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Edward Bettle papers


Held at: Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections [Contact Us]370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041

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Edward Bettle (1841-1912) was a member of the Board of Managers of Haverford College, a Trustee of Bryn Mawr College, and an overseer of the Penn Charter School. He was also interested in a number of other educational and philanthropic enterprises.

(Information from The American Friend, v. 19, 1912, p. 254

This collection contains papers of the Bettle family, primarily Edward and Jane Temple Bettle. This includes three of Jane's diaries as well as speeches and essays by Edward. Of note, the collection also includes a letter from Samuel Bettle about the 1827-1878 Separation of the Religious Society of Friends in Ohio, accounts of religious experiences, testimony for Elizabeth Fry, a fragment of a copybook containing letters and sermons by William Penn, Sophie Hume, and Samuel Fothergill, among others. It also contains information about the William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. See series lists for more complete inventory.

The Edward Bettle papers were donated to Special Collections, HAverford College in November, 1958 by Samuel Settle, 1874-1953, through his daughters.

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Collection Inventory

Diary, 1824-1825.
Box 5 Folder 1 Item 1
Diary, 1832-1840.
Box 5 Folder 1 Item 2
Copy of diary, undated.
Box 5 Folder 1 Item 3
William Penn Charter school, 1688-1907, undated.
Scope and Contents
"The Overseers of the Public School founded by Charter in the Town and County of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania." Line of descent from the Overseers of Penn Charter School named in William Penn's 3rd. Charter to Edward Bettle, 1711-1878. Presumably written out by Edward Bettle. unpublished, undated Extracts from the minutes of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 1688-1712, concerning the establishment of the William Penn Charter School; also, two pages of extracts, 1689-1690, concerning head mastership of George Keith. unpublished, undated Extracts from minutes of Overseers of William Penn Charter School unpublished, undated Copies of papers, including agreements, memoranda, and letters, concerning William Penn Charter School, 1709-1781. unpublished, undated The Next Stage in Our School's Development. Theories and specifications for a new school building, presumably by Richard Mott Jones, head master. unpublished, undated Blueprint for new cricket field. unpublished, undated Plan for new gymnasium, drawn by Cope and Stewardson, William L. Bailey, architects. Philadelphia, Aug. 17, 1891. Letter from Richard Mott Jones to Edward Bettle, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1mo. 26, 1899. Edward Bettle's manuscript copy of material sent to Richard Jones and acknowledged in this letter, plus typed copy with ms. corrections, filed with this letter. Letter from Richard Mott Jones to Edward Bettle, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1mo. 30, 1899. Letter from Richard Mott Jones to "My dear friend" [Edward Bettle]. Philadelphia, 1mo . 30, 1899. Letter (copy) from Charles Caleb Cresson to Edward Bettle, Philadelphia. Germantown, 12mo. 10, 1901. Speech on beginnings of Quaker Education in Philadelphia, presumably by Edward Bettle. Moorestown, New Jersey, undated Copy of revised and expanded version, Historical Sketch of William Penn Charter School, minuted 5mo. 31, 1907, also filed here. The Overseers of the Public School Founded by Charter in the Town and County of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Sketch prepared for the Penn Charter Review, by Edward Bettle
Haverford College, 1905-1909, undated.
Box 5 Folder 4
Scope and Contents
Speech addressed to "Alumni, Gentlemen of the Faculty, Friends of Haverford College," presumably by Edward Bettle. undated Report to Alumni Association of Haverford College by Committee on Athletics. Haverford, 6mo. 15, 1905. Speech: Conditions and Foundation Ideas Leading to the Foundation of Haverford College. Delivered on the 75th Anniversary of Haverford College, 1908, presumably by Edward Bettle. Essay: Haverford College in its infancy, by Edward Bettle. Published in The Haverfordian, October, 1908. Essay on Classical Education, sent to the Classical Club, Haverford College, 12mo. 14, 1909. Presumably by Edward Bettle. Speech at Annual Dinner, Haverford College Alumni Association, Philadelphia, Presumably by Edward Bettle.
Miscellaneous, 1712-1910, undated.
Box 5 Folder 5
Scope and Contents
Poem: The cross, translated from German. Unsigned. Undated Copybook, fragment, pp. 11-34, containing letters and sermons by William Penn, Sophia Hume, Samuel Fothergill, others. Undated A brief account of some remarkable visions and passages of John Addams of Yorkshire, ca. 1712. Dublin, Ireland, Undated An account of the conversion of Ruthanna Rutter to the Society of Friends. Copied for Jane Bettle of Philadelphia. Undated Letter from Samuel Bettle (1775-1861), to Jane (Temple) Bettle. Mount Pleasant, Ohio, 9mo. 4, 1828. Testimony (continuation of) for Elizabeth Gurney Fry. unpublished, circa 1845 Dissertation on Progress, by Samuel Bettle, delivered before the Henry Society, Philadelphia, 4mo. 14, 1853. [1837-1859?] Valedictory Address delivered before the Henry Society, 4mo., 1854. Poem: The Boy and His Angel, by Caroline M. Sawyer. 3mo., 1857. ssay: Providence in Nature, by Oliver Goldsmith Owen. Raisin Valley Seminary, near Adrian, Mich., 5mo. 12, 1873. An account of Samuel Bettle, 1775-1861, by his grandson, presumably Samuel Bettle, 1874-1953. Undated Speech at Commencement of the Training School of the Friends' Asylum, 1906. Presumably by Edward Bettle. Speech at memorial meeting for Rose Chamberlain, Bryn Mawr, 10mo. 15, 1910. Presumably by Edward Bettle.

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