. Vice President

Dallas, George M. - Philadelphia

Dallas, George Mifflin

Dallas, George M., Mrs. - nee Constance H. Snow

Dallas, Gertrude

Dallas, Gertrude

Dallas, H. Franklin - dead

Dallas, Jack, Capt.

Dallas, Jack - bowler

Dallas, Jim - athlete

Dallas, John - bar probe

Dallas, Oliver, Mrs. - former Margaret Gallagher

Dallas, Robert

Dallas, Samuel J.

Dallas, Sarah - Trenton nurse

Dallas, William J. - Haddon Heights, NJ

Dallaway, Theodore M.

Daller, Martin - Chester, PA

D'Allessandro, Anthony

Dalley, John Alden and former Margaret D. Stroud

Dallin, Bob - baseball

Dallin, Cyrus Edwin – sculptor

Dalling, Doc - Record

Box 216
List of People

Dallis, A.T. - old photos

Dalmayne, Jose, Miss - actress

Dalmores, Charles - actor

Daloia - P.M.C - football

Dalrymple, Carl E. - Dover, NJ

Dalrymple, Delbert W. - Pennsylvania state representative

Dalrymple, Jerry - football - Temple - 1931 Tulane All American end [SEE ALSO Zimmerman, Don]

Dalsey, John T. - aviator

Dalton, Alexander Smith, Mrs. - former Mrs. Giles Wetherill - former Justine Jordan

Dalton, Anne M. - Stetson Jr. High School

Dalton, Bonnie - actress

Dalton, Charles

Dalton, Chester A.

Dalton, Hamilton - West Philadelphia Jewish Forum (empty 12-3-88)

Dalton, Ham [SEE ALSO Bolger, Robert; Kelly, John B.; Doyle, Jerry]

Dalton, Henry G., died 12-27-39

Dalton, Lillian M.

Dalton, Marjorie - Dickinson College

Dalton, Marjorie J. - actress

Dalton, Phyllis - Paoli

Dalton, Samuel A.

Dalton, Thomas M.

Dalton, Vincent J. - judge - Schuylkill Haven

Dalton, William - Camden

Daly, Adele

Daly, Arnold - actor, died 1-13-27

Daly, Arnold - actor

Daly, Augustin

Daly, Blyth - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 3642]

Daly, Catherine - music

Daly, Charles J.

Daly, Daniel, Father

Daly, Don

Daly, Edward - Philadelphia (empty 12-3-88)

Daly, Edward A., Lt. - Upper Darby, PA

Daly, Edward A.

Daly, Edward A.

Daly, Edward A., died 6-23-37

Daly, Edwin K. - Horn & Hardart Baking Co. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Horn & Hardart]

Daly, Emma - 2715 Jefferson St.

Daly, Esther - squash [SEE ALSO Madeira, Crawford C., Mrs.]

Daly, Eugene L., Lt. - Upper Darby, PA

Daly, Francis I. - Bell Telephone Co.

Daly, Frank - actor

Daly, Helen

Daly, J. Burwood, died 3-13-39 [SEE ALSO Norton, Marty]

Daly, John F.

Daly, John F. - autos - & wife

Daly, John F., Mrs. - former Catherine G. Maury

Daly, John F., Jr., Mrs. - former Miss Mary Louise Waltz of Merion Golf Manor

Daly, John J. - councilman - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. David, 1938; Wrigley, Byron]

Daly, John J. - Philadelphia

Daly, John M., died 7-4-32

Daly, Josette - society [SEE ALSO Fox, I.J.]

Daly, Marcella

Daly, Marcella - actress

Daly, Mary

Daly, Paul - Board of Assessors - Camden, NJ

Daly, Rita - Wayne

Daly, Thaddeus M., Jr. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Civic Service Comm.; Simmler, Wm.; Trial; Biddle, Livingston L., 2nd & wife]

Daly, Tom A. - poet [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees - Old Time]

Daly, Virginia - actress

Daly, Walt - Univ. of Penna. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1939]

Daly, Walter J., Dr., died 10-17-39

Damansky, Charles, Pvt. - Shenandoah, PA

Damasio, Anthony - 1020 Greenwich St. - hurt in blast

Damato, Anthony P., Cpl. - Shenandoah, PA

Damato, Frances, Mrs. - Shenandoah, PA

Damato, John, Mrs. - Shenandoah, PA

Damato, Joseph, Pvt. - Philadelphia

D'Amato, Pasquale - beer racket head of Chester, PA - slain 3-27-33

D'Ambley, Ernest, Mrs. - former Ruth M. Thibault

D'Ambley, A. Ernest, Jr., Mrs. - former Ruth M. Thibault [SE ALSO Nelson, Rodney D.; Van Lennep, Florence; Trumbull, Louise]

D'Ambly, Augustus E., Jr., Lt.

D'Ambly, Jeanne P. - Ardmore, PA [SEE ALSO Skating - Ice 1939; Karnes, Edythe Suzanne]

D'Ambrosia, Lewis

D'Ambrosia, Pete - baseball [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Baseball - Sandlot]

D'Ambrosia, Edvige

D'Ambrosia, Pat

Box 217
List of People

Damerel, Charlotte - Wilson College

Damiani, Cy - baseball

Damiano, Mike, Pfc. - Philadelphia

D'Amico, Agnes - 907 Federal St.

D'Amico, Florence - Mt. Royal, NJ

D'Amico, Nancy Violet - Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Womens Army Auxiliary Corps]

Damillio, Joe - baseball

Damon, Alexander M. - Salvation Army - & wife [SEE ALSO Salvation Army - Philadelphia; Van Pelt, Joseph K.T.; Hepburn, Samuel & wife; Woolsey, Richard Hay]

D'Amora, Dick - basketball - Lower Merion High School 1941 (empty 12-2-88)

Damore, Charles - wife & daughter

Damore, Nicholas J. - ice hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Ice - Hershey Bears - Hockey Team 1937; Gardner, Herb]

Dan, Bertha - William Penn High School 1941

Dana, Ripley L. - attorney [SEE ALSO United Campaign, 1939; Rhoades, C. Brewster]

Danby, Thomas

Dando, John H. - 1st asst. district attorney

Dando, Joseph P. - Minersville, PA

Dando, W.A. - Oreland, PA

D'Andrea, Cecile - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 2714]

Dandrea, Joe - football

Dane, Essex - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7901]

Danehower, Harriet, Mrs. - Plymouth Meeting, PA

Daneker, Frances - Hammonton High School

Daneker, John Lee, Mrs. - Hammonton, NJ

Daneker, June - Hammonton, NJ

Danenahuer, C.N., Rev.

Danenberg, Dave - baseball

Danehower, Annette - Lansdowne High School [SEE ALSO Reilly, Anne; Large Photo File - Heebner, Peggy]

Danese, Giuseppe - actor

Danforth, William - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 2361]

Dangel, Adolph G. - tax collector - Wilmington, DE

D'Angelo, George, Capt. - Girard College - Lousy C

D'Angelo, John - golfer

D'Angelo, Jimmy - Golfer

D'Angelo, Lou - football - Central High School 1940

Dangerfield - football - Penn State

Danges – football - Susquehanna (empty 12-3-88)

Dania, Flo - actress

Daniel, Averill - University of Pittsburgh

Daniel, Channing, Mrs. - society

Daniel, Franz - socialist

Daniel, Marcus G., Rev. Dr.

Daniel, Peter V. & wife - former Lydia Cruikshank

Daniel, Todd - attorney [SEE ALSO Myers, Francis J.]

Daniel, Todd, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Van Court, Georgene, Mrs.; Harr, Luther, Mrs.]

Daniell, Henry - actor

Daniels, C.D., Dr.

Daniels, Clement - supt. building & grounds - municipal court

Daniels, Danny - gunman [SEE Digiorno, Daniel]

Daniels, Eldred, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Daniels, Emil A.

Daniels, Frank - actor

Daniels, George V., Rev.

Daniels, Henriette - actress

Daniels, James C. - 437 Copley Rd., Upper Darby

Daniels, Kenneth P. - Record employee [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Biography of An Ad]

Daniels, Margaret M.

Daniels, Todd [SEE Daniel, Todd]

Daniels, Todd - bowler

Daniels, Wm. T., Cpl. - Girardsville, PA

Danielson, Elmer [SEE ALSO Utilities; Lobby Inv]

Danilov, Vic - basketball

Danjou, Jeanne - actress

Dankel, Mildred - Temple University 1941

Dankervich, K. - Wilmington athlete

Dannehower, William F. - judge - President Lafayette College Alumni Assoc.

Dannenbaum, Mary Anne [SEE Loucheim, Jerome H., Jr., Mrs.]

Danner, Arthur V. - Houdry Process Corp.

Danner, Jose F. - dramatic actor [SEE ALSO Large Photo 235]

Dannies, Bob - football [SEE ALSO Sutherland, Jock]

Danowski, Thomas J.

Danser, Ed

Danser, Harriet - Yardley, PA

Dante, Jean - actress

Danofa, Peter J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Danowitz, Danny - Moose BAS basketball

Danowski, Ed - football [SEE ALSO Football - Professional Team 1936; Sarau, Tony]

Danton, J. Periam, Dr. [SEE ALSO Temple University - Library]

Dantowitz, May - draft board bribe case

Dantzer, Orvis D., Mrs.

Dapp, Charles F., Dr.

Darbee, Wm. R., Mrs.

Darby, Donald W., Mrs. - former Jean Browne Scott [SEE ALSO Oelhausen, Joseph, Mrs.; Cocket, Tristram C., Mrs.]

Darby, Donald Weston, Mr. & Mrs.

Box 218
List of People

Darby, Donald Weston, Mr. & Mrs. - nee Jean Browne Scott [SEE ALSO large photo 2264]

Darby, Edwin Tyler, Dr.

Darby, George, Jr., Mrs. - society

Darby, Myrna [SEE ALSO large photo 6529]

Darcey, Joe - actor

Darcey, Joe - actor

D'Arclay, Louis - actor

Darcy, Charlie

Darcy, Jeanne M.

Darcy, Samuel Adams

Darde, Paul - sculptor

Darden, Wm. - football - Norristown 1940

Dare, Joan - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 8846]

Dare, Lynn - actress

Dare, Phyllis - actress

Dare, Roy D. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Dare, Virginia - actress

Dare, Virginia - burlesque

Dare, Walter - actor

Dare, Zena - actress

Darin, Margaret

Dark, Wm. “Kid”

Darkow, Felice - attorney [SEE ALSO Rutherford, J.B., Mrs.; Clark, Regina; Diamond, Wilhelmina]

Darkow, Martin, Dr.

Darley, Jane - actress

Darling, Ann - actress

Darling, Beatrice - actress

Darling, Dell - Sheriff's Association of Pennsylvania

Darling, Gladys - actress

Darling, Janet - Chestnut Hill

Darling, Janette - society

Darlington - Sharon Hill Academy

Darlington, Bob

Darlington, Brooks, Mrs. - former Lillian Fraser Crichton

Darlington, C. Canby - police chief

Darlington, Celia Gauss, Miss

Darlington, Charles W. & wife - Drexel Hill, PA

Darlington, E.S. & daughter Jean

Darlington, Edwin P. - police chief - West Chester

Darlington, Eugene S.

Darlington, F.G., Jr. & wife & children

Darlington, Frances [SEE Stewart, John Roy, Mrs.]

Darlington, George E., died 2-20-33

Darlington, George L.

Darlington, Harry & wife (empty 12-3-88)

Darlington, Harry, Jr., Mrs. - now Mrs. George A. Garrett (empty 12-3-88)

Darlington, Harry, Mrs. - former Ethel Shields

Darlington, Henry, Dr.

Darlington, Henry, Mrs.

Darlington, Henry, Rev.

Darlington, Herbert S., Mrs.

Darlington, Isabel - society

Darlington, Isabel, Miss - attorney - West Chester

Darlington, Jack - Friends Central athlete

Darlington, James Henry, Bishop, died 8-14-38

Darlington, Jane D., Miss

Darlington, Jared, died 2-25-34

Darlington, Joseph G.

Darlington, Louise

Darlington, Paul

Darlington, Ruth E.

Darlington, Sibyl Mary

Darlington, Thomas, Dr.

Darlington, U.V.W., Rev.

Darlington, W. Corkran, Mrs.

Darlington, Wm. M., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Paintings - Descent of the Cross]

Darlington, Wm. Marshall, Mrs.

Darmopray, Michael

Darnault, Florence Malcolm - sculptor

Darnbrough, Arthur - football

Darnell, A.E. - Williams Darnell Co. - Philadelphia

Darnell, Nydia - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 5938]

Daroff, Joseph - H. Daroff & Sons Co.

Daroff, Joseph, Mrs.

Daroff, Luis - H. Daroff & Sons Co.

Daroff, Max

Daroff, Michael - President Daroff & Sons

Daroff, Samuel [SEE ALSO Cohen, Jacob L.; Davidson, Walter; Jewish Community Honor Roll; Peiser, Kurt; Mead, James M.]

Daroff, Sidney - H. Daroff & Sons Co.

Darr, Wm. T. - judge

Darragh, Harold E. - ice hockey - Quakers NHL 1930 (C. Benning Leonard's team)

Darragh, Harry Leo - Philadelphia

Darragh, James D. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Darragh, Lydia

Box 220
List of People

Davey, W.H. - President W.H. Davey Steel Co.

David, Helen May

David, Ozara S., Rev.

David, William - actor

David, William M. - Pennsylvania Co.

Davidowitz, Arthur - football - Lehigh University

Davids, Allard J. - Bell Telephone Co.

Davids, Elizabeth

Davidsohn, Israel, Dr.

Davids, Lucille - actress

Davidson, Albert B. - Tarentum, PA

Davidson, Alexander B., Rev.

Davidson, Arthur J., Dr.

Davidson, Bill - football [SEE ALSO Pappas, Chris; Speer, Becky]

Davidson, D.G., Dr.

Davidson, D. Sutherland, Dr.

Davidson, Daniel S.

Davidson, Dorothy Moore, Mrs.

Davidson, George - golfer

Davidson, George & wife

Davidson, Gordon S. - sculptor

Davidson, Grace - Pittsburgh airline hostess - injured

Davidson, Harry - 1012 Pine St. - blind

Davidson, Jo - sculptor - & wife, died 5-12-34

Davidson, John, Mrs.

Davidson, W.A. - Palmyra aviator (empty 12-3-88)

Davidson, W.M. - supt. of schools - Pittsburgh

Davidson, William - actor

Davidson, William, Dr.

Davidson, Wm. Mehard - educator

Davidson, Wm. McKay, Dr.

Davies, A.G. - Philadelphia

Davies, Charles B.

Davies, Charles R. “Chick” - basketball coach

Davies, E.T., Dr.

Davies, Emlen - now Mrs. Robert Leon Grosjean [SEE Grosjean, Robert Leon, Mrs.]

Davies, Henry, Dr.

Davies, John & wife - former Christabel Morrissey

Davies, John G.

Davies, John R., Rev.

Davies, L. Langdon - author

Davies, Lillian - actress, died 3-3-32 [SEE ALSO large photo 5524]

Davies, Marjorie - actress

Davies, Miriam - dancer at University of Pennsylvania

Davies, Oram - football - Swarthmore

Davies, Richard L. - Pennsylvania Salt Co. [SEE ALSO Biddle, Francis; Foreign Policy Association; Alsop, Joseph W., Jr.]

Davies, Taleasin H., Jr., Mrs. - former Marie D. du Pont

Davies, Thelma Melrose

Davies, Tom - football coach - University of Scranton

Davin, Mary - Pittsburgh waitress

Davis - baseball

Davis - basketball - University of Pennsylvania 1943

Davis, A.B., Mrs.

Davis, Albert - Philadelphia

Davis, Adele - 1511 N. 11th St.

Davis, Albert - Pennsylvania state senator, died 2-27-32

Davis, Alma H. - daughter of Joe - Girard College - now Mrs. Robert Glen Stouble (empty 12-3-88)

Davis, Andrew, Jr., Ens. - Media, PA

Davis, Andrew J. - Vice President Provident Mutual Life Insurance

Davis, Andrew M. - H.S. Eckels Co.

Davis, Ann - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 2153]

Davis, Ann - burlesque actress

Davis, Anne - society [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Van Rensselaer, Matha; Home, Virginia]

Davis, Arthur V. - Pittsburgh

Davis, Austin W. - First Trust of Philadelphia

Davis, Benny - actor and songwriter

Davis, Beverly B. - Drexel Hill

Davis, Bill - football - West Philadelphia High School 1940

Davis, Billy - boxer

Davis, Blaine A.

Davis, Blair J. - game warden - Media

Davis, Bob - football - Penn State 1941

Davis, Bob - football

Davis, Bobby - Oakmont, PA

Davis, Bud - Sharpsburg, PA

Davis, C. Sumner

Davis, Carl H.U., Mrs. - former Jean Ellen du Pont [SEE ALSO Red Cross Motor Corps; Vennemann, Sarah H.; Donaldson, Ethel Morser, Mrs.]

Davis, Carolyn E.

Davis, Carleton E.

Davis, Charles - swimmer

Davis, Charles C. - transit

Davis, Charles H. - 5035 Osage Ave.

Davis, Charles H.

Davis, Charles P., Mrs., divorced 10-23-39 - Society [SEE ALSO Lucan, G. Brinton, Mrs.; Hare, Horace B., Mrs.]

Davis, Charles S. - Steelton, PA

Davis, Charles S. - Bell Telelphone Co. of Pennsylvania

Box 219
List of People

Darrah, Gladys L., Miss - Drexel

Darreff, Edith - amateur actress

Darrel, Stillman A., Jr. - Upper Darby

Darrell, Maisie - actress

Darrell, Maxine - actress

Darrow, C.T. [SEE large photo 7608]

Darrow, Eleanor

Darrow, G. Potter

Darrow, George, Mrs. - former Dorothy Magee

Darrow, George P.

Darrow, George P., 3rd, Mrs. - former Jane Carol Breitinger

Darrow, George Potter, Jr., Mrs.

Darrow, Karl Kelchner - Bell Telephone Co.

Darrow, Katherine - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Cooke, Nina; Van Sciver, Flora; Anthes, Bill]

Darrow, Woodward, Mrs. - nee Mary C. Patterson

Dart, Florence [SEE ALSO Dignan Dorothy]

Darvall, Frank O. - Reading

Darwin, Charles, Jr. - Upper Darby

Dasburg, Andrew, Mrs. - former Mary Channing Wister

D'Ascenzo, Nicola - sculptor

D'Ascenzo, Nicola, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. - nee Mildred Frunzi [SEE ALSO large photo 6748]

Dash, Emma - Record reporter [SEE ALSO Freeman, Anne]

Dash, James Allan [SEE ALSO Samuel, Bernard 1945]

Dash, Morris

Dashereen, William - actor

Dashiel, Philip T. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Northern Liberties Gas Co.]

Dashington, Alvera - singer

Datesman, George E.

Datesman, Joseph D., Mrs. - former Miss Helen Becker

Datesman, Beatrice, Miss

Datty, Edward J. - real estate [SEE ALSO large photo 11718]

Daub, Arthur C. - Saltsburg, PA

Daub, Dick – football - Drexel

Daub, Gus - football [SEE ALSO Julian, Alvin]

Daub, Hubert - Central High School athlete

Daub, John T., Mrs.

Daub, Victor S. - policeman

Daub, Wm. - police

Daub, Wm. S.

Daube, Harda - actress

Daubert, Dorothy - 5838 N. Front St.

Daubert, Francis J., Rev.

Daubert, John, Cpl. - Atco, NJ

Daubruan, Edmond E.R.

Daucho, Helen

Dauerty, J. Shackelford, Rev.

Daugherty, Bob - football - Penn 1937

Daugherty, Carroll - Pittsburgh University [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Minimum Wage Board]

Daugherty, Doc - orchestra leader

Daugherty, Margaret M., Mrs.

Daugherty, Ralph – football – center - Pitt 1929-1930

Daugherty, S.D., Rev. Dr.

Daugherty, Silas D., Rev.

D'Aulerio, James, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Daum, Charles F.

Daum, Oscar - baseball [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Baseball - Sand Lot]

D'Auria, Marie - Audubon, NJ

Dauterick, Fred - baseball - Kensington

Dautrich, John J. - Penn grad 1938 (empty 12-3-88)

Dauvrey, Helen - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 2027]

Davanti, Mike

Davenport, Arthur - actor

Davenport, Charles F., Mrs. - society

Davenport, Cara M. - Order Eastern Star

Davenport, Dorothy - 1809 E. Cambria St.

Davenport, Dorothy - actress

Davenport, Eva - actress, died 9-26-32 [SEE ALSO large photo 4100]

Davenport, George W., Rev.

Davenport, Harry - actor

Davenport, Jacob - policeman, died 9-26-32

Davenport, James H. - supt. police - Chester, PA

Davenport, Milla - actress

Davenport, Paul - University of Pennsylvania 1927 - & wife - former Elizabeth Fegley

Davenport, Paul - baseball - basketball - University of Pennsylvania

Davenport, Wm. B.

Davenport, Wm. B., "Doc"

Daves, John Collins

Davey, Charles J., Rev.

Davey, J.J. - Pennsylvania

Davey, Randall - artist

Davey, Ruth - Pennsylvania State College

Box 221
List of People

Davis, Clarence, Lt. - Philadelphia

Davis, Claude - swimmer - Overbrook High School 1933

Davis, Curt & wife - Philadelphia 1938

Davis, Curtis E.

Davis, Cyrus W. - Sheriff's Association of Pennsylvania

Davis, Daniel L., Rabbi - Lancaster, PA

Davis, Darius Alton, Dr. [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., Mrs.]

Davis, David J., Brig. Gen. – ex-Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. - & wife

Davis, David M., Dr.

Davis, Dick - football - P.M.C.

Davis, Dorothy - George School

Davis, Dorothy - University of Pennsylvania

Davis, E.L., Col. - Berwick, PA

Davis, Edgar A. - former state detective [SEE ALSO McClure, John J. - Trial]

Davis, Edgar J., Mrs. - Newtown, PA

Davis, Edward - Philco

Davis, Edward, Mrs. - Ardmore, PA

Davis, Edward H., Lt. - West Chester, PA

Davis, Edward L. [SEE ALSO Salvation Army 1943; Montgomery, Robert H.; Hepburn, Samuel, Mrs.; Salvation Army 1944; Salvation Army Maintenance Fund Camp; Salvation Army - Philadelphia 1944]

Davis, Edward L., Jr. - Valley Forge Military Academy

Davis, Edward M.

Davis, Edward, 3rd, Mrs. - former Mary G. Henry

Davis, Elaine - actress

Davis, Ellen Duane, Mrs.

Davis, Emmett P. - Liberty, PA

Davis, Ernest

Davis, Esther - 2529 Patton St.

Davis, Ethel - nurse

Davis, Eugene Henry, Mrs. - former M. Dorothy Farrell

Davis, F.W., Rev.

Davis, Floyd & wife

Davis, Francis B. - judge - senator - New Jersey, died 12-22-40

Davis, Frank E., Jr., Mrs. - nee Rena Spaulding

Davis, Frank Fritzie - 1424 Porter St.

Davis, Frank H., died 5-27-36

Davis, Frank Hamilton, Mrs. - former Katherine Simmons - husband died 5-27-36

Davis, Frank L.

Davis, Fred S. [SEE ALSO Unemployment and Employment Relief - U.S. - Food Stamps - Philadelphia]

Davis, Fred W. - Stroudsburg, PA

Davis, G.W. - treasurer - Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.

Davis, G. Harry - judge

Davis, Gene - football - Episcopal Academy - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO large photo 11278 under Davis, Eugene]

Davis, Gene, Sr.

Davis, George - Ambler, PA

Davis, George - baseball - Penn Charter

Davis, George L. - Pittsburgh, PA

Davis, George W. - P.R.T.

Davis, Gower C.

Davis, Grace K., Pvt.

Davis, Guy W.

Davis, H. Bernard

Davis, Harold "Buzz"

Davis, Harold

Davis, Harriet, Dr. - Presbyterian Hospital

Davis, Harry

Davis, Harry - Reading Real Estate Board

Davis, Harry C.

Davis, Harry E. - merchant

Davis, Helen - actress

Davis, Helen - Wayne, PA

Davis, Henry J., Jr. - merchant, died 2-6-33

Davis, Horace

Davis, Howard - soccer

Davis, Howard A. - judge [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Elections 1937 - Vote Count; Milner, Byron A.; Millar, Albert S.C.]

Davis, Howard A., Mrs.

Davis, Howard R.

Davis, Ida - actress

Davis, Ida - Hellerman St.

Davis, Isaac R., Mrs. - former Margaret E. Tilghman [SEE ALSO Gowen, Huberta]

Davis, Isabel

Davis, J., Mrs. - former Margaret Elizabeth Wink

Davis, J. Leslie, Dr.

Davis, J. Leslie, Mrs., died 7-11-35

Davis, J. Mercer - attorney

Davis, J.T. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Davis, J. Warren - judge [SEE ALSO Firestone, Roger & wife; Roberts, Daniel C.]

Davis, J. Warren - judge

Box 222
List of People

Davis, J. Warren - judge - trial - jury

Davis, J. Warren, Mrs.

Davis, Jack - baseball [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Baseball - Sand Lot; Kaufmann, Arthur C.]

Davis, Jack - Philadelphia - N.L.R.B. attorney

Davis, Jack - Yeadon

Davis, Jack - swimmer

Davis, Jake - Chester, PA, 1938

Davis, James - President Kiwanis Club - Quakertown

Davis, James C. - Chester, PA

Davis, James J. & family [SEE ALSO large photo 2401] (1 of 4)

Davis, James J. & family (2 of 4)

Davis, James J. & family (3 of 4)

Davis, James J. & family (4 of 4)

Davis, James J. & family [SEE ALSO large photo 2401] (1 of 3)

Davis, James J. & family (2 of 3)

Davis, James J. & family (3 of 3)

Davis, James J.

Davis, James J.

Davis, James J.

Box 223
List of People

Davis, James J. - straight photos

Davis, James J. & wife & family

Davis, James J., Mrs., died 7-24-40 [SEE ALSO Hastings, Daniel, Mrs.]

Davis, James J. - children of

Davis, James Mercer - attorney [SEE ALSO Bading, Anna, Mrs.; Parker, Ellis; Lanciano, Claude]

Davis, James T. & wife - former Betsy Anne Ristine

Davis, James T., Mrs.

Davis, Jane - daughter of James J. Davis [SEE ALSO Hadley, Dorothy; Gould, Wilma, Mrs.; Judd, Virginia; Swan, Kingsley]

Davis, Jane Elizabeth - Narberth, PA

Davis, Janet - Germantown [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Stallings, John; U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Enlistments - Philadelphia]

Davis, Jay - actor

Davis, Jefferson - President of the Confederacy - & wife

Davis, Jefferson, Mrs.

Davis, Jewell - daughter of James J. Davis

Davis, Joan - daughter of James J. Davis

Davis, John J. - PRT

Davis, John M.K., Mrs. - former Mignon E. Foerder

Davis, John Morgan [SEE ALSO Myers, Francis]

Davis, John Nathaniel

Davis, John T., Rev.

Davis, John W., Capt. - Philadelphia

Davis, John Warren - judge - Trenton, NJ

Davis, Joseph - judge

Davis, Joseph B.

Davis, K.R. - aviator

Davis, Kate Furness - Wallingford, PA

Davis, Katherine - Abington High School

Davis, Katherine B., Dr.

Davis, Kathryn - Ashland High School

Davis, L. Howell

Davis, L.J., Rev.

Davis, Landon L., Jr. - cadet

Davis, Larry "Crash" - baseball - Athletics

Davis, Larry - basketball [SEE ALSO Lower Merion High School - Basketball 1939; Jourdet, Lon; Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania University - Basketball 1943]

Davis, Lawrence R. - basketball

Davis, Lillian - Bridgeport, PA

Davis, Lillian, Mrs.

Davis, Llewellyn L.

Davis, Louis A., Mrs.

Davis, Mae

Davis, Margaret - Haddonfield, NJ

Davis, Marion - Conshohocken

Davis, Marjorie Rose - daughter of Meyer Davis - orchestra conductor

Davis, Martin - Camden

Davis, Martin - motorcycle patrolman

Davis, Mary - Philadelphia

Davis, Mary - Swarthmore High School

Davis, Mary Elizabeth, Miss - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Davis, Mary Janet [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Davis, Mary Upham

Davis, Maurice, Mrs.

Davis, Meyer - band leader [SEE ALSO Malone, James H. Shooey; Philadelphia Record]

Davis, Meyer - family

Davis, Meyer, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Water Waste; Williams, Victor E., Pvt.; Doyle, Jerry; Davis, Meyer, Jr.]

Davis, Meyer, Jr.

Davis, Michael

Davis, Mildred - Haverford High School

Davis, Mildred - Jenkintown graduate

Davis, Mildred - daughter of Fire Chief Ross Davis (not the actress)

Davis, Mildred E., Miss - society

Davis, Miriam - Brigantine Beach, NJ

Davis, N.E. - Bellefonte

Davis, Ned - cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy

Davis, N.S. - aviator

Davis, Natalie

Davis, Newlin Fell, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Lolly Sullivan [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Playgrounds and Recreation - E. EIldey St.]

Davis, Olive - Miss Huntington 1926

Davis, Oliver B. - Audubon, NJ

Box 224
List of People

Davis, Perk Lee, Dr. & wife - former Dr. Margaret H. Shumway

Davis, Paul - Woodstown, NJ

Davis, Paul A., 4th & wife

Davis, Paul R., Mrs.

Davis, Peggy - actress

Davis, Peggy McNeal, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Loomis, Howard R.]

Davis, Phil - actor

Davis, Philip, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Davis, Philip O., Mrs. - society

Davis, Reginald George, Rev.

Davis, R.L. - Franklin Institute

Davis, Richard - football - Temple University

Davis, Richard B. - Salem, NJ

Davis, Richard Harding - author [SEE ALSO Editor & Publisher issue of 4-20-29 in Misc. File]

Davis, Richard Harding, Mrs.

Davis, Richard V. - patrolman

Davis, Rita - actress

Davis, Robert - actor

Davis, Robert A. - Edgemont, PA

Davis, Robert, Lt. - Upper Darby, PA

Davis, Robert J., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Davis, Robert L.

Davis, Robert L., Jr. - Philadelphia

Davis, Rose - arsenic murder suspect

Davis, Ross - fire chief - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Simmler, Wm.; Parsons, Guy] (1 of 3)

Davis, Ross - fire chief - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Simmler, Wm.; Parsons, Guy] (2 of 3)

Davis, Ross - fire chief - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Simmler, Wm.; Parsons, Guy] (3 of 3)

Davis, Ross - fire chief - Philadelphia - straight photos

Davis, Ross B., Jr.

Davis, Rowland, Dr.

Davis, Russell J., Mrs. - former Alma H. Metzger

Davis, Russell L. [SEE ALSO Paper - Making of]

Davis, Samuel - NJ

Davis, Sarah Brinton

Davis, Sarah Paschall

Davis, Seymour, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Houston, George H., Mrs.; Yarnall, Charlton, Mrs.]

Davis, Stanley J. - Scranton

Davis, Stewart - American painter

Davis, T.M. - painter

Davis, Thomas A. - Pittsburgh, PA

Davis, Thomas H., Mrs. - West Point, PA

Davis, Thomas W., Rev.

Davis, Valerie - 6144 Spruce St.

Davis, Viola - actress

Davis, Virginia - society

Davis, Virginia Faith - daughter of Meyer Davis - & mother

Davis, W.C. - Wilmington, DE

Davis, W. Cole, Dr.

Davis, W. Mailly

Davis, Walter - actor

Davis, Walter - brother of James J.

Davis, Walter - Frankford High School

Davis, Warren, Dr. [SEE ALSO Ladner, Grover; Buffington, Joseph; Flynn, Michael J.]

Davis, Warren P.

Davis, Watson R.

