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Haverford Athenaeum records


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The Haverford Athenaeum was a student-founded society established in 1855 for the purpose of "cultivating in themselves a correct taste for literature and a love for scientific pursuits." The society was initially private and required an application process for new members as well as a membership fee. In addition to delivering declamations, writing and sharing original essays, hosting visiting speakers, and debating various topics, the society also published a private literary journal, The Gem, which was first issued in 1857 and ran until 1887.

The Haverford Athenaeum was a rival of the Everett Society until the two merged into the Everett-Athenaeum Literary Society in 1889 to combat waning student interest. The Haverford Athenaeum in particular had suffered diminishing membership, waning from 33 members in 1863/1864 to only 11 in 1871/1872. As part of this effort to increase student interest, the Haverford Athenaeum and Everett Society donated their libraries to the college and opened membership to the public, doing away with the element of exclusivity. In spite of these changes, attendance did not increase.

The Haverford Athenaeum records span the years 1858 to 1888, up until the eventual merging of the Haverford Athenaeum with the Everett Society in 1889. The collection includes four series; first, the Constitution, By-Laws, and Official Minutes series. This series contains the original constitution, whose articles outline rules regarding future modification of the constitution, the duties and titles of the officers, the process for election and resignation of officers, the requirements for election to office and for membership, and more. The by-laws similarly outline the organisation's requirements, protocol, and disciplinary policies for failure of duty. The Haverford Athenaeum's minutes are included in all four volumes of this series, and are generally logistical in subject matter, containing information such as the the attendance record, the topics of essays read or subjects debated, and accounts of any change in officers or members. These official minutes are recorded by the Haverford Athenaeum's secretary. The second series contains the Treasurer's Accounts. These two volumes vary in detail, with the second (1876-1888) including more thorough information, but both volumes record the dates, names, and amounts of money received or spent. The third series includes the Haverford Athenaeum's private literary journal, The Gem. Series three contains all volumes of the handwritten literary journal, excepting Vol. 5 (1861). The Gem includes original essays contributed by student members. The fourth and final Miscellaneous series contains publications by the Haverford Athenaeum regarding society events, including the script of an address on President Lincoln.

The records are arranged in four series. The contents of each series are arranged chronologically.

Series 1. Haverford Athenaeum: Constitution, By-Laws, and Official Minutes, 1858-1861, 1866-1888

Series 2. Treasurer's Accounts, 1863-1888

Series 3. The Gem, 1857-1887

Series 4. Miscellaneous, 1865-1866

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Collection Inventory

Haverford Athenaeum: Constitution, By-Laws, and Official Minutes, 1858-1861.
Volume 1
Official Minutes, 1866-1878.
Volume 2
Secretary's Minutes, 1873-1880.
Volume 3
Secretary's Minutes, 1880-1888.
Volume 4

Accounts, 1863-1876.
Volume 5
Accounts, 1876-1888.
Volume 6

The Gem, Vol. 1, 1857.
Volume 7
The Gem, Vol. 2, 1858.
Volume 8
The Gem, Vol. 3, 1859.
Volume 9
The Gem, Vol. 4, 1860.
Volume 10
The Gem, Vol. 6, 1862.
Volume 11
The Gem, Vol. 7, 1863-1864.
Volume 12
The Gem, Vol. 8, 1864.
Volume 13
The Gem, Vol. 9, 1865.
Volume 14
The Gem, Vol. 10, 1866.
Volume 15
The Gem, Vol. 11, 1867.
Volume 16
The Gem, Vol. 12, 1868.
Volume 17
The Gem, Vol. 13, 1869.
Volume 18
The Gem, Vol. 14, 1870.
Volume 19
The Gem, Vol. 15, 1871.
Volume 20
The Gem, Vol. 16, 1872.
Volume 21
The Gem, Vol. 17, undated.
Volume 22
The Gem, Vol. 18, undated.
Volume 23
The Gem, Vol. 19, undated.
Volume 24
The Gem, Vol. 20, undated.
Volume 25
The Gem, Vol. 21, undated.
Volume 26
The Gem, Vol. 22, undated.
Volume 27
The Gem, Vol. 23, undated.
Volume 28
The Gem, Vol. 24, undated.
Volume 29
The Gem, Vol. 25, undated.
Volume 30
The Gem, Vol. 26, undated.
Volume 31
The Gem, Vol. 27, Part 1, 1884-1885.
Volume 32
The Gem, Vol. 27, Part 2.
Volume 33
The Gem, Vol. 28, 1885-1886.
Volume 34
The Gem, Vol. 29, 1886-1887.
Volume 35

An address on the Character and Example of President Lincoln. Delivered before the Athenaeum and Everett Societies of Haverford College by Prof. Thomas Chase., 1865 July 06.
Volume 36
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Announcement of A Joint Meeting of the Everett and Athenaeum Societies of Haverford College, 1866.
Volume 37
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(2 copies)

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