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Jonathan Richard papers


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Jonathan Richard (ca. 1812­-1882) born in Darby (?), Pennsylvania, was educated at Westtown School and married Margaret Caley (d. 1877). He was the principal and superintendent of the Haverford School from 1853 to 1857. Richard was appointed an "Indian Agent" for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes at Wichita, Kansas in 1870, and served until 1876. Richard was appointed under the Peace Policy adopted by President Grant, which officially turned over the management of the Central Superintendency to the care of the Orthodox branch of the Society of Friends. The Central Superintendency included the entire area of Kansas and the "Indian Territory." The area was under the care of nine Agents, all members of the Society of Friends, who were under the supervision of Superintendent Enoch Hoag and the "Commissioner of Indian Affairs" in Washington, D.C. The Agents were responsible for distributing rations, teaching agriculture, counseling, and establishing government schools. President Hayes, Grant's successor, appointed a new commissioner in 1877, who considered many of the Friends inefficient and in some cases, dishonest. As a result of this change in policy and administration, the office of the Central Superintendent and some of the Agencies were abolished.

Letters, invoices, vouchers, account book, and other financial records related to Jonathan Richard's work as Agent at Wichita, Kansas, from 1870 to 1876. Material deals primarily with Richard's attempts to settle government claims against him regarding a disputed balance of over $23,000. Includes letters from James S. Delano, Jonas Edge, Abel Frazier, Ezra B. French, Fordyce Grinnell, Edward F. Hoag, Alfred J. Standing, James Stubbs, and W.W. Upton.

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Collection Inventory

Answer to the government statement of difference.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Answer to the government statement of differences (2 items)

-manuscript draft of a statement attesting to the accuracy of Jonathan Richards position re: difference in balance due U.S. Govt. (undated but probably 1872)

-Richards' explanation of differences, titled "Explanations made in answer to a statement of differences arising in the settlement of the cash accounts of Jonathan Rich[ards] U.S. Indian Agent from Aug. 21, 1870 to Mar. 17, 1873 inclusive under bonds of Aug. 16, 1870 and Aug. 10, 1872" (36 pp.) (image of cover page, 117k)

Letters referring to the establishment of the agency.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Letters referring to the establishment of the agency April 2, 1870­ - July 27, 1870 (4 items) 1 letter (see image below) and manuscript copies includes:

-Page 1 of manuscript copy of letter to Rev. Enoch Hoag, Supt. Indian Affairs, Lawrence, Kansas from W.B. Hazen, April 2, 1870 requesting him to select someone for the Wichita agency position Page 2 (98k and 59k respectively).


-notifies Jonathan Richards of his appointment as Special U.S. [] Agent for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes

-estimates of funds required

Accounting book.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Account book (ledger and cash account) of Jonathan Richards, U.S. Agent in account with the U.S. Government, June 30, 1873­ Jan. 1, 1876. includes:

-accounts of cash payments (payroll ­ gives names and occupations)

-expenses for various supplies (corn, hardware, school furniture, books, etc.) against money received from various funds (including "Cash rec. of Supt. Hoag for 'Colonizing and supporting Wichitas and other affiliated bands'")

also: -Letter in account book from Francis R. Taylor, 11/15/1934 giving background on account book and donation to President Comfort, Haverford College (text of letter excerpted for publication in "Quakeriana Notes" listed above)

Government Statement of Differences, May 1877, 1877.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Government statement of differences, May 1877 (1 item):

-U.S. government account of differences, "Wichita Agency ­Statement of Differences existing in settlement of accounts of Jonathan Richards, Indian Agent from August 21st, 1870 to March 17th, 1873, inclusive, under his official bonds of Aug. 16th, 1870 and August 10th, 1872" (26 pp. manuscript) (image of cover page, 117k)

[Note: the difference in question is $23,441.44 (!) which the U.S. Govt. believes is the balance due to themselves]

Statement made to the government, 1875-1876, 1875-1876.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Statements made to the Government, 1875-­1876 (2 items) includes: -2 statements of accounts submitted by Jonathan Richards to the U.S. Govt.

Letters referring to the settlement of govt. claims.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Letters referring to the settlement of government claims (ca. 41 items): Letters, manuscript copies of Jonathan Richards letters, receipts and papers relevant to the above govt. claims 1876­-1881

includes: -manuscript copies of letters to Jas. S. Delano, Reuben Elliot, Abel Frazier, E.B. French, Dr. Fordyce Grinnell, E.A. Hayt, Edward F. Hoag, Enoch Hoag, J.J. Hoag, Wm. Nicholson, Eleanor Pickard, Finlay Ross, George H. Smith, Thomas Tapping, W.W. Upton

-letters to JR from Jas. S. Delano (letter, 1881); Jonas Edge (letter, 1876; E.B. French (letter, 1877); Edward F. Hoag (2 letters, 1878); Alfred J. Standing (2 letters, 1881); W.W. Upton (letter, 1879); also letters to Edward Hoag from Abel Frazier (letter, 1877); F. Grinnell (letter, 1877) and Jacob Stubbs (letter, 1878)

Drafts and final replies to the govt. statements of differences.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Drafts and final replies to the govt. statements of differences. ca. 50 leaves in folder [unnumbered and variously numbered sheets]

Government Statement of Differences, November 1877, 1877.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Government statement of differences, November 1877 manuscript (23 pp.)

-"Statement of differences arising on settlement of the property, subsistence and annuity accounts of Jonathan Richards U.S. Indian Agent from August 21, 1870 to March 31, 1876" ­ this is a detailed statement of expenses (ex. "15 blacksmith hammers")

Miscellaneous certificates, accounts, etc.
Box 1

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