Davis, William, Rev. - Doylestown

Davis, William, Mrs. - Conshohocken Visiting Nurse Association

Davis, William Hamilton - Pittsburgh, PA

Davis, Wm. J. - banker

Davis, William M. - Sharon Hill

Davis, Wm. P. - attorney

Davis, Wm. P., 3rd, Mrs. - former Phoebe Harding [SEE ALSO Browne, Marcy; Uones, Dorothy; Townsend, Elizabeth; Townsend, Florence]

Davison, Ann Elizabeth

Davison, Bob - baseball

Davison, Dorothy - Media

Davison, George S., Dr.

Davison, Samuel M. - Westinghouse

Davison, V. A. - autos

Davison, Watson R. - judge

Davison, Wm. M., 3rd & wife - former Margaret F. Collier

Davisson, Alexander Heron, Dr. [SEE ALSO Vinton, Charles H., Dr.]

Davisson, H.L., Capt. - Pennsylvania National Guard

Box 225
List of People

Day, Dorothy - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7544]

Daw, Marjorie - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 898]

Daw, Edward A. - dead

Dawes - baseball - Episcopal Academy

Dawes, Charley - basketball - Frankford High School

Dawes, Edgar - basketball - Swarthmore

Dawes, Jean E., Mrs. - Philadelphia

Dawes, Theodore B. - state senator from Warren County

Dawkins - football - Radnor High School

Dawkins, Benjamin C.

Dawkins, Carl E., Rev.

Dawkins, Sue - lifeguard

Dawley, DeForrest - actor

Dawn, Dolores - strip tease artist

Dawn, Eleanor [SEE ALSO large photo 1622]

Dawn, Hazel - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 1622]

Dawn, Isabelle - actress

Dawn, Mary - actress

Dawson, Anne - Daltry Opera Company

Dawson, Charles L. - golfer

Dawson, Dora, Deaconess - Pittsburgh

Dawson, H. Alan - Garrett estate

Dawson, Hal K. - actor

Dawson, Helen Rose

Dawson, Joe - baseball - Pittsburgh Pirates 1932

Dawson, John B. - director of Philadelphia Community Fund for United Charities Campaign

Dawson, John C., Mrs. - former Nan Miller

Dawson, Leroy - football - Ursinus (empty 12-3-88)

Dawson, Leroy - football

Dawson, Mark [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Orchestra - Youth Concert; MacWatter, Virginia]

Dawson, Ora - actress

Dawson, Paul E., Jr. - Wilmington, DE

Dawson, Robert - Mask & Wig [SEE ALSO Dawson, John; Kemp, Hal, Mrs.]

Dawson, Tommy - auto racer

Dawson, Vera - Mars, PA

Dawson, W. Sheridan, Rev.

Dawson, Wanda [SEE ALSO Ettore, Al]

Day, W. - football - "Presidents" quarterback - Washington & Jefferson 1926

Day, Alan L., Mrs. - former Mary R. Stout [SEE ALSO Zantzinger, Sarah; Blabon, George, Mrs.; Sharp, David B., Jr.](1 of 2)

Day, Alan L., Mrs. - former Mary R. Stout (2 of 2)

Day, Albert S.

Day, Alice - May Queen

Day, Alice - Williamsport, PA

Day, Anna - actress

Day, Charles - Day & Zimmerman Inc.

Day, Charles C., Mrs. - former Sally Stafford (1 of 2)

Day, Charles C., Mrs. - former Sally Stafford (2 of 2)

Day, Clarence R., Col. [SEE ALSO Malone, Paul, Gen.]

Day, Danny - gangster

Day, Dolly - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4929]

Day, Dorothy - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 1980]

Day, Dorothy - actress [SEE Daw, Dorothy]

Day, E.W. - Universal Credit Co.

Day, Edith - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 2260]

Day, Edmund - 1840 Ruscomb St.

Day, Ellen - actress

Day, Evelyn B. - Philadelphia - Bucknell University class of 1941

Day, Gardiner M., Rev.

Day, Howard W., Dr.

Day, Irving M., Jr., Mrs. - former Jane G. Smith

Day, James W., Dr.

Day, John Henry, Rev.

Day, Joseph P. - auctioneer

Day, Judy

Day, Juliette - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7342]

Day, Kenneth, Mrs. - society

Day, Leroy P. “Hank” - football coach - Washington & Jefferson

Day, Louis [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club 1938; Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club 1939; Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club 1940]

Box 226
List of People

Day, Marceline - actress (1 of 3) [SEE ALSO large photo 5665)

Day, Marceline - actress (2 of 3)

Day, Marceline - actress (3 of 3)

Day, May - 5604 Walnut St.

Day, Peter, Mrs. - former Katherine Taggart

Day, Phyllis - Radnor, PA [SEE ALSO Timanus, Mary R.; Mansure, John]

Day, Phyllis - Radnor, PA

Day, Phyllis [SEE ALSO Tindle, Charlotte]

Day, Polly - actress

Day, William "Bill" - baseball - Germantown Friends School

Daye, Dorothy - actress

Daye, Irene - actress

Daye, June - actress

Daye, May - actress

Dayas, Karin - pianist

Dayne, Blanche - actress

Dayne, Marie - actress

Dayo, Phyllis - actress

Dayton, George Lhea, Mrs.

Dayton, Ruth - actress

Dayton, William L. - old photos

Deacle, Sally - Sharon, PA

Deacon, Clifford K.

Deacon, Dan G. - Camden, NJ

Deacon, Don - ice hockey - Pittsburgh

Deacon, Gordon - paper sculptor

Deacon, Mary Ellen [SEE ALSO Laws, Elizabeth]

Deacon, Robert - Merion, PA

Deacon, Ruth - actress

Deacon, Sara A. - actress - Merion, PA

Deal, Billy - football - Sandlot 1940

Deal, Enan Martin - engineer - inventor

Deal, Frank J.

Deal, George S.

Deal, Harman Harry

Deal, Harry - patrolman

Deal, J. Colton, Dr. & wife

Deal, James L.

Deal, John “Snake”

Deal, Wiley R., Dr. - Doylestown, PA

Dealy, Kay - Record copy desk

Dean, Alfred "Chubby" & wife - former Jean Edinger

Dean, Arthur Lovill - baseball [SEE ALSO Parker, Clarence "Ace"]

Dean, Bruce A.

Dean, Charles H. - Philadelphia

Dean, Danny - University of Pennsylvania

Dean, David Justin - attorney

Dean, Emilie E. - Philadelphia

Dean, Evelyn - actress

Dean, Herbert W.

Dean, Horace F.

Dean, J. Lloyd - President Day Class Bible Institute of Pennsylvania

Dean, Jeremiah, Rev.

Dean, Jerome “Dizzy” - Simon Gratz athlete [SEE ALSO Keeley, Jerry]

Dean, Louise - 43 E. Schoolhouse La.

Dean, Mary

Dean, Myrna - strip teaser

Dean, Priscilla - actress

Dean, Robert P. - Standard Oil

Dean, Ruth - harpist

Dean, Vera Michels [SEE ALSO Wolf, Morris]

Dean, Vincent A. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Record - Employees - Payroll System]

Dean, Warren J.

Dean, Wm. H., Dr.

Deane, Berna - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 6601]

Deane, Marion - drum majorette

De Angeli, Nina [SEE ALSO Beaver College]

De Angelis, Ben

De Angelis, Jefferson, died 3-20-33 [SEE ALSO large photo 8361]

De Angelis, Sam - baseball

D'Angelo, Jimmy - golfer

De Angelo, Jimmy - golfer [SEE ALSO Crumlish, Ross]

De Angelo, Joseph - 608 Morris St. - stabbing case

Deans, Florence - amateur actress

Dear, Joseph A. - judge - NJ [SEE ALSO Wells, Harold B.]

Dearborn, Henry, Maj. - Sec. of War, 1801-1809

De Arcey, James - Chester Township, NJ

Dearden, R. Rowland

Dearden, Robert, Jr.

Dearden, Robert, Jr., Mrs. - society

Dearden, Edward C. & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hospitals - Kensington Hospital for Women] (1 of 2)

Dearden, Edward C. & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hospitals - Kensington Hospital for Women] (2 of 2)

Box 227
List of People

Deardorf, C.L., Dr. & wife

Deardorf, Nevar, Dr. - bureau of health

De Armond, W.C.

Dearnley, Charles E., Jr., Mrs.

Dease, H.P. - Beach Haven, NJ

Deese, Nellie - Reading, PA

Deasey, Jim - baseball

Deasey, Marie - golfer [SEE ALSO Cassidy, Caroline]

Deasy, J.F. - Pennsylvania Railroad [SEE ALSO Applegate, Walter]

Deasy, Percy James, Mrs. - former Eugenia L. Hankison

Deaterly, Charles Francis - Quakertown, PA

Deaver, Eliza M., Mrs.

Deaver, Emory G., Mrs.

Deaver, George A., Mrs.

Deaver, Harriet C.

Deaver, Harry C., Dr., died 6-25-31

Deaver, Hugh

Deaver, J. Montgomery, Dr.

Deaver, J. Montgomery, Mrs. - former Priscilla Sailer

Deaver, James N., Rev.

Deaver, John B., Mrs.

Deaver, John Blair, Dr., died 9-25-31

Deaver, Joshua M.

Deaver, Margaret

Deaver, Nancy

Deaver, Sally - society [SEE ALSO Gilbert, Wm.]

De Avril, Marie - actress

De Bausset, Val - football

De Beradinis, Joe - golfer

De Berardinis, Theresa

Debler, Bill - football

De Blois, Austin K., Rev.

De Bloos, Austen K.

De Board, Harry - marble champ [SEE ALSO Paige, Raymond]

De Branges, Elise - Wilmington, DE

Debritt, Sheila

Debrossi, Ralph - Mummer

Debrow, Joe - fireman

De Caballers, Isabelle - actress

De Camb, Joseph - artist

De Cann, Morris - Upper Darby

De Carlo, John, Sgt.

De Carlo, Marilyn - 2532 W. Sergant St.

D'Casto, Theodore, Dr.

Decatur, Stephen

De Cecco, George - draftee

De Checco, Nick - South Catholic High School - Football 1940

De Cherney, Wm., Dr.

Dechert, Henry M.

Dechert, Henry T.

Dechert, Hope [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Mardi Gras Ball]

Dechert, Marguerite

Dechert, Marion G.

Dechert, Philip, Mrs. - former Anne Lewis Ross

Dechert, Robert [SEE ALSO Legal - Vigilantes; Strawbridge, Francis R., Mrs.; Wolf, Morris; United Campaign 1942]

Dechert, Robert, Mrs.

De Churches, Mary - Medford, NJ

Deckard, Oscar D.

Decker, Fred, Mrs. - 4726 Springfield Ave [SEE large photo 11418]

Decker, George - boxing coach - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Penna. - University of - Boxing]

Decker, Hamilton P., Mrs. - former Katherine A. Powell

Decker, Joan - Philadelphia

Decker, John B., Dr.

Decker, John W. - Pennsylvania state representative

Decker, Nancy - actress

Decker, Olive - Slatington, PA

Decker, P.H., Dr. - Williamsport, PA

Decker, Randall H., Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor K. Fry

Decker, S.A., Capt.

De Cleyre, Lincoln

De Collibus, Nicola - violinist

De Conte, Robert, Dr.

DeCoursey, Ann - debutante

De Coursey, Houston, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Art Alliance - State Models]

De Coursey, John B., Jr., Mrs. - former Fredericka Williams

DeCoursey, Margaret

De Coursey, Mary - Meadowbrook, PA [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

De Crag, Jane

De Crescenzo, Sue

Dector, Aaron, Rabbi

De Decker, Lee - football

Dedel, Dirk A., Mrs. - former Eleanor W. Geary

Dedov, Harry

Dedrick, B.W., Prof.

Dee, John - patrolman

Dee, Paddy J. - Capt. of fire police E. Lansdowne

Dee, Polly Lou - actress

Deegan, Edward H., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Deem, Wm. G., Lt. - Reading, PA

Box 228
List of People

Deems, John Francis, 3rd & wife - former Pauline R. Brown

Deen, Carl K. [SEE ALSO Lawrence, David L.]

Deeney, Charles L. - St. Joseph's College graduate (empty)

Deeny, Gertrude - Kensington High School graduate 1941

Deer, Ralph, Jr., Mrs.

Deering, Gladys - actress

Deering, Harry - Philadelphia Quartermaster's Depot

Deeter, Jasper - drama [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Pennsylvania - Moylan Rose Valley Hedgerow Theatre]

Deeter, Paxson, Mrs.

Deetz, Henry C.

De Paye, Grace - actress

De Fee, Lois

De Felice, Jim - football - Lower Merion High School 1941

De Feo, Domenick

Defibaugh, Betty

Defibaugh, Irene

Defibaugh, Sisters

De Finis, Vincent A., Sgt. - Upper Darby, PA

Defino, Frank A., Jr., Cpl.

De Ford, Alice

De Ford, M., Dr.

De Forest, George A.W.

De Forest, Patsy - actress

De Forest, Taber, Mrs. - former Marion Archbald

De Frances, Ernest, Pvt. - Philadelphia

De Francesco, Mary - PAL Parade (empty 12-6-95)

De Franke, Buddy

De Frece, Laurie - actor

De Frehn, Charles H. - state rep. - Pennsylvania

De Furgia, Guy G. - asst. dist. attorney

Degan, Winnifred - Mifflintown, PA

De Ganahl, Carl, Mrs. - Bristol, PA

De Ganahl, Elizabeth - Bristol

De Gaston, Galli - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 2186]

Degen, Genevieve - Byberry Hospital

Degen, Winifred

Degener, L.M., Dr. - President State Federation of Professional Women

Degenstein, Charles B., Mrs. - former Claire Elizabeth Weis

Degenstein, Lester E.

Degerberg, Louise - society [SEE ALSO Clough, Bonnie]

Degerberg, Mary Eliz. - Merion

Degerberg, Mary Elizabeth [SEE ALSO Abbott, H.F., Jr.; Brinton, Charles; Clough, Bonnie; Large Photo File - Karnes, Edythe S.; Mellor, Edward; Friend, John E.; Philadelphia - Organizations - Mask & Wig Club 1942]

Degerberg, Nel. - football - Episcopal Academy

De Giovanni, Robert C., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Deglin, Beatrice - Overbrook High School

Degns, Wm. L. & wife

DeGrasse, Sam - actor

De Grazia, John D., Sgt. - Philadelphia

De Gray, Marcella - harpist

De Gregorio, Alphonso

De Gregorio, L. - athlete

De Groot, Elizabeth, Mrs.

De Grossa, Anthony - Philadelphia - sailor

De Growchey, Jack

De Grouchy, Will - author

De Gutis, Tony - football [SEE ALSO Reed, Fred]

Deham, Ernest, Father, died 7-15-34

De Hart, Gail - actress

De Hart, Naomi, Lt. - Philadelphia

De Haven, Carter, Mrs.

De Haven, Carter - actor

De Haven, Carter, 2nd, Mrs. - nee Evelyn Burd

De Haven, Edward S., Lt. Cmdr.

De Haven, Helen N. - Ardmore, PA

De Haven, Jane [SEE ALSO New Jersey - Wildwood - Baby Parade 1943]

De Haven, Reese R. - Bridgeport councilman

De Haven, Wm. J.

Dehne, Nancy M. - Philadelphia

De Horvath, Cecile - pianist

Deibel, Robert F., Jr., Mrs. - former Barbara Lee MacDonald [SEE ALSO Evans, J. Marshall]

Deibert, C. William, Rev.

Deibler, Mark T. - University of Pennsylvania

Deibler, O.M. - Harrisburg

Deidel, Walt - football - All Warner Conference

Deifenderfer, Robert & wife - Allentown, PA

Deighan, James J. - American Legion [SEE ALSO Simpson, David B.]

Deighan, James J., Jr.

Deighan, Neil F. - New Jersey

Deike, Ernest - Fels Planetarium

Deily, Howard E.

Deindorfer, John C.

Deininger, Charles F., Rev. Dr.

Deininger, John T., Mrs. - former Martha C. Stover [SEE ALSO Palmquist, Charles]

Deininger, L. Leroy, Maj.

Deis, Robert – golf

Deisher, John - real estate

Deisenroth - baseball - Athletics

Deisroth, Clarence J.

Deissler, Grace R. - cyclist

Deissler, Wm. W. - Chestnut Hill

Deist, Benjamin - Olney High School

Deitch, Burtress - actress

Deitch, George

Deitelbaum, Herman "Jake"

Deitrick, Lee - basketball - Allentown High School - "Kewpie Doll" All-League guard

Deitz, John S. - magistrate

De Joseph, Palerino - East Lancaster Ave., Wayne

Deitz, Purd E., Rev.

De Kalb, Baron, Maj. Gen.

Box 229
List of People

De Kovanko, Natalie - actress

De Koven, Seymour - missing Chicago artist

De Kozlowski, Kazimir - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Lullaby Ball 1946]

De Krafft, Wm. - Baldwin Locomotive Works

Del, Glen - orchestra leader

Delabrida, Vic - football - Villanova 1931

De La Casa, Joseph - Philadelphia

Delacour, J. Carl - Wm. Scull Co., Camden, NJ

De La Cour, Willis & wife

De La Cour, Willis S., Mrs. - nee Eleanor L. Piper

De Lagarde, Cecile Dennis, Mlle. - Boalsburg, Centre County

Delancy, Wm. - alias Raymond DuBois - Marie Burbulis murder

Deland, Helen - actress

Deland, Margaret - author

De Lane, Dixie - actress

Delaney, Ann - Ridley Park

Delaney, Francis - baseball - Ridley Park

Delaney, Jason E. - tradesman - National Bank & Trust Co.

Delaney, John - Bordentown, NJ

Delaney, John C.

Delaney, John J. - Philadelphia - Coast Guard

Delaney, Joseph - football - track - swimming - hockey goalie – Villanova - killed 11-28-32

Delaney, Margaret, Mrs. - Glenolden

Delaney, Patsy - actress

Delaney, Robert B.

Delaney, Theodore

De Lange, Eddie - orchestra leader [SEE ALSO Logan, Ella]

De Lanti, Doris - actress

Delany, Anne - Atlantic City, NJ

Delaplaine, John W. - Swarthmore High School

Delaplaine, Robert & John

Delaplaine, Roy E., Jr.

Delar, Sophie - photographer

De Lardi, Alfred A., Mrs.

De Laurentis, Tony

De Lay, John - football - left end - Susquehanna

Del Bello, Carmen - football - Central High

Del Bianco, Antoinette, Mrs.

Delbos, Julius

Delbridge, T.G., Dr.

Del Conte, Albert H. [SEE ALSO Lit Brothers; Philadelphia - Taxicabs - G.I. Taxicab Assoc.]

Del Conte, Albert A., Sgt. [SEE ALSO Farmer, A.A., Brig. Gen.]

Delehanty, William F. - Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

De Lello, Albert, Pvt. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Valley Forge Army Hospital]

De Leo, Caroline - graduate

De Leo, Concetta

De Leone, Michael M., Pfc. - New Castle, PA

Deleware, Lord

Delfo, Hugh A. - Upper Darby - Salesman

Delheim, Robert, Dr. & wife

De Lima, Edna - actress

Deliman, Michael, Cpl. - Glassport, PA

Delionardo, Nick

Delisle, Jean - actress

Delk, Edwin Heyl, Rev.

Delker, George L. - swimmer - real estate broker, died 3-21-34

Delker, Thomas Bancroft - Hammonton, NJ

Dell, Jeanne Lee

Dell, Evelyn - actress

Dell, Claudia - actress - wife of Eddie Silton

Dell, Betty - actress

Dell, Violet - actress

Dellerson, Ruth - Camden

Dellert, Charles J., Lt. - Greeley, PA

D'Ellesandro, Louise, Mrs.

Dellibac, Betty Lee - nurse

Delmar, Harry - actor

Delmar, Madeline - actress

Delmonte, Betty - actress

Dellmuth, Carl

Dellmuth, Carl, Mrs. - lim'rick winner

Dellorco, Francis, Pvt. - Philadelphia

D'Elman, Cy

Del Manzo, M.C., Dr.

Delmuth, Capt. - baseball - Camden

Del Negra, Fred - Philadelphia orchestra

De Labache, Benjamin - singer

Box 230
List of People

Delone, Francis, Mrs. - former Madeline Heckscher

Delone, Frank - swimmer

De Lone, Joe - University of Pennsylvania

De Lone, Louis S., Jr., Mrs. - former Mary Elizabeth Vetterlein [SEE ALSO Smith, Horton; Brown, Helen]

De Long, Ann - actress

De Long, Bessie - actress

De Long, E.S., died 11-12-31

De Long, Edward S., Jr., Mrs. - former Aline Gautert

De Long, Marie Louise

De Long, May - actress

De Long, Preston A., Rev.

De Long, Richard J., died 3-8-32

De Long, W.F., Rev.

De Long, Warren B.

Delopaine, Leonard D. - Pottstown, PA

Delores, Thelma - actress

De Lorenz, Harry - football

De Louis, Louise - actress

Delour, Pamela - actress

Delp, Annabel

Delp, Dorothy Bonner

Delp, Frances

Delp, Frank - golfer

Delp, George S.

Delp, Sarah C. - Miss Bridgeton 1923

Delp, Verna Octavia - hex victim

Del Porre, William - detective

Del Quadro, Marty - baseball

Del Rossi, Sgt. - Camden Dept.

Del Rossi, Alfred F., Jr.

Del Rossi, Louis - Massino murder [SEE ALSO Lanzetti, Pius; Lanzetti, Ingatius]

Del Rossi, Sylvan

Delroy, Irene - actress

Delshemer, Ferdinand, Mrs.

Delson, R.A. - artist

De Luca, Gene - Upper Darby, PA

De Luca, Henry, Jr. - PRT

De Luca, Joseph

De Luca, Marie J.

De Lucca, Theresa, Mrs.

De Ludo, Carrie - Miss Philadelphia 1941 [SEE ALSO Autry, Gene]

De Lullo, Dorothy and sister Marie - 2317 S. 12 St.

De Lussey, Sadie, Miss & mother - 1122 Locust

Delvey, Miss - actress

Del Vita, Alessandro - artist

Delyn, Christiane, Mlle. - actress

De Magistras, Vince - baseball - Bartram High School 1941

De Mall, Charlotte - Swarthmore

De Many, Bernice

De Many, David B.

Demao, Albert - football

De Many, Muffie - Philadelphia (empty 12-3-88)

De Mar, George, Lt. - detective

De Marco, Carlo, Jr., Mrs. - Drexel Hill, PA

De Marco, Charles

De Marco, Donald - mounted cop

De Marco, John

De Marco, Johnny - boxer

De Mare, Mary Wynne

Demarest, Drew - actor

Demarest, E.J.

Demarest, Harold - football - Lehigh

Demarest, Thomas W. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Demarest, Victoria Booth - actress

Demarest, William - actor

Demarest, Wm. H.S.

De Marino, Danny - Pennsylvania State Football [SEE ALSO Wear, Wendell W.]

De Mario, Edward

De Maris, Edna - actress

De May, Michael - Philadelphia

Demchak, Mike - United Mine Workers

Demciak, Paul, Cpl. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Demendes, E., Mlle. - actress

Dement, George E.

DeMeo, Mary - South Philadelphia High School

Demetriades, Charles B. - Cleaners & Dyers Co. official

De Mey, Doris V., Mrs.

De Michele, Frank - football

Demicola, Mary

Demidovich, Wm. - football

D'Emileo, Edna - J. Wilson High School

Demilio, Joe - football - Southern High School

DeMilto, Julian - 3106 E. St.

Deming, George E. - Philco Radio [SEE ALSO Ballantyne, John; Philadelphia - Corps. - Philco Corp.; Strikes - Philadelphia - Philadelphia Storage Battery Co.]

Deming, George Edward, Jr., Mrs. - former Betty S. Briggs

Deming, Will - actor

Demitro, Lena

Demmert, Howard H.

Demmert, Jean - Philadelphia

Demming, George - Vice President Philco Radio Co.

Box 231
List of People

Demnick, Ann

De Moll, Louis - Swarthmore High School

Demonte, Florence - actress

Demorand, Mlle. - actress

De Mott, Richard Warren - aviator

De Mott, Robert H. - sales manager - S.K.F.

De Moya, Vincent L.

Dempsey, Catherine

Dempsey, Dominick - Lackawanna County

Dempsey, Doris Louise

Dempsey, Francis - son of Mrs. Matie Dempsey, Philadelphia

Dempsey, George - bicycle rider

Dempsey, Harry - football - Penn 1940

Dempsey, James C., Lt.

Dempsey, Jack - old time pugilist

Dempsey, Jack - "Young Jack"

Dempsey, James C., Mrs. - former Virginia W. Brandt [SEE ALSO Tinder, Charles W.; Conover, Wm., Jr., Mrs.; U.S. - Army - Air Corps - Enlistments - Philadelphia]

Dempsey, John J., Sgt. [SEE ALSO Dando, John H.; Thomsen, Frances, Mrs.]

Dempsey, Mary - basketball

Dempsey, Peg

Dempsey, Rosemary K.

Dempsey, Mr. & Mrs. W.L. - Chestnut Hill

Demster, Harriet, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Chefs]

Demster, John H. - President Philadelphia Charter American Savings & Loan Inst.

Demsky, Samuel - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

De Muro, Gerard - football

De Muth, Frances - actress

De Muth, Peter J. [SEE ALSO Dixon, Joseph A.]

Denard, Mario A. - Greensburg, PA

De Nardo, Madelyn

Denbler - basketball - Lower Merion High School

Denby, James Orr, Mrs. - former Phyllis D. Cochran

Dench, Dorothy Bryan, Mrs.

Dench, Edward W., Mrs.

Denckla, C. Paul, Mrs. - former Sarah B. Dolan, died 11-26-30

Denckla, C. Paul & wife - former Mary F. Polly Leiper - 2nd wife [SEE ALSO Red Cross 1934; Harrison, Charles, 3rd; Penrose, Beatrice; Large Photo File; Wright, Elizabeth Macaulay; Strawbridge, John, Jr.; Cocks, W. Burling; Hagen, Peter, Mrs.; Owen, Hunneman, Mrs.]

Denckla, C. Paul & wife - former Katherine N. Rogers - 1st wife [SEE ALSO Roosevelt, Elliott, Mrs.]

Denckla, Patty T., Miss

Denckla, Paul

Denckla, Rodgers, Mrs.

Denczi, Joe - basketball

Dendoin, Adeline - actress

Denebrink, G.C. - Bigelow-Stanford Carpet Co.

Deneen - football - St. Joseph

DeNeergaard, Beatrice - actress

Denecre, William P., Mrs. - Philadelphia

Denehey, Mary Alma, Miss - 41 St. Pauls Road Ardmore

Denenberg, Samuel, Dr.

Denerd, John - court interpreter

De Nero, John - magistrate

Denfield, Mary - Chestnut Hill - Farmerettes at School of Horticulture for Women, Ambler PA

Dengler, Clarence, Dr. - seriously ill

Dengler, Frederick - Jenkintown, PA - G.A.R., died 12-15-53

Dengler, George F., Mrs.

Dengler, M. George - University of Pennsylvania

Dengler, Robert

Dengler, Rosalind

Dengler, Virginia E.

Denham, Carolina Coleman - Greenville, DE [SEE Taliaferro, Charles C., III, Mrs.]

Deni, Joseph

Denise, Bill - football - Penn State

Denise, Diane - actress

Denison, Andrew

Denison, Evelyn Ellison - Rosemont, PA - now Mrs. Henry H. Patton (empty 12-3-88)

Denison, John M., Jr., Mrs. - former Virginia F. Smith [SEE ALSO Wood, Sara C.; Brock, F. Priscilla; Skiing 1938]

Denitz, Adolph - Hillside, NJ

Denker, Reuben

Den, Kimber H.K., Rev.

Denlinger, Elizabeth M. - Sharon Hill, PA

Denman, Mary T., Mrs./Denman, David N., Mrs.

Denman, Nathaniel A. - Camden NJ

Denne, J. Lewis

Dennehy, John - Overbrook athlete [SEE ALSO large photo 10686]

Dennenberg, Dave - basketball

Dennery, Alice - swimmer - Audubon High School

Dennett, Carl P. [SEE ALSO Jackson, John; Strawbridge & Clothier]

Denney, Nelson C. - Vice President Fidelity - Philadelphia Trust Co., died 9-17-41

Denning, Doris - Pottsville, PA

Denning, Marie - Philadelphia

Denning, Matt - DuPont Co.

Denning, Stephen C.

Denninger, L. Leroy, Maj.

Dennis - park guard

Dennis, Albert - attorney

Dennis, Charlotte

Dennis, Clark M., Mrs. - society

Dennis, Ilah Emily - Penn State co-ed

Box 232
List of People

Dennis, Jack W.

Dennis, Paul - bowler [SEE ALSO Wilson, Charles E. - General Electric]

Dennis, Ralph - basketball - West Catholic High School

Dennis, Raymond M.

Dennis, Sherman

Dennis, Sherman O. - mayor of Asbury Park, NJ, died 3-17-35

Dennis, Wm. C. - attorney

Dennis, William E. - policeman

Dennis, William U., Dr.

Dennison, Anna Mae - Zion Grove, PA

Dennison, Loretta - actress wife of Maurice Golden

Denniston, Edward

Denniston, Edward E., Mrs. - former Nancy Fahnestock [SEE ALSO Mallery, Lawrence, Jr.; Huggins, Joe]

Denniston, George C.

Denny, Diana [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts]

Denny, Earl - orchestra leader [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hotels - Bellevue-Stratford]

Dennm, Charles - actor

Denny, Ebenezer, Adj. Gen. - 1787-1790, 1791-1792

Denny, Eleanor - wins Rosemont Scholarship

Denny, Halmar D., Jr.

Denny, R.E., Dr.

Denny, Richard C., Mrs. - former Lorraine Carstairs Pierce

Denny, Robert A. - Pennsylvania Railroad accountant

Denny, Samuel M., Capt., died 4-15-32

Denny, Violet

Denny, Wallace [SEE ALSO Warner, Glenn "Pop"]

Denny, William D. - Delaware

Denny, Wm. F., Jr., Mrs. - former Edna Fox

Denof, Charles Buster - football - Camden High School 1940

DeNote, Anthony, Dr. - Byberry inquest

Densmore, Lt. Comm. - Philadelphia

Densmore, Vivian - actress

Denson, Wm. - policeman

Dent, Carl. Dr. - Downingtown, PA

Dent, Christine - Drexel

Dent, Daniel M. & wife

Dent, Elbert, Mrs. - former Victorine du Pont

Dent, John H. [SEE ALSO Rice, John S., Col.]

Dent, Larue - Valley Forge Military Academy

Dent, Thomas A., Jr. - Home Life Insurance Co. - & wife [SEE ALSO Van Pelt, David; Jacobs, John, Mrs.]

Dentler, Mary Ann - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4486]

Denton, H.A., Dr.

Denton, Jack - football - Germantown Academy 1940

Denton, Jackson - University of Pennsylvania debate team

Denton, Kay C. - former Dorothy Fraley [SEE ALSO Dam, Loring]

Denton, Mary J.

DeNobile, Victor - asst. dist. attorney (empty 12-3-88)

Denworth, Hugh F. - Real Estate-Land Title & Trust Co., died 6-30-41

Denworth, K.M., Dr.

Denworth, Raymond K. - attorney

D'Olier, Franklin, Mrs. - society

De Palma, Artie

De Palantino, Pete - football - Abington High School

De Palo, Lou - football - Villanova 1941

De Pasquale, Charles, Sgt.

De Pasquale, Joseph, Pvt.

De Pasquali, Bernice, Mme. - actress

De Paul, Sam - cigar merchant - Chester, PA

De Persio, Edward A., Rev.

Depinet, Ned

Deppenschmidt, Wm. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Registration Comm.]

De Prophetis, Nancy

De Prophetis, Nancy

De Prophetis, R.I., Mrs. - former Irene Di Donato

De Prov, Joyce - fan dancer

Depue, Frank E., Rev.

