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Non-Quaker Lantern Slides


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

These black-and-white and colored lantern slides were used as aids to lectures in the late 19th century. There are many manufacturers represented in this collection, among them Taylor and Huntington from Hartford, Connecticut; T.H. McAllister from New York; B.P. Murray from Washington, D.C.; William, Brown, and Earl from Philadelphia; and William H. Rau, also from Philadelphia.

The dates during which these studios were active suggests strongly that this collection was formed during the last two decades of the 19th century or the first few years of the 20th century. The collector is unknown.

This collection consists of a large number of glass lantern slides on a variety of nonfiction subjects. Subjects include Roman ruins in Italy, various largely European countries, the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War, and biographical images of various American and English historical figures.

The collection of images from Italy includes the following categories: tomb-dwelling and peasants' huts; the Roman Period, Appian Way, ruins of villas, aqueducts, and mausoleums; herdsmen and animals; Festival of S. Giovanelli; rivers and bridges, Alban Hills, and modern peasants; and Roman gates, Corso, and aqua acetosa. A large number of images are not categorized.

Biographical images are included of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Burns, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Martin Luther, Harriett Beecher Stowe, and John Wesley.

Images of Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and unknown countries are included.

Finally, images of churches, homes of historical figures, portraits of historical figures, martyrs, reproductions of art, monuments, and miscellany are included.

Acquisition information is not available for this collection.

Process by Jon Sweitzer-Lamme; completed 2013.

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Collection Inventory

Slides from large wooden box, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Slides include the following: a harbor, 'Tram dei Castelli,' lily pond, ruins from a distance, horse and cart, 'cart-horse of a nomad family,' workers in a field, 'bull just marked;' marking the calves, bull in stream, 'As flat as a billiard-table,' cattle and ruins, 'Rome - goat-herds,' 'harvesters in the Pontine Marshes,' 'Ruins in Hadrian's Village,' print of field workers, castles, gardens, 'A fish-pond in the Tusculan villa of Bishop Rufini,' mountain landscape, castle ruins, tower in marsh, tower in grove of trees, ruins, large stone house, 'The church of St. Maria d. Vulturella,' ruins and trees, drawing of Roman with cattle, 'the old road in the forest of Laurentium,' 'Roma-Villa Adriana,' ampitheater, 'the Appian Way in the time of Augustus, 'the Via Appia near Rome,' Roman roads and ruins, drawing of Roman villa, trees around pond, landscape with seated figure, ambiguous ruins, drawing of temple, landscape with towns, steps and wall, map of Campagna, 'fig. 106 - fortificazione di Ardea,' shepher and sheep, Wall and family, sheep and aqueduct, ruined villa, ruined aqueduct and road.

Physical Description

1 boxes

Slides from Italy; from boxes labeled A-E, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 2
Box 'A'

Slides include the following: 'map of Latium,' bridge and tower, 'Veluta del Lago di Castello con Monte Cova,' 'Ostia - magazzine d'olio,' 'Ostia - strada dei sepoleri,' 'Roma - Ponte Molle o Milvio,' 'the small waterfalls,' 'a specimen of the reticulated style of masonry...'

Box 'B'

Slides include the following: 'cart of wine,' houses around ruins, 'Roma - tram dei castelli,' 'Porta S. Giovanni,' horses near hut, grass hut and cart, horses eating hay, cattle near ruins, plowing, grass hut under construction with carts, grass hut under construction, cart of wine.

Box 'C'

Slides include the following: aqueduct and herd of sheep, tower in grove of trees, castle on bridge, Porta S. Paolo, Via Appia Antica, tomb with chimney, shepherds and sheep, il lago ed il Castello, ploughing, roast pig, woman carrying wheat.

Box 'D'

Slides include the following: ambiguous ruins, ampitheater, Etruscan temple, trees and tower, landscape with tower, 'pine forest of Castel Fusano,' 'A corner of the stadium in Hadrian's Villa,' 'Mausoleum of Lucullus,' 'half wild buffaloes sporting...,' 'Map of Latium anti-quissimum,' 'villa of Mecanas, middle terrace,' 'Caetari watch tower, Appian Way,' group in front of ruins, 2 figures in front of a wall.

Box 'E'

Slides include the following: group entering ruins, sheep and shepherd near grass hut, couple with nuts(?), ruins of villa, women washing, shepherd with dog and sheep, sheep close to ruins, sheep and shepherd, sheep by ruins, sheep crossing stream, sheep and shepherds, sheep by ruined aqueduct, sheep and mounted herdsman, 'brigidini maker,' women by wall, 'Cantini Loreti.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

Slides from Campagna, boxes I-V, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 3
Box I: Tomb-dwelling and peasants' huts

Slides include the following: entrance to tomb-dwelling(?), house among ruins, tree and ruins, tomb with chimney, house on tomb, houses around tombs, house among boulders, grass hut, grass hut under construction, horses outside hut, horses outside hut under construction, men sitting inside hut, rounded grass hut.

