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Nancy Zosa collection of photographic materials


Held at: Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections [Contact Us]370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

There is little information available about Nancy Zosa, the donor who contributed the materials found in this collection. It is likely that she gathered the materials primarily during the 1970s and 80s.

This collection is comprised of a wide variety of photography-related materials primarily from the 19th century. The first series includes photo albums differentiated by theme: portrait albums, places, art, and historical. The next series contains a variety of individual photos, as well as a set of stereo cards and a set of glass negatives. The third series is made up of trade catalogues dating from 1884 and 1940 that were used to sell photography-related items. Following these materials is a series of books sub-divided by theme. While some of these books deal directly with photography-related topics, others simply include images as a part of their content. Following the books is a series of periodicals. These materials are differentiated between journals specifically about photography and those containing articles on the subject. After the periodicals is a brief section of materials from two specific exhibitions. These documents discuss the particular showcases and include lists of the pieces found in them.The final series contains dealer catalogues—resources used to purchase old photographs or photographic paraphernalia. The last item included in the Zosa collection is a tabletop stereo-viewer dated to around 1890.

Materials are arranged by theme and chronological order.

The Zosa Collection of Photographic Materials was doanted to Special Collections in 2013 by Nancy Zosa.

Processed by Emily Kingsley; completed May 2015

The collection was appraised by Jack Freas of Tamerlane Books, Havertown, PA, September 2013.

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May 2015
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Collection Inventory

Album of the Massachusetts House of Representatives , 1878.
Volume 1
Harvard Class Album, 1850s (?).
Volume 2
Scope and Contents

Harvard students and faculty. Mounted salt paper prints, including Horatio Wood and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) who was a professor at Harvard 1836-1854. Although the album is undated, based on Longfellow's tenure at Harvard, the album was created ca. 1853.

University of North Carolina Class Album , 1858-60.
Volume 3
Scope and Contents

Graduates of the University of North Carolina. 1858-1860. 26 salt paper prints. On the flyleaf, the owner of the album is identified (I. Lenoir Norwood) (on the first page, the name Mat Marshall is inscribed), as are the names of the graduates, including ranks of some during the Civil War. In leather binding with "Photographs by E. Hunt. C.H.N.C." tooled in the front cover.

Miniature Portrait Album , n.d. .
Volume 4
Scope and Contents

Miniature portraits. 46 tintypes of unidentified men, women and children, some hand-colored in tooled leather binding. Although the album is undated, the tintype process was employed from 1856-1870s; the album was created ca. 1870

Carte de Visite album , n.d. .
Volume 5
Scope and Contents

Forty-eight albumen images, primarily photographs, including historical and literary figures. The only ones identified are William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878) and Shakespeare; others include Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), John Brown (1800-1859), Civil War officers. At least one of the photographs was by E. Anthony. Inscribed on the flyleaf is the name "Miss S.H. Garwood, 1864.

Railroad Album , 1884.
Volume 6
Scope and Contents

Railroad scenes, 1884. Ca. 30 albumen images of bridges, farms and trains, including the New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk Railroad, which formed in 1918 out of the Cape Charles Railroad, which ultimately became the Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation in 1968.

Scenes from Italy and Germany Album , n.d.
Volume 7
Scope and Contents

Scenes from Germany and Italy and Italian art. 46 albumen prints with handwritten identifications. Inscribed on the flyleaf "Presented by Mrs. E.R. Houghton."

Italian Travel Album , 1882.
Volume 8
Scope and Contents

Travel in Italy, 1882. Ca. 100 albumen images of Naples, Rome, Pompei, including architecture, art, street scenes, including a photo of a Piranesi etching and some by Giorgio Sommer.

Artwork Album , n.d. .
Volume 9
Scope and Contents

Photographs of artworks. 32 albumen prints with handwritten identifications.

World War II German Album , n.d. .
Volume 10
Scope and Contents

Germany during World War II. Primarily from the Sammelwerk series, these are printed illustrations for the "Adolf Hitler" cigarette card album depicting Hitler in various places. In addition, there are snapshots of unidentified individuals and GIs in Germany, as well as photo postcards, some from World War I era. The album is imprinted "Bamberg" and depicts Der Bamberger Reiter.

Kraft Family Album , 1905-1915.
Volume 11
Scope and Contents

Photographs of William Kraft and his family aboard ship and in Hong Kong, where he was an executive for Standard Oil. Included are invitations, photographs of the interior of their house, golf club, sailing, hunting as well as photographs of Chinese inhabitants, soldiers, and views of the area. Also included are letters, invitations, and stamps used by the Insurrecto Filipino Government. There are also documents indicating that Kraft became the Vice Consul for Sweden.