Deputy, Marshall P., Lt. - Downingtown, PA [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2nd - Air Raids - Formosa; War - World War - 2nd - Naval Battles; War - World War - 2nd - U.S. vs. Japan - Philippines]

Deputy, W.F. - Delaware

De Puy, Robert

De Quelin, Virginia - society [SEE ALSO Scott, Florence P.; Charity Ball - Philadelphia 1936]

De Quevedo, Albert G., Dr.

Derby, Charles F., Mrs. [SEE ALSO New Century Club]

Derby, Edward - Abington High student 1941

Derby, Fred - Scranton

Derby, Hazel, Mrs. - Summit Hill

Derby, Mabel, Mrs. - Delaware

Derbyshire, Eliza G., Mrs.

Derbyshire, Florence

Derbyshire, Henry - Ridley Park, PA

Derbyshire, Henry - golfer

Derbyshire, Wm. Herbert, Mrs. - former Irene A. Hunter

Dercum, Francis X., Mrs. (empty 12-3-88)

Dercum, Mary DeHaven - society [SEE ALSO Dercum, Francis X., Mrs.; Halifax Lady]

Dercum, Francis X., Dr., died 4-23-31 (empty 1-22-15)

Dercum, Susanna - singer (empty 12-3-88)

Dereeder, Katherine, Mrs.

De Renyi, Georges S., Dr.

De Rex, Billie - actress

Derge, Barbara - Westfield, NJ

Derkacz, Johnny

Demody, Robert Lee, Mrs. - society

Derkach, Stephen, Dr.

Derham - baseball

Derham, Bill - Phillies baseball

Derham, Hannah, Mrs.

Derham, John F., Mrs. - former Frances B. Diamond

Deri, Teri - actress

Box 233
List of People

Derk – football - Ursinus

Dern, Jack - former Penn football player

Dern, John, Mrs.

De Rogatis, Ada - Asbury Park

De Rolf, Fred K. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

De Rosa, Adolph - 1545 S. 16th St.

De Rosa, Anthony - Girard College

De Rousse, Jeanne [SEE Kampman, Robert S., Mrs.]

De Rousse, O.J., Mrs.

Derr, Edward - Vineland High School

Derr, Howard - Haverford track captain

Derr, Howard - Philadelphia Record

Derr, Josephine - editor - Tyrone High School paper

Derr, P. Oliver

Derr, Leo - Gettysburg, PA

Derr, Wm. & family

Derrickson, James L.

Derry, George Hermann, Dr.

Derry, George S. - President Rotary Club of Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Green, Wm.]

Derry, Wilbur - football - Temple

Dershuck, J.R.

DeRuffano, A. Ferrante

Derujinsky, Gleb W. - sculptor

Derujinsky, G. - sculptor

De Ruyter, Jack

Dervin, John M. [SEE ALSO Stauffer, Wm. I.; Military Training - Compulsory - U.S. - Registration - 4th - Philadelphia 4-27-42; Farbman, E.E.]

Dery, Helen - Catasauqua, PA

De Sales, Francis, Rev. Brother

De Sales, Francis - actor

De Salvo, John - Philadelphia

De Sanno, Albert P., Sr., killed 10-2-34

Desanno, Vera

De Santa, Eulalia, Countess - former Mrs. John B. Stetson

De Santis, Corrado J.

De Santo, Joseph - Philadelphia barber

De Santo, Mary [SEE ALSO McClure, John J. - Trial]

De Sautels, Paul - University of Pennsylvania Scouters Club (empty 12-3-88)

Deschak, Leo - football - La Salle College 1941

De Schauensee, Baron Rodolphe M. & Baroness

De Schauensee, Baroness Rodolphe M.

Deschelettes, Mme. - nee Mlle. Du Boullay

Deschenes, Edmund

Deschoh, Leo – football captain

De Schweinitz, Carl - soccer

De Schweinitz, Dorothea

De Schweinitz, George E., Dr. [SEE ALSO Penniman, Josiah H.]

De Schweinitz, Karl [SEE ALSO Goodrich, Herbert N., Dr.]

De Schweinitz, Paul, died 2-8-40 [SEE Stoudt, John Baer, Rev.]

Deshayes, Mary Ladewig - athlete [SEE ALSO Xander, Clarence K.]

De Shon, Maxine - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 10200]

Deshon, Raphael, Dr. - Nicaragua Consul [SEE ALSO Berguido, Carlos, Jr.] (empty 12-3-88)

Deshong, Alice - Woodstown, NJ [SEE ALSO USO - Philadelphia - Reyburn Plaza; USO - Labor Plaza]

Deshong, Clarence - Chester

Desiderio, Rita [SEE ALSO Beauty Contest - Woodside Park 1937; Holmes, Martha]

De Silver, Margaret Ruth - Penn State College

De Silvis and Cusani - actress

De Simone - baseball - Drexel

De Simone, F., Rev.

De Simone, Joseph E., Sgt. - Devon, PA

De Simone, Marie Estelle

Desire, Jacqueline

Deskan, Rube - football - Central High School

Deslys, Gaby - actress

Desmond, Betty, Mrs. - art shop operator

Desmond, Cleo

Desmond, E., Mrs. - Cynwyd - squash

Desmond, Ferol - actress

Desmond, Florence - actress - wife of T. Campbell Black

Desmond, Frank - outboard motor racer [SEE ALSO Jacoby, Fred; Albers, Bernard M., Rev.]

Desmond, Joe - baseball

Desmond, Mae - drama [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Box 234
List of People

Desmond, Mae - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 1345] (1 of 2)

Desmond, Mae - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 1345] (2 of 2)

Desmond, Vince - football

Desmond, William A. - Evening Ledger employee - dead (empty 12-3-88)

Desmonde, Helen - actress

De Sousa, May - actress

Despiau, Charles - sculptor

De Spoelbrech, Eric & wife - former Katherine K. Stewart [SEE ALSO Thomas, Joyanne B.; Philadelphia Society - Belgian Wings Dance; DeSpoelback, Eric, Viscountess see Stewart, Elsie Cassatt]

Dessen, Eddie - basketball - Jewish Basketball League

Dessen, Jimmy - basketball

Desson, Frank R. - Mgr. York

Desson, Joe - ice hockey

D'Estaing, Count - American Revolutionary Army leader

De Steuben, Baron

DeTemple, Elmer

Detlefsen, J.A., Dr.

Detlefsen, Ruth - Swarthmore, PA

Detrick, Katherine Van - society

Dette, G.R.

Dettrey, Charley - baseball - Olney High School 1941

Detterline, Daisy

Dettery, Chuck - baseball

Dettra, Howard & wife

Dettre, T. Ronald - coroner

De Tullio, Al

De Tullio, Frances

Detweiler - athlete - University of Pennsylvania

Detweiler, Alice, Miss

Detweiler, Anna

Detweiler, C. Norma

Detweiler, Edith

Detweiler, Esther

Detweiler, Garrett

Detweiler, George

Detweiler, George - bowler

Detweiler, George H. - attorney

Detweiler, Gertrude - Souderton, PA

Detweiler, Harvey - bowler

Detweiler, Henry

Detweiler, L.L.

Detweiler, Leonard - Temple University

Detweiler, Lynn Lane, Mrs.

Detweiler, Meade D.

Detweiler, Meade D., Mrs. - Harrisburg, PA

Detweiler, Mildred

Detweiler, Myrtle, Miss

Detweiler, Nellie

Detweiler, R.R. - athlete

Detweiler, Robert (Ducky) - baseball

Detweiler, Robert A. - University of Pennsylvania student

Detweiler, Robert A., Mrs. - former Miss Margaret O. Cresson

Detweiler, Ruth

Detweiler, Ruth E.

Detweiler, Sterline - baseball

Detweiler, Sylvia Eleanor, Miss

Detwilder, Grace

Detwilder - captain - lacrosse - Lafayette

Detwiler, Alva

Detwiler, David S.

Detwiler, Garrett, Jr. - Grand Jury foreman - McClure case

Detwiler, George

Detwiler, George A., Mrs. & Son

Detwiler, George B., Mrs. - nee Miss Maude Fite

Detwiler, H.W., Mrs.

Detwiler, Marion

Detwiler, P. - athlete

Detwiler, Paul B. - Philadelphia National Bank

Detwiler, Robert S. - Yarnall & Co.

Detwiler, Ruth

Detwiler, W. Frank - Allegheny Steel Co.

Detwiler, W. Sanderson, Mrs.

Detwiller, Elizabeth

Deubler, Jim

Deuel, Dorothy & Eleanor - actresses - Dorothy married to Rev. Henry S. Rubel

Box 235
List of People

Deutsch - baseball - University of Pennsylvania

Deutsch, Isaac

Deutscher, Max

Devains, Peter, Capt. - Cape May, NJ

Devan, Billy B. - actor

Devan, Arthur S., Rev.

Devaney, Charles W. - Malvern, PA

Devaney, Paul J. - treasurer - General Cold Storage Co., Philadelphia

De Vault, Margueretta, Mrs.

De Vaux, Charles - President Typothetae of Philadelphia

De Vaux, Charles B., Mrs. - former Mary L. Dornan

Deveau, Loretta - actress

Develin, James A. - councilman, died 1-24-23

Devene, Dolly

De Venuto, Catherine - beauty contest

Deveon - Swarthmore athlete

Dever, Alexander I. [SEE ALSO Harrison, Earl G.; Nalle, Richard T.]

Dever, Catherine W. - Sea Isle City, NJ

Dever, Daniel, died 5-12-32

Dever, James - park guard

Dever, Joseph C. & wife - policeman deserts wife

De Verdier, Inez - actress

De Vere, Mlle. - actress

Devere, Flossie - actress

De Vere, Rose - actress

Devereux, Alfred, Mrs. - society

Devereux, Antelo & wife - former Sydney Cheston

Devereux, Antelo, Mrs. - former Sydney Cheston [SEE ALSO Jones, Letty Elise; Hopkinson, Joan; Reeve, Katherine R.; Philler, Eleanor; Strobhar, Anne; Horse Racing - PA - Rose Tree Hunt 1944]

Devereux, Elizabeth - society

Devereux, Stephen & wife

Devereux, Wm. K.

De Verneuil, Marcel - French Consul - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Doyle, Michael Francis; Gilmore, J. Campbell, Col.; O'Connell, Charles]

Devers, Joseph P. - Coast Guard - Sharon Hill, PA [SEE ALSO Dempsey, Jack]

Devers, P.J., Dr. & wife - former Mary T. O'Hara

Devers, Sidney, Sgt.

Devgee, Alfred J., Rev.

Devices, Smith - Philadelphia

Devilin, Francis X.

Devine, Charles F., Mrs.

Devine, Ethel, died 12-10-39

Devine, Frank L. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Constitution - Pennsylvania Constitution Commemoration Comm.]

Devine, Jack - La Salle College athlete

Devine, James - Llanerch Golf Club

Devine, Jimmy "Kid" - old time pugulist

Devine, John, Jr. "Freckles" - swimmer

Devine, John F. [SEE ALSO Emanuel, Andrew J.; Parsons, Guy]

Devine, Joseph F. - boy swimmer

Devine, Joseph W., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Devine, Michael J. - Philadelphia Naval Reserve officer

Devine, William - West Philadelphia High School

Devinney - baseball - Harrowgate

Devinney, Fred - baseball

Devir, Fay - Norristown

Devir, Joseph

De Virgilis, Vincent, Dr. [SEE ALSO Spatola, Michael; Bonnelly, Adrian]

De Vita, Michael

De Vito, Antonio

De Vito, Dominic - Newtown Square

De Vito, Joseph - asst. dist. attorney

De Vito, Morris

De Vito, Nicholas, Jr., Pfc. - Philadelphia

De Vito, Patsy - artist

Devitt, Alan - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 7503]

Devitt, Michael A. - Record - sports [SEE ALSO Rose, Wm. Bill; Record - Bowling Awards; Barone, Tommy; Blind Direction Finder; Philadelphia Record - Employees; Karrer, Ann; La Salle High - Bowling]

Devitt, Wm., Dr. [SEE ALSO Long, Esmond R., Dr.]

Devlin - baseball - St. Joseph

Devlin, Bernard A. - Jenkintown, PA

Devlin, Betty - Pitt co-ed

Devlin, Charles A. - Traffic Club of Philadelphia

Devlin, Charles A. - Devlin Steamship Agents [SEE ALSO Lent, John F.]

Devlin, Charles - baseball

Devlin, Charles E. - Record employee (empty 12-3-88)

Devlin, Edward - University of Alabama student from Atlantic City 1940

Devlin, Edward A.

Devlin, Fred - Oaklyn, NJ

Devlin, James - Scranton, PA slayer 1933

Devlin, James - basketball

Devlin, James - athlete

Devlin, James B. & family - 1711 Bridge St.

Devlin, Jimmy - golfer

Devlin, Joe - athlete

Devlin, John - detective

Devlin, Mary K.

Devlin, Mickey - caddy

Devlin, Neil - St. Joseph’s student

Devlin, Robert G. - Millvale, PA [SEE ALSO Valley Forge Military Academy]

Devlin, Wm. J. - Philadelphia Hardware & Malleable Iron Works

Devlin, Mrs. William J. & bridal party

Devoe, Ethel - actress

Box 236
List of People

De Voe, Fred - member of NJ House of Representatives

Devon, Phillip - Collingdale, PA

Devonshire, Agnes, Mrs.

Devonshire, Curtis Stern - kidnapper

Devorak, Mary, Mrs. - Kelayres, PA election parade shooting victim

De Vries, Beppie - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7926]

De Vries, Donald, Lt. & wife - former Jeanne L. Coleman

Dew, Richard, Mrs. - former Cornelia L. Jones

De Waard, John J., Rev.

De Waele, Harry A.

De Waele, Janey M. - society

De Wald, Mary - Bloomsburg State Technical Coll.

Dewalt, Arthur G. - senator

Dewalt, Margaret

Dewalt, Martin - football - Central High School

Dewar, W. Arthur, Mrs. - former Charlotte Krebs

Dewees, Arthur M. - Pennsylvania Tuberculosis Society

Dewees, Charles K., Jr., Mrs. & family - first woman to cross Delaware River Bridge

Dewees, E.J., Dr. - Provident Mutual

Dewees, Paul - actor

Dewees, Wm. Potts, Dr.

Deweese, Ferral - actress

Dewett, Hanah - Drexel student

Dewey, Charles E. - Troy, PA aviator

Dewey, F.H.

Dewey, Frances - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7166]

Dewey, James F. - Federal mediator - Chester, PA [SEE ALSO Murphy, Frank; Lewis, John L.; McGrady, Edward; Martin, Homer; Perkins, Frances; Chrysler, Walter P.; Steelman, John R.; Keller, K.T.; Murray, Phillip; Kelland, Clarence B.; Strikes - Auto Workers 1946]

Dewey, Philip H. - Secretary Internal Affairs - Pennsylvania

Dewey, Thomas E. - Presidential Campaign 1944 - visits - Philadelphia

Dewey, Thomas E. - Visits - Philadelphia 1944

Dewey, Wm. - NY shipbuilding

Dewhart, Frank - football

Dewhirst, Ernest C. - Philadelphia

Dewhirst, Frank - baseball - University of Pennsylvania

Dewhurst, E.B., Dr.

De Wick - artist

Dewitt. C.H. - state trooper [SEE UNDER Stella, Miko]

De Witt, Edith B., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Kelly, Jack; Ketterer, Gustave, Mrs.; Guffey, Joseph F.; Kennedy, Thomas; Jones, Charles Alvin]

De Wolf, Charles & wife

De Wolf, John B. - Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.

De Wolf, Marcus S., Maj.

Dexter, Barbara

Dexter, C. Joseph & wife [SEE ALSO Colker, W. Lippincott, Mrs.; Doughten, Isaac, 3rd, Mrs.; Sharp, Sidney S.]

Dexter, Charles J., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Lippincott, Donald F., Mrs.; Severn, W., Jr., Mrs.; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Kensington Hospital for Women; Hepburn, Louise S.]

Dexter, Charles L. - President Spring Garden Inst.

Dexter, Doris - society

Dexter, Edith MacBride, Dr.

Dexter, Joseph, Mrs.

Dexter, Kathleen - actress

Dexter, Julian - actor

Dexter, Nancy Breese [SEE ALSO Farr, Walter; McDowell, Ann; Philadelphia - Society - Jr. Headdress Ball; Large Photo File]

Dexter, Sidney B. [SEE ALSO Wetherill, Herbert, Mrs.; White, Robert C.]

Dexter, Sidney B., Mrs. - society

Dey, George M. - N.J.G.A.R.

Deyhle, Carl - Record

Deyo, Alice - actress

De Yoe, Bertram I. [SEE ALSO Merchant, Edward]

De Young, Cornelius, Mrs.

De Young, John, Sgt. - detective [SEE ALSO Castagno, Pasquale]

Deysher, Robert K. - Reading, PA

De Zayas, George - artist

Dezzi, Angelo

Dhondt, Jean - 1416 Dill St.

Dhue, Raymond, Lt. & wife - former Nancy Jane Lutz

Diacovo, Joe, Pvt. - Philadelphia

Di Addizzio, Edith - Devon, PA

Diago, Gon - baseball - P.M.C.

Diament, Doris D. - Women's Auxiliary Corp.

Diamond, Allen G., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Newhall, Blackwell]

Diamond, Father - Saint Phillip's Church

Diamond, Bob - football - Penn Charter

Diamond, George - football

Diamond, Gil - football

Diamond, Gilbert & Tom (twins) - football - Springfield High School

Diamond, Harold

Diamond, Harry - detective

Diamond, Herbert M., Dr. - Lehigh University

Diamond, Herman, Lt.

Diamond, James - actor

Diamond, Lawrence

Diamond, Marie - actress

Diamond, Richard, Lt. Cmdr.

Box 237
List of People

Diamond, Samuel - deputy attorney general

Diamond, Simon Richard - Philadelphia

Diamond, Tom - football - Springfield High School, 1941 [SEE UNDER Diamond, Gilbert]

Diamond, William S. - President Torresdale Frankford Golf Course

Diamond, Renee - actress

Diana, Catherine, Mrs.

Di Angelo, Jimmie - golfer

Di Angelo, Louis - RCA

Di Angelo, Peter - Ellis Parker case

Di Batista, Leonard - football - Lower Merion High School

Di Batista, Dick - athlete [SEE ALSO Fatkin, Tom]

Di Batista, Emma - 2224 Meredith St.

Di Batista, Richard - wrestler

Di Bernardino, Cesira

Di Bernardino, Frank

Di Bernardino, Frank

Di Bernardino, Henry

Di Bush, Marie - actress

Di Carlo, Armand, Capt. - Southern High School

Di Carlo, John - Lower Merion athlete [SEE large photo 10326]

Di Carlo, John - West Catholic - Villanova

Di Carlo, Phillip – chef - Barclay

Dice, Agnew T. - Reading Railroad, died 3-25-32

Dice, Agnew T., Mrs.

Dice, Agnew T. or Mrs.

Dice, Agnew T., Jr. - Reading Railroad

Dice, Lee R.

Dice, Margaretta B. [SEE ALSO Skating - Roller]

Dice, Peggy

Dice, Milne [SEE ALSO Stamps - Postage - St. George]

Di Cenzo, Joseph

Di Christopher, John

Dichter, Harry

Dichter, Jack - songwriter

Di Cintio, Renata - 2121 Wharton St.

Dick, Dorothy, Mrs. - sculptor

Dick, George A., Dr. [SEE ALSO Ten, Broeck Carl D.]

Dick, J. McFadden, Dr.

Dick, John - supt. city stables

Dick, John - athlete

Dick, Lenox - cadet - Pennsylvania Military College

Dick, Lenox H., Jr. [SEE ALSO Strawbridge, Margaret]

Dick, Lewis R., Mrs. - former Mary J. Simpson

Dick, Wm. - Board of Education, died 10-11-34

Dickel, Wm. L.

Dickens, Charles - statue - Philadelphia

Dickens, Dean, Miss - actress

Dickens, Harry - Cheltenham High School athlete

Dickenson, Edith - Gloucester, NJ - Queen of the 1940 food show

Dickenson, John - football - Pitt

Dickerman, Judson C.

Dickerman, Robert, Mrs.

Dickerson, Austin B., Rev.

Dickerson, G. Edward

Dickerson, Harriet

Dickerson, Helen C. Pastorius, Mrs. - descendant of Francis Daniel Pastorius, founder of Germantown

Dickerson, Jenny - former actress

Dickerson, Joe - football

Dickerson, John W. - attorney

Dickerson, Woodward T., Mrs. - former Margaret G. Woods

Dickerson, Alice B.

Dickey, Charles, Rev.

Dickey, E.F., Rev. - Derry, PA

Dickey, Lincoln G.

Dickey, Mary S. - society [SEE ALSO Scull, John; Red Cross - Nurses Aides]

Dickey, Robert Lewis, Pvt. & wife - former Elisabeth Lamb

Dickey, Thomas W.

Dickey, Ward E., Col. - Dubois, PA

Dickey, Wm. K.

Dickinson - athlete

Dickinson, Asa Don, Dr. - Pennsylvania University librarian, died 11-13-60 [SEE ALSO Obit Bulletin 11-15-60; Dickinson, Asa Clippings for obit]

Dickinson, Betty

Dickinson, Clarence, Dr.

Dickinson, Earl

Dickinson, Frank G., Dr. [SEE ALSO Layden, Elmer]

Dickinson, John - ex-Governor of Delaware & Pennsylvania - signer of Constitution - old photos

Dickinson, John - Pennsylvania Railroad

Dickinson, John [SEE ALSO Banister, Blair, Mrs.; Library Shelves 365, Teeters, N.K., They Were in Prison, pg. 126; History of Pennsylvania Prison Society]

Dickinson, John - football

Dickinson, John Joseph - Civil War vet

Dickinson, John, Mrs. - 2106 Delancey St.

Dickinson, Jonathan - old photos

Dickinson, Jonathan

Dickinson, Marjorie F. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Itgen, Frank A.; Mansure, John F.; Harcum, Wm.]

Dickinson, Merle E. - Sheriff's Association of Pennsylvania

Dickinson, Oliver B. [SEE ALSO Green, Harry]

Dickinson, Philemon, Mrs. - society

Dickinson, Walter Haines, Jr.

Dicks, Edward - West Chester accountant

Box 238
List of People

Dicks, Lewis C., Mrs. - Chestnut Hill

Dickshot, Johnny - baseball

Dickson, Abbott, Mrs. - society

Dickson, Ann M. - Chestnut Hill

Dickson, Arthur G.

Dickson, Benjamin A., Mrs. - society

Dickson, D. Frank, Mrs.

Dickson, Dicky - tennis

Dickson, E.V., Lt.

Dickson, Flora Day – Overbrook society

Dickson, H.B.

Dickson, Jefferson Davis & wife - former Mrs. Elias Wolf - former Louise Wedell Mastbaum [SEE ALSO Rowland, Wm. O., Jr., Mrs.]

Dickson, Reid S., Rev.

Di Corlo, John - Villanova athlete

Diddlebock, Katherine, Mrs.

Didio, Albert, S/Sgt.

Dideo, James

Di Domenica, A., Rev. [SEE ALSO Beury, Charles E., Dr.]

Di Domenica, Eleanor - Philadelphia

Didonato, Jenney

Didonato, Vincent

Diduk, Roy - football

Diebold, Wm. F., Maj. - Valley Forge Military Academy [SEE ALSO Aspen, Norman, cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy]

Diecher, Ray - Pierce-Arrow Co. of Philadelphia

Diechler, Richard E.S.

Dieckhaus, Harry & Joseph

Diedrich, Frank - football - Penn State

Diedrich, Hunt - artist

Diedrich, Thomas Wm. - Sharon Hill, PA [SEE ALSO Salvation Army Maintenance Fund]

Dieffenbach, Gordon - Nulton, PA

Dieffenbach, Madge - Reading, PA

Dieffenderfer, Clark - football

Dieffenderfer, T.D.

Dieffenderfer, John H.

Dieffenbacher, Arthur, Rev.

Diehl Sisters - actresses

Diehl, Bob - football - Coatesville High

Diehl, Charlie - Northeast High School athlete

Diehl, Dorothy - Millmont, PA

Diehl, Edna - Kensington High School Association

Diehl, Edna Mae - University of Pennsylvania

Diehl, Fred Meyer - football

Diehl, Harry E. - Pennsylvania politics [SEE ALSO Bashore, Ralph M.]

Diehl, Jacob H., Dr.

Diehl, Lillian K. - Gettysburg, PA

Diehl, Louise

Diehl, Mary H., Mrs. - Travellers Aid

Diehl, Norman - industrial education

Diehl, William - baseball

Diehm, Margaret May, Dr.

Diekel, Margaret - Drexel student

Diehm, Victor C. - Pennsylvania Dist. Gov. of Kiwanis International

Dielun, G. Graybill

Diem, Christian, Lt.

Diemand, John A. - President Indemnity Insurance Company of North America

Diemer, Ruth - archer

Diener, Miriam - 5604 N. 15th St.

Diener, Wm. S., Col. - Boyertown, PA

Dienert, Fred

Dieroff, Wm.

Dierolf, Claude O., Rev. [SEE ALSO Confirmation]

Dies, Robert - golf

Diescall, Michael, Lt. - Philadelphia

Diesinger, Charles F.

Dietch, Zelda - 5448 Walnut St.

Dieterle, Walter A. - Girard College graduate June 1933

Dietrich, Anna - held for murder of mother

Dietrich, Claude R.

Dietrich, Ellen A., Mrs.

Dietrich, G. Elmer

Dietrich, George C. - builder

Dietrich, R.E. - cop

Dietrich, Stan B. - Norristown High swimming coach

Dietrich, Walter, Mrs.

Dietrich, Wilhelmina

Dietrich, Wm.

Dietrick, Wally - football - St. Thomas More

Dietsch, Fred H.

Dietterick, Bruce - basketball - Temple 1944

Dietz, Paul - dramatic actor

Dietz, R.E. - Ben Franklin High School

Dietz, W. & wife - Yardley, PA

Diez, Julian - bowler

Diez, M. Luis, Dr.

DiFaccio, Tony

Diffenderfer, Charles, Mrs. - society

Diffenderfer, Charles H. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Diffenderfer, George, Maj.

Diffendorfer, Ralph E., Dr.

Differ, Anthony L. [SEE ALSO Kennedy, Thomas F., Jr.]

Di Filippo, Vic

Di Francesco, Joseph - Llanerch, PA

Di Francesco, Sam - attorney

Di Gaetano, John R. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Di Gaetanos, Amelia

Di Gatanos, The - actors

Digby, Eleanore - hockey

Digby, P.B., Mrs. - Pittsburgh, PA

Di Gennaro, Samuel T., Pfc.

Di Genova, Daniel - PA legislator

Diggins, John V. - Chester water trial

Diggins, John V.

Diggs, Wm. S.

Di Giacomo, Frank - Camden athlete

Di Giacomo, John - football - St. Thomas More, 1940

Di Giacomo, Monte - Camden

Di Gildo, John - O'Connor trial

Di Gilio, V.A., Dr. - Temple University Hospital

Digioia, F., Jr., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Di Giovanni, Edward, Pfc.

Di Giovanni, Frank J. - Philadelphia

Dignan, Dorothy - NW Ayer & Son - ad writer

Box 239
List of People

Dignazio, Babe - football - P.M.C. 1941

Di Gregorio, Louis J., Pvt.

Di Gregorio, Samuel

Di Guilio, Stephen H. - 5094 Torresdale Ave.

Di Joseph, Lawrence - baseball - Swarthmore Prep

Dike, Paul Harrison, Mrs. - society

Di Lancie, John S.

Dilarso, Arthur - baseball - Drexel

Di Lasandro, Frank - baseball

Di Lauro, Ray - South Philadelphia Lions Club

Dilg, Edythe C. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Navy - Waves - Philadelphia, 1943]

Dilge, Wilson - football - Ocean City

Dilkes, Charles E., Jr.

Dilks, Bertram H., Jr. - Sunbury, PA

Dilks, Elwood - Philadelphia

Dilks, Helen, Mrs.

Dilks, Howard

Dilks, John H. & wife - former Margaret D. Day

Dilks, Kenneth E.

Dilks, Mulford - Record Soap Box Derby 1937

Dilks, W. Howard, Jr. [SEE ALSO Superstitions]

Dill, C.G.

Dill, Catherine - Kennett Square

Dill, Charles - actor

Dill, Charles - graduate

Dill, Clarence G., Mrs.

Dill, Leonard Carter

Dill, Leonard C., Jr.

Dill, Wm. A., Mrs.

Dillard, James Hardy, Dr.

Dillard, John R. - Penn Mutual Co.

Dillard, Wayne W. & wife - former Rachel Lynch Clews

Dillaway, Ted - soccer - Penn Charter

Dillaway, Theodore M. [SEE ALSO Krusen, Wilmer, Dr.]

Dillaye, Blanche - artist, died 12-20-31

Dillenbeck, Clark

Diller, Herbert E., Mrs.

Diller, Wm. J.

Dillinger, George E., Rev.

Dillingham, Conway - attorney

Dillingham, Jimmy - baseball

Dilliplane, Arthur L. - Yardley, PA

Dillman, Carl H. - Sheriff's Association of Pennsylvania

Dillman, Willis L., Rev.

Dillmuth - basketball - Camden High School

Dillman, Edward J., Mrs. - former Mary Emma Gates

Dillon, Gloria - actress

Dillon, Joseph

Dillon, Joseph P.

Dillo, Leo - West Catholic High School athlete [SEE ALSO large photo 508]

Dillon, Mary E. - Gas Company official

Dillon, Paul - Parker case

Dilloway, Theodore M. - Board of Education

Dillworth, Ben - Haverford coach

Di Lorenzo, Edmund M. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guard 1944]

Di Lorenzo, Virginia

Di Louis, Louise - actress

Dilser, Rosemary

Di Luca, Joseph - state police

Di Lullo, Rosina - University of Pennsylvania

Dilworth, Ann, Miss

Dilworth, Brockie, Mrs.

Dilworth, Dorothy D., Mrs.

Dilworth, Elizabeth

Dilworth, George G., Rev.

Dilworth, Gordon

Dilworth, Richardson [SEE ALSO United War Chest 1945]

Dilworth, Isabelle

Dilworth, Robert

Dilworth, Walter H.

Di Maio, Doris Elizabeth

Di Maio, Richard

Di Marco, Raymond - Wenonah Military Academy

Di Marino, Evelyn - Hammonton, NJ

Di Martino, Ralph F.

Dimeola, Albert - football - Pittsburgh

Di Michele, John

Dimitman, E.Z.

Dimmig, Wilmer G.

Dimmick, J. Benjamin - Scranton - ran for U.S. Senate

Dimmock, Ralph E. - Butler, PA

Dimock, Henry F., Mrs.

Di Mona, John R. - Camden politician

Dimond, Frederick

Dimperio, Violet

Di Nardo, Anthony - 2960 N. Front St.

Di Nardo, Jennie - Paulsboro, NJ

D'Indy, Vincent

Dineen, J.W. - autos

Dineen, John E. [SEE ALSO Belloc, Hilaire]

Dinehart, Alan - actor - & wife [SEE ALSO Mozelle, Brittone]

Diner, Harry - 2824 W. Poplar St.

Box 240
List of People

Di Nero, John - magistrate

Dingee, A.S., Rev.

Dingee, Alexandria L.M., Mrs. - nee Miss E.G. Wedge

Dingee, Eleanor - Media, PA

Dingee, Janet [SEE ALSO Raiser, Doris]

Dingee, Lester

Dingee, S. Allen, Dr. & wife - nee Mary Gertrude Smith

Dingee, Wm. England - Coatesville

Dingle, Howard James, Jr. - aviator

Dingleon, Helen M.

Dingler, Bertha

Dinkelacker, Effie

Dinlocker, Charles - 6232 N. 10th St.