Box II: Roman Period, Appian Way, ruins of villas, aqueducts, mausoleums, etc.

Slides include the following: Two figures in front of ruined well, group entering ruins, crumbling arches, ruined aqueduct and flock of sheep, tower along Appian Way, crenellated tower, aqueduct and sheep flock, pots in the ground and ruined wall, Appian Way, group in front of ruins, ruins and a road, trees and fallen columns.

Box III: Herdsmen and animals

Slides include the following: two plowmen, cattle near ruins, ploughing, cattle wallowing, horses eating hay, horses near grass hut, horses in field, sheep and shepherds on road, sheep crossing stream, sheep and mountede herdsmen on road, shepherd, dog and sheep.

Box IV: Festival of S. Giovanelli

Slides include the following: roasted pig, couple and basket of nuts(?), 'Cantina Loreti,' trinkets, 'Brigidini maker,' woman selling trinkets.

Box V: Rivers and bridges, Alban Hills, modern peasants

Slides include the following: river view, 'Ponte Molle o Milvio (Rome),' bridge and tower, castle on bridge, Tivoli waterfalls in Rome, 'il lago di Castello (Rems),' old man on road, women washing, cart of wine, woman carrying wheat.

Physical Description

1 boxes

Slides from Campagna, boxes VI-VII; 'Duplicates,' 'Lectures,' 'Lives', n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 4
Box VI, Rome - gates, Corso, aqua acetosa

Slides include the following: busy street in Rome, square in front of castle, pyramid and castle, Porta S. Giovanelli, mother and two children, horses grazing, Acqua Acetosa.

Box VII, Misc.

Slides include the following: map of 'Latium,' map of 'Latium antiquissimum,' man walking on road, drawing of Roman coin.

'Duplicates' slide box

Slides include the following: flock of sheep by aqueduct, shepherd near town, women washing clothes.

'Lecture' slide box

Slides include the following: tower by road, bulls in field, tower on mount, 'Fig. 89 - Resardi Gasparone,' 'Rome - peasants at Temple of Vesta,' ruins with grazing sheep, 'Rome - group of peasants,' two girls in traditional costumes.


Slides include the following:

Life of Browning: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning

Life of Burns: Robert Burns, 'Highland Mary'

Life of Emerson: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life of Holmes: Oliver Wendell Holmes

Life of Longfellow: Henry W. Longfellow, 'Evangeline,' 'view of Longfellow house, showing freestone steps,' 'a winter view of Longfellow's house,' 'Evangeline.'

Life of Lowell: James Russell Lowell

Life of Luther: 5 otherwise unlabeled slides, 'Singing for Ursula Cotta'

Life of Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe, 'Mrs. Stowe's Birthplace.'

Life of Wesley: John Wesley, 'Epworth Church.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

Slides of countries, A-Swe, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 5
Scope and Contents

Slides include the following:

Belgium: 'Antwerp-statue of Rubens,' 'Antwerp.'

Czech Republic: 'Prague.'

France: 'Stone ah Serrieres,' 'Marie Antoinette as a Mother,' 'Salle des Perdules Versailles,' 'Moliere at the Court of Louis XIV,' 'Colbert,' 'Louis XIII,' 'Mazarin.'

Germany: 'La Pfalz, Rhine,' 'Mayerice(?) Rhine,' 'Konigsmuter(?) and Severn(?) Mountains Rhine,' 'Bingen Panorama of the Rhine,' 'Salsburg Panorama,' 'Statue Melanchthou(?) Nuremberg,' 'burgers at table,' 'Andermach - birds-eye view Rhine,' 'Gatenfels(?) and the Rhine,' 'Mouse Tower,' 'La Tour de Souris,' 'Andernad(?) watch tower,' Cologne Cathedral, 'Great Drum(?) Heidelberg.'

Holland: 'Brock in Waterland,' 'Map of North Holland.'

Italy: 'Dome of St. Peters from Vatican Gardens.'

Japan: 'Formal Dress,' 'No danse,' seated woman in formal attire.

Scotland: 'St. Andrews, from St. Regulus Tower.'

Spain: 'Zocodover'

Sweden: glacier, 'Tilly (count),' 'Charles X King of Sweden.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

Slides of countries, Switzerland-Z and unknown, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 6
Scope and Contents

Slides include the following:

Switzerland: 'Old Glarus,' 'Glarus,' 'Natural bridge-Ragatz,' 'Ein seidlen,' 'Map of Switzerland-the Upper Rhine,' 'St. Bernard Pass, Hospice, a corridor,' 'Weisen, Zugenstrasse,' 'Baden, Panorama,' 'group of peasant girls in the Alps,' 'Lion of Lucerne,' 'London to Mont Blanc,' 'Glacier des Bossons - tourists' crossing,' 'city hall, Zurich,' 'Zurich, view from Lake,' 'the Matterhorn from the Riffel Alp,' 'Mont Blanc,' 'Switzerland - Maison des Staus (Nederwald),' 'Zurich railroad station,' 'Abbey Bern,' 'Map of Switzerland,' 'Geneva,' 'Berne-bear in the bear pit,' 'Maison de Chalamala (Griyere),' 'Basel Brinton,' 'Mer de Glace or Sea of Ice,' 'Falls of the Rhine from the Schineizerhof(?) gardens,' 'Falls of the Rhine.'

