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Daniel B. Smith lectures and papers


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Daniel B. Smith (1792-1883) was born in 1792. He was an educator and pharmacist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Smith was educated at Burlington Friends School under John Griscom, where he acquired an interest in scientific studies. He later was the apprentice to John Biddle in the apothecary business, and on completion he was admitted to partnership. In 1819, he opened a drug store in downtown Philadelphia, and in 1828, he entered into partnership with William Hodgson, renaming the firm "Smith Hodgson", and continued to be active in business until a few years before his death. At the age of 28, he was one of the founders of the Apprentices' Library of Philadelphia.

Smith was a member of a group of pharmacists that, in 1821, established the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (now University of the Sciences in Philadelphia), the first college of pharmacy in the country. He was elected vice-president in 1828, and from 1829 to 1854, served as president. He was one of the founders of Haverford School, later renamed Haverford College, and in 1834, he became a professor of moral philosophy, English literature, and chemistry there. He also served as the Principal of Haverford College from 1843 to 1846. In 1852, he became the first president of the American Pharmaceutical Association and was an original member of the Franklin Institute, and a member of the American Philosophical Society and of the Academy of the Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. he published two editions of "The Principles of Chemistry" in 1837 and 1842.

In 1824, Smith married Esther Morton, and the couple had three children: John, Benjamin, and Mary. Upon his death, the American Pharmacists Association started awarding a yearly award in his name for excellence in the practice of Pharmacy.

The collection consists of lecture notes for various ethics, history and geography classes taught by Daniel B. Smith at Haverford. These include the history of Christianity, history of the United States, general history, physical geography, descriptive geography, primary geography, and public school geography. Various papers associated with Smith's lectures and his involvement in the Penn Literary Society are also included.

Materials are arranged thematically and according to how Daniel B. Smith arranged them himself.

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Collection Inventory

Historical lectures to junior class, 1834 - 1835.
Box 1
Closing lectures to the senior class, 1834 - 1835.
Box 1
Physical Geography, 1834 - 1835.
Box 1
History of Christianity, 1844 - 1846.
Box 1
History of Christianity, 1845.
Box 1
History of Christianity 13 lectures, 1845.
Box 1
Heads of a course of Ethical Instruction.
Box 1
Heads of a course of Ethical Instruction 5.
Box 1
History of the US.
Box 1
Papers of the Penn Literary Society, 1838 - 1839.
Box 1
Primary Geography.
Box 1
Public School Geography.
Box 1
Descriptive Geography.
Box 1
Descriptive Geography of Advanced Courses.
Box 1
Physical Geography .
Box 1
Ethics lectures vol. 1 and 6, 1838 - 1840.
Volume 1
Ethics lectures vol. 2, 1837 - 1838.
Volume 2
Ethics lectures vol. 3, 1837 - 1838.
Volume 3
Ethics lectures vol. 4, 1837 - 1838.
Volume 4
Ethics lectures vol. 5, 1837 - 1838.
Volume 5
Ethics lectures vol. 7, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 6
Ethics lectures vol. 8, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 7
Ethics lectures vol. 9, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 8
Ethics lectures vol. 10, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 9
Ethical lectures, 1840 - 1841.
Volume 10
Ethics lectures vol. 1, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 11
Ethics lectures vol. 2, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 12
Ethics lectures vol. 3, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 13
Ethics lectures vol. 4, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 14
Ethics lectures vol. 5, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 15
Ethics lectures vol. 6, 1838 - 1839.
Volume 16
History lectures vol. 1, 1839.
Volume 17
History lectures vol. 2, 1839.
Volume 18
History lectures vol. 3, 1839.
Volume 19

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