Dinlocker, Thomas W. [SEE ALSO Hunneman, Wm. C., Jr.; Batt, Wm. L.; Philadelphia - Corporations - SKF]

Dinneen, Helen F. - WAAC

Dinsmore, Archibald A., Mrs. - former Helen S. Latta

Dinsmore, Francis Wm., Mrs. - former Sallie M. Kite

Dinsmore, R. Boone

Dinsmore, Robert B., Mrs. - former Emily Taylor Loomis

Dinsmore, W.B. - detective

Dinson, John McGavock

Dintenfass, Benjamin

Dintenfass, Joe - football - Temple

Di Nubile, Victor J., Mrs. - nee Isabella De Vito

Dinwiddie, H.B., Rev.

Diodate, James F., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Diodorian, Ed - football - Franklin & Marshall

Dione, Rose - actress

Diovachine, Victor, Cpl. - Philadelphia

Dipace, Danny - basketball

Di Persio, John

Dippe, Gus

Dippell, P.H., Rev.

Dipple, Clarence - Ringoes, NJ

Dipple, Fred - Northeast High School athlete

Direso, Charles - Godfrey Ave.

Dirys, Jane - actress

Di Sabatino, Joffre - Coast Guard - West Chester, PA

Di Salvo, Henry A., Pvt. - Philadelphia

Di Santis, Dan - football - Philadelphia Eagles 1941

Dischert, Sherman

Disert, Margaret C. [SEE ALSO McAfee, Mildred; U.S. - Navy - WAVES - Philadelphia]

Disher, Frank – basketball - St. Anne

Di Silvestro, A.G.

Di Silvestro, Anthony J. [SEE ALSO Kelly, John B.; Spatola, Michael; Shapiro, Barry; Jaspan, H. Jerome; Pennsylvania Legislature; Philadelphia Gov't Cost Comm.; Dem. City Comm. Plat.]

Di Silvestro, John M. & wife

Di Silvestro, John M. - home

Di Silvestro, Joseph A.

Di Silvestro, Mary, Mrs. - nee Mary Perseo

Di Silvestro, Mary A., Mrs.

Di Silvestro, A. Giuseppe

Di Simone - baseball - Drexel Institute

Diskin, James - Llanerch

Diskay, Josef - actor

Dismukes, D.E., Jr., Mrs. - former Nancy S. Coleman

Dismukes, Douglas E. & wife

Disney, Robert - Jenkintown, PA

Disney, Roland C.

Disque, Robert C. [SEE ALSO Stratton, Leon D.; Drexel Institute]

Disque, Robert C., Mrs.

Dissinger, Roy - baseball

Dissinger, Ruth

Disston, Deborah

Disston, Diana - society

Disston, Dorothy - society [SEE ALSO Holden, Cynthia]

Disston, E.N., Mrs. [SEE ALSO large photo 10316]

Disston, Eliza

Disston, Eliza S. [SEE Stone, Peter Louis, Mrs.]

Disston, Elizabeth

Disston, Frank

Disston, Frank, Mrs.

Disston, H.R.

Disston, Hamilton R. & wife

Disston, Hamilton R., Mrs. [SEE ALSO New Century Club; Bossard, James H.S., Dr.]

Disston, Henry – founder - dead

Disston, Henry

Disston, Henry, died 3-19-30

Disston, Henry, Mrs.

Disston, Henry, Jr.

Disston, Horace, Mrs. - former Kate Von Moschzisker - 2nd wife

Disston, Horace C., Mrs. & son

Box 241
List of People

Disston, J.S., Mrs. - golfer [SEE ALSO Garthwaite, A.A., Mrs.]

Disston, Jacob, Master

Disston, Jacob S., Mrs.

Disston, Jacob, Jr. [SEE ALSO Disston, Wm. D.]

Disston, Jacob S., Jr.

Disston, Jay - football

Disston, Jay - football

Disston, Jessie W. - society

Disston, Mary - society

Disston, Mary - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Herrick, Frances E.; Smith, Winifred B.]

Disston, Nancy Elizabeth

Disston, Natalie, Miss

Disston, Pauline

Disston, S. Horace [SEE ALSO Disston, Wm. D.; Philadelphia - Corporations - Henry Disston & Sons]

Disston, Samuel

Disston, Samuel D.

Disston, Sarah M.

Disston, Sophie - hockey (empty 12-3-88)

Disston, Sophie, Miss - Chestnut Hill

Disston, Thomas

Disston, Wm. D., Lt. - 104th Cavalry

Disston, Wm. D. [SEE ALSO James, Wm. F.; Philadelphia - Corporations - Henry Disston & Sons - Employees; Schindler, Alfred]

Disston, William L. [SEE ALSO Wanamaker, Fernanda]

Disston, Wm. L., Mrs. - former Julia P. Morris [SEE ALSO Alexander, Harriet]

Disston, Wm. Leeds [SEE ALSO Bromley, Janet; Disston, Wm. D.]

Di Stefano, Capt. - Drexel rifleman

Di Stefano, John

Distelhurst, Hebert J.

Distelhurst, James H. - cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy

Distler, Theodore A. - Lafayette College

Disturnell, Lee - 4451 Gratz St.

Ditalio, J.P., Pvt. - P.N.G.

Dithrich, W. Heber

Ditmars, Charles - Philadelphia

Ditmer, Charles - actor

Di Tomo, Anthony - football

Ditrichstein, Leo - actor, died 6-28-28 [SEE ALSO large photo 2057]

Ditter, G. Harry

Ditter, J. William - rep. - Pennsylvania

Ditter, J. Wm. [SEE ALSO Simpson, Richard M.]

Ditter, J. Wm., Mrs.

Ditter, Mabel B. - Ambler, PA

Dittman, Carton

Dittman, Earle E., Lt. - Philadelphia

Dittmann, Earle - baseball

Dittmann, Howard

Dittmann, Humboldt F.

Dittmann, Paul - Schoolship Annapolis grad

Ditmars, John H., Jr.

Dittmer, Harry F., Jr., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Dittrich, Rosa, Sister

Dittrich, Walter A.

Di Tullio, Gloria

Di Tunno, John F., Dr. [SEE ALSO Forster, I.G.]

Ditzel, Henry F.

Ditzler, Louisa, Mrs. - Denver, PA

Divalerio, Alfonso & wife

Divan, Charles, Mrs. - former Gertrude Hall

Diven, Charles, Jr. - basketball - University of Pennsylvania

Diven, Chuck, Capt.

Diver, Reginald - actor

Diverty, Jane

Dives, Cathie - tennis - Rosemont College

Divine, Father (1 of 6)

Divine, Father - negro evangelist (2 of 6)

Divine, Father - negro evangelist [SEE ALSO Large Photo File] (3 of 6)

Box 242
List of People

Divine, Father - straight photos (4 of 6)

Divine, Father & wife (5 of 6)

Divine, Father & wife - former Edna Rose Ritchings

Divine, Honey [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - SKF - Employees]

Divine, Grace

Divine, John, Mrs. - society

Di Vito, Joseph

Di Vito, Peter

Divver, Paul B. - autos

Dix, Bill - Phillies pass gate

Dix, Dorothy - actress

Dix, Irving S. - Honesdale, PA

Dix, John Aiden

Dix, John - ex-Gov.

Dix, Ralla - actor

Dix, Wm., Capt.

Dix, Wm. P., Capt.

Dix, William Price - Valley Forge Military Academy

Dixey, William C. - PTC [SEE ALSO McMenamin, James]

Dixon, A.J. Dallas (empty 12-3-88)

Dixon - basketball - Penn Charter

Dixon, Adele - actress

Dixon, Alexander J.D., 2nd

Dixon, Alexander J.D., 3rd - Sandlot baseball player

Dixon, Cecile - actress [SEE large photo 4432]

Dixon, Charles

Dixon, Dick - polo - Univ. of Penna.

Dixon, E. Austin & wife - Merion, PA [SEE ALSO McCurdy, Allen W., Mrs.]

Dixon, Eddie - baseball [SEE ALSO Rullo, Joe]

Dixon, Edward C.

Dixon, Edwin S.

Dixon, Edwin S., Jr., Mrs.

Dixon, Edwin Saunders, Jr., Mrs.

Dixon, Eleanor W. - Elkins Park, PA

Dixon, Fitz-Eugene [SEE ALSO Van Ryn, John]

Dixon, Fitz-Eugene, Mrs. - former Eleanor E. Widener - 1st wife

Dixon, Frank M. - Blairsville, PA

Dixon, George Dallas, Jr., Lt.

Dixon, George Dallas & wife

Dixon, George Dallas, Mrs.

Dixon, George Dallas, Jr., Mrs.

Dixon, Gilbert W. & wife - former Anita Coleman - 1st wife

Dixon, Harland - actor

Dixon, J. Shipley - society

Dixon, J. Shipley, Jr. [SEE ALSO Dixon, J. Shipley]

Dixon, Jean - actress

Dixon, John Shipley

Dixon, John S., Sr., Mrs. - former Mrs. Casper W. Hacker - former Annette Page [SEE ALSO Brown, Mary Page]

Dixon, John S., Jr. & wife - former Mary Elizabeth Boyd [SEE ALSO Houston, Mary Stuart; Porter, Carlie P.; Carson, Elinor S.]

Dixon, Joseph K., Dr.

Dixon, Marie - amateur actress

Dixon, Morris, Jr.

Dixon, Morris H. & wife - society [SEE ALSO Horses - Argonaut; Clothier, Wm., Jr., Mrs.; Hepburn, Louise S.; Harrison, John S., Mrs.; Hunneman, Wm. C.]

Dixon, Morris H., Jr. & wife & children [SEE ALSO large photo 7609]

Dixon, Morris H., Mrs.

Dixon, Nancy C.

Dixon, Samuel G., Dr.

Dixon, Sidney

Dixon, T. Henry, 2nd, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Paul Thayer

Dixon, Thomas, Mrs. - former May Donovan

Dixon, Thomas - football

Dixon, Thomas F., Mrs. - society

Dixon, Thomas Fraser, Jr.

Dixon, Wm. Boulton, Lt.

Dixon, Wm., Master - society

Dlugosz, Louis - sculptor

Doak, Herbert R. - Ward Wheelock Co.

Doan, J.C., Dr. - Medical Director - Jewish Hospital

Doan, Joseph L.

Doan, Leroy - Collins & Aikman Corp.

Doan, Willis N. - engineer - Pennsylvania Railroad - retired

Doane, John - athlete

Doane, Joseph C., Dr. - Board of Prison Inspectors [SEE ALSO Fax, Nathanial; Baldi, Frederick, Dr.; Philadelphia - Prisons]

Doane, Joseph C., Mrs.

Dobb, Arthur - football - Albright University

Box 243
List of People

Dobin, Helen - actress

Dobbins, Curtis W. - basketball - Drexel Institute - died 8-16-36

Dobbins, Curtis Wesley

Doberstein, John W., Rev.

Doblitz, Joe - McClure trial [SEE ALSO Cohe, Frank]

Dobard, Harry - marbles champ

Dobrowski, Chester J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dobsky, Nina - actress

Dobson, Billee - art student award winner

Dobson, C.H., Rev.

Dobson, C.R.

Dobson, Cowan - artist (empty 12-3-88)

Dobson, F.L. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Dobson, Frank - actor

Dobson, Frank - sculptor

Dobson, George, Mrs.

Dobson, Helen

Dobson, James - carpet manufacturer, died 4-19-26

Dobson, James, Mrs. - dead

Dobson, John, Capt. - textile manufacturer, dead

Docherty, Bill - football

Dochney, William F., Jr., Pfc.

Dockety, Robert E., Mrs. - former Florence Schwarz

Dockrell, H.G., Rev.

Dockrell, H. Gratian, Rev.

Dockstader, Lew - minstrel, died 10-24

Doctorman, Jane - Miss Ventnor 1936

Doctoroff, John - artist

Dodd, Miss - P.R.R. athlete

Dodd, Dorothea - Temple University student (empty 12-3-88)

Dodd, Dorothy - actress

Dodd, Dorothy - Drexel Hill

Dodd, Kathleen [SEE ALSO Morris, Laura E., Mrs.]

Dodd, Margaret - actress

Dodd, Mollie - actress

Dodd, Shadrach

Dodds, Dick - Willow Grove

Doderer, Alma

Doderer, Alma (empty 12-3-88)

Dodek, Samuel M., Dr. - Phil Alpha college frat

Dodge, Beth & Betty - actresses [SEE ALSO large photo 5901]

Dodge, Cornella - society [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Cheston, Eugenia]

Dodge, Donald - son of Kern Dodge

Dodge, Donald & wife - former Dorothy Mechling [SEE ALSO Dodge, Kern]

Dodge, Donald Davidson, Mrs. - society

Dodge, Helen F. - actress

Dodge, James Mapes

Dodge, James Mapes, Mrs. - Germantown

Dodge, James Mapes, 2nd

Dodge, Karl, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Starr, Edward, Jr., Mrs.]

Dodge, Karl, Jr. & wife - former Jean Ketcham

Dodge, Karl, Jr., Mrs. - former Jean Ketcham [SEE ALSO Dolan, Ann G.; Rodgers, Anne; Fishing - Women]

Dodge, Kern [SEE ALSO American First Rally Philadelphia; Lee, John Chein & wife]

Dodge, Kern - straight photos

Dodge, Kern & family

Dodge, Kern & family [SEE ALSO large photo 8542]

Dodge, Kern, Mrs.

Dodge, Kern - straight photos

Dodge, Kern - testifying police trial for reinstatement, 6-3-32

Dodge, Mary Mapes

Dodge, Richard Keller

Dodge, Robert Mapes

Dodge, William Goss - mechanical supt. - Evening Public Ledger

Dodos, Bud - ice hockey

Dodson, Alberta Mae [SEE ALSO Drexel Institute - Hockey Team]

Dodson, Boyd, Dr. - Wilkes-Barre

Dodson, Jean - Philadelphia

Dodson, Mary - society [SEE ALSO Liggett, Robert W., Jr.]

Doe, W.T.

Doebler, H. Ward, Mrs. - former Helen Mebus

Doehler, Theodore H. - Pittsburgh

Doelp, Ann - 2733 S. 18th St.

Box 244
List of People

Doerffel, George

Doerffel, Ida, Mrs.

Doering - football - University of Pennsylvania

Doering, George - football - Lehigh University

Doering, Rosemary - ballet

Doering, Rudolph - Camden, NJ

Doernbach, H. Warren, Mrs.

Doernback, Stanley B., Mrs.

Doerner, Mary Jane - State College

Doerr, Jane [SEE ALSO Beale, Nancy]

Doerr, Ruth [SEE ALSO Montgomery, James]

Doerr, Wm. H. [SEE ALSO Trumbull, Louise H.]

Doerr, Wm. H., Jr. - Savoy Opera

Dogole, Irving M.

Dogole, Jacob - magistrate [SEE ALSO Stup, Nate; Granitz, Albert; Carroll, Vincent A.; Koeller, Walter F. & wife; Carriage & Coaches - Horse & Buggy; Waters, Albert]

Dogole, Sara

Dogole, Saul - graduate

Dohan, S.C. - football - Haverford

Dohan, Wm. Repplier, Mrs. - former Adele C. Gibbons

Doherty, Anna - actress

Doherty, Bill - football - Villanova

Doherty, Charles - swimmer

Doherty, Daniel J. [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis 1938; Hopkins, Ernest, Dr.; Farley, James A.; Leahy, Wm., Adm.; Chadwick, Stephen]

Doherty, Elmer - ice hockey

Doherty, Joe - football - St. Joseph's

Doherty, Joe - Police and Fireman baseball player

Doherty, Robert E. - President Carnegie Institute of Technology

Doherty, Wm. E.A.

Dohman, John, Prof.

Dohner, Hiram & Mary - Quentin, Lebanon County, PA

Dokenwadel, Esther

Dolan, Ann G. - society

Dolan, Brooke, 2nd [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1940; Military Training - Compulsory - U.S. - Registration - Philadelphia; Rich Man, Poor Man]

Dolan, Brooke, 2nd, Mrs. - former Emilie C. Gerhard [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Academy of Natural Sciences]

Dolan, Clarence W., Mrs.

Dolan, “Cozy” - baseball coach

Dolan, Donald - Record employee

Dolan, Frank - artist

Dolan, Frank - policeman

Dolan, Frederick J. - policeman, murdered 1933

Dolan, H. Hoffman & wife - Haverford [SEE ALSO Howe, E.L., Mrs.]

Dolan, H. Hoffman, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Eshleman, Benjamin, Mrs.; Buck, Helen; Large Photo File - Janney, Priscilla; Golf Courses - Merion Cricket Club]

Dolan, Helen, Mrs. - widow of Fred J. Dolan, policeman - & children

Dolan, Jack - Northeast High School athlete

Dolan, John C. - Sec. Philadelphia Passenger Association

Dolan, Johnny - golf [SEE ALSO Dies, Robert]

Dolan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. & family - Bala Cynwyd

Dolan, Kathryn - Drexel student

Dolan, Kitty

Dolan, Michael - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 1756]

Dolan, Mike - golfer [SEE ALSO Dolan, John]

Dolan, Peggy

Dolan, Peggy & Thayer - children of Mrs. H. Hoffman Dolan

Dolan, Rita - West Catholic High

Dolan, Rosalie Brown

Dolan, Thomas - U.G.I, died 6-12-14

Dolan, Thomas, Mrs.

Dolan, Thomas, 4th, Mrs. - former Margaret Mac Leod Knight [SEE ALSO Betner, Thomas Eugene, Mrs.]

Dolan, Thomas, 3rd

Dolan, Thomas, 3rd, Mrs. - society

Dolan, Thomas J., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Rockefeller, E.S., Mrs.]

Dolan, Thomas - football

Dolbeer, M.L., Rev.

Dolbow, P.H., Capt.

Dolfman, Sam

D'Olier, Anne Conrad, Miss - now Mrs. Richard Henry Reeve, 2nd (empty 12-3-88)

D'Olier, Francis W.

D'Olier, Franklin - President Prudential Life Ins. Co.

D'Olier, Franklin, Col. [SEE ALSO McKee, Joseph; Warner, Milo J.]

Box 245
List of People

D'Olier, Franklin, Mrs.

D'Olier, Franklin, Jr. & wife

D'Olier, Franklin, Jr., Mrs.

D'Olier, William L., died 9-6-28

D'Olier, Winifred Quirk [SEE ALSO Quirk, Winifred R.]

Dolin, Mark - football

Doling, Charles E.

Doll, F.T., Col.

Doll, Henry - G.A.R. veteran [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Gettysburg - 75th Anniversary; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Naval Hospital]

Doll, Nina - Bucks County Playhouse actress

Dollard, Henry L., Capt. - Naval Hospital

Dollenberg, Fred & wife - former Marie Fishgall [SEE ALSO MacArthur, Douglas, Gen.; Pinero, Jesus T.]

Dolly, Rozika - actress - wife of Irving Netcher

Dolly, Sisters - actresses - Jenny died 6-41

Dolman, Jack

Dolman, John, Jr., Dr.

Dolsen, James H. - Pittsburgh

Dolton, Carol - swimmer [SEE ALSO Penn Hall School]

Dom, Joseph

Doman, Frank J. - killed 1-26-42

Domanski, Vincent

Dombeck, Helen V. [SEE ALSO Rahilly, Margaret C., Mrs.; Petrillo, Herman; Favato, Jury]

Dombrowski, Joseph S. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guards 1944]

Dombrowski, Zig - football

Domemia, Angelo D., Rev.

Domenick, Al - basketball

Domenick, Victor

Domian, Francis - dirigible rigger

Domico, Freddy - boxer

Domincovich, Ruth - club woman

Domke, Irma

Domke, Ted - football

Domm, Grace - Camden

Domonkos, Eugene P. - Patton, PA

Domonic, Jerry - football - Radnor 1940

Domville, Paul, Prof. - University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts (empty 12-3-88)

Don, Suzanne

Donachy, W.R.

Donadio, Carmella - relief chiseler

Donaghue, Madeline

Donaghue, Michael J. - attorney

Donaghy, Henrietta H. [SEE ALSO large photo 11013]

Donaghy, Howard - 2523 S. 79th St.

Donahoe, G.P., Dr.

Donahoe, John A., Jr.

Donahoe, Martin H., Jr., Mrs.

Donahoe, Peter

Donahoe, Wm. H.

Donahue - football - La Salle

Donahue, Al - orchestra leader

Donahue, Alice - actress

Donahue, Alice M., Mrs. - V.F.W. auxiliary head

Donahue, Ann - Philadelphia

Donahue, Barbara - society

Donahue, Chas. - football - La Salle 1941

Donahue, Christine - Overbrook

Donahue, Corky - football

Donahue, Dolly [SEE ALSO Beauty Contest - Woodside Park 1937]

Donahue, Ed - football - Villanova

Donahue, Eleanor Scott

Donahue, Jim - football

Donahue, Joanne [SEE ALSO Baby Parades - Ventnor 1938]

Donahue, John W. - President Insurance Society of Philadelphia

Donahue, Joseph P., Mrs. - former Lucille Alessandroni [SEE ALSO Uniforms; Hauseman, David N., Col.; Ingersoll, C. Jared]

Donahue, Mary, Mrs. - widow of Harry J. Donahue, Jr., patrolman - & daughter Katherine

Donahue, Ned - basketball - West Catholic High School

Donahue, Paul - football - La Salle [SEE ALSO La Salle - Football 1937]

Donahue, Philip E., Rev.

Donahue, Richard - Northeast Catholic High School

Donahue, Richard - cop

Donahue, Elizabeth

Donahue, Florence A.

Donahue, Gerald

Donahue, Harry J. - policeman, killed 2-18-34

Donahue, Harry J., Mrs.

Donahue, J.E. - Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines

Donahue, Jack - actor - & wife, died 10-1-31 [SEE ALSO large photo 6978]

Donahue, Jack - football

Donahue, James - Northeast High School

Donahue, James P. - President Mayfair Improvement Association - & wife

Donahue, Ruth - Red Cross

Box 246
List of People

Donahue, Jeanne

Donahue, Sara M.

Donahue, Thomas & wife - 3521 Aldine St.

Donahue, Tom - football - La Salle High School

Donahue, Wm. J.

Donahue, Wm. J.

Donahue, Wm. J., Mrs. - nee Dorothy Caine

Donaldin, Thomas, Rev.

Donaldson, Bruce M. & wife - former Evelyn R.A. du Pont

Donaldson, Bruce M., Mrs. - former Evelyn R.A. du Pont [SEE ALSO du Pont, Wm., Jr., Mrs.; du Pont, J. Austin, Mrs.; Tattersfield, Shirley; Horseshows - Pennsylvania - Chester County]

Donaldson, Dan

Donaldson, Ethel Morser, Mrs.

Donaldson, Francis A., Jr.

Donaldson, Francis A., 3rd

Donaldson, Frank J.

Donaldson, Frank O.

Donaldson, H.H., Mrs.

Donaldson, Henry H., Dr.

Donaldson, James - West Philadelphia High School

Donaldson, James - Overbrook High School athlete

Donaldson, John - football

Donaldson, John B.H. - football - University of Pennsylvania 1940

Donaldson, L.E. - banker

Donaldson, Linda Gordon

Donaldson, Margaret - society

Donaldson, Margaret - 2203 Delancey Place

Donaldson, Matthew

Donaldson, Matthew S. - basketball [SEE ALSO Curry, Dave]

Donaldson, Monk - Penn Charter athlete

Donaldson, Robert

Donaldson, Russell C. - Connellsville, PA

Donaldson, Thomas - Wilmington [SEE UNDER du Pont, Lammot]

Donaldson, Thomas B. - Pennsylvania Insurance Comm. - former one

Donaldson, Thomas O., Gen., died 10-26-34

Donaldson, Wm. K.

Donaldson, Wm. Keith, Mrs.

Donat, Robert

Donatelli, Philip A.

Donath, Andrew - boxing - Penn

Donath, Audrey

Donato, Frank J. - American Legion

Donato, Frank J. - boxer [SEE ALSO Adragna, Mimmie; Forte, Johnny; Giosa, Eddie]

Donato, Guiseppe - sculptor [SEE ALSO Fitzsimmons, Thomas]

Donato, John & Kutner, Pauline

Donato, Sammy - football

Donatucci, Francis J., Mrs.

Donchess, Joseph - football - Pittsburgh

Donegan, Francis X. - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 2169]

Donelli, Aldo T. Buff [SEE ALSO Cawthorn, Pete]

Doner, Kitty - actress

Donges, Mary - Johnstown

Donges, Ralph W.E. - judge - Camden, NJ [SEE ALSO Lloyd, Frank T.; Capron, Paul, Lt. & wife - 2nd wife]

Donges, Raymond R. & wife

Dongworth, Winifred - artist

Donham, Wallace B., Dr.

Donheim, Henry - bowler

Donhoe, George - mayor - Seaford, DE

Donlevy, Brian - actor - & wife

Donley, Charles - Philadelphia, PA

Donley, Charles S. - Pittsburgh, PA

Donley, Wm. - G.A.R.

Donlon, Edward J.F. - Central High School honor Man

Donn, Berta - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 2648]

Donnell, James J. - banker

Donnelli - Soccer - Pittsburgh

Donnelly - baseball - Germantown Academy

Donnelly - basketball - Swarthmore

Donnelly - ice hockey

Donnelly, Anastasia

Donnelly, Anne - sculpture [SEE ALSO Blai, Boris]

Donnelly, Bill

Donnelly, C.J., Jr. & wife - Merion, PA

Donnelly, Catherine [SEE ALSO Reagan, Frank X.]

Donnelly, Charles - swimmer - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO large photo 2973]

Donnelly, Charles A.

Donnelly, Charles A., Mrs. - President Women's Club - Bywood

Donnelly, Charles J. - attorney

Donnelly, Charles P. & Mrs., died 11-14-26

Donnelly, Charlie - swimmer - University of Pennsylvania

Donnelly, Dorothy - actress

Donnelly, Edith

Box 247
List of People

Donnelly, Edward

Donnelly, Francis - found natural gas in Philadelphia

Donnelly, Francis J., Rev.

Donnelly, Frederick W. - Trenton, NJ [SEE ALSO Mackey, Harry A.]

Donnelly, George B. - golfer, died 6-29-32 - & son

Donnelly, Harold I., Rev.

Donnelly, Harry - attorney

Donnelly, Hazel - actress

Donnelly, J.J., Rev.

Donnelly, James Edward, Jr.

Donnelly, James J., Ens.

Donnelly, James T., Jr. - magistrate

Donnelly, Jim - football - Drexel

Donnelly, John - Southeast Catholic High School class 1941

Donnelly, John - World War vet

Donnelly, John, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Donnelly, John - sculptor - & wife

Donnelly, John B. - policeman

Donnelly, John H.

Donnelly, John M.

Donnelly, Joseph B. - dept. of city transit

Donnelly, Joseph T.

Donnelly, Kean - golfer

Donnelly, Kitty - actress

Donnelly, Leo - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 6133]

Donnelly, Leo Charles, Rev.

Donnelly, Mae

Donnelly, Marchetta - tennis [SEE ALSO Knowles, Hope; Large Photo File - Hart, Doris]

Donnelly, Martin - cop

Donnelly, Michael F. - attorney [SEE ALSO Hamilton, Wm. J.]

Donnelly, R.M. [SEE ALSO Bridges, Harry]

Donnelly, Robert - baseball - Germantown Academy [SEE large photo 11368]

Donnelly, Ruth - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4956)

Donnelly, Sam - football - La Salle 1940

Donnelly, Samuel - patrolman

Donnelly, Thomas - football

Donnelly, Thomas - West Philadelphia Realty Board [SEE ALSO White, George]

Donnelly, Virginia F., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Ardmore Autocar Co.]

Donnelly, William - P.N.G.

Donnelly, William - swimmer - Frankford

Donner, William H.

Donner, Wm. H., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Salvation Army 1937]

Donnie, Dave - hockey

Donofrio, Carmin - hero - employee of Philadelphia Electric Co.

D'Onofrio, Peter & wife - nee Miss Helen Di Francesco

Donoghue, Daniel C., Jr., Mrs. - former Natalie Wainwright

Donoghue, Deborah - society [SEE ALSO Charity Ball 1929]

Donoghue, John - baseball

Donoghue, Joseph A.

Donoghue, Michael

Donoghue, Suzanne - Overbrook - Philadelphia

Donohoe, Bill - football - Carnegie Tech

Donohoe, Edward J.

Donohoe, Hugh A., Rev. Dr. - St. Patrick's Seminary

Donohoe, Michael - Friendly Sons of St. Patrick [SEE ALSO U.S. - Constitution; Pennsylvania Constitution Commemoration Comm.; Barry, John, Comm.]

Donohoe, Ralph C. - attorney

Donohoe, Tom - football - La Salle 1941

Donohoe, Wm. W. "Bill" - football & basketball coach

Donohoo, J.F.D.

Donohue, Ed - football

Donohue, Elizabeth, Mrs. - McClure trial

Donohue, Francis - golfer

Donohue, Frank - Collingswood, NJ

Donohue, Gladys V., Mrs.

Donohue, Henry

Donohue, James - Philadelphia Normal School

Donohue, John

Donohue, Theodore - Spanish American War vet

Donohue, William - policeman

Donosa, Leo

Donoughue, Mat, Lt. - police

Donovan, Avery, Rev.

Donovan, Clarence - basketball

Donovan, Daniel C.

Donovan, Fred - football

Donovan, Gerald A., Rev.

Donovan, Howard M.

Donovan, Isabelle

Donovan, J.J. - General Electric Co.

Donovan, John G., Capt.

Donovan, John J.

Donovan, Joseph, Lt. - Philadelphia

Donovan, Joseph F., Rev.

Donovan, Joseph F., Mrs.

Donovan, Marcella - actress

Donovan, Lucille

Donovan, Mary, Miss - 1552 Frazier St.

Donovan, Mike - pugilist - dead

Donovan, Oscar M.

Donovan, Richard F. - West Oak Lane

Donovan, "Wild Bill" - manager - dead

Donvorth, W.J. - General Electric

Dooin, Charles - actor

Box 248
List of People

Dooley, Barbara Boyle, Mrs.

Dooley, Dan - retired policeman

Dooley, Edward [SEE ALSO Lambert, Victor A.]

Dooley, Gordon - actor [SEE ALSO large photo 6526]

Dooley, J. Francis - actor

Dooley, Johnny [SEE ALSO large photo 3307]

Dooley, R.C. - Pittsburgh

Dooley, Ray - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 6195]

Dooling - basketball - St. Joseph's

Dooling, James F.X.

Dooling, Walter & Skip - 6231 Magnolia Ave.

Dooly, Bill [SEE ALSO Isaminger, James]

Doolittle, Erie, Prof. [SEE large photo 1553]

Doolittle, George

Doolittle, Orson W. - auto dealer

Doolittle, Roscoe E.

Dooner, Emilie Zeckwer, Mrs. - Merion

Dooner, James & daughter - victim of short-weighters

Dooner, Richard T. [SEE ALSO Donato, Guiseppe]

Dopkis, Edwin J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dopson, Howard - basketball - Woodbury High School

Doran, Dale - Bradford, PA

Doran, Frank - actor

Doran, George - actor

Doran, Jack - Boy Scout hero

Doran, John

Doran, Lawrence A. - Camden County chief detective (empty 12-3-88)

Doran, John M. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Doran, Marion - music

Doran, Russ - soccer [SEE ALSO Soccer - Passon 1938]

Dorance, Charlotte - not society girl

Dorat, Charles & wife - Lebanon, PA

Dorat, Herbert, Mrs.

D'Orazio, Aida Rita

D'Orazi, Antonio - artist

Dorazio, Gus - boxer [SEE Donofrio, Frank; Ettore, Al; Toles, Roscoe; Reddish, Willie; Conn, Billy; Fiorentino, Nick; Godoy, Arturo; Bettina, Melio; Thompson, Turkey; Tygh, Jimmy]

Dorazio, Gus - boxer - straight photos

Dorce, C.E. - actress

Dorchess, Joe - football

Dore, Ann

Dore, Gustav- artist - deceased

Dore, Lynn - actress

Doree, Mme. - actress

Doremus, Cornelius

Dorety, James M., Cpl.