Unknown countries: 'Vitzmar(?) and Le Lac,' 'A Marken Interior.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

Revolutionary War, Civil War images, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 7
Revolutionary War images

Slides include the following: 'Thomas McKean,' 'Benedict Arnold,' 'Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln,' 'Sir Dinwiddie of Virginia,' 'Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton,' 'Hopkins, Paul Jones, Berry, Talbot, Dale,' 'Daniel Boone,' 'Rev. Richard Peters,' 'Edward Randolph,' 'Gen. John Stark,' 'Gen. Lafayette,' 'Generals Wayne, Muhlenberg, Miflen, Reed, St. Claire,' 'Martha Washington,' 'Gen. Howard Hand,' 'Sir William Keith,' 'Lord Cornwallis,' 'Rev. Jacob Deirdre,' 'Sir Henry Clinton,' 'Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair,' 'Patrick Henry, Charles Thomson, P. Randolph, Rev. J. Duche, R.H. Lee,' 'Statue of Lafayette, Washington, D.C.'

Civil War images

Slides include the following: 'Cabin John bridge,' 'Action near Stone Wall,' 'Arlington, Va. Grand Stand - Auditorium,' 'Gettysburg - Culp's Hill from Cemetery Hill,' 'Bridge over the Brandywine Chadd's Ford,' 'Maryland - Burnside's bridge over the Antietam,' 'Gettsyburg - Chambersburg St.,' John Brown kissing a black child on his way to the gallows, 'Map of Gettsyburg battlefield,' soldiers camping, 'Gettsyburg Battlefield - the Devil's Den,' 'Tent Life.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

Miscellaneous images, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 8

Slides include the following: 'Williamsburg,' 'Old Christ Church, Philadelphia,' 'Levan's Mill, Berks. Co., PA. Preaching place of Count Zinzendorf und Schlatter.,' 'St. Peter's in the Great Valley Church,' 'St. Gall(?) Abbey,' 'Old Dunker Church, Anteitam, M.D.,' Jane Rosbrough gravestone, 'St. David's Church, Radnor.'

Houses with Associations

Slides include the following: Bartram House, Philadelphia; John T. Morris house, Harrowgate, Philadelphia; home of Washington Irving; the Cheiv Mansion, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Misc. Portraits

Slides include the following: James Stuart, earl of Murray; Richard Baxter (English Puritan); James Montgomery; William Smith; Vadian the Reformer; Raphael; Thomas Moore; Michelango; James (sic) Greenleaf Whittier; Martin Bucer; unknown queen; unknown man.


Slides include the following: 'Waldensian Christians frozen to death,' 'A Lutheran Martyr's Death.'


Slides include the following: 'The Dying Child,' 'The Last Battle of the Moors,' fiddler and dancing children, 'Tilly at Madglburg(?),' preacher outside cathedral, scholars in library, victorious king on field of battle, 'Tilly in the gravedigger's house,' 'Birth of Christ.'


Slides include the following: 'Sir Arthur ---(?), New York City,' 'Jaques Balmat(?),' 'Galileo,' 'Daniel Boone,' two unlabeled equestrian statues.

Miscellaneous photographs

Slides include the following: unknown formal interior, facade of unknown building, swimming pool.


Slides include the following: 'Conflict of the Count of Leon and Ben Hamed,' Sermon on the Mount, advertisement for 4-minute speech of the Rev. John B. Stout, from the Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety.

Physical Description

1 boxes

Large slide images, n.d. 1 boxes.
Box 9
First large box

Slides include the following: 'map of Campagna,' 'Weeding: 'Guitti' at work,' 'As flat as a billiard-table,' 'ploughing,' men sitting indoors, 'the cemetery of Ostia,' 'Marking the calves,' 'Torre Flavia,' 'reapers' hut,' 'bull just marked,' family of peasants, 'ruins in Hadrian's Villa,' 'Villa D'Este at Tivoli,' 'The Dead Canal,' 'Lake of Ninfa.'

Second large box

Slides include the following: 'A fish pond in the Tusculan villa of Bishop Rufini (now Falconieri),' buffalo, 'Fig. 13 - Tor Paterno,' Fig. 92 - la cementa nel secolo xviii,' 'Fig 121 - la vocca di Santa Severa,' 'Fig 106 - Fortificazioni di Ardea,' 'Fig. 16 - Esterno del Castello a Cecilia Metella,' 'Fig. 41 - Casa di campagna in pittura antica,' ''Cyclopic walls at Norma,' 'Fig. 82 - Resa di Gasparone,' 'Fig 21 - bifolco,' 'the old road in the forest of Laurentium,' 'the church of St. Maria di Vulturella,' 'Tor Paginccetto, near Palidoro.'

Physical Description

1 boxes

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