1/2, 1865-1905.
Box 1 (ovs)
Scope and Contents

"Ulysses S. Grant, Lieutenant-General U.S.A." Photo by F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia, 1865. Hand-colored albumen print.

Exterior and Interior Views of Fort Sumpter by George Barnard, albume prints.

3 photos of Spain and Gibralter by J. (Juan) Laurent

2 unidentified landscapes

Box 2 (ovs)
Scope and Contents

"Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, U.S.A." by T.R. Burnham, Washington, D.C., 1868.

Photograph of Ellen Terry by Willow Grove, 1905.

5 unidentified photos

18 photos by by J. B. Pardoe

Box 3
Scope and Contents




World's Columbian Exposition, 1893 (Chicago)


Centennial Exposition, 1876 (Philadelphia)

Box 4
Scope and Contents

San Francisco

Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


Scope and Contents

100 glass negatives, mostly of groups of people, but also including the Grand Canyon, Mountain West, and Niagara Falls.

Box 5
Box 6

The Canadian Handbook and Tourist Guide , 1866.
Volume 12
Description of Hutchings' Grand Classical Panorama of the Sea and Shores of the Mediterranean , 1848.
Box 6 Folder 1
The Earth Girdled , 1896.
Volume 13
Fair is Our Land: the Portrait of America , 1946.
Volume 14
The Great Southwest , 1914.
Box 6 Folder 2
Harvard and its Surroundings, 1882.
Volume 15
Historic Fields and Mansions of Middlesex , 1874.
Volume 16
Niagara Falls- America's Scenic Wonder , n.d.
Box 6 Folder 3
Stanford Memorial Church, 1918.
Volume 17
Cours de Reproduction Industrielles , 1879.
Volume 18
The Daguerreotype in America , 1961.
Volume 19
History of Three-Color Photography , 1925.
Volume 20
Platinotype: Its Preperation and Manipulation , 1898.
Volume 21
Slightly Out of Focus, 1947.
Volume 22
T. Bigelow Lawrence , 1869.
Volume 22
Official Catalogue of the New York Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, 1853.
Volume 23
Ten Nights in a Bar Room , 1855.
Volume 24

Andrew J. Lloyd & Co. , 1899.
Box 6 Folder 4
Buchanan, Smedley, & Bromley, 1884.
Box 6 Folder 5
Goerz Lenses , 1910.
Box 6 Folder 6
Catalogue of Photographic Materials , 1940.
Box 6 Folder 7
Sears Roebuck & Co. Cameras and Photo Supplies, 1902.
Box 6 Folder 8
Delivery Envelope for Jas. W. Queen & co. Photographic Outfits , n.d. .
Box 6 Folder 9
Eastman's Saloon Adveritsment , n.d. .
Box 2 (ovs)
We All Like Chicken advertisement.
Box 2 (ovs)

The Atlantic Monthly , 1861.
Box 6 Folder 10
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1859.
Box 7 (ovs) Folder 1
Harper's Weekly , 1859-71.
Box 7 (ovs) Folder 2
Illustrated London News , 1853-1908.
Box 7 (ovs) Folder 3
Scientific American , 1865-81.
Box 7 (ovs) Folder 5
Northlight, 1974-75.
Box 6 Folder 11
Photographica Journal , 1984-1985.
Box 6 Folder 12
1/2, 1973-1974.
Box 8 Folder 1
2/2, 1975-1976.
Box 8 Folder 2
Photographische Korrespondenz , 1929.
Box 8 Folder 3
Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences- Centennial of Photography Edition , n.d.
Box 8 Folder 4
1/2, 1970-1971.
Box 8 Folder 5
2/2, 1972-1974.
Box 8 Folder 6

Witkin Gallery "Sixth Anniversary Event" portfolio , 1975.
Box 7 (ovs) Folder 5

Catalog of Fine Antique Cameras & Photographic Images , 1974-82 (no. 1 - no. 18).
Box 8 Folder 7
George R. Rinhart Americana, Photographic Images, Rare Books, 1972-73 (no.1-no.8).
Box 9 Folder 1
1/2, 1978-1979.
Box 9 Folder 2
2/2, n.d.
Box 9 Folder 3
Photographic Antiques & Literature , 1971-77 (no.1-no.14).
Box 9 Folder 4
1/2, 1973-1974.
Box 9 Folder 5
2/2, 1975-1976.
Box 10 Folder 1
Miscellaneous Catalogues , 1973-79, n.d.
Box 10 Folder 2

Box 10 Folder 3
Box 10 Folder 4
Tabletop Stereo-Viewer , 1890.
Item 1

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