Dorey, Leighton Bromily, Mrs.

Dorf, Esther - actress [SEE ALSO Large mat 7120]

Dorf, Samuel

Dorfman, Phillip - attorney

Dorgeval, Therese - actress

Dorheim - Southern High School athlete

Doria, Fernanda - singer

Dorian, Frederick, Dr.

Doring, Michael

Doris, Gertrude, Mrs.

Doris, Joe - actor

Dorizas, Michail, Dr. - Pennsylvania University

Dorland, W.A.N., Dr.

Dorman, Horace Paul - attorney

Dormer, Francis - coal racketeer

Dormer, Roy

Dormer, Thomas, Mrs. - Philadelphia

Dormon, Dorothea - Lansdowne, PA

Dorn, Bob - basketball - Temple

Dorn, Francis

Dorn, Louis J. - magistrate, died 4-26-28

Dorn, Russel - swimmer

Dornan, Mary L. [SEE De Vaux, Charles B., Mrs.]

Dornan, Peter

Dornan, Robert, Mrs. - former Emily Suddards

Dornblaser, Harry A., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Roosevelt, Nicholas, Mrs.]

Dornblum, Jennie

Dorne, Cyrella - actress

Dorner, Lorraine A. - 2832 N. 27th St.

Dornheim, Frank R., Sgt. - Willow Grove, PA

Dornheim, Henry [SEE ALSO Rose, Ben]

Doro, Marie - actress

Box 249
List of People

Doroba, Mary K., Mrs.

Doroshow, Martin

Dorotheus, L., Brother - Order of Christian Brothers - head of La Salle College

Dorr, Eileen - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 6013]

Dorr, Emma Ashton - society

Dorr, Henry I., Dr.

Dorr, John H.

Dorr, Phil J., Capt. - Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol

Dorrance, Arthur C. - President Campbell Soup Co. - & wife - Ardmore, PA [SEE ALSO Odell, David D., Mrs.]

Dorrance, Arthur C., Mrs. - society

Dorrance, Charles [SEE ALSO Robison, W.L.]

Dorrance, Emily F. [SEE ALSO Bice, Isabel; Carpenter, Marjorie; Philadelphia - Society - Headdress Ball 1943]

Dorrance, Frank - milkman

Dorrance, George Morris, Dr.

Dorrance, Gordon - publisher & author

Dorrance, Gordon, Mrs.

Dorrance, James - Philadelphia

Dorrance, James F. - author

Dorrance, J.T., Dr., died 9-22-30

Dorrance, John T., Jr.

Dorrance, John T., Jr.

Dorrance, John T., Jr. & wife - former Mary Alice Bennett

Dorrance, John T., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Crawford, Andrew W., Mrs.; Francine, Anne; Heckscher, Gustave A., Mrs.; Crawford, Andrew W., Mrs.]

Dorrance, John T., Mrs. & daughter Charlotte K. Dorrance

Dorrance, Winifred, Miss [SEE Dudley, Roy, Mrs.]

Dorrian, Mary - Penn Wynne

Dorries, Karl R., Mrs. - Bryn Mawr

Dorris, John L., Mrs. - society

Dorris, Stella, Mrs.

Dorsaneo, Frank J., Pvt. - Ardmore, PA

Dorset, Dorothy - society

Dorsey, Bette

Dorsey, Cornelius, Mrs. - former Elizabeth Stewart [SEE ALSO Ellis, David R., Mrs.; Disston, Samuel D.; Tebo, Clarence, Mrs.; Richards, J. Bermar & wife]

Dorsey, Frank J.G. [SEE ALSO Dressel, Edwin H.; U.S. Constitution - Sesqui Celebration - Pennsylvania Comm., 1937; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Byberry - Board of Trustees; Hopple, George K.; Fenerty, Clare Gerald; Johnson, Wm. J. & wife]

Dorsey, George A., Dr.

Dorsey, George W. - dist. attorney

Dorsey, James A. - 4849 Rorer St.

Dorsey, Madeline

Dorsey, Marcella

Dorsey, Rita M.

Dorsey, Ruth - Audubon, NJ

Dorsey, Ruth A.L.

Dorsey, Susan M., Mrs. - Los Angeles, CA

Dortch, Joe - West Philadelphia High student 1941

D'Ortona, Harry, Sgt. [SEE ALSO Grimes, Henry, Cpl.; Philadelphia - Corporations - Dodge Steel Co. - Employees]

D'Ortona, Paul - state representative

Dorworth, Charles E.

Dorworth, George C. - Chief of Police - Palmyra, NJ [SEE ALSO Zeller, G. Clinton; Brown, Bradway]

Dose, Louise - actress

Doser, Clarence - golfer [SEE ALSO Golf]

Doshen, Anthony, Capt. - Pittsburgh

Dost, Bill - Haddonfield athlete

Dosten, Wally - Westinghouse AA Bowling League

Dothard, “Brud” - basketball

Dothard, Walter, Jr. - football

Doto, Andrew - Camden

Dotterer, Evelyn, Miss [SEE Weidemann, Charles B., Mrs.]

Dotterer, Polly, Miss

Dotty, Ed J. - Philadelphia Real Estate Board

Doty, Allen B., Mrs. - former Helen A. Kilgore

Doty, Ethan Allen, Mrs.

Doty, Robert W. - Sec. of Pennsylvania State Banking [SEE ALSO James, Arthur H.; Cabinet]

Dou, Gerard - old time artist

Doub, Herbert - Central athlete

Doubman, J. Russell, Dr. [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian Service Corp. - Philadelphia]

Doubrava, Donald F., Cpl. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Hospital - Naval Hospital]

Douds, Forrest “Jap” - football - Washington & Jefferson 1928-1929

Dougal, Thomas J. - actor

Dougal, Tony - football - Temple

Dougall, Wm. M., Lt. - Wilkensburg, PA

Doucet, Catherine - actress

Dougherty, A. Webster & wife - former Jane Snowden

Dougherty, Adelaide L. [SEE ALSO Hneleski, I.S., Dr.]

Dougherty, Ann - Narberth, PA [SEE ALSO Fashions - Women - Bridal Gowns 1939]

Dougherty, Anne - stage actress

Dougherty, Anthony W., Cpl. - Upper Darby, PA

Dougherty, Barney - Mummer, died 8-10-38 [SEE ALSO Mummers, 1938]

Dougherty, Bernard

Dougherty, Bernard - old bookbinder

Dougherty, Bob - athlete [SEE ALSO West Catholic High School - Football, 1945; Pennsylvania University - Basketball, 1945]

Dougherty, Cecelia

Box 250
List of People

Dougherty, Charles A. - Girard College alumni

Dougherty, Charles M.

Dougherty, D. Webster

Dougherty, Daniel J. [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal]

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal [SEE ALSO large photo 1888] (1 of 4)

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal (2 of 4)

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal (3 of 4)

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal (4 of 4)

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Churches - Armenian Catholic Church of St. Mark]

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal - straight photos

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal - straight photos

Box 251
List of People

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal (James Negs, 1946)

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal - anniversary - 50th [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal - Golden Jubilee [SEE ALSO large photo 1888]

Dougherty, Dennis, Cardinal - home

Dougherty, Dennis J., Cardinal - obit page

Dougherty, Donald O., Ens. - Philadelphia

Dougherty, Edna Louise - society

Dougherty, Edward

Dougherty, Edward, Capt. - Frankford fireman

Dougherty, Edward - autos

Dougherty, Edward C. [SEE ALSO Shaw, Randolph; Lozanoff, Lillian; Whitaker, Arthur P., Dr.]

Dougherty, Edward T.

Dougherty, Edwin V., Mrs. - society

Dougherty, Frances M. - Haverford postmistress

Dougherty, Francis P., Rev., died 4-8-34

Dougherty, Francis S., Mrs. - former Gertrude Graham

Dougherty, Frank, Jr., Lt.

Dougherty, Gertrude & Mary - daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Graham Dougherty

Dougherty, Graham & wife - society

Dougherty, Graham, Mrs. - society

Dougherty, Graham, Jr.

Dougherty, Harold

Dougherty, Harry V.

Dougherty, Harry V. & wife

Dougherty, Homer - The Record

Dougherty, J.A.

Dougherty, J.J., Cpl.

Dougherty, Jack - 225 Williams Ave.

Dougherty, Jack - football

Dougherty, James A. - magistrate, died 1-15-41

Dougherty, James - chief of police telephone exchange

Dougherty, James E., Rev.

Dougherty, James - police department

Dougherty, James Baron - Leipersville

Dougherty, James, Jr. - son of “Baron of Leipersville”

Dougherty, James J., Lt.

Dougherty, James J. - attorney

Dougherty, James J. - McClure trial [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Police - Radio]

Dougherty, James P. & wife - former Miss Marie A. Garrity

Dougherty, Jimmy - Penn A.C.

Dougherty, Joe - oarsman

Dougherty, Joe - Postal telegraph

Dougherty, Joe - baseball - Capt. - St. Joseph Prep - now of Holy Cross (not oarsman)

Dougherty, Joe - golfer

Dougherty, John - swimmer

Dougherty, John, died 8-29-28

Dougherty, John - Jenkintown, PA

Dougherty, John, Jr.

Dougherty, John A. - Philadelphia

Dougherty, John A. - magistrate

Dougherty, John F.

Dougherty, John H. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dougherty, John J. - escapee - Norristown Prison

Dougherty, John J., Lt. & wife - former Mary Hollywood

Dougherty, John Joseph - military photo

Dougherty, John K., Mrs. - nee Helen Batcheller

Dougherty, John Patrick

Dougherty, Joseph - manager - Tower Theatre (empty 12-7-88)

Dougherty, Joseph - Penn sculler 1938 [SEE ALSO Curran, Tom; Costello, Paul]

Dougherty, Joseph A., Jr., S/Sgt. - in uniform - New Jersey

Dougherty, Joseph P. - transit strike

Dougherty, Joseph, Rev. - baseball uniforms

Dougherty, Joseph C. - Delaware County

Dougherty, Joseph J., et al. - marine wounded in Philadelphia

Dougherty, Joseph M., Rev. - Villanova College

Dougherty, Joseph S.

Box 252
List of People

Dougherty, Louis R. - sculptor

Dougherty, Marion Webster, Mrs. - nice photo

Dougherty, Margaret - Bucknell University

Dougherty, Mary

Dougherty, Mary F.

Dougherty, Mary Jane

Dougherty, Milton - Bywood, PA

Dougherty, Monica - basketball - University of Pennsylvania

Dougherty, Patrick - policeman (police sergeant)

Dougherty, Paul - 1007 Farragut Terr.

Dougherty, R.M., Ens.

Dougherty, Ralph "Doc" - football

Dougherty, Sue - West Catholic High School 1946

Dougherty, Sue - Temple athlete

Dougherty, Thomas J., Sgt.

Dougherty, Vince - basketball - Moreland University

Dougherty, Vincent P.

Dougherty, Webster, Mrs. - society

Dougherty, Wm. D. - swimmer

Dougherty, Wm. E.

Dougherty, William F. - Penn Valley

Dougherty, William J. - baker - police shooting - drunk

Dougherty, Wm. J. - President Philadelphia Archdiocese Holy Name Union

Doughten, Isaac

Doughton, Isaac, 4th - baby photo

Doughton, Isaac, Mrs.

Doughton, John V. - attorney

Doughton, Kitty - Wilmington, DE

Doughton, Marie L.C. - Y.W.C.A [SEE ALSO Cahall, Wm. C., Jr., Mrs.]

Doughty, Joe - Germantown Boys Club athlete

Doughty, John R.

Douglas, Barclay, Capt. - Chestnut Hill Academy

Douglas, Albert W., Mrs. - Wynnewood, PA (empty 12-7-88)

Douglas, Audrey - actress

Douglas, Bob - President Indian Society of Philadelphia

Douglas, Claire - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7053]

Douglas, David - golf [SEE ALSO Haverstick, Bill]

Douglas, David - football - captain, guard - Juniata

Douglas, Dorothy - actress

Douglas, Elizabeth - society

Douglas, Ellen H.

Douglas, George - actor

Douglas, George

Douglas, George F.

Douglas, Gordon - Swarthmore grad 1941

Douglas, Guillermo R. - oarsman

Douglas, J. Howard, Rev.

Douglas, Jack

Douglas, James B. - UGI [SEE ALSO Laurel, Conrad N.; Unemployment - Philadelphia; United Campaign 1933]

Douglas, Jimmy - soccer

Douglas, Joanne - actress

Douglas, John - Record

Douglas, Mabel - actress

Douglas, Margaret M. - society

Douglas, Paul - radio announcer, WCAU

Douglas, Robert H. - Swarthmore, PA

Douglas, Stephen A. - U.S. senator 1860

Douglas, Tom - actor

Douglass, Alice - actress

Douglass, Betty - Swarthmore

Douglass, Earl L., Rev. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Churches - Sommitt Presbyterian Church]

Douglass, Jesse - football - Penn

Douglass, Jesse, Mrs.

Douglass, Leon F. - inventor & explorer, died 9-7-40 - & family

Douglass, Robert [SEE ALSO Military Training - Compulsory - U.S. Registration - Philadelphia; Rich Man, Poor Man, etc.]

Douherty, Margaret

Doull, Karlyn - Record

Doumont, Clem - basketball

Douris, James - bandit

Douthett, Bertha Marie - Darby, PA

Doutrich, I.H. - Harrisburg

Doutt, J. Kenneth

Douty, James, Lt. - Shamokin, PA

Douty, Nicholas - singer

Dove, Alfred I.M., Rev.

Dove, Bettie Gale

Dove, Harry

Dove, John S.

Doverspike, I.D. - sheriff - Armstrong County

Dovey, Alice

Dovico, Vincent - Hatboro, PA

Dow, Charles H., Dr.

Dow, Gerhard - artist - old time

Dow, Paul H.

Dowd, Donald

Dowd, Paul J. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Mint]

Dowd, Paul J., Mrs. - former Mary O'Leary

Dowell, Dawson - Drexel Institute [SEE ALSO Woods, Malcolm J.]

Dower, Harry A. - Bethlehem, PA

Dowey, George G., Dr. [SEE ALSO Sutherland, Allan, Dr.]

Dowling, Elinor - Ridley Park High School

Dowling, Eve - actress

Dowling, George P. - mayor of Audubon, NJ, died 5-4-34

Dowling, Mary - actress

Dowling, Nanette - society

Dowling, Rose Mary - harpist

Dowman, Ferman - Reading Railroad employee

Down, Grace - actress

Box 253
List of People

Downer, John P. & wife - former Katherine Raiguel

Downes, Dorothy, Mrs. - golfer

Downes, Edward - actor

Downes, Frederick A.

Downes, Harvey D., Mrs. - society

Downes, Hazel - Haverford, PA [SEE ALSO Stiles, Mary E.]

Downes, James R. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Downes, J. Edward, Rev. & wife

Downes, Leonard G. - real estate

Downes, Ormond W., Mrs. - nee Annetta Jackson [SEE ALSO Large Photo 4354]

Downey - West Philadelphia High School athlete

Downey, Evelyn [SEE ALSO McSherry, Robert, Cpl.]

Downey, Henry J. - East Lansdowne chief of police

Downey, Isabel, Mrs.

Downey, Jack

Downey, John J. - Shenandoah

Downey, Joseph - boxer

Downey, Mary V. - American Legion

Downey, Morton - singer

Downey, Tom - baseball

Downey, Tom - football - West Catholic High School

Downey, Vincent - attorney

Downey, W.J. - football - Penn

Downey, Wm., Rev.

Downingham, Charley - football - Friends Central High School

Downie, Dave - hockey

Downie, Thomas G., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Downing - West Philadelphia athlete

Downing, Charles Leon

Downing, Harry L., Jr., Lt. Col.

Downing, J. Arthur - Rehoboth Beach

Downing, Jane - Philadelphia

Downing, John T., Dr.

Downing, Robert - Bristol, PA - in shooting case

Downing, Ruth - 3504 Cottman St.

Downing, Spencer B., Mrs. - society

Downing, Wallace A. - 3800 Spruce St.

Downing, Wm. H. - U.S. Army - 542 York St.

Downing, Wm. S., Rev.

Downs, Ellason, Sgt. - Wilmington, DE

Downs, Ethel, Miss

Downs, Frank, Jr., Capt. - Lilliendahl witness

Downs, Francis Shunk, Rev.

Downs, Norton, Mrs. - society

Downs, Norton, Mrs. - former Marie Lynore McNulty

Downs, Ormond, Mrs. - former Annette Jackson - Miss Philadelphia 1925

Downs, Robert C., Lt. - Philadelphia

Downs, Robert Norton, 3rd

Downs, Robert Norton, 3rd, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Bal Masque - Philadelphia]

Downs, Sue - hockey - Swarthmore

Downs, T. McKean, Dr.

Downs, Thomas, Sgt.

Downs, W. Findlay

Downs, Wm. J., Rev. - Meadville, PA

Downward - basketball - guard - Haverford College

Downward, James Germaine - Haverford, PA (empty 12-3-88)

Dows, Tracy - society

Doxrun, Oliva C. - Philadelphia

Doykin - baseball - Northeast High School

Doyle, Agnes - sctress

Doyle, Aloysius

Doyle, B.L.

Doyle, Babs

Doyle, Bartley J. & wife - former Mrs. John H. Lascelles

Doyle, Bernice

Doyle, Bob

Doyle, Bob - St. Joseph's College track & coach

Doyle, Charles V. - Pennsylvania A.C. [SEE ALSO Straus, Nathan]

Doyle, Daniel - cop

Doyle, Dick - detective

Doyle, Dorothy Louise - society

Doyle, Dutch - football [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Joseph, Father]

Doyle, Dwight - football - Germantown High School

Doyle, E.J., Mrs.

Doyle, E.T. - police inspector

Doyle, Ed - football - Catholic High School

Doyle, Edward J., 3rd, Mrs. - former Helen McHugh

Doyle, Elizabeth

Doyle, Elizabeth J. - West Philadelphia Catholic Girls High

Doyle, F.G., Mrs.

Doyle, Francis J., Jr., Mrs. - former Marjorie K. Ruth

Doyle, Gertrude - sculptress

Doyle, H.O. Larry

Doyle, Henry

Box 254
List of People

Doyle, Henry C. - detective

Doyle, J., Maj. & Son - Penn A.C. (empty 12-3-88)

Doyle, James - actor

Doyle, James - Geuting messenger

Doyle, Jane - actress

Doyle, Jim - baseball - Cheltenham

Doyle, John - baseball - Catholic High School

Doyle, John - swimmer

Doyle, John, Mrs. - society

Doyle, John D., Capt. - policeman

Doyle, John, Rev.

Doyle, John F. - Nebraska legislator

Doyle, John J. - F.H.A.

Doyle, John J.

Doyle, John J., 3rd - Philadelphia

Doyle, John Martin - attorney

Doyle, Joseph - fireman

Doyle, Joseph B., Sgt. - Philadelphia

Doyle, Joseph C. - G.A.R.

Doyle, Larry - American Legion

Doyle, Mary Rita - Hockey

Doyle, Michael Francis [SEE ALSO Franklin, James H.; Richberg, Donald; Spindler, Karl, Capt.; Roosevelt, Franklin D. - Letter to Michael F. Doyle; Wilson, James; Richelieu, Elinor D.W., Mrs.; Roosevelt, Franklin D. - Inauguration 1945; Liberty Bell]

Doyle, Michael F., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Blankenburg, Lucretia; Moore, Wm. B., Capt.; Ketterer, Gustave, Mrs.; Lowman, Josephine, Mrs.]

Doyle, Michael J.

Doyle, Miriam - actress

Doyle, Pat, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Doyle, Peggy Ann

Doyle, Richard - police Lt. [SEE ALSO Sutton, Wm. - Convict; Malone, James H.; Philadelphia - Police Detective Bureau; Robberies - Philadelphia; King, Theron]

Doyle, Samuel H., Mrs. - Temple University

Doyle, Stanley - American Legion

Doyle, Thomas, Det. Sgt.

Doyle, Thomas - candidate for magistrate

Doyle, Thomas H., Jr. - student

Doyle, Thomas L., Dr.

Doyle, W.H., Jr., Mrs. - society

Doyle, Wm. F., Dr.

Doyle, William H. - Berwyn, PA - contractor, dead 10-13-34

Doyle, Wm. L., Sgt.

Doyle-Jones, Francis - sculptor

Doyne, Blanche

Dozier, Paula - University of Pennsylvania

Dozier, Stephen

Drabkin, David L. - University of Pennsylvania

Drabkin, Stella, Mrs.

Drabkoski, Hank - football

Draganza, John

Drager, John - football - Oregon State

Dragonette, Jessica - singer

Dragonette, Jessica - singer - straight photos

Dragotta, Carmel - bowler

Drain, Charles S., Jr. [SEE ALSO Byers, J. Wilson, Dr.]

Drain, John W. [SEE ALSO Paderewski, Ignace]

Drake, Allison R. - pianist [SEE ALSO Drake, Maria E.]

Drake, Ben, Jr. - baseball

Drake, Cornelia, Miss - Bryn Mawr College

Drake, E.A.

Drake, H. Stanley

Drake, H. Stanley, Mrs.

Drake, Holt S. - Pittsburgh, PA

Drake, J. Frank - Pittsburgh Gulf Bee Co.

Drake, Leonard A.

Drake, Maria E. [SEE ALSO Drake, Allison R.]

Drake, Millington, Mrs. - society

Drake, Robert B. - third honor man - Northeast High School

Drane, Frank C., Dr. - dead

Draper, Andrew Sloan, Dr.

Draper, Arthur F. & wife - former Sarah H. Hayward

Draper, Arthur S.

Draper, Ford Bowman & wife - former Katharine R. Reeve

Draper, Ford, Mrs. - former Katherine R. Reeve [SEE ALSO Sinnickson, Marie Frances; Reeve, J. Stanley; Thomson, Archibald, Mrs.; Reeve, Stanley; Fulweiler, Thomas; Lucas, Joan]

Draper, Mary Polk [SEE ALSO Houghteling, Margaret]

Draper, Ruth - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 8516]

Box 255
List of People

Draper, Wm., J., Jr., Cpl. - Chester, PA

Draving, Arthur Milton, Jr. & wife

Dravo, Charles Avery, Lt. Col.

Drawbaughn, George - football - halfback - Gettysburg

Drawbell, James Wedgewood - author

Drawka, Mary - 6106 Reedland St.

Drayton, Barbara & Marjorie

Drayton, Barbara E. [SEE ALSO Drayton, Barbara & Marjorie]

Drayton, Betty - actress

Drayton, Caroline T. - society [SEE ALSO Snyder, Wm. H., Jr., Mrs.; Hunter, John Heard]

Drayton, Constance K., Mrs.

Drayton, Evelyn [SEE Barratt, Norris, Jr., Mrs.; large photo 2521]

Drayton, Frederick, Mrs. - society

Drayton, Frederick R.

Drayton, Frederick R., Mrs. - Villanova

Drayton, Harry C., Lt. & wife - former Anne Evangeline Johnson

Drayton, Henry Coleman, Mrs. - divorced

Drayton, Henry E. - Vice President Philadelphia Civic Opera Co.

Drayton, J. Coleman

Drayton, J. John W. - Vice President Midday Club

Drayton, John (empty 12-3-88)

Drayton, John - Philadelphia

Drayton, John Astor - draftee

Drayton, John Welsh, Mrs.

Drayton, John W., Mrs. - society

Drayton, John W., Jr.

Drayton, Marjorie E. - Philadelphia society [SEE ALSO Drayton, Barbara & Marjorie]

Drayton, Mary [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Wells, Elizabeth; Wells, Elizabeth; Cooke, Nina]

Drayton, Nancy [SEE Gilbert, Samuel, Mrs.]

Drayton, Percival

Drayton, Phoebe, Miss [SEE Valentine, H. Stuart, Jr., Mrs.]

Drayton, Ruthie [SEE ALSO Charity Ball 1944; Frank, Patricia]

Drayton, Voorhees, Mrs. - society

Drayton, William, Col.

Drayton, Wm., Mrs. - society

Drazen, Robert

Drebinger, John - Pennsylvania University [SEE ALSO Beetem, Edward]

Dreckshage, Oscar - patrolman

Dredger, John M., Jr. & wife

Dreher, Thomas E., Dr.

Drehfuss, Wm. - patrolman

Dreibelbis, Harold M. - Laureldale, PA

Dreibelbis, William - newsboy - Bloomsburg, PA

Dreier, Edward K.

Dreifus, Len - Central High School athlete

Dremann, Janis - actress

Dreon, M. Edna - actress

Drepperd, Charles E., Lt. - Pennsylvania Military Training Corps. (empty 12-3-88)

Dresden, Arnold, Dr.

Dresden, Mark K.

Dresher, Donald - football - Penn

Dresher, Henry - football - Carnegie Tech

Dresher, Joseph - football - Carnegie Tech

Dressel, Curtis - coach

Dressel, Edwin H. - Supt. U.S. Mint, Philadelphia - & wife [SEE ALSO Coins - Nickels; Philadelphia - Mint]

Dressel, Joel C. - cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy

Dressler, Frank, Mrs.

Dressler, Minnie, Mrs. - Reading, PA

Drew, Beatrice E.

Drew, Edward G., Dr.

Drew, Ellen - actress - married to Sy Bartlett

Drew, Groves W., Rev.

Drew, Hubert Spencer - son of former Congressman - joined Army Air Corps.

Drew, Ione, Mrs. - Chicago - divorced wife of John Drew

Drew, Ira W., Dr.

Drew, James B. - judge [SEE ALSO Maxey, George S.]

Drew, John - drama

Box 256
List of People

Drew, John, Mrs.

Drew, John W., Dr.

Drew, Louise

Drew, Mabel - actress

Drew, Patricia

Drew, Ruth, Mrs.

Drew, Verne - actor

Drew, Webster G.

Drewes, Charles H. - county commissioner

Drewes, Mervin - baseball - Upper Darby High School

Drewes, W.M., Sgt. [SEE ALSO U.S. - Army - Awards]

Drews, Charles H.

Drewsen, Alden C., Lt. - Philadelphia

Drexel, Antonia [SEE Earle, Lawrence, Lt. & wife]

Drexel, Anthony J., 1st - original

Drexel, Anthony J. - Paris, died 12-14-34 [SEE ALSO Brinsley Fitzgerald, Arthur, Mrs. for divorced wife]

Drexel, Anthony J., 2nd, Mrs. - former Margarita Armstrong - divorced

Drexel, Anthony J., Jr. & family

Drexel, Anthony J., Mrs. - former Marjorie Gould [SEE ALSO Drexel, Edith K.]

Drexel, Anthony J., 4th & wife - former Helen Avis Howard [SEE ALSO Drexel, Anthony J., 2nd]

Drexel, Anthony J., 4th, Mrs. - former Helen Avis Howard

Drexel, Anthony J., 5th [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Drexel, Constance - writer

Drexel, Doreen - daughter of Louis Drexel

Drexel, E.K., Maj.

Drexel, Edith K., Miss [SEE H.S. Cram, Mrs.]

Drexel, Edith Kingdon - daughter of Anthony J. Drexel 3rd, dead [SEE Cram, Henry S. - 1st wife]

Drexel, Elizabeth - former Mrs. Harry Lehr [SEE Decies, Lord & Lady - 2nd wife]

Drexel, Elizabeth T., Mrs.

Drexel, Francis Anthony

Drexel, Francis M. - 1792-1837 - & wife

Drexel, Francis M.

Drexel, Franz Josef

Drexel, George W. Childs & wife [SEE ALSO large photo 1889]

Drexel, J. Armstrong

Drexel, Jane - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Hyatt, Darst]

Drexel, John R. & wife

Drexel, John R., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Library Shelves 920 - King Lehr and the Gilded Cage - Pg. 212]

Drexel, John R., Jr., Mrs. - 1st wife - divorced [SEE Drexel, Elizabeth T., Mrs.]

Drexel, John R., Jr. - nee Jane Barbour - 2nd wife

Drexel, John R., 3rd & wife - former Noreen Stoner

Drexel, John R., 3rd, Mrs. - nee Noreen Stoner

Drexel, Joseph W., Mrs. [SEE Library Shelves 920 - Decies, Lady - Turn of the World - pg. 174]

Drexel, Kay [SEE Salvation Army]

Drexel, Louis C.N. & wife

Drexel, Louis C.N., Mrs.

Drexel, Louis C.N., Mrs. & Son

Drexel, Louis C.N., Mrs. [SEE Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs.; Smith, Sanford C. & wife]

Drexel, Margaretta [SEE Winchilsea, Lady]

Drexel, Marjorie - daughter of Anthony J. Drexel, 2nd [SEE Gundry, John M., Mrs.]

Drexel, Marjorie Gould, Miss - now Mrs. John Morton Gundry, Jr. (empty 12-3-88)

Drexel, Mary K. - mother

Drexel, Nancy [SEE Ince, Thomas, Jr. & wife]

Drexel, Robert [SEE Emig, Wm. J.]

Drexel, Thompson, Mrs. [SEE large photo 6104]

Drexel, Victor & wife - former Lois Burchell [SEE ALSO Houdry, Eugene, Mrs.; Drexel, Doreen]

Drexler, Joe - bowler [SEE Maxheim, Max]

Drexler, Louis A. - Dover, DE

Drexler, Tim [SEE Westwood, James J.; Large Photo File - Westwood, James J.]

Dreyfuse, C.J., Mrs.

Dreyfuss, Albert - artist

Dreyfuss, Barney & wife

Dreyfuss, F.W., Mrs. - widow of Barney Dreyfuss, former owner of Pittsburgh baseball team

Dreyfuss, Henry - designer

Dreyfuss, Leonard

Dreyfuss, Samuel W. & wife

Dribble, Lou

Driebe, Jack - football - Temple University

Driezler, Wm. U., Mrs. - former Willetta K. King

Driggs, Lawrence, Jr., Mrs. - former Ethel H. Sewell [SEE ALSO Sewell, Wm. J., Mrs.]

Drinker, Ernesta - Merion

Drinker, Henry S., Dr.

Drinker, Henry S., Jr., Dr. & wife [SEE ALSO Gadsen, H.P.; Rosenwald, Lessing S.; United Campaign 1938; Bodine, W.W.; Cantor, Eddie; Elmore, Robert; Aronoff, Max; Jaffe, Charles]

Drinker, Henry S., Jr., Dr. - home

Drinker, Henry S., Jr., Dr. - tablet

Drinker, Philip

Drinko, Frederick, Sgt.

Drinnen, Frank J. - Federal Reserve Bank

Box 257
List of People

Dripps, Elizabeth [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; Large Photo File - Kohlhas, Jay, Dr.; Vaughn, Buddy; Whetstone, Edith; Allen, Christine; Bert, Robert W.; Blabon, Mary Stout; Richardson, Margaret]

Dripps, Robert Dunning, Sr.

Dripps, Robert D., Jr. & wife - former Diana Rogers [SEE ALSO Hogeland, Russell F.; Hersey, Elizabeth D.; Reid, Charles K., 2nd; Parrott, Perry; Large Photo File]

Dripps, Wm. R.

Driscoll, Alfred E. - New Jersey

Driscoll, Alfred E. & wife - New Jersey

Driscoll, Alfred R., Mrs.

Driscoll, Alice

Driscoll, Bob - Upper Darby High School athlete

Driscoll, Chas. M., Rev.

Driscoll, Daniel, Father

Driscoll, Denis - St. Mary's, PA

Driscoll, Edward Patrick Joseph - Philadelphia

Driscoll, J.P., Comm. - American Legion

Driscoll, James - fireman

Driscoll, James D.

Driscoll, John - survivor of the Monitor, died 6-14-21

Driscoll, John C. - Philadelphia police [SEE ALSO Finn, Wm. A.; Philadelphia - Police - Stations - 22nd + Hunting Park]

Driscoll, John F. - inspector - police department

Driscoll, John J., Rev.

Driscoll, John J. - football

Driscoll, Marie - 1716 Locust St.

Driscoll, Maxwell - drama

Driscoll, Michael J. - chief of police - Eddystone, PA

Driscoll, Robert, Rev.

Driscoll, Roger - golfer

Driscoll, Roger, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Jeffrey, Helen S., Mrs.]

Driscoll, W. - police inspector

Driver, Ann

Driver, Dorothy

Driver, Ed - football - Friends Central

Driver, Lee L., Dr.

Driver, Philip B., Jr., Maj. - Ridley Park, PA

Driver, William

Drizen, Herm - basketball - Brown Prep

Drizen, Herman - Villanova 1941

Droescher, Kathleen - Bala Cynwyd [SEE ALSO Horse Shows - Devon, 1946; Picnics]

Droomer, Vera & Henri - Drexel students

Drovin, George Albert

Drown, Hope - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 3999]

Druce, Charles Joseph

Druce, Herbert - actor - dead

Druce, Olga - actress

Drucker, Rhea Carole

Druckman, Sylvia - Philadelphia

Drueding, Caspar C. - Dureding Bros. Co.

Drueding, Diana - Melrose Academy

Drueding, Mary G. - Philadelphia

Drueding, Walter F.

Drugan, Andy - football

Druian, Rafael - violinist

Drulis, Al - football - Temple '41-'42 - Girardville, PA

Drulis, Charles - football - Temple

Drulis, Joe - football [SEE ALSO Simmins, Mary E.]

Drum, Hugh A., Gen. [SEE ALSO large photo 11538]

Drum, Richard C., Adj. Gen. - 1880-1889

Drum, Scott E. - Hazleton, PA [SEE ALSO Hancher, Wm. D.]

Drum, Thomas B. & wife - former Peggy Kipp

Drumel, Theodore - G.A.R.

Drumgoole, Henry T.

Drumheiser, Phillip W., Sgt.

Drumheller, Leland W.

Drumm, Dr.

Drumm, Henry A. - coach - Lower Merion

Drumm, P.C. - Lancaster, PA

Drumm, T.W., Bishop, died 10-24-33

Drummer - Temple athlete

Drumheller, Walter E. - mayor of Sunbury, PA

Drummond, Dorothy R. - Magnolia, NJ

Drummond, Emily - 2334 S. Woodstock St.

Drummond, Gladys

Drummond, Isabel - lawyer

Drummond, Laura W.

Drummond, Margaret E. - beauty winner

Drummond, Winslow S., Rev.

Drury, Herbert S. - ice hockey - Quakers - NHL - November 1930

Drurian, Louis - Central High School student - injured

Drury, L.V.

Drute, Dena - actress

Dry, Thomas L. - Pennsylvania Railroad

Dryburgh, Robert D.

Dryden, Helen, Miss - artist

Dryden, Helen, Mrs. - Swarthmore

Dryden, Jerie, Miss - singer

Drzymalla, Emma C. - Philadelphia Democrat

Box 258
List of People

Duane, Dolly

Duane, Mai

Duane, Margaret Sergeant [SEE ALSO Duane, Morris, Mrs.; Liberty Bell]

Duane, Margaret - artist

Duane, Morris

Duane, Morris, Mrs. - former Maude Harrison

Duane, Russell & wife [SEE ALSO Greenway, Walter B.; Hopkinson, John]

Duane, S.B.

Duane, Sarah Franklin [SEE ALSO Markoe, John, Mrs.]

Duane, William, Col. - old photos

Duane, William, Dr.

Duane, William, Jr. - descendant of Benjamin Franklin

Duane, William J. - old photos

Duane, William R. Galt, Mrs. - nee Gertrude Birdsall

DuBarry, Joseph N., 4th & wife - former Elizabeth Gardner

DuBarry, Wm. H. - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO De St. Quentin, Rene, Count]

Dobbs, Frederick, Mrs. - 208 S. 17th St.

Dubbs, Henry M., Jr.

Dubeck, Kasimir - House Sgt.

Dubell, Charles B., Rev. [SEE ALSO Greenway, Walter B.; Keck, John G.; Walsh, James - British Vice Consul]

Dubin, Aline M. - Upper Darby High School

Dubin, Ann - Miss Pennsylvania 1928

Dubin, Joseph

Dubinsky, Harris

DuBois, Albert E. - Philadelphia Police Department

DuBois, Carmen - actress

DuBois, Emily, Miss - Wildwood

DuBois, Frank

DuBois, Frederick Marshall, Mrs. - former Katherine “Kitty” Wiener - hockey & tennis player

DuBois, Helen - actress

DuBois, Lou - baseball

DuBois, Lucille - actress

DuBois, Madison S. - Woodbury, NJ

DuBois, Wm. W. - Coast Guard - Camden, NJ

Dubose, Wm. G., Capt. [SEE ALSO Weyerbacher, Ralph; Swanson, Claude; Arnold, H.H., Maj. Gen.; Cook, A.B., Rear Adm.; Philadelphia - Cramps Shipbuilding; Mathewson, Elizabeth; Mathewson, R.W., Capt. & wife]

DuBose, Winford, Mrs. - former Sarah Albert Browne

DuBosque, John G. & wife

Dubree, F.G. - Pennsylvania Railroad

DuBree, Frank - policeman [SEE ALSO large photo 8239]

Dubrow, Bernard - Philadelphia

Dubrow, Irving

Dubrowsky, David H., Dr.

Duby, Mary V., Mrs. - NJ

Duckery, Wm. F., Cpl.

Ducott, Elwood, Mrs. -1523 Montgomery Ave.

Dudding, E.E., Dr.

Dudek, Raymond - Manayunk

Dudenake, John, Pfc. - football

Dudley, Agnes - Overbrook High School

Dudley, Alice - actress

Dudley, Ambrose F., Jr.

Dudley, Charles M. - principal - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School

Dudley, Frank - athlete - George School 1941

Dudley, Helen - Philadelphia

Dudley, J. Roy, Mrs. - society

Dudley, John - actor

Dudley, Joseph J. - Common Pleas Court

Dudley, Norman, Dr.

Dudley, T.H. - Moorestown, NJ

Dudlich, Ed - baseball

Dudychova, Vera - Temple University

Dudzinski, Ray - Wilmington swimmer

Dueger, Stuart - football - Carnegie Tech

Duell, Arthur B., Dr.

Duell, William Sackett, Mrs.

Duenner, Joseph, Dr. & wife Dr. Ada Deer

Duer, Caroline - author

Duer, Edward L. - Sun Oil Co. [SEE ALSO Pew, Joseph Newton, Mrs.]

Duer, J.

Duer, Nancy Richmond – debutante

Duerig, Alfred, Mrs. & daughter Eleanor - Haddonfield, NJ

Duerrhammer, Itha - Miss Philadelphia 1944 [SEE ALSO NJ - Atlantic City - Beauty Pageant, 1944; Ice Capades, 1944; U.S. - Finances - Bonds - Victory Drive - 7th - Philadelphia]

DuFaye, Grace - actress

Duff, Doris J., Mrs.

Duff, E.A. - squash [SEE ALSO Montgomery, James Shera; Lind, Wm., Comm.]

Duff, Edward A., Rev.

Duff, Edward A., Capt. [SEE ALSO Farley, James A.; Philadelphia - Navy Yard - Chapel]

Box 259
List of People

Duff, Edward M. - 2914 N. 5th St. - U.S. Army

Duff, James H. - Pittsburgh (empty 12-3-88)

Duff, James H. - Pittsburgh

Duff, John T., Jr.

Duff, Margaret

Duff, Sarah Sterling - society

Duff, William M.

Duffey, John J. - patrolman

Duffield, L.B., Dr. - dentist

Duffield, Malcolm - actor

Duffield, Orville S., Rev.

Duffield, Robert

Duffield, Warren L., Dr.

Duffin, James William

Duffy, Barbara

Duffy, Bill - boxer [SEE ALSO Mentzinger, Bob; Mellus, John]

Duffy, Bob

Duffy, Bob - Olney High School

Duffy, Charlie - football - Germantown High School

Duffy, Edith, Mrs. (Mickey)

Duffy, Edward, Jr.

Duffy, Edward A., Dr. & Mrs.

Duffy, Edward L.M., Rev.

Duffy, Francis, Rev.

Duffy, Genevieve - 2134 Locust St.

Duffy, George S. - fire department - & wife [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Fire Department]

Duffy, Harry V. - Chilton Co.

Duffy, J.T. - President Read Machine Co., York, PA

Duffy, Jack R., Sgt. - Penns Grove, NJ

Duffy, James - Collingswood, NJ

Duffy, James F. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Duffy, Jimmy - bartender

Duffy, Jimmy - Chester, PA

Duffy, John - chief of police - Upper Providence Township

Duffy, John - Lehigh Valley Railroad

Duffy, John A., Rev.

Duffy, John J. - police

Duffy, Joseph - 1720 Diamond St. (empty 12-3-88)

Duffy, Joseph - detective

Duffy, Kitty - actress

Duffy, Madelyn - Stonehurst, PA

Duffy, Mary - Norristown, PA

Duffy, Maurice J., Rev.

Duffy, Mickey - gangster

Duffy, Mickey - gangster - funeral

Duffy, Mildred - actress

Duffy, P.A. - Pennsylvania Censor Board of Motion Pictures [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania Motion Pictures Censors Board]

Duffy, Robert J., Cpl. - Stonehurst, PA

Duffy, Vincent E. - Butler, PA - U.S. Army flying cadet

Dufor, Harry - actor

DuFrayne, Frank - real estate

Dufur, J. Ivan, Dr.

Dufur, J. Ivan, Jr., Lt.

Dufur, J. Ivan, Jr. & 1st wife - former Louise H. Trousdale

Dufur, J. Ivan, Jr. & 2nd wife - nee June Brister

Dufur, Joanna, Miss - Rydal [SEE Ellis, William, Mrs.]

Dugale, Robert - patrolman

Dugan, Bernard - deputy coroner [SEE ALSO Large Photo File - Petrillo, Herman]

Dugan, Bill - sculler [SEE ALSO Costello, Paul]

Dugan, Carroll - coach

Dugan, Cyrus - 507 Stiles Ave., Ridley Park - draftee

Dugan, Dan - football - Drexel

Dugan, George, Jr. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dugan, Howard W., Lt. - Ridley Park, PA

Dugan, Hugh T., Rev.

Dugan, Joe - sports editor - Record

Dugan, John - graduate

Dugan, John F. - director of welfare [SEE ALSO Heavey, James F.; Mealey, John P., Rev]

Dugan, Leo

Dugan, Marie

Dugan, Margaret - actress

Dugan, Robert

Dugan, Stan - baseball

Dugan, William H., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Dugan, William R. - oarsman

Dugas, Augustine "Gus" - baseball

Duggun, Joan - Ventnor City, NJ

Duggan, Mary Louise - Pittsburgh, PA

Duggan, John B., Jr. [SEE ALSO Reilly, James A.; Maggiotti, Charles; Monaghan, Franck]

DuHanne, Eleanor - actress

Duhme, Richard, Jr.

Duhring, H. Louis, Mrs.

Duhring, Herman L., Rev.

Duhring, Louis Adolphus, Dr.

Duignan, James J. - Irish Republican Army

Duke, Anthony Biddle Drexel & wife - former Alice Noel Rutgers

Duke, Anthony N. - Drexel

Duke, Charles

Duke, Charles A. - chief of police - Clifton Heights

Duke, Charley - Germantown Academy athlete

Duke, Clarence A., Lt. - Lower Merion police

Duke, Clarence H., Lt. [SEE ALSO Donaldson, Francis A.; Allen, Edward H.B.; Lower Merion Police]

Duke, Eda Ann - actress

Box 260
List of People

Duke, H.T., Cpl. - Philadelphia

Duke, Mary "Moll" - Trenton, NJ

Duke, Mary L. - stage actress

Dulak, Francis, Dr.

Duld, Frank - policeman

Duld, John, Pfc. - Philadelphia

Dull, Hazel - Lancaster, PA

Dull, John - Philadelphia Art Alliance

Dullard, John P.

Dull, John J. - artist [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Buildings - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts]

Dulles, Ives - Wayne

Dulles, Lily C. - society

Dumarars, Lilyom - actress

Dumas, Frances - actress

Dumas, George, Mrs.

Dumbauld, Edward

Dumbrow - fencer - Temple University

Dumford, Wilber - A's baseball player

Dumbauld, H.S.

Dumm, John M., Dr.

Dummeldinger, Betty, Mrs.

Dummit, Eldon S.

Du Mond, Frank V., Rev.

Dumond, Leo - Pittsburgh

Dumont, Charles

Dumont, Charles, 3rd

Dumont, Francis M., Dr.

Dumont, Frank - Dumont Minstrels

Dumont, Frank - Mummers Parade

Dumont, Madeline - actress

Dumont, Margaret [SEE ALSO large photo 5962]

Dumont, Virginia - Philadelphia

Dumpson, James R.

Dumsky, Victoria, Dr.

Dun, Angus, Rev.

Dunaway, James Weston - Valley Forge Military Academy

Dunaway, May

Dunaway, Wayland F., Dr.

Dunbar, Alexander

Dunbar, Arthur J.

Dunbar, Charles, Mrs. - Morristown, NJ

Dunbar, Dixie - West Catholic High School athlete

Dunbar, H.N. - autos

Dunbar, Harvey L., Lt. - Easton, PA

Dunbar, Samuel [SEE ALSO McClure, John J. - letter sent to McClure]

Dunbar, Ulric S.J. - sculptor

Dunbar, Willis Cook, died 1-4-38

Duncan - football - Penn

Duncan, Clifford - football

Duncan, Sisters - actresses [SEE ALSO large photo 1495]

Duncan, C. William - Evening Public Ledger

Duncan, Doris - actress

Duncan, George S., Rev.

Duncan, Gertrude I., Mrs.

Duncan, Gordon - Lansdowne, PA

Duncan, Hayes - park guard

Duncan, Joseph Gray, Jr., Mrs.

Duncan, Joseph G., 3rd & wife - former Charlotte Diffenderfer

Duncan, Joseph G., 3rd, Mrs. - former Charlotte Diffenderfer [SEE ALSO Klump, Joseph J., Mrs.; Powell, Robert; Conover, Wm. G., Mrs.; Riley, Rebecca; Washington, Marie B.]

Duncan, Joseph G., 3rd, Mrs. - former Charlotte Diffenderfer - straight photos

Duncan, L.G.

Duncan, Margaret "Peggy" - society

Duncan, Mary - actress - Mrs. Stephen Sanford [SEE ALSO large photo 7935] (1 of 2)

Duncan, Mary - actress - Mrs. Stephen Sanford [SEE ALSO large photo 7935] (2 of 2)

Duncan, Mary - stage actress

Duncan, Patricia - Overbrook [SEE ALSO large photo 10788]

Duncan, Robert, Prof.

Duncan, Robert Moore, Dr. & wife

Duncan, Rosetta - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4670; Duncan Sisters]

Duncan, P.F.

Duncan, S.B.I., Col. - Delaware

Duncan, Turc - actor

Duncan, Turner A. - ACF-Brill Motors Co.

Duncan, Virginia - ice skater

Duncan, Vivian - actress - divorced wife of Nils Asther - actor [SEE ALSO Duncan Sisters; large photo 3842]

Ducanis, Alex - football - Carnegie Tech

Duncombe, Frank, Rev.

Duncombe, Franklin, Rev. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Bala Cynwyd Methodist Church; Stafford, Franklin, Mrs.; Wills, Robert C.]

Dundesen, Herman N., Dr.

Dundon, Joe - P.N.G.

Dundon, Thelma

Dundore, Virginia - 6309 Kingsessing Ave.

Box 261
List of People

Dundy, Chris - pugilist manager

Dunford, Edward B. - attorney

Dunham, Aileen [SEE ALSO Rowland, Wm.]

Dunham, Arthur

Dunham, Austin, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Stewart, John, Mrs.; Coxe, Daniel M., Jr., Mrs.]

Dunham, Bruce S.

Dunham, Bruce Sherin, Mrs. - former Eleanor J. Matthieu [SEE ALSO Large Photo file; Dunham, Bruce S.; Sledding Scenec; Webb, Andrew]

Dunham, Frederick, Mrs. - society

Dunham, James Henry, Rev.

Dunham, James H., Dr. [SEE ALSO Wallace, Henry A.]

Dunham, James H., Mrs.

Dunham, Lloyd, Mrs. - Ardmore

Dunham, R. Wilmer - Haverford athlete [SEE large photo 11551]

Dunham, U.S.J. - and statue of Sitting Bull

Dunham, Theodore, Jr., Dr.

Dunigan, Edward - actor

Dunigan, Wm. E.

Dunkelberger, Charles - Frackville High School coach

Dunkelberger, Roy - Reading, PA

Dunkels, Dorothy - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7965]

Dunkle, Harry - football [SEE ALSO Lalanne, Jim]

Dunkle, Jacob A. - Sheriff's Association of Pennsylvania

Dunkle, Katherine Alberta, Miss

Dunkle, Ray M., Capt.

Dunlany, George W., Jr. - lumber merchant

Dunlap, Alex O.

Dunlap, Anne M.

Dunlap, Eleanor, Mrs. - Ardmore, PA

Dunlap, Elizabeth - Pittsburgh

Dunlap, Elwood

Dunlap, Emily

Dunlap, Florence - actress

Dunlap, George B.

Dunlap, Frederick C.

Dunlap, Katherine - Chestnut Hill - now Mrs. Roy Van Thuyne (empty 12-3-88)

Dunlap, Thomas

Dunlap, W.A., Mrs. - Orangeman

Dunlap, Walter, Mrs. - nee Barbara Armstrong

Dunlap, Walter Galbraith, Mrs. - nee Marion Alice Hindle

Dunlap, Wilbur

Dunlap, Wilbur B.

Dunlap, William, Mrs.

Dunlap, Wm. A.

Dunlap, William A.

Dunlap, William B. - Lee Tire executive

Dunlavey, Peter, Pvt. - Ashland, PA

Dunleavy, Harry - baseball

Dunlap, Tom - basketball - St. Joseph's Prep

Dunlop, H.P., Rev.

Dunlop, J.F., Bishop

Dunlop, Katherine - society

Dunlop, William Laird, Mrs. - society

Dunmore, Dave - Girard College athlete

Dunn, Capt. - Philadelphia detective (empty 12-3-88)

Dunn - Golfer - Lansdowne Country Club

Dunn, Alfred - Philadelphia

Dunn, Alice A. & Elizabeth - society

Dunn, Anne - society

Dunn, Ed - baseball & basketball - Temple

Dunn, Edgar B. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Dunn, Edward - basketball

Dunn, Elizabeth, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Dunn, Houston, Jr., Mrs.]

Dunn, Emma - actress

Dunn, Emmett Reid, Dr.

Dunn, Finley Peter & wife

Dunn, Frank, Lt.

Dunn, Frank Joseph - police

Dunn, Gano - President J.G. White Engineering Co.

Dunn, George - tennis - Penn A.C. [SEE ALSO Friedman, Bernie; Bee, Clair F.; Talbert, Bill; Bellis, Izzy]

Dunn, Harry James - Paulsboro, NJ

Dunn, Henrietta Kempton - Chestnut Hill [SEE Nash, Henry, Mrs.]

Dunn, Houston - prison inspectors [SEE ALSO Baldi, Frederick; Philadelphia - Prisons - Board of Prison Inspectors]

Dunn, Houston, Mrs.

Dunn, Houston, Jr. & wife - former Elizabeth Linn

Dunn, James

Dunn, James A. & wife

Dunn, John - athlete

Dunn, John - Philadelphia

Dunn, John J., Capt. - police department

Dunn, Jonathan Dickinson [SEE ALSO Conrad, Patricia; Wilson, Nancy G.]

Dunn, Joseph J., Jr. [SEE ALSO Lepow, Samuel S., Dr.]

Dunn, Katherine S. - society - Germantown

Dunn, Marguerite - actress

Dunn, Marin S., Dr.

Dunn, Mary - Frankford High School

Dunn, Matthew A. [SEE ALSO Cox, James R.; Lawry, Richard H.]

Dunn, Mildred - 4723 N. Tenth St.

Dunn, Robert H.J. - Record employee

Dunn, Robert Henry, Mrs. - former Grace Ellis McHenry

Dunn, Robert, Mrs. - former Frances T. Kremer [SEE ALSO Lewis, James N., 3rd]

Dunn, Theresa - Temple University student (empty 12-3-88)

Dunn, Thomas A. - Crystal Soap & Chemical Co.

Dunn, Thomas A., Jr.

Dunn, Thomas E., Mrs.

Box 262
List of People

Dunn, Thos. H. - Pittsburgh, PA

Dunn, Tom - baseball umpire

Dunn, Violet - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4982]

Dunn, Wm. E., Dr.

Dunn, William Emory

Dunn, William W. - Hamm Brewing Co. - sales manager

Dunne, Dennis J., Rev.

Dunne, Elizabeth - actress

Dunne, Frederic, Rt. Rev.

Dunne, Henrietta Hawthorne - Bryn Mawr [SEE ALSO Smith, Bradford, Jr., Mrs.]

Dunner, Werner G., Miss - society

Dunnerty, Joseph - American Legion

Dunning, Edward R. - N.W. Ayer & Sons, Inc.

Dunning, Frances D. - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - Flourtown Fair; Spencer, Charles; Shober, Edward, Jr.; Brewster, Anne D.; Cooke, Nina; Thomas, Joyanne; Phillips, Edna]

Dunning, George A. - President Standard Ice Co.

Dunning, George A., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Dougherty, Graham, Mrs.]

Dunning, Norman, Maj. & wife

Dunning, Norman, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Hurlburt, E. Merrit; Garthwaite, A.A., Mrs.]

Dunning, Thomas S., Dr. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Whitaker, Joseph A.]

Dunning, Wilbur G., Dr.

Dunninger - actor

Dunnington, Robert H., Sr., Dr.

Dunphy, Christopher & wife

Dunphy, Margaret D.

Dunphy, W.H., Rev.

Dunsford, Jan, Mrs. - society

Dunsmore, Andrew B.

Dunsworth - basketball - La Salle

Dunstan, Cliff - actor

Dunton, Wm. Rush, Jr., Dr.

Dunway, James - Erie, PA

Dunwoody, Milton - detective

Du Paul, Marion J., Mrs.

Dupen, Everett - youthful artist

Dupolt - South Philadelphia High School

du Pont, Miss - actress [SEE Stokes, Sylvanus, Jr., Mrs.]

du Pont, A. Felix

du Pont, A. Felix, Mrs.

du Pont, A. Felix, Jr. & wife

du Pont, A. Felix, Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor Hoyt [SEE ALSO du Pont, Richard, Mrs.]

du Pont, Adelard & wife - former Margaret McMillan - 12th wife

du Pont, Albert R.

du Pont, Alexandrine [SEE Perkins, Howard A., Mrs.]

du Pont, Alexis

du Pont, Alexis B.

du Pont, Alfred I., died 4-30-35

du Pont, Alfred I., Mrs.

du Pont, Alfred Victor & wife - society

du Pont, Alice [SEE Mills, James P., Mrs.; Buck, C. Douglass, Mrs.]

du Pont, Alicia [SEE Kent, George, Mrs.]

du Pont, Amy F.

du Pont, Arthur A. & wife - former Mrs. Francis T. Beard

du Pont, Augustine, Mlle.

du Pont, Caroline H., Mrs.

du Pont, Charles Everett, Mrs. - former Elizabeth M. Norman

du Pont, Charles Irenee & wife

du Pont, Coleman & wife - former Joan B. Bowers

du Pont, Coleman, Mrs. - former Joan Blaine Bowers

du Pont, Constance - girl bandit

du Pont, D.W., Mrs.

du Pont, Denise [SEE Zapffe, Carl, Mrs.]

du Pont, Doris - actress

du Pont, Dorothy

du Pont, E.A.

du Pont, E.I.

du Pont, E. Paul & wife

du Pont, Edith [SEE Riegel, Richard, Mrs.]

du Pont, Edmond

du Pont, Edmond, Mrs. - former Averell A. Ross

du Pont, Elizabeth Canby, Mrs.

du Pont, Elizabeth Frances [SEE Morgan, Richard Dorsey, Mrs.]

du Pont, Elizabeth Wrenn [SEE Govett, Leonard, Mrs.]

du Pont, Elizabeth Wrenn, Mrs. - New York

du Pont, Elsa - actress

du Pont, Emile F.

du Pont, Emile F., Mrs.

du Pont, Emily [SEE Smith, F. Grosvenor, Mrs.]

du Pont, Ernest

du Pont, Ernest, Jr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Ferriday, Emita; Women - Working; Grasselli, Thomas S., Mrs.]

du Pont, Esther [SEE Weir, Campbell, Mrs.]

Box 263
List of People

du Pont, Ethel

du Pont, Ethel [SEE Roosevelt, F.D., Jr., Mrs.]

du Pont, Eugene [SEE ALSO Coles, Arthur N.; du Pont, Ethel]

du Pont, Eugene, Mrs.

du Pont, Eugene, 3rd

du Pont, Evelyn, R.A.

du Pont, Evelyn Rebecca [SEE Donaldson, Bruce M., Mrs.]

du Pont, Family

du Pont, Felix

du Pont, Felix A., Mrs. & daughter

du Pont, Felix, Sr., Mrs.

du Pont, Francis V., Mrs. - society

du Pont, Frances [SEE Tremper, Horace Wm., Jr., Mrs.]

du Pont, Francis George & wife - former Alice B. Churchman

du Pont, Francis I., died 3-16-42 [SEE Emerson, Victor L.]

du Pont, Francis V. & wife - former Janet Gram

du Pont, Francis V., Mrs. - former Katherine Clark

du Pont, Frank V. [SEE Seabrook, Charles F.]

du Pont, H.F., Mrs. [SEE Mills, Ogden, Mrs.]

du Pont, George W. & wife

du Pont, Helen

du Pont, Henry - son of Mr. & Mrs. William du Pont of Rosemont

du Pont, Henry A., Col., died 12-31-26

du Pont, Henry B. - aviator

du Pont, Henry Belin, Mrs.

du Pont, Henry Belin, Jr. & wife - former Margaret W. Lewis

du Pont, Irenee

du Pont, J. Austin, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Horse Shows - Pennsylvania - Chester County]

du Pont, Jean - Chicago

du Pont, Jean Arthur & wife - former Dorothy Bugher

du Pont, Jean Ellen & Evelyn [SEE ALSO du Pont, William, Mrs.; large photo 11183]

du Pont, ____ [SEE du Pont, F. George, Mrs.]

du Pont, John [SEE ALSO Horse Shows - Pennsylvania - Chester County]

du Pont, Katherine Clark, Mrs. - wife of Francis Victor du Pont - divorced

du Pont, Lammot - Delaware [SEE ALSO Swope, Gerard; Pew, J. Howard; National Assoc. of Manufacturers - War Congress; Waitt, Alden H., Brig. Gen.; DuPont Company - Nylon Research Laboratory]

du Pont, Lammot - straight photos

du Pont, Lammot, Mrs. - former Margaret A. Flett - 4th wife

du Pont, Lammot, Mrs. - former Mrs. Caroline Hynson Stollenwerck - 3rd wife

du Pont, Lammot, Jr., Mrs.

du Pont, Lammot, Jr., Mrs. - nee Ruth Foster

du Pont, Lammot, Mrs. - 3rd wife - divorced [SEE du Pont, Caroline A., Mrs.]

du Pont, Lammot, Mrs. - former Margaret A. Flett - 4th wife

du Pont, Lois

du Pont, Lucille Evelina

du Pont, Lydia

du Pont, M. Justin

du Pont, Marcel

du Pont, Marian [SEE ALSO Scott, George Randolph, Mrs.]

du Pont, Marie Delphine [SEE Davies, Taleasin H., Jr., Mrs.]

du Pont, Marion [SEE Scott, Randolph, Mrs.]

du Pont, Mary Belin [SEE Faulkner, James M., Mrs.]

du Pont, Murton [SEE Wood, Catherine V.]

du Pont, Miss - drama

du Pont, Nancy - daughter of Lammot

du Pont, Nicholas Ridgely & wife - former Genevieve Livingston Estes

du Pont, Nicholas R., Mrs.

du Pont, Pati - actress [SEE du Pont, Miss]

du Pont, Patricia, Lt. [SEE U.S. - Army - Nurses]

du Pont, Patricia

du Pont, Paul & wife - former Rachel W. Strawbridge

du Pont, Paul, Mrs. - former Rachel Strawbridge

du Pont, Paulina [SEE Dean, J. Simpson, Mrs.]

du Pont, Pauline - Wilmington

du Pont, Phyllis E. [SEE Schutt, C. Porter, Mrs.]

du Pont, Pierre S. - Longwood Gardens

du Pont, Pierre S. [SEE ALSO Raskob, John J.]

du Pont, Pierre S. - straight photos

du Pont, Pierre S. & wife

du Pont, Pierre S., Mrs.

du Pont, Pierre S., 3rd, Mrs. - former Jane Holcomb

du Pont, Pierre S. Denemours

du Pont, Rhett, Mrs.

Box 264
List of People

du Pont, Richard & wife - former Allaire Crozer

du Pont, Richard, Mrs. - former Allaire Crozer [SEE ALSO Mather, Charles, 2nd]

du Pont, Richard C. [SEE ALSO Cone, J. Carroll, Col.; U.S. - Post Office - Air Mail Pickup Service]

du Pont, Richard C., Mrs.

du Pont, Richard C., Jr. [SEE du Pont, Richard C., Mrs.]

du Pont, S.F. - U.S. Navy

du Pont, S. Hallock & wife - former Elizabeth O. Wrenn

du Pont, S. Hallock, Mrs. - former Elizabeth O. Wrenn [SEE Govett, Leonard, Mrs.]

du Pont, Samuel Francis

du Pont, T. Coleman - U.S. Senator, DE, died 11-11-30

du Pont, Teddy

du Pont, Victor, Sr., Mrs. [SEE ALSO du Pont, Emily]

du Pont, Victor, 3rd, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Springer, Wm., Mrs.]

du Pont, Victorine [SEE Dent, Elbert, Mrs.]

du Pont, Wilhelmina, Miss [SEE Ross, Donald P., Mrs.]

du Pont, Wm.

du Pont, children of Mr. & Mrs. W.

du Pont, Wm., Jr.

du Pont, Wm., Jr. & wife - nee Jean L. Austin [SEE ALSO large photo 1106] (1 of 2)

du Pont, Wm., Jr. & wife - nee Jean L. Austin [SEE ALSO large photo 1106] (2 of 2)

du Pont, Zara

Dupree, Henri - actor

Dupree, Jean - actress

Dupree, Minnie - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 1788]

Duprey, Harry C., Dr.

Duquette, Norman, Father

Durand, W.F., Dr. - Society of Mechanical Engineers

Durang, Charles

Durang, George R. - Security Bank & Trust Co.

Durant, A.J., Dr.

Durant, Douglas - Valley Forge Military Academy

Durant, Thomas M., Dr.

Duray, Elizabeth - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 6441]

Durbin - baseball - Penn A.C.

Durbin, Margaret Jane W. - Bryn Mawr, PA

Durbin, Richard - Poor Richard Club

Durbin, Robert H.

Durborow, Charles

Durburow, L.R. - Maplewood, NJ

Durburant, Mary - Media (empty 12-3-88)

Durden, Kenneth

Durfor, Walter - football

Durges, Carlton S. - Oaklyn, NJ

Durham, Eleanor

Durham, Fred S., Jr., Capt. & wife - former Lucy J. Wyckoff

Durham, Fred S., Jr., Mrs. - former Lucy J. Wyckoff [SEE ALSO Boyd, Eleanor Mc C.; Clay, George R.; Mellor, Edward]

Durham, Hannah, Mrs.

Durham, Hannah M., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Martin, Edward, Mrs.; Scranton, Worthington, Mrs.]

Durham, Israel W.

Durham, J. Edward - insurance, died 10-23-33 (empty 12-3-88)

Box 265
List of People

Durig, Ernest - sculptor - & wife

Durkan, John F. - Scranton

Durkin, Frances - Chestnut Hill College

Durkin, James - actor

Durkin, John A. - St. Joseph's College

Durkin, John J., Lt. - Westfield, NJ [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2nd - Airplanes - Rescues]

Durkin, Joseph T., Rev.

Durkin, Rose

Durko, John - football

Durkow, Felice W. - attorney

Durnin, John T. - estate of

Durnin, Marjorie A.

Durning, James [SEE ALSO Mummers 1942; Mummers 1943; Mummers 1946]

Duross, Joseph

Duross, Willard, Lt. [SEE ALSO Trumbull, Louise]

Durr, Robert - Northeast High School

Dursi, Helen

Durst, Max - President Keystone Brass & Rubber Co.

Durst, William - survivor of the Monitor - dead

Duryea, Charles E. - builder, 1st gasoline auto - & wife

Duryea, George - actor

Duryea, Grace

Duryee, Wm. B. [SEE ALSO Pates, James S.]

Duse, Eleanora - Italian actress - dead

Duskin, Nan

Dutch, Andrew K.

Dutch, Andrew Karson, 3rd, Maj. & wife - former Elizabeth E. Herbert

Dutcher, John - football [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1938-1939; Pennsylvania - University of - Football 1949]

Dutko, Bud - Overbrook High School for the Blind athlete

Dutko, John W., Pfc. - Homer City, PA

Dutrow, Dorcas Ann

Dutterer, Charles - guard - Holmesburg

Dutton, L.R.

Dutton, Nan L.

Dutton, Norman H. - Osmond-Laurens Travel Service

Dutton, Pauline - Jenkintown, PA [SEE ALSO Sledding Scenes]

Dutton, Steve - Civil War drummer boy

Dutton, Wm. A., Mrs.

Duval, Andre - designer, sculptor & aeronaut

Duval, Betty - actress

Duval, Jean - actress

Duval, Josephine - actress

Duval, Nat - athlete

Duval, Ruth

Duval, Sonia - actress

Duval, Zonyia - actress

Du Valle, Gaby - actress

Duy, A.W.

Dwier, Edwin

Dwier, W. Kirkland - Fairmount Park Commission [SEE ALSO Hepburn, Samuel, Maj.]

Dwig - artist

Dwight, J.W. - former Congressman

Dworecki, Walter, Rev. & children

Dworkin - soccer - captain - Central High School

Dwyer, Anthony - actor

Dwyer, Charles T. - state representative, PA

Dwyer, Dorothy A. [SEE Cook, William McCoach, Mrs.]

Dwyer, Edward J., Jr.

Dwyer, Francis D., Mrs. - former Dorothy Young

Dwyer, Frank P., Dr.

Dwyer, Harry S. - Lansdale, PA

Dwyer, James - detective

Dwyer, John J. - old time pugilist

Dwyer, John P.

Dwyer, John T. - Philadelphia Newman Club alumni (empty 12-3-88)

Dwyer, Lawrence - United Mine Workers of America

Dwyer, Wm. - policeman

Dybvig, Charles C., Mrs. - former Miss Dorothy E. Schumaker

Dych, Anna May - Kensington High School grad 1941

Dyck, A.J.

Dydiuk, Stella - 1759 Juniata Street

Dye, Alexander V., Dr.

Dye, Ralph W., Dr.

Dye, Wm. S., Jr., Dr.

Dyer, Carleton L. - Philco Radio & Television Corp.

Dyer, David T. - police department

Dyer, Dorothy T., Mrs.

Dyer, Frank, Rev.

Dyer, Frederick, Mrs.

Dyer, George - author

Dyer, Helen, Mrs. - York, PA

Dyer, Rolla E., Dr.

Dyer, T.B. - G.A.R. 1933

Dyer, W.E.S.

Dykhuizen, George, Dr.

Dynne, Carolyn - actress

Dyson, Ellen, Mrs.

Dyson, Elwood T., Rev.

Dyke, Paul - football - Upper Darby High School

Dykes, Bill - baseball

Dykes, Charlie - basketball [SEE ALSO Dykes, Jimmy, Mrs.]

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball - & wife

Dykes, Jimmy, Mrs. & daughter

Dykes, Jimmy, Jr. - baseball [SEE ALSO Dykes, Jimmy, Sr.; Dykes, Jimmy, Mrs.; Dykes, Charles]

Box 266
List of People

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager [SEE ALSO large photo 7688] (1 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (2 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (3 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (4 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (5 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (6 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (7 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (8 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball manager (9 of 9)

Dykes, Jimmy - baseball

Dykes, Jimmy - children of - Jimmy Jr., Teresa, Charles

Dzitko, John - football - Villanova 1941

Eaby, Charles W. - district attorney - Lancaster

Eaby, C.E.

Eaby, Christian E. - Ephrata, PA

Eaches, Louise - Wyomissing, PA

Eaches, Paris E. - Reading, PA

Eadbert, Charles, Brother

Eaden, W.H.

Eadon, Thomas A.

Eagan, Jackie - Camden

Eagan, Thomas J.

Eagan, William - Pennsylvania Railroad

Eagels, Jeanne - actress, died 10-1-29

Eagen, Michael J. - Scranton [SEE ALSO Rebhorn, Wm.]

Eagleson, Wm. B.

Eakin, Floss - baseball

Eakin, William A. - Lawrence County

Eakins, Margaret Virginia

Eakins, Thomas

Eakins, Thomas - home

Eakle, Thomas H., Jr.

Ealer, Doris B., Miss - Gloucester, NJ

Ealy, Charles - Somerset [SEE ALSO James, Arthur H.]

Ealy, Charles H. - state senator

Eames, Cice - with George White Scandals

Eames, Claire - actress

Earhart, Amelia - in Philadelphia 10-5-32

Earhart, E.B. - Chestnut Hill, PA [SEE ALSO Brewster, Anne]

Earhart, Henry R., Mrs. - former Margaret J. Behm

Earhart, Will, Dr. - director of music - Pittsburgh, PA

Earl, Amanda

Earl, Jean

Earl, Lawson

Earl, Maud - artist

Earl, Maud - actress

Earl, Samuel R.

Earle, Albert Porter

Earle, Arthur

Earle, D.P. - NJ Trap Shooting Association

Earle, George - prison guard [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Prisons - Holmesburg]

Box 267
List of People

Earle, George H., Sr. & wife

Earle, George H., Jr., died 2-1928

Earle, George H., Jr. - Greek coins

Earle, George H., Jr., Mrs. - mother of Governor Earle

Earle, George H., 3rd – general, 1934

Earle, George H., 3rd - inauguration, 1-15-35

Earle, George H., 3rd - Democratic National Convention, 1936

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1934-1936

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1937

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd - dogs

Earle, George H., 3rd - ex- U.S. Minister to Austria - & wife [SEE ALSO large drawing 5366] folder file 1 (1 of 2)

Earle, George H., 3rd - ex- U.S. Minister to Austria - & wife [SEE ALSO large drawing 5366] folder file 1 (2 of 2)

Earle, George H., 3rd - ex- U.S. Minister to Austria - & wife [SEE ALSO large drawing 5366] folder file 2 (1 of 2)

Earle, George H., 3rd - ex- U.S. Minister to Austria - & wife [SEE ALSO large drawing 5366] folder file 2 (2 of 2)

Box 268
List of People

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1942

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1941

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1940

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1939 [SEE ALSO Greenfield, Albert M.; James, Arthur H.; Inauguration]

Earle, George H., Gov. - action, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1937

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1936

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1935

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd - general

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1946

Earle, George H., 3rd - general photos, 1938

Earle, George H., Lt. Cmdr. - straight photos, 1944

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1942

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos, 1939-1941

Earle, George H., 3rd - straight photos

Earle, George H., 3rd - as aviator

Earle, George H., 3rd - auto tags

Earle, George H., 3rd - baseball

Earle, George H., 3rd - cap & gown

Earle, George H., 3rd - Eastern Penitentiary inspection

Earle, George H., 3rd - as engineer

Earle, George H., 3rd - fishing

Earle, George H., 3rd - with Herbert F. Goodrich

Earle, George H., 3rd - with Joseph F. Guffey

Earle, George H., 3rd - high hat

Earle, George H., 3rd - homes

Earle, George H., 3rd - with John B. (Jack) Kelly

Earle, George H., 3rd - addressing legislature

Earle, George H., 3rd - signing bills

Earle, George H., 3rd - as a miner

Earle, George H., 3rd - with mother

Earle, George H., 3rd - Navy

Earle, George H., 3rd - radio

Earle, George H., 3rd - signature

Box 269
List of People

Earle, George H., 3rd - Sweden visit

Earle, George H., 3rd - voting

Earle, George H., 3rd - portraits

Earle, George H., 3rd & wife - vacation, 1938

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. & children (1 of 4)

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. & children (2 of 4)

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. & children (3 of 4)

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. & Children (4 of 4)

Earle, George H., 3rd & wife, divorced - now Mrs. Theodore C. Sheaffer

Earle, George H., 3rd & wife, divorced - now Mrs. Theodore C. Sheaffer

Earle, George H., 3rd & wife & family [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. - former Jacqueline M. Sacre - straight photo (empty 12-3-88)

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. [SEE Sheaffer, Theodore C., Mrs.]

Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. - former Marthe Jermine Sacre - 2nd wife

Earle, George H., 4th [SEE ALSO Pew, Eleanor; Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs.]

Earle, George H., 4th & wife - former Mary S. Pearson

Earle, George H., 4th & wife - former Mary S. Pearson [SEE ALSO Claghorn, Anne; Pearson, Eric, Mrs.; Thayer, Shelby; Bullitt, Rita; Thayer, Joseph T., Jr. & wife]

Earle, Harriette - Chestnut Hill, PA

Earle, Hubert [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., 3rd, Mrs. - with children; Earle, George H., 1938]

Earle, Hubert & wife - former Elizabeth M. Wright

Earle, Hubert, Mrs. - former Elizabeth M. Wright [SEE ALSO Bryan, Mariana; Lee, W. Justice, Jr.; Fotterall, Eleanor D.; Williams, Barbara D.; Wanamaker, Fernanda; Lee, Genevieve L.]

Box 270
List of People

Earle, Jack - football - Villanova 1935-1937

Earle, Jane - society [SEE Chance, Britton & wife]

Earle, June - actress - real name June Bixler

Earle, Larry - son of Geo. H. Earle

Earle, Lawrence W. - son of George H. Earle [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., Mrs. with children; U.S. - Army - Troops in Caledonia]

Earle, Lawrence W., Lt. & wife - former Antonia M. Drexel [SEE ALSO Large Photo File]

Earle, Lawrence W., Mrs. - former Antonia M. Drexel [SEE ALSO Drexel, Doreen; Drexel, Louis & wife; Russel, Ella King; Kuznik, Michael]

Earle, Louis, Mrs. - nee Elizabeth Dripps

Earle, Mabel - actress

Earle, Ralph [SEE ALSO U.S. - National Defense - Civilian - Civil Air Patrol]

Earle, Ralph - son of George H. Earle, 3rd [SEE ALSO Earle, George H., 3rd & wife; Earle, Hubert P., Mrs.]

Earle, Ralph, Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Connelly, James A., Mrs.; Van Wyck, C.M. Van Asch; Snellenberg, Joseph N., Mrs.; United Service Organization - Philadelphia; Campbell, E. Fay, Mrs.]

Earle, Ralph, 2nd - son of George H. Earle, 3rd

Earle, Sydney M.

Earle, Virginia - actress

Earle, Wm. H. - Philadelphia Coke Co. [SEE ALSO Bullitt, Wm. C.]

Earley, John T., Mrs. - former Anna Lescure Jones

Earlin, Edna M. - Haddonfield

Early, Franny - athlete

Early, Fritz - football - Philadelphia High School

Early, Irene - Reading

Early, Samuel - Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, died 5-6-40

Early, W. Wallace - RCA Manufacturing Co.

Early, Wm., Jr., Lt. - Philadelphia

Early, Wm. H., Lt. - Philadelphia

Earnest, Frank W., Jr. [SEE ALSO Anthracite Industries Inc.]

Earnest, Wm. H.

Earnshaw, Allan, Mrs. - society

Earnshaw, Barbara Ann - daughter of George Earnshaw - baseball player

Earnshaw, Bolton & wife [SEE ALSO Rorer, Gerald A., Mrs.; Beatty, Elwood, Jr., Mrs.]

Earnshaw, George - baseball [SEE ALSO Cochrane, Mickey; U.S. Navy - Ships - Princeton]

Earnshaw, George - baseball - straight photos

Earnshaw, George - baseball

Earnshaw, George - baseball - straight photos

Earnshaw, George & family - baseball player [SEE ALSO large photo 7688] (1 of 3)

Earnshaw, George & family - baseball player [SEE ALSO large photo 7688] (2 of 3)

Earnshaw, George & family - baseball player [SEE ALSO large photo 7688] (3 of 3)

Earnshaw, George E., Jr., Mrs. - former Jane Levis Carter

Earnshaw, George L., Jr. [SEE ALSO Earnshaw, George - Baseball]

Earnshaw, Henry, Mrs. - Bryn Mawr, PA

Earnshaw, Henry C., Mrs.

Earnshaw, Henry C., Jr., Mrs. - society

Earnshaw, Rosalind - society

Earp, Edith Mary - society

Earp, Ernest C., Rev.

Earp, Joseph Holland, Rev.

Earsom, Mary F., Pfc. - Philadelphia

Easby, Dudley T., Jr., Mrs. - former Marilla Ziegler [SEE ALSO Henderson, Knox, Mrs.]

Eason, Walter - Norwood, PA

East, Thomas R. - athlete [SEE ALSO Running; Philadelphia - Corporations - Frankford Arsenal - Sports]

East, Wm. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Coast Guard 1944]

Eastburn, Albert W., Rev.

Eastburn, A.M.

Box 271
List of People

Eastburn, E.R. - Keystone Auto Co.

Easterbrooks, David S. - 123 Monroe St., Grove City, PA - U.S. aviator

Eastman, Bessie Dobson, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Large Photo File; De Rousse, O.J., Mrs.; Whitmey, John H., Mrs.; Gannett, Frank E. & wife; Pew, Joseph N., Jr., Mrs.; James, Arthur H., Mrs. - 2nd wife]

Eastman, Bessie Dobson, Mrs. - home

Eastman, Carl Burleigh, Mrs. - former Virginia E. Hammond

Eastman, Charlie - football coach - Lehigh

Eastman, J. Lee

Eastman, Marriot G., Lt. - Norristown, PA

Easton, Burton Scott, Rev.

Easton, Dorothy - English beauty

Easton, Harvey K. - real estate dealer

Easton, John - football - Abington High School 1940

Easton, Katherine - 63rd St.

Easton, Ruth - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 7249]

Eastwood, Howard M. - attorney

Eaton, A.M., Dr.

Eaton, Arthur B. & wife

Eaton, Beatrice K. - actress

Eaton, Charles - actor

Eaton, Charles A. - New Jersey [SEE ALSO Connally, Tom; Knox, Frank, Col.; Luce, Clare Boothe; Bloom, Sol; Roosevelt, Franklin D. - Lend Lease Extension Bill; Penaranda, Enrique; Spangler, Harrison E.; Fulbright, James W.; Hull, Cordell, Gen. 1944; Dewey, Thomas E.; United Nations Security Council Conference - Delegates]

Eaton, Doris - actress

Eaton, Francis X. - St. Thomas Moore High School

Eaton, G.M. - engineer - Westinghouse Electric

Eaton, Harold, Rev.

Eaton, Henry M. "Hank," died 1-27-41 [SEE ALSO Stern, J. David - Dinner 12-22-39]

Eaton, J.G., Rev. [SEE ALSO Jones, H.P., Dr.]

Eaton, James Madison, Mrs. - Upper Darby

Eaton, John

Eaton, John Henry - Secretary of War, 1829-1831

Eaton, Joseph

Eaton, Joseph - actor

Eaton, Kenneth, Mrs. - former Alberta M. Thompson

Eaton, Oliver K. [SEE ALSO Coyne, James J.; Clark, Wm. H.; Lawrence, David L.]

Eaton, Robert - actor

Eaton, Temple O.

Eaves, Ellen M. - Gloucester, NJ

Ebald, Harry - fire marshal

Ebba, Bernard J. - held in Byberry death case

Ebbert, Frank R. - Coast Guard - Washington, PA [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guard - Ships - Jackson - Cutter]

Ebeling, George - actor

Ebell, Theodore R., Lt. & wife - former Iva M. Gardner

Eberbach, Joseph H., Mrs. - society

Eberbach, Margaret - singer

Eberhard, Harry M., Dr.

Eberhard, Ruth - George School

Eberhardt, John J. - magistrate

Eberharter, Herman P. - Pittsburgh, PA [SEE ALSO Propaganda Probe - Dies Comm.]

Eberle, Charley "Buzz" - football - Swarthmore College

Eberle, Eleanor - dancer

Eberle, Frederick - detective

Eberle, John, Lt. & wife - former Elizabeth D. Hersey

Eberle, John, Mrs. - former Elizabeth D. Hersey [SEE ALSO Wilson, John A.; Zieget, Marcia S.; Rosenbaum, Samuel E.; Templeton, Alex; English, Gordon W.; English, George; De Sheronas, Victor, Mrs.; Carmine, Helen; Inskeep, Hervey, Lt.; Battles, Winthrop H.; Peterson, George, Mrs.; Ketchum, Margaretta]

Eberle, Nancy - 105 E. Durham St.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson - author

Eberlein, Warren

Eberlein, Warren Y., Mrs. - nee Miss Dorothy L. Piersol

Eberly, Inez - Miss Pennsylvania 1929

Ebersole, Amanda

Eberson - football - Penn

Eberson, Frederick, Dr.

Ebert, Charles E. - Philadelphia Rapid Transit [SEE ALSO Hayes, Philip E.; Philadelphia - Transit Employees; Philadelphia - Transit Employees – Strikes 1946; Brown, R.W.]

Ebert, Charles E., Mrs.

Ebert, Thomas G.B., Mrs. - former Margaret Anne Grimditch

Eberts, Robert, Sgt. - Allentown, PA

Eberz, Jerry - bowler

Ebinger - Central High School athlete

Eble, Selma - Abington Junior High School

Ebrey, Walter, Mrs. - Lansdowne

Eby, Barnett S., Rev.

Eby, Betty - society

Eby, Carl, Mrs. - society

Eby, Earl - athlete

Eby, Earl W., Mrs. - nee Beatrice Holm

Box 272
List of People

Eby, Hugh H. - President H.H. Eby Mfg. Co.

Eccles, George W., Rev.

Eccles, George W., Mrs. - nee Rita Marelle

Eccles, Kenneth, Capt. & wife - former Joan Beaver White of Villanova

Eccles, Kenneth, Mrs. - former Joan Beaver White of Villanova

Eccleston, H.N. - railroad agent

Echelberger, E. - football - Penn

Echelmeier, Mary - 2412 N. 3rd St.

Eck, W.J., Mrs. - Vice President National Lutheran Nurses Guild

Eckard, Elizabeth T.

Eckhardt, Emil

Eckel, George J., Lt. - Ardsley, PA

Eckelmeyer, Al - basketball

Edelman, Jean

Eckels, Anne - Hallahan High School

Eckels, Howard S. - dead

Eckels, John Howard

Eckels, Samuel

Eckenrod, Jessie - state police

Eckenroth, Albert - bandmaster - P.R.T. Band

Ecker, Fred

Ecker, Mae B., Mrs. - Washington, PA

Eckerd - football - Swarthmore

Eckert, Albert - impersonating police officer

Eckert, Charles F. - Quaker City Yacht Club

Eckert, Charles R. [SEE ALSO Cox, James R.]

Eckert, Louise D'Anglas

Eckert, Mark, Mrs. - Gettysburg [SEE ALSO Phillips, John M., Mrs.]

Eckert, Robert K.

Eckert, Samuel B. & wife - society [SEE ALSO Ballard, Fred L., Jr.; Seelye, Theodore, Mrs.; Ingersoll, R. Sturgis, Mrs.; Adams, Henry A., Mrs.; Emergency Aid]

Eckert, Walter J. - attorney

Eckes, Ernest

Eckfeldt, Theodore E.

Eckford - old painting

Eckhart, Frank J. - Wilkes-Barre Police [SEE ALSO Farley, Bernard A., Rev.]

Eckhart, Frank J., Capt.

Eckhart, Lois - actress

Eckler, Charles - Northeast High gymnast [SEE large photo 10873]

Eckley, William Pete - Penns Neck Township policeman

Eckman, Alan - Glenside, PA

Eckman, Donald R. - Brown Instrument Co.

Eckman, E.C. - President Philadelphia Food Brokers Association (empty 12-3-88)

Eckman, Guy H. & wife - former Lottie J. Doster

Eckman, Jeanette - society [SEE ALSO du Pont, Pierre S.]

Eckman, John - policeman

Eckman, Mary Ella

Eckman, Mary Lillian

Eckman, Nancy - Mt. Holly, NJ

Eckstein, Dave - baseball - Central High School

Eckstrom, Carl - actor

Economos, John - football - Penn State

Ed, Carl - artist

Eddinger, Rhoda - Dallas, PA

Eddinger, Wallace - actor, died 1-8-29

Eddings, Ruth - actress

Eddowes, Eleanor - student

Eddowes, Ernest - baseball - Penn A.C., 1936 - Thompson & Carlson - Olympics

Eddowes, Ernest Ellwood, Mrs. - former Edith M. Bradford

Eddowes, Walter - football - center & fullback - Germantown Academy 1932-1934

Eddowes, Walter D. - song leader

Eddy - football - Penn

Eddy, Helen - bowler

Eddy, Henry Stephens

Eddy, Junius

Eddy, Lucille - Drexel Institute [SEE ALSO Layton, Gertrude - Drexel Institute]

Eddy, Merritt H., Dr.

Eddy, Nelson - with Jeanette MacDonald

Eddy, Nelson - actor/singer - & wife & mother [SEE ALSO large photo 2508] (1 of 4)

Eddy, Nelson - actor/singer - & wife & mother [SEE ALSO large photo 2508] (2 of 4)

Eddy, Nelson - actor/singer - & wife & mother [SEE ALSO large photo 2508] (3 of 4)

Eddy, Nelson - actor/singer - & wife & mother [SEE ALSO large photo 2508] (4 of 4)

Eddy, Nelson – movies, died 3-6-67 (1 of 2)

Box 273
List of People

Eddy, Nelson – movies, died 3-6-37 (2 of 2)

Eddy, Nelson - movies - straight photos - long

Eddy, Nelson - movies - straight photos - head (1 of 3)

Eddy, Nelson - movies - straight photos - head (2 of 3)

Eddy, Nelson - movies - straight photos - head (3 of 3)

Eddy, Nelson & wife - former Ann D. Franklin

Eddy, Wesley - actor, dead 10-16-34

Eddy, Paul D., Rev.

Eddy, Phillip

Edeiken, Joseph, Dr.

Edell, Ruth - actress

Edel, Wm. Wilcox, Capt. - President Dickinson College

Edelen, Henry H. - Prospect Park, PA

Edell, Clementine

Edelman, Harriet - actress

Edelman, John W. - labor leader

Edelman, Michael - lawyer

Edelman, Joshua H., Mrs.

Edelman, Ray - baseball

Edelstein, David - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Edelstein, Jacob

Edelston, Wm. - athlete

Eden, Elizabeth Louise - society

Eden, Hope - actress & aviatrix

Eden, John, Lt.

Eden, W.H.

Edenbo, Josephine - South Connersville, PA

Edenborn, Harry M. - football [SEE ALSO Penna. - Univ. of – Football 1944]

Edens, Roderick M. - attorney

Ederer, Clarence - President R.J. Ederer Thread Co.

Eder, Charles E., Rev.

Edes, Frank, T/4

Edgar, C.P. - actor

Edgar, J.A. & wife

Edgar, George Barnes, Mrs. - former Anne Brockie Lukens

Edgar, J. Augustus - Frankford Grocers [SEE ALSO Mosler, Bernhardt & wife]

Edgar, Ralph C.

Edgar, Robert - Catasauqua

Edgar, Robert Fisher & wife - former Janet Mac Coy [SEE ALSO Skiing; Jones, Peyton C.]

Edgar, Wm., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Hart, Thomas, Mrs.]

Edge, Elizabeth - Red Cross

Edgcomb, Leslie - Cynwyd

Edge, Irving - Overbrook golfer

Edge, Walter E. - home - Washington

Edge, Walter E. - diplomat - & family (1 of 4)

Edge, Walter E. - diplomat - & family (2 of 4)

Edge, Walter E. - diplomat - & family (3 of 4)

Edge, Walter E. - diplomat - & family (4 of 4)

Edge, Walter E. - straight photos

Edge, Walter E. - U.S. Ambassador [SEE ALSO Creager, R.B.; Pepper, George Wharton; Martin, Edward; Dewey, Thomas E.; Bricker, J.W. - Vice President Camp, 1944; Meyer, Harolyn Cheryl; Wainwright, Jonathan, Gen.; Dodds, Harold W., Dr.; Proctor, Haydn]

Edge, Walter E. & wife

Edge, Walter E., Mrs.

Edgell, Eleanor - society [SEE UNDER Rockefeller, David]

Box 274
List of People

Edgecomb, Helen - golfer [SEE ALSO Jarret, Richard B., Mrs.]

Edgerton, Franklin, Dr.

Edgerton, Harold E., Dr.

Edgerton, Harold R. - Coast Guard - Prospect Park, PA

Edgerton, Henry W., Prof.

Edgerton, James A. [SEE ALSO Varney, Wm. F.]

Edgerton, Rob D. - soccer - Penn State

Edges, Stanley - actor

Edginton, Edwin

Edginton, May - author

Edie, Lionel D., Dr.

Edie, Joseph B., Rev.

Edinger, C.L. - mayor of Stroudsburg, PA

Edinger, James E. - Pittsburgh, PA

Edgington, Wallace - actor

Edison, Charles - Gov. of NJ - & wife [SEE ALSO large photo 5636] (1 of 3)

Edison, Charles - Gov. of NJ - & wife [SEE ALSO large photo 5636] (2 of 3)

Edison, Charles - Gov. of NJ - & wife [SEE ALSO large photo 5636] (3 of 3)

Edison, Ralph - state trooper [SEE Brooks, Hubert]

Edison, Robert - actor

Edison, Thomas

Edison, Thomas

Edison, Thomas

Edison, Thomas

Edkins, Bruce - Pennsylvania Railroad

Edler, Grace - actress

Edluna, Harold A. - actor

Edmond - hairdresser

Edmonds, Ann - Germantown (empty 12-3-88)

Edmonds, Donald Spencer

Edmonds, Donald - football - Bryn Athyn

Edmonds, Franklin Spencer & wife

Edmonds, Franklin Spencer [SEE ALSO Smith, Alfred E. & White in Philadelphia 10-9-35; U.S. - Constitution - Sesquicentennial - Philadelphia; Farrell, Louis H.; Wolsey, Louis, Rabbi; Haney, John L., Dr.]

Edmonds, George W.

Edmonds, George W., Mrs.

Edmonds, George - Pittsburgh

Edmonds, Grace - actress

Edmonds, Helen - Drexel Rifle Team

Edmonds, Walter D. - author

Edmonson, D. Edward - Danville, PA

Edmund, Rev. Brother

Edmund, Diana - seeks title of queen of Collingdale Historic Fest

Edmunds, Albert E., Mrs.

Edmunds, Albert T. - Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Edmunds, Charles S. - attorney

Edmunds, F.D., Mrs.

Edmunds, George Franklin

Edmunds, Helen [SEE ALSO Drexel Institute Rifle Team; Calhoun, Wanda]

Edmunds, Sally - Alaskan Temple student

Edmunds, Victor - singer

Edmunds, William - actor

Edmundson, James - golfer [SEE ALSO Edmundson, Jack]

Edsall, H.L.

Edsall, James, Dr.

Box 275
List of People

Edson, Albert, Maj.

Edson, Helen

Edson, Howard E. & Mrs. & daughter

Edson, J. Dickson, Mrs. - society

Edstrom, Evelyn

Edward, Anna Gray - Llanerch

Edward, D., Rev. Brother

Edward, Joseph, Sister

Edward, Julian, Mrs.

Edward, Mary L., Dr.

Edwards - football - Washington & Jefferson

Edwards, Abraham, Pfc. - Spring City, PA

Edwards, Archibald C., Mrs. - former Sarah S. Gordon

Edwards, Barbara G.

Edwards, Betty - amateur actress

Edwards, Boyd, Dr. [SEE ALSO Stoudt, John Baker, Rev.]

Edwards, Bus - football - Washington & Jefferson

Edwards, Carrie, Mrs. - Ivyland, PA

Edwards, Catherine, Mrs. - Berwick, PA

Edwards, Cliff - Little Jazz Bird [SEE ALSO large photo 5562; Dover, Nancy - wife]

Edwards, David H.

Edwards, Dick - football [SEE ALSO Kuczmynski, Bert; Central High School - Football 1939]

Edwards, E. Mitchell, Mrs. - Chestnut Hill [SEE Edwards, Edward Mitchell, Mrs.]

Edwards, Earl L. - football - Penn State [SEE ALSO Penn State - Football 1936]

Edwards, Earle - Swarthmore College

Edwards, Earle, Rev.

Edwards, Edward F. - magistrate

Edwards, Edward I. - former NJ Governor - suicide 1-26-31 [SEE ALSO Denniston, Edward; Krimmel, Edward]

Edwards, Edward I., Mrs.

Edwards, Edward M. & wife - former Delia Brown [SEE ALSO Van Alen, Wm. L.; Seltzer, Norbit; Grant, Robert, 3rd; Gibbons, Paul W.; Ingersoll, Wm.]

Edwards, Edward Mitchell, Mrs.

Edwards, Edward W.

Edwards, Elizabeth - NJ

Edwards, Erma - member of Governor James' office staff

Edwards, Frances H. [SEE ALSO Edwards, Lucy B.]

Edwards, Gus - actor

Edwards, Harold F. - Ivyland, PA

Edwards, Howard - veteran book collector

Edwards, Irving - actor

Edwards, J. Carl - Swarthmore College

Edwards, J. Earle

Edwards, Jack - actor

Edwards, Jack - athlete - University of Pennsylvania [SEE ALSO Shanahan, Bill; Healy, Jim]

Edwards, James - Media High School

Edwards, Janet - Pennsgrove High School May Queen 1936 - now Mrs. John B. Caggiano (empty 12-3-88)

Edwards, Jonathan P. & wife

Edwards, Lucy B. [SEE ALSO Haslam, Lee; Knowles, Sylvia; Stiles, Mary]

Edwards, Marion - hockey [SEE ALSO Beaver College - Hockey 1936; Beaver College - Basketball 1937]

Edwards, Marjorie - violinist

Edwards, Martha H., Mrs. - sister of Gov. James (empty 12-3-88)

Edwards, Mary Elizabeth - Miss Vineland

Edwards, Morgan J., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Ridington, Charles R., Mrs.]

Edwards, Natalie

Edwards, Neely - actor

Edwards, Raymond - Ledger Pal Parade

Edwards, Reuben

Edwards, Richard R. [SEE ALSO Collins, John R.]

Edwards, Robert - murder case, died 5-6-35

Edwards, Ruth - Fox Chase aviatrix

Edwards, Paul, Rev.

Edwards, Thomas, Dr.

Edwards, Tom - football

Edwards, V.B. - Dravo Co. of Pittsburgh

Edwards, W. Neilson, Mrs. - society

Edwards, Wilfred "Ducky" - soccer

Edwards, Willard

Edwards, Wm. Y., Rev.

Eells, Edward, Rev.

Eells, Walter Gibbs

Efel, Eugenia - entertainer

Effing, Edward H. - banker

Effinger, Lou - baseball - basketball

Box 276
List of People

Egan, Frances - ex-judge - Davis trial witness

Egan, Earl, Mrs. - Pittsburgh, PA [SEE ALSO Triplets]

Egan, J.H., Dr. [SEE ALSO large photo 2000]

Egan, James H., Mrs. - society

Egan, Joe - athlete [SEE ALSO Brown Prep - Basketball 1938]

Egan, John - policeman

Egan, L. Wallace - councilman [SEE ALSO Mitchell, Robert A.; Randall, Roland; Grakelow, Charles H.]

Egan, Mae C., Mrs.

Egan, Mary - 1727 N. 60th St.

Egan, Margaret, Mrs.

Egan, Mary - drum majorette [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Cramps Bands; Philadelphia - Cramps Show - Cramps Antics]

Egan, Maurice Francis - author - & wife [SEE ALSO large photo 3753]

Egan, Robert - football

Egan, Roger - Pittsburgh, PA

Egan, Thomas C. [SEE ALSO Pinchot, Gifford & wife]

Egan, Thomas C., Mrs. - former Mary Theresa Kelly

Egbert, Joseph C., Dr.

Egbert, Seneca, Dr.

Egbertson, Marshall K., Mrs.

Ege, Robert - blind organist [SEE ALSO University of Pennsylvania - Cultural Olympics]

Egee, George T., Sgt. & wife - former Elizabeth Slete

Egee, Ruth - Rutledge, PA

Egeli, Bjorn - artist

Egener, Minnie - actress

Eger, Jane - Haddon Heights swimmer

Egge, Walter H., Rev. [SEE ALSO Schultz, Wm. J., Rev.]

Eggers, Frank H. - judge

Eggers, George W., Dr.

Eggie, Geraldine - West Collingswood, NJ

Eggles, Henry J. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Eggleston - baseball

Eggleston, Albert H., Dr.

Eggleston, Charles [SEE ALSO Richardson, Ernest G.]

Eggleston, Edward

Eggleston, Lonnie - basketball

Eglin, William C., Dr.

Eglin, Wm. Charles L.

Eglinger, Joe - policeman

Egloff, Gustave, Dr.

Eglund, W., Rev. & wife

Egner, Charles - bowler

Egner, Greg - football

Egolf, Elizabeth

Egolf, Herbert

Egolf, Marian

Egolf, Mary Ann, Mrs.

Egolf, Paul Hewlett - Narberth, PA

Egolf, Paul Hewlett & wife

Egolf, Robert

Egolf, Velma

Egolf, Virginia

Egolf, William & wife

Egri, Joseph

Egrich, Yates - football - Roxborough High School

Ehl, J. Norris

Ehle, Emily, Mrs.

Ehle, Francis R., killed 11-5-31

Ehlers, Alice

Ehlers, Arthur H. - President Interstate Baseball League [SEE ALSO MacPhail, Lee; Glennon, Eddie]

Ehlers, Bobbe

Ehlers, Carl H., Jr.

Ehlers, Elena - opera singer

Ehlers, Henry E.

Ehlers, Henry E., Mrs.

Ehlers, Jean

Ehlers, Walter - attorney

Ehlert, Elsie M., Miss - New York society

Ehlert, Fay

Ehlert, Walter & wife - nee Caren Berreson

Ehling, Arnold

Ehlmer, Nathan

Ehmig, John - W.P.A. - & children

Ehmann, E.W., dead 1-7-39

Ehmann, Edward W.

Ehmann, Francis C., Mrs. - former Roseanna D. McKernan

Ehmann, Frederick H., Mrs. - former Olga L. Wentzel

Ehmann, O. Louis, Jr.

Ehmke, Howard - baseball

Ehmke, Julia, Mrs.

Ehmler, Herta

Ehmling, Walt - football

Ehni, Ralph - football - Illinois

Ehrbar, Chester & wife - nee Emma Dorothy Matyi

Ehrart, Victor

Ehrenberg, William - Claghorn School reunion

Ehrenbourg, Ilya

Box 277
List of People

Ehrenfeld, Fredrich, Dr. [SEE ALSO large photo 3973]

Ehrenfeld, Charles Hatch, Dr.

Ehrenfelt, Charles

Ehrenpreis, Marcus D.

Ehrenreich, B.C., Rabbi

Ehrenreich, Nathan

Ehrensberger - football

Ehrensberger, Wm. - baseball

Ehrenstein, Maria, Dr.

Ehrenzeller, John F., Mrs. - nee Irene Ginther

Ehresman, Clarence - golfer [SEE ALSO Johnson, Terl]

Ehresmann, William A.

Ehret, Louis J., Jr.

Ehret, Richard M., Mrs. - former Eloise Warriner Newlin - 2nd husband

Ehrgott, Winston W. - aviator

Ehrhardt - baseball

Ehrhardt, Mr. - Germany

Ehrhardt, Bess - figure skating champ - wife of Harry Shipstead - ice skater [SEE ALSO large photo 9007]

Ehrhardt, George A. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia

Ehrhardt, Joseph - aviator

Ehrhart, Harry - radio

Ehrhart, Lawrence

Ehrhart, Rebecca C.

Ehrhorn, Chuck - football - Stanford

Ehrich, Elizabeth, Mrs. & children

Ehrich, Seward W.

Ehrig, Philip - Schuylkill County

Ehringer, Jack

Ehringhaus, John C.B. - Gov. of North Carolina

Ehrle, Cardinal - Vatican, died 3-30-34

Ehrle, John - actor

Ehrlich, Arnold M.

Ehrlich, Irving

Ehrlich, Jacob M., Mrs. - N.Y. Horse Aid Society

Ehrlich, Jane

Ehrlich, Jeanette [SEE ALSO Beauty Contest - Woodside Park 1937]

Ehrlich, Joe - football - Overbrook High School 1940

Ehrlich, Lou - also known as "Frisco Legs" [SEE ALSO Ray, Elmer "Bearcat"]

Ehrlich, Margaret

Ehrlich, Myron - attorney

Ehrlich, Paul, Mrs. - European refugee

Ehrlich, Pearl & sisters Lorraine & Rosalie

Ehrlich, Sasia Matre [SEE ALSO large photo 6683]

Ehrlick, Florence

Ehrman, Anita

Ehrman, Merrill - gymnast

Ehrmann, Herbert B., Mrs.

Ehrmann, Sidney

Ehst, Alvin B. [SEE ALSO Nusbaum, Lee]

Ehst, Helen

Eibeck, John - Pittsburgh

Eichelberger, Anne

Eichelberger, Albert & wife

Eichelberger, Frederick A., Mrs. - former Florence de Chant

Eichelberger, Jane [SEE Weldon, Heyburn]

Eichelberger, Marion

Eichelberger, Raymond

Eichelberger, Richard

Eichelberger, Robert A. & wife

Eichelberger, W.H.

Eichelberger, William S.

Eichenauer, John B.

Eichengreen, Leon B. - Vice President Philadelphia Electric Company

Eichenberger, Walter - football

Eichholz, A.H. - Grove City

Eichler, Lillian - author

Eichman, M. Eugene

Eichner, F.L., Rev.

Eichner, Miriam C.

Eierman, Jacob, Sgt. - Atlantic City, NJ

Eigen, Frederick W. - Penn AC Manager

Eigenbrod, Elmer G.

Eilenberger, C.B. - 3rd Asst. Postmaster General [SEE ALSO Farley, James A.]

Eiler, Charles - detective

Eiler, Margie, Mrs. - 4156 Broad St.

Eiler, Miller William - 4156 Broad St.

Eilers, Henry E. - Vice President Day & Zimmerman

Eilshemius, Louis M. - artist

Eiman, John, Dr.

Eiman, John W. [SEE ALSO Bonsall, Emily; Charity Ball 1944]

Eimerbrink, J.H., Mrs.

Einhorn, Abraham - attorney

Einhorn, Bruno - Upper Darby Orchestra

Einhorn, Samuel L. - attorney

Einstein, Morris - senator - Pittsburgh [SEE ALSO large photo 1305]

Eintracht, Albert, Pfc. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Marines - Pennsylvanians]

Eintracht, Isaac

Eipper, Wm. - Bell Telephone Co.

Eisaman, Howard G. [SEE ALSO Pennsylvania Milk Board; Noyes, Holton V.]

Eisaman, James K., Mrs. - society

Eisele, John - Ridley Park High School

Eisele, Leo & wife - former Rose Marie Eichmann

Eisele, Wm. I., Maj. - Philadelphia

Eiseman, Jay H. - attorney

Eiseman, John A.

Eisemann, Francis - cadet - Valley Forge Military Academy

Eisen, Gustavus A., Dr.

Box 278
List of People

Eisen, Irving, Dr. - tennis player

Eisenbeis, Charles - athlete

Eisenberg, Benjamin

Eisenberg, Herman - attorney

Eisenberg, Maurice - violinist / cellist

Eisenberg, Sidney Jane - Mexico, PA

Eisenberger, Harry [SEE ALSO Frutchey, R.W., Sgt.]

Eisenbrey, J. Kenton, Mrs. - former Priscilla Morris

Eisenbrey, John F., Lt. & wife - former Joan Peabody

Eisenbrey, John K., Mrs. - former Elizabeth Hentz

Eisenbrown, Wm. - magistrate, died 12-8-21

Eisendrath, Marion [SEE Horween, Arnold, Mrs.]

Eisengart, Catherine, Miss

Eisenger, Irene - actress

Eisenhard, George, Mrs. - Emmaus, PA

Eisenhardt, Eleanor - singer

Eisenhardt, Myrtle

Eisenhart, Cecilia

Eisenhower, J.S.D.

Eisenhower, John Williams - scholarship graduate

Eisenhower, Milton S. - Office of War Information [SEE ALSO Eisenhower, Dwight D., Mrs.; Strikes - Auto Workers - General Motors; Eisenhower, Dwight D. 1946]

Eisenhower, Wm. R., died 4-17-38

Eisenhuth - baseball - Penn State

Eisenlohr, Charles J.

Eisenlohr, Louis H.

Eisenlohr, Mary - Jenkintown, PA

Eisenmann, Betty - artist

Eisenman, Jerry - Wilmington

Eiser, Raymond G. - Coast Guard - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO U.S. - Coast Guard 1944]

Eisler, Robert, Dr.

Eisley, F.G.

Eisley, F. Glendinning, Mrs. - former Julia D. Moore - daughter of J. Hampton Moore

Eisman, J. - athlete

Eisman, Jacob - detective, slain 4-11-34

Eismann, Jim - football - Upper Darby High School

Eisner, Will

Ekblaw, W. Elmer

Ekes, Stephen - swimmer

Ekey, Frances - Pennsylvania State Dental Hygienists Association

Ekner, Theodore, Rev. & wife

Eksergian, Gloria - Lansdowne

Eksergian, Rupert

Elaine, Mabel - actress

Elaine, Ruth - actress

Elasser, George, Mrs.

Elberfield, Norman "Kid" - old time baseball player

Elberson, George - athlete

Elbert, Wm. J., Rev.

Elca Twins - actresses

Elcock, John J. - attorney

Elda, Eva - actress

Elder, Althea - actress

Elder, C.H., Rev.

Elder, Dorothy - actress

Elder, Virginia - Altoona, PA

Elderdice, R.B., Dr.

Eldh, Carl - sculptor

Eldon, Carl W., Dr. - Drexel Institute professor

Eldon, John A. - attorney

Eldred, Nana - actress

Eldredge, Charlotte - Cape May, NJ

Eldredge, Clarence S., Dr., died 5-25-33

Eldredge, Eleanor

Eldredge, Henry H. [SEE ALSO Ball, Thomas Hand]

Eldredge, Marie H.

Eldredge, Mary Harriet [SEE ALSO Swope, David]

Eldredge, Samuel F.

Eldredge, Samuel F., Jr., Mrs. - former Peggy Wesley

Eldridge, Alfred - Wildwood, NJ

Eldridge, C.J., Capt.

Eldridge, Charles W. - Civil War vet - 106 years old 1937

Eleischwicz, Sebastian

Eleon, Michael

Eleser, Harold

Eleston, Mary R., Dr.

Elexnar, Simon, Dr.

Eley, Anne - Dickinson Junior College

Elfman, John, Mrs.

Elfman, Louis A. - attorney

Elfreth, Beatrice - society [SEE ALSO Stevenson, Godwin; De Kozlowski, Kazimir; Kasper, Vilma; Orteig, Raymond; Walther, Joan]

Elfreth, Dorothy Allen - society [SEE ALSO Chandlee, Wm. B., Mrs.; Flynn, Joseph S., 2nd]

Elfreth, Leonard

Elgart, Bessie M.

Elgart, Dan & Murray - University of Pennsylvania

Elgart, Jack, Sgt. - Philadelphia

Elgart, Samuel

Elgin, Claire - actress

Elgin, William C.L. - Vice President Philadelphia Electric Co. [SEE Eglin]

Elio, Antonio - murderer - Philadelphia

Elias, David E., Col. - Harrisburg - President Pennsylvania Electric Association

Elia, Mary, Mrs.

Eliason, Eldridge E., Dr.

Eliason, Eleanor

Eliason, Elizabeth - Llanerch, PA

Eliason, Hiram B., Mrs. - society

Eline, Grace - actress

Box 279
List of People

Elinore, Kate - actress

Eliot, Martha M., Dr.

Eliphus, Rev. Brother

Elizabeth, Sister - artist

Elkan, Henri - music [SEE ALSO Littlefield, Catherine]

Elkan, Renno - sculptor

Elaknova, Annette - pianist

Elkin, Mark

Elkin, Newton, Mrs. - former Mrs. Anita S. Redding

Elkin, Phil - football - Lehigh University

Elkington, T. - soccer - captain - Haverford

Elkins, Fred - actor

Elkins, George W. with wife & family [SEE ALSO Abington Hospital; Gribbel, John, Mrs.; Philadelphia - Society - June Fete]

Elkins, George W., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Rotan, Samuel P., Mrs.]

Elkins, George W., 3rd

Elkins, George W., Jr. & wife - former Betty Downes [SEE ALSO Hamilton, John De Z; McNeal, Celeste; Elkins, Mark]

Elkins, Hallie Davis, Mrs. - society

Elkins, Jim - athlete

Elkins, John P. - justice

Elkins, John P. - home of

Elkins, June - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 5990]

Elkins, Nancy, Mrs. - golfer

Elkins, Natalie F. - now Mrs. John Gribbel

Elkins, Newton, Mrs.

Elkins, Phoebe

Elkins, Robert B. - PA State

Elkins, Stella [SEE Reeves, Lloyd, Mrs.]

Elkins, Stephen B. - deceased

Elkins, Stephen Benton & wife

Elkins, Stephen B., Mrs., died 3-1-33

Elkins, W.H.P., Maj. Gen. - Newfoundland

Elkins, Wm. L.

Elkins, Wm. L., Jr. & wife - former Eloise Rodman Weld

Elkins, Wm. M. [SEE ALSO Welfare Fed, 1934]

Elkins, Wm. M., Mrs. - divorced - now Mrs. Dacosta Fleming

Elkins, Wm. M., Mrs. - former Mrs. W. Frazer Hamilton - former Lisa Morris [SEE ALSO Barr, Meade L., Mrs.; Cooley, Adm.; Norris, John C.]

Elkinton, Rebecca - Moylan

Elkinton, T. – Soccer - captain - Haverford

Elko, Andy - football

Ellam, Harry - Vice President Conshohocken School Board

Ellenberger, Sam, Lt. - Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Ellenberger, Wm. M. - Gas Works Co. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Philadelphia Gas Co. - Employees]

Ellenbogen, Henry, Rep.

Ellerhusen, Ulric H. - sculptor

Ellers, Joseph Jordan, Jr.

Ellick, Harry - detective

Ellicott, Anne - Baltimore - Bryn Mawr College student 1941

Ellicott, Chandler G. - G.A.R.

Ellinger, Desiree - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 5447]

Elliot, John W., Rev.

Elliot, Jospeh R., Lt. & wife - former Betty Walker

Elliot, Marjorie - Philadelphia

Elliot, Samuel A., Dr.

Elliot, Verl L. - Atlantic Refining Co. [SEE ALSO Elliott, Verl L.]

Elliot, William - head of Philadelphia Tribunal of Motion Picture Arbitration System

Elliott - football - Delaware College

Elliott - football - Lehigh University

Elliott - Mercersburg athlete

Elliott, A.M., Dr.

Elliott, Barbara Jane

Elliott, Beatrice - actress

Elliott, Carl W.

Elliott, Carlton - football

Elliott, Charles E., Jr., Mrs.

Elliott, Charles G.

Elliott, Charles H., Dr.

Elliott, Douglas H. - Overbrook

Elliott, Edward

Elliott, Edward H. - Kennett Square

Elliott, Edward L., Mrs. - former Eleanor C. Galey

Elliott, Edwin

Elliott, Elfreda, Mrs. - society

Elliott, Florence - Pottstown High School

Elliott, Frances - hockey [SEE ALSO Hockey - Field - All American Team 1933; Hockey - Field - U.S. Team 1936; Hockey - All American Team 1938]

Elliott, Frances M. - hockey - PA

Elliott, Frank - actor

Elliott, Frank - auto racer

Elliott, Frank, Dr.

Elliott, George A., Jr., Mrs. - society

Elliott, George B., Mrs. - former Ruth Roundabush

Elliott, George H. - cement manufacturer, died 3-31-42

Box 280
List of People

Elliott, George W. - Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce [SEE ALSO James, Wm. F.; Shay, Boyd; Beury, Charles; Salvation Army 1938; Philadelphia - Organizations - Chamber of Commerce; Johnson, George H.]

Elliott, George W. - Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce [SEE ALSO Streit, E. Raymond; Gallagher, Joseph F.; Batt, Wm. L.; Cowden, Wm. F.; Neeson, John H.]

Elliott, George W. & wife

Elliott, George W., Mrs.

Elliott, George W., Jr. [SEE ALSO Haviland, Marjorie]

Elliott, George W., Jr., Mrs. - former Doris P. Bailey

Elliott, Gertrude - actress [SEE ALSO Forbes-Robertson, Lady]

Elliott, Harold - attorney

Elliott, James - golf

Elliott, James, Mrs. - Carlisle, PA

Elliott, John B. - Hollidaysburg, PA

Elliott, John Dean, Dr. & wife

Elliott, Joseph B. - RCA Manufacturing Co.

Elliott, Mabel, Dr.

Elliott, Marie - 2306 N. 2nd St.

Elliott, Marion Albert - Pierce murder case

Elliott, Maude - actress

Elliott, Maxine - actress, died 3-5-40

Elliott, Pete - football - Germantown Academy

Elliott, Robert T. - Philadelphia

Elliott, Robert W. - Coast Guard - Wycomb, PA

Elliott, Sally - Rydal

Elliott, Tom - football - Sandlot 1940

Elliott, Verl L. - Atlantic Refining Co. [SEE ALSO Elliot, Verl L.]

Elliott, Victor G., Mrs.

Elliott, Viola - actress

Elliott, Vonciele - actress

Elliott, Wm.

Elliott, William - Philadelphia Life Insurance Co.

Elliott, William - actor, died 2-5-32

Elliott, Wm. C. & wife

Elliott, Wm. Townshend, Mrs.

Elliotte, Merion A. - alias Al Smith - Pierce murder case [SEE ALSO large photo 6097]

Ellis - football - Lafayette

Ellis - football - Peddie

Ellis - soccer - West Philadelphia High School

Ellis, A.M. - Camden Theatre owner

Ellis, Alice Marie - 2727 N. Taylor St.

Ellis, Betty - Moorestown, PA

Ellis, Bruce K.

Ellis, C.C., Dr. - head of College Presidents - Juniata College

Ellis, Carleton - Montclair, NJ

Ellis, Catherine T.

Ellis, Charles C., Dr. - Juniata College

Ellis, Charles H. - ex-mayor of Camden, NJ

Ellis, Charles H., Mrs.

Ellis, D. Rowland & wife - former Edith Wetherill (1 of 2)

Ellis, D. Rowland & wife - former Edith Wetherill (2 of 2)

Ellis, Dewey D., Mrs. - society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Society - Junior League; Harley, Milton P., Mrs.]

Ellis, Dorothy - Pennsylvania State College

Ellis, Edward H. - Merchantville, NJ

Ellis, Edwin, Jr. - President Colony Hosiery Corp.

Ellis, Elaine Joyce

Ellis, Elizabeth - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Skating - Ice; Horses - Miss Rosedale]

Ellis, Esther H. - Temple alumni

Ellis, Evelyn - actress

Ellis, Francis J., Jr., Dr.

Ellis, Frank B.

Ellis, Frank B. - Philadelphia transportation

Ellis, Frederick, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Hervey, Bertram J., Mrs.]

Ellis, Furey & wife [SEE ALSO McGuinness, Eugene, Bishop; Belgrand, Frank; Spatola, Joseph, Jr.]

Ellis, Gage B. & wife [SEE ALSO Horses - Miss Rosedale; Horses - Abbedale]

Ellis, Gage Banks, Mrs. - nee Elizabeth H. Kinder

Ellis, Gage B., Jr. [SEE ALSO Horses - Duke of Windsor]

Ellis, George

Ellis, George - USCO

Ellis, Harry T.

Ellis, Herman M. [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Corporations - Singers Orange Drink Stand]

Ellis, Jean - actress

Box 281
List of People

Ellis, John - football - Collingdale High

Ellis, John - John Ellis & Brother

Ellis, John & Brother - store

Ellis, John B. - Lewistown

Ellis, Joseph Cannon, Dr.

Ellis, Kitty

Ellis, Lawrence H. - Camden

Ellis, Lilian - beauty

Ellis, M.M., Dr.

Ellis, Margaret - Collingdale

Ellis, Margaret A.

Ellis, Mary - actress [SEE ALSO large photo 4846]

Ellis, Mary Hubert, Rev.

Ellis, Mary - thespian

Ellis, May - actress

Ellis, Owen - Collingdale

Ellis, Richard W. - Camden typographer

Ellis, Robert J. - held in rape

Ellis, Ronald, Dr. & wife Anita Lizane

Ellis, Samuel L., Jr. - football - Penn 1941

Ellis, T.D., Dr.

Ellis, Thomas Biddle - attorney

Ellis, Thomas Biddle, Mrs. [SEE ALSO Rau, C. Fred, Mrs.]

Ellis, Thomas L. - Civil War veteran

Ellis, W.L.

Ellis, Wade H.

Ellis, Wm., Mrs. - former Joanne Dufur

Ellis, Wm. Shewell, died 4-3-31

Ellis, Wm. Shewell, Mrs.

Ellis, Wm. Struthers

Ellis, Wm. T., Dr.

Ellis, William T., Dr.

Ellison, Henry, 3rd, Lt. & wife - former Rebecca L. Phillips

Ellison, Henry, 3rd, Mrs. - former Rebecca L. Phillips

Ellison, J. Austin

Ellison, John E., Capt.

Ellison, John F., Maj. [SEE Pennsylvania Railroad - Government Seizure]

Ellison, Joseph [SEE German American Bund - New York]

Ellison, Lt. [SEE Fellowes, P.F.M. & wife]

Ellison, M.D., Mrs.

Ellison, Mary - Chestnut Hill [SEE ALSO Skating - Roller 1940]

Ellison, Mary Jane - Kansas City

Ellison, Norman, Mrs. - former Katherine Schwartz

Elliston, Grace - actress

Ellman, Anna - South Philadelphia High School

Ellor, Hod - football - Bucknell University

Ellsbree, Wayland H.

Ellson, Balston I., Rev.

Ellsworth, Edith - President Philadelphia Club of Ad Women [SEE ALSO Franklin, Benjamin - Grave; Naillard, Charles]

Ellsworth, Ephrain Elmer, Col. - old timer 1861

Ellsworth, Franklin F. - author

Ellsworth, Grace - actress

Ellsworth, K.C., Mrs. & son Sammy - Jenkintown

Ellwood, Robert A., Rev.

Ellzey, J. Murray, Dr., died 10-21-32

Ellzey, Lois - Chestnut Hill

Elmaleh, Leon H., Dr.

Elman, Dave - radio announcer

Elmen, G.W. - Bell Telephone

Elmer, Geraldine

Elmer, Laura - Wayne, PA [SEE ALSO Skating - Ice]

Elmer, Robert - organist

Elmer, Robert P., Dr. - archer

Elmer, William, Mrs. - former Ruth Van Wye

Elmes, Badgley - football - Lehigh University 1940

Elmes, Carl - Ridley Park athlete

Elmes, Clyde C.

Elmore, Carl H., Rev.

Elmore, Frank H.

Elmore, Robert - organist

Elmore, Smith - radio

Elmore, Wilber T., Dr.

Elms, Nancy - Wilmington, DE

Eloesser, Arthur, Dr.

Elrod, Nell

Elsaesser, Gene - football - Carnegie Tech

Elsbree, George M., Rev.

Elsey, W.R.

Elsie, Lilly - actress

Elsmore, Ralph - singer

Elsom, Katherine O., Dr.

Elsroad, John T., Jr., Mrs. - Rydal, PA

Elster, Frank E. - President Newspaper Carriers Union

Etlinge, Julian - died 3-7-41 - & wife

Elverson, J.S. - Catasauqua, PA

Elverson, James, Col.

Elverson, James E., Jr., Col. - Inquirer owner [SEE ALSO large photo 8027]

Box 282
List of People

Elverson, James, Jr., Mrs., died 4-8-29

Elvino, Bernard - actor & director

Elwel, M.D.

Elwert, Eddie - Cramps Shipyard

Elwert, Max B.

Elwick, Clyde

Elwood, Everett S., Jr., Mrs. - former Eleanor D. Fell

Elwood, Robert Arthur

Elwyn, Thomas Langdon, Mrs.

Ely, Chester

Ely, E.F., Col. - Philadelphia

Ely, Gertrude

Ely, Glenn W. - Kingsley, PA

Ely, H.H.

Ely, Hanson E., Maj. Gen.

Ely, Henrietta

Ely, James B., Rev.

Ely, Jonas A.

Ely, Lloyd B., Mrs. - former Thelma E. Gilbert

Ely, Louis B., Maj. - Army instructor - 108th Field Artillery [SEE ALSO large photo 10828]

Ely, Norma Jean, Miss - Chelten Hills

Ely, Randolph - Overbrook High School athlete

Ely, Richard, Ens.

Ely, Richard T., Dr.

Ely, Robert, 3rd - attorney [SEE ALSO Carwithen, Nona]

Ely, Robert B., 3rd

Ely, Robert B., 3rd, Mrs. - former Virginia Borden [SEE ALSO Bisbee, Edgar A., Mrs.; Red Cross; War Fund; Red Cross, 1942]

Ely, Theodore N.

Ely, Thomas C., Dr.

Ely, Van Horn, died 12-19-37 [SEE ALSO Camp, Walter, 3rd; Patterson, Robert J., Mrs.; Sinkler, Charles]

Ely, Van Horn, Jr. & wife - former Elizabeth Geist

Ely, Van Horn, Jr., Mrs. - former Elizabeth Geist [SEE ALSO Large Photo 7653]

Ely, Wallace F. [SEE ALSO Wilson, S. Davis - Wire Tapping]

Ely, Wm. H.J. - New Jersey, died 3-2-42 [SEE ALSO Moore, A. Harry; Hague, Frank]

Ely, Wm. Newbold, Jr.

Emack, Edward - Mont Clare, PA

Emack, J.B., Jr. - football - Haverford School [SEE ALSO Haverford School - Football 1938]

Eman, M___ [SEE Farid, Shafick]

Emanual, Lillian

Emanuel, Andrew [SEE ALSO large photo 8906]

Emanuel, Andrew J. - director of public safety [SEE ALSO Davis, Ross; Wilson, S. Davis; Gill, Charles A.; Philadelphia Record - Police Pistol Match 1938; Turrou, Leon G.; Philadelphia Police - Trial Board; Malone, James H. Shooey]

Emanuel, Andrew J. - straight photos

Emanuel, Edward F. "Snaps" - basketball - Altoona High School

Emanuel, Harry V.

Emanuel, Jay [SEE ALSO Pasternak, Joseph; U.S. - Army - Women - Philadelphia 1944]

Embick, Frederick B., Mrs. - society

Embree, Barbara L. - Philadelphia

Emerald, Connie - actress

Emerick, E. Russel

Emerick, Paul

Emerick, Robert H., Comm. - Brookline, PA

Emerick, R. Lynn

Emering, John, Capt. - Wilson Line skipper

Emerson, Frederick B.

Emerson, H. Truxton, Jr., Lt. & wife - former Mary Louise T. Lewis

Emerson, Haven, Dr.

Emerson, Hope - actress

Emerson, John

Emerson, Kendall, Dr.

Emerson, Victor Lee, died 5-6-41

Emerson, William, Prof.

Emery - baseball - Lawndale

Emery - baseball - Wentz Olney

Box 283
List of People

Emery - basketball - University of Pennsylvania

Emery, Edward K. - judge

Emery, Flo - actress

Emery, Jim - baseball - football

Emery, John & wife Tallulah Bankhead - actress

Emery, Katherine - actress

Emery, Martha

Emery, Mary, Mrs. - Pottstown, PA

Emery, Natt M., Dr.

Emery, S.P. - judge

Emery, Ted - baseball player

Emery, Wm., 3rd - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Bailey, Elizabeth]

Emhardt, Edwin C.

Emhardt, W.C., Rev.

Emhardt, William H.

Emhardt, Wm. H.

Emich, J.P., Dr.

Emigh, Wm. C.

Emlen, Alan

Emlen, Alan L. & wife - former Nina Cooke

Emlen, Alan L., Mrs. - former Nina Cooke [SEE ALSO Levis, Louise; Large Photo File; Van Sciver, Flora; Blood - Donors; Philadelphia - Hospitals - Chestnut Hill]

Emlen, Arthur & Benny

Emlen, Catherine Haines

Emlen, Elizabeth

Emlen, Frances S.

Emlen, John Thompson

Emlen, Julia H. - society [SEE ALSO McGlinn, Frank]

Emlen, R.L. - student

Emlen, Samuel, died 4-20-36 - & wife

Emlen, Samuel - Germantown Friends School

Emlen, Samuel, Mrs.

Emlen, Susan

Emlet, Windy - athlete [SEE ALSO Running]

Emley, Warren E., Dr.

Emma, Charles - Record contestant winner

Emmerling, Wm., Lt. - Aldan, PA

Emmert, William H. - philatelist

Emmett, Eugene - actor

Emmett, Gracie - actress

Emmett, Hugh - actor

Emmett, W.L.R., Dr.

Emmett, William Leroy, Dr.

Emmil, John, Jr. & wife

Emmons, Lloyd - 5336 Hedge St.

Emmons, Louis Cole [SEE ALSO Rupp, Lawrence]

Emmons, Mildred, Mrs. - Secane, PA

Emmons, Nathaniel F., Mrs.

Emmons, Peter K., Dr.

Emmons, Richard H., Lt. - Belmar, NJ

Emmons, W. Stuart [SEE ALSO Pettit, Louise M.; Hanson, Mary Jane]

Emory, Morris S., Mrs. - former Mary P. Leisenring [SEE ALSO Ervin, Robert G., Jr.]

Emon, Harry - football - Franklin & Marshall

Emons, E.E., Dr.

Empfield, Jean - Temple University

Empie, J. Carl - Penns Grove, NJ [SEE UNDER Adams, George, Inspector]

Empie, Paul C., Rev. [SEE ALSO Lutheran World Convention]

Empringham, James, Rev.

Empting, Robert - Ardmore boy scout

Emrich, Jeanette W., Mrs.

Emrich, Richard, Rt. Rev.

Emrick, Benjamin F., Dr.

Enburg, Charles C.

Enck, Schuyler - Pennsylvania State athlete

Enck, Schuyler C., Rev. Dr.

Enderle, Robert A.

Enders, E. Ray - Williamsport, PA

Enders, Harry - G.A.R.

Enders, Robert - Swarthmore College

Enders, Robert K., Dr.

Enders, W.J., Dr.

Enders, Wm. J. - Lima, PA

Endicott, Allen B. - judge

Endicott, George, Mrs.

Endicott, George W. & wife

Endicott, Jim - head of dude ranch - Atlantic City

Endicott, Paul - basketball - Friends Central High School

Endicott, Wm. C. - Secretary of War, 1885-1889

Endres, Gertrude